More Money,More Problems?

Sometime around the 90s three teams tore away from the rest and emerged as the leaders of the pack in global footballing recognition terms.
We all know who they are and yes they are giants of the game but when you look at the current conditions of all three clubs one simply must wonder if they have taken their collective eyes of the ball or did they simply believe they could just buy success ?
That the money would bring glory ?
That success can be bought?
I think they are all finding it brings extra scrutiny actually, and pressures they would all rather do without right now.

The beautiful game is constantly in flux and its students such as ourselves can and should be learning all the time. Flip the clock back 15 or 20 years and it’s hard to imagine the trio not going on to dominate long term. Of course history is littered with teams who rested on their laurels and then were unprepared for a strong rival,but that’s my point-why did none of the three see this coming if there are numerous examples in history to study?

I’ve blogged before about how Liverpool had the world at their feet in the 80s yet let it all slip away to become an also ran,much to their fanbases dismay.
There is an argument to say that it was good for the game itself to share the spoils and keep it interesting.
However the fact that no one seems to be able to hit the top and stay there is very noteworthy.
Is it too difficult?
The egos involved dont have the vision?
Or is the game just not set up to be dominated long term ?
Whatever the reason or reasons are for this are we cant expect everyone to keep messing up. At some stage someone somewhere will hit on the right formula .
Well,I certainly expect that to happen.

The obvious thing to do for the mega rich is to throw money at their problems,but this has proven to be detrimental and can divide dressing rooms with high earning prima Donna’s thinking they have made it due to the pay packet and not the medals as it should be.
Also each time they splash the cash its overwhelmingly talent they are buying and ignoring the more important personality and character of the new signing.
This is no more evident than the current most expensive player in the world who is getting booed by his own fans and wants to leave.

Now we have also the fact that these three giants are not winning the biggest prize and dont seem close to it. This alone should show their models are flawed,being outdone by less paid but more motivated and up for it opponents. As fans we should rejoice in this fact for it keeps everyone on their toes.
But the behemoths themselves are under big pressure for instant success and the revamp and back to basics approach needed to set down solid foundations isn’t always welcomed by fans demanding the best signings available and three points delivered with flair.

That’s a vicious cycle.

Three of the four semi finalists in last years big Cup were not of the traditional top three teams which was great to see for many.
It’s also a huge pointer,that slow organic growth based on real solid teamwork and ethic can and will trump a bling team thrown together.
Hopefully we will see a repeat again this year which should in theory prompt owners to abandon throwing the cash at the problem in favour of correct recruitment favouring team building rather than supreme talent, which btw is winning less and less games by themselves.

With Leo and CR7 in the twilight of their careers we might just be seeing the last ” just get him the ball ” players at the top level , for a while at least.
Current trends show the entire squad must be prepared to step up and show belief when required. It’s teamwork and imagination that is coming out on top these days.
Galacticos might be real but when looking at how Neymar and Hazard are getting along it’s hard not to feel the game has quite simply moved on.
Build teams, dont just buy talent. Something our club of choice seem to have cottoned onto by already having the next generation on hand and under contract waiting to grab chances ideally.
It’s the smarter play these days.
As the big three are found out,its tough at the top.
And they just weren’t smart enough to manage to stay there.

Let’s see if the new lot can buck that trend.


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Usually on the eve of a match,I’ll put up a preview. But I think you all know what I’d say about tonight’s potential line-up. So I didn’t bother!


Greetings from Dublin airport after a tearful morning.
The sun shines as we leave the hallowed turf that is and will always be home to me .

If as expected Jose gets the Real job again expect further deterioration of that giant. Barca is the surprise of the three imo.
Wont sort it till Leo goes I believe.
United are just way behind others and might well do a Liverpool here.
Its interesting even if its self inflicted.
You just can’t buy your way out of problems or gain success these days as Psg have found out.
Many a chairman knows this now. Youth is the way.
Hail Hail


Just read of TeTs woes.
That ain’t good at all. Hope everything works out K. Need anything let us know pal.
Take care of yerself.
Hail Hail

Awe Naw

Get well soon TET.



Get well soon mate!

You’ll be missed!



Safe journey and great to meet you at the weekend!

Take care and Hail Hail!


Todays news

UEFA have announced that they will be introducing VAR to the euro losers league (AKA Europa league) during the knock out stage of the tournament this season.
Why the sudden change of mind? IMO no doubt prompted by a spate of dodgy ref decisions as witnessed during the recent Rennes V Celtic game. If we do progress to the latter stages of the competition I hope the coaching team will be emphasising the importance of staying on your feet when defending in the penalty area – do not go to ground unless 100% certain you are going to take the ball cleanly. Perhaps we can enlist Johnny Hayes as a defensive coach?

Awe Naw

I do hope we use a few fringe players tonight. Would like to see more of Bauer, Bayou, Griffiths,

A good time to throw in the new lad from Killie or is he injured ?

What’s the score with Johnston, Schved and Morgan ?

Maybe even a half time run out for Dembele ?



