Shine and do us proud

The last player I recall transfering to a top 6 English team was Marko ( they are kicking me ) Viduka who joined Leeds when they were spending above their weight.
Decisions like Marko and Robbie Keane have taken this long to start to get over such was the indulgence that nearly killed that historic club.
But the Arsenal have went and done it and avoided the middle man .
It took a foreigner but,,,the penny has dropped it seems.

I know the Epl isnt the most popular league on this site but we must all accept the stepping stone effect exists and as such is there to be exploited.
Mister “ I only give 60 percent in Scotland “ Viduka may have got his big move by using us as his personal stepping stone ,, but every time an ex Celt steps on the bigger stages we should all wish him well , if only to boost the reputation of our club.
We all know an exCelt called Virgil is currently European Champion and just edged off the world most expensive defender slot.
The transfer window allegedly seen Moussa Dembele turn down Man Utd as they arent big enough ! Pukki is leading the scoring charts !
Kieran joined Arsenal and Calmac seen a top ten gunning for top six club come in for him.
Paolo di Canio , Shaun Maloney , Henke etc all seen successful stints in the worlds biggest league while some such as Liam Miller and Ki Sung Yueng and Aiden McGeady didnt have the intended impact but graced the stage still.

The point here is we have quality goods to sell that have been a success and now a big boy has bypassed the usual supplier chain and dealt with us direct.
We have taken a step up the ladder with this transfer.
A success could well see the Gunners eye us up for future sales , or a smart observer would learn the lesson that we produce top drawer players that just need polished up and emulate the Gooners.
If you were going to pick one of our players from last seasons squad to go down south and become a success cementing our place as a prime conveyor belt of talent then chances are Kieran would have been around the top of your list like he would be mine.
Odsonne would vie with him for the position admittedly but chances are KT would stay longer and be happier with friends and family either around him or not that far away.
One would imagine Odsonne has ambitions of Barca etc and would look away at some stage.
Kieran is the smarter transfer.

Everyone of us should wish the lad well , goes without saying , but we should all hope it turns out so we can begin to financially exploit this new relationship with the big boys down south.
Every success on paper raises the next guys price a bit , or at least the sell on percentage which is another angle we seem to have cottoned onto and are taking advantage of fair play.
This money (on paper) should be helping to raise the different areas of the club in line with each other . If its not lifting the quality of one department or other then it has been wasted.

As mentioned recently yes we are and can be a stepping stone.,, but we can be one hell of tempting stopping point , especially when “ the place is rocking “ !
When we do manage to get the club , team and fans all united and on the same road together magic tends to happen , or as Henke put it “ we’ve got something special here “.
When we do get it right there is few if any places on the face of the globe that can offer the exhilaration that we can offer .
The atmosphere all the greats have raved about becomes the norm and excitement permeates the entire fan base and players sparking the team into hitting levels they thought they couldnt.
The vortex sucks us all in and God knows where we end up but what a ride it is !
In this situation we will see less players use us as a stepping stone and become more a parking place. ( Need to be creative with wages ala Henke )
So if we are going to see them come and go,, lets at least make it very hard to walk away and not easy to say actually yeah youre a big club but Im gone.
The way to do that is exciting signings and players . And football the Celtic way.
With The Faithful loving it !
Its not that much to ask is it ?

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Twists n turns

Morning all.


Bring back the Thunder…..

Twists n turns

Well they’ve fkn wheeled them all out eh?? Taking no chances

SundayRef – Bobby Madden
Officials – Douglas Ross / Andrew Dallas
4th official – John Beaton


Son of is actually running the line now? Most unusual.

As for Red Card Ross,fed up seeing him at these games.

As you say,Twists,no friends of ours there. Time to sicken them right good.

Twists n turns

You get my e mail yesterday?



I did,mate. Just checked back on my sent ones and it looks like my reply went to the great mail dump in the sky.

Some points to ponder,for sure. I’d love to take you up on that! How do you suggest we go about it? I reckon that if we devote an article to it,say middle of next week,and ask people to post the questions they would like you to put to him it would be a roaring success! Ken is very fondly remembered by those of us who were fortunate enough to see him in his prime,so just being able to have a question answered,I’ll be dining out on it for months!!!


PS-it’s not even in Drafts. And neither is one I sent to Mahe. Must pay more attention in future after I press send. And copy myself in,so at least I bliddy notice that it hasn’t gone out.

Twists n turns

Yeah that’ll work.



Thumbs up from me too,then. A week tomorrow,probably,unless I hear to the contrary from you. I’ll make it clear that not every question will be asked,for various reasons. Not every question is appropriate,after all!


As reviews of new cars go,this is a tad underwhelming. Taken to a high speed test track and reaching 72mph. Even my van can do that-in fourth,with two gears to go!

Not the one I was driving last night,admittedly-just had a new clutch fitted when I reckoned it was only a slave cylinder that needed replaced. About 200 miles later,the engine mounting failed-I think. So bad that we could only tow it to the nearest safe place,and that was 400 yards I don’t want to do again.

