Celtic 3-1 Hearts


And a Happy Bank Holiday Monday to those of you fortunate enough to take advantage of such things! It’s certainly rare to get a decent spell of weather over a Bank Holiday weekend,but a very healthy crowd basked in the sunshine at Celtic Park as they handed out a bit of a caning to a surprisingly poor Hearts side.

This was their tenth league game without a victory,but you should be wary of reading too much into that stat prior to the kick off. We know from experience that Hearts always raise their game against us-as well as their studs and their fists. And so it was yesterday as they put on their usual “robust” display,ably abetted by the spineless Willie Collum.

To say our starting line-up had an unfamiliar look might be a bit of an understatement. Nir Bitton and Christopher Jullien formed the central defence,with Kris Ajer and Boli at full back. Fraser Forster made a surprise second debut behind them,while up front we had Vakoun Bayo leading the line in his first start of any importance. In the middle,we had Broonie with Ollie Ntcham,Callum McGregor and Ryan Christie playing with great fluidity alongside and in front of him. James Forrest completed the team in an unusual wide left position.

I was watching this on a fairly unreliable stream,and Bayo impressed me early on with his willingness to get into the Hearts box and stay there. That for me is always a good thing from a striker. Then I realised that my stream had frozen,and got it back again just in time to see him have a decent header saved on the line. Surely it wasn’t going to be one of those days for an able and willing striker,a day where he can do everything right and still not score? We’ve seen that before,and when you’re new to a club-especially when you aren’t even close to being a first pick-a run of simple bad luck like that can wreck things before you even get started. Fortunately that wasn’t to be the case.

Ryan picked up the ball from deep and sprayed it wide and long to Jamesie. He crossed it-with his left foot,Dad!-into the danger area where Bayo outmuscled Berra as they went for it together. It was inconclusive,IMO,which of the two got the last touch. What is absolutely certain is that had Bayo not been there breaking his neck to get onto the cross,Berra would have cleared it easily. Back of the net and 1-0. I’m giving the credit for the goal to Bayo regardless.

We played out the rest of the first half in much the same manner,though Hearts did offer the occasional non-violent threat. One of which saw,typically,a Celtic player get the first booking of the match as big Fraser cleaned out a mini-hun whose name escapes me. Meanwhile Hearts were merrily kicking our troops whenever they could catch them,a trend which continued after the break.

The best way to answer that-my preference of a boot in the bollocks lacks the guile and subtlety to get away with it too often-is to put the ball in the net,and we duly obliged. Bit of a peach it was anaw. This time it was Nir who sprayed the ball wide and long. Kris Ajer took it,passed it inside from where it found its way to Callum,who showed he has a left foot too as he drilled it into the corner from about twenty yards.

That should have been game over,time to rest a few of the players for Thursday. While Neil Lennon was still considering his options,Nir played another pass long and wide to Kris. This time he drove the ball across the six yard box where again Vadoun was rushing in to attack it. Again,he might or might not have got the last touch on it. Again,it wouldn’t have been a goal either way but for his presence there. Again,back of the net and I’m giving him the goal. 3-0 and cruising.

There was still time for the big fella to hit the bar before he was replaced,to a standing ovation,by Leigh Griffiths.

The game largely petered out after this,the only excitement of note being Scott Brown culpable in his own area again to give away a penalty. We’ve grown accustomed over the last five years or so to our keepers diving out the way of the ball at these,but big Fraser clearly remembered the moment his Celtic career took off,a penalty save against Hearts almost a decade ago now. And promptly did it again! Sadly he could only parry it back out,and Hearts had their consolation goal.

Overall,a result that most of us would have been more than happy with at 255pm. And certainly a performance from which we can take much,erm,heart. We have a big week ahead of us,that’s for sure. Negotiate our away tie in Stockholm and we have our place in the group stages of the Europa League,and European football until at least Christmas. And then we have a visit to the toilet on Sunday,where the spending a penny trope goes out the window. £52 to attend a bigotfest. Bloody sure I wouldnae.

