How Are We Looking After Another Window?

Well, that’s the transfer window shut, pleased that it’s closed, not so much with the ins and outs.

Delighted that we have brought in a few for the future, on the face of it the kids we have bought are quality, players with serious potential. If this is a foretaste of our forward planning, count me in…..see I can praise them when they merit it ?

I have seen a few moans here and there about bringing in kids from elsewhere to the detriment of our own. It seems that our own are not good enough just now. There doesn’t seem to be any from our academy ready to step up to the first team-for some reason they tend to come in waves, barren for a spell then a few at once.

Very happy to see a few of our youngsters getting farmed out to get game time, especially Ewan Henderson. IMO this boy has it all, but he needs to play games and I think that he will get that at Ross Cty. He is the cream of the academy presently and it was not fair on the boy for him to not be getting game time,so best for all that he is loaned out.

As for first teamers in, a bit of a mixed bag, and certainly not what the manager wanted re the loans. He specifically said he DIDN’T want loans and we get four in. Now,loans with an option to buy are ok,but without an buy option not so good, unless they are of such a high quality- but if that was the case they wouldn’t be getting loaned out.

In saying that if they help us win the title and do well in Europe it’s always a good thing. The problem is we will be in the same position this time next year unless any of the kids come through-but that is maybes stretching it a bit as I reckon it’s gonna take more than one season for that to happen. There is also massive pressure on Lenny to produce-and that is detrimental for blooding weans. The support have this fixation with justifying the huns existence with this ten in a row stuff.

So back to the window. Are we stronger? As yet it’s hard to tell, the PLC have made a fair whack this window, they will be busy counting all that money-and if the rumours of redoing the south stand are true, at least it’s going to a good cause. But I honestly very much doubt that’s where the cash will be going.

I think we have well enough to cope domestically,but as for Europe, we are up against quality so won’t be holding my breath of that front-but you never know, you just never know.

In Boli we have a player who has gone from a bomb scare to a model professional in a game. He was superb agin the huns as was another who wasn’t getting the most favorable reviews,Big Chris Jullien.

He was a tower at the bigot dome.

I felt for Bitton as imo he had his best performance in a Celtic jersey. He will come good again and Lenny likes him.

I still think we should have brought in a proper def mid. Maybes Lenny has someone earmarked for this role-maybes it’s a bloke called Broonie, who knows? I don’t think CalMac is best suited to that role, he should be further forward just behind the striker as I reckon that’s where he is at his brilliant best.

We will see how the team is going to shape up in the coming weeks and months,and I will hold my hands up and say that I wasn’t too enamored that Lenny got the job. But apart from making a total bollix of the most important game of the season so far he has done rather well so no complaints from here.

The game at the weekend has taken all the heat away from Pedro. He should be the one who is down on his knees thanking Lenny for this, else the blogs and Timland would be baying for his head on a platter.

He deserves a platter as opposed to a stick. He has his reprieve for the time being, but knowing how fickle the support is, one bad result……..


The day the powers that be in Scotland ban Orange Walks from the streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal.


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September 5, 2019 6:35 am

Prices for first charity bet,as picked by THEEXILEDTIM.

Partick 1/1
Dundee Utd 31/40
England 1/16
France 1/10
Turkey 1/50
Belgium no price offered.
Fingers crossed. Returns £21.16 for £5

September 5, 2019 6:36 am


Great summation of the window,and far easier on PL than I had intended to be tomorrow!

Thanks,old bean.

September 5, 2019 6:38 am

Btw,prices are available for the Belgium game. 100/1 for them to lose. 33/1 for the draw. Nothing though for the Belgium victory.

Twists n turns
September 5, 2019 6:59 am

The transfer window has left me in pain. I’m suffering from splinters in the arse syndrome. Yes, very much on the fence.

Ibrox was superb. Lenny got the Bhoys fired up and everyone with the exception of Jamesie delivered. We were never threatened and the 2-0 could’ve been 4.
It has to be tempered a bit against the fact the opposition were rank. A combination of the fact we didn’t allow them to play, and , well, probably they’re just not as good as some thought.

