Groundhog day ,,,, Again

It’s becoming like Groundhog day, the same repetition day after day and we are no further forward. We still have mega money in the bank and we are still not spending it.
I even noticed a tweet from the club today telling people that forward planning will ensure your Christmas bookings at the club restaurant would be guaranteed, oh the irony.

Anyways this is where a DoF would be worth his weight in gold.
In a well run club the manager should be a cog in a big wheel, some say the most important cog but a vital one all the same. A well run club should be able to change a manager without any noticeable change in style or formation or results,, there should be a smooth transition,, there should be no need for a new manager to come in and rip things up and start again !
That is foolish and it’s costly both on and off the pitch. We did go down this route a few years back, we were told this is what was happening, the continental way.
Our problem is we didn’t appoint a DoF ,, our in house guru decided that he was the best person available for the role and it saved a wage as well so great ,, sadly he has been brutal and a complete failure at the role.

A huge benefit for the playing side would be that all levels of the club play the same style and formation so there is no tactical transition to the first team.
What we are doing presently because of the amateur hour set up we have is pissing money up against the wall buying 1-3 mill projects. We are paying them obscene amounts of money and when they prove to be a waste of space we can’t get rid cos the would be DoF has given them contracts that they are happy to sit on till they run out.
And still some say we are a well run club.

The board have had a year and a half since the last manager decided that it was toys out of the pram, and what have we done to further the club in that time,,, nothing.
What has happened is that the boards actions have meant we have gone backwards at a hell of a rate of knots, sackable offences all round IMO.
We had the chance to bring in a top quality manager.
That top manager was already paid for,, there would have been no need to dip into the biscuit tin,, Brendan’s compo would have paid for a quality replacement for the next three years.
But no,,, yer man again decided that he knew best and appointed a manager who he knew he could control and one who was cheap and would accept what he was given and that includes his coaching team.

In that time since BR and the board knew he was off at the first chance he got we have lost out on the CL twice at a minimum cost to the club of £60 million.
After last years loss we didn’t even try to mitigate this years exit,, in fact we did the opposite we sold our defence FFS.
That is not the actions of a well run club, those are the actions of a two bob amateur outfit.
Then we go and bring in players,, God knows who scouted and recommended them,, but we spend mega millions on them and they are so bad that the cheap option manager doesn’t rate them so they sit on the bench in our most important game of the season!
More amateur stuff from a supposedly well run club, shambolic.

Another strategy we seem to have is to pick up loans from a friendly club down south and cherry pick what are seen to be the best that is on offer in Scotland, again shambolic.
Then our CEO told us that Lenny had an eye for a player, so we see the bold Lenny down in Wales scouting a young CB,, available well within our price range.
He must be decent as Juve and Man Cty were also sniffing about, but as they tend to want ready made players, we were in a very good position.
Now he is off to Lazio I believe, a wasted trip for you it seems Lenny boy.
Just like the time you made the trip to Portugal to scout a player called Baba Diwara, a decent striker, then when you returned home you find that the club have bought you a striker that you didn’t know the first thing about !
He went by the name of Mo Bangura,, you were so enamored with him you didn’t play him and sent him out on loan the first chance you got.
Things haven’t changed I’m afraid Lenny, if anything they are worse today as you are finding out, but you knew that when you took the job, didn’t you.

There have been rumblings for some time about bringing in a proper DoF.
These rumblings must have gotten back to Pedro cos he in his infinite wisdom decides to bring in someone for the summer, a wanna be DoF !
WTF is that all about, all that has happened is NOTHING, no players in, another shambolic decision from the CEO of a supposedly well run club.
A proper DoF will not cost the club any money if he is employed and ALLOWED to run the football dept without any outside interference, he will make money for the club.
We need a well defined structure in place,, we need budgets in place,, we need the forward planning that a DoF will bring.
We know that we are a selling club so the structure needs to allow for this,, when we sell a player for say £10 m, the DoF gets 50% or an agreed % to spend as he sees fit.
It will take time but in the medium term a DoF will make untold money for the PLC.
Their shortsightedness is astonishing.

