Celtic 3-1 Kilmarnock Review


A great weekend of fun,frolics,football. And a comfortable 3-1 victory was the perfect way to round it all off,continuing our 100% league record.

Lenny largely declined to make the changes I was hoping for,and even the one we all expected didn’t happen as Boli was passed fit for the match. We lined up as follows.





It certainly looked like a solid side,one with plenty of attacking intent,but it was Killie who took the lead on a rare foray up the park. To be honest,I dunno what happened! My seat wasn’t designed for seeing deflections in off the corner flag at the far end,and the first thing I knew about it was when the ball ended up in the net. I’m still none the wiser…

We continued to play the game in their half as we staged our own version of The Alamo,but the equaliser was a distant hope as we approached half-time. Then I Wanna took a hand,outjumping three defenders in the area to get a header on target just before the interval. All to play for then as we lined up for the second half. And the direction of play was little changed as we continued to take the game to the opposition.

Within about ten minutes of the restart,it was all over as a contest. Eddy ghosted in on the right to finish off a clever move inside the box,low beneath the keeper and then popped up on the left to put in an inch-perfect cross for James Forrest to get in the first flying header of his career! Rather unsportingly the keeper saved it,but the redound fell to Ryan Christie who made no mistake.

That was pretty much that for the day,barring three substitutions and another late penalty awarded against Broonie. It’s becoming a habit for him and if his timing is just a little off,he will be better advised to stay out of our box-especially when it is getting late in the game. Fortunately,Fraser Forster was ready for it,diving low to his right to retain our advantage.

All in all,it wasn’t really a game to treasure for telling to the grandkids,but it was certainly a competent and dominant display against stuffy opponents. All of our players looked well up for it even as they seemed to be playing within themselves at times. We went into the game with a 100% recorded,and we maintained that. So all good. And since it is four long weeks away till we return to Celtic Park on league duty,we should all cherish that memory!

My Man of the Match award goes to James Forrest. He tormented the Killie defence all day and how he didn’t get on the scoresheet remains a mystery. Well,actually,naw. Their keeper had a lot to do with it!


Above article by BMCUWP.

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Celtic V Killie SPFL Highlights


Good weekend all round. Great to meet up with many good Tims, new and not so new, followed on by a decent result yesterday for the Celts. Did you manage to get Mahe to the game? Thanks for arranging the day oot once again M.

Awe Naw

Sunday 22 September 2019 by Davywavy

Jeremy Corbyn rules out going into coalition with his own party

Jeremy Corbyn rules out coaltion with Labour
Jeremy Corbyn has strongly rejected suggestions that he might enter a coalition with his own party to win an election.

The Labour leader said that the Labour MPs weren’t the sort of people he’d choose to work with, and insisted that winning his own seat of Islington North should be sufficient to allow him to form a government.

Anyone suggesting an electoral pact with his own MPs was in ‘cloud cuckoo land’, he said, as their history of voting for Labour Party policy meant he couldn’t trust them.

”I think we need to be very clear that if you’re a member of the Labour Party then the Labour Party isn’t the place for you,” he told a gathering of his own representatives.

”There will be no pact which would allow my own MPs to win seats by me stepping aside.

”Instead I’ll fight every seat on my own, win, and enter Downing Street at the head of a Labour movement composed of a loyal and hardworking party of myself,” he concluded, before sitting down to his own rapturous applause.

However, Labour members have said their door remains open to the idea of working with their own leader, as he’ll need at least some other MPs to beat the six Boris Johnson has left.


https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/17920502.rangers-fans-left-lurch-official-travel-partners-thomas-cook-collapse/ Ironic. Thomas Cook taking advice from Rangers and will come back next year as The Thomas Cook. Thoughts with those workers who have lost their jobs today.


Happy with that result and delighted with Bauer. He is top notch. His pass big OE showed football intelligence and skill. Took out 3/4 Killie play era at once. Plus he has the. mad hatter pushing for his place. I can,t remember being so happy with the defence at the back.
Isn’t there a band called the Happy Monday’s?


Awe Naw
Oh the truth of it. Corbyn seems to be on a one man mission to keep the Labour Party in permanent opposition. And with current Tory minority government too. Utter shambles, sadly.

Awe Naw

Three quick questions

1) When was the last time that Sevco played before us domestically ?

2) When is the next time Sevco play before us domestically ?

3) Does it even itself out over a season ?

Awe Naw

oops 4

4) If not why not ?


Afternoon everyone.
BMCUW, was great to see you and yer Da on Saturday night.


Awe Naw and Friesd.,

Very clever satire, sadly, with too much truth to make me laugh out loud! Given tge shambles that is the Tory party and their divisive leader, it is hard to understand how the opposition can be viewed so poorly. Actually, it isn’t. Labour is no longer a broad church where policy emerges after debate.

Friesdorfer, Labour may be lucky to be the opposition after the election!



