Our Charity Initiative begins

Howdy Folks.
Here at Sentinel Celts we have always tried to be a bit different than the rest and thats why we think we stand out from the crowd.
After the fortnite to be remembered that we have all just went through, yesterday the club tried (fair play) to put some icing on the cake by bringing in another raft of players, more nails in our rivals coffin after Lenny delivered the early season slap and thus humbling to Stevie and his mob.
Well why not try and build on that ourselves and today is simply the perfect day to announce our new initiative .

Helping those who are less fortunate than us is one of the cornerstones of our tradition and ethos with many feeling it’s one of the most important things we can ever do in life .
Societies are judged by their treatment of the less fortunate .
Also personally the day this blog hands any amount over to charity I will feel as if its been a true success.
Rather than the old traditional though , broadcast a good cause and make a plea for everyone to help , we are going to do it our way here . A fun way .
Of course we are.

We have managed to cobble together an online bookie account for this purpose only.
The plan is simple.
We chose one poster at a time and issue them 5 pounds.
They have three goes maximum to make as much money for charity as they can with that fiver.
And then its the next posters chance .

So on a Monday for instance we post a name , tell them choose their bet to use in that weekends round of football games. The poster chooses and announces their bet on the blog by Friday and we place the bet online.
If it comes in they are now on their second bet from the next weekends round of games with the entire winnings of the first.
Should that second bet come in they go into their third and final weekends bet with everything riding on it.
If it comes up then charity is the winner !!!
And should you happen to be chosen and lose your bet , please dont worry as its was a fiver that someone else will replace when they win.
If you feel guilty then donate a fiver somewhere and that’s your conscience clear.
If you wish to pass you can simply hand it over to someone else if chose,,no problem at all.
To be in the hat of names just join the forum ,, a single comment even , and your in for the next draw.

The Charity,,,
Due to the nature of the account its best if one single Charity is appointed and we instruct a cheque issued when someone strikes it lucky. Multiple charities and choices for the poster has proved difficult.
We bashed heads and it wasnt long before we realised it was right in front of us.
We all love dogs and most have mans best friend at home on this site.
Well one of our own goes above and beyond when it comes to canines.
The Exiled Tim not only finds time for a weekly article but he wont see a pooch pass by that needs help,, and now we will back that ethos,,in spirit and with any winnings.
The choice was easy.
All cheques go to Spain !

And so to get the ball rolling ,, well the man himself can get the ball rolling why not.
Our first Bet of the Week will be The Exiled Tim from this upcoming weekend’s international’s.
Have up by Friday please.
Good luck and enjoy everyone.

BMCUWP and Mahe

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Mike in Toronto

Great idea.

This place is going from strength to strength.

Twists n turns

Worthy initiative.



Credit where it’s due,Mahe’s very own bright idea. We just need to make sure we don’t screw up.

No pressure,mind…

Btw,although he said that each of the three bets will be for the maximum amount available,that isn’t a requirement. Say you got an 8/1 treble up,all at about evens with your first fiver,you could put £30 on the second time to guarantee yourself a third bite at the cherry with your remaining £15.

And should that £30 be a £6 four trebles and an accumulator,for example,paying another £200 at odds of 4/5 each then you would have £215 to play with. Wiser heads might use £65 to play with,leaving a guaranteed £150 to our charity. Of course,if THAT came up,you’d be kicking yourself for not going all in!

Ah,the joys of a flutter…

Twists n turns

There’s no doubting the fact that because it’s for charitable causes, my thinking would be aligned to that.

If I had £200 after round 2, personally I couldn’t go all in! I’d need to make sure the charity benefitted. ! If it was my own money, I’d think differently. ( though I think it’s fair to say I’d be covering the charity bets with a £5 note of my own too ?)



I know,I would be the same! I suppose it’s a bit like payday,there’s a horse you think can’t be beaten but hang on,there’s bills to pay,mortgage or rent to cover,food to buy. Don’t want to leave myself skint just because the horse flung a shoe or the jockey dropped his whip.