Sadly any transfers in at this stage will be knee jerk. We won’t get any quality in the same excuses will be trotted out,, can’t get them to come to Scotland blah blah blah.
All lies but the groupies will be placated as they are subservient cap doffers, their guru has gambled on CL football again and failed.
He is also gambling on what many in the support are hankering over and that is the fabled ten . If we don’t get the nine, and there is every possibility that we won’t, you are gonna see an awful lot of people who will have better things to do on a weekend than watch Celtic and their CEO make a total bollix of things.
You will reap what you sow Pedro.

The above article is by The Exiled Tim. Were always looking for other fans take on things. sentinelcelts@gmail,com to have your thoughts as the lead article.

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Great article

Twists n turns

These comments from Neil Lennon yesterday.
Make what you will of them.

The Parkhead board have also been decried by some among the Celtic support, with the prime target being Peter Lawwell, the chief executive. “It’s very unfair, totally imbalanced,” Lennon said.

“He’s presided over eight leagues in a row and three trebles and we’ve been in the last 16 in Europe a few times as well over the piece so it’s probably as good a time as the club has had for a long, long time.”

Asked if he took a view on the fans’ persistent allegation that Lawwell prioritises the club’s earnings ahead of strengthening the squad, Lennon said: “I can’t comment on that – I’m not aware of how much money there is – but he does what’s best for the club and he always has done… maybe to the detriment of himself sometimes.

“I know he puts the club first and the future of the club, at all times.”

My opinion?
What a load of codswallop

“ I’m not aware of how much money there is”

You must have a fkn pretty good idea Neil unless you can’t fkn read.

You also say Neil “ it’s very unfair- very unbalanced”

So you are aware Lawwell is under fire, so you’ve read those parts, but you’ve missed all the comments on the bank stash??

“ I know he puts the club first”

How do you know that? What evidence is there? What does that even fkn mean? What aspect of the club is he putting first? What he puts first Neil is the bank balance of the club, and by default, his own bank balance.

“He’s presided over 3 trebles in a row”

I could’ve presided over 3 trebles in a row under the circumstances. He gets credit for BR appointment, and that’s a decision he was forced into because he fucked up the previous managerial appointment.
He’s now undoing that because he’s returned to his selfish penny pinching ways.
Stupid is as stupid does.

You know what, he’s fucked this one up as well. Man up ffs and stop feeding us this horseshit. The quicker you totally fuck up Neil the better. You’re going anyway. Matter of when, not if. You’ll get your money and can go and manage in league 1 with your payoff and reflect on how well PL is doing.

Fuck me. Just when you think things can’t get any worse you read this stuff from Neil. Weak as dishwater and that disappoints me more than than that twat PL and his shenanigans.



Bloody awful nightshift. Just in and I had to read that post from you about the NL press conference.

He needs to man up. You are right in everything you said there.

As I said on Sunday-“Time to look yourself in the mirror,Neil. Time to demand that the mirror reflect the man you always were,and not what it’s reflecting now. And there’s only one man can change the image in the mirror. You know what needs to be done.”

One word from me and he does what he likes…

Twists n turns

“ Good morning Mr Twists”
“ Morning Mrs Twists”

Mrs T “ could we sit down and discuss money please”

We don’t need to. I take care of that side of things.

Mrs T “ yes I know, that’s what I wanted to talk about”

Don’t concern yourself. You just take care of the running of the house and the kids / grandkids and leave the rest to me.

Mrs T “ but that’s what we need to discuss. I’m having difficulty managing on a day to day basis. You’re penny pinching ways are making it almost impossible for me”

What are you on about? Explain?

Mrs T “ well for example, could I have an automatic washing machine?”

There’s a perfectly good twin tub there.

Mrs T “ but it’s inefficient. Takes ages.”

It gets the job done does it not?

Mrs T “ not really, it keeps breaking down and isn’t as good as the automatic one that you sold on e bay. “

I got vg money for that machine. Great deal. We got £200 for it and it only cost £80 when I bought it. Great business. Then I picked up that twin tub for £45. I’m a financial genius .

