Groundhog day,,, again.

So here we go round the Mulberry bush again and again, there is a saying that it’s Ok to make mistakes as long as you learn from them, obviously oor Pedro has never heard of it.
It’s abundantly clear judging by this transfer window that Lenny has told the club that he is heading for pastures new, China maybes.
Why else has he not been backed ?
The bottom line is we should all be down on our knees thanking Pedro for protecting the club,,, we should all be grateful that we have lots of cash in the bank and are not going to go bust like them across the city !
You know who I mean !
Thems who should be dead and buried but are now breathing down our necks.

Window after window it’s the same farce,, year after year the CL qualifiers are the same,,they do not change and we do not prepare for them.
If it wasn’t such a dereliction of duty on the part of the board it would be funny, but it’s far from funny, we are handing them a lifeline that they don’t deserve.
Never in a thousand years do they deserve any help, but they are getting it from everyone connected in the game.
Why,,, because the bottom line is we want them around,,we want the competition,, we don’t really care about Europe anymore.
We have been pumped out of Europe four times in the past six seasons by clubs with way less finances that we have.
That is not the ambitions of a club that wants to compete in Europe at the highest level.

I honestly don’t know why we are whinging and moaning about things.
The boards ambition was set out the day Pedro offered Lenny the job in the showers.
He was appointed because the board knew that he wouldn’t demand new signings.
He was brought in because he will do what he is told and accept what he is given.
Which at the end of the day is totally against all financial reasoning.
I will say this again and again, and I will make no apologies for keeping repeating it,,
we are in the top sixty clubs on the planet income wise.
The top sixty !
Take away the elite clubs and the English ones we are in a very unique position.
We have financial clout that is not afforded to many clubs, yet we act like a two bit amateur outfit,, we scramble about for cheap buys and when we don’t pay the going rate we grub about at the end of the window hoping to get other less well off clubs cast off. Aye, we sure don’t act like a well run financially secure top sixty club.

Any more players in at this stage won’t really be worth having in my opinion, we have spent what we intended to spend, the £12m at the start of the window is our lot.
Oh and it shows that when needed we can bring in players at the start of the window.
Cast your minds back to the start of the window,,, we were told by our leader that the squad was fine and didn’t need overhauling,,, a couple of additions was what was required.
That should have given us the clue that all this ranting and raving is pointless.
So on that note, I will desist from any more ranting and take my leave, all I am doing is getting myself worked up and raising my blood pressure when I have been told, I should have paid heed to what our guru told us, the team is fine,,, a couple of additions is the lot, like it or lump it and keep giving us your money.
No, we have a wee bit of breaking news, I see we have signed a RB on loan from Stoke, there are rumours that there is an option to buy but as yet haven’t had any official proof, will he be any good, who knows.
And we have more breaking news, the planets biggest bunch of arseholes are being sanctioned again for being Huns.
If there is a more stupid collective than the Huns I have yet to find them in my sixty plus years on this planet,,, eff them all,,, the sooner they die the better for society at large.

The above article is by The Exiled Tim. If you wish the front page and we will publish and debate.

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I’m very disappointed in the above article. The tag line of the site is “Calling It Straight”

Mealy-mouthed,punches pulled,beating about the bush articles like yours are not what we expect on here(!)

Or to put it another way…




I think I read the comment you referred to earlier. Oh,he sure nailed him,didn’t he? I haven’t laughed so much at a comment on there since,well,since it became virtually impossible to access.



Wish I could laugh my good mhan.

It’s all too much.

But it had to come to this.

But in the spirit of things, …… HT deserves a statue for that. Expose the *&*&%$$ £*&£?&*£££


If you’re looking in, the work of the CSA is outstanding, and crucial.
Anyone that rallies against it is NO fucking Celtic Supporter. You know that of course.

So, like BMCUW, I really, REALLY, enjoyed your cameo on PLQN.

Twists n turns

Morning all

Catching up -comment on previous thread re EPL – Burnley – Bolton- Sky – money- sustainability.

( think it was Mario B)

I’ve said for some time now in conversation with friends and family, it’s not if, it’s when the bubble bursts.

