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Twists n turns

This was one of those mornings I deplore. Open eyes , check time…few seconds to regain consciousness or even semi consciousness….. and bowf. Kick in the cream crackers of epic proportions, or so it feels. Strangely, I also thought of CCE. I’ll come back to that.

So that’s it. Gotta deal with this gnawing stomach ache for the remainder of the day, or week or whatever.

Heartbreak for the support ( those who attend and those who don’t) . I feel most for Neil though. Yes, very questionable selections. However that’s what happens when you’re juggling frogs.

It’s the failed strategy we’ve discussed ad nauseam. Or the lack of strategy. There’s no more to say on it to be honest. Its all been said. Rinse repeat rinse repeat.

Neil might be gone by Christmas. I truly believe that. If we lose at Ibrox, and let’s face it that’s a realistic scenario, we could reach the turn of the year in second spot. Neil will get bulleted and a new manager will get 2 new frogs for his box.

I’m not defending NL. He’s fought tougher battles than the one he’s been thrust into now and is hard enough to deal with what’ll be coming his way now. He was appointed when most of us didn’t want him, but got behind him anyway.

Every so often around the boxing scene a promoter needed a fighter to go in and fill a slot against an experienced opponent and a lot of the time they wouldn’t want to pay top dollar. You’d get a mismatch. Still see it today. Promoter gets his fee and can keep the driveway heated whilst the poor bastard that’s thrust into the ring takes the blows. It’s not the fault of the guy that’s out of his depth, but he’s the one who pays. The promoter? He’ll still be around for the next bout.

Whilst we sit here this morning absolutely gutted , PL will be thinking of one thing only, himself. Oh he will give it the usual speil, we’re right behind Lenny etc, but this is the start of the end game for Lenny now. Many will be glad to see him go, but it’ll solve nothing long term. Lawell will throw another guy into the ring soon enough with a cry of “ i’ll haud yer jaiket son”

Seconds out – round 10.

CCE. As I alluded to – I thought about the pain you’d also be feeling this morning. When I read back and saw you’d made an appearance, my admiration for you went up a notch. If I can stick with the boxing analogy you took a few heavy blows and got back up. Keep on keeping on buddy.

Twists n turns

I was gonna do a match report but I didn’t have the energy.

I got as far as the headline.

Klutz 3 Cluj 4.

The Gombeen Man

It’s rare that a generation blows two golden opportunities.

Scotland now faces a European exit with Boris at the helm. Celtic now face a European exit with Dave King at the helm.

What happened last night was that Peter Lawwell blew the KT Transfer money and Brendan’s compo money.

As has been repeatedly pointed out the hoarding of cash is to pay the bills when Sevco win the league…That’s a done deal.

NFL is the fall guy.

How others can’t see it is remarkable.

The Gombeen’s in the boardroom continue to play a blinder and the addicts in the stands will be back for their fix…They’ve already paid in advance.

Starve them out.




Honestly? If I could actually manage some coherence re my thoughts on the game,how and why that selection came about,the performance of the players on the night,the tactics,the substitutions,the failure to shore up at 3-2,if I could have put that all down for all to see,I’d have had the men in white coats coming round to cart me away.

And it would still have read like an incoherent rant.

Your Klutz 3 Cluj 4 says it all,mate.



PL blew it nearly twenty months ago when he failed to get in an adequate replacement for Boyata. And he could have made a profit from that too,if he hadn’t been so pig-headed and short-sighted. Sign a decent stopper for £3m in January,bed him in,sell Boyata for £10m and we would have a settled Central back pairing at least.

You know how long I’d been laying into him on CQN,but ATHINGOFBEAUTY can confirm I started when he gave us Henri Kamara-on loan!-as a replacement for Henrik. We didn’t win the league then,we didn’t win it in The Willo Window,and if he doesn’t get his finger out his arse-it’s difficult,what with it being held in place by so many tongues-we won’t win it this year either.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Three words!