Back to the window. Well we are definitely stronger in the goalkeeper area. Right back? Yes. Lustig was a tremendous Celtic servant but time waits for no man as they say, and I think our new RB is a definite improvement. LB? Weaker. KT was always going to be a tough one to replace. Boli despite the excellent show at Ibrox isn’t in that league, but then not many are in KT’s league.
Central defence. If Julienne is going to reproduce the performance of Sunday on a regular basis then we are definitely stronger in my opinion.
I saw too many dodgy moments prior to that game to allow me to think I was completely wrong, but I hope that IS the case, and I was.

The other new signings I’ve no opinion yet as I’ve yet to see them. Taylor is not one I’ve noticed too much in the past and Bauer ditto. I did like the look of Bauer on Sunday but not enough time to form a concrete opinion yet.

Like TET- defensive mid we need to address. Maybe January?

The youngsters I think are good signings based on the reviews of their previous clubs. Where they all fit in remains to be seen, but I’ve long said we need some strategy applied. Some forward planning and this falls into that category so I’m pleased.

So , firmly on the fence until the EL campaign is in full flow and we see the new Bhoys tested at a decent level. We saw enough on Sunday to tell us that with the same application in all games, the 9 is definitely doable. The quadruple treble? You wouldn’t write it off. Likely we will face them again in the semi or final at Hampden and that’ll be another test that will let us see how the future is looking.

Also, I hope young Karamoko isn’t pushed too far down the pecking order now. He’s a mega talent and needs to start getting game time. Henderson ? Fully agree with TET. Needs minutes on the pitch. Good loan deal.

September 5, 2019 8:25 am

I have no idea if our transfers in Loanees to buy, or plain Loanees are good or not for us. They have barely played yet.

I cannot judge a young player just by where he was sourced from. Tyler Blacket and Saidy Janko came from Man U. Charly Musonda came from Chelseas but Kris Ajer came from FC Start.

The Ibrox resulted vindicated Neil Lennon as being a better coach than he was being painted. It also helped restore some faith in players who had looked weak up until then, despite £7m transfer tags.

But, no player has “made it” on the back of that game and this transfer window cannot be judged at this point in time.

I am glad some fell good factor is back because we had gone far far too far on the back of the very poor Cluj result.

We have a long season in which we have to impose ourselves on all our rivals and we can get back to judging our success with that, once this bloody International break is finished.

September 5, 2019 9:09 am


September 5, 2019 10:11 am


I remain sceptical in regards of our acquiring all these projects from England. I may be wrong but out with Luca Connell none have played first team football. Luca is regarded as a Def mid so perhaps he is Scot B’s planned replacement? What we are certain of is that none of the youngsters are 1st team ready. Out of all the youngsters who we have brought in over the past few seasons who has made the grade? if I am correct only Kris Ajer has. However It should be noted that Ajer had played over 60 games in the Norwegian Tippeligaen with IK Start over three seasons before joining Celtic. One could argue Jason Denayer was successful as was Paddy Roberts but sadly both of these guys were loan deals, perhaps we are trying to replicate their success without having to send players back to their parent clubs if they are good – a bold strategy if so but they need 1st team games to assess. Will they get an opportunity? Now I sincerely hope that the youngsters make the grade and prove this old sceptic wrong but our history, in regards to Celtic’s success rate with youngsters from other leagues out with a few exceptions, isn’t the best.
As stated a couple of days ago I believe that squad wise we have not come out of the window stronger, as is our norm, and that at best we are just treading water. However time will tell – very happy to be proved wrong as far as Celtic are concerned.

Slightly different subject but transfer related .
Not sure if anyone has raised this
Celtic spent circa £15 million this window (Excluding loan deals) £25 million was made from the sale of KT. Celtic +£10 mil profit.
Sevco spent circa £11 million this window (Excluding loan deals) and have made £250K selling Candeias. Sevco £10.75mill loss.
How can they do this?????????????????

