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Recent events at the club,both on the field and off it,make for disturbing times. The rumour mill is in hyperdrive-and none of it good-whether that be the one about Scott Sinclair being frozen out due to his reluctance to move to Preston or the one about the auditors having a fun time with our accounts or the one about,oh,you’ve probably read them all or at least heard strong hints about them. What cannot be denied is that we are not currently in a position suiting the winners of eight titles on the bounce and three consecutive domestic trebles.

As to why that should be? Well,your guess is as good as mine. A year ago we had the best manager in the country by a considerable distance and far and away the best squad in the country. We had four players returning from World Cup Finals duty,a crop of exciting youngsters,and were on the verge of reporting record income for the year of £101m along with record profits and a huge current account balance. The wheels came off when the club accepted an offer of £10m for Boyata which was rightly derailed by Brendan Rodgers as no attempt had been made to buy him a decent replacement-and at a fraction of the cost. That alone cost us probably £7m net,and the fall-out from it,with Boyata deciding that his head wasn’t in the right place for the AEK game,cost us another £40m or so.

It also cost us our best manager since Martin and Jock. It might cost us a lot more than that in the long run.

Fast forward a year,and once again we have been papped out in the third qualifier against a team we should have the beating of by any measure. Bar the fact that we played with a makeshift defence,one which managed to weaken the midfield at the same time. Losing four goals at home against Barcelona isn’t acceptable. Against Cluj it’s a downright disgrace. And the people responsible for it should be held to account.

So who is responsible? Well,Neil Lennon picked the team. One which he clearly thought was capable of beating the Romanian champions. He must have been the only Celtic supporter on the planet who didn’t cringe at that line-up. He lined up with Callum McGregor at left back,a position for which he is manifestly unsuited. He played Michael Johnston in front of him,in a game which was crying out for experience. He left our two main defensive signings on the bench,a sure sign that he is not keen on them. But why is he not keen on them? He told us recently that he was happy with how the club had done their homework on these players,that they had been properly scouted,etc.


Who did the scouting,Neil? Our scouting network was once the envy of most clubs on the planet. Now,with what’s left of it,it barely amounts to a scout pack. Turns out that we have a total of FIVE worldwide. That’s a bloody shambles,in line with so much that is happening at the club. It’s barely enough to get a decent second opinion on a prospect. Bloody hell,it’s barely enough to get a decent FIRST opinion on nearly anyone! Did you sit down with PL and discuss what was required for the season ahead,bearing in mind that you both knew that we would be going into it without Lustig,Boyata,Tierney as well as another dozen or so fringe players? Did you discuss available spend,including that freed up in wages by the mass exodus? Or handed on a plate by the fire sale of Tierney? Or did you not bother because it’s a waste of time,PL makes the decisions and you can always blame the players anyway? Are you a manager or a cowed yes-man? You never were in the past,Neil. Neither on the pitch nor off it. So why start now?

Time to look yourself in the mirror,Neil. Time to demand that the mirror reflect the man you always were,and not what it’s reflecting now. And there’s only one man can change the image in the mirror. You know what needs to be done.


This brings me to the other,bigger,elephant in the room when it comes to the shitshow known as Celtic FC. Or Plc,if you prefer. And that is the dictatorial asset stripping micromanaging Chief Executive Officer,Director of Football,head chef and bottle washer. The man with no delegation skills whatsoever,and no desire to learn them. Peter Lawwell,the highest paid employee in the history of Celtic Football Club. The man who cannot countenance competing with Championship clubs in England when it comes to player wages yet thinks nothing of pocketing millions of pounds in bonuses-even as we are failing on the pitch.

The man who has earned an entire centuriesworth of his initial salary of c£150k in only fifteen years.

The only financial genius on the planet who thinks that stockpiling cash instead of investing it in the core business in an era of low interest rates is the way forward.

This is the man to whom the entire payroll of the club is subservient,and yet the man who is supposed to report to the board. The board who are supposed to make the decisions. Oh,they’ve done that all right. They decided to leave it to Peter as he knows best and besides,we like our cushy wee number here. We have Non Executive Directors on the board,a legal requirement. They are supposed to be independent,they are supposed to challenge the board when it takes a wrong direction,makes poor strategic or financial decisions. And they make up the Remuneration Committee which decides on executive pay,I might add.

As far as I can make out,ALL of them have a personal and/or professional relationship with PL in the past-though I may not be entirely correct on that,and will happily apologise if any of them can prove otherwise. Either way,it hardly screams of independence. And due to the manner of ownership of the club,they are entirely beholden to being forwarded by it for re-election at the annual politburo AGM.


