The day after the night before

Where to start ?

Still shell shocked, still annoyed, but we all knew it was coming.

Those who know me and have seen my posts over the years will know that slagging off the players and the manager is not my style and it’s something that I just don’t do, but I must be getting old and less tolerant cos what I witnessed on Tuesday evening was a total shambles.

Lenny made so many mistakes I thought that he must have had a master plan, sadly he didn’t have a clue, not a scooby.

Repeating mistakes that others have made is the work of an out and out amateur who is so far out of his depth it’s actually embarrassing.

Then to try and shift the blame to the players, cowardly imo.

The players need to take some of the blame as well, esp the captain,,, he must have seen how the game was going and he should have taken action as the club captain.

He should have made sure we stopped going all gung ho and shored things up, go against the managers wishes if needs be, but maybes he was scared that he would get shouted at like Tim Weah, who didn’t take kindly to being shouted at, told Lenny that and was gone the next day.

Shocking to hear that, there is also reports of serious dressing room ructions. Lenny and CaLMac don’t like each other by all accounts, I can believe that,,,when Lenny was at the club before he got rid of CalMac to Notts Cty.

He also doesn’t get on with-like Jullien. This is out there so I am not spreading rumours, just repeating what has already been said.

I imagine the split will have grown to cavernous proportions today.

Boli getting dropped will have done his confidence no good whatsoever, Jullien sitting out what he was supposedly bought for, not a great start to your new job is it.

Oh and don’t let anyone tell you that Jullien is not fit, he is fit and Lenny doesn’t rate him, just cos we spent £7 mill on a player doesn’t make him a player, all it means is that our scouting is pish, The scouting will be for another day.
And what is Scotty Sinclair making of this, probably in the top two earners at the club being shunned, great PR Lenny………NOT.
So why would you sign £10 million of talent and not play them, unless they are not your signings.

I recall the same thing happened with Ronny D.

People were slagging him off for not playing players he supposedly signed when all along he wasn’t responsible for signing them,.. it’s the same under Lenny the players are signed by those above him.

Shved is another, the list is endless, but the Pedro groupies will have you believe that every signing is down to the manager, they refuse to believe that their guru has anything to do with signings.

They even refuse to believe his own words !

There is a podcast with the man himself setting out how transfers at the club work, but they still won’t accept it, strange but true, it takes all sorts mind you.
I won’t bother going into the mistakes that Lenny made against Cluj, it’s all been said and the results were seen by everyone, not least the huns coaches will have seen where we are ripe for exploitation, cos they will go for it.

There will be nothing surer.

Will we cope, I won’t be holding my breath.
What we are witnessing is a repeat of the Ronny D era, this time though it’s all the more galling as those who run the club, you know the ones who get paid millions to make sure mistakes are not repeated are making the self same mistakes again !

This some will have you believe is a well run club, I would honestly hate to think what our club would be like if they didn’t think it was well run !

I suppose we are well run given that amateurs are running it, that must be where the well run club comes from, I despair at times and this is one of those times.
Domestically against teams like St Johnstone and Mwell our players are so much better they can even after a bad start, the first thirty mins against Mwell, their talent will take hopefully take over and they will prevail. Against the better teams like the huns, and they are better, we will see.

So on a technicality we are still in Europe and our next opponents are AIK who are a far far better team than Cluj . They are half way through their season , a single point off the top in Sweden and playing rather well.

Oh dear, is this a reason we are hoarding money ???

We are reaping what our failed DoF has sewn. The past number of windows when we should have been strengthening we have done the opposite and it’s payback time. Our biggest problem is that the downward spiral will be nigh on impossible to stop. It’s gonna take another Brendan Rodgers moment, that is something that Pedro will resist with everything he has. It’s now down to DD how bad will things have to get for him to say enough.

Out of Europe and a loss to the huns in the same week possibly ?

Lets hope it doesn’t come to that but the way things are it may well happen. I can’t see a sanction of millions now, we are just gonna have to get on with things I believe.

Scunnered, Oh how I wish I had the balls to walk away from it all, I really do. It would save all the stress and the heartache of seeing overpaid parasites making a complete bollix of running the club that we all love.
A total shambles but not unexpected. Hail Hail .