Mrs T “ but you’re making it impossible for me to run the house with your buying low and selling high strategy. My car has gone too now”

Perfectly good bus service. Every 45 mins. Or you can walk and save money. It’s only 3 miles into town.

Mrs T “ but it took me 5 mins in the car?”

What if I lose my job? We could go bust!! It happened to that couple across the street remember?

Mrs T “ but they were living outside their means and spending money on flash cars and holidays. I’m not suggesting we spend all our money. Just enough to maintain a good standard that allows us to live happily?”

I’m very happy thank you.

Mrs T “ yes I have noticed. How’s your new car? Isn’t it a bit big for our needs?”

I needed one that size. I couldn’t fit my golf clubs into the Mercedes. You see Mrs T, this is your problem. Very selfish. You just don’t get it, that’s why I say leave the big decisions on buying and selling to me. I seem to be doing very well in case you hadn’t noticed.

Mrs T “ our holiday home in Europe too. We were making great money on the letting every year and you sold it. The caravan in Dunbar you replaced it with isn’t doing too well”

That’s not my fault. It’s Scotland. Can’t attract tourists.

Mrs T “ I see the bank statement arrived. Your account has grown remarkably quickly”

Yes – I sold the vacuum cleaner. Don’t fret though. I got you one of those carpet sweepers. Made a killing.

Now I was thinking…. do you really need that petrol lawnmower? I could sell it for £100 and there’s one of those push ones here on exchange and Mart for £20?

It would help me pay that membership for Hamilton park?

Twists n turns

Good read yet again.


Not happening bud.

Twists n turns

If you’re around bud drop in let us know you’re ok. Been a couple days since you appeared.

You’re messing with my morning routine. I need my belly laugh first thing.

I’ll even knock some money off your debt if you let me know you’re ok.

Should be £1.97p this morning but I’ll accept £1.96.

HH amigo…..

Twists n turns

I’ll be honest bud I don’t know how you cope with that constant nightshift. Would drive me nuts. Full of admiration for those who can do it

Mind you – the backshift was my least favourite. Despised that shift. Clock watching from early morning until it was time to go to work. If Celtic were playing….???

Remember the Forest away tie in the UEFA cup?

I was backshift. Decided I was going to the game. I got caught up in the crush outside. Now I was in my early 20’s, as fit as flea and at over 6 foot was physically strong, but I’ll tell you, that was a frightening experience.
Anyhow I got into the “ pen” and gradually I’m getting less and less space, and then the crush started up again, but much worse in the confined space that was that hellish cage.

I sensed it wasn’t going to end well so I decided to scale the cage and get out. I couldn’t go backwards so the only escape was up and over on to the pitch.

I made it, and the relief was palpable, but I was on the pitch thinking – “ my boss will be watching this – I’m supposed to be sick” ?. I’m wandering around the pitch with head bowed to avoid detection ?

Never heard a thing about . ?


Money will not be spent until such time our euro losers league destiny is know. If we get pumped tonight plan C will come into play and we will not be signing anyone approaching European quality. I’d expect a couple of SPFL league signings and a loan or 2 from Man City. Win and we may see the likes of the Rosenborg defender being signed or at least trying to sign him.

Meanwhile big Vic is still available but Club Brugge KV are reportedly interested. If, as alleged, Club Brugge can look to buy Vic why can’t we? True Brugge like us have a huge stockpile of cash in the bank after selling 3 of their players to EPL teams – around £50 mill. Totingham reportedly looking for £17 mill but Brugge are looking to offer circa £11 mill no doubt a compromise will be agreed as it looks as if Vic is very much surplus to requirements.

I know Celtic spending +12mill on a 28 year old player – dream on. But wouldn’t it just be the tonic we need. Nah any signings we make will not be of the required quality and if they are they will be of the short term loan variety.

Twists n turns

Dream on indeed bud.

“ the tonic we need”??

You’ll get served bitter lemon and like it.

big packy

MORNIN ALL, the exiled tim, brilliant and everything you say is sadly true, think the next few games wil decide whether the top tier will be closed for this season..pedro.GTF.hh.

big packy

TWISTY, once again brilliant post once again sadly true,.yes I was wondering about the uber tim, if your lurking uber let us know you are ok.