Greed allied to technology will be the undoing of all of them.
What’s the sky subscription at present? Depending on your customised package it’ll be £50 to £90 month? Fair assessment?

That means £600 to £1000 per annum per household.

If I take my family as an example :

4 kids – 5 households in total meaning £3k to £5k on Sky. That WAS the situation up until 3 months ago.

NOW? Just me buying – and that’ll only be until my contract is up and I’ll be cancelling and joining the rest of the family, ALL of whom now have a jail broken fire stick and enjoy every channel I have, plus hundreds more. Sky, BT, Celtic tv, the racing channels, you name it.

They all paid the £35 for the fire stick and £60 to have it loaded. There are tens of thousands joining them, and it’s NOT illegal I’m reliably informed. One of our more tech savvy posters, Awe Naw or Mags perhaps could confirm or explain that to me.

Now outside of that family circle, I’ve just counted up , very quickly from the top of my head, another 11 I know who have done the same. It’s spreading like wildfire, and it’s bound to be having an effect on Sky, BT and the rest.

How long before the numbers of subscribers drops by 1 million, 5 million, 10 million?

Multiply that by the annual subscription and it can’t fail to kill them.

If it does? Good.

It used to be “ we will go to yours for the game, or the pub, or Joe Bloggs’ “

Soon EVERYONE will have a fire stick. Me included.

Sadly, it’ll mean more clubs go the wall initially, but they’ll have played a big part in their own demise.

big packy

MORNING ALL, ffs the exiled tim get aff that fence? cracking post, but k watch your blood pressure, they bassas are not worth getting worked up for, shower of tory bassas.hh.

Twists n turns

I’ve tried to view it – I simply can’t. My page just bounces everywhere as adverts load. I get maximum of 15 secs reading and it jumps away from the section I was reading. I tried earlier again but no good.

Like yourself I was a reader and contributor but find it too frustrating now. Not worth the hassle. It’s a shame. I met some nice people through CQN. I remember the Kano night. I spent time with a lot of good Bhoys . I then went to Blackpool for the weekend with a crowd of them. Vmhan organised it. Great guy. Brendan and Marc- Moonbeams – PF Malorbhoy – i cant remember all the names now but great crowd.

Kitalba – went out his way to post stuff to me from Oz. Wouldn’t even take the postage money. Insisted on just a donation to charity.

I’ll be with PF all day and then at the evening races tomorrow. As I say, that was through CQN.

I wish some of them would post here . As I say, it’s not that I deserted CQN – I just can’t bloody use it!!

big packy

UBER AND TWISTY, I concur about celtic board news, adverts everywhere and the venom being spouted just unbelievable, as uber said it was nice to see Hamilton tim on, now all we need is tony donnelly???


DuckDuckGo browser and Adblock Plus, never had a problem on Android.

big packy

ok tonight is the start of maybe defining our season, whats was that movie with bette davis, where she says fasten your seatbelts its gonna be a bumpy ride, by the way im too young to have seen bette davis, jimthetim told me about her.?

Twists n turns

Since this site is “ straight to the point” – in addition to TET’s leader- here’s another “ straight to the point” article

I think the firesticks are legal, I can’t see Amazon selling them otherwise, I paid $40 for mine and my young fella loaded it for me, the Mrs loves it, she gets all the American pish before it hits the UK screens, I am surprised that in this day and age more people don’t have one.

The huns get done for racist singing at their first and third europa games, they must have been awfy good in their second round tie I suppose and never sang anything untoward, then I see this………..comment image
Edit….Then I discover it’s no true 😉

I just checked the SFA website. Still not a thing about UEFA & TRFC. Silence is golden.

The problem is, the SFA are under no pressure from the clubs in Scotland. They are all from the same caste. Strict Liability is not wanted in Scotland because the clubs don’t want it. I wonder why?

Twists n turns

Totally random question- and I’m putting this one out to Jim and MIT

Why those 2?

You build an image in your head don’t you, of who you’re communicating with – the type of character, their thought processes and it strikes me that these two will have a theory on this:

Click bait:

Specifically – why do I encourage these fekkers? Give them the hits?