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MAHE. 313

I think a collaborative article-you me and anyone else who wants to volunteer. Along the lines of how did we get here and where do we go from here. Maybe post it for the first weekend in September,it’s an international week,the transfer window will be closed,the huns game will be done.

Our 1st Anniversary State of the Nation address.

As assassination isn’t an option,and none of us is likely to win the lottery and buy DD out,it should be interesting to see what any of us come up with.

Btw,just in. Left my phone in the house earlier,so missed your call.



Great article,K. Straight to the heart of the matter. There’s one wee problem with DD seeing the light and ordering another BR moment. And it’s the same problem that the huns brought on themselves when they fired Paul Le Guen,as I pointed out to my sister at the time.

That when a club treats a top manager so poorly,it is public knowledge,especially in the parochial world of football. Top line managers and their advisors will not come near us now.

As for ValMac,yes. I’d heard that too. Very worrying. And as for NL’s gameplan on Tuesday? Do you think he had one? I think he sent them out with one simple instruction-just play your normal game,lads. That’ll be good enough.


Many many thanks for the article pal.

On Lenny being out of his depth.
I know you’re talking about this Lenny and the here and now but when I look back at his first couple seasons at the helm he gave me exactly what I wanted at the time and seemed to have the makings of a good gaffer.
A chairman’s dream is a popular ex player who steps up and shows something thus getting the job.
Stepping up plus knowing what the club is about gets him slack an outside would be lucky to get.
Showing gumption gets the juices flowing because you start dreaming that one of your own will stay and build long term.

I know many think his defining moment as Barca and fair play but to me it was Spartak away.
Not having been to many games I can remember the anticipation of some matches as some on here would remember games and I recall being 200 percent convinced that we weren’t going to lie down out there that night .
He simply wouldn’t let us and we had some decent players around that if you didn’t perform he would replace you with.
My overwhelming memory of that night was as soon as they scored the opener he roared out of his seat and gave them a rocket.
Russians scoring at home wasn’t good enough then and you better step up was the message.
He got the place rocking again and we literally Just Cant Get Enough.
Kayal was probably the closest to his on field general,, chest out , who are ya ?
Im telling ya Israelis are tough and thats another reason why I thought Hatem would be okay.
It all lasted for about two seasons,,maybe two and a half ,
But Neil did actually show he had something .
Young Ole Gunnar has basically done the same as Neil ,, stepped up etc and ended up with job.

Hes a big bhoy and all that but I just wonder where or what derailed the career trajectory he seemed to have set himself.
Going back suggests it wasn’t a serious split in visions or plans.
In hindsight of course Bolton was a bad job.
If theres a man I would give a penny for his thoughts ( cant stand the phrase as first of all a penny is too cheap and second it implies sell your soul) its Neil.
I do believe he shoulda told the world what Swally whispered in his ear to everyone just to let them know what type of people we are dealing with.
Gimme my bullets back? What I heard. Slimey wee rat.

Anyway you’re right that he seems out of his depth.
I swore I wouldn’t put this league at Neil’s feet unless heavily supported and so far he hasn’t been.
I’m still at that point.
Hail Hail


Bobby no worries pal.
Bedtime here.
God bless


Good, well written article TET. Your concerns echo mine, and many in our support at this moment in time. I am worried about our club from top to bottom just now. Concentrating on Tuesday’s match, the decision to play Calmac at left back was an unbelievable mistake by Lenny. It simply weakened our team in two positions. Ncham and Broonie together never has worked for me. Thought Olly played well actually, but our captain was dreadful. At fault for their first three goals. I just could not understand leaving £10 million of signings on the bench. Hearing stories that Lenny doesn’t rate Bolingoli or Jullien, concerns me for two reasons. Why did he sign them? And if he did not sign them, then he is a lame duck manager, doing as he is told from above. Neither scenario gives me confidence in Lenny going forward or being successful. I think we have a group of very talented players, especially in the six forward positions, however, we are not a good team overall. Lenny needs to sort it pronto, or he should walk. Still scunnered.



The only way we can play CalMac,Ollie,Broonie together is with Broonie CalMac in the middle,Broonie covering the right and holding deeper,with Ollie on the left. CalMac can go forward on occasion to support Ryan-or TR when he comes back from his walkabout.

