We are 1 !

So a year today our groups journey began.

It has flown in to be honest .
We didn’t really know what we were getting into and we always figured there would be help from somewhere and things would turn out okay.
We both agreed a new place was needed , and so it has proved .
I never realised how many emails we would be exchanging ,,, think speed dial or fav contacts ,,, we must be looking at a thousand or the guts of it ,, but its all been really worthwhile and it has all came together with a bit of help as hoped for.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better bunch of posters to cyber high five ,, and initiatives such as Twists Naps with an inhouse made prize show the blog is taking on a life of its own now.
For that to happen within a year is fantastic going to all involved.
We have almost seen our dream come true of a different poster a day with 4 alternative scribes one week which I believe makes us unique in that you never know who you are going to get on any given day ,, a pleasant surprise I hope. We will hit the 6 ! ( Sundays are rest days )

The archives now have a solid year of work stacked away in there easy accessible and Im very proud of the fact that some no ones have managed to throw together what is a successful blog. No one can ever take that away from us all .
Perhaps one day we will have the strength to actually influence events and until then we call out almost daily across cyberspace for more recruits.
I think the mix of posters is a real bonus from the scientific Rebus to the analytic Fan-a-tic right down to Fairhill’s cryptic one liners with an emoji that you have no idea what its supposed to be.
The scribe , the rambler, the professional mind , the prankster , the expat , the local,,,we’ve got them all and more.
Food , dog’s , driving routes , birds , bars , music ,,, all a normal week in this joint.
Highlights include an email saying “ I swear to f#@k if Awe Naw harvested my data ,,,, “
And also interviewing Dani the Brisbane Roar player as its close to the old heart for me.
No politics and fighting is a great feat , pat yourselves on the back.
To be told you’ve got yourselves a nice community here and I feel at home is a great honour.

Finally well done Neil and the team. 4 to 1 away from home is to be congratulated . The Europa group stages it is.

Tomorrow will see a special announcement .

It will also see a quiz at 8pm Celtic Park time.
You’re the finest Sentinels I’ve ever known . Proud to be among you.
Respect and Hail Hail from Mahe.
Happy Birthday.

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Ooooops,I thought the birthday celebrations were tomorrow! I’ll put in my tuppenceworth of gratitude to our congregation along with the usual weekend match preview.

Meantime,here’s a review of last night’s match along with a list of the possibles for the draw later today.

It’s been a highly satisfactory eight days for Celtic fans as we completed another treble-hopefully on our way to a quadruple! And hopefully we are seeing some of our recent signings settle in to the side,now that they are getting some game time.

It often takes a player a few games to get up to speed with his new environment,and I’d like to think that there is more to come on that front. But I have two words of advice to Maryan Schved,who apparently doesn’t impress so much in training as he does in competitive matches. Tony Watt. So get yer finger out your arse,son. Knuckle down and get the job done and The Hooooops donned.

Back to last night’s fare. We had definitely set ourselves up with a good chance to qualify when we won 2-0 last week against Swedish champions AIK Stockholm. We knew that if we scored,they would need to score four to qualify. Lenny seemed to have that at the front of his mind with the following team selection…


Ajer, Bitton, Jullien, Boli

Brown, McGregor;

Forrest, Christie, Johnston ,


Subs: Hazard, Ralston, Hayes, Ntcham, Morgan, Bayo, Griffiths

And while there definitely looked to be goals in that side,I was a tad concerned about the other end,if I’m honest. The Swedes clearly thought so too as they took the game to us from the off. In fact,they even hit the post inside the first ten minutes. Fortunately I was asleep-Mahe kindly posted a match replay a couple of hours ago-or I’d have been diving behind the settee!

Then James Forrest stepped up to the plate,as he has so often in recent seasons particularly. He picked the ball up deep and ran at the defence. Cutting inside,he played a smart one-two with I Wanna and calmly chipped the ball home with his left foot. His standing foot,as some people call it. He seems to have been working on it for some time,though he’s not yet at the Lubo stage!

We took over for a while after that until they hit us on the break and Boli had a blonde moment! Sorry,but that was a shocker. Penalty to them,and with Craig Gordon in goal,that was the equaliser on the night. We were stunned and crawled back into our shells for,oh,about thirty seconds. Michael Johnston took on half of their team single-handed,leaving them and everyone else with twisted blood,before cutting it back. Their full back Linter also had a twisted brain,didn’t know what to do,and ended up putting the ball through his own goal.

2-1 to us at half time and tie over,truth be told. So was the game as any form of show,though we scored two crackers late on to really rub it in. A run and cut back from Ryan Christie being converted by Jullien followed by a header from Lewis Morgan who got his diminutive frame on to a cross from James Forrest-it looked like he’d used a sand wedge to chip it to the far post!

