How Time Flies!


Around March last year,I received a mail out of the blue from Mahe. We had never been in contact before but my addy is no secret. I flag it frequently for events like Dublin,Belfast,Lisbon. And the occasional one nearer to home. I’ve met a great number of great people over the years by simply posting my addy

on CQN and asking them along to a wee dayooooot. Of course,it soon became known as the Hootenanny,and ACGR even made sure that we can copyright the term in question by stencilling out BMCUWP HOOTENNANY on a huge tricolour. We can certainly copyright that spelling!

The Fleg,as it became known,has been all over the world. I’m still stuck in Swindon.

But Mahe was concerned at the direction that our preferred site had taken,and he wondered what we could do to change that. Now,this is NOT a swipe at CQN,it has been a boon to many over the years. I learned a lot from it-I’d never heard of Schrödinger’s Cat,for instance. I knew-and suspected more-of some of Rangers financial difficulties,and the additional info from some really talented posters helped pull things together. We had seen the Kano appeal which led to the Kano Foundation,the rallying round when PABLOPHANQUE died. The genius wordsmith BRT&H organising a huge whip-round for Vanessa Riddle and the follow-up work by the WO4L troops. Both to no avail,sadly.

CELTICROLLERCOASTER and others were and are avid in raising funds wherever possible by using contacts on the site,and no-one ever shot them down for doing so. And like I said,I had met many wonderful people which wouldn’t otherwise have been possible. Many others had,too.

It was a wonderful place to be,a community,and this was where Mahe came in.

How do we get that place back? he wanted to know. Because that was what he wanted. We didn’t envisage a new site in March 2018. How could we,neither of us know where to start. And we will make a cod of it,look like fools,running back to CQN and e-Tims with our tails between our legs. So we faffed and flaffed,full of good intentions and no directions-until I got a mail mid-August last year. It was about the transfer window,and it confirmed my worst fears.

I mailed Mahe and said-Let’s go for it. This window is a disaster,so set it up to go Live for the end of the window. These are the addys of people who can help with the tech and legal side. Ask them nicely!

The credit for this site,such as it is,is to those unsung heroes. They know who they are,and we are forever grateful. But we gave them such a short timescale that teething problems were inevitable. Those could conceivably have strangled us at birth,but the lads beavered away,and we now have a site to be proud of. And have had for some time.

A site which is immediately accessible 99.9% of the time,where few posts are lost to cyberspace,where no pop-ups appear and where you don’t get dragged to another site when you touchscreen ours.

Techie guys,we owe you. Mahe is on the bell on 21/9. Oh hell,me anaw!!!

I think it’s obvious from reading back that neither Mahe nor I are trained journalists and some of our early efforts prove that. In fact we would still prove that on a daily basis were it not for the fact that we decided to open the site to our contributors. If you have something that you want to get off your chest,this is the place to say it. Possibly the only Celtic site where Article of the Day is available for anyone and everyone to write. And we have had some fantastic contributions from you all,on so many different subjects too-but all coming from a Celtic supporter’s standpoint. Our ethos,who and what we are.

But what is the ethos of Sentinel Celts? The implicit understanding seems to be that Mahe and I set this site up as an anti-board site. Simply as a means to hammer the board,and Peter Lawwell in particular. That is simply NOT the case,no matter how some people may wish to interpret it as such. It was not set up as an alternative site-one,perhaps,for the fabled malcontents-but as a complementary site to the others available,one where posters and their opinions were respected at all times-and debated vigorously!


I’m proud of you all that we have by and large achieved that,though I admit that I would love to have more posters with a pro-board opinion. All in the name of balance,of course.

Maybe it will happen when the board finally do something we can cheer them to the rafters for,eh? I know that sounds like a snide comment,but it genuinely isn’t intended to be. Lord knows,I’m quick to praise them when they get something right. All in the interests of balance. It’ll be there in the archives,I’m sure. I can think of a few off hand,but not in the last two years.

However,we are now a year old. Most people are crawling by the time they are a year old. That’ll never happen here,I assure you. We are independent,with no need for outside funding. We have seen our site expand from around 200 views a day to an extrapolated ONE MILLION views a year,with daily views well over 4000 at times. In only twelve months.

Are we proud of that? Bloody right we are! But we are more proud of you. Any site is only as good as its contributors.

Take a bow,folks. We think yeezuraw grand!!!


Tonight sees the return of The SC Quiz. It was originally planned for last week,but Bank Holiday Weekend killed it off. I’ve been told that I have to,indeed must,defend my title. So there you go,folks. There’s the challenge. 8pm Glasgow Time.

