Motherwell 2-5 Celtic


What a strange game. It started badly and it ended badly,but in the seventy-odd minutes inbetween,we scored an impressive five away goals as the midfield and front line clicked into place.

And they had to-those five goals were from the only five shots we had on target!

We lined up with Scott Bain in goal,and a central defensive pairing of Christophe Jullien and Nir Bitton. Kris Ajer was at right back and Boli left back. After they had all been introduced to each other,they settled down to give Motherwell a goal of a start,make a game of it. I thought Bain should have done better with a shot from distance and seemed a bit slow to get down to it,but the defence certainly did him no favours.

Twelve minutes gone,goal down,game on. I can tell you the rest of the team now,because they had been invisible until then. Scott Brown,Callum McGregor,Ollie Ntcham in the middle with Lewis Morgan and James Forrest on the flanks,Leigh Griffiths leading the line. But it was Ajer who took the game by the scruff of the neck,picking up the ball deep in his own half and playing it on to Forrest. James took a few touches to get past two opponents and then looked up to see who was available for the pass. He must have been as astonished as we were to see Kris sprinting past him in a blond Big Roy charge up the pitch!

Needing no further invitation,he threaded the ball nicely through for Kris to run onto at the edge of the box. He didn’t break stride,just coolly slotted it past the onrushing keeper for the equaliser.

He obviously needed a breather after that,and indeed the whole game stuttered on for twenty five minutes without much ado. We were looking sharp,and Ollie in particular was coming onto a game. But Motherwell were in a spoiling mood,and the referee,despite five yellow cards eventually,was happy to allow it. Having said that,unlike some,he awarded the free kicks when merited.

And it was from one that we went in front-and never looked back,if I’m honest. Left side,about 25 yards out. The keeper lined the wall up to cover his right post while he stood towards the middle of his goal. Griff just planted it low and hard into the unguarded corner,as accurate a strike as you could wish for. And it was half time.

We came out in the second half like men possessed,and simply battered Motherwell into submission. How it took twenty minutes to score the third beats me-it was like The Alamo out there. Eventually,Boli took a hand,playing a neat one-two with Morgan before cutting it back to Forrest. His route to goal was blocked by about five defenders,but he jinked this way and that before stroking it with his left foot into the far corner. Game over,really.

His reward was an early shot at the bubble bath,joining Griff who had been taken off just prior to the goal. Neil clearly has his mind fixed on midweek. Ryan Christie-new haircut anaw-joined Eddy as the battering continued. And Ollie simply continued his rehabilitation,a Man of the Match contribution which has been long overdue. The fourth goal was a peach,with a strong Gallic feel to it. Boli-he speaks French,so that will do for the Gallic connection!-got the ball wide on the left,fed it to Ollie on the same wing. He shrugged off a few ineffectual challenges before playing the sweetest of passes across the box with the outside of his foot. One mistimed interception later and a sublime first touch by Eddy and he’d fired it low to the keeper’s right. He didn’t even move,an excellent finish.

This time it was Ollie’s turn for the early bath,though I would imagine he uses carbolic,if not a wire brush and Dettol. He could have bathed in champagne for all I cared yesterday,and if he can replicate that performance on a regular basis,we will have the player we all know him to be.

Here’s hoping.

As the Motherwell corner refused to throw in the towel,we kept battering them. Four became five when Eddy tried a twinkletoes run through their penalty area,only to be brought down as he was about to shoot. A clear penalty. Up stepped Ryan,who thrashed it into the top corner. Five goals,the perfect riposte to the doubters,and the perfect way to prevent a shaky defence causing problems.

Just as well,really. Deep into injury time,our defence completely switched off and Motherwell couldn’t believe their luck as they got a consolation. It was like a slow motion car crash,this one. So many chances to clear it. I actually thought my link was buffering again! Naw,back of the net and some sheepish defenders.

It’s way too early to write off our new players at the back,they all have their attributes. But they all have definite weaknesses,as do the ones already there. There’s a lot of work to be done on them as a unit,but at the moment that is difficult. So many injuries and suspensions already that we don’t have the luxury of a settled back four. That will come,I’m sure. I’ve watched many a Celtic side with a defence that made me cry,and I don’t think this one will do that. Well,not too often. But we won’t get away with defensive performances like that against everyone.

The game finished on a sour note apparently when a Motherwell employee had a go at Scott Sinclair. I don’t know the details of this yet,but I think we will hear more about it. It’s bad enough that our players are abused from the stands but getting it from a jobsworth isn’t on. That mob have been quick enough to go public on us,and Celtic need to defend Scott and demand appropriate sanctions. As well as a bloody big apology.