Big Audio Dynamite
September 5, 2019 10:15 am

John Thomson

Died 5th September 1931


September 5, 2019 10:27 am

Still looking for advice on which pubs are sound in Derry and which areas to be avoided if anyone knows the town? HH

September 5, 2019 10:41 am

Derry like the rest of Norn Iron is still quite tribal. Recon and look around ‘a chara’ – if the mural on the gable end has a union flag and saltire included = bad place to be. City centre bars are usually ok

September 5, 2019 10:53 am


Still looking for advice on which pubs are sound in Derry and which areas to be avoided if anyone knows the town? HH

Or better still just nip over the border to Buncranna. short journey, 10 miles or so, a matter of minutes in a taxi. All bars in Buncranna Tim friendly

September 5, 2019 11:23 am


Mail you in a mo re Ken Buchanan.


Mail you in a mo re Derry.

The Exiled Tim
September 5, 2019 11:38 am

I am also sceptical, but as we don’t have any coming through our academy presently I think bringing a few in is the right thing to do, if only one makes it, great, but I am not holding out much hope if the truth be told, they didn’t cost much so it has to be worth the gamble.
As for the huns, they are allowed to break the rules on and off the park, always been the way, FFP doesn’t include them.

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 11:44 am


you cannot charge more than 40€ for a EL ticket. Guess what the huns are charging yep 40€

Tip: When in the proximity of a hun adopt a Sunny Jim persona and innocently talk about ticket prices. Stand well back

The Exiled Tim
September 5, 2019 11:50 am

Awe Naw
UEFA are allowing them to break the rules they are treating them as the same club for a start, they have just rubber stamped the info they got from the sfa re player registrations, McGregor the main one, he is registered as a home grown player, mighty difficult for a seven year old club, they don’t produce audited accounts, they are necessary for competing in any uefa competition, yet they have again accepted the stuff that the sfa have given them.

September 5, 2019 12:16 pm

I keep hearing our academy kids are not good enough.
May be true?
But to me the flaw is clearly with the coaching structure of the club.
There is no established pathway from youth to first team squad.
We are told if they were good enough they would get the chance but if they are not given game time how can they be judged?
KT if we are being honest only got his chance due to an injury and suspension crisis despite being far superior to the incumbents at that time.
When we played the youngsters in preseason it was clear they had been coached to play in a modern fluid way.
Stepping up to the first team becomes harder due to them being a more traditional and static Scottish side.
Unless there is the same coaching philosophy running throughout the club the step up is made more difficult.
Rodgers was happy to use youth but just not homegrown talent.
Lennon has shown no appetite to use our academy players either.
Henderson’s stat’s were comparable or better than present incumbents yet under Neil no matter how well he played it had no bearing as he was dropped from squad.
Ralston has had a lot of criticism but when was he given an extended run to settle and prove his worth?
We choose to play a guy out of position instead.
When he replaced the injured Ajer recently he was unsure of his role but is that really a surprise?
Until there is a more defined and professional structure to our football operations our much maligned youth will remain exactly that.

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 12:32 pm


they are a blacksheep

The Exiled Tim
September 5, 2019 12:44 pm

This is where we really need a DoF, he would be able to oversee everything to do re the football dept, from coaching methods to transfers in and out, till we have one of these and Pedro takes a backward step, this is gonna be the way of things, Pedro has a hell of a lot of say in things, much more that some are willing to believe, just take this offering from the PLC blog two days ago, I quote….
“Nicky Hammond had worked at Reading and West Brom and got the gig on a ‘show us what you can do’ basis. He, Neil and Peter Lawwell needed to quickly get on the same wavelength and work with some targets. ”
“We will know soon if Nicky Hammond will be retained, but in his short tenure, he has worked well with the manager and chief executive.”
I reckon we must be the only club where the CEO takes as much interest in the players, be it buying or selling, why bring in someone who you are told is a DoF when he patently isn’t, Pedro is still controlling everything.