Btw,plan was to put £100 into an account which matched the deposit. Apart from Bet365-and unfortunately I took advantage of their offer about eight years ago-I could not find one. So the plan is to simply open new accounts as and when required. There are so many online sites now that even a tenner matched covers us for up to three months. I found one for a bit more than that though-don’t want to say which one-so I suspect that the charity initiative will last as long as the site does.

Good luck to everyone who takes part. There really is no pressure-you don’t have to beat the previous contestant,and although we will keep everyone abreast of each planned bet and the running totals,the plan is to beat the bookie.

You get a fiver. If you return £6 you’ve beat the bookie. That’s good enough.


As a matter of interest,and I assume most people on the site are a sucker for a good cause and give as generously as they can,why not scale down the stakes to a sum you won’t miss?

Say a quid or two,a fiver or a tenner if you can afford it?

Place the bet suggested by our tipster,give a %age of your choosing to a charity of your choice?

Twists n turns

You a psychic as well?

I was just sitting here this morning admiring the initiative and thought I’m gonna try and boost that pot you’ve started!!

I’ve put 2 small stake bets ( each way) today on two big price runners. Low risk high reward strategy. I’ll only need to catch a few a year to make it pay. If I’ve any luck, I’ll put 25% of any winnings into your fund.

So on any given day I’ve time to look I’ll flag up the bet I’ve placed and hopefully I can accumulate a bit extra for the cause.


Diligent Deb 3-50 @ 25/1 ( 3 places)
Bird to love 8-45 @ 10/1. ( 4 places)

Just £2 win on each and a £2 each way double. £8 staked.

Speculative but for a good cause ??



Hmmm,good plan!

If those are the stakes,I’ll have to half them. I’m only in town twice a week usually-wee outlier yesterday as I met up with some of the troops early doors after an earlier mini-house removal for one of them-so I’d have to bet online on the other five days.

I’ve seen too many people of my acquaintance have problems betting online due to “an uncharacteristic overexuberance” caused by their judgement being impaired by alcohol,so I imposed a £20 a week limit on mine when I opened it.

Not that my judgement is ever impaired by alcohol,of course. I was born without the judgement gene.


Great idea for a worthy cause, and also a good way to get more interaction on the site ?


Great idea, fucking proud to be jungle jim???



All of 8yo today. That’s nearly as old as the ten bob note in UBER’s pocket…



Awe Naw

Members of SentinelCelts betting syndicate reveal how they may have fallen victim to Pony scheme, lost savings and had lives ruined
There are 5000 Tims that are deeply worried where their investments have gone

SentinelCelts Betting Club was shut down by former policeman Tommy Twistandturns
Members have been advised that he was operating a ‘Pony scheme’
They revealed stories of how they were duped and could have lost the money

PUBLISHED: 18:42 BST, 4th February 2020 | UPDATED: 18:42 BST, 4th February 2020

Members of the SentinelCelts betting syndicate who now fear they are the victims of a Pony scheme have spoken for the first time, telling stories of the lives that will be ruined if they have indeed lost their savings.

There are 5000 people, predominantly from the town of Wishaw, who have been left deeply concerned that their money has gone after former Professional Police Seagull Handler Tommy Twistandturns responded to a Sportsmail investigation by shutting down the syndicate and the SentinelCelts betting Club and filing for bankruptcy.

It is understood the shortfall between how much Mr Twistandturns has in cash and investments and how much insolvency experts will now be asked to repay to members could be as much as £70million.

Members of the SentinelCelts syndicate fear they may have lost huge sums of money after Twistsandturns done a runner

According to members who have posted information on social media, the administrators at Duff and Phelps have advised them that Twistandturns has not been placing bets for a number of years and fear he was in fact operating a ‘Pony scheme’.

Mahe, a 32-year-old a father-of-nine from California, does not consider himself a victim even if he says he has now been advised by his bank that some of the money he sent to Sentinelcelts went straight on to a pre-paid credit card. He describes it as little more than a ‘flutter’.

