We are 1 !

So a year today our groups journey began.

It has flown in to be honest .
We didn’t really know what we were getting into and we always figured there would be help from somewhere and things would turn out okay.
We both agreed a new place was needed , and so it has proved .
I never realised how many emails we would be exchanging ,,, think speed dial or fav contacts ,,, we must be looking at a thousand or the guts of it ,, but its all been really worthwhile and it has all came together with a bit of help as hoped for.

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better bunch of posters to cyber high five ,, and initiatives such as Twists Naps with an inhouse made prize show the blog is taking on a life of its own now.
For that to happen within a year is fantastic going to all involved.
We have almost seen our dream come true of a different poster a day with 4 alternative scribes one week which I believe makes us unique in that you never know who you are going to get on any given day ,, a pleasant surprise I hope. We will hit the 6 ! ( Sundays are rest days )

The archives now have a solid year of work stacked away in there easy accessible and Im very proud of the fact that some no ones have managed to throw together what is a successful blog. No one can ever take that away from us all .
Perhaps one day we will have the strength to actually influence events and until then we call out almost daily across cyberspace for more recruits.
I think the mix of posters is a real bonus from the scientific Rebus to the analytic Fan-a-tic right down to Fairhill’s cryptic one liners with an emoji that you have no idea what its supposed to be.
The scribe , the rambler, the professional mind , the prankster , the expat , the local,,,we’ve got them all and more.
Food , dog’s , driving routes , birds , bars , music ,,, all a normal week in this joint.
Highlights include an email saying “ I swear to f#@k if Awe Naw harvested my data ,,,, “
And also interviewing Dani the Brisbane Roar player as its close to the old heart for me.
No politics and fighting is a great feat , pat yourselves on the back.
To be told you’ve got yourselves a nice community here and I feel at home is a great honour.

Finally well done Neil and the team. 4 to 1 away from home is to be congratulated . The Europa group stages it is.

Tomorrow will see a special announcement .

It will also see a quiz at 8pm Celtic Park time.
You’re the finest Sentinels I’ve ever known . Proud to be among you.
Respect and Hail Hail from Mahe.
Happy Birthday.

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Awe Naw

Trade them for a package of sunshine and flowers
If you want the things you love, you must have showers
(So when you hear it thunder) Don’t run under a tree


Oops,not the right clip to show from Coupling.

Try this,from series 2


So the third hun charge is fake news, the record have withdrawn the piece blaming a freelancer for the mistake, Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Fairhill Bhoy

BMCUWP’s-I remember it,Lisbon lion or something similar?Anyway as you said earlier a lot of people have helped build it up to what it is now and fair play to you all ?
My first chat on here was with TET and I think that was the last argument I won with him ?
Looking forward to the hoot ?
? comes across as a very decent guy and his word of the day was brilliant,he even dedicated one to me the cheeky git ?

Awe Naw


Awe Naw


Lazio (ITA)

Celtic (SCO)

Rennes (FRA)

Awe Naw


Sevilla (ESP)


Qarabağ (AZE)

Dudelange (LUX)

Dynamo Kyiv (UKR)

København (DEN)

Malmö (SWE)

Lugano (SUI)

Basel (SUI)

Krasnodar (RUS)

Getafe (ESP)

Trabzonspor (TUR)

Sporting CP (POR)


Rosenborg (NOR)

Linzk (Aus)


Meanwhile one year ago today.

Congratulations Mick and Stevie on assembling a fine parcel of rogues.