The Exiled Tim
September 5, 2019 12:45 pm

Awe Naw
They both are

September 5, 2019 12:46 pm

Oglach, thanks for info. Kinda was aware of avoiding areas with fat man on white horse murals ???

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 1:46 pm

Thursday 5 September 2019 by Lucas Wilde

SNP’s Ian Blackford offers Boris Johnson a fight in the car park

Things are heating up in the House of Commons after a day of fractious debates saw the government defeated for the third time in twenty-four hours.

With tensions between all parties running at an all-time high, SNP MP Ian Blackford clashed with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, going so far as calling him a “dictator” and demanding that the big blonde bastard actually listens to him rather than having a natter with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

“RIGHT!” roared the imposing Scot, at a volume that made everyone in the chamber shut up for once.

“See you, Jimmy! With yer fucking thatched head! Don’t wanna listen to any of us do ya? Well how about we throw pretence to the wind and settle this the way men do, with our fucking FISTS?!

“Come on, sunshine. Don’t look at Javid, he’s not offering you a fight, I AM! Look at ME! Right? Car park, Motherwell rules. NOW.”

Labour MP, Elizabeth King, said “This is bloody brilliant

“Ian Blackford is going to have a fist-fight with Boris Johnson. That’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d say, but it’s an unpredictable time in British politics, I suppose.

“I did see Ken Clarke slip Mr. Blackford a knuckle duster, but I don’t think I’m going to tell anybody.”

Boris Johnson commented “RUFF RAH!

“You want a fight, old bean? Well a fight you shall jolly well have…once the motion has been tabled, the vote has been taken, and by which point you’ll hopefully have calmed down.

“Please don’t hit me.”

big packy
September 5, 2019 1:50 pm

JIM.hi pal, im in a bad place at the moment and cant seem to bring myself out of it, im walking the dogs and im crying ffs im 66 and im crying, jim I wish my mammy was here she could bring me out of it in minutes, I miss her so much, jim I try to come on and post then my concentration levels go elsewhere, I have got some meds from the doctors so im hoping that will help, don’t worry I havent forgotten you no chance of that, as soon as I feel better I will be on with my usual rubbish.luv ya to bits ,say hi to the ghuys for me luv them all to bits as well,HH.

Mike in Toronto
September 5, 2019 1:57 pm


Maybe, instead of the Parade Commission, we should have been going to the SPCA

Mike in Toronto
September 5, 2019 1:59 pm


What’s up mate?

You have done a good thing by reaching out … sounds pretty rough.

Have you gone to see your doctor?

September 5, 2019 1:59 pm

Big Packy
Get yourself on here and start posting your gibberish.
I don’t want to be the only one posting rubbish.
By the way my new 11 week old Labradoodle has been like the fountain of youth to me.
She is a feisty little character except when big trucks pass nearby and cause her to break high jumping records when she leaps into my arms.
I am loving it.

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 1:59 pm

Big Packy,

exact same thing happened to my ex wife .. you could be pregnant bud

September 5, 2019 2:01 pm

Packy, I wish I knew the magic words to help you. I’ve not been too good myself recently. I find company good for me. Phone Bobby? He’s very good. You know I love you to bits. You take care. Don’t know what else to say. You will get over this.

September 5, 2019 2:15 pm

Mike in Toronto

Maybe, instead of the Parade Commission, we should have been going to the SPCA
Well ya learn something everyday. Never Realised that Prince William of Orange was the original DFOB. I knew that he was, allegedly, gay but not overweight. His,alleged, sexuality is somewhat ironic given the DUP and OO’s stance on same sex marriage in Norn Ireland. Speaking of N.I politics I see a benefactor in Wales has bequeathed Sinn Fein £1.5 mill in his will. Guy was English with apparently no Irish links, he just admired Sinn Fein. Has caused a right stink in N.I with the ever ragin’ DUP etc demanding a full investigation.

Correction: William E Hampton who bequeathed the money to Sinn Fein had lived for a short period in Bantry.