Awe Naw

Fraser Forster having a medical today must be a loan deal

big packy

AWE NAW, ill take him with open arms.??

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

It’s a BOGOFF deal

Bring One Goalie ( but) Only For Free


Big Fraser on his way back to paradise. Not too shabby. Now just get Vic back as well


The Exiled Tim
Great article and like you my despair at the shambles created by our robber barons grows.
Lennon not helping himself with his continual digs at Celtic supporters.
Suppose he figures only Blue Peter will hold him accountable so that’s who he has aligned with.
The Forster signing is an example of a coach hoping for past glory rather than a cohesive approach.
Meanwhile the areas that need addressed will be reluctantly filled with cheap players.
Have noticed the ramping up of the campaign against disgruntled /ungrateful supporters has begun in earnest by Pete’s poodles and the club to mitigate the backlash from another cheap/profitable and downsizing transfer window.
The day these charlatans are gone can’t come soon enough.


Well said!
Lennon should keep his selective mouth zipped and concentrate on improving his coaching failings.
He has already overstayed his welcome in my opinion.

bada bing1

All that money in the bank,and we are scratching about for loan players, transfer/scouting system is a total embarrassment.


It will be all ok soon.
Just in time Celtic will introduce a Celtic dartboard for sale in the club store.
All the cheap free agents will be pictured on the board and it will come with a Royal Blue blindfold and Union Jack darts.
The Celtic fans will play and then log on to a provided website and list the players hit most frequently so that Celtic can prepare for the next transfer window.
Frequency of hits and relative cheapness will be deciding factors in recruitment and trivial things like ability and talent not to be considered.
Blue Peter always comes up with brilliant/cunning plans and innovation.

The Gombeen Man


Great piece of writing.

So it looks we are going to re-sign FF. We need a keeper. 8 goals in 4 games is a concern. 5 of them came in the CL but that horse has already bolted.

I suppose if Sevco can re-sign Allan McGregor, why can’t we resign Fraser? We need to do something about the defence. To put it bluntly. We don’t have one.

Neil has been with us since February but that doesn’t count because our CEO/Agent signs all the players.

Hopefully it works out. It’s as usual but if Fraser is healthy it has to be welcomed (fingers crossed).

Sometimes the youngsters sum it up. I just asked my son,

“Are you going tonight?”

He answered,

“No, not paying out any more money if the Board won’t give it back.”

And he went to Sarajevo.

bada bing1

Fan a tic- Lawwell’s not on all these UEFA Committees for nothing you know….


Happy to see the return of Fraser Forster. Hearing it is an option to buy deal. I think Stevie Woods is an excellent goalie coach and hopefully is able to get a fully fit and focused FF back to his best. Would like to see FF’s mate Victor Wanyama return too. Still need two full backs though. Gumny and Meling would be my choices. Not O’Donnell and Taylor at Killie.

I feel for our keepers, happy that Big Fraser is coming back as long as he is fit and healthy.
Maybes if we had a stable and consistent defence in front of our keepers there wouldn’t be any need to bring another keeper in, stability and faith in your defenders goes a long long way with a keeper.
Thanks btw.
Jeep failed it’s mot this morning cos of a cracked reflector at the back, bloke was one of the ones that can’t stand the brits, winker.

Your post @ 6.15 sums up what a fair number of the support will be thinking but don’t have the balls to say it, anyone can see that Lenny’s a dead man walking, the vast majority didn’t want him in the first place and the manner of the defeat last week combined with what he has said since doesn’t bode well for him.

bada bing1

Good read this morning K.
Some of Lenny’s comments recently are bizarre and baffling, his head seems all over the place. Sure sign of a man under pressure.

Awe Naw

Jos Hooiveld, Darren O Dea and Gary Hooper all training with the first team today


The Gombeen Man
A combination of Buffon,De Gea and Gordon Banks would struggle with that poorly implemented formation in front of them..
Most goals against come down to too much space afforded in dangerous areas.
In short a poorly implemented system thats rife for exploitation at which our coach and team are particularly adept.
I posted before we met Clug that the first decent team we met would score loads against us due to the chances we created for 2 very average teams in first rounds.
Only their lack of quality stopped us being put out earlier.
Our set up seems to be geared to getting it forward early and hoping to score with the rest just made up on the hoof.


