The Way Forward?

Football is The Worst Business In The World. (Soccernomics)

‘A man we know once tried to do business with a revered institution of English soccer. “ I can do business with stupid people,” he said afterward , “ and I can do business with crooks , But I can’t do business with stupid people who want to be crooks”

Sound familiar? Scottish soccer? Anyway,it got me thinking-which can be hard work-so to get help I pulled the following thread from Twitter as it was the laziest way to introduce the idea stumbling around my head looking for the way out. (There is none btw, only deeper dungeons) but I digress.

Tweeter One
Remember the days when we all used to support the Celtic through thick and thin? Remember dreaming about scenarios like the current one? Then why are so many Tims unhappy? I’m at a loss

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I think questions are being asked because lots of people can see the opportunities that present themselves for improvement with cash in the bank etc, and are frustrated that more isn’t being done to give us the best possible football team on the park with all that this brings.

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Has the glorious balance sheet got out of kilter because profit rather than balance (to avoid insolvency) has taken priority and selling best players is the most profitable revenue stream and if profit is a kpi then motivations face the tension of profit v team quality. Look at Man Utd as an example where for all their riches and rich history the quality of player has dropped and the Glazers get a profit.
Which begs the question,is PLC the right format for Celtic who are at heart a large community club, global in reach for sure, but the sense of community is the glue that binds us and that risks insolvency (see what I did there) if profit is now the goal?

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Supporter representation is required me thinks. Hopefully someone like yourselves or perhaps another of your ilk with Celtic and the game as a whole as a concern could be brought onboard. Hope is forlorn though.

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Hell would freeze over first but on re reading the chapter on Soccernomics ” The Worst Business in the World : Why Soccer Clubs Don’t (and Shouldn’t ) Make money ” the whole PLC thing would have to go and with it the trophy glitter that isn’t go

Check how Malmo are organised & they still get the same kind of bite at the UEFA cherry as we do and even played in the European Cup Final like us.ö_FF#Ownership_and_finances

“The club (Malmo) is an open member association, & the annual general meeting is the highest policy-making body where each member has 1 vote, so no shares are issued!”

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Being a plc puts Celtic at risk ,but I don’t see any way of changing that.

The last one is perhaps something that folk can discuss based on experience (Bilboa anyone/TET) or research, because I think the idea expressed by Tweeter 3 (me) is something we as a support might have to face up to, particularly if we became attractive to some oligarch wanting the PR or have run out of record consecutive titles to keep us happy .

The issue then would be the questions: “ For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36 which I think is behind some of the debate on Sentinel Celts.

The above is a guest article from AULDHEID. Just the sort of thing to get the site into overdrive on a Friday as we wrack our brains trying to figure out how to get out of the current malaise that we are in.

Great stuff,AULDHEID. And again,grateful thanks for offering it up for us. If anyone would like to do the same,have their thoughts as Article of the Day,we always publish. Just mail your article to Mahe

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Apologies to AULDHEID who knows how to be bold-and also how to put bold type into his articles. This Luddite can c&p but can’t copy over nor replace the bold type.

Time I learned,I think!

Thanks again for the article,AULDHEID.



Surprised that none of The Brains Trust on here noticed this little beauty flying over your heads last night.

Mags suppose we could set up a new football league, greenland football association. sounds good, poss need to get our skates on.
Cap doffed,old son!


Anyway,I have to say that I’m delighted with that result after what has been a difficult fortnight. All reports seem to indicate that we played much better on the night than has recently been the case.

I’m also delighted to see La Gran Muralla,or Granny Muriel as he’s known to some of us,back where he belongs. Craig Gordon has been great for us during his time here,Scott Bain will be back,I’m sure. I’m not usually a believer in The Second Coming as far as playing for Celtic players is concerned-in my mind,only Bertie Auld has really achieved success second time around-but I’m always happy to be proved wrong if it benefits the team!

I really don’t understand why Southampton have banished him. I know he had a poor run of form midseason about 30 months ago,but he got a new five year contract from it! And since he’s been out of the team,his club have rarely been out of relegation trouble.