Our display yesterday will certainly have given the huns something to think about. They rode their luck in Paisley,with the Saints hitting the bar,missing a few sitters-including one in the last minute when it looked easier to score-and having,surprise,a stonewall penalty denied as their Swede turnip of a centre-half rugby-tackled in the penalty area. But more than their own display giving them cause for concern will be ours. Particularly the way we used the passes long and wide to crack open the twin banks plan of stuffy defence adopted by Hearts. Stevie G might have to think of a Plan B,and I suspect it will be to ensure that his club’s favourite linesmen are there to call as many offsides as they can.

I’m looking forward to reading CELTICBNUMBERS when he posts his stats from the game on e-Tims. Particularly for our peck passes. We looked very good at taking opponents out with clever use of the ball,and I hope that this is a trend which we will continue to work on.

Additionally,of course,the week ahead sees the end of the transfer window,which I believe is 11pm BST on Monday 2nd September. I still think we need the following…

A must-have is a left back. Boli looks to be settling in,but it is still the case that our only viable option there at the moment is Jonny Hayes. Now,I like Hayes. I believe that he has never had a bad game for us. But is a steady type,a nearly-but-not-quite type,good enough for such a vital position? Sadly,I’m inclined to say not.

We still need a new right back. Elmahad has performed well for us,but already has missed a few games through injury. And Kris is picking up a few of them at the moment too. Besides,Kris would be my first-choice centre back at the moment. He doesn’t get injured there either,btw.

Defensive midfielder would not be a priority just now,but it would be bloody good to get one! Get our scouts told to find the next Big Vic for either of the next two windows,but the sooner the better. Meantime,remind Joe Lewis at Spurs how the huns shafted him for £20m and it would surely gladden his heart to see Big Vic back in The Hoooooooops charged with the mission of hunskelpin!

Up front,well… Lord knows,we relied heavily on I Wanna last season. And I suspect we will be doing that this season too. Leigh Griffiths gives us everything he has,every time he pulls on that shirt. Bayo gives us a different option,he is a different,more traditional,striker to the other two. It’s still way too early to say he will be a success,but his confidence will be high after yesterday. And so is mine. If those three can stay fit,with the emergence of Michael Johnston,we can probably do without another project signing. If there’s a chance of the real deal,I’d take it.

A good few days,folks. Four big big games for our season in eleven days,as well as the end of the transfer window. Two comfortable wins so far,as well as the emergence of a new striker and an added dimension to our game. No complaints from The Swindon Branch of Sentinel Celts.

Now,eyes on the prize,Celtic. I’m hoping to be writing a glowing report like this a week from now too!


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Morning Fholks!

Great mass of posts and to he honest, I’ve been skimming and will go back to read in more detail.

Some very valuable contributors here now, and Twists.

Bada, Kevin Bridges recording is very good. The big lhad is growing in strength.

Julien will come good. There’s a confidence about him, same as Boli. They give this 110% that we’re now reading is important to Lenny.

I get that.

Time the tory fanny bawz on the board did the same… and not when checking their f…..g bank statements.

Lenny has proved his character yet again. To come out of the shitshow of the past 3 weeks all down to him needing to find a replacement left back from his midfield…..

And still have a team scoring goals for fun?…..

Another goal from outside the box, BMCUW. And then one from Big Bayo.

All alin the face of Collumism.

While the Sevvies get the opposite treatment.

This league should be ours, but two things will conspire against us.

1. Masons in black, already making 6 points of a difference every weekend.
2. The tory wanks in charge of our club.

So is the 9 in a row safe, let alone the 10??

Is it fuck.

But maybe that’s how the TV money likes it.

But mind, Big Pedro is a proper tom, ahem, tim.


Apols, BMCUW,

Agree, we need a new tough nut in the midfield.

Yesterday. Cue Disco Pete sending the memo downstairs that Ajer or Bitton are the new defensive midfielders. ?



We need to really concentrate on this year. No fannying about,no-one pulling against the other-or worse,briefing against the other to reporters who are no friends of ours.

Crap like that nearly wrecked our season a year ago,and lost us a great manager.

This is no time for egos,and no time for using FIFA20 as a scouting manual. We have money in the bank,we have the makings of a decent side. The raw materials are there,it only takes a man of even limited vision to apply the final pressure to make us stronger and kill off the huns once and for all.

So,yes,I’m concerned!


Changing the subject,is this the funniest Still Game?


It’s got some competition,mind.

Twists n turns

Looking at Paddy Power betting for Sunday. Trying to get some early value. Ante post.

Most attractive on offer at present is the Man of the Match market.