But he is horrified by many of the vice related stories and photographs that are now being shared on Celtic Quick News

‘I have seen a number of accounts from members where it is fair to say their lives may have been ruined,’ said Mahe, who has his own business and asked Sportsmail not to use his surname Mc Cormack

‘I have had communication with a lady who is in her sixties, who sold her house, and deposited the funds from that sale into the betting account. She is now facing the very real possibility that the money probably doesn’t exist and she now has to start to look for a new job.

‘I also know of another lady who unfortunately lost her husband at a young age and received a six-figure life insurance pay-out but quickly remarried. She was advised by friends and family to pay into this scheme because they knew Tommy personally. She did so. That was money for her three children, effectively. And it now looks like that money has gone.

‘She feels she has let her children down and she doesn’t know how she is going to be able to provide for her children with that hole in their financial stability.

‘She is devastated. She believes she had her life ruined when her new husband a Mr. Thomas Turnsandtwists ran away with the money’

Mahe insists he is not looking for ‘sympathy’. ‘I went into it with my wallet wide open, I was well advised by betting expert Bobby Winkelpicker ’ he said. ‘But we have drawn up a list of accounts we have paid into and there are more than 17 separate bank accounts we’ve identified so far. Some people, including myself, paid into a pre-paid top up card, from a company called East Whitburn Solutions. I have been advised by my bank that this is a card to use on the high street. That makes me feel more angry than anything else.

’But so many people are now in desperate situations. It’s just terrible.’

Tim Exiled, 40, from Gotham who lives in a cave and has a Marvel hero book comic fixation is naturally more concerned about those who invested far more than he did. There is concern that people could lose their homes; others their pensions.

‘I put a little bit in, never a huge amount,’ said Mike with a trace of a Canadian accent, who also asked us not to use his full name. ‘But there is one bloke Big Packy who put in over £100,000. Another guy sold his house and put in about £200,000 of that about five years ago, thinking he now had about £700,000 in his pot but he doesn´t and now he lives in a cave

‘The members are just normal, working people. I have not lost that much, but it does affect me because I’ve got lots of friends in it. I sent an email to Tommy. He didn’t reply.’

There are unsubstantiated rumours that this is just a rouse to keep Mrs Exiled from serving a custodial sentence

The members, in most cases recommended the SentinelCelts syndicate by family, friends and work colleagues, represent a broad spectrum of the public. They range from dog handlers to van drivers, professional hackers and full time football experts. Sportsmail understands there is even a lawyer who works for Saul.

But they were all drawn into the syndicate by stories of people doubling, sometimes even trebling, their investments thanks to 93-year-old Mr Twistandturns’s brilliant system for laying bets.

Last month Sportsmail raised concerns that money members thought was being paid into the syndicate for betting was in fact being paid into bank accounts used to buy and maintain empty industrial units and caravans that Mr Twistandturns owns. Those sums alone amounted to millions of pounds.

But while the owners club has only been running since last April, we have seen evidence that suggests the syndicate has been running since September 2019.

Indeed Sportsmail has been sent a number of the introductory mails splattered in seagull shit that Mr Twistandturns sent to potential investors, all of which make similar claims about his ‘winning system’.

In one, the potential investor was told: ‘We will get a winning bet 88.17 per cent of the time. If you bet on every second favourite to lose you would win roughly 80 per cent of the time and lose 20 per cent and believe me you would lose thousands of pounds!

Members have been told that they may have lost money in this new method the ‘Shetland pony scheme’

The reason is that the odds would need to be an average of 4/1 just to break even and the actual average odds for a second favourite are 5.4/1. Due to the very detailed analysis that we possess we have an 8.17 per cent advantage. Guess what. The bookies like William Hill, Ladbrokes and Corals work on an 8 per cent margin. So if you want to know what you are investing in, imagine you are a major shareholder in one of them. That’s pretty exciting isn’t it?’