A satisfactory night in many ways,but I personally feel that we have issues at the back which MUST be dealt with. I won’t repeat them,I’ve mentioned them often enough already. I’ve also mentioned that Kris Ajer,though performing very well in an unfamiliar right back role,is picking up injuries there that he didn’t while playing centre half. And so it was last night,as we lost him to a groin strain after only fifteen minutes. That’s a worry for Sunday,for sure.

But that’s for Sunday,we have another important date in our diaries-and it’s today! The Europa League draw. Here is who is in it and how the seedings work out.

Pot 1

FC Porto
AS Roma
Manchester United
Dynamo Kiev
FC Basel
Sporting Lisbon
CSKA Moscow
VfL Wolfsburg

Pot 2

PSV Eindhoven
FK Krasnodar
FC Copenhagen
Sporting Braga
Borussia Monchengladbach
FK Astana
Young Boys
Ludogorets Razgrad
APOEL Nicosia
Eintracht Frankfurt

Pot 3

Saint Etienne
Partizan Belgrade
Standard Liege
Wolverhampton Wanderers
Stade Rennes
Istanbul Basaksehir

Pot 4

AZ Alkmaar
Vitoria Guimaraes
FC Oleksandriya
F91 Dudelange
FC Lugano
Slovan Bratislava
CFR Cluj

I think there might be as many as 512 permutations amongst that lot-the bad news for AWENAW is that none of them include Frankfurt. Taking out the possible draws which would include two teams from the same country,I dunno how many it is! At first glance,I think it’s 5x6x6 so 180.

I would like to see us drawn against Wolfsburg-my mate’s got a VW Passat which is belching fumes and he can take it back to them. Our old friends at Rennes would be nice-we can invite Stokesie and Georgios to relive possibly their finest night at Celtic Park. Olegsandriya would be nice too. I’ve never been to Ukraine!

What’s your choice,folks? Or disnae matter,it’s European football till Christmas at least. Or disnae matter,it’s not the Champions League? Look on the bright side-with last night’s excellent victory,the Hootenanny on 21/9 will no longer be in competition with the Kilmarnock game at Celtic Park. It will be hangovers the following day which are in competition with that game!!!

Twists n turns

Congratulations to you , to Mick and the background Bhoys who brought this fine blog to life. I didn’t actually realise that was a year up. Time flies indeed!

Upwards and onwards to greater things.

This coming year will be a very important one for both this board, and another board. Yes, THAT board.

The 10 v the 55.

The difference of course is that one of those goals is real, and one should’ve been set by Aesop. 10 v 1 would have been accurate. 55 is a fable in the minds of the gullible and the compliant. On Sunday, we will see a demonstration of how far the MIB and his cohorts are willing to go to see the 1 racked up.

That they even have a chance to influence the outcome of the title this season is a reflection of our boards under performing in their roles whilst in a position to become Celtic legends themselves. They may yet achieve something, but it’s more likely to be infamy.

In boxing parlance, up until about a year ago, the new RFC were lightweights taking on heavyweights. In 12 contests that amounts to 144 rounds. It’s not unfair to say they managed to draw 2 rounds of the 144.
Now? They go into Sunday with at least an even money chance.

To get to the stage where they are favourites in such a short space of time is purely and simply down to negligence and incompetence with a dollop of greed and selfishness thrown in.

Make no mistake, this battle on Sunday is massive for both fighters. There are only two possible outcomes. It’ll either be a points draw or a victory for one fighter. If there’s a loser and it’s us? It’s potentially a KO that they won’t recover from under this management team, and I don’t just mean Lenny and Damien when I say ‘management team’

Interesting year ahead for both SC and CFC. I hope it’s a very successful one for both.



Cheers,old bean!

Funny you should say that-here’s my first article from just short of a year ago.

Deja vu all over again…



Btw,I’ll mail BT shortly re OLDTIM67. He has changed his number and mail addy,I think. Need to see if he can make at least the early part of 21/9.

I’ll copy you in,of course.

Celtic Champs Elect

Many happy returns to the sentinel celts a fantastic blog with excellent posters .

Looking forward to the draw today for some reason I think we might draw Roma

Off to Hamilton racing today with 16 clients looking forward to it good food sparkling water for me as it’s my yearly tee total 3 months sabbatical and hopefully some winners for the ladies at the table

Have a great weekend all

Twists n turns

I’m at Hamilton too today. Gl bud. Gee the bookies laldy!!

Twists n turns


That’ll do me ?

St Etienne

Fairhill Bhoy

Mahe,bmcuwp-happy anniversary bhoys ?
Heading to Florida this afternoon so should be fresh for the quiz tomorrow ?