Once that is over,I suggest we turn it over to a music night. If you ask me nicely,I might mail ROYCROPPIE and ask him to fire in a few. The lad knows his stuff,for sure.




And now on to more prosaic matters. The game tomorrow. The pot of poison at The Bigotdome. I’ve not so far heard of any proscribed singing at their cesspit on Thursday night,so I’ll safely assume that they are saving it up until tomorrow.

Now,I’ll take a flyer here. That the police,the stewards,the fans were all on watch,all ears,for any naughty words which sounded like the beginning of a certain worrying song or fifty. All a-twitch at the thought of it,like a 1690 version of Name That Tune,where you only get to hear the first two notes of the song before you are huckled or battered f… out of.

Aye,it seems that they can behave. It seems that the stewards can be vigilant,can keep order. That the Police can actually do their job,they don’t need to worry about lifting 50,000 of them after all.

And then there’s tomorrow. It must be bursting out of them,like an over-inflated balloon. Or a burst couch. They need to get rid of their hatred over that banner of Il Papa JP II,for starters! I wonder which couthy little phrase will be the order of the day to deal with that? I wonder how many arrests will be made because of it?

I suspect I will have more chance of a correct pick there than I will have of getting a correct nap on TWISTY’s competition. Though coincidentally the answer corresponds to how many of my Lucky 15 I will get up.

I’m not gonna bother with a preview as such,I just want us to win,I just want our fans to be protected,I want our players to be protected,and I want stewards,the police and yes,the match officials,to do what they are actually supposed to do in any other ground in Europe.

I will probably settle for our fans getting out in one piece. Which is a damning indictment on all concerned.


Above article by BMCUWP. QUIZ at 8pm,folks. Music night to follow. Tune in,turn on,drop out if you canny last the pace!

Notify of

Naps competition entries on the linked article,please.


For Mahe and BMCUW



Video unavailable.


Sorry problem my end.


Which video are you trying to post,Garry? The Gremlins have got it in for you,but it may be on VEVO or Daily Motion.

Mike in Toronto

I think he’s just messing with us.?



It’s working! Shame the videos aren’t.

Fancy a wee choons extravaganza tonight-or are you on the lash?

Mike in Toronto

How about a bit of Chet Baker?

Mike in Toronto
Mike in Toronto


Ah. I meant tonight,Glasgow time. I forgot tonight Toronto time is still last night!

I was gonna post you some Nina Simone by way of reply but I’m not sure that you can access stuff from BBC iplayer. It’s from BBC Proms,a tribute to probably my favourite chanteuse.


To hell with it,I’ll post it anyway. Then I’ll check if it is on Radio 3. If it is,you should be able to access it.



And anyone else outside of the UK with a penchant for Nina…

Radio 3,so should be available.



You seen this video? A very technical tutorial in jazz,and in musical appreciation generally.

So much for free jazz and jamming.

Mike in Toronto

Coltrane might be my favourite … before I met Seamus and knew he was Seamus, I thought his name would be Coltrane ..

But here’s something a bit different

Mike in Toronto


Wow. Everyday’s an ejikayshun right enough!

To be honest,that isn’t the type of song I would normally go for,but as a huge fan of Dylan and Springsteen,especially the early stuff,aye,hooked! The lyrics just eat into you-as does the melody and the arrangement.

Got some decent backing players too!

Twists n turns

Morning all

Yes as Bobby said:

Naps previous thread.


Twists n turns

I’ll need some time to pick nap……

…. and at least another 3 coffees

Twists n turns

Last day to join naps Bhoys and girls. You’ll start minus £2 (alongside half the field) but 8 months to go so lots of time to catch up.


Morning all.
Have you dried out from last night?
Hamilton has been incredibly unfortunate with the weather, in its last 3 meetings.
I hope you had an enjoyable and profitable evening.

Thanks for video last night, sorry for late response, I fell asleep.

I’ve been reading back, not sure what upset you.
I hope you are ok. I can only speak for myself but I always enjoy your posts.

Mick and Mahe and the unsung heroes.
Well done to all.
I noticed 31 individual posters yesterday, is that a new high,?

Big Audio Dynamite

Good morning from a not so sunny Brigton! And no, it most definitely is not green and white!

Welcome to our new £16m winger. Play the way you played for Basel, you will do fine ?

Twists n turns


That was incessant last night. From I arrived in Bothwell at 2pm until I left it again st 8-30 it literally didn’t stop raining.