Steven McLean 4/7

Bobby Madhun 5/4

Don Robertson 6/4

John Beaton 7/4

Alan Muir 9/4

Andrew Dallas 5/2

Nick Walsh 11/4

Willie Collum 3/1

Kevin Clancy 7/1

Very compressed market. Looking at the previous runners’ form, I can see why. No value in betting the outsider Kevin Clancy. Just too many doubts about the first name for him to be selected . The SPL referees committee won’t take chances on him on this ground.

Willie Collum? Well he’s had a run out only yesterday and done very very well for his owners. They are quoted as being very pleased with what he showed yesterday, but bringing him back out on Sunday might be too obvious ….. oops not too obvious…. too soon

Nick Walsh just hasn’t shown enough yet to be chosen. He’ll be given a few easier runs on other grounds just to get him some more experience before being pitched in. He might still run green on Sunday and that won’t be risked.

The others ? Well stick a pin in. All 6 at the top of the market have vg reasons to think they’ll get the gig. Old timer Madhun could be good value. He’s been in tremendous form. Who can forget the way he revelled in the 1-1 draw in the east end of Glasgow 2 seasons ago. Looked for all the word Celtic Bhoy was going to win under a late Leigh Griffiths penalty but Madhun swooped late to deny him. That kinda form , on unfavourable ground for him, will surely give him a big chance back on ground that he absolutely relishes.

Too close to call folks. Me? I’ve a sneaking feeling for the favourite here. Steven McLean. Another younger runner but has shown tremendous consistency. He will especially love this ground.

Good luck Bhoys and ghirls. Yer gonna fkn need it.



An excellent summary of the runners. I think that McLean is long overdue a good hun,sorry,run. A couple of good pacesetters on either side running the rails-flagging obviously more and more as time wears on-and he can come good through the middle.

He would be my tip.

Twists n turns

Sadly I won’t see the race. I’m fekkin off until its all over.
I’ll be out in the middle of nowhere with phone off and won’t return until at least 20 minutes after the scheduled end.
I’ll have it recorded but whether the match ever gets viewed has yet to be determined.
I’d go out on the golf course but there’s no guarantees out there. The fekkers are everywhere. Certainty some twat will want to update me on proceedings. Not a good idea if they’re winning and I’ve got a 3 iron in my hands. ( if they’re winning by 2 I’d put it back in the bag and take out the driver ?)

We need to show some steel and determination in the middle of the pitch this time. The last two visits to that hell hole has seen us ran over in the midfield.

If we can compete in there we have the firepower and the guile to get goals. I’m sure Eddie has a big part to play. Rested almost certainly for this one.

Our defence worries the shite outta me. I hope upon hope I’m worrying needlessly.


Good summary of the match yesterday, and it echoes my own observations largely. However, I read the match report from ATOB on my break on nightshift at 1am. My work colleagues were intrigued by what I was laughing at. Class ?



ATHINGOFBEAUTY has a way of cutting through the crap and getting right to the heart of the matter. She has been schooled in public,of course-to continue the narrative from TWISTSNTURNS. SOLKITTS and I took her to her first game when she was still at primary school,I think. Planked her behind Exit 8 in The Jungle,so that she didn’t have to jook about trying to see the game,and we realised on the train home that she had seen it all-she was telling us stuff that we had barely paid attention to!

Well proud of how much she understands the game inside out. And our sister is no slouch either. Sits there,says nothing,then comes out with a purler. Honestly,my Dad and I struggle to keep up with them. It’s even worse watching a live game on the telly,we just sit there and take an education.

Bloody marvellous it is.


I would find it totally impossible to ignore any match that Celtic play, until 20 minutes after the game ends. You must have tremendous will power to achieve that feat. I will be in my local next Sunday at noon, praying for the best in a packed pub. I share your concerns regarding Jullien. Hope I am wrong, but he plays a bit like Jack Hendry in my view.

Twists n turns


Watch this. Tremendous. Look out for Big Packy on the drum 2 minutes in……



Before we started this site,I had no reason to tune in to a game kicking off at 3pm on a Sunday. Not when I’m on a nightshift fairly soon,and certainly not when I can’t neck a can or two during the game for the same reason.

However,I would get the occasional text,which fortunately I tend to sleep through. So unless TWISTSNTURNS is intending to do a Rip van Winkle on us,he has little chance of avoiding updates.