So you see a headline ( made up example)

“ Celtic beat opposition to sign £80m valued , in demand superstar, on 4 year deal”

Now I know that’s never gonna happen. You know it too. We all know it.

I’m not clicking on that……


No I’m not doing it…..

Don’t do it……

Remember Father Dougal on the aeroplane? Ted telling him not to press the button….. but Dougal hovers over it, and hovers , and hovers….

That’s me.

Can’t resist, I’m hitting the button

“ AH YA BASHTURTS- it’s the Boston Celtics”

What’s in my psyche that I can’t resist hitting that button?

I need help – and I’ve chosen you two to help me ?

hi Twists and Uber et al, I did comment re: English lower teams going to the wall? Could believe epl rep. stating that their takeover checks were not up to standard.
went onto cqn this morning absolutely shocking there is no reasonable discussion. Just people shooting each other down, sad decline in once great site, Paul needs to get a grip and bring the site back up as an important Celtic go to site. Even HT got shot Down in flames, after not been on in ages. There is a bad feeling about that site at present. I truly do hope that they can get their mojo back.

Twists, got bitten by that one also.Foggers??

bada bing1

Ormani Cluj striker, £3m is the rumour

bada bing1

At least we will have Eddie’s replacement in, before we sell him….

Twists n turns

Hi bud

I couldn’t comment much on the quality of CQN as I can’t get enough time to read a thread before my page turns into zebedee on speed.

I know there are some quality guys on there – and some wonderful charity efforts . Hamilton Tim I never met but he is very well regarded by people who I do know have met him.

I think I met Hamilton Tim’s good lady at the Kano night but I’m not 100% certain. I definitely met CRC’s other half and they were a very nice couple.

I lost touch with The Token Tim too which I’m annoyed about because he was a proper gent.

I first joined CQN a wee while after it starts. I arranged to go to Glasgow one day to meet a few of the Bhoys in a boozer. McChuills or a name like that.

Out of the blue – I got a call from The token Tim telling me if I was staying over, he’d fix me up and pay for my room on his company points that he’d accumulated through his business travels. I’d never met the fella and he was kindly offering to help me out.

That kindness stuck with me and as I say, I lost touch with a few through phone changes and one thing and another.

Oldtim and I met a few times. Race meetings, pubs, with Blantyre Tim too, and those numbers lost as well.

BT was another always helping folks out. He made a point of introducing me to his dad, Tom Boyd, George McCluskey.

Was a special place in those early days. Seems like a lot of Bhoys losing their attachment to it nowadays.

TnT, I wouldn’t beat myself up about it. The newspapers only get a fraction of a penny per hit as far as I know. I go on to News Now – Celtic several times a day. Once registered you can opt out of seeing the ‘click bait’ sites. I only get genuine Celtic blogs and national newspapers coming up. I tend to go for the blogs. If I have to, I will click on a newspaper. We know they can have a slant, but I can see that a mile off and discount it. Maybe 70% unbiased truth in the article. I don’t mind the Guardian, good newspaper.


The Exiled Tim
Well said!
I share your frustration and sentiment.
We are heading at high speed into the disaster zone.
Maybe our board know that football is f#cked and they are scooping up as much loot into their large pockets before the crash comes?
Gave up trying to make sense out of their strategy years ago.

It’s so sad to see cqn turning into what it is today, when it started it was by a country mile the best blog on the net, it’s gone from
2000 to 3000 posts a day to 200 to 300, that is a hell of a drop in a few short years, the reason I stopped posting there was any time I criticized the board I was rounded on, there was no reasoned argument against anything I said, just shot down for my beliefs, it’s getting worse by the day, HT & CRC posted about yer man having a go at posters who held different beliefs and questioned their mental health, MiT called him out for the same thing the other week as did Father Jack, a blog shouldn’t be like that, there is a group who want to police the blog for their own ends, it totally stifles debate and it’s going to die a death if it carries on the way it’s going, say anything against the board you are called a hun, you are told you are not a Celtic supporter, the irony is that the head in the sand brigade are the exact same as the head in the sand brigade over at the huns, had they had posters who questioned their board they would never have died, I am not saying that is gonna happen to us, but we will never progress from the realms of the Old Firm with the cap doffers in control, thankfully the support are starting to waken from their slumber.