Putting CalMac in at left back,with Michael Johnston in front of him,and Ollie and Broonie in the middle? Not a chance in hell of that working. And I’ll bet the only person in the ground that thought it might was sitting in our dugout.

It was a shocking team selection,and the performance backed that up. Too many players without a clue of their role on the night.


When I saw the line up before the match, I actually thought it looked good, thinking it would be a 3511 formation. With Broonie and Calmac in the deeper midfield roles. My heart sank when I saw Calmac converted to left back.
It seemed we had no game plan as the game progressed and Cluj attacked our left side. Lenny never changed it, and Petrescu handed Neil his arse on a plate. The subs that Lenny made seemed the wrong personnel at the wrong times. I would love to think it was just a bad night at the office, but fear the problems run deeper.


Good article TET.
Like you i am consciously finding things to distract me from Celtic.
That what’s happened is no surprise.
Football is full of track suited and clip board fannies who should never be near a coaching job.
Made even worse with the overpaid arrogant CEO who has now collected enough pig’s ears for a banquet.
As our coach stands blindfolded on the sideline with the three blind mice as accomplices the emperor sits smugly on high cradling his overstuffed wallet for comfort.
Yet nothing will change as the arrogant leaders think we ungrateful bastards should just buy more lube (from them at an extortionate price of course as the tube has a Celtic crest)and enjoy the season.
I have never rated Neil as a coach so was horrified though not surprised at his appointment.
He fit the criteria of being cheap and a hate figure for huns so fans stood behind him.
Footballing criteria played no part.
Despite our impressive goalscoring this season i saw no signs of a functional team and a defensive mess that was right for exploiting.
It has looked like like our only strategy was get ball upfield and hope our good players score.
The omission of Henderson in my opinion is a perfect example of a coach who just refuses to see beyond his own poor perception as Ewan’s numbers totally justify his inclusion.
We are disjointed and dysfunctional throughout the club and now have a coach who has the same lack of responsibility and introspection as the board.
Their silence and inactivity since the debacle speaks volumes.

Twists n turns

Got up this morning. How am I feeling? Quite chipper actually. Seems there was a lot of negativity flying about yesterday? Reading through some articles this morning and I was disappointed to see even more negativity today? Bemusing. Some folk never happy.

Taking stock of how the land lies? Little bit disappointed that we are out the Champions league. No big deal really. We’re still top of the league. Still in two cups. Rangers? Yeah they’re going well, good to see another Scottish side holding up the Scottish end in Europe. Not what a lot of you want to hear but it’s the truth. You need to see the bigger picture re co efficient points etc.

The transfer window was pretty good. Made quite a decent profit and still time to get another one or two in. Still a couple £million available but it’s not easy to get players to come to Celtic. High wage demands but you lot don’t seem to appreciate that problem.

I’m still reading lots of you are unhappy? Spend money. Tens of millions. Really? Is that all you have? Do you want to risk going bust?

Neil Lennon? Absolutely the best manager we could have got in. Yes Tuesday was a setback, but these things happen. He knows the club inside and out. How much would Rafa cost? Martinez? Do you lot have any comprehension of how much it costs? Wages? The transfer budget they’d want? No. So keep quiet and focus on supporting the team.

9 in a row? 10? Well it might happen or it might not. Probably not actually. Get over it. Football in Scotland is and always has been cyclical. We have had unprecedented success over the last few years. It’s not good for the game if one side has a monopoly on success. Face up to that fact. Competition is critical.

Back to me and to be perfectly frank, that’s the most important thing. How am I? How am I doing? I’m doing good. I checked my bank account this morning. Very healthy. I won’t be heading to the food bank anytime soon. I’ve got a nice car, nice house and a few wardrobes full of suits.

Life is good – just a pity so many of you are so dumb you don’t appreciate your lot.

I’m off to hit a few golf balls then weed the driveway. Laterz .

( the above extract taken from the diary of Peter Lawell 15th August 2019)

Impudent Strumpet

The old pals act in the media will have the usual suspects backing Lennon despite his tactical ineptitude and the old pals act in the dressing room will have Lennon continuing to select Scott Brown despite his drop in standard.