Little gentleman in the black velvet waistcoat CSC

September 5, 2019 2:27 pm


Congrats on a good summary of the competitive position of the club. Both depth and quality were added and that is positive in a general sense.

There have been many comments suggesting that Boli had a good game at Ibrox. I am afraid that I do not agree. Most of his passes went astray and on at least one occasion he created a chance for Sevco to hurt us. I think it was all about expectations. Some, including myself, dreaded how he would perform at Ibrox. In the round, his performance was much better than expected/feared but I would not class it as excellent. However, based on Ibrox, he seems to be moving in the right direction.

I agree about the lack of an alternative to Brown. This will come back to haunt us unless a) there is an option inhouse, or b) action is taken in January. Can Lee O’ Connor step up during this season?

The other “hole” in the squad is a target man who can take some of the weight off of Edouard. Such a player would also offer a different attacking option by challenging in the air and converting some of the crosses that come in.

Jonathon Afolabi does not look like he is that sort of attacker. He does score but he is 5 foot 10 or 11. He may have Dennis Law style leaps in him but that remains to be seen.

Bauer seemed a bit slow but he is, of course, rusty. We shall see later because he will get chances because Elhamed seems injury prone, plus the latter may play CB. Bauer’s throw ins will be a sight to behold.


Your post is spot on. It is too early to draw conclusions about individual players, the manager, and the success of the transfer window.

The window has certainly added interest to the season!


September 5, 2019 2:50 pm

Rebus 67
I agree with your assertion that it’s too early to judge.
But one promising thing for me was our shape was encouraging when we did not have the ball.
It suggests that the coaches recognized a glaring problem we have had the past few seasons and are attempting to rectify.
Julien has parallels with the previous Boyata situation under Ronny.
I argued at the time that Dedryck’s troubles where due to the lack of protection from poor midfield set up.
So was not surprised how his stock rose under BR.
Julien suffered from the defensively poor partnership of Brown/McGregor due to their preference of aimlessly chasing and inability to win tackles.
Sunday they both improved markedly so was no surprise Julien looked better.
There are still huge tactical improvements to be made by coaches and i’m sure Europe will provide a better barometer than Sundays poor opponent did.

September 5, 2019 2:52 pm

None of the newly signed youngsters listed in the squad for the Euro losers league.

Also it is being reported that Celtic had agreed in principal to sell Odsonne Edouard to Monaco in June??? According to an article in L’Equipe Monaco pulled out of the deal but retuned later in the window to try and secure Eddy’s signature. Eddy apparently was none too impressed with Monaco having pulled out of the initial deal and told them to GTF. Now Bhoys and Ghirls, if true, this is immensely worrying. Not only were Celtic prepared to sell KT but they were also in the process of trying to flog French Eddy.

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 2:56 pm


That was in the cleaners note

Old News

September 5, 2019 2:57 pm

If true are we honestly surprised that our robber barons wanted even more profit despite it’s potentially negative effect on the team?
Their behavior is consistent.

September 5, 2019 3:02 pm

Fan a tic

No just surprised that some are praising this transfer window when, allegedly, the PLC were prepared to let our 2 best players go with the CL qualifiers imminent. Seems as if Eddy’s petulance at being initially snubbed by Monaco is all that prevented him from leaving. January could be interesting.

September 5, 2019 3:13 pm

Oglach FFS. If we react to every bloody article that some clown writes we would be in a constant state of angst. Crazy that this comes out now almost 3 months later. As far as I’m concerned the window is closed we lost KT we have brought in a raft of players all the ghuys that people were forecasting would be sold, CalMac, Eddie, N’tcham, Rogic are all still here.
I have absolutely no doubt that Eddie will be sold. If he keeps progressing as he has he will be one of the hottest properties in Europe.
Sadly we are no longer Giants in Europe, we can’t match the wages & we play in an unfashionable League, If we produce or buy a gem of a player, we will be lucky to have them for 2 or 3 years.
It’s sad but there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. These players will want to go, there is no doubt about that & if a player wants to go contracts aren’t worth a thing. Most of them now already have release clauses in them anyway, agents make sure of that.