I saw the post by Hamilton Tim to Burnley on CQN and thought it was measured and gave context to why Burnley often personally and aggressively attacks Celtic fans with differing views(ie they don’t toe the party line.)
The fact that the moderators allow him to do such speaks volumes.
Hamilton Tim gave no personal or company details so was respectful.
I can say while i never commanded much attention on there the moderators frequently allowed certain favored posters to become very personal in their attacks on me with little repercussion.
If a good poster like Auldheid or The Battered Bunnet had vilified me or negated my drivel i would have had some introspection in the knowledge that they disagreed and had no agenda for personal vilification .
For others that was clearly not the case and have always wondered of their motivation and facilitation by that blog and its moderators?


So, what is being said in essence, is that CQN is pro-Board, and Sentinel Celts therefore by definition is anti-Board? Discuss.


Not all on CQN are pro board though many are.
My point was that there seems to be an editorial decision to allow pro board posters free reign to personally attack dissenters who do not toe the party line.
I left CQN after many years due to the differing standards applied to posters.
I did not join Sentinel Celts for any agenda.
I joined simply because it was a Celtic forum that could debate without agenda,rancour and malice.
I personally think the Celtic board are detrimental to growth, well being and ethical standards of our clubs founders.

CQN used to be the go to blog for debate, there was never any playing the man, anyone who disagreed with you always gave reasons for it, now it’s you are a hun, you are never a Celtic supporter, there is no discussion, that and the adverts are killing the blog, I believe this site was set up as a pro Celtic site, the fact that the present board are making a complete bollix of their position of strength will in effect make this site anti board.


TeT , well said above. Cant argue with that. Just hope they are actually leaving but not the Glaziers ffs.

Happy Thors day,, who knew a marvel super hero would get one seventh of the week named after him.

There will be a quiz 8pm Belfast time this Saturday,,,please attend and show your support.

Up the Hoops.
Hail Hail


I think we as a blog need to move away from discussing Cqn.


Were not anti board were just Celtic fans talking politely.
If we get good operators we will praise to the hilt.
Pedro is a great accountant,,just want him to stay away from footie decisions.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw


The Token Tim is family. If you ever need/want to get in touch with him let me know

What you all didn´t realise is that CQN died the day I was red carded and I decided not to contest it. It will not return to its former glories until I am royally pardoned 🙂

Only kidding … you gotta let this CQN fixation go guys. There is a medical name for this condition Pensioner Internet Starting Syndrome

Awe Naw, I have that P.I.S.S. condition. I am all night with it.

Awe Naw

Q) Why do nursing homes give Viagra to pensioners every night?
A: It keeps them from rolling out of bed!

The women too?

big packy

AFTERNNOON ALL that’s me finished for the day, joan let me go at 2, she is staying till 4, which will give her time to get to the shops for my beer for later, and get the spuds and some nice fresh scotch mince beef, so she can cook my tatties and mince when she comes in, I do hope she will be ok getting the bus home and carrying all that shopping, as I took the car, well I had a bag of crisps to carry.hh,


The abrogation of responsibility.
Could be our next catchy slogan.
Our CEO is happy to take the plaudits for our finances and domestic success but noticeably absent at our recruitment failings and dismal European record.
The stage managed agm will reinforce such
Our coach likewise has been happy to receive praise but very quick and condescending to berate fans who are less than adoring .
Refused to accept tactical failings and points blame at players.
Contradicts his own statements often.
Our players leave responsibility to Brown who at least apologized for his role in us being knocked out of Champions league.
Others could have taken charge but no one stepped up.
If we seem like a rudderless ship at times that’s because we are.
We are reactionary both on and off the field and that suits the abrogation of responsibility running through our club.

You’ve got a hard life Packy.


I agree that CQN was the go to site in the early days of Celtic blogging. Further, no other site has reached that level of brand preference. I remember the excitement of the Craig Bellamy “transfer” saga in particular.