Noel Skytrot

Great article TET. Anyone with a brain can see that NL dropped the ball the other night and is rightly taking the flak, but in NL’s defence he might be able to get us back on an even keel. We all remember his first stint at the club and how he installed an excellent siege mentality that the fans and players bought into even though the Harry Dunn’s were sending him bullets etc we need more of that. We need to really buckle up and batten down the hatches and start taking no shit from anyone, we need to be ruthless as fuck. The players who’ve come in that don’t understand what is at stake domestically better step up and produce. As for the “custodians” when are they going to start defending the club from the bent SFA, a media who attack us with impunity, ask why the Ibrox entity can continue to run the way they do, Res12 and stop treating the fans like fucking eejits? The media and the huns smell blood and if we don’t stabilise soon we could come a cropper.

Twists n turns

Impudent strumpet

I fear for the dressing room now. I think the next couple games might vindicate that feeling. I truly hope not but it’s very concerning.

The new signings – dumped from the CL game. Didnt they come here to get CL football?

Schved? Must be thoroughly pissed off



Fan a Tic
The warning was there at Fir Park on Saturday. Individual brilliance from our front 6 to get us goals, rather than a coherent game plan throughout the team. Petrescu schooled Lenny which is very worrying.

Impudent Strumpet

Twists n turns

I share your concerns. I would go so far (and be so blunt) as to say that if it is true that Lennon doesn’t see eye to eye with Cal Mac (our most important player imo), doesn’t like our marque signing of the window thus far, and doesn’t rate our top scorer for the last 3 seasons then he needs fired out of a cannon away from Celtic Park before any more damage is done.

He has proven, quite comprehensively, that he is no wiser, savvier or more tactically astute than he was first time around. Football has passed this guy by and he remains as bad an appointment as he was on Cup Final day in May.

None of the above excuses our negligent board btw.

/End Rant

big packy

THE EXILED TIM, hard hitting and straight to the point, if it takes a defeat to the huns and being knocked out by aik for dermot to do something with this board so be it.hh.


It is not certain it will be AIK Stockholm we face next week, it could be Sheriff Tiraspol, but likely to be AIK, who are a better team than Cluj.
Do you not think that Dermot Desmond is part of the problem? He seems content with our CEO and our Board. Cannae see him changing our set up at all, sadly.

big packy

HI GARRY, don’t know pal, probably just clutching at straws, im just still reeling from the other night,.hope you are well.hh.


Aye, Tuesday was a sore one and has left some deep scars amongst our support. Just hope that Dermot Desmond, Peter Lawwell, our Board, Management Team and Players feel the same hurt and do something about it.

Twists n turns

DD definitely part of the problem. There needs to be corporate objectives dictated from the top and cascaded down through the various levels

Scouting dept …. and so on.

I’d love to know

1. What are the KPI’s?
2. How often are they being reviewed?

It’s corporate negligence.

It looks like the objectives are:

Fill the stadium
Bank millions

Anything on top of that is a bonus. The football success over recent seasons has an awful lot to do with the demise of the only other runner in the race. It died.
No other runner brought in for 3 years. Well, a few platers who to their credit, put up a brave effort considering they were out of the handicap so to speak. Aberdeen and Hearts for at least a few furlongs tried hard.

All to no avail.

Now? The new horse has reached 3 years old and shamefully has been allowed to close the gap.

The signs are not good at all.

Is it to late? Of course not.

We have the means at our disposal to bolt clear again if the appetite to do so is there. The funds certainly are.

The huns can smell success. What happened midweek has not only hampered our chances, it has also given them added confidence that we are there for the taking.

So what will DD dictate now?

That’s the key. If it’s nothing then PL will do as PL does. Stockpile.

big packy



Now is the time for some strong leadership, from above the boardroom to the management on and off the pitch. If the will is not there, like an incendiary device, we will blow up in their face. Time to act is now.


To paraphrase Tacitus “Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan”

Of course, there are fall outs and blame after a defeat. Every dressing room is riven with tension. There are players who are “in”, usually those being selected, and there are players who are “out”, usually the rest.

Being as good as they are, they will all have healthy egos and many more of them than KT will be seeing Celtic as a stepping stone to EPL and other leagues.