Anyway,happy 60th birthday to the Mini. My parents had two of them in the 60s. Not at the same time,of course. As if! One was blue,the other green. As befits a “mixed” marriage…

Oh,and it weighed 560kg!

Thanks for posting that link about the Benfica game earlier this morning Bobby. Very interesting. Seems like karma was on our side, winning with the toss of a coin! Benfica’s late, final goal should not have stood apparently.

“This money (on paper) should be helping to raise the different areas of the club in line with each other . If its not lifting the quality of one department or other then it has been wasted.”

That’s the thing isn’t it? It would certainly take the pain out of it somewhat, selling our best players, if the money was being used to improve the club. Especially the playing squad.

What we don’t want to see is it being used to increase our bank balance or improve the pay – outs to preferential shareholders.

big packy

MORNING ALL, bobby talking of mark viduka I took joan down to a grooming seminar being held at the belfry in Warwickshire, was about cross the road to take the dogs into the ajoining field ,when this merc pulls up guy gets out with his golf clubs and I thought I know your face,new it was something to do with celtic, I said did you play for celtic at one time, no he said im eric black used to be the trainer, we spoke for about 10 minutes seemed a nice guy, asked him about viduka he said everyone was scared of him ,disruptive influence in the dressing room, that incident in the dressing room where he refused to come out ,he was throwing things all over the place apparently, anyway, he shook my hand and said I could write a book about viduka.hh.

You asked Eric Black about Vodka?

big packy

HI JIM, very funny?he was driving his big merc so I presume he was sober, seemed a genuine guy but what do I know?


Bit early for the musicos,but I think these may be of interest. I’ll certainly be listening in after Mahe’s quiz on Saturday!

Nobody ever stops me and asks if I played for Celtic when I step out of my Fiat Punto. 🙁



I was sketchy about the details,that’s why I posted the link.

I think BIGNAN was the driving force behind CELTICWIKI. I wish he would start posting again,time spent reading his stuff certainly wasn’t time wasted!

I also recall that he said that he had only ever met two lawyers that he trusted. Strangely,one of them was a namesake-or otherwise!-of a poster on here. But don’t read too much into that. If you Google my name,you will find that I once found Ian Paisley Jr guilty of contempt of court,fined him £5k and threatened him with jail. Except it wasn’t me.

I’d probably have donned the proverbial black cap!!!

big packy

JIM ? going to take joans mum out for a couple of hours, think you know she is ninety has not been well enough to go out recently, been about 2 months since she had some fresh air,hh.



Viduka was a great player-and a lump of poison. He had more talent in his little toe than Henrik had in his entire body.

Then you look at Henrik in his thirties. Scoring goals for fun,golden boot,two La Liga titles and a Champions League. Turning Man Utd’s season around at short notice,to the extent that they won the title. Look at his body shape when he joined us in 97 and what it was like when he left us in 2004.

He worked relentlessly on his game and on his fitness regime.

Viduka in his thirties? Sitting on Bondi Beach wi a beer gut and a surfboard. As wasted as his career.



Good lad,and a good day for it too. I’m staying in today. Too hot to enjoy and I’m stressed after that van collapsing on me last night.

Awe Naw

I had a nightmare last night. Celtic beat AIK 0.5 Legia beat the huns 0.2. The huns had to sell Losemore and Tavernier for a combined fee of 3.25 million to Leeds which left them in such disarray that Ibrox on Sunday was cauldron of hatred towards anyone and everything and we beat them 0.3

Some nightmare! LOL



Call that a nightmare? I’d a bliddy nightmare last night,and I was awake! (See above)

To paraphrase Bob,I’ll let you be in my nightmare if I can be in yours. Yours sounds much better. Btw,I might put a quid on the last two scores you mention.

Awe Naw

Yes but Peter Lawwell was in the dug out wearing his Jock Stein trackie and with a highly visible panty line and Neil Lennon was the David Steele Spitting image character. Lawwell then hugged Christie and McGregor a la MON and Lenny while taking them towards the Celtic support for deserved adulation and both chucked their boots into the crowd.



You had me excited there-I thought they were gonna throw Lawwell into the crowd!

As an aside,what do you-from a German point of view-think of this article?

And,can I get a German passport if I was born in Germany? British Military Hospital in Munster,while my Dad was seconded at RAF Gutersloh,an old haunt of our mate POGMATHONYAHUN. Seems I canny get an Irish one,not drank enough Guinness.

(Well,actually,they didn’t believe the figure I put down for that question)

Awe Naw


I don’t know mate I will ask


Where did you hear of the officials for Sunday?
Didn’t think they had released the line up yet. Don’t think that Dallas can run the line either. Has he done it before? I know he has been demoted from refereeing top flight games. They surely wouldnae give him a flag? Would they?