Maybe Alan Pardew is advising at Southampton these days…

Welcome back,big fella. Just in time for some hunskelpin!!!

Awe Naw

Watched the Eintracht game last night in the pub. Cracking evening spoiled by the football. I do reckon we will win 2.0 next week but it was a poor showing. Eintracht not any different to Celtic. Rebic was in the huff and they did a good impression of a team that had just the day before had an emotional farewell with one of the stalwarts of their recent successes. Half hearted and mainly disjointed. The support not to happy because if they don’t reverse it then no European football this season for last seasons semi finalists. I have been clearly uninvited to the pub to watch the reverse game as I foolishly ascertained that it obviously provided Celtic with some luck and I should retrace my steps again next week.

Well done Lenny and the bhoys … sounds like we should really try to enjoy Eduoard this season. I can see him ending up at Eintracht



There isnae enough money in “The City of Frankfurt” for Edouard.



I’m glad you resisted the temptation to point out to your hosts that if they hadn’t started a war just over a century ago,they wouldn’t have lost to Strasbourg last night-as it would still be a German city after the Franco-Prussian War…

Awe Naw


I´m all German passported up. No Longer a guest

If Rebic goes then they will have 120m in the bank from selling both their strikers.

Eintracht no different from Celtic except wage, quality and price

big packy

MORNING ALL, great post auldheid always nice to see you on here, why doesn’t that billionaire chappy that owns London city airport buy us, he could sell the airport at a huge profit and we would be quids in, think of all the big money players we could buy..hh.



DD sold City of London Airport just before the financial crisis kicked in. He bought it from the developers,Mowlem I think,for about £20m and got £850m for it before things went Nipples North.

But remember,it is against FFP Regulations for DD or anyone else to fund our operations. The club must be self supporting.

And as things stand,it is very much self supporting. It’s effing minted.



I’m trying to persuade my Dad to get an Irish passport because of his grandfather. Then I might stand a chance of one.

Took me long enough to get a UK one,right enough. Just a few months before the fuckwits voted to leave.


Very thoughtful article, Auldheid. I’m not happy with the PLC ownership model, but until we have something different, we either go with it , or refuse to fund the PLC by staying away. No matter what model we have, it needs someone who can spend our money wisely. Our buying record is patchy, but we have enjoyed some spectacular successes.
What makes Celtic special for me is the bond between the fans and the team; Mikel Lustig got that and became a hero, even although his ability was questioned by some. If, by some fluke, we progress to a pan European league, with lots of tv cash, who’s gonna be in charge of the kitty? The scope for making mega mistakes is huge. The English Championship has a few teams who spent big to stay in the EPL and failed. In any event, the all important bond between fans and team will weaken if they’re being paid obscene salaries.

Awe Naw

GCSE students ‘rewarded’ with tragic mum and dad meal
24th August 2017

THOUSANDS of hard-working GCSE students will tonight be forced to endure a lame meal with their parents, it has emerged.

While cool kids who failed their exams attend debauched parties, for diligent students the reward for two years of hard work on their GCSEs will be a crap carvery meal and a long talk from dad about how much harder A Levels are.

Teenager Nathan Muir said: “I thought I’d be going to a results party where I get pissed on room temperature cider and have my first sexual experience, but actually I’m going to the Horseshoe Inn with my parents for a gammon platter.

“It would be nice if this milestone in my life was a bit more exciting, but as my mum has pointed out, the prices are very reasonable and the toilets are always clean.

“Now I can’t go to the party at Iain Kelly’s house, which would definitely be more fun than dad letting me have a bitter shandy ‘if I drink it slowly’.

“Still, I’m sure Aunt Susan will text my mum to congratulate me. That will definitely make up for not getting to finger Gemma Stanley in a cupboard .”

big packy

BOBBY, cheers for the info hope you are well.hh.



High time you joined the in-crowd,old son! Welcome aboard,of course.

You on for a hoot on 21/9,usual place? Also hoping to get a wee night in The Market Inn while I’m home too.

The Gombeen Man

Morning All,

Great read Auldheid and your article sets up the day nicely.

I don’t have much time but I concur with much of what Ger posted.