We have to live with those tensions on us. For the players it is worse. They go from being over-adulated to receiving severe, immature and threatening abuse and it plays havoc with their mental health (and yes I know they are very well rewarded financially).

The sad fact is we do not recover from Wednesday very easily- A LC win over Dunfermline will register -10 on our interest scale. A Europa play off win will divide the support with a strong minority wanting us to lose.

Lenny and the players have a long way back from here. A successful start to the league campaign is the best cure but the levels of angst are so high that this may not be enough.

A stuttering start will see us react with calls for sacking- nothin surer.

Work calls

When things are put into context they read even worse.
There are fourteen teams in the Romanian top division, the total wage bill for those fourteen teams is approx £47 million, whereas Celtic’s wage bill is £59 million.
Now by my reckoning that is not a well run club.
Thanks for the comments

The Gombeen Man

Great article TET, looks like the train crash continues in slow motion.


From yesterday…

Given Pedro’s performance over the years. Don’t forget his selection of managers/coaches. His arrogant interference in recruitment.

His propensity to blame others and not accept any responsibility I have zero confidence in his handling of all things Sevco.

Who knows what has been agreed or how his unique style will undermine our future?

Celtic’s long term domination of the Old Firm cartel is bad for business. Even Dave King knows that. They have to come up with a vehicle that maintains the illusion of competition.

My working assumption is that the stashed millions is to plug the gaps when we share the domestic spoils with Sevco and given our appointment of NFL it’s downsizing and cost-cutting.

The problem is that the cheaper option often costs more money…The lost money and disengaged squad under Ronny and the repetition of the same under Neil illustrates that position.

In a nutshell Pedro is incompetent at best.


The Gombeen Man
While I agree to an extent with you, it has a slight flaw, but in saying that maybes the board are that stupid that they can’t see the flaw, it is…….the support will walk away like they did under Ronny, that costs them money so they appointed BR to fill the coffers again, if we allow the huns a league or two our support will vote with their feet imo.
Maybes this is the plan, who knows cos as sure as eggs are eggs they don’t know what they are doing

The Gombeen Man


If the Old Firm are back that means a share of the spoils and enough of the support will pay to watch the best derby in the world…

Our PLC are lazy, self-important, entitled and not to be trusted. Heaven only knows what they are hiding.

As the saying goes ‘You are only as sick as your secrets.’

As regards recruitment, Pedro’s obsession with control and it’s ongoing misfiring is beginning to ring alarm bells beyond competence.

Celtic Champs Elect


Sometimes players play poorly that’s just what happens in games and it can cost you victory

The players we have are good enough but the manager and some players had an off night.

By all means make your point of view on that but the constant board bashing Peter Lawell bashing manager and team bashing gets a little bit fkn depressing annoying on here

PS. Cluj are a decent team and have a decent manager with a good pedigree and there is a good chance they will beat Slavia

I suppose you are right, when it boils down to the brass tacks the OF is all they know, anything else gives them the fear, why else would you not strengthen from a position of strength, especially when you have the money to do so.
I you have a look at the blog you normally post on the vitriol there is far far worse than it is on here.
This site was set up as a pro Celtic-anti board blog, it’s living up to it’s aims.


Sorry but I’m getting a bit bored with this “something’s got to change now” narrative without any real suggestions about how we can force change. Let’s face it, nothing will change unless those in power are replaced or they are forced to change by others. There’s been talk of boycotts and other forms of protest but to me the easiest and most simple way to get the message across to the board is mass cancellations from the home cup tie ticket scheme. There are over 30,000 on this and if even only half cancelled their direct debits, this would send a significant shot across the bows of the corporate suits. I have seen other sites mention that some supporters have done just this but I don’t get a sense that it’s that widespread. If disgruntled supporters can’t even be motivated to do this then I really do despair. Just how difficult is it to go online and hit the cancel direct debit button? FFS, you don’t even have to get up off yer erse!!!

