The price they pay.

noun [ C ] US ​ /kʌsˈtoʊ·di·ən/

a person or organization that is responsible for protecting, caring for, or maintaining something or someone:
The library is a traditional custodian of information.
The school’s crisis team includes teachers, custodians, and the principal.

Throughout our supporting lives we will on paper experience several different entities in our boardroom.
Each custodian may or may not be seen in a good light upon appointment , during reign , and after their stint at the helms,, these are the ebbs and tides that every supporter goes through.
Ive yet to have any fan of any club say “ we’ve best custodians ever Im telling ya “ but Ive certainly heard plenty put the boot into however is in the hotseat.
Why is that ? Is there no such thing as a perfect custodianship until youve no more room on your jersey for all the star’s youve won ? Are fan’s just too picky and fussy ?
Or is it like an old woman told me once “ people need something to talk about ,,, ?”

Whether they realised or not at the time those taking up the mantle of custodians of our club also inherited a moral responsibility.
Given the background of both it’s hard to imagine we need to tell them of the size or historic importance of our institution .
Morally though many would issue a fail mark to the duo calling the shots.

Each of us will have their own little interpretation of what moral duty exactly that entails but there is a social charter on the clubs website as a guide if needed.
And then we have above the actual definition which clearly states protect and care for.
Fans of Bury and Bolton have seen that side of the bargain go to pot , and Im delighted that we always seem to be on a sound financial footing with never any issues on that front .
We are steady , yes we are and that at least is a great platform.
So thanks , well done, they’ve got the money side of things sorted soundly, thats not in doubt.

But the simple fact is that means nothing without the fans onside, and they are far from happy.
The maintaining part of the above description crosses over into fan relation’s which is vital to some and blah blah to others.
“ We’ve never had a great board” we’ve all seen wrote somewhere or other Im sure and maybe thats true but at the same time the past is the past ,, history is gone now.
We can only try and help mould the club to what our dream is while we are here and before you know it the next generation of Hoops will be eyeing up this historic entity asking questions like us.
And thats a good thing ,, we should never be afraid to question especially when it comes to our club.

But these men and women that are out there in charge of institutions must be accountable.
The ones that make policies that ultimately actually do affect me and you by way of the quality of team on the park and thus the happiness bringing trophies hopefully ( And vice versa ),,
it is vitally important that some of the fans hold them to account and ask some questions of them if needed . If only to be sure and again questioning does not harm if you’ve nothing to hide.
Answering honestly builds trust.

Are our perfect custodians out there ? Again on paper its a rich Scotsman and Irishman but look where that has got us . We could do with the perfect majority shareholder who couldn’t , but until then we have the men we have .
Now I must emphasise that we cannot and should not blame the entire club for the sins of one set of custodians or the actions of one man . Ever .
Thats not right at all and the deep love of the club must remain here at all costs throughout. That is essential.

But the fact is our current custodians deserve to be held to account as much as any board anywhere do ,, and judged fairly without prejudice at that.
And its up to the fans to let them know if they are failing in their duties or fulfilling them and there is nothing wrong with that at all.
Dont ever think you arent qualified or allowed to voice an opinion on those in charge. There’s nobody better placed to give them that opinion.
And thats the price they pay , the price of custodianship .

The above article is by Mahe and should you wish to have the lead article just email your piece to and we will publish. All views deserve to be heard.

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Refuse to read it. In the huff. ?


Big girls blouse.



That pound I owe you. Mahe has it.

If he doesn’t pay up, get the heavies involved. Heavies, mind!!! Not the stupid Sevvies ?


Mahe ?????


I feel ashamed now.


What kind of a blog is this, if I can’t share my feelings??

First I get named shamed by Awe Naw, pulled into unaffordable gambling debt by Twists, bullied by BP and his mocking of said gambling debt, then ignored when I make intellectual posts beyond my own understanding by Mahe posting new articles.

If Carlsberg did conspiracies ?

Twists n turns

Its £1.08p now that interest has been accrued.



Ffs. £+.08 ??? ? are any of you spineless bollcoks watching this??? My home is at risk here if i don’t keep up repayments!!.
Here, Twists, i had the pleasure of driving through Whitnurn 12 hours ago. I saw a.whole new road of flats. MCalpine st maybe?
What’s with the council inflicted road trap half down the street? Is it there to help you all rob vans, trucks and lorries???
Can you get me my contraband back? I’ve got 24 hours to recover it. Otherwise, Disco Pete is going to chop off my liil pinky.



I didn’t want to do this. But you leave me no choice.

BMCUW owes me for a pint and packet of rizla.

So my debt to you, is now his.

Why would you accept this i hear you ask.

The answer is 3 fold.

2. He is better at maths than me, and hence more soluble.
3. You can always catch him missing the last train.


Mahe, apols, joking aside.