It’s more to do with the calibre and where the leadership is at in terms of their journey or development.

Black and white thinking and egocentricity will undermine the model whether it’s in commerce, religion, politics or sports etc.

The immaturity and selfish nature of our current model and leadership leads to a lack of transparency, dishonesty and division.

Even one of our greatest moments, the TT was snatched away in a miscalculation that was designed to “kill” the issue but only served to exacerbate the difficulty and undermine NL.





Awe Naw

Fraser Forster: ‘You have real hunger when you’ve been out for so long’
Exclusive interview: Goalkeeper believes he is back to his best after keeping out Arsenal in such style, he tells Sam Wallace
Fraser Forster Southampton
Fraser Forster is keen to make up for lost time Photo: HELEN YATES
Sam Wallace By Sam Wallace 10:30PM GMT 04 Feb 02 2016
Fraser Forster is a big man accustomed to playing in a position where no quarter is given, and none asked, so when he felt something snap in his knee last March, the Southampton goalkeeper recognised very quickly that life was about to change dramatically.

Playing against Burnley in the Premier League, and coming out to beat Sam Vokes to a back-pass from Ryan Bertrand, Forster slipped and ruptured the patella tendon in his left knee – a rare injury in football that is more common in explosive athletics disciplines. It meant that his leg beneath the knee hung loose and a long period of rehabilitation was on the cards for a 6ft 7in goalkeeper whose breakthrough in English football had been long in the making.

Forster’s performance against Arsenal on Tuesday night, his fourth consecutive clean sheet since his return from injury, has made him one of the Premier League’s men of the moment. Ronald Koeman said he had never seen an opponent create more chances against any Southampton side of his, but still Arsenal could not do was find a way past the “Great Wall”, as Forster was nicknamed in Spain for his famous performance for Celtic against Barcelona in 2012.

Less than 10 months ago he was under the care of the renowned knee surgeon Andy Williams, who assured his patient that he had repaired “hundreds” of patella tendons. When we meet at Southampton’s Staplewood complex on Thursday, the long, fine scar that runs down the centre of Forster’s left knee is the only reminder of all the months of rest and rehab that have led to this point.

“They just suture the tendon back together and take one of your hamstrings, part of your groin muscle, drill through your kneecap and anchor it round,” he explains, looking down at the knee. “Yes, it’s complicated surgery, and Andy Williams is the top surgeon and he has done a fantastic job. Even the scar is looking pretty good. Even on cruciate [ruptures] now the surgery is a lot different to what it was a few years ago, taking different bits of anatomy and making it work.”

An injury as serious as Forster’s endured is no longer one that threatens career and livelihood and, in fact, he admits that there was never a moment when he contemplated the prospect of not playing the game again.

The medical department at Southampton, he says, had never before treated a patella rupture in one of their players and regarded it as a challenge to get him back ahead of his estimated return date, originally a year.

Forster worked through the summer without a break and against Arsenal, the old confidence came flowing back. “It is nice to make saves and do the thing I love,” he says. “After being out for so long you can’t wait to be on the pitch. To be worked like that and make some saves was a real positive. I was underworked in the first three games. It is nice to contribute and do my bit for the team.”

At 27, Forster is young for a keeper, and after so long with just Joe Hart as the uncontested England first choice, there is now an emergent group of Premier League prospects including Jack Butland, Jordan Pickford and the long-serving Ben Foster, also recently back from knee surgery. If they are all fit this summer, Roy Hodgson will actually have a decision to make on his three Euro 2016 goalkeepers rather than the choice being made for him by the paucity of alternatives.

Forster came through at Celtic after doing his academy scholar years at Newcastle United, his hometown team, for whom he never played a senior game. Tim Krul was ahead of his English counterpart in the pecking order and after two years on loan at Celtic, Forster joined the Scottish club permanently in 2012, moving to Southampton two years later.

He was destined to be a keeper, he says. The myth that Newcastle once harboured doubts about him because he was small as a teenager makes him smile. He has, he says, always towered over his peers.