I have noticed that a few influential bloggers are telling it more like it is, you can forget cqn, it’s back to circling the wagons today, obviously yesterdays piece didn’t sit well with Pedro, but other blogs are seeing the problems for what they are, the problems that the people on here have been highlighting for months, things will at some point come to a head, I don’t know what the straw is that will break is but it will happen.
Many would understand things a tad more if we were skint and we were not in a position to do much about it, but we have stumbled from one farce to the next with no plan, we are a total shambles, at least Brendan was holding things together, since his departure things have seriously fallen apart, but be assured that something will happen that wakens the support out of their complacent slumber 😉


So a couple day’s ago I heard the club is unofficially up for sale and the big wedge of cash in the bank is a sweetener to entice investors.
Although this is no more than a popular rumour I dont know whether to laugh or cry at this supposed news.

Yes I hope and pray for a new regime BUT I would be very worried at the type of characters such a chunk of cash might tempt.
I recall MiT asking “ who would want to buy Glasgow Celtic “ and that did start a chain of thought in thoul noggin.

Its now shown beyond a doubt that one can make money in Scottish football ,, our swelling coffers are a shining example of that . However with money comes problems as Im sure we all know and waving that amount around,,,well I for one am sceptical that it will only attract the type of majority shareholder me and you wish for .
The Plc can show a proven route to making cash but in advertising that are they not giving out the wrong signals saying to investors “ make cash here “ rather than asking who is best for our club ?
Not that I expect them to care about that as they themselves dont do the best for the club.
But why would any new operator feel he must spend the bank balance on the business when the previous regime didnt and there was no nasty fall out from their financial policies which seem to be at odd’s with the average fans who wish to see reinvestment and upgrading facets of the business not huge reserves gathering dust.
The fact the stadium is full and apparently most fans are happy despite not spending much may well speak volumes to the next guy .
Give em the minimum and take the maximum could well be the new business model and thats basically as you were with a new suit !

Realistically theres only a few things can actually happen to that cash.
1,,,we spend it
2,,,its backup savings
3,,,the people that control the bank account take it
4,,,,an enigmatic mystery

3 would surely see some type of action but then again it might not . Cheating didnt move the masses and it might be spun its the reward for stepping up all those years ago with 40 million I believe it was from Dermot. Thats this mob though,,,if left in situ as part of a sale the new guy may well decide its his now to be used within their entire empire.

2 doesnt make sense on paper as its such a vast sum. There would have to be a monumental collapse to need anywhere near that amount,,far more than your rivals turnover.
A fighting fund makes sense but only if we intend to storm Europe or a new league.
If its a new league I will eat my hat and begin raising funds for their statues .

4,,,,hmmm. Buy another club somewhere ? Tasty , very tasty . But I doubt Stadler and Waldorf has the nuts or gumption .

Which brings us to number one.
It is by far the most likely of the three but its the nature of the spend which is most important.
Theories such as actually paying the Hotel up front don’t stack up as its against standard business protocol to pay everything upfront rather than mortgage your properties.
Of course if me or you like a house and have the cash in the bank we might take that route but thats not how big companies operate normally.
Spending on the team would have happened if it was going to,,,it woulda been spent not banked in the first place.
Celtic way is already done.
Only a stadium revamp would need such an outlay and we would all jump aboard that bandwagon but if anywhere near true the very first people you should tell are your fans. Good PR if nothing else although again they are very lacking in the communication department.
Thats why I think its not the stadium,, we woulda heard if that was going down.

Recent onfield failures such as the one in the lead article have cost us a lot of money and these reserves would offset that indeed . But if the suits bonuses are turnover linked the money in bank shouldnt be counted in that equation.
As much as there is little to zero trust Im not sure we should entertain this notion at all tbh.
Me and you dont get our wages and the mortgage is due yes we dip into savings,,,these guys have the mortgage payment coming in no worries and arent spending enough to need to hit the bank balance.

This brings me to the original rumour . Its a sweetener. The new regime doesn’t even have to put their hands in their pockets for a while . They will or at least should want to start off with a bang and some decent new players,,,all covered. Very nice.
What we should be really worried about is a shark who see’s himself shoring up underperforming businesses under his control with our excess cash. In essence we become the new reserves for a few different companies. Bad news all around.
We might get someone who cares and wants the best for the club but if that person exists where have they been over the last decade as the share price has went up and up.
Seems very unlikely we will get a well natured benefactor that has our interests at heart.

So it looks 99 percent like an investor or investment group where Im sitting. They will play the percentages and dish us a third of the profit or so more than likely and dole out the rest between themselves with a backslap all around.
We can only hope that they are all above board and have more football savvy than our shower.
Its the hope that kills you though.