There are still very good and insightful posters on the site…The Battered Bunnet is one that I always read. The original theme of the blog was ….”not lazy journalism….” Sadly, it has evolved into the creature that it was designed to counteract. I am reminded of the Wheel of Retailing where a new retailer emerges to counteract the complacency of established retailers. Ultimately the new retailer becomes complacent and is challenged by an innovator, and so the wheel continues to turn. As has been pointed out the problem is the lack of diversity on the blog, shaped to a degree by the editorials. To be blunt the same accusation could be laid at the door of this blog. There is a unity of view emerging and that is not healthy. There is only so many times that I want to read that the Board is screwing me over. In my opinion that is a threat to the value of this blog. However, I am pleased that so far there is little in the way of personal attacks but I am saddened that some with alternative views have fled the blog….even although I usually disagreed with their POV.

Perhaps what we see is the inevitable settling of a blog to its point of equilibrium.


big packy

JIM,,glad you agree, a womans place is in the kitchen,,,but for goodness sake don’t tell joan that?? how are you today.hh.


Big Packy
Hope your missus disnae read this site or the old yir dinners in the dug mantra might apply.

Good post.


Rebus there are very few Peter or board defenders anywhere now to debate with. General argument is he gets blame for everything and I accept that.
However after 15 years or so I think it suits everyone to depart.
If as suspected they depart soon then watch me give the new guys a clean slate and some trust until broken if ever.
I think we on here react to events rather than having a preset disposition .
New board and clean slate is needed.
Rekindle the romance time.
Hope all well in Newfie
Hail Hail

big packy

FAN-A-TIC, there is not a chance she would go and get my beer and groceries, and then get the bus home, no ive got to get my own beer and cook my own dinner,,sad really??? whats the scoreline tonight, god im getting nervous now, ill blinking need a beer soon,hh.

Awe Naw


No advertising on here

The winner is Sentinelcelts

Awe Naw

All other blogs can be accused of having alternative reasons for being in existence. NOT HERE


Big Packy
I am a little worried about tonight as i think we lack the mental strength to cope with adversity.
In the first leg the centre of the park was a black hole for us with every second or 50/50 ball falling to our opponents.
Jozo and Julien held firm but not sure we are capable of the same away.
The midfield set up will be crucial in denying them time and space to exploit our fragile defense.
Also our spacing is to erratic and affords time and space to opposition.
We need to be more compact and stop chasing lost causes.

big packy

FAN-A-TIC, yes think the midfield will be crucial as will the defence.hh.

mike in toronto

Twists & Turns wrote:

“Totally random question- and I’m putting this one out to Jim and MIT

Why those 2?

You build an image in your head don’t you, of who you’re communicating with – the type of character, their thought processes and it strikes me that these two will have a theory on this:

Click bait:

Specifically – why do I encourage these fekkers? ”

Got to that part, and thought …. ‘wow, that’s harsh! I know TnT doesnt always agree with me, but calling me and JIm fekkers… that’s a bit harsh…’

was about to write back, ‘who you calling a fekkker, ya big mug’. and was about to hit send, but then I read to the end of the article …. phew…glad I didnt hit send. …


ps…. if Father Ted cant save you, then I’m not sure what you think Jim or I could do …


Awe Naw

So are the huns capable of shutting their stupid mouths or are they so deranged that they will fire into UEFA´s Catholics tonight.

Has Ladbrokes opened up a book ?

I go for being quiet little mice.

mike in toronto

Awe Naw

speaking of the other place, and its tendency to look for huns under the bed … you have just outed yourself, sir ….

no real tim would ask for a royal pardon … they would seek a papal dispensation.

do we still get 5 pounds on SC as well? If not, I may flounce.

(do we do flounces on SC?)

so, many questions….


Good stuff fholks. It’s always good to consider alternative views. I agree with Awe Naw: time to let it go and move on. Discuss, debate your own ideas without referring to other blogs. Very pleased to see tactics being outlined: thanks Fan-a-tic, have missed the insightful comments. Quite impressed with the new Bhoy’s presser, let’s hope he can walk the walk too, not tonight obviously. Here’s hoping that NL has learned from the Cluj match.

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