And I bet he has a few sneaky peeks-unlike these guys.


That’s worth watching,btw. And your sidebar should point you in the direction of other episodes. Superb comedy,brilliant writing,and the fragrant Sheila Fearns anaw. That’s my day taken care of!


Aye, the female perspective on the game can be a joy to behold. I have realised that often, throughout the years watching the game. Great stuff.

Twists n turns

It’s a blood pressure thing bud!!

Simply not good for my health playing them.

Better I go and hide out the way.

We talk regularly about refereeing. It’s not been too much of a factor whilst we’ve been too far ahead of them over the past years. Sadly we’ve let them back in. We’ve given them hope and a sense of belief.

The correlation between the skills gap and referee influence becomes more of a factor. The narrower it becomes the more influence the referees have on the outcome.

We will never eliminate the latter. It’s been thus since Adam was in pampers.

The former? The gap between us? Sheer negligence that it’s been allowed to narrow.
Narrowed by loan players, free transfers and cheap purchases.

As big jock once said – score 5. They can’t chuck them all off. ( or words along those lines)

Julienne? Your Jack Hendry comparison is actually very good! I hadn’t thought of that, but now you say it, hmmmm. Resemblance in performance is there.

Hope to ffff we are wrong, or Sunday could be a long day.


Remember being at a Libertines concert with my son. He questioned me about their song “What Ever Happened to The Likely Lads.” I explained that it was in tribute to one of the best shows of my youth. He checked out their sitcoms on YouTube, and became a big fan of the series. Quality indeed.



Great video ruined by the red white and blue jersey in the final few scenes!

But I won’t hold that against them,they clearly appreciated their time here. Beer,guid company and fitba. It’s like a Tourism Scotland ad.

Awe Naw

SCAPEGOAT’ Union Bears hit out at Rangers over Legia Warsaw Ibrox stadium ban

Ewan Paton
26 Aug 2019, 7:34Updated: 26 Aug 2019, 7:36
THE Union Bears have hit out at Rangers over their stadium ban for this week’s Legia Warsaw clash.

The Gers supporters group will not be able to attend Thursday night’s Europa League showdown after the club were ordered by UEFA to close 3000 seats of Ibrox for sectarian signing against St Joseph’s back in July.

The UB have claimed that they are being “ridden like a goat” by Light Blues chiefs and that they are being unfairly treated.

BF1, where the fan group are situated in the Broomloan Stand, will be closed off for the European tie.

Two other sections in the Club Deck will also be shut.

A statement read: “Following on from UEFA’s decision to disproportionately punish Rangers as a result of the use of a supposedly sectarian & racist term, and the subsequent decision by Rangers to ride like goats the Unions Bears and those within BF1 for this, we would like to clarify our position.

“The Union Bears as a group are completely aware of our unique position as being the voice of Ibrox Stadium, and the responsibilities that come with that.

“We have always liaised with the club in a positive manner, and at no time has the group ever been taken to task for the nature of singing within BF1, nor the content of our material. By neither the SFA, The SPFL, The Scottish Police, Match day stewards, The Scottish Government, Glasgow Council, BBC Scotland, The media in general

“Chasing appeasement from two Catholic leaning organisations in UEFA & FARE, it ultimately appears that the club are happy to relinquish all responsibility to the Union Bears, to tarnish our name within the support.

“Since the formation of the group in 2007 there has been no section of the support more active in introducing new Rangers chants, specifically about our great club and fenian bastards, something which will continue.

“This brings us to the incredible decision of Rangers to ban only supporters from BF1 from Ibrox on Thursday night, whilst relocation all other supporters in the Broomloan Front.

“The supporters were notified this week in two hugely contrasting emails.

“One of which apologised for the inconvenience caused by uppity Taigs and asked for our cooperation on this matter, whereas the other, which was reserved strictly for supporters in BF1 was abrupt and unceremonious.

“This action itself, however small it may be, displays the basic level of contempt shown to not only members of our group but other supporters within BF1.

“The club have been only too happy to use our display and actions at Ibrox to help wrestle back control of the club. However, to avoid confrontation, the group become an easy target.

“The club have actively facilitated the targeting of our group and the support as a whole, whilst offering no form of defence.