I will be interested to see how KT performs for Arsenal, once he is up to fitness. If he does very well in the EPL, then that would probably create interest in more of our players. Thinking Calmac and Kris Ajer. Neither of whom, I would be happy to lose in January or next summer. We know that Celtic do not replace players, like for like. Would concern me if more of our young talent was flogged down south.

Twists n turns

My son sent me a text this morning. I never thought to check. I’ll ask him where he got it from.

If he’s winding me up I’ll wring his ffffn neck

…. well I won’t actually he’s too big but you can wring his neck for me…..?

Twists n turns

Looks like the big shite was at the wind up… just to fffn wind ME up.

Apologies all. ?‍♂️


Just sounds too much of a wind up.
Dallas will probably have a flag on Sunday. It will be a red white and blue one, and he will be waving it in the Union Bears section of the Broomloan.


Just tell your lad,”Gonnae no dae that!” ?



I know what you are saying,and I too would much prefer that the EPL and others were unaware of our players.

But that isn’t going to happen,so in that case Mahe is correct that the better our former players do,the more our current players may be valued.

For instance,we got £12m for Virgil plus another £6.3m for the 10% sell-on clause. But even at £20m he was a snip at the time. So we didn’t drive the best deal.

We did get £20m for Moussa. And if he wasn’t a £40m striker,then I know nothing about football. He’s already being touted as twice even that,so that will be another player let go on the cheap. At £80m,we will get less than a third of that overall.

Kieran,£25m? When a full-back with one lousy year’s experience goes to Man Utd for double that? Arsenal get offered £275m for him,we might get that same £50m in time. I’m not holding my breath.

Stop with the sell-on crap,get the value on the spot.

It seems that we have our own king of the deal at Celtic Park,and like the one in The White House,he is fooling enough people to just about get away with it.


Just to cheer us all up…

Btw,Sutton was definitely offside for the first goal. The Aplha and the Omega of a thrashing!

So it is Madden. Frank Connor, a definite Celtic supporter is on the line. However he was on the line at the ICT game in 2015! Collum is 4th official


Officials for Sunday ‘official ‘
Madden ref.
Connor linesman
Stewart linesman
Collum 4th official


Agree with you, but what is the use of selling our best players for high fees, just to see that money rest in our PLC bank account. I would prefer to see our best young talent remain, than to see their transfer fee in our balance sheet.

Mike in Toronto


If he’s too big to cuff, at least send him to bed without any supper.


I remember saying that Sutton was offside for the first goal, and getting pelters for it from my pals. When the ball was played through, He was on the goal line with one defender, behind the keeper. Clearly offside.

But, even after seeing the replay (and even to this day) some pals refuse to accept he was offside. A rare form of blindness that seems to afflict football fans.

But, we are owed a few calls, so I didn’t lose any sleep over it. And I don’t think it would have a made a difference that day, in any event. They were going to get pumped that day.



It’s not resting there,and that’s the problem. It’s squatting,and refusing to move!



I usually watched the games-including that one-with hun mates. Anytime we got a decision our way,like the Sutton one,or the Butcher goal in the 89? final,I would cheerfully commiserate at the standard of officialdom,know what you mean lads,I see it all the time.

Drives them nuts.


I believe that Frank Connor is a Tim from Shotts. Do you know him? Was he ever questioned on him missing that ICT handball?


Happy anniversary and happy awfuckwurfuckeditsliquidation day.

Can’t help thinking that wiki need to up their game on some of this content though.


Sutton was onside. Two hun defenders on line with him. ?


Twists n Turns
I hate the expression bring back the thunder.
It was never anything more than a cheap advertising slogan and has about as much truth as our other classic of More than a Club.
Both of the above slogans certainly apply to the fans .
The only time i remember it was the victory against Barca when a defensive victory was heralded by a thunderous support throughout.
Neil Lennon’s style of play is never rip roaring or thunderous.
The present club is just another corporate profit vehicle.


If Sutton was offside and Wallace onside it shows how poorly trained the linesmen were.
They have one cooking job and thats to stay inline with last defender and look straight across park.
I someone is off raise flag.
Remember big Sammy been given offside in draw with the huns and fat cheat linesman who was miles behind the play raising flag despite the fact Sammy was 2 yards onside.
Some huns just can’t help themselves.

Garry, I know him. He rarely comes into the pub nowadays. I wasn’t there when he did come in but apparently he got roasted for it! Can’t remember what his excuse was. His father, also Frankie, would be turning in his grave. He is very pally with Dallas jnr. Dallas snr. was brought up in Shotts. I knew him too.


Lenny said in his post match interview on Sunday, that he hoped to have 3 players signed by Tuesday, take them to Stockholm on Thursday, and be ready for Ibrox on Sunday. Anyone heard anything?

‘Frank’ Connor was and always is, known as ‘Frankie’ in his hometown. Dallas snr. advised him early in his ref. career to be known as Frank. It sounded less Timmy was the rumoured reason.


Do you think Frankie is a mason? Given, he is friends with the Dallas pair.

I have often wondered about that Garry. But I don’t know the answer.

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