Forster came from an atypical background for a professional footballer. He was privately educated at Newcastle’s Royal Grammar School and is the son of the QC and circuit court judge, Brian Forster. His father’s career

is the only subject that Forster considers off limits. Forster himself continued his A-level studies on day release during his Newcastle scholarship and was set to study economics at university had the club not offered him professional terms.

His time at Celtic won him three league titles, two Scottish cups and, above all, Champions League experience. He holds the club’s record for the longest unbroken period without conceding a goal, comprising more than 13 games and 1,256 minutes. Although, there were not many teams that could touch Celtic in the Scottish Premier League in those days, and it is performances like Tuesday’s that he seems to derive more pleasure from.

“The Premier League is just full of such quality, I don’t really concentrate too much on clean sheets,” he says. “Goals go in and you can do nothing about them. It could be a great strike or a great team move or whatever. I just want to keep progressing and work as hard as I can off the pitch to keep moving forward on it.

“When you go to the Emirates it’s such a tough place. We played really well, we defended and we worked really hard. You know if you don’t play well as a team with the quality they have you’re going to have to make saves and contribute. I was fortunate that on that night we had that bit of luck as well and things went our way.”

He adds: “I never felt I’d been away. I’m not one to get nervous or feel the pressure. When you’ve been out for so long you come back with a real hunger, you just want to get out and enjoy playing football again. That’s just the way I am going to play.”

After the Arsenal game, former Arsenal keeper Bob Wilson compared Forster to no less a player than David Seaman, who ended his 14-year England career with 75 caps for his country. Forster, who has three caps to his name, can expect far fewer by virtue of being just 11 months younger than Hart.

“It’s brilliant [to have so many good English goalkeepers], it’s a great group,” he says. “I’ve spoken to Ben a lot being injured as well. We’re fortunate at the minute we’ve got great quality in that department. It can only be a good thing. When there’s competition for places it makes you work that bit harder. You want to play as well as you can just to be involved.”

Forster is the only one of those Englishmen who works every day with Hodgson’s goalkeeping coach Dave Watson, who does the same job at Southampton, and is likely to be a powerful advocate for his inclusion in the squad this summer. As for playing at Euro 2016, there is only a small chance in that regard but having spent so long out the game, Forster is accustomed to waiting for his chance.


Hi Bobby, thought I’d look in. Good to see some familiar names, and humour! Looking forward to Sept 21st.



Good lad. I’ll contact you beforehand,we can chum up on the train!

Awe Naw

Henrik Larrson resigns from Helsinborgs (again)

Has Neil been on the blower ?

Mike in Toronto

Awe Naw

You think Neil is looking to move to a better league already? ?

Awe Naw


second time he has resigned due to abuse from his own fans due to perceived below level performances.

I´m sure Neil has been telling him to come back and as we all know as none of that stuff happens in the East end of Glasgow

Mike in Toronto

BWCUWP @7:19

not sure if I qualify as one of the Brain Trust on here, but I did ask last night why the Faroe Islands and Gibraltar could play in UEFA AND THE CL, but Greenland can’t (which would Make the move problematic).

Apparently, it didnt qualify for FIFA or UEFA, as due to permafrost, it couldn’t have a real grass pitch. Now that artificial pitches are allowed, it still needs to improve its facilities to make the cut.

Besides, given that The Donald is unhappy with Greenland, and a certain segment of our support are exhibiting more and more Trumpian tendencies, not sure how well that would go down with the MCGA crowd.


That was funny as Fork.


Excellent article.
I often wonder if the PLC model would work if we had genuine Celtic supporters on the board?
I say this as our corporate raiders have never shown any support for the fans or team.

bada bing1

Rangers are bracing themselves for a bombshell UEFA punishment that could see them being forced to shut a stand for next week’s return showdown with Legia Warsaw.

Record Sport Online understands the UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body met in Nyon on Thursday to discuss alleged discriminatory chanting during the Light Blues’ Europa League clash with St Joseph’s in Glasgow last month.

Mike in Toronto


LiT is a big fan of moving away from the PLC model…

But, my concerns have always been…

1. How to get rid of the vultures that currently run our club, and

2. How would it work if the other teams/league dont operate similarly?

The letter is less of a concern than the first …


The match last night marked a milestone in my Celtic supporting life. It is the first match of significance that I have not seen and I did not feel a severe feeling of withdrawal.