On those highlights we can have mo complaint about their penalty.
Like Ajer in midweek Brown left his feet and made a rash tackle in the box.
In Scotland we will concede a penalty every time we do such.
Coaches need to tell our players to stay on their feet.
James Forrest was fantastic and unlucky not to have had a hat trick.
He is such a brilliant player when he faces forward and comes inside.
Lovely pass from Bauer to set up the iceman for his usual nonchalant finish.

bada bing1


2nd goal yesterday, brilliant football


Bada Bing1
A great piece of positive forward passing possession football.
And Ntcham showing his class in tight spots to shift the ball from one side to keep play moving.

Awe Naw

Great to see ex Celt Brendan Rodgers doing so well. Isn´t it ? His decision to return to the EPL has been completely vindicated. Third behind Liverpool and Manchester City (CL winners and Treble Champions) I can see a bigger club coming in for him soon. Man U. R. Madrid.

All the best Brendan.


I watched the Chelsea vs L’pool game yesterday looking for points of comparison with our game.

I did not see many! It was a keenly contested game in which Chelsea were unlucky not to get a point. Liverpool are far superior to us on set pieces. Our efforts on set pieces remind me of the definition of madness….doing the same thing time after time and expecting different results! Surely, someone coaches variations in corners and free kicks.

Not impressed by Sala on that game. Klopp has to step in and get him to play with Mane, and vice versa. Firmino is one of the cleverest strikers or #10s to ever play the game.

Henderson, although much younger than Brown, reminded me of the latter. He has lost a yard and is starting to under hit his passes, thus producing hospital balls. He, like many of his team and Celtic tired badly in the second half. Those tough midweek games in Europe certainly have an effect. Given this, it presents a dilemma for the manager. Rotate or not to rotate? NL took the smart option and only made two changes from midweek. Cannot fault that because we won 3-1.

I hate to be wrong(who doesn’t!) but, so far, and in certain games, and on some occasions, for a limited amount of time, NL is getting it right! ?. Long may it continue. Congrats where it is due.



No didn’t see game. Opted to stay out on the beer. Was great to meet you Sir.
Hail Hail


Likewise, really enjoyed our chat. Admire your principles re Celtic, you are a better mhan than me. Hope the remainder of your trip is a blast, and safe return home. Till the next time.



Hard day at the salt mines doing my penance for the weekend! I must admit,I thought that Thomas Cook was Celtic official travel partners. Hard lines on those caught in the fallout from it.

£200m? Peanuts in the great scheme of things,so aye,the government could have renationalised it. But their business plan is clearly on a downward spiral. Nae luck.



It’s not really my style to blow smoke up yer arse,but that particular post was worthy of Private Eye.

Back in the days when it was rather witty.



Cheers,mate. An absolute pleasure,as always,to bump into you.

I wouldn’t want anyone to feel left out of course. Everyone who was there on Saturday was a pleasure,my grateful thanks for your efforts,and I hope you all had a great time. I think I did…

Bobby, I thoroughly enjoyed the music. Think they call themselves The Plainsmen. BGFC &Wee BGFC et. al.



The High Plains Drifters? Aye,they were bloody excellent. Great stuff.

Fairhill Bhoy

BMCUWP-had a good day at the hoot,everyone was absolutely brilliant company.
Mahe-thanks for the shirt,smashing gesture and much appreciated mate?Get home safe ?
Marspapa/Gutenberg-thanks guys ?

Evening Timland, still hot and humid.
The blogs are deathly quiet, you would think it’s international week.
Only seen the goals from yesterday but the second goal was exquisite football, fifteen or so passes and the pass from Bauer to Eddy and the finish were top top quality.
But we really need to get our fingers out, the huns are still winning everything going, the coke head is now the winner of the controlling himself trophy

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the footage of the second goal. I was at the game but did not at the time appreciate that it was indeed a thing of beauty. No like me!!

I’ve sent a text to Steve Sutcliffe at the BBC on line coverage of the FIFA awards. If Virgil wins I want them to mention he played for Celtic. They usually omit this.



Many thanks for arranging the HOOT!

Great to see you and your Dad of course and meet old and new Celtic friends.

Loved it!



The Exiled Tim
Are the blogs quiet due to Neil surprising many of us with some pleasing and skillful football?
Here many including me did not want him in the job but to date he is exceeding expectation.
I am still not convinced but if he continues to get results will have to eat humble pie.
On other blogs Neil’s detractors have been silenced by a combination of
success and a bullying pack.
It’s shaping up to be an interesting season especially as the mibs and media have shown they are fully on the message to facilitate a hun title challenge.
Let’s hope we are as content and passive at season’s end.

Fairhill Bhoy

Fan-a-tic – so what exactly is your point ?