On to our most important game of the season so far,our home qualifier against Cluj on Tuesday. I’d say there’s little doubt that Ollie will start. If he plays like he did yesterday then we have little to fear. Other than our defence playing like it did on Saturday!!!


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Highlights for anyone who wants to watch it again.

Noel Skytrot

Ajer was simply outstanding. With Broony likely to play less games over the next couple of seasons I think Ajer should be in with a shout as our new captain. Solid performance from the team even with a patched up defence.

Twists n turns

Strange opening 20 minutes as you allude to.
I was worried….. but I honestly had a feeling when Leigh stood over that free kick that it was going on, though admittedly I expected it to go into the top corner. I suspect their keeper thought the same.

From that point onwards it was game over.

Their consolation goal at the end annoyed the hell out of me. I hope it did the same to the players and they learn from it. Big Julienne just didn’t jump.



I think the keeper was priming himself to leap to his right,and got caught flat-footed. His attempt to stop the ball going past him consisted of falling on his arse!

Motherwell clearly did their homework,hammer an unfamiliar defence. Don’t let them settle. Once we hit our rhythm,we didn’t need to bother about the defence. As you say,just as well. They switched off entirely at the second goal. It was the first time that they had operated as a cohesive unit in the entire game!

Best wishes to your Mother-in-law,btw. There might not be much of her,but as you said,she’s all heart!

Twists n turns

Thanks Bobby
Yeah all heart indeed. She’s hanging in there …. but every time my wife’s or my phone rings it’s a case of slight panic!

I’m heading south for two days on business and that’s another concern. Hope all ok until I get back

I was at the coast at the weekend. 4am phone rang. I thought oh geez I think I know what this is about

However- was the security alarm monitoring company for my factory. Alarm activation. I had to jump in the car and make my way there. However I was 30 odd miles away. First thought was that the gypsies had returned and I immediately got the red mist descent.

I calculated a few months ago that I’ve driven over 1 million miles in my lifetime. ( I can only imagine your mileage!!), but I can say without fear that the drive I made to the factory at 4am is the fastest I’ve ever driven. Bypass and M8 were pretty much empty so I floored it.

If I’d been caught ( and let’s face it I shouldn’t have been doing it, and I never will again,) my licence was gone for at least a year and I’d have made the newspapers for sure. My car does 155mph and though I didn’t take it to that speed , I’m too embarrassed to say the actual speed I was doing, I could’ve killed my self , or worse, some innocent person.

I was in such a rage thinking about a repeat of the damage they caused the last time, all logic and rationale had gone out the window.

Got there, nothing wrong. False alarm.

Leisurely drive back along the A71 to the bypass this time. ?Decided to give the M8 a swerve.

Thing is, when I returned to my senses I was thinking, I’m not sure what I’d have been able to do if it had been the gypsies again. I’d probably have got battered!

Twists n turns

I see Slavia Prague have played the bottom two sides in the league over the last 2 games. A 0-0 away draw and a 1-0 home win.
Perhaps they’re not firing as last season? Wishful thinking?

Getting ahead of myself I know, we still have Cluj to deal with, but assuming we make it to Prague, a good home win would be desirable. Try and finish it at CP. 3 or more goals and a clean sheet would do nicely. ??

big packy

BOBBY, yes enjoyed the game apart from the first twenty minutes, after that I was more comfortable, ntcham and Edouard good pairing, we just need to get the defence sorted out,hh.

Awe Naw

I think Petrescu will have enjoyed the first 20 minutes at Fir Park yesterday and will have learned a lot from it. The question he will be asking himself is whether to adopt a similar strategy tomorrow night. He would be mad not too unless he knows his team will tire “collapse” like Motherwell did. They will be much fitter and better than Motherwell and a lot more sly and with more pace. I predict that they will park the bus in the first half and use fresh legs at half time to bring a strong high press to the game. Using the home crowds frustration. If we play Morgan and Bolingoli on the left tomorrow then we are asking for trouble.


Elhamed Ajer Simunovic Bolingoli

Forrest Ntcham Brown Mc Gregor Christie


We need to be ACUTELY aware that a 0.0 draw will see us through


Good news for REBUS67 if he is looking in.

Ottawa Csc have arranged for the Cluj game to be shown at James St pub,390 Bank Street,with a 245pm kick off.

Just saying,like.



You’ve been in business long enough and successfully enough not to take advice from some twat on a football blog. However…

Might be an idea to delegate keyholder duties when you aren’t in the area. Draw a Venn Diagram of biggest baddest most sensible and sober employees. Pick the sweet spot. You think your speed may have been excessive? Chances are it wasn’t anywhere near your blood pressure at the time.