My name is Rebus and I am a Celtic fan. I take each game one at a time. I have been free of actively supporting Celtic since the “shower” appointment,

I had a look at Liverpool fc TV yesterday. It is 80 dollars for the year….not sure if that is US or Cdn. Either way, compared to CelticTV, it is a bargain.

CelticTV…this is the service that I subscribed to from the start when it was audio only. I missed zero seasons over that span of time. On exit, did I get an email expressing regret that I had left, or a short questionnaire asking why? Nope! What kind of service lets a long time customer go without some attempt to find out why?

On the result last night, I sense similar reactions happening as was the case after the Cluj result. After the Cluj game, there was extreme pessimism. Now after one leg of a Europa tie, a high level of euphoria is being expressed. Relief should be the overwhelming emotion, given all that has happened in the last few months. By all means celebrate the victory but this tie is not over yet. Celtic are more than capable of losing two goals away in Europe. There is no ambiguity over how the Swedes must play. They must play high up the park and press the Celtic defence. At two goals up, NL has a dilemma. Does he sit in and try to hit AIK on the counter, or does he play the same attacking game he played at Parkhead and try for an early goal? Will he pick an appropriate team for whichever strategy he chooses? As we know, defeat has been snatched from the jaws of victory before.

I am hopeful that we shall win the tie as should be the case but I am not confident that will be the case.

Remember the systemic issues that hamper the club are all still in play but today I am happy for the players and the manager that they got a good result last night.




The answer to your #2 point is that it could not operate in isolation. Football has moved into the corporate world and there is no reverse gear now.

It is not just a football issue, it is professional sports in general. Big money, big TV, big corporations, big mess.



Remember when Blue Peter made the statement that we are a stand alone club?
So what others do should have no impact on our model.
Football clubs are generally owned by people looking for profit or occasionally by fans.
Jack Walker at Blackburn was a fan but unfortunately for the club his family did not have the same devotion so upon his death withdrew their funding and the subsequent sale and decline happened.

bada bing1

We demand the name of the UEFA Delegate….

Mike in Toronto


A reasoned and reasonable post.

The team and the fans are not the worst in the world, but neither are they the best, or even close to it.

It is a decent (not good) team that plays in a toilet of a league. It can’t help where it was born (anymore than the rest of us could have picked where we were born), but it can help how it chooses to live. And our club has chosen to live on its knees, afraid of the big bad SFA/zombie axis (or in partnership with them. Take your pick).

And fans get points for showing up in numbers at Seville, or even to watch the dross that is the SPFL. But they also lose big points for showing up every week, and carrying on like nothing ever happened. The spirit of the club is being sold. And worst of all, it is being sold so that we can play with the zombies, and so that DD makes more money when he eventually sells. Why / how do the self-proclaimed greatest fans in the world sit by and watch it happen?

The Bundesliga works pretty well… but there are cracks starting to show… Red Bull are the most recent example of what can happen if one team observes the letter, but not the spirit, of the rules.


At Liverpool their personal tv income is minuscule compared to the advertising and mainstream tv revenue.
It is seen as a service to keep fans informed.
Celtic tv is considered substantial income by our money grabbing board.
Therefor you would think they would strive to make it the best service it could be.
But of course since they have a captive support to fleece minimum effort is made.
This is my first season without in many years and while being without is difficult i can honestly say i don’t miss their shoddy treatment.

bada bing1

Watch out for the SFA charging us with some pi$# very soon…

Surely the SFA will be embarrassed that UEFA’s delegate was able to hear sectarian singing and yet the SFA folk never hear it week after week!

That’s a bit of a coincidence. TRFC announced the ‘Everyone, Anyone’ campaign 4 days after the UEFA delegate reports them for sectarian singing.

Oh well at least they can say they are trying their best to eradicate it! (4 days later)


True, a Norwegian delegate can see and hear their racist/sectarian behaviour and songs, but the SFA cannot. Aye right.