Indeed,it goes a long way to explaining why we are where we are. There are no restraints on an out of control ego,and an out of date and out of ideas CEO. One which has done little to support the fans in the face of state-sponsored bullying,a rabidly antagonistic press,a hateful governing body. One which was given the silver bullets he required on Res 12 and wilfully sidetracked it for reasons of his own. One whose mismanagement has cost us tens of millions in income due to his botched transfer policies.

He has had his day. He’s had plenty of them,and fortunately the situation is not beyond recovery. Celtic FC is not a GEC in the UK at the turn of the century,nor a GE now. We are still the powerhouse domestically with an incredible fan base there and worldwide. The players are there,the money is available to invest in better,both short term and in the future.

It is in the best interests of the club-and perhaps of himself,though we don’t deal in rumours here-that our CEO announce his departure prior to the AGM. He can take the plaudits there,the eulogies,the grovelling thanks. He can even leave with a thank you present for all I care.

But he must go.


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Good article as always BMCUW .

The first half was very uncomfortable for me. I feel a sense of loyalty to Lenny, and certainly don’t think its unjustified.

If he had been given a smidgeon of support last time out, would he have progressed and developed like the players we can’t wait to sell?

I think yes. And still have faith in him, although, i can see I’m in minority of one here.

You’re post is balanced as you ALWAYS are…my question is why are others elsewhere keen to stick the boot in to the supprters, the players and the management, yet “circle the wagons” should anyone suggest that there are glaring faults at the higher level.

Thankfully, we’ve finally reached the point where eyes are open, and the few that have been perpetuating this pish will be embarrassed into silence.

Can we make the dramatic changes required and hold out for 9/10.. Yes, if the changes are made quickly. Starting at board level. Get them all chased to f.



It took a lot of effort and four scrapped attempts over four days to achieve even the balance above. So much more that needed to be said but some of it crossed the line. Or might have. So what you see is what you get,and that’s a heavily redacted summary of my opinions.

Needless to say,I wasn’t quite so guarded in good Tim company yesterday. Even the happyclappers amongst them have realised that the current set up has to change. And it can’t change with PL in situ.

Twists n turns

Super read. Vvg article.



Give me a shout when you’re back. Could do with some dug advice.


BMCUWP ????? If that’s you pulling your punches Mick i would like to see you with the gloves off. Hh


I worked for a Scottish based firm in the early 1970s when the major recession kicked in due to the huge rise in oil prices. Inflation was rampant. A lot of companies were in trouble.

My firm were a Private limited Company. The major shareholders were family descendants of the founder. They had an emotional tie to the firm. They decided there would be no redundancies. Admittedly no wage rises for a couple of years. Profits slumped but they broke even. The people who took the brunt of this was the major shareholders.

Can you imagine Dermot Desmond heading up this firm? No me neither. Can you see Peter Lawwell foregoing his £1m+ bonus for a couple of years ? No me neither.

And yet a few years later this firm went on to expand and make a fortune. They had foresight.

Talking about Peter Lawwell. From what I understand there is some doubts as to whether he was actually offered the job with Arsenal. Regardless that was years ago. He now has a history he didn’t have then. Would they even think of offering him a job now? You don’t have to dig too far below the sexy headlines of trebles trebles to see the dirt in our PLC. The bigger picture paints a poor story. No foresight or planning. In reverse gear. Ego driven. Strategically clueless.

Who would offer this ‘person’ a job now? I mean a respectable firm.



IIRC,during The Great Recession a decade ago,JCB held a consultation with the workforce. The owners are billionaires and major Tory contributors btw. Doesn’t make them bad people as it turns out. They explained that the situation wrt the order books was critical,but that they anticipated a return to normal within the next couple of years.

There were choices to be made. The obvious business one was for large scale redundancies,but that would hamper the firm during recovery. They suggested an alternative,that the workforce accept a reduction in hours,that many of them would be utilised in a maintenance and improvement programme,and also that if anyone wished to do voluntary work,that they could do that as part of their working week.

The firm went from guaranteed overtime to a virtual standstill during this period,but when they climbed out of it they had a reengineered factory and a full and committed workforce.

They didn’t gamble their future by downsizing,yet the Green Brigade are drawing criticism for their banner yesterday?



Cheers,mucker. It was!

The days of one man being in control of a club from top to bottom are long gone. There’s too much now for one man to do. That’s probably for another article,but look at us under Bob Kelly. Look at the paucity of signings under Desmond White,who took control back.