I have no idea the reason, it’s probably a combination of many things.
Like you Lenny wasn’t my first choice, my reasoning was that he would never have been in the frame had BR left at the end of the season, I doubt he would have been quoted, if he had been it would be seriously long odds, and again like you I am still not convinced, the one game we really needed to win we made a total bollix of, the domestic stuff is as it should be, we have better players than the rest so we should win, it’s really that simple, we have also struggled in a couple of games where it was a flash of brilliance that saw us through as opposed to tactics, so judgement is reserved but so far am pretty content with the job he is doing.
We do seem to have a bit more steel about us and we are defo more direct, I like what I see and am hoping that we continue to get stronger and stronger.


Fairhill Bhoy
It’s an opinion.

Fairhill Bhoy

Fan-a-tic -‘are the blogs quiet due to Neil surprising many of us with some pleasing and skilful football ‘?
This isn’t Neil’s first rodeo you know ?


Fairhill Bhoy
And your condescending point is?
I think i am as well versed in Neil’s career as most Celtic fans.

Oh Dear, there is scraping the barrel and scraping the barrel, this is even worse FFS.
https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/tran … s-16966362
A new study has revealed that Duncan Ferguson’s transfer from Rangers to Everton would be the biggest ever for a Scottish player according to “football inflation”.
The original £5.5m transfer fee that was used to prise the powerful striker away from Ibrox would now be equivalent to a monstrous £78m fee.
That dwarfs the £24m said to have been spent by Arsenal to snare full-back Kieran Tierney.
The former Rangers man is also second on the list, his £8m move to Newcastle in 1998 being worth £42m today while Barry Ferguson is third with his £7m move to Blackburn inflated to £37m. Ferguson was 23-years-old when he made the move south after a record-breaking 1993 transfer to Ibrox from Jim McLean’s Dundee United turned sour. The big striker was unable to dislodge Mark Hatleley from the team and the legal ramifications of an on-field head-butt on Raith Rovers defender Jock McStay left him looking to move on.

Fairhill Bhoy

Fan-a-tic -apologies if you thought I was being condescending.
My point is,maybe Neil has done better than you ,me and a few others had thought he would do and hence the quiet blogs.He came back into our club with a better record than our last manager,and he still has a better record than our last manager.

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-how much would Flo be worth now then ?

Messi wins. Didn’t think a defender would win it. Nae luck Virgil.

No idea and I CGAF 😉
They will do anything to be relevant, they are pathetic, and your assertion that Lenny has a better record than BR is way way off, unless you mean in Europe, domestically BR blows him away

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-I will blame James Forrest if I’m way off,but I’m pretty sure I’m not.

Fairhill Bhoy

Jtt53-good to meet you on Saturday,an absolute gentleman ?


I don’t think blogs are quiet just because some under-estimated Neil. The main CQN bog is a nightmare to post on even if you can put up with your views being challenged. Thankfully, there are alternatives.

Neil has had a great start to the season but there were also some worrying stories around at the start of the season and, if even half of them were true, we are right to have concerns. However, it is too early to tell if we are seeing a John Barnes start or a Brendan Rodgers invincible season start.

What is already obvious is that the new “cheap” signings are better than we have managed in recent seasons and that has refreshed the team.

Sevco, despite their Ibrox beating are sticking with us in these early stages and we have won nothing but credibility so far.

That is a good start but I expect we will see a downturn at some stage and then we will see if we have the resilience for the long haul of winning a league.

I’d like to win a cup or two but I won’t cry too much if we lose one or two. I don’t expect us to be in the last 8 of the Europa but I would like to see us getting past Christmas in Europe again.

But, all that really matters is the winning of 9iar for the moment and that will remain unsure for quite a few months yet.

Strap yourselves in and enjoy the ride.

BR didn’t lose a domestic trophy, he went one season undefeated and you think that Lenny has a better record than that, I would be really interested to see how that conclusion has been come to.

Fairhill Bhoy

TET-win game ratio something or other ?
If I’m wrong it’s no biggie either ?

Fairhill Bhoy

SFTB-do you think it would be all quiet if we hadn’t beat them or had a good result in France ?


Fairhill Bhoy SFTB
I opined that it may be the reason for quiet blogs.

Fairhill Bhoy, was great to meet you too pal! I’m hopeless in big companies. I’m far better with about 4 or 5 to get a decent blether with. Loved that woman at your table with the short hair. With her dad I think. She told me she comes on to the blogs for a lurk but doesn’t post. I challenged her to come on. But nothing so far. She is Celtic daft.

Fairhill Bhoy

Jtt53-that was birthday bhoys daughter, Jackie (spelling).She had me on the shots?

Fairhill Bhoy

Fan-a-tic -you might be right,there’s probably a hundred reasons ?
Anyway bedtime for me?

I just checked and you are indeed correct, Lenny has a win % of less than 1% over BR, but like everything else it’s just another stick to beat BR with, stats can be made to say what you want, BR won every single domestic trophy he entered, Lenny didn’t, that a much better stat imo.