I would not expect there to be much news on incoming transfers(if any) for a few days. Firstly, if rumours of Greg Taylor are true, then he will not be announced today before the AIK game. It does not inspire confidence in whoever is playing LB tonight.

Secondly, the result at Parkhead will need to be a decisive win ensuring the Europa groups for the club to pursue foreign recruits. The most likely outcome is nothing will happen until the AIK tie is over. By then the Rosenborg/Zagreb will be decided. If Rosenborg are eliminated, Meling may move at that point. Based on the quotes from his agent, it may not be to us.

I doubt the McKenna move will happen unless Jozo moves on, or, perish the thought, Ajer goes.

Random thoughts on a sunny day,


Twists n turns

McKenna ?

Please don’t even mention that as even an outside chance. Things are depressing enough……

Taylor and McKenna

Sounds like a legal firm….

Awe Naw

BUZZING Scotland’s kinkiest towns ranked as East Whitburn tops sex charts for vibrator purchases
Jonathan Whitelaw
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A new map listing where sexual activity is highest across the country has been released.

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cock just discernible

A thing of beauty

Great stuff this morning especially from TET and TNT, much appreciated. I’ll be at the game tonight and I cannot really say any more about Neil than I already have. It disappoints me to see him having to make excuses and ignore blatant facts because he is a puppet for lawwell. I’ll still cheer from my heart tonight but we have put ourselves in a hell of a position when we should be on the crest of a wave. Shocking stuff really

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
You’re in the wrong game?

Never mind that crappy boring banking security shite, get a magazine going. You’ll make a killing. You can stop the hacking ….

Since I know you’re still into the hacking can you let me know how much Uber has stashed away please?

He owes me £2.07p. IS he in financial trouble?

I’d appreciate a rundown of his monthly spend. Danka.


Uber – where are ye bud? Yer worrying me. Hope all is well pal and you’re just busy or having a wee vacation.

Twists n turns

Thanks for your kind remarks.

Depressed me writing negative stuff about Lenny.

Loved Lenny the player and his absolute passion for the hoops.

What a predicament he finds himself in now.

Please Lenny, do a Brendan and bail before things get worse. You deserve a better legacy than the one you’re going to end up with.

Awe Naw


Über is up at Lennoxtown with his samba bamba on , football socks with shin guards wearing three sweat bands playing keepy uppy while shouting; “Allez Peter donnez-moi un long contrat 3 livres par semaine. J’ai besoin de l’argent pour nourrir l’habitude de la TNT”

Dont shoot the messenger


Morning troops,,
Anyone up for saving the soul of a great club?
TeT thanks very much for todays article which hits nails on heads big time.
We need to modernise as a club and it ain’t happening with this lot.
Only light in the tunnel is the entirety of Celtic cyberspace is up in arms big time.
I feel the tide is turning .
I’m wondering if the plan is blow this title and have puppet fall on sword.
If were are just going after domestic then we have no scouting worth it plus why not buy and be in early.
We are dysfunctional,, and this after almost two decades.
The only good news I can see is it seems near the end of this regime plus we now have many that are wise to any tricks,,no more spin or innuendo will blind us.
But getting our own house in order is a priority .
We should also aim never to feel marginalized again to such an extent and must impress this upon the new operators.
A good relationship with any new custodians is essential .

A defeat tonight would bring big pressures to bear.
Also like many Neil isn’t looking to clever right now,,a shame but he should a known they would use and abuse him. Everyone else knew.

Twists, you waking up fuming isn’t a good sign for the blood pressure 😉
Two weeks today we fly home, cant wait. Tell Bobby yer size for a BC shirt.

Quiz Saturday at 8pm Belfast time , all welcome.

Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man


Yep, I remember your posts during the First Half of the Cup Final in particular. I know that many of us have discussed Neil’s limitations before the final but that 45 minutes was a foreboding experience.