Three months every year? Blinkin’ flip,shoot me now-I struggle wi two days a week,and that’s only because of work getting in the way.

Have a great day at the races,sounds like you are in good company. And thank you for the good wishes for the site and also for your contributions. Keep them coming,old son!

Stewards Enquiry-two days a week is more than three months a year. Hell,I’m turning into a part-timer. It’ll be half pints next…

Celtic Champs Elect

Thanks Bobby I do it every year it’s pretty easy for me as I only drink burgundy red wine and the odd peroni

I am off to Paris/Dijon /Macon in October for 10 days to stock on on some nice burgundies so will be visiting a number of the nice domaines I like corton volnay to name a few

TaT I will have a shout out for you from George Bowie gbx anthems once the disco starts you will know who I am as there will be a que of ladies waiting to speak to us :-))))


Re. today’s EL draw, it would be great to get Wolfsburg, Wolves & Wolfsberger in the same group.

Twists n turns

When the music starts after racing I’ll be back in the Cricklewood in Bothwell .

You in hospitality today I guess?

Twists n turns

If you’re in the hospitality, throw a few bread rolls out to the poor people standing out in the rain. When you see my two pals, you’ll probably want to throw a few extra actually. ?

One is 6ft 6 tall and the other 6ft 6 wide. I’m the one in the middle at a perfect 6ft 1” with muscular physique. ?



The long and the tall and the short?

And I wouldnae argue wi any of the tree of yeez!



Bring back some mustard! Should you happen to find a decent drop at,say,€2 a bottle,let them know that I have a rather large vehicle less than 80 miles from the southern ports. Can carry two tonnes at a push. I can borrow bigger if needed!

Otherwise I’ll stick to THEEXILEDTIM’s recommendations. He has a swimming pool outside his cave,you know. And I think he is using it wrongly. Although if he filled it up with what I would fill it up with-plus a long straw-you would be unable to see the mosaic Celtic crest. We all have to make sacrifices…



You got a bird over there or summat?

Thanks for the good wishes. Have a great flight and I do believe that the quiz is a three o’clock kick off your time. On a Saturday. Won’t see many of them this side of Christmas.

big packy

MORNING ALL, big shout out to mick and stevie for giving us this platform to share our love of celtic, my word how time flys, a year since the blog was started,,hapy birthday sentinel celts.hh, as for the draw don’t care who we get, we are in Europe till Christmas at least that will do me.hh.

Fairhill Bhoy

Bmcuwp-cheers Mick ?
Weather isn’t looking to good in Florida so I will find a bar with wifi and hope for easy questions ?
You and mahe have created a good place with a lot of good contributors,look forward to buying you both a beer next month ?

Feliz Cumpleanos Sentinel Celts, I hope there is many more to come.
Am no bothered either way who we draw.
Right, things do do and little time to do them, laters.

Happy Birthday Sentinelcelts. It couldn’t fail with Mahe and Bobby at the helm!

Awe Naw

Happy Birthday Sentinel Celts

Thank you BMCUWP Mahe and Mags Mc Gill for all your efforts.

With regards today’s article .. what do you mean if ?

So we cant get Eintracht that´s a shame

OK I want central European draws so that we can go to the games and minimize time off work. Unless we draw some sunshiney Portuguese or Spanish teams then I will take a wee break. Wife becomes very interested in the draw from this perspective

Wolfsburg, Basel
Feyenoord, Liege, Malmo
F91 Dudelange, AZ Alkmaar, Wolfsberger, Linz

Any of that lot will do me. I bet we get none of them

Awe Naw


Thanks. Maths that´s my area too. My religion actually.

When you look at the teams in todays Europa League Draw it’s hard to imagine it’s the 2nd grade Euro competition! So many big teams and famous names. Historical teams we have come across since the 1960s! Teams who have played in the European cup and Champions League many times. It’s really only in pot 4 I get left wondering “who are they?”

A thing of beauty

Happy birthday to the sentinel celts. Well done to bmcuwp, mahe and mags for the site and TET for his regular articles. He thinks like me!! I don’t mind telling you I was not in agreement with bmcuwp about starting the site as I felt it was disrespectful to another blog he posted on. He explained the reasons to me, in that it was disrespectful to post his views on a site he no longer was in accordance with and I have to say he was right. I am not as harsh on the suits as he is but it is clear to see that the structure at Celtic park does not allow for proper checks and balances on our executives. That is not right and we have to start somewhere to ensure better governance.
Garry and TNT from last night. I stand by my thoughts on Boli and julienne but it’s good to have different view points. Healthy even, which takes me back to the start of my post and brings me to CCE. I hope you continue giving us your views. As I said we need balance and sometimes we can get a bit down so a bit of optimism is not unwelcome.