“We find the club following in Peter Lawells footsteps wholly disappointing given the loyalty shown by our support in recent years.

“Whilst the club are solely dependent of our supporter’s loyalty, the seem content in adverse judgement of our fans and are reluctant to unite against our papist critics.



My Papa loved The Likely Lads stuff. It was on too late for me to watch when it was first shown. So my Papa would tell me the odd joke that he remembered before he went to bed. Don’t tell my Mum,she still thinks I was asleep by then.


I totally understand what you are saying, re blood pressure. I had a school mate, wonderfully named James Connolly, who would cover his eyes, whenever the huns entered our half at the game. He never saw them score against us once. It was a nerves/anxiety thing with James. I thought it crazy behaviour, but sort of loved it. ?

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

“ uppity taigs”

No idea why I found that hilarious ???



This is getting far too difficult now. Can you please let us know which part of the UB statement-if any!-you AWENAWed? Far as I can make out,it’s verbatim.

big packy

TWISTY, if id known I was being filmed id have got a bigger drum.hh??

Awe Naw

GERS BLAST Michael Stewart shoots down Rangers boss Steven Gerrard’s ‘best fans in the world’ claim
David Fowler
24 Aug 2019, 16:52Updated: 24 Aug 2019, 16:53
MICHAEL STEWART has shot down Steven Gerrard’s claim that Rangers have one of the best fanbases in the world.

The former Hearts and Hibs star delivered his verdict on the club’s Uefa sanctions on BBC Sportsound this afternoon.

The Light Blues were hammered yesterday by Uefa and ordered to close part of Ibrox for Thursday’s Europa League play-off second leg against Legia Warsaw.

Around 3,000 seats will remain empty after European football’s governing body found some Gers supporters guilty of racist behaviour during the recent home qualifier with St Joseph’s.

Stewart said: “Steven Gerrard says they’ve got a reputation for being one of the best supports in the world.

“Well I’m sorry, that’s not the case. Yes, they go and follow in numbers as we witnessed in Manchester at the Uefa Cup final and they should be applauded for their enthusiasm and never say die attitude

“When you talk about the grand picture of one of the best supports in the world, then you can’t get involved in antics like this.

“Rangers supporters, as Willie [Miller] says, have been involved in this for a very very very very long time.

“So you can’t class a support that is based on this sort of thing as being one of the best in the world.

“That tarnishes reputations.”

Gers will face a full closure of Ibrox if sectarian singing is repeated.

And if there are any subsequent offences they could face points deductions, forfeiting a match and even expulsion from Uefa competition.

He said: “I really do feel sorry for the twelve Rangers supporters who want to go and support their club and don’t want to get involved in this. I met them last week and they seemed genuine to me even if they are a bit strange

“But it is tarnishing the name of their club. There are some Rangers fans who want to condemn it and distance themselves from it after receiving a fine but just cant help themselves.

“That’s my point – Rangers cannot deal with this head on, as you start to drive a wedge between the ones that want to get involved in this stuff and the ones that don’t.

“Then it becomes an issue that doesn’t just disappear, but Rangers would again disappear also .

“Of course you’ve got to feel sorry for the twelve who just want to go and support their team.”

Twists n turns

I think you need to persuade ATOB to do the match report next week. She generally gives us a report anyway which I find interesting and informative, so let’s get her to do Monday’s report.

Could be very interesting?

Not that I’m criticising your own fine report I have to add!!

Cmon ATOB – what about it?

big packy

AWE NAW, that statement just shows them up to what they are, a bunch of bigoted catholic hating morons.hh.


Awe Naw
Hahaha ??
Their 12 apostles. Quality satire sir. ?

Twists n turns

We are 7/5 favourites to win on Sunday. ( PP)

Der hun is 7/4 with the draw at 23/10.

If you fancy Celtic minus a goal you’ll get 9/2.

Celtic ht ft is 7/2

Celtic to win and over 2.5 match goals 7/2

Celtic and Btts 4/1

No red card markets up yet… wonder why?

big packy

BOBBY, yes great post once again, the next couple of games will show how far we have come hh.

Twists n turns

On the multi bet there’s vg value

Celtic player to get a red card, +
The referee to jump the hoardings to celebrate with the huns+
The authorities to fail to hear “ Fenian blood” lyrics
+ Morelos to win the fair play award +
A rangers penalty awarded
If all of the above happens you can get even money. Worth a punt I feel ??