Hail Hail

Twists n turns

Anyone care to explain wtf the above link is all about?


Interesting wee exercise on first page.

Fear appears 3 times and so does love but love is used twice in the context of like or wishing.

The one reference to love in its emotional context was the club we love. I’m reminded of a sign that said “Love more, fear less”.

Think of Celtic as your child, possibly one who is errant, is this how you react when they get it wrong?

Yes would be my answer but when emotions subsides what matters is how we respond, the difference from the first to the second is the head takes over from the heart.
Do you ever walk away from an errant child? Only when their behaviour threatens your physical or mental well being in my experience.

However do you have a duty to correct an errant child? Absolutely but only under the rules of The Serenity prayer. ‘Let me change the things I can, accept what I cannot and give me the wisdom to know the difference.'(I often ask am I Don Quixote or Sancha Panza? – I certainly have the latters belly.).

In a recent blog James Forrest points to lack of accountability being a core issue and he is right. It’s not just the SFA that are accountable to member clubs it is Celtic to their shareholders. Res12 was never mentioned although accountability is what it hoped to achieve, but it’s the last thing football authority wants and the support at large including the CSA and CST (it’s in JF’s article) do not care or are unable to press for it.

There seems to be an overiding thought that resolutions Celtic do not agree with are a waste of time because the majority shareholder will ensure they are not passed, BUT not without providing an explanation that stands up to scrutiny IN WRITING in the annual report circulated to shareholders.

That is what makes them accountable especially if they cannot present false reasons because shareholders are sufficiently well informed to smell BS when it’s being shovelled.

Mind you accountability only works if there are consequences for errant behaviour and we live in a world where few appear to gaf.

Nevertheless Resolutions to the Board are the only means under a PLC structure to attempt accountability and as long as Res12 remains unaddressed the Board are accountable to shareholders for how they have dealt with it.

I noticed MIT use the word “systemic” to describe the nature of what is happening at Celtic and changing manager or even CEO would only be a sticking plaster leaving the core issue unaddressed.

As I posted somewhere Celtic’s policy is to feed supporters cake to stop them looking into the kitchen. It works right up until King Alfred falls asleep and the cake gets burnt as happened on Tuesday.

This time last year PL’s answer after AEK was we continue as before, in that respect he has been true to his word.

Perhaps this year under real pressure the guys in charge might want to listen to the folk who line their pockets.

More than enough from me but I think it’s time Celtic became a community club, like Malmo and a not for profit business and we all pay attention to the Serenity Prayer.


Twists its crap as far as I can see.
Care to take a stab at our supposed price?
Hope youre relatively stress free.
Hail Hail

Byres Road Bhoy

Hi Mahe, interesting theory. Excuse my naivety but how can you sell Celtic if DD doesn’t own a majority (51%) unless you are suggesting he is lining up alongside other significant shareholders? Is it not more likely that DD alone might be baling out? At a guess, I’d suggest he’s just about recouped his initial capital investment from the 6% annual dividend paid out on his preference shares. Look on the bright side. Perhaps a new ‘owner’ might view Celtic’s bank account as an inbuilt opportunity – via sensible investment in quality players allied to academy development – to an annual dividend of £30m plus via ECL qualification…
As long as DD takes PL with him it can’t all be bad.


seems him and his cronies have bleed us dry enough and have decided to hit the road Jack . Share price is high,,its a good time.
I have little faith a new owner will have aims that align with ours. Same again different suit I expect.
The game has little scruples left at all. We are ripe for the plucking . Gutted.
Hail Hail


Without getting into specifics of individual teams, the performance of SPL teams in Europe has been dismal for quite some time. Sometimes this is excused by indicating that our season starts later than many of the teams that we face and that probably has some effect. However, IMHO, there is more to it. Tactically, SPL managers are out thought. Often this results in a poor performance in home games, making the tie very difficult to win. Kilmarnock this season is an extreme example.

It is easy to conclude that SPL managers do not do well in Europe. NL is an SPL manager, no more, no less, so should we really be surprised at the Cluj result? You reap what you sow.