After our victory, I’d hardly had a chance to catch a breath and logged back on to find out that Pedro had legged it down to the showers quicker than James Forrest on a good day to anoint Neil as our permanent coach.

Since then things have predictably soured and Pedro’s leadership is difficult to fathom.

Sometimes I really wonder if he is trying to put together a decent side or just walk away with the kudos of a decent balance sheet and the Old Firm back in business.

I suppose he’ll boast that he oversaw a turbulent period for both clubs but through strong leadership, he saved Scottish football.



I’m starting to think that also.
He will lose a league and walk away. Whether on purpose or not we wont ever know.
For the good of Scottish football indeed.
Foster and locals doesn’t take much innovation,, certainly not epl wages.
Hope your daughters getting better.
Hail Hail

I would appreciate a bit of help on this if you don’t mind.
Trawling Ebay came across this site, am confused if it’s a scam or not, or wtf am I buying as it seems too good to be true, it does say it’s the chair and gives you all the spec etc, even if you look at their other items for sale they are also for next to nothing.
Now the one thing with Ebay, either you get what you pay for or they refund you, and they do, Ebay is amazing,
Am I missing something here ?
I actually do want to buy a chair btw.

I was thinking along those same lines, he walks away with his head held high as a saviour of the game and into a dream post in uefa, but then I dismissed it as bollix, now yous are thinking the same, scary……
If he thinks thta what BR is getting called is ott, it’s tame to what he will have to endure


That does seem too good to be true tbh.
I would give it a miss.
Seems you need money fast stick a few things on Ebay at ridiculous low prices,,then keep money for orders,,let Ebay cancel your account months later for not paying back.
It’s a scam indeed.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns

My size for a BC t shirt?

Been a while since I checked.

Tell you what:

Think Victor Wanyama. Apparently I remind everyone of him. Just issue my size based on that. Thanks in advance.

Awww haud oan

Ive got mixed up.

Not Victor Wanyama

I meant Victor Meldrew


Danny Mc Grain at right back tonight is the rumour


What i am most surprised about Lennies appointment was his previously stated reluctance to use youth.
Can’t blame the young guy joining Bayern and i am pretty sure a few others in the youth set up will be evaluating their futures.
Why Blue Peter made this appointment when we finally seem to have a very good youth crop on the cusp of making the breakthrough is just baffling?
The treatment of Henderson is ridiculous considering his first teams stats are vastly superior to others who are getting game time.
It defies logic.

I did think that right enough, but they have been on the go for a while, over a year and Ebay don’t give you more than one month to pay.
I won’t bother tho, it’s obviously a scam of sorts.


A Warning!!!!

Couple of days ago I wanted to make some changes to my LAN. I have a TP Link modem/router. I went the TP Link website to het more info on my router. As I surfed through the site a pop up box appeared saying I’m Erika from customer support, can I help? I thought ok I can save some time, so I started a chat with her. She took some details, model number, number of devices on my network, and said that a technician would call me and talk me through the changes I wanted to make. This happened and the technician talked computer lingo above my pay grade. After my fumbles he offered to make the changes for me via a remote link to my computer,using Go Assist. After moving around in my machine he indicated that I could not do what I wanted because my machine was corrupted and network drivers had stopped working. I needed to get a technician to fix it. Was there someone local? I started to sense that things were fishy so I said it is time to halt this session and thank you very much. He indicated that TP had a dept that could fix my problems for a nominal fee. Again I refused and we ended the session, I hope!

I now doubt that this was TP that I was talking to and that it was a scam. I have my machine in a loval shop getting checked.

I have used customer service chats before but I suspect they are open for scams as well.



Surely the East End of Glasgow should figure because, apparently, we are always getting F***ed by some man in a sharp suit.

Twists n turns

Very sharp!


There’s a strong rumour that we are signing a Monty Python Gumby from Poland to play RB for us.

I’ll believe it when I see it- everyone has told me there will be no signings.

Fraser Forster is not a goalie on loan, he is just an imaginary 6ft 7in rabbit called Harvey

Or a squirrel

1 2 3 5