I have always known that the club has many enemies in the game in Scotland and we have always been up against it. Now we find out that our biggest enemies are ensconced in the boardroom at Celtic Park and their primary mission is not only to enrich themselves but do so by lying to and cheating the supporters (or customers in PLC speak).

The spirit of 1994 is required to bring about the change needed to cleanse the club of these parasites. Anything else is just window dressing. For a start, if you are on the club’s home tickets scheme, cancel your direct debit straight away. This is something tangible you can do now from the comfort of your home or work computer. There are currently over 30,000 on this scheme and deductions will next be made as soon our Europa League opponents are known. This is just a first step but if supporters are not even prepared to make this small sacrifice then the game is well and truly a bogey.

Twists n turns


Of course you’re correct but as we’ve said so often , starving them out isn’t going to happen. It’s just not.

Some say we’ve reached a crossroads. The simple facts are we haven’t. We rarely do. We’re stuck on the roundabout, an unusual roundabout at that. One with a toll. Keep paying the toll and round you go again.

The ones who’ve managed to get off can see the bigger picture and watch on in amazement at what they see.

They watch on in disbelief saying:

“How stupid are these people? Going round in circles. Can’t they see the only way to get off is to stop paying the toll?”

Me? I got off this year. Last night brings it home to me though that I’m even more stupid. I’m fekkin sitting waiting to get back on !!

big packy

MORNING EVERYONE was gonna say good morning but its not, ive got a hangover drunk too much watching that shite, im asking everyone on here don’t give them a brown hapeney, shower of bassas, im feckin ragin, but no need to worry we have got money in the bank haven’t we pedro.,JIM if your lurkin will be thinking of you today.hh.



That’s one word more than I could manage.

The Gombeen Man

Thanks for the replies.

The galling thing is that this individual who has repeatedly fecked up managerial appointments and transfer windows is the guy that has dealt with the Sevco debacle.

It is a mess. End off.

NFL is an Aunt Sally. He was appointed to take the heat off Pedro. The hoarded cash is to pay the bills when Sevco win the league.

That’s the strategy and it’s what they are planning for. I don’t think CL qualifiers are going to be so frequently played by us in the future.

A recruitment strategy found in the bin?

And yet the arrogance and sense of entitlement of P67 and others goes on about ‘panty wetters?’

These leaches need to be chased.

Sol Kitts

Well, that was a shit sandwich if ever I saw one. I lay the blame for this squarely at the heated driveway of one Peter Lawwell. A man who never fails to disappoint us fans. The annoying thing about him is if he left team recruitment to those who know how to do it well, and concentrated on generating the money to recruit quality, he would be far better thought of. But now, as I said last night, he needs to be chased out of Paradise.



Good point,mate. JIMTHETIM53 will be on the way to wish a fond farewell to his Auntie B.

Twists n turns

Yes – BP timely reminder of other important matters.

Jim – hope all goes as well as these things can go. Thoughts with you and yours this morning.



I’ve been told for about fifteen years that I just don’t like PL,that I jump on everything about him,that I never give him praise. All nonsense,of course. I do praise him-when he deserves it. And I’d like to praise him more,believe me!

But until he stops micromanaging every department,stops thinking he can do every job better than those he pays to do them,and sticks to what he’s actually very good at,we will be having this conversation again and again.

The only consolation for us is that he’s not thirty or so years younger. He’d be wearing the No 7 every bloody week anaw!


Twists and turns
While i agree with your sentiments on the real culprits why shouldn’t Neil shoulder the blame?
He has been willing to accept the plaudits and has also had a dig at the Celtic support for not respecting his expertise.
Last night was probably a fair indication of his coaching ability.
Ok for the outdated spl but lacking the nuance of the modern game.
If a layman like me can point out the obvious flaws a highly compensated coach should have been well aware.

Twists n turns

Fan a tic
Oh I’m not saying Neil is blameless, at least I don’t think I did?