Arsene Wenger at Arsenal,tremendous when he was working with David Dein. Made an arse of the Arsenal when he was left in full control. Fergie? His personal stuff with the Coolmore boys effectively wrecked the club in the long term. Clough without Taylor,a disaster.

The list is endless,but there needs to be checks and balances in any business strategy,the man who isn’t afraid to say no. The Emperor’s New Clothes is a fairytale which is the basis of business governance and we don’t have it.

Great stuff Mick.
Lenny, I actually feel for him big time, sadly he is not what we need as our manager, but it’s not his fault he is, all roads point to the man who appointed him in the showers, he has caused these problems.
Lenny is old school, he is in the MoN, Sam Allardice, Neil Warnock, Tony Pulis mould, and with respect to them all, no way would I want any of them managing the club, sorry MoN, but here we are and Lenny has the job, it’s his till we have another disaster imo, that may be sooner than we think, assuming of course the board swallow their pride and get rid.
Lenny has a few problems, his old school attitude being the main one, his reluctance to use modern methods, his having little truck with stats then in the next sentence using stats to defend himself, in all the years I have watched Celtic this is the first time that I have not wanted someone managing the club, not that I don’t like him I do, the respect I have for the man is up there, but as a manager, sadly it’s not up there, the combination of Pedro and Lenny are taking the club back years, everything that our last innovative manager has put in place is being eroded as I type this, that in itself is criminal, it’s a disgrace, all to save face and money.

I’m no Tory I can assure you but I keep an open mind about firms. Some are good some are bad. Some are soulless. It depends a lot I suppose on the senior people in charge. If they can satisfy both the workforce and the City of London. It can be done.

I think of the big sweetie manufacturers in the past – Cadbury, Frys etc. I think of New Lanark.

Our board come into the soulless category. Don’t forget a lot of the good work done by Celtic and it’s supporters is through The Foundation. Which is at arms length from the PLC.


I’m going to be a bit random here.

This is nit a made up story, this happened.

For anyone interested in music.

The Chieftains were the bees’ knees. Still very popular in Ireland today but not for me…give me Luke Kelly and a dram any day.

Anyway, ole Paddy Maloney looks to strengthen his midfield as he knows he’s not the best. Fair play, that could be good leadership.

So he turns up at the high rise flats with a view to asking this man to join him.

And gets roundly told to fuck off.

I know this story from one of the few men who carried his coffin. And a lot more…

Folk that want and respect quality, know when to chase the weak links, especially when the weak link is a fake bastard.

Edit: he’s playing with a newly fitted voicebox here. In his 80s

Awe Naw

Good article

Now for some George Benson

I believe that the team is picked by a 3 man committee under Neil and that selection is skewered heavily during transfer windows. I reckon Neil is feeling very isolated within the job hence the toeing of the party line and his obvious discomfort. I reckon that the emphasis over the next two weeks will be in moving players out. That’s not to say we will. It depends on many factors. I believe we will see a rerun of last year. A short term loan cash splash in December to see us over the line if we are in touching distance of the huns. I see that The Record fingered BR with destroying Celtic scouting system. Which is absolute nonsense but it is in more disarray now than it has ever been especially when 10m quids worth of recent signings are sitting on the bench. They can thank Hendry for that.

Taking a break from all things Celtica.. When is the AIK game?

Twists n turns

The part I can never get my head around is player recruitment. I don’t mean the financial side of it per say, but the final decision making on players coming in.

That has to be the job of the manager. FFS I’m not qualified to tell the engineers how to maintain the machines. I can control the spend on salary, hours worked, and question performance. Why is a machine losing efficiency, productivity? , but I need to let the engineer utilise his expertise to manage the performance.

If Peter Lawell really is recruiting players without the managers approval then I’m afraid there’ll always be issues.

Scouts? Same story. Employ them to watch players, give recommendations, but the manager has to rubber stamp the final approval.

If the team fails to deliver on the pitch, then it’s a straightforward case of the manager carrying the can.

Currently Neil is taking flak. Rightly so in some respects but the real problem is deeper. McGregor at full back, at face value is a poor decision. However with defenders it looks likely Neil didn’t sign and apparently does not rate, he was short of quality so gambled on the team set up.

Juggling frogs or rearranging the chairs on the Titanic if you wish.

Do I think he’s the right guy? I said no from the day and hour he was appointed but by fff he’s been hamstrung by this absolutely fffkn ridiculous player downsizing and recruitment strategy by this self serving board.