Very important point. Accountability.

Why is it not there? And why is it rallied against on certain sites?


A wee reminder of what can be done with an actual defence in place…which we don’t have…
And haven’t had for some time ?

Twists n turns

If you get a few minutes, go and read John James. Some interesting stuff. Accurate? As I say, go have a read at the latest article.



Does he have a gambling debt as well? ?

Twists n turns

I’ll probably be able to write that £1.11p ( interest accumulates quickly eh!) off. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say I’m visiting the bank later and if all goes to plan, I’ll not only be debt free, I’ll be very wealthy for the rest of my life.

Can’t really say too much for now, other than, I’m very very excited.

In fact I’m so excited I can hardly get my ski mask on…..



I must see more bluster.

Who do we trust more, him or Phil.

Me, I trust neither of them. Those in control know that misinformation is the name of the game.

And that’s the rub

When you have a dedicated customer base like the Celtic support….

How do you keep them spending money, while offering the pishest customer service ever?


Twists !!!!!

Dont be robbing banks!!!
It wont solve this problem ya mad bollocks !!

How much are you paying your getaway driver ?


Look. I’ve been there. This was me not too long ago.


PS, I’m not quite as violent as he is but I share his ethics ??

Twists n turns

I stopped reading Phil a long time ago. When was the last time he got something right? Ffs they say even a blind squirrel finds the occasional nut, but Phil seems destined to be forever aimlessly scrambling around the undergrowth coming up empty handed.

I find he hits the target more often in respect of his comments on Sevco, the SFA, referees et al. Seems to me his articles are more researched and carry more weight.

I’m well aware JJ is less admired in Celtic circles than Phil. I never quite understood that.

Personal preference of course and there’ll be a few dissenting voices on here soon to remind me of that, but as I say, based on historical articles, my preference is to read JJ.


This is more an ending I relate to.
Disco Pete clinging on for dear life, God love him, and tory wanker Ian Bankier


Twists, both puppets being played at the right time.

Twists n turns

You see this is where you don’t think things through, and are forever in debt.

I qualified for a bus pass in Dec last year. Not only will I leave that bank today with a swag bag, I’ll not incur parking fees and no petrol costs.

Only drawback is that I find buses unsociable.

As I sit there wearing my ski mask and carrying my 12 bore and swag bag minding my own business, I find it difficult to make friends.

Might be my aftershave. Not sure tbh.


Time for us to show we aren’t gullible huns??


Twists, where you are is the perfect hiding place post bank robbery. I’ll say no more ??


Damn..apols… stupid rozzers at your door now ???

Twists n turns

Not sure where the new road of flats are. There are a dozen new ones up in my village ( sited on the ground the old social club stood on) but in Whitburn? No idea.

Heartlands has expanded to a fair size ( west end of Whitburn but other than that I don’t know)

J4 on M8 – roadworks started yesterday. Gonna be months before finished. Avoid!!



So they’ve kept it hidden from you all this time?? ?


No wonder – interest rates you charge !!!


8p for a pound bet…. bite my arse. I’m a weegie ffs ?



Some marvellous goals in that video,mate. Happy daze…


….while still respecting the north Lanarkshire influence ?



8p isn’t too bad. That used to be the rate at which VAT was applied. Now it’s 20%.

Admittedly that’s a final one-off charge,not a daily rate like TWISTSNTURNS applies. But that’s business.



I know. Beautiful Tim Twists needs that £2.50 you owe me ???

Sorry, I’m a bit pushed Fholks.

Twists n turns

Between you and I the robbery stuff is the real reason I gave up going to Celtic Park

Never return to the scene of the crime.

Burst into an office in there last season. Guy was sitting at his desk counting wads of notes.

I thrust my 12 bore in his chest…

“ right you , gimme all your money” I screamed at him.

“ you can’t do this” he says. “ do you not know who I am? I’m Peter Lawell”

“ Well in that case “ I replied “ gimme all MY money”


Twists @ 06:26,

?? next time you do that let us know, so we can sing outside !!

Then ask me how to do it right ??

I’m joking obviously. I’ve still to learn how to put money into a bank, let alone take any out ?


? when you walk…into a bank, ? hold your gun, ? held high, and don’t, be afraid, of Winston Chruchill and his Earl Haig, bull-ettes ?[ speed up last lyric]



Right, I should go, am pished.
Twists and BMCUW, love you both. Real Tims. Real genuine Tim’s.
So I leave you with this.
Best Celtic goal ever? This man playing for us. Billy McN

Died the same very day as the love of my life, this year. She wore my Seville tshirt with pride, called me a kafflick, but didnt hesitate to mock and ridicule hunnery, as she saw it for what it was. We toured Ireland together and she made friends everywhere she went. She was the most beautiful soul I’ve ever known and she shared the joy of Seville with me. And using “was” is very uncomfortable. She’d have been 41 today. In her last days, she was spending all her time trying to help everyone she knows. An honorary Tim. Living in poverty while fuckers that claim to get us rake in millions.
This is true, I’m no fucking plant, or paid whatever. She wore my Seville tshirt which was too small for me. Defended me at her brother’s house, who is now one of my best friends, again at his ex wife, when she wound her up, and said, Uber once wanted to be a priest, as she cheekily nudged me and started WW3….. she never followed rules, she hated them !!!!! That’s my Nicola. Miss her from the bottom of my heart she was pretty amazing.