I’m saying I think he’s the only one who’ll pay for the failure. A failure I don’t think he’s primarily responsible for. The bigger culprit to me will suffer no pain.

I didn’t want Neil in the job. I was pleasantly surprised at the start he’d made, but the weaknesses in his game surfaced in spades last night.

I’m not sure he’ll dig us out of this mess now. I think player morale will be at a low, and he’s got very little room for manoeuvre.

He’s boxed into a corner now, and it’ll take a gargantuan effort to get himself out working with what he has.

I think he’s a dead man walking

Awe Naw

We are at the exact same stage we were in this time last year competition wise. Neil Lennon was brought in in March since then he has lost 9 players and gained 3. So as I say we are at the exact same stage we were in this time last year but with a new centre back partnership(not first choice this time last year) and two new full backs and not Kieran Tierney ! Last year it was the Boyata strike and Dembele being pushed out the door etc. so we are at the exact same stage as we were last year. If we can get passed AIK (doable imho) and get 3 EL ties at home then all the KPI´s will have been ticked. Along with the savings we are making on salaries we are well on the way to actually improving on last years financials. I am so excited by that I have just pissed in my pants and will have to go change them … back later

Awe Naw

What has Skoosh said about the hand ball ?

Sol Kitts

Awe Naw
Now that you’ve pissed your pants you’ll be getting one of those calls about the accident you had that wasn’t your fault. Just tell them to contact Peter Lawwell for details of why it happened.

Noel Skytrot

Lennon has got to shoulder a large portion of blame for last night. His formation, leaving his 10 million pound signings on the bench, he’s also the man that’s responsible for motivating the players. Im not buying the line that he’s not to blame. Calmac at left back, really? Why not play Julien at CH and move Ajer to RB thus freeing Calmac for his natural position? As for the mongrels on the board, its time to take the club back. We might struggle to beat Malmo for the EL.

The Gombeen Man

For the panty wetters out there…

‘Brown liked a twitter from a Hoops fan which said: “Lennon come on to f**k your to blame you played McGregor at LB didn’t you learn when BR played him n look you’ve made him look awful when he’s a magnificent player tell ya some of the players even @ScottBrown8 need to say to Lennon he’s to blame this time…”

Apparently, Scott later apologised for liking the tweet that criticised NFL…Brown pressed like by mistake.

Noel Skytrot

Error in my last post, AIK possibly, not Malmo.


Club policy of profit first is a millstone.
We show fleeting moments of promise only for an accountant to cut out the chance of success in his lust for cash.
Selling without any attempt at an adequate replacement is not a route for growth.
Second rate managers will not turn decent players into a formidable team.
I have often lamented managerspeak about system and tactics when most of them lack the ability and attention to detail to properly implement even the most basic systems.
It’s like every accountant claiming to be as proficient as Enstein.
First remit of any coach should be know your personnel and clarify their role within a team structure.
Keep it simple and at least teach them the importance of their position.
We all were aware of giving up to many chances to diddy teams so surely not surprised at conceding 4 last night.
With coach showing no inclination to remedy this it’s no surprise we conceded so many to a decent team.
The defense may be shite but the formation in front of them only magnifies the problem.
I often bemoaned the fact that BR’s team had no clue what to do without possession but Neil’s team is actually worse.
If the board had any ambition for the football team both Lennon and Lawwel should have been told to clean out their lockers today.
It’s going to be a very tough season.

I do expect the board may release a little more funds than intended in appeasement but think they still intend to come out of the window with a substantial profit.
Also expect them to still try and hawk Ntcham and Rogic or both.



Mahe last night (about 1.26am I think) basically called you an ugly bastard, and then demanded an apology.

Do you want me to tell him he’s talking mince and that you want a square go?



Philvis-style Thumbs-up!

When I get calls like that,I just ask them for the details-to refresh my memory,like. Cue fluster and bluster.

I’m always polite-until I’ve had about five calls from the same company. Then I just threaten them with the regulator unless they remove my number from their list.