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 3:15 pm


They(he) said no to Mc Gregor because it was Rodgers.

They would have punted Ntcham also if they had got their price.

They would sell their own grannies at the drop of a hat .. come on you know that. That´s what Celtic is all about these days.

Three trebles in a row while treading water in Europe. Player cash and carry are we etc..

The Exiled Tim
September 5, 2019 3:33 pm

When’s it going to sink into some people that we are actually a very well off club, again I will repeat we are in the top sixty clubs on the planet when it comes to income, take away the EPL clubs and the top teams from the elite leagues we are in the top tier, hard to believe when the spin is the opposite, fair play to the board, they have managed to convince the masses that we can’t afford high transfer fees and wages, when it’s patently clear that we can, we just choose not to.

September 5, 2019 3:34 pm

Ah For Fuck Sake, I give up. I would have liked to be able to contribute to the site but it’s doing my head in.
For weeks all I have been reading about here, was all the players that were going to be sold and the fact that we weren’t going to bring in anybody. Well it just didn’t happen, nobody apart from KT was sold and we have brought in quite a few players.

But look we can start again, Pedro would have sold the whole fucking lot if he could so let’s all get angry again & agree with each other that Pedro is a Bollix.

September 5, 2019 3:35 pm


Aye and if we believe the B/S being peddled on some blogs we would all happily believe that all is well at planet Celtic, nothing to see here dear customer move along quickly
Do you really believe the PLC turned down £15 – 20 mill for Calmac – honestly? Do you believe they, the PLC, wouldn’t happily have sold our 2 best players just prior to the CL qualifiers? Are you happy with this window? I am of the opinion we have done nothing more than stand still. If you are happy with that so be it but I am not. Are you happy our top earner is not a player. Are you happy we can afford to compete with EPL clubs in regards to a huge salary and outrageous bonus for a CEO but we cannot compete for players? If you are happy with that OK but I am not. No one claims we are giants in Europe but we most definitely will not be able to even to make a credible challenge in European competitions if we continue to sell our best players each window and replace them with projects and loans. 4 first team players signed this window, 4 projects and 3 loans?

Eddy is still here because Monaco pulled out of the deal allegedly, had Porto, or any other team made a decent offer for Ntcham he would have been offski. It is our modus operandi

September 5, 2019 3:47 pm


Stop worrying about meanings you give to things or at least consider the possibility you might be giving the wrong meaning.

Did we come out of the transfer window stronger?

Physically I think we did. Only Taylor of the back four choices lacks inches but his predecessors weren’t giants either.

I heard Keevins describe Julien as a “unit” and the description seemed apt in the interview where he spoke of Morales. He has shoulders that are taller than me.

This is apparently a true story from MON’s days for a game at Ibrox.

” Bobo, take off your shirt and get into the corridor and face down their line up. Johan (Mjalby) your next.”

From Alex Rae perspective.

“We are lined up as we did, the epitome of staunchness and determination.” ( I am guilty of poetic licence here to convey the meaning that Alex words failed to capture).

The door from their dressing room crashed open and Bobo struts out, jersey in hand, bare chested. He walks down our line up, looks into or down into our players eyes and asks What are you saying?” before moving on.

Halfway down the line up the dressing room door crashes open again and its Mjalby’s turn.

By the time the teams ran on to the park, Celtic had already won.

I don’t know at what point Neil Lennon joined the intimidating parade if ever, he was more mentally intimidating than physical compared to Bobo etc but I’m glad to see he hasn’t forgotten the value of intimidation.

September 5, 2019 3:56 pm


My interpretation of ‘stronger’ in a footballing context has heehaw to do with physical presence or mental fortitude. It is based purely on my looking at the sqaud at the end of the window and annalyisng if the current squad has a ‘better quality of player’ contained within than the last squad. IMO this window – no we are not stronger, perhaps physically beefed up slightly but. As a wise man once said opinions are like A’holes everyone has one.