Absolute bastards the lot of them.

As Billy Connolly once said:

“See these people, hangings too good for these people. It’s a good kick up the arse they need.”

The Gombeen Man

The Plc policy is based upon the union between Celtic and Sevco and sharing the spoils.
Europe or the CL is too big a financial risk, so it’s operating in the 16th-century mindset of Scottish football.

Dave King agrees with this. Didn’t he say that 9 in a Row was a bad thing for commercially for the old Rangers? Didn’t he say in 2015 that the 9 in a Row was boring?

Nothing changed post the liquidation of Rangers and we’re operating in a biased environment and who knows why Celtic Plc baulked at changing the infrastructure of the game?

While we ruled the roost there was no appetite to look at our own lazy procedures. But when the penny drops with the support that the cash in the bank is our insurance against a downturn in revenue as Sevco share in the opportunity to compete in the CL.

The European landscape has changed. There is no route out of the Scottish cesspit, so it’s a case of it’s better with a devil that you know.

Aspirations are now at a Europa level.

If an artificial competition against Sevco can be manufactured the £10m per year should be safe and the dust covers can stay in storage.

Get a Celtic legend in, gave him a rolling contract and that’ll keep the customers happy.

There might be a bit of push back as the customers get used to the Plc reality but they’re addicted so they’ll keep coming back.

Pedro can keep running his sideline as a football agent and eventually NFL will be shafted. Neil is the fall guy. They know his limitations and will sit back and watch the wheel come off and then give him his P45.

Pedro has been working in the background for years to piece back together with the Old Firm union.

It’s that simple.

Will the Celtic Supporters Club, GB, Celtic Trust all fall into line?

Maybe the youngsters will put together their own online version of the Arab Spring and starve these leeches out?

Or will karma intervene and something go belly up at Ibrox?


Twists n turns

Awe Naw
This coming Thursday I think?


BMCUWP, excellent article a chara.

IMHO Lenny’s future will be decided over the next couple of weeks. Defeat against AIK and Sevco will, especially if the defeats resemble anything like last Tuesdays shambles, ensure that the board have no option but bin Lenny to try and stop the natives becoming overly restless and turning their full attention and ire on the puppet masters and architects of the malaise.
Problem being is there another manager of the standard required desperate enough to take the job or will we see John Kennedy as caretaker coach? (we’re doomed).
I am torn between my loyalty towards Lenny as a Celtic man / UFB and all he has endured because of that and my desire to see Celtic FC being the best it can be. I’d rather Lenny did the honourable thing and resign and at the same time use his resignation presser to expose all of PL’s Machiavellian machinations. Will this happen? – not a chance. This is Lenny’s last big pay cheque, he knows it, PL knows it and we know it. No he’ll keep quiet and accept his termination package without the merest of whimpers. As someone pointed out earlier what has happened to the snarling in your face tell it like it is Lenny of the past – eg – to PL ” you sold all my best players and replaced them with shite”. This version we have is not the Lenny of old.

Anyone else think it odd that we have been told that we have to get rid of players before bringing in others yet we have added 2 Irish youth internationals. Neither of which has a chance of making it near the 1st team for the foreseeable future? More projects with basically heehaw paid out. Now I wonder who recommended them?

BTW Big Vic still hasn’t signed for anyone yet.


We have 4 games coming up in the next 14 days 2 of which could go a long way to determining our season and 2 i couldn’t give a monkeys chuff about. I know which games I would be prioritising.

Twists n turns

I wish I’d written that…..

The manager will always have the final say when players are brought in, or you would assume so, I recall Brendan saying that if it was a choice between a crap player and no player he would take the crap player all day long, he didn’t say crap obviously, but you get the drift, this is where the manager can get the blame for signing the players, when in reality when he is presented with a player of course he is going to say aye ok.
Who scouted our most expensive defender ? it wasn’t Lenny, it could have been Congerton, I have seen reports that it was John Kenedy but whoever it was Lenny has deemed him as not good enough, so much so that he totally changes the team for a crucial CL game and we flounder, something is badly wrong at the club just now, a total revamp of policy is called for, I very much doubt it will be forthcoming mind you, as has been pointed out the board wqill be as happy as pigs in shit cos their beloved hate filled Old Firm is back and rolling along.
People like us are just gonna have to suffer, the Old Firmists and the Pedro groupies are all that matter to them.

Uber, Couldn’t find Luke Kelly singing Carrickfergus. But this is good too. Like you, I loved listening to Luke Kelly.