I’ve pleaded with ATHINGOFBEAUTY to give us an article. On anything. Women’s football,like when she was setting the trail nearly thirty years ago down in South London and refusing to join Arsenal because it wisnae next door. Or coaching a team from a Catholic primary school in Kilwinning to win things for the first time in their history despite a roll of about a dozen people in each year.

One of them was our sister’s neighbour’s kid. A wee lass called Colleen. At that age,you can play the girls too. She was a smashing wee lass,as was her sister,Jodie. I only found out-and still don’t know the details because although I’ve asked,I’ve not been sent the article!-that Colleen ended up homeless.

Long story which I don’t know the details of,but there she was,homeless. She ended up playing in The Homeless World Cup. Some of you may remember a chap who posted on occasion on CQN. Jimmyfromcambodia. He was instrumental in setting up not only the Cambodian Homeless team,but the entire tournament. It was held in Glasgow a couple of years ago. The Homeless World Cup.

He’s married now,a year old child,and has passed on the baton. And fair play to Jimmy,I say. He has done so much. He deserves a wee bit of pleasure,and I bet he will always be there when required.

Colleen apparently did what Colleen does on a football pitch. I’ve not seen her since she was maybe 10yo and she looked half her age then. Motherwell Ladies signed her on the spot,and apparently at the age of 25 she has a place of her own. She hasn’t had an easy life-there’s so much I could say,much of which I strongly suspected at the time-but she has got there.

Jimmy should be proud of himself. Colleen should be proud of herself. Thing is,I bet they’re trying to figure out who they can help now. Turn turn turn.

Twists n turns

Bloody hell!!

Having read that I’m even more interested in hearing more from ATOB!!

Tell her to get posting a leader or ban her ? Simples ?

I’ve decided to go to the black tie dinner with Marvellous Marvin and Ken Buchanan . I’m going to the Friday night one in Edinburgh as opposed to the Glasgow one on the Sunday.

I’ve contacted someone ( doesn’t matter who) and asked if the SC brethren put together a number of pre arranged questions would he oblige? I’m guessing it’s a long shot but hey ho, you can only ask.

I’d love to ask a few questions myself.

I’m really looking forward to it to be honest. Should be a great night. I’m just going to look for a hotel near the venue now. I’m taking my Bhoys and nephew with me so better we find a place to stop for the night.

Awe Naw

I see The BBC last night desperately trying their best to take Green Bayo´s goals off of him.

Both attributed to him on the SPFL website.

I know an OF game is coming up and their is always a smell of shite in the air beforehand but with it also being the weekend the transfer window closes.

It´s becoming very pungent.

Steve Gee trying his best to sell either Tarvenier or Morelos on Friday
L’equip flying a hun story about a 10m bid for a player in case Morelos leaves.

They are spinning financial plates over there.

The spinning will stop on Sunday when the transfer window closes.

Then all those creditors who have been waiting on 20m coming in for Morales are going to be on the blower asking where´s my fucken money ?

Awe Naw

Forgot to ask.

Was there any Billy Boy renditions at St. Mirren Park yesterday ?



My sister is too modest,and would kill me if I told tales out of school.

Re the boxing,my Papa loved that sport. One of the few who backed Ali in his dark period. He was gutted when Norton broke Ali’s jaw,as that had happened to him recently too. About a fifty year age gap,mind,and Ali didnae have my Uncle James jumping into a trench with five guys-none of whom would admit to throwing the offending punch against an old fella with a stick-and battering f..k out the lot of them,just to make sure he got the right one. That was how my Papa got his jaw broken though.

But you know who his favourite boxer was? Even above Ali? Give you a clue,my Papa died in 1974. He adored Ken Buchanan. That’s your man for the questions on the night. Ask him about the punch in the baws. Ask him about how it felt to have that weight be the most lucrative at the time and he wasn’t there because of a cheap shot. I would. I would ask him,though I might make sure I’d the good trainers on for a sharp exit.

Round about 1985,I went up to meet SOLKITTS and his fiancée with my not yet fiancée. In Embra,major party. One drink and the women effed off to get beautified,leaving me and my best pal in The Grassmarket. The Beehive,I think. Anyway,in comes the Evening News. Marvellous,because I’ve got a line on.