September 5, 2019 4:05 pm

A wee conversation copied over from CQN.

Would I be right in thinking that an absolute refusal to challenge or contradict the same club narrative that underpins the professional game in Scotland is a central plank of ‘The Celtic modus operandi’ ?


Response (Auldheid)

I think it goes a bit further than an absolute refusal to contradict the narrative and it all revolves around the 5 Way Agreement.

Who knew what and when about the LNS commissioning, the LNS Decision itself and ignoring evidence that would have challenged LNS in 2014 a year after the decision was made and well before the Supreme Court ruled Rangers used the ebts in an unlawful manner in July 2017.

For starters it was premature to investigate anything until the HMRC appeals process had run its course. A point made here at the time as I recall, yet on it went, Tally Ho with 3 points per match deduction the fox that turned out to be really wily.

(This is new and not part of original on CQN . The charges that could have been made were failure of Rangers to act in good faith but apparently SPL did not have that rule in the SPL rule book – since changed, but the SFA did, is this a reason the SFA left charges with SPL? To allow lesser charges to be made?

I never understood why SFA said they would act as appeal court when CAS was available to whom jurisdiction in respect of matters involving Rangers before and after was handed over under the 5 Way Agreement.)

Doubts were also expressed about the locus of the Judicial Review that never happened, something where Res12 did have locus but was excluded.

All of it gave impression that Celtic after being surprised by the LNS Decision in Feb 2013 were not happy with it, and of course after 2017 the SFA got a QC to justify not looking into proceedings when SPFL asked them too, prompted by Celtic.

The SFA could not take that line with UEFA Licence 2011 because of what emerged during the Craig Whyte trial but even that Judicial Panel process has run into the 5 Way Agreement buffers or cul de sac.

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 4:07 pm


you may feel that way but you cannot state for certaintly until we have regained the treble and got into the last 16. If we regain the treble and only get into the last 32 then you can state with certainty that we are standing still. Anything less and we are going backwards.

September 5, 2019 4:11 pm


As one ass hole to another – correct.

I think we lacked physical strength and I think physique and athleticism are qualities that we are least as equal to now than before the window.

I also think they are qualities needed to take full points from most games in Scotland, especially Ibrox.

But we all have our own measures.

Make mine a double rum and skimp on the coke 🙂

Awe Naw
September 5, 2019 4:14 pm

have a good day folks

The Exiled Tim
September 5, 2019 4:19 pm

Oh well, the clean up the other days was a waste of time, same again the next few days by the looks of it, this storm so far is worse, a pain in the feckin arse.

September 5, 2019 4:34 pm

(I think we lacked physical strength and I think physique and athleticism are qualities that we are least as equal to now than before the window.

I also think they are qualities needed to take full points from most games in Scotland, especially Ibrox.)

While i agree with this the most important thing is what the coaches do with such.
A Ferrari with a poor driver is unlikely to win a race.
Lack of athleticism and ball retention are two criticisms often used to describe our players.
There may be some degree of truth in that but i would argue that a poor implementation of formation and systems is the bigger cause.
It’s a lot easier to pass the football when you have more than one option.
Also good positional sense means less chasing and energy in reserve when a burst is needed.
Because no one in Scotland possess the ability to nullify us it should not mean we don’t strive to improve.
A little better off the ball moment on Sunday and vision from creative areas would most likely have seen us score more.
Sunday should not be seen as a benchmark.

September 5, 2019 4:43 pm

Afternoon all, TET your article made Celtic News Now front page today. Congrats. Sorry if it’s been mentioned before. HH

Twists n turns
September 5, 2019 4:50 pm


Hope all is well

I can never see the SC article on news now Celtic? I must be looking at a different ‘header’ page?

Same last time with Mick’s article. I couldn’t see it?


I just go to Newsnow Celtic? Is there another one with more articles listed on it?