Jonny has been deployed almost everywhere else,so why not?



Bon voyage!



I think Greg Taylor was cup-tied while with Killie.


Click bait rumours that Jeremie Frimpong may be on the bench tonight. If correct it could mean that Eddy is going to be rested and Bayo could lead the line with Frimpong on the bench that or a number of other permutations – who knows!!!

The game against Thistle may not be as easy as some are predicating. Thistle have a new manager in former H*n player Ian McCall and no doubt their players will be looking to impress the new boss.

bada bing1

Country if fkd,and chief legal goathumper thinks he’s a turn on The Good Old Days

bada bing1

Bauer injured, Taylor cup tied,good game to rest a few,and give guys a run too.


Good article Mahe.
(As the big three are found out,its tough at the top.
And they just weren’t smart enough to manage to stay there.)
Visual blinders and the supposition that something will always be are not the best vehicles for change.
The game is changing on the field of play.
There are now alternatives to the Barca style tippy tappy that are giving even it’s most ardent devotees pause for thought.
Liverpool like Bayern in 2013 easily beat Barca with a game of power and percentages.
Simple really as putting the ball in positive areas increases your chances of scoring.
We are starting to see teams vary their tactics more and as the illusion of invincibility vanishes teams are becoming more confident.
To football purist’s Pep’s City are prettier than Klopp’s Liverpool but i prefer Pool’s quicker more direct style particularly as it does not require perfection to be effective.
Lennon’s team may not show the finesse of Rodger’s Celtic but i find it far less boring and the goals for ratio looks good.
At this time there are more variations of play than in the last two decades.
As technology allows the breakdown of systems much quicker than before are we entering a phase of constantly evolving tactics and systems as the blueprint for success?

Partick Thistle

Heart of Midlothian



Not difficult to pick who you wish to win in each of these games tonight. 🙂


The future???

If i was at Celtic i would be looking at technology implementation in the football department.
I think the most interesting thing about the above system is it paints a very accurate picture of individuals performance and effectiveness and strips away myth.
It could really help to maximize individuals impact on team structure
investment in this less risky t.han hopeful transfer expenditure

I think Lenny said recently that he’s not a big fan of ‘stats’. That being the case I don’t see us going along those lines any time soon. Ronnie D. would probably have been more into that sort of thing. It will be important in the future no doubt about that.

I’m not sure Lenny even has one of those new fangled ‘mobile’ phones!


Evolution is important.
Stand still and you are more likely to be left behind.
Neil’s view is interesting as when he was a player he was not endowed with great skill but his analytical mind allowed him to play the percentages to great effect.
My biggest fear of him being our coach is still his reluctance on youth and old school thinking.

Awe Naw

Lionel Persey QC is due to deliver his proclamations on Friday. That is when the huns lawyers will be informed about the damages in pounds and pence that nice socialist person Mr. Ashley will receive. 8 – 10m will need to be found down the back of the sofa. For the huns to dismiss this as not being an issue they will need to ensure that they win the Europa league in May 2020.

I am of the opinion that as soon as this declaration is made then a chain event with Close Bros. Asset Management and Memorial Walls will seek a ring fencing of funds will occur. This will pique the curiosity of those that are owed money by the huns. They will then be able to do their own back of fag packet calculations and that will have them worried. Puma, Hummel, Elite will want
to set down a marker that if you fuck with them they will fuck back. How many football clubs are owed money or will be owed money when the players they sold have accrued the right number of games or been there long enough to trigger a payment clause.

We will see a repeat of last season. All the talk will be if they can’t sell Morelos to China or Tarvenier to Real Madrid etc. then they will be fucked. I expect that not to happen and for an admin event to take place once all hun EL interest and SPL interest has ended.

You are correct of course Fan, things move on. VAR for instance. Celtic TV or club websites. Who could have imagined that in the 1970/80s? Technology is encroaching into all aspects of our lives. Domestically I can’t see any club in Scotland running towards football analytics before Celtic to give them an advantage over us. In Europe however, that’s a different matter altogether.



Can I copy and paste that to CQN please?

Awe Naw

RIFC now has Metro Bank on board, having lived without much banking support for several grim years <—- It´s a goner

When you consider how desperately Ashley needs money after his Brussels shenanigans, How desperate Metro bank will now be

I´m pretty convinced that the huns will need an admin event before the summer.

If they don´t then Scottish football is a bigger player in the mafia than even I expected.

Awe Naw

anybody can copy and paste anything by me on the internet at any time without asking



Thank you.

Awe Naw

Student Going Through Sinn Féin Phase

UCD student Trevor O’Brien is to spend the coming months learning off and adopting the key political ideology of Sinn Féin, in what many people presume is just a phase that every student goes through at some point.

“It used to be Labour in my day, but students are wise to them now. I was so far left I drove on the hard shoulder back in college, but once I started earning enough money to be taxed out the bollocks I switched to Fine Gael,” confirmed O’Brien’s mother Theresa.