I waited until it was my round,nipped down and ordered the beers then politely asked the bloke next to me at the bar if I could borrow his paper to check the racing results. Standard protocol in Glasgow,I think you will agree.

So I took it off him,had a look,went-oh ya beauty!-and handed it back. At the page he was at when he had “given” it to me,I might add.

Took the beers back to the table and SOLKITTS quietly went ballistic. Seriously. Ballistic but quiet about it. WTF were you doing there,this isn’t Glasgow,Kilwinning or Ardrossan. You don’t grab a paper off people.

Me-what’s the effing problem? Thirty seconds,got a line up,beer in front of me and my best mate-so,like I care.

That’s Ken Buchanan!

Never downed a pint so fast in my life. Apologise for me please,old bean.

Btw,you will certainly enjoy this.


Twists n turns

I can’t believe you’ve just mentioned Ken. See your e mail please

Twists n turns

Brilliant read!! Hagler Hearns.

What a talent BRTH has.

Awe Naw

Awe that´s the 9m hun bid in the press been rubbished by the huns themselves only after two hours in the press. Taxman on the blower this morning as I predicted.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
The only surprise is it took 24 hours to dismiss the rumour.


Still a concern for me is the number of goals we are conceding against average sides.
We look good in the final third but disorganized in the other two thirds.
We need to be more compact and cohesive between defensive, midfield and forward zones.


Ruthless rangers will destroy Celtic if bomb scare plays screams the doolally record headline on news now .
That wouldn’t happen to be the team who required the refs assistance to scrape a 1-0 win over StMirren would it???

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the mentions guys but there is absolutely no chance I will do a report on the game v them next week. I am like Garry’s mate, every time they have got the ball i’m Looking through the cracks in my fingers. It’s a game that makes me hate myself because it affects me for the 90 minutes where I am close to apoplectic and for days after if we lose. So a match report would probably get me lifted under the offensive communications act or such like.
Before I head off back to work I read Lenny is looking for three signings and hoping they will be in place before we leave for Sweden. Jeezo Lenny, you’re no learning are you? You keep saying what you want and Peter keeps telling you what you’ll get and the two are not the same so best just say nowt then you dont look like you’re not in control of things.


From last article,,,,

I’m 55. My love of Celtic is dieing. I haven’t been to Celtic Park since Sevco were awarded Oldco’s trophies – including cheating ones.

SFA/Sevco and Celtic board cowardice are ensuring a new breed of Celtic fan who accept the term Old Firm as the norm. Exactly what this board and SFA planned.

I’ll write an article which I hope you’ll publish – warts and all; including my own hypocrisy to date.

We are a shameful club, we’ve sold our souls to enable SFA/Sevco to shaft us again and again.

No one to blame but ourselves.



Welcome Conor and yes please ,, call it straight , write it down and we will gladly publish.

Good morning troops on this fine Moon day.

Fan A Tic, It was just an eejit of a poster on their ‘Hotline’.

James Forrest on the Celtic Blog putting forward a strong argument that French Eddy is the best all round striker since Henrik. At least potentially. Better than Moussa, Leigh, McDonald and Hooper. What do you think?


There will be a quiz 8pm Saturday Dublin time. Please attend.
I see its a bank holiday weekend there,,that explains the masses being pre occupied at the weekend.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns

Not even in the same league as Henk ( though you did say “ since Henk”)

I’d have any of the 4 before Eddie too.

Ask me again in a year and I’ll see if he’s been promoted above any of them , but for now, not in my opinion.

I’m sure many will disagree.

Yes I was a bit surprised at how strongly he came out in favour of French Eddy. But you know JF he doesn’t mince his words! I think there’s a lot of wishful thinking. I honestly hope he does go on to bigger and better things. He might well do. But it’s not just now.

maybe it will be Bayo! 🙂

Twists n turns

I think given a run in the team Schved will be brilliant. Looks like he’s not gonna get the chance though. Tough gig at Celtic at present with so many good players.

Have you written Ralston off yet? I remember he was quite fast on his feet. Liked to be forward more than at the back. Can his defensive side of things not be coached into him?

Twists n turns

For anyone interested BBC radio 2 currently counting down their top 100 Motown classics.

Some great stuff if that’s yer bag….

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