I’m the same with Jehovah’s Witnesses. There’s a lot of them here. Politely explain my own faith,then when they try to politely explain why theirs is better,ask them what happened when they climbed that mountain in the 70s because the world was about to end.

That always worked-except once. I worked with two of them. Hit them with the line,and they explained it away. Day after day,week after week,month after month.



I can’t get or accept the criticism of Lenny.

What other manager out there could have done any better, with such a patchwork defence??

He tried to counter this glaring issue by going all in for the attack.

The movement and pace was excellent.. .only 6 or 7 months ago, we were all moaning about BR’s Celtic being slow and boring, and not long before that, shipping 4 or 5 goals on average in every European game!! These results are down to the Tory twats managing the club, not the manager.

Awe Naw

In my opinion Neil made a mistake accepting the job. He is a different animal this time around.He has been neutered. That was crystal clear when he accepted the job and was unveiled at the press conference announcing the new manager. Watch it again. He studiously avoids talking about Europe at all. Which I found at the time very disconcerting. Only when prompted by Peter Lawwell
is it spoken about minimally but always played down. Brendan Rodgers became disillusioned and Neil Lennon was already disillusioned when he accepted the job. Neil accepted the job knowing the limitations that a Celtic manager has within the club and the parameters that he must work under. If he wins the league he will keep the job. I am not so sure how much the three EL home games will matter. Our PLC´s biggest problem is finding a manager that they and the support will accept.


Awe Naw

Celtic Football club is exactly where the PLC want them and would expect them to be

Twists n turns

If Neil feels he’s been / being hung out to dry he should walk, but only if he’s gonna have the balls to turn round and say he had players thrust upon him he doesn’t think are good enough.

I’m no longer buying this theory that every manager who walks , BR, GS, NL et al keep schtum because no one will touch them.

It’s either to protect their big fekkin walk away wage OR it’s simply not true.


Awe Naw,

Yep. That’s pretty much how I see it.

Some good posts this morning Fholks.

BP, thoughts with Jim. Seems to be a sore one for him. Hope he can rejoin us soon for some old man patter.
I turned 98 last month. When pumping weights this morning at 5.30am, I considered doing a 24 mile jog to exercise off my anger at the tory brats milking the club dry. They aren’t keeping their powder dry, their sucking it straight out of our tits in liquid form. If I was a year older I’d be at the gates looking for a barney with the posh tory wankers. ?

Awe Naw


Leicester paid 9m for Rodgers

Neil Lennon has already done what you proposed in May 2014

You don’t get the job unless you sign a non disclosure agreement and that´s the ground staff !!

If our plc could get the entire staff on zero hour contracts tomorrow they would. That is just the nature of the beast

Celtic FC is one step away from being a donor to the Conservative Party


Awe Naw


I’m not and I’m not even sure what it’s meant to stand for. Sorry, if I am missing something obvious.

Awe Naw


That doesn´t surprise me.

Twists n turns

Anyway I’m fekking off to the coast for a few days to chill out and batter the shit out a few golf baws.

There should be a fekkin disclaimer attached to following Celtic

Supporting Celtic can seriously damage yer health

Symptoms may include

Heart failure
Mood swings
Aggressive behaviour
Inability to eat
Increase in cigarette numbers smoked
Excessive alcohol
Aimlessly pacing around the house
Your partner continually asking “ you ok? You seem down”


Hmm .

Going to be an ugly season. Politically as much as anything else. A lot of in-fighting. Despite the new manager doing very well given the circumstances imo. Won’t affect the Untouchables upstairs, who are currently in line for bumper bonuses.

But then, most of us here saw it coming.

Twists , was going to wish you a good week until you mentioned golf. Can’t believe I ever spoke to you here.



I assume he means that,like NL,we are all being fucked over.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
I’ve signed plenty non disclosure agreements in my life. Contracts of employment and compromise agreements. I’d love to see the clause that prevents someone saying they left because they were unhappy with the environment they were working in.