Sorry, dont know how I ended up here. It was her birthday yesterday. She died on April 23rd.


Sorry, part of me wants to delete that,most of me doesn’t. She hated rules. She was amazing.


She was sharp as fuck with people. Shed chase this board. Get it done !!!

Twists n turns


Interest rates..daily . ?

On a serious note;


Business start ups specifically.

Every day without fail I’m reminded of why many businesses fail at the start up stage.

Cash flow. Taxes, VAT. The tax man takes no prisoners as you know. Pay up. VAT taken at source.

On salary payments – pensions and taxes. Pay up.

So you’re setting up and buying equipment, paying rent and business rates, salaries and numerous other costs. Electrical installation, plumbing, and of course as it’s set up stage, you’ve no money coming in.

You have customers. One wishes to buy say £25k worth the goods. You might need to spend £18k buying the raw materials and manufacturing the parts.

You ship out the goods. The customer wants 30 days payment terms. That’s from end of month so it can be 60 days. Other customers want 60 day terms. Do that and it can be 90 days before you’re paid. Refuse the terms and you’ll not gain the business in most cases.

So you have say 5 customers all ordering. £30k each. You now need the best part of £100k to buy the raw materials.

3 weeks later? They all order again. Another £100k spend.

You’re now heavily in the red with no income for another month at least. They keep ordering. You could say no of course, but you’ll lose the business.

If a big player comes in to buy? Better pray they don’t at this stage. If he wants to place an order for £150k goods? Find another £100k to make the order.

It’s horrendous.

There’s not enough done to assist business start ups. Small business yes. Rate rebates to help. Only small business though.

Anything above that and you better have fkn deep pockets. You also better hope you get paid on time.

I was meeting with a guy in England last week who was telling me when he started up, one 90 day terms customer was owing him just under £200k for goods supplied. That’s scary for a start up company. He said he had £0.50p in the bank, credit cards maxed out, and loans to pay. All savings gone. He got through it though but can you imagine the stress!!

If anyone was thinking of going into business I’d strongly advise they sat down and make sure they fully understood the numbers. Cash flow is key to future success. Get it wrong and you’re Donald ducked.

Twists n turns

You’re a pleasure to know. No not just a pleasure, it’s an honour. You write from your heart. How you do it so brilliantly given the speed you do it at, I don’t know. Proper talent. Actually I guess it’s cos of what I just said. You just let it flow from your heart to the keyboard.

A clever and talented guy. More than that. Much more.


Twists @ 7.04,

Bloody hell!! But it’s a big thing. Cashflow is everything. Look at Peaky Blinders and the effort you need to go to, to get that one pound off of me ?

But I hear you. And problems are ahead. We’ll be straight back to the 1920s before we know it. Which was the plan all along.

Cant help thinking how much better the world could be, with yourself and some more SCs working on it. If only ?


Twists !!! Shh ! ? I’m glad you know about her. That’s enough. Subject change.

Twists n turns


So now that you understand, can I have that £1.18p please? ?

Twists n turns

I should add- of course- as a start up company, when you want to buy – you’re pro forma. No fekker trusts you, but you need to trust everyone else!

Anyhow – rant over.

Uber – where’s ma £1.21p?



?? my neighbour had it, then gave it to BMCUW. But get this, ffs, I then got an anonymous email from someone called MMicGees Dodgy Boots telling me that Mahe has had it all the time.

It’s a pound ffs. Personally, I’d be making an example of him you’ve a reputation to protect !!

Twists n turns

I’m not sure it’s wise to be getting on the wrong side of an Irishman with USA connections.

Things can get out of control …,

I’d rather you just gave me the £1.31 and that ends the matter.

Twists n turns

Don’t get me wrong though, don’t underestimate the firepower I can call upon. Many have made that mistake and lived to regret it.

These boys I send in don’t fekk around.

They’re trained. Honed. Believe me, these boys can administer some pretty nasty pain.

Deed arm, deed leg.

In extreme cases they won’t hesitate to dish out a Chinese burn and steal a shoe.

Tread carefully. That’s all I’m saying.

Twists n turns

Better get moving. Places to go and people to see. Have a good day amigos HH


LAWWELL & DESMOND OUT, and those fkn disco lights!

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