O’Brien, who’s recent internet searches all seem to be inspired by Sinn Féin’s history and policy platforms with a heavy reliance on Wikipedia entries and old articles news articles dating as far back as 2014.

“It’s not a phase, I believe in investing in essential services, taxing the rich and the multinationals who are taking the Irish people for fools, all enabled by the Fine Gael Blueshirts who would be happy if Irish people never owned a home again,” O’Brien explained while erecting posters of the Irish border and Che Guevara on his bedroom wall.

His new found love of Sinn Féin’s political outlook has not extended to any gaudy ‘Éire’ back tattoos, but the possibility could not be ruled out.

“I won’t be part of the capitalist system that results in suffering and inequality,” added O’Brien, who we give until he finishes college and gets a postgraduate position before safely transitioning to a reluctant, conflicted and guilt ridden Fianna Fáil voter.

Awe Naw

Tuesday 24 September 2019 by Davywavy

Boris Johnson pledges to take Prorogation fight ‘all the way’ to the European Court of Justice

Boris takes prorogation fight to EU courts
After losing his case to prorogue parliament in the Supreme Court, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged to take his fight ‘all the way’ to the European Court if he has to.

Judges in the Supreme Court described the move to Prorogue parliament as unlawful, meaning that MPs are set to return and throw stuff at the government unless the Prime Minister succeeds in getting an emergency adjournment from the Brussels-based legal body.

Describing the judgement as ‘terrible’, leading figures in the Leave campaign including David Davis, Jacob-Rees Mogg and Sir Whatsisname Oojimaflip have backed the PM’s view that a ruling from the highest court in the European Union may be essential to get a fair and unbiased hearing.

The defence had claimed that telling porkies to Her Majesty the Queen is not only lawful, but the duty of every right-thinking Briton – a claim the court ruled as ‘bullshit and a half’.

“The problem is that these British Judges have to follow British laws, which are clearly biased and unfair,” Rees-Mogg told supporters.

“It’s vital for the preservation of democracy we have a final and definitive say, and we’ll use the European Court and all its powers to get that if we have to.

“Thank God for the European Union standing up for the little man, like me.”

Twists n turns

The ref for the hun game is hand picked for tonight. Livvy on their kid on surface were perfectly capable of springing a surprise tonight.

The man in black will see it doesn’t happen. Red card a possible – penalty a stonewall certainty if the score is level or In Livvy favour.

All you can do is follow the odds and make some money from the cheating.

TnT, We desperately need refereeing reform in Scotland.

Separate it from the SFA. Referee ‘firms’ or associations from around the world could tender for the job. They would be hired for a fixed term and answerable to the league.

Officials must disclose past and present club allegiances like in England.

Masonic allegiance must be disclosed like judges in England.

Anyone born in Lanarkshire would not be allowed to become a referee.

That should sort it.

Twists n turns


Problem is that Turkeys don’t vote for Xmas

big packy

just heard bobby lennox is out with a thigh strain, so the new guy from hearts, Wallace I think his name is, starts,.dont shoot the messenger.hh.

I heard that too Packy. Must be true!

big packy

JIM, heard it from a good source,that well known tim journalist and tv presenter, alex Cameron.hh.

Mario Bertolini

Oglach, my apologies, I know it was a few days ago. Not looked back to what annoyed me. I will do. too much vino rosso, probs. Onice again apologies. mi amici.

big packy

hey jim, I was in Bellshill maternity hospital in Lanarkshire, ill have you

No problem with Bellshill Maternity Packy. Just forget about being a referee. 🙂

big packy

JIM, when I was growing up don’t think there were any catholic referees, the only one I can think of is tom tiny wharton ?

big packy

in my post at 6-18 to jim, I should have said born in Bellshill maternity hospital, apologies.hh.

CELTIC: Gordon, Frimpong, Elhamed, Ajer, Hayes, McGregor, Ntcham, Rogic, Morgan, Bayo, Elyounoussi.
Subs: Forster, Hendry, Brown, Sinclair, Edouard, Bolongoli, Forrest

Quite a change in the line up

Can’t believe it! Broonie on the bench.


1-0 Easy as you like big Bayo ?

Yesss Hope it doesn’t get counted as an Own Goal.

Nearly a 2nd for Celtic. Just over the bar, Bayo again I think


2-0 Big Tom

Someone was saying he looked unfit 1st half !!!

Byres Road Bhoy

A well taken goal by big Bayo – one of five first half headers I’ve counted – from a free kick by wee Jonny. Thistle have been gifted a couple of chances but are clogging for the main part. This bhoy Frimpong is a find. Very quick and tricky. Playing right in front of me second half so I’ll get a bettet look. Great sidefoot goal by Rogic after some super build up play starts the second half!! COYBIG.


What a goal by Ntcham from 30 plus yards ?

Must be game over surely

Byres Road Bhoy

Cracking drive by Ollie from 35 yds finds top corner in 56 mins. 3-0 Hoops

big packy

BYRES ROAD BHOY, how is the young lad Wallace playing.hh,


Another beauty by Ntcham