30 miles at 120mph is fifteen minutes. At 80mph-which will rarely get you a tug,even by a patrol with a speed gun-is 22 minutes. Nothing better than flooring it when you’re on a mission,but nothing worse either.

So,basically-don’t do as I do,do as I say! This venture is clearly more stressful than others in the past,but it will settle down to passivity like they always do.



Agreed. Lewis Morgan is a work in progress. Playing him at Motherwell was the correct decision,that is a level he can be comfortable in as he moves up a gear. Tomorrow is not a time to play him. Not at all.

“We lined up with Scott Bain in goal,and a central defensive pairing of Christophe Jullien and Nir Bitton. Kris Ajer was at right back and Boli left back. After they had all been introduced to each other..…..”

I laughed out loud at that. Classic Bobby!


A lot of good stuff but the defensive negatives are a real concern.The lack of protection from Brown and McGregor for our fragile defense is a worry.
Glad Ntcham is winning over the doubters as he can control game tempo.
Hope Bitton is nowhere near the field as again on Saturday at the second goal he demonstrated his consistent talent of taking himself wrongside of opponent He is a defensive liability



I agree Bitton is not a defender but then again he probably never wanted to be there. He was forced into that position by our lack of CHs. If we are going to play him he needs to be defensive mid. But Brown and CalMac are the first names on the team sheet.



I personally don’t think Bitton should be anywhere near our first team. He has been tried in plenty of roles and been found wanting in all of them.


He has the same problem as a defensive mid and was consistently wrongside of opponent creating chances for them or giving away stupid fouls in dangerous areas.
I completely agree.

If we only get one more player in, for me it has to be a no nonsense, take no prisoners def mid, get one of them and we should be fine, but we won’t.

Dug to the vet for the last time, laters.



A sad duty,old son.


Heartless bastards. This is what people like BLANTYRETIM have to deal with on a daily basis.

I’ve spoken to BT a number of times when he has lost a client he was trying to help through the morass that is the current benefits system. When I say Lost,there’s a death certificate.

He deserves every medal going,I don’t know how he keeps his chin up. This isn’t the country I was brought up in anymore,not when a jobsworth kills people.


Whilst Ntcham came on to a game I had no idea what position he was playing in the first 20 minutes other than “if the ball is there, I’m not” position.

When on the ball his passing was as good as his previous best but I’d like that for 90 minutes.

Bolingoli also had a poor first half yet nearly scored. A Curates Egg of a player.

Other than that, after 20 minutes we turned up.


If that defence lines up at the rat pit, i fear the worst.
A fkn right back should have been brought in by now & the coming games will be the making of or breaking of Boli.
I’m not impressed with the defence, why have we not tried to bring Benkovic back?
Oh aye & Tierney is gone as well….aah never mind eh?

# pissed off!



I echo your sentiment on BlantyreTim and his colleagues.

I worked part time in the care sector for a few years after retirement. and gained a lot of respect for carers and the compassion they showed.



I’ve helped a number of people down here with benefit claims. Thing is,in Swindon you get people who have never had to claim benefits as they were always in work! Certainly not the case in my neck of the woods,so I did what I could.

Stupid things like denying housing benefit because they classed a house share as a sub-let. More complex things like claims being forwarded too late from a person suffering from depression-like that would be his priority!

Anyone who asked,I helped where I could. I even got onto first name and come for a pint terms with-won’t tell you the name,obviously-one of the senior advisors! He was and is a good guy. He is at the end of his tether now. He so much wants to help people,and he can’t. He does the best he can,but the first time he had to sanction someone-and he tried every way round it-he went sick for a month. And yes,he was sick. Sick at what he had been forced to do.


Sometimes you get the politicians you deserve.

I’m not particularly a cheerleader for the monarchy,but this is utterly offensive.

Awe Naw

Tomorrow night is a sell out.



Every game is a sellout at Celtic Park,old son.

Awe Naw


are you kidding. The pre qualifiers almost never.

Well it’s good to see that at least John James is reading me

Hey John James … you need to up your game big time. Stop making content up.

Awe Naw

Celtic will not televise Celtic TV across the British isles until Celtic Park is sold out. Celtic make the announcement that the match will now be available world wide. I,e also the UK. How Celtic is ran these days is truly puke inducing.

bada bing1

NEIL Lennon and the Bhoys are aiming to clear the final hurdle to the UEFA Champions League play-off round and you can see all the action LIVE EXCLUSIVELY on Celtic TV*, as we bring subscribers WORLDWIDE (including UK & Ireland) every minute of the magic, as it happens!

bada bing1
Awe Naw

So the huns have to cough up a half million to SD lawyers THIS Friday by 16:00. That´s just the bare minimum as all the costs have not been assessed yet. The full amount they will have to agree upon on by Friday 16:00 as well. Any further fucking about by them on Friday will see a root and branch assessment carried out by the courts. So if that happens you can treble any costs that may be disputed.