Another mail that Mr Twistandturns sent to a potential investor said: ‘I must admit, I am writing this piece feeling rather smug, because I know that I have found a missing link, my holy grail, – that is a winning system. I am a technical guru and within a minute or two I worked out a system that is definite way of beating the bookies and that is to become as one! As from 1st January 2020 I will be operating a betting syndicate which will be known as the SentinelCelts Syndicate. As the name suggests its aim will be to make substantial profits by laying horses on the exchanges to lose!’

The mail continued: ‘Today, I recorded my 6,733rd race and I now know that I can make money through laying horses to lose, I´m a pure natural at it so I am , I pick losers all the time so why not use it to my benefit and let others benefit from it also…I am looking at my tattered wee red notebook for the last 6 years. It shows an opening bank of £1,000. There have been 6733 lay bets. 5839 lost (that means won for us remember. ) and that is 86.72 per cent. By dividing the bank by 100 we always have an increasing stake whilst protecting the bank and as of today the closing balance is £10,111,642. It´s just like amortization, remember’

A third mail seen by Sportsmail highlighted that the syndicate was not open to everyone and there were ‘limited spaces available’. It said: ‘Sentinelcelts Syndicate was formed in 2012 after years of testing and has proven to be a consistent slow burn profit maker for the membership year on year…SentinelCelts has developed a method of betting with a small advantage after recording and analysing thousands of races and there are limited places available for new members.’

Detailing how the syndicate worked, it said: ‘Sentinelcelts will select and place the bets for you and share the profits 50/50 and you can view your results on your own page on the website via secure password and via Facebook and Twitter that you can obtain from Mr. Enrico Annoni’





Absolute class awe naw!

My only criticism is that the article was updated 1 full year (to the very minute) before it was published. But then again I’m a sucker for detail


Thanks for the laugh


Awe Naw


I think its meant to be an omen about the future


Hehe, I’m still in stitches

That’s for Awe Naw. Your post yesterday didn’t get the credit it deserved! Subtle as anything, but I got it. 🙂



I was in the pub when AWENAW posted that one yesterday,so wasn’t able to comment.

As you said,a peach.

Awe Naw

Thanks Bhoys. xx

Bobby, I was reading about Nate Ruess yesterday. He’s an American singer/songwriter. He underplays his voice! Pink had to coax him into singing this duet with her. He thinks he’s not very good. I think he’s brilliant. Anyways this is for you pal.

A thing of beauty

Great piece of writing awe naw, still laughing though not as much as I was when I read the rags this morning. Kyle lafferty says Ryan Kent is as good as dyabla and has the potential to be better than hazard. Who says the drugs don’t work!!
Also the level of disrespect kris boyd shows to Brendan Rodgers is off the scale. I’m sure Rodgers will have noted it down.



Surely not? Didn’t Laughatme say that K..t is a diabolical hazard?

He will struggle this year. No Lustig to make him look good. My money is on Elmahed,back pocket.

Awe Naw

The huns have something on Kyle Lavatory not that he needs blackmailed to be pliable

I love all our new signings. But not as much as Wee Jamsie. If wee Jamsie moved up to North Lanarkshire I would take him out for a pint every single day after training.

Me and Uber and WeeFra

For Packy.

Twists n turns


Just seen Awe Naws post

Brilliant… absolutely brilliant ??

AWE NAW brings an element to this site money couldn’t buy.

For Garry.

For Mahe.


Good to see the ethos of Celtic’s founding fathers being followed by SC. I will admit to be totally opposed to Betting or Alcohol having anything to do with football especially when our children / teens are exposed to this by wearing kits emblazoned with corporate booze and betting shop logos with Dafabet on the front and Magners on the back of our kits at present. We are all aware of the problem of many youngsters becoming addicted to using online betting / gambling sites. However in this instance, given the nature of the end result, I will forgo the head shaking and tut tutin’ and wish those participating the very best of luck and hope you make a bundle of cash for your chosen charity.