Awe Naw

THG was at the bigotdome last night in with the ultras and on the megaphone


Just scrolling around the Celtic sites as I do, and see it’s y’ere first Anniversary. So just like to express my admiration for the huge effort ye have put in, Congratulations to all involved & every good wish for the future.

Oh Dear what a shame………;-) Now that is what you call a Treble……………..

Could have to play behind closed doors, hopefully.


One Year already! A lot has been packed into that year and I, for one, am very glad that BMCUWP and Mahe have taken the time to give this space to us.

Today I hope to persuade the Rebusette to just get in the sports car and drive! We need a break even if there are things that should be done.




Great stuff,mate. Hit them lakes. Or wherever takes your fancy.

Awe Naw

was there any notable sectarian chanting at the bigotdome last night ?



Thanks are definitely due to MAGS,and also to a number of other people. I’ve already written tomorrow’s piece-well,much of it-which explains the genesis of the site.

Oh,get me!

Mahe and I wouldn’t have had the foggiest about how to do it. We are very grateful indeed-and fortunate!-to know people who can. They are the guys who gave us a leg up and more.


Awe Naw
I have no idea what uefa deem as racist or sectarian, but imo Derry’s Walls and the Sash are anti Catholic so yes is the answer.



None been reported as far as I know. Though that is no surprise of course. It never is.

However,and again this bit is in tomorrow’s article,it proves that they CAN behave themselves. That the police and stewards can do their job.


Awe Naw


No fighting you two about how well behaved the huns at castle greyskull are 🙂

Apologies to Mags for omitting him from my appreciation earlier. I didn’t realise until Bobby’s post how much assistance he has given.

Twists n turns

My thanks to Mags also:

I referred to the background team in an earlier post and I thought it might be Mags but wasn’t 100%

Makes sense actually:

Awe Naw – Mags – IT – hacking – all adds up ?



The people who helped us out? We really couldn’t have done it without them,mate. MAGS,VFR and MIT to the fore. And that’s the problem,there were a fair few and I’m gonna be embarrassed for failing to mention them.

Also noteworthy are PAUL67 and RALPH MALPH who allowed us to put links to the site on CQN and e-Tims in the early days. In fact,RALPH still does so on occasion.

We could have been like a tree falling in a forest,but there always good people around,people who helped us be heard.

Philvis-style Thumbs-up all round.

Mike in Toronto


Which one of you two wants a big birthday kiss?

Mike in Toronto

… and I meant a birthday kiss from me … not the lovely Ms Grogan?!????

Good choice Mike, that’s my favourite Happy Birthday song. It’s so…………….HAPPY!

Mike in Toronto

Awe Naw … FFS … the first rule in the SC charter… and the number one thing that thing that distinguishes SC from all other blogs …


Mike in Toronto

For SC’s birthday, I wish you all have lots of cake and …



Interesting interview,this. About a guy with demons blowing up his world,I think. And coming out the other side.


I was at a party/pissup in a flat in Irvine about twenty years ago when someone put that album on. Music in such an occasion can normally be tuned out,you continue what you were doing. It’s noise,but background noise,white noise

Jesus,that was some night. Never go near Irvine on a Saturday night,that’s my advice.

Fairhill Bhoy

BMCUWP’s – that’s an impressive backing you’ve had to get Sc off the ground ?
Vfr?is that?



It is,mate. A grand lad,and no mistake. On a mission at the moment to drive the OO out of Glasgow,or at least make it impossible to allow them near any Catholic churches.

I promised him a certain Pink Floyd album to complete his vinyl collection. Hopefully I’ll remember it this time!

Btw,that wasn’t as a thank you for work done. It’s what you do for friends,and promised long beforehand. Same as what he did for us.

Awe Naw

Twists n turns

as I heard big brar was getting involved on the technical side of things I politely declined not to get involved.

anyway you have two emails.

One from the psychologist and one from the procurator fiscal



Not forgetting AWENAW who is harvesting all your data so that we can all become millionaires!

Obviously I’m joking,but we had a real tinfoil helmet on here about three months ago-as Mahe alludes to in the article. Some of his stuff was so completely WTF? He gained the honour of being our first and only person to be banned. We left most of his allegations up so that people would understand why he had to go.

His other stuff is in our admin. Bloody hell,dunno what’s going on in his universe.

Awe Naw


Re: Tin Foil Helmet

That’s the email from the psychologist. The sun reflecting intensely from his gargantuan cranium is giving the wife black eyes ………………………………………………….. seemingly



I was just listening to this album. Unfortunately it isn’t on YouTube in full,but the title track is.

So as cake goes,aye.




Blackeyes? Wasn’t that the slightly porno serial with Gina Bellman from…


Dennis Potter,I think. Oh,I’m on form. You guys are in trouble for the quiz!

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