Looking more broadly, could we not simply say that tge manager simply had a bad day at the office on tuesday. Well, there is no doubt thar he did have one! However, there are ‘bad days’ and there are BAD days. The latter are definitive.

Time for a story that may or may not be true. I once worked for a prominent British company in Scotland. Without mentioning names, let’s say it had a global reputation for its engineering that flew above many competitors. In this firm was a fire officer whose job it was to ensure that all appropriate steps were taken to ensure that no fires occurred, or, in the unlikely event that one did, it would be dealt with expediciously. He was good at his job and no serious fires did occur. However, he became bored that his expertise was never really tested, so he set a fire! The fire brigade arrived and no really serious damage was done. At first the fire officer was praised for his timely actions, however, it soon emerged that the fire had been set rather than a natural accident.

Now, it can be argued that, on that night, the fire officer had a bad night, not typical of his normal night at all. However, both the firm and the Law regarded it differently. Those parties concluded that the fire officer had a BAD night. He was fired and charged. There are some bad nights that are definitive.

Several factors led to the result on tuesday and they need to be fixed. The manager’s performance on that night exposed several of these issues. He won no new friends either inside nor outside tge club on tuesday. He has to go and should go. What will save him in the short term is there is no internal candidate that can step into the position immediately. But be sure, because his performance turned the heat on other areas of the club that need fixing, he is toast. Another interim, anyone?



Thanks for getting back to me.

I accept all of your points in your argument, it is just the final leap to your conclusion that I have difficulty with. I do, however, agree that PL is worth the watching.




I also do not understand what is being said in the link. I tried getting into CQN but it has tge sponsored content flag up again. My browser would not load the “latest comments” part of the homepage which can be used as a backdoor to avoid the click bait.



Currently negotiating with a friendly facing farmer about having three tons of manure dumped at the front door.
Tomorrow will see several parasite removal companies appear for their services.
Then its hire a graffiti crew.
Then its onto full pages in the papers. They wouldn’t let the Qners hammer the huns in the rags remember, I bet they would hammer our club no problems.
Time to be seen and heard.

Byres Road Bhoy

TnT, Rebus I suspect that the video celts accusation about Paul 67’s enigmatic comment stems from Phil’s piece yesterday claiming that Jullien and Boli were NOT Neil Lennon’s signings. The suggestion is that NFL may have been doing a ‘Brendan Rodgers’ by benching these players to highlight the fact that he doesn’t rate them.
And yesterday’s Video Celts piece

Lenny himself said that they were not his signings, he said that they had been well scouted and he trusted the judgement of the scouting dept.


The Gombeen Man 10.04

Your conclusion that PL is incompetent at best.

It might be the case in the sense that no one is competent at everything and whilst I’d be an incompetent accountant, I was a more than competent manager, having climbed up the managerial ladder over 35 years.

In that managerial area I hope you are right because the alternative is dark, but there is reason in respect of the handling Res12 not to dismiss it.

Byres Road Bhoy

Thanks TET. I wasn’t aware he’d actually said that. Good article BTW. Bang on the money as always.


I reckon it is Paul67 having another dig at Brendan Rodgers, and a reference to the game at Ibrox last December.

He didn’t say they are not my signings, he was asked about them and he said that the club had been keeping tabs on them and that they had been well scouted and he trusted the scouting depts judgement, which amounts to the same thing, but as he didn’t actually say they are not my signings, that gives the Pedro groupies the ammo they need to deflect any blame away from Pedro, sad but there you go 😉

I also took it as a dig at Brendan.
How sad is it when folks go to those lengths, Pedro must be feeling a bit of pressure 😉


Interesting read on the hoarding cash question.
Got me thinking.

BTW. My son Ryan and his good lady are flying to Las Vegas on 30th August. Would you happen to know if there is a Celtic club or pub that he could watch the game at Ibrox on 1st September?



Have you read this:

Not all predictions have become true because clubs outside capitals in the big leagues have managed to attract funding to enable them to Liverpool and Man City.

However it’s the bit about the most relevant structure for most clubs is that of ‘not for profit community based’ model. They quote Malmo and if Celtic are a club on the market the Celtic community will want to choose between being a minnow in the big pond or an exterior fund inflated shark funded from Peking or somewhere.

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