Now on to football matters. I may well be in the minority but I believe this transfer window has been at best decidedly average. We lost a Belgian international , a Swedish international, a Croatian international albeit he was on loan and last but not least the jewel in the crown – KT. We also ditched a lot of bench warmers – Compper, Mulumba, Izzy etc.

We have signed a very decent Israeli international in Elhamed and a decent French central defender in Julien as well as acquiring Bolingoli from Club Brugge. TBH he scares the bejayus out of me. He had it easy on Sunday due to Stevie G shittin’ it. Taylor was signed from Killie for a reported £3 million. Was he worth this amount – only time will tell I guess but welcome Greg,

We have also arranged loan deals for Big Fraser – a quality signing, Bauer – a bit of an unknow ,capped by Austria but has struggled to get a game with Stoke!!! We have also secured a loan deal for Norwegian international Elyounoussi from Southampton but again he has struggled for game time in Englandshire. We may be paying +£30k a week for him.

We have also signed a third of the Irish under 21 team as well as a Dutch youth international – all of who are not 1st team ready and must be considered projects. In the meantime our brightest home grown talents are being farmed out to gain 1st team experience!

Have we come out of the window stronger? It’s a big no we haven’t from me, IMHO we are at best treading water. Contentious perhaps but I believe a fair assessment.

I would be interested to learn if we made any real effort to sign Vic 67 or was this all click bait b/s?

Now who won the SC sweepstake as to just how much money Celtic PLC would bank after the window closes?


Awe Naw


yup as results would indicate we are treading water. A mid to lower EL group team.

I think we might have bucked the trend with regards signing numpties. EL will tell.

There´s only one thing more ferocious for a Celtic player than playing at Ibrox in an OF derby in front of 50,000 huns and that is playing in Europe at Celtic Park in front of 60,000 tims

I see more potential for growth and development than I did under Brendan Rodgers

Do we have Commpers, Ebouassi´s, Hendry´s … time will tell

Sadly as you and me know the question is have the huns improved ?

I’ll need to stop now. Too many people I love on here! 🙂

Mike I haven’t forgot about you!

Twists n turns

Getting way to old for this work business. Really need to get fitter. ?

Just shifted 1.5 tonnes of resin by hand. I’m fekked…

Muscles fatigued and I’m sweating like Vanessa Feltz on a treadmill.???

Awe Naw


You got email

btw that´s about the same quantity I shift using my lungs ever year 🙂

Twists n turns

Awe Naw

Answered. ?


Well reasoned post.
Time will tell.
Elsewhere Lawwell is being seen as some kind of genius who rectified the damage done by big bad Brendan who suddenly wreaked havoc on our poor unsuspecting board and club.
The one simple fact is that another transfer window under Blue Peter has again proved to be very profitable for our resident robber barons.

I honestly don’t know what to say other than so so many thanks, it’s greatly appreciated and will be put to good use, that’s if anyone actually wins anything right enough 😉
The food bill alone for the dogs and the cats is more that three times a week what is costs to feed the wife and I, we were quite shocked when we worked it out, but big dogs eat a lot and we feed at least thirty five cats every day, thirty of them are feral-ish, so it does mount up
Awe Naw
Decided to drain the pool and start again, just as well I did, there is black mould in some of the grout and if not caught will spread and feck the tiles up, I have spent all morning with a spray bottle filled with bleach and a small scrubbing brush, doing about six inches at a time, it’s gonna take me a couple of weeks at this rate, defo not what I was anticipating for the next few weeks, but it’s the only way to get rid, needing a break as it’s near 50 deg down in the pool, the heat is reflecting off the white tiles.


Brilliantly funny.


The Exiled Tim
My heart goes out to you.
Your fortitude and kindness always serves as an inspiration.
Take care.



Get yer thinking bunnet on and win some money at the weekend. The plan is to give you the money at the end of each account-though that isn’t set in stone!-but if you hit the jackpot,I can send you the winnings to get some other poor basturt to lick those tile clean with his tongue.

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