I’m not saying you’re mistaken by the way but I’m genuinely bewildered as to how this could be worded.
They’re also generally null and void after a defined period. Every one I’ve signed has prevented me from taking part in certain activities/ talking to customers etc for 12 to 18 months.

I’ll tell you what’s more ( IMO)

If Neil took the post up for a second period, having left the first time for the reasons you suggest, and was happy to sign a similar agreement for a second time, he’s gone down in my estimation.

Money? Is that what is most important to him / his predecessors?


I hope all goes as well as can be, today.
Thinking of you and your loved ones.

Twists n turns

You wouldn’t say that if you saw my balls.

(That’s my golf balls ?)

Picture of PL on each one. Line up on tee with the Calloway driver square on to his wee face.

Fancy a game now don’t ye??


Anyone got a len of some gold clubs?? ?



Haha,good list!

I remember about 92,we had the huns in a midweek game. ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I shared a house in Wimbledon with two of our mates. An Australian and a Brummie. The Brummie was working late and arranged to meet us in the pub about 10pm,the Aussie wisely stayed in his room.

We battered them! And lost 1-0. Hit every square inch of the woodwork. And lost 1-0. They went down to ten men early on. And we still f…..g lost 1-0. ATOB and I were in full invective mode throughout,as you might imagine. And we were still in full invective mode when we decided to eff off and drown our sorrows.

“Haw,T! You coming to the pub?”

“Is it safe? You guys don’t sound in too great a mood!”

To which ATOB replied-“aye,you’ll be fine. It’s everybody else I’d be worried about!”

So,add to your list how much it costs us for the swear box-and apparently it isnae 10p a pop anymore!


Shambles, last night.
Lenny was owned by Dan, tactically.
In my eyes, he compounds it by defending it, after the game.
No one, was being wise, after the game, when the team was announced, my phone was going non stop.
Callum has now played 3 games,at left back, we’ve lost all 3.
I can’t understand why he didn’t shore the game up at2.1 and 3.2, so tactically naive, it’s mind boggling.
Near the end, no shape, nothing, just panic and long balls.
It was almost like nothing had been learned from Sion, Braga and Utrecht.
We’ve gone from meticulous, thinking manager to essentially a guy that trys to motivate.
I’m not sure modern day players respond to his out dated style of management.
Certainly Timo Weah didn’t and Lenny wasn’t pleased, because Timo told him, it wasn’t appropriate/necessary to shout and ball to make a point.
I certainly wouldn’t accept that in my workplace either.
Lawwell doesn’t get a free pass, either, this shit storm has been 18 months in the making and all roads lead to him.
Anyway, I’m off out, I’m away to see nature and enjoy life.
Look after yourselves.



I like your thinking,but I wouldn’t even have him on my toilet paper.



You’ve essentially summarised all of my texts mails and phone calls since I woke up about 10pm last night.


Sorry, forgot to add.
I’m sure EUFA, introduced a 5 million bounty this year, for teams that are knocked out in the final play off round.
So even if we make Europa, which is in the balance, as AIK are the hardest team, by far, we could have drawn, in our mini group, of possible teams, that defeat, last night, has cost us, so no doubt, it will be Greg Taylor, if we are lucky, and that will be it.


I assume he means that,like NL,we are all being fucked over.
After last night’s team selection, NL is perfectly able to fuck things up without much help from anyone else.

Sure the PLC is fucking the supporters and NL is their patsy. The big difference between NL and the supporters however, is the supporters are paying to get fucked over whereas NL receives a hefty wedge for the privilege.

I repeat I am not NL who I see as part of the problem and not the solution.

Awe Naw

M6Bhoy and Twists,

yes if Neil Lennon has accepted a reduced role .. and I believe he has he is part of the problem but it´s akin Gentlemen, if you don’t mind me saying, for berating a cancer suffer for losing hair

Awe Naw

Ok lhads and Lhassises .. will be back on at the weekend

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

Have a good break if that’s possible ??

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