Did you know his granny was Scottish? That must be where he got his talent from. 🙂

ps, You should hear Joan Baez singing Carrickfergus. It breaks my heart.



Didn’t you post that the other night? Anyway,here it is from thirty years ago.

Twists n turns


A powerful article Mick,well done….was night shift slow this week ? hh


Excellent stuff, Mick.
Preaching to the converted here.

That hurting, no mark, hun, Paton was on Twitter last night, defending Pars fans and criticising our club and fans.



My night shifts are always slow,mate. They seem to take all day!

Poor Izzy. Why is it so often the good people who are at the receiving end of evil? You read it most days on the news.

Twists n turns

Dreadful eh. I suppose Izzy was lucky really. 3 dead. Unbelievable



Poor Izzy. Why is it so often the good people who are at the receiving end of evil? You read it most days on the news.
True. Bizarre that people will murder another person because they happen to support a rival team. It still happens on occasion in our own wee part of the world albeit the reasons here being somewhat more complex than football supporters rivalry.

big packy

BOBBY, great post straight to the point.hh.

big packy

UBER, im back but going out shopping in about half an hour, if your not about I will give you my expert advice later, by the way I charge by the hour???

The Gombeen Man


Yep and Luke Kelly’s dad was shot by a Scottish soldier at the Batchelor’s Walk Massacre. The commission into the Scottish regiment’s actions stated that they. “were tainted with illegality.”

big packy

JIM ,yes lots of evil people in this world unfortunately hh.



Interesting story. I didn’t know about that at all. Thanks. I knew about the landings of both sets of guns,but not about the aftermath.


I notice Mike in Toronto has not been on since Jihadi Jack has been stripped of his UK citizenship. JJ was a joint UK Canadian national.

I wonder if he will be stripped of his Canadian citizenship.

Maybe Mike is on the case. He won’t be able to admit it of course. But he does seem rather busy.

bada bing1

Great article Bobby M

The Gombeen Man


Cheers, I enjoyed the lead article today.

I don’t think we can underestimate the downer the players will be on after the CL exit.The CL and it’s possibilities is the highlight for many of them.

For a while yesterday I was thinking ‘Morton at home.’ Thankfully we avoided repeating the ignominy of that defeat…Despite the refs best efforts.

Anyway as Disco Pete would say ‘Onwards and backwards.’


bada bing1
bada bing1

Here’s the penalty…blatant cheating, we should have told Hampden that Beaton and Dallas are unacceptable referees, but we are a Club with no leadership and a Club with no balls

Mike in Toronto


I dont post for a day, and you think I should be stripped off my citizenship?! Seems a bit OTT


Lenny talking about £10 million worth of defenders against a 1st div club.
“They did fine after a shaky start, they came on to a good match as it went on, that will do them the world of good, in terms of their character, not just their footballing ability.”
IMO they should be strolling it but there you go.

Twists n turns

Page doesn’t seem to exist bud…. removed?

bada bing1

Twists- ive checked a few threads i had it on,and it’s deleted…..I’m sure Sportscene will highlight it…….or maybe not…..

bada bing1
Twists n turns

That’s bloody unbelievable…. then again…..


Not sure about the Julien and Bolingoli being duds stuff.
It’s far too early early to judge and being honest Beckenbauer and Baresi would struggle playing defense in our dreadful set up.
No-one seems to have a clue of their role under Lennon.
When the sole tactic seems to be get it forward early and hope our good forwards score.
The spacing between zones if we even have such is enormous.
Our midfield sit deep and then are brilliant at taking themselves out of position chasing like a dug after a passing car.
Our defenders have zero support from those ahead of them and are totally unsure who is delegated to who.
I would prefer to wait till they are played in a proper role in a system implemented by a modern coach before passing judgement.

A thing of beauty

JNP from previous thread. I think these players expect to be coached. Lenny can’t coach in my opinion and Kennedy certainly can’t so we have a problem. The only answer is to get rid of Neil or to get different players in because this will not end well.
JTT it seems you were lucky to work for a benevolent, forward thinking company. Thin on the ground now though.
Bmcuwp. Spot on with the article. At the risk of repeating ,usher, you know what they say about absolute power.

A player who cost £7 mill should know what is what, he should know where to be and when to be there, despite the midfield failings, he should be shouting and screaming at the midfield to stay in position, after all it will be the defender who gets the flack, just my humble opinion

A thing of beauty

Usher??? Whit. Should say myself

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