Mike in Toronto

BMCUWP @12:48

A bit harsh … but, increasingly, hard to disagree.

Hopefully, that will change when we get a new Board.

Twists n turns

Stopped at Lancaster for a coffee. Read back a little so far. The Stuff re BT and benefits etc:

You know the situation with my wife’s mum. At this stage she has carers 4 times a day and in addition the McMillan nurses will now be coming.

Those carers – well all I can say is God bless them. They treat Mary like their mum. Fekk me they’re even making her favourite home made soup and bringing it.

On top of all the health and hygiene duties I / we will never be able to thank those people enough.

Wonderful people. Caring and loving.

Twists n turns

Geez- the poor dog- my heart goes out to you pal.

Twists n turns


Cos I bought my ticket and then gave it away ( fkn stoopid is as stoopid does) I still get the mails from CP reminding me of deadlines and prices. Fkn just rubbing it in that is …..

I should go and fight the guy for my ticket back but the odds are stacked against me. I’d get annihilated. I’m too old and unfit for a scrap in that age category.

My wife keeps trying to remind me I’m past it and it’s time I realised it. I do of course but I’m not admitting it. I still run fairly well so I reckon I can square up to someone and if they call my bluff I can always run ??‍♂️ away.

Wife said to me the other week , “your finished, your like one of those caramel wafers”

Eh? Wtf are you talking about? Caramel wafer?

She said “ grey and Dunn”

Cheeky cow.

Truth hurts eh.

Twists n turns

Ok… hit the road Jack….

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, been there many times it does not get any easier, thoughts with you and the dog.hh.


Morning folks and hope all are well on this Moon day.
Don’t watch sphell but clicked on the link and the first goal near floors me.
Big Kris ? What else can he do?
Maybe try him in a few positions. Seems very versatile with can be a curse or bonus. He’s been a fine though and is Ronnie’s legacy.
The free kick showed the keeper up imo, poor from him.
When will we see Bayo? Think he’s been on the bench so should be getting 15 mins run outs.

TeT,,,the dog was lucky to have you guys.

Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto

TET …. tough day for you. I dont know how you guys do what you do … I couldn’t do it … but I admire those, like you, who can and do.

Anyone else read Auldheid’s posts, sense his increasing frustration, and think … I wouldn’t be surprised if, next time someone at the club gives him the run around, he snaps, says ‘right, enough of this shit’ … goes all Rambo (Stallone, not McInally), kicks over the table, and gives someone a good old-fashioned shit-kicking?

Now … that I would gladly buy a ticket to get into Celtic Park to see. Hell, I’d buy a season’s ticket!

We’ll send TnT along as his ‘muscle’


Awe Naw


had a skinful last night. Gie me sum leeway !!

Mike in Toronto

I’m thinking something like a Clint Eastwood/ Man with No Name, sort of thing …. or, to update it a bit, maybe a Jason Statham in The Transporter sort of thing … nice suit and tie … but you really dont want to piss him off …

His name would be The Resolutioner …. but we need a good tag line ….

Auldie … any thoughts on who you might want to play you in the movie?



Hmmm,yes. I’m thinking Death Wish Charles Bronson or Edward Woodward in The Equaliser.

And here’s what sets him off,his own punchline…

“Did you really just lie to me?”

bada bing1

Pal was at St Mirren v Sheep yesterday, confirmed my thoughts that McKenna is a donkey, ran ragged all game.

Mike in Toronto


The Equalizer was the one that was in my head as well … I could see the actor, but coudn’t think of the name…

Mike in Toronto

okay … a few more weeks left before the transfer window slams shut …. SC are off to a good start, but I think there are a few areas that we could improve on ….

I like the looks of a few posters on the old site …and think they would be a good addition to the SC squad ….not sure they would go straight in to the starting 11, but will hopefully push some of the posters on here, who seem to be coasting a bit without someone to push them for their spot ….

however, Mahe said no money for new posters unless we sell some posters first ..

so, some of you … I’m not going to name any names… but we all know who I’m talking about …. are going to have to up your game, or you could find yourselves traded back to CQN….


Twists n turns


Mahe selling posters?

Has he ordered a new heated driveway? Just asking for a friend…..

Twists n turns

I wasn’t at the Sheep game yesterday but I could’ve still told you that ?


What are those lawyers like?
They’re always trying to make a fast buck.??

Twists n turns


I should also warn you that I have a release clause in my contract. Any bids of £27.50 and above and I’m outta here.

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