Awe Naw


Lazio (ITA)

Celtic (SCO)

Rennes (FRA)

CFR Cluj (ROU)

Awe Naw


Lazio (ITA)

Celtic (SCO)

Rennes (FRA)

CFR Cluj (ROU)

Arsenal (ENG)

Frankfurt (GER)

Standard Liège (BEL)

Vitória SC (POR)

Porto (POR)

Young Boys (SUI)

Feyenoord (NED)

Rangers (SCO)

CSKA Moskva (RUS)

Ludogorets (BUL)

Espanyol (ESP)

Ferencváros (HUN)

Awe Naw


Wolfsburg (GER)

Gent (BEL)

St-Étienne (FRA)

Olexandriya (UKR)

Roma (ITA)

Mönchengladbach (GER)

İstanbul Başakşehir (TUR)

Wolfsberg (AUT)

Beşiktaş (TUR)

Braga (POR)

Wolves (ENG)

Slovan Bratislava (SVK)

Man. United (ENG)

Astana (KAZ)

Partizan (SRB)

AZ Alkmaar (NED)



You’ll love the hoot,mate. Not the numbers we used to have probably,but that’s maybe a good thing. You’ll defo meet some good people-and of course,one of them is bringing you along!

It was always amazing how people would meet up,aw f..k it’s you,get on great together. Of course,sometimes they would be at it again online,then arrange to meet up next time!

Takes all sorts.

One girl I invited along,she texted me late on to say she couldn’t make it. Her partner wasn’t likely to enjoy it. I said,I come from Kilwinnining,bring him along,being a Celtic fan in Kilwinning never spoiled my love of life. I’ll make sure he’s welcome.


He’s a she!

My reply?

Fuxake,we are open to all,so get yer arses along here. They’ve had some great times in our company too,and they know they can totally relax. It’s just a dayooooot. If there’s somebody ripping yer knitting-find somebody who doesn’t.

Works a treat.



Anything less than eighteen points from that group,I’m hiring a pitchfork.


Huns are screwed.

Porto. Feyenoord. Young Boys Berne.


Tough group. Nazio, right wing nut job support, Rennes doing well at top of French Ligue, Cluj a chance for revenge, with no McGregor at left back hopefully.

Awe Naw

Cluj the best pot 4 team.

Fairhill Bhoy

BMCUWP’s-looking forward to it,big B better look after me?
Awenaw-happy with that draw

Awe Naw

Fairhill Bhoy

I´m not

I might go to Rome but the other two are too far away for me to drive and take minimal time off work

A day winding up Arsenal fans definitely beckons


Happy Birthday SentinelCelts. Excellent blog, superb posts with high quality writing. More power to your arm.
Tough but interesting draw. Does anyone know when we can expect the fixtures with dates?

Mike in Toronto

A year seems like a long time, but it really is just the start of something ….

Fairhill Bhoy

Henrikschip-think the dates are out,first game 20/21 September I think
That’s me on my flight,half empty plane?


Happy Birthday to all on here


Happy first anniversary SentinelCelts. Here’s to many more. Well done to the main men for putting it all together. ??????

Byres Road Bhoy

Happy birthday to all at Sentinel Celts. Special thanks to those who collaborated in getting it off the ground and to all the regular posters who keep it going with insight, music and wit. Truly a welcome place for occasional posters like me.

Awe Naw

Not The fab four but a great video none the less

Awe Naw

Awe Naw

Awe Naw

Golden Nuggets

Awe Naw


good win last night,still not sure of our back 4

That’s a tough group, there won’t be an easy game, but you can only beat what’s in front of you 😉


hoopy birthday sc .

Quite happy to see Cluj in there. I think we will destroy them this time round.

They caught us on a very bad night.


The group will be a good barometer of our improvement.
Would far rather we competed with better quality opposition than cannon fodder.
All the top teams generally are very disciplined and well drilled without the ball.
This is our biggest weakness.In the second half last night we improved.
Let’s hope the coaches study both halves and note the difference in how we controlled the game.
The defense improved in the second half when our midfielders stopped their frequent headless chicken routine and our unit’s played closer to compact space.
We have guys who can take on opponents on one on one like Christie, Johnston,Forrest and Odsonne.
Now we just need to find a system to allow them to flourish.

big packy

our midfield and attackers could play in the champions league, but our defence gives me the collywobbles, sort the defence and we have a very good team there..hh.