It was for this reason and this reason only we never left the members bar ?

Of course I was prepared to stand out in the rain and ‘soak up’ the atmosphere but PF Ayr insisted we might catch pneumonia and felt it was better we didn’t risk it so I reluctantly agreed.

Had a great day and night with PF and big JTD. We had a few winners too so that added to the enjoyment.

CCE – how did your day go??

PF Ayr

Hi guys

Gordon64 Happy birthday guys and a massif well done to all concerned. HH ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Anyone ever collect Celtic programmes? That was my thing when I was growing up. My best mate collected Ragers ones and I Celtic ones, we used to go to the Barras every weekend.

Now, I had 000s of them, inc all the important Euro ones. Lately, I have been looking at the prices they are changing hands for now(I sold all mine together in the 90s for LESS than £500) I reckon, today, the whole bundle might have been worth something in the region of 15-20k!

One of my more stupid decisions.


big packy

PF AYR welcome, think I know you from the other channel.hh,?


Hey P.F. Ayr
Welcome and enjoy.
I’m glad you all enjoyed your evening, despite the weather.

big packy

WEEFRA, if your lurking, sorry I fell asleep, just been reading back come back on please.hh.


Yes, I collected too.
I was even given a helping hand, by an older family member, who passed his collection on to me, sadly the collection is no more.
Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman. ??
Although, at the time, the programmes were the least of my worries.
Passport and birth certificate were destroyed too.

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE.the celtic view was my thing, collectors items.hh.


Right, I’m away for my coffee.
Speak later.

Twists n turns

Another attacking player signed I see.

Know nothing about the guy but hopefully he can add something.



The cry was no defenders???

big packy

TWISTY, nice one? did you get my winner for today?,hh.

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Heaven knows no rage like love turned to hate
Nor Hell a fury like a woman scorned.
Pedantic Cosy Corner Bhoy ?
Excellent article young man! At least Sentinel Celts leaves less time for the Guinness!No bad thing?

Twists n turns

I seen it on other thread.

I’m outta sorts here.

Got 2 of the grandchildren staying . Running me ragged. Not been In shower, had no breakfast….. I need an out ?

Big Audio Dynamite


Oh I know that story well! I still wonder what my crazy ex did with\to my album collection.

I don’t even want to know what they were worth.

Gordon64 ‘Police Scotland has a duty to facilitate processions and any peaceful protest, but this kind of behaviour by persons demonstrating AGAINST the march is utterly unacceptable’ Ch Supt Mark Hargreaves

Big Audio Dynamite

If we brought in a Roy Aitken type before tuesday, I would consider this window a success. I still don’t think we have enough trackers\steel in the team.

Get big Vic, gaurantee our second legitimate 9!


Big Audio Dynamite

Trackerssteel? ?

Tacklers and steel!

Bloody hate computers ?


Mohamed Elyounoussi earns an estimated £62,714 per week with Southampton. How much are Celtic coughing up? I guess at least 50% which would make him our top earner at £31,357 per week or +£1.6 mill per year without an option to buy? Now the question is if we can afford that for a left winger where I would argue we have adequate cover why not push the boat out and pay a wee bit more circa £37,000 per week for big Vic for a year on loan with an option to buy should he prove his fitness.

You know it makes sense.

Big Audio Dynamite


I really believe a big Vic type player is all our team is missing. Need another real ball winner in the engine room. ?


Gordon64 A very happy Victor Wanyama-‘I fu#kin love him’ ?

Twists n turns

It would make sense:

Which is why it won’t happen.

I’d love big Vic to be lining up tomorrow

And a Bobo ……

Oh and an impartial ref…..and linesmen. I say linesmen but soon it could be lineswomen too

I hear Williamina Boyne fae Lark haw has qualified .

Awe Naw

PF Ayr… Noo that’s a birthday present

Twists n turns

3 match package for EL


Reasonable I’d suggest

Concession £57

Under 13 £42

Gordon64 Europa League STH 3 match package £72

The Gombeen Man

Congratulations the Blog’s first birthday.

Well done to all involved and here’s to continued success in the coming year.

It’s a trip to Dublin for me today. Tomorrow the city hosts the All Ireland Football Final.

86,000 or so will watch Dublin in their ‘drive for 5’ against the Kingdom of Kerry.

The Jackeens are huge favourites and the inner city is bedecked in blue and navy.

Throw-in is at 3.30.

That’s after we put a few past the Sevs at Ibrox.


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