Good morning troops and a very happy Frige day.
Do my eyes deceive me? Wow. Der Hun called out and punished? I must be still dreaming.
As pointed out watch out for the equalizer now from the bent sfa.

Auldheid thanks for todays article Sir. Aye it looks like 3 where I’m sitting and I’m thinking yes a plc doesn’t suit football.
Options include a share issue with fans buying the club through small chunks or the plc deciding a percentage of profit only with football and supporters coming first. Its doable.
More later after Hamish fed.
Hail Hail

Garry, I read their club statement about it. And I admit it is very strongly worded, condeming the song book. The only issue I have with it is the usual ‘a small minority’ claim. It’s the same when the media rarely report on it – ‘a small minority’! Knickers! it’s the majority.


SFA are probably miffed that some fenian delegate reported their favorite team.
They will probably be asking Shug the bigot to let the delegates know it’s ok as part of the countries Kulture.
Embarrassment is not something they can comprehend.
Funny how the mssm who hear every sound the Celtic support make and report on never heard a peep or the papers would have bee filled with condemnation .

bada bing1

Has Tom Boyd/Celtic, been given a date to appear yet?


Ger57 welcome pal. Good to see your name around these parts.

Fan,, that’s a great point about the media and how they will spin this if they were there and said nada. Hypocrisy as usual.
Aye Dallas will be getting a call about now explaining that’s who they are.
I think Stevie G was brought in to do a bit of sportswashing .
A rival would be nice , but a nice rival even better
Some good food eaten in Kerala?
Hail Hail

Just wait for all the chat now in balancing things up with Celtic. I can hear it now. Celtic are just as bad. Two sides of the same coin. etc.

Even although Celtic fans never, ever sing racist or sectarian songs. That will be overlooked.


King is terrified of lost revenue. A stadium closure in Europe his great fear. St Joseph’s match was their first this season. Same songs have been sung at all their games in Europe.


Fan a tic
The delegate who reported them was Norwegian. Maybe a friend of Ronnie Deila or Kris Ajer? ?

Mike in Toronto

I am actually surprised that the UEFA delegate was able to understand the singing enough to report it…

Liam in Toronto doesnt get back to Scotland much … last time he and I went together, we got the airport in Glasgow, and were going to rent a car. I needed to pee, so I let him deal with the car rental…. I get back and there is Liam with a bemused look on his face… so, I said, where’s the car? He laughs and says, ‘I dont know. You better go talk to the girl at the counter. I couldnt understand a fucking word she was saying..’.


But, sure as day follows night, there will be a complaint about Celtic fans coming down the pipeline…and, based on our history, we wont fight it.

sadly, the way our Club has conducted itself over the last seven years, it makes it harder to argue that we are a stand alone club, and are not connected with the OF shit. That is the price we have to pay for throwing our lot in with them.

Sadly, I think we are going to find out that the price for our success of the last few years is much higher and longer than many had expected…..

Mike in Toronto

This is the one area in which I have considerable expertise …. dealing with bad guys.

What I have learned is that, while deals with bad guys seem attractive, and may sometimes even be necessary (or at least you think they are), they are never worth the price you will eventually pay ….

Celtic have had their fun with 8 titles and treble trebles… but, there will come a day, when they will have to pay for doing a deal with league and the zombies… and that price will be very, high.


Too much food eaten .
At breakfast the discussion would always come round to what we would be having for lunch and at lunch the dinner menus a hot topic.
Kerala food is more fish based but since the population is mixed between Hindu,Muslim and Catholic meat is plentiful.
They tend to do curries with coconut base and tamarind and chillies so less cumin and coriander than northern Indians.
They also have a rice dish called putta which is like couscous.It’s ground rice ,coconut and spices steamed in a tube which was originally bamboo but now mostly steel.
Lamb is also a favorite and a dish called pepper fry is really good.It’ cooked with green peppers, shallots ,tamarinds and chillies.
Lots of bread variations like uppum which is a fat rice pancake and dosa which is a fermented thin pancake served with spiced masala potatoes.
Had some great fish curries with green mangoes that are a little tart.
Need to get back on the bike as pants are a little tight since i returned.
Was going to go out this morning but thunderstorms and rain put the kibosh on it

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