Big Packy
The defense is just one component of the team.
Our poor defensive play is not just down to individual players.
A lot of their problems are a system failure.
As i posted earlier we improved after the first ten minutes of the second half and the midfield improved positionally by not running around like headless chicken’s.
This has not been just a Neil problem as i always posted about how clueless BR’s team were without the ball.
Sort this and we will improve dramatically.

Yes, I think we have midfield players who are CL class. But as Fan says, it’s who is picked, where they play, the instructions they are given. Our midfield rarely reach their potential. Agreed this also applied to Brendan.


Good Morning Vietnam .
Happy Frige day and Happy birthday.
Thanks to all involved.

That’s not a bad group. Good test.
Hail Hail

big packy

FAN AND JIM, yes you both have a point its the insructions and where they play, but bloomin heck im still worried about sunday.hh.

Byres Road Bhoy

Fan @ 2:40 Genuine question. How would you suggest the team should improve its play when we lose the ball? Do you mean quickly assemble into two lines of 4 and 5 and funnel back? Interested to have your thoughts.

Packy, our players will need nerves of steel. If they can do that, we will be fine, we have the better players. And of course there’s the manager factor. That could go either way. Team selection, formation, tactics, game management. It’s a big ask!

big packy

JIM, if they play the Glasgow celtic way, we will beat them.?

Even if there are no controversial awards of penaties, or denial of penalties, the MIB can still inflict so much damage. Turning a blind eye to our players getting kicked about the park. Diving, pulling jersies, all unpunished. The sleekit way they slow our game down especially when we are charging forward.

Packy, I’ve just talked the hope out of myself!

big packy

JIM, keep the faith pal, that’s all we can do,?

Nerves of steel. That’s what I need 🙂


Firstly we need to define individuals primary and secondary roles.
I often think our players lack clarity in their role within the team structure.
Attackers also have some form of defensive responsibility.
Our central midfield of Brown and McGregor are poor defensively and create little.
This is often due to being too deep then charging recklessly forward to close space which subsequently does the opposite by leaving acres of space behind them for opponents to have a clear run at defense.
One of our problems seems to be we are three separate units,Defense,Midfield,Attack.
Also players secondary roles are vital.Bolongoli loves to attack froward space.Who has the remit to fill the defensive void he leaves?
Last night in the first half McGregor who plays left side of midfield offered him no support and i think thats contributed to the doubts about Bolingoli.
Likewise did Brown afford Ralston any support on the right when he replaced Ajer?
The second half when we settled and held position we were a much more difficult team to breach.
On your question of two lines if we compact the space there is less areas for our opponents to attack and exploit.
In my opinion to many coaches are enthralled by fancy 4-4-2, 5-3-2-1,4-3-3 or whatever numerical systems without the understanding of how to implement properly.
A pragmatic approach to the personnel available first rather than systems would help coaches make better choices.
I always thought BR was a very good 2nd tier coach as he lacks the nuances to be complete.
He was vastly superior to most coaches in SPL until Clarke figured out how to nullify his system with inferior players.
I felt Neil in his first stint at Celtic had a plan to keep it tight and let his superior players produce moments of brilliance to win games.
This season he seems less cautious but again we are reliant on our better players producing brilliance to outscore opponents.
As i said we seemed to be more disciplined and positionally better after first 10 mins in the 2nd last night and hope it was duly noted.
Would prefer that we got less fixated on individual players past and ability and choose them for being beneficial to the team and system.

Byres Road Bhoy

Fan-a-tic thanks for your explanation. I agree that on occasions there is no cover for an attacking fullback and that the defence, midfield and forwards need more cohesion going back and forth. To me the team is very much a forward line at the moment.

Big Audio Dynamite

Hello fellow Celts.

Great little site ..has been essential reading since inception.