Celtic 5-0 Thistle Review


What a pleasant way to spend an evening! My sisters and I were at the match last night, and were discussing how we thought the game would go as we sat in the pub beforehand.

“Best wait till we see the teams before we put the bets on”,I suggested. Like as though Lenny has ever listened to my pleas to rotate the squad! So I was more than a little surprised when I saw the line-up. EIGHT changes plus a positional one saw us line up as follows.





It certainly showed Neil’s adventurous side-as well as the depth in our squad-and it must have given Thistle a glimmer of hope too. And a glimmer is about all they achieved. Let there be no doubt about it-Thistle huffed and puffed,kicked and scratched. It was all they had. It was one-way traffic from the off,and not even a typical Steven McLean performance could do a damn thing about it.

Elyonoussi had a fairly frustrating evening-he was playing directly in front of me in the first half and I was watching him casually saunter around while his team-mates had the ball in midfield-then he would suddenly lose his marker and make the run! Rarely did it get spotted in time by an opponent. But it was never once spotted by a team-mate,and I’m sure that will come in time.

More impressive yet,on the opposite flank,was Jeremie Frimpong. Still only 18yo with hopefully a growth spurt still to come,he showed great ability to do it all. Take a pass,beat a man,tackle,he even won a few in the air too. Moritz Bauer has impressed me so far but this lad may scupper his hopes of a permanent deal. He went off late on to a standing ovation.

Bayo proved a handful all night and could have gone home with the matchball. He has shown improvement with every game so far and is certainly worth an extended run if Lenny can fit him into the system. He must be a nightmare to play against,all power pace and strength then suddenly with the finesse to slide a ball inside. Hopefully he is over his initial injury problems.

But it was Ollie who was most impressive on the night. He started the game impressively,bossing the midfield,spraying an impressive array of passes around,making the tackles,making the runs. He shaded towards the end of the half,the frustrating Ollie making an appearance for a while,but he came out like a train in the second half. Thistle made the mistake of getting him angry with the roughhouse stuff,and boy did he punish them.

To the goals,then. You’ve waited long enough! Fifteen minutes in,we got a free-kick on the left. Maybe 25 yards out and the same from the middle. Very difficult to do much except swing it into the danger area,which Jonny Hayes duly did. And with deadly accuracy-right onto the head of Vadoun Bayo who battered the ball past the keeper. Great cross,great finish.

How it was the only goal at half-time is a mystery,but not one which bothered us too much. There was enough to take from the display to have us quite confident in the second half,and we didn’t have long to wait till we doubled our tally. Thistle foolishly broke upfield from the kick off and lost the ball. Kris-Ollie-Vadoun took the ball to the edge of the box before a lovely pass from Bayo saw Big Tam almost effortlessly stroke it home.

Ollie grabbed the game around this time,presumably pissed off at the constant fouling by Cardle and Palmer and deciding to punish them the best way possible. For once,I won’t attempt to describe a goal. Just watch it.


Hit from considerable distance with barely any backlift. What a peach. His second might have been a bit better,btw-showing the best way to punish an attempted act of thuggery from behind. Picking it up deep in his own half…


Inbetween these two goals,Broonie came on for CalMac-mainly to get Palmer told what was coming if he kept up his shennanigans. But the biggest cheer of the evening may have been for the arrival of Scott Sinclair-a clear sign from the fans to the hierarchy that we are not happy with how he has been treated this season. He wasted little time in paying us back too.

A terrible pass across the high back line saw Bayo burst clear. He unselfishly squared it to Rogic whose right footed attempt was,well,a Big Tam right footed attempt. The rebound fell to Scott who made no mistake. The goal came after a superb piece of defensive play from Frimpong-already on a booking,he never shirked his duties all night.

Scott could have had a second a few minutes later as he burst through on the left,but he attempted to present it to Bayo despite probably being in a better position himself.

Jeremie Frimpong went off with ten minutes to go,receiving a standing ovation from the crowd for a very pleasing debut. He was replaced by Jack Hendry-and I think we were all willing him to score from the waiting corner. It wasn’t to be,and the match played out to a very satisfying 5-0.

On a night when there were no failures,a Man of the Match can be difficult. Bayo was a handful all night as was TR. Frimpong looks like a real find. But Ollie was unplayable for most of the night. We all know what he has in his locker and I wish he would do this more often.

His best chance of a big money move away from us is to do it FOR us in the meantime. Over to you,son.


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McLean and Robertson are just two of the many who are facilitating the huns at every opportunity. Time for the clubs to speak out about it. And challenge any disrepute charge which results.

The only people guilty of bringing the game into disrepute are the referees and everyone who lets them get away with it.


There’s an article in it,as BIGAUDIODYNAMITE suggests at the foot of the previous article. But try finding the evidence. Rarely if ever shown on a highlights package and removed on copyright grounds as soon as it is posted independently on YouTube.

Banging your head against a brick wall,so it is. But I have a suggestion-and I’ll leave this running for a while. Any obvious examples like last night,please mention them on these pages.


Best comment on Celtic’s blocking streams in the UK / Ireland. Usual excuse they don’t have the rights etc.

“Celtic should run their own streaming service and call it Caflix”

made me laugh 🙂



Oh,very good!



Shots on Target



Oh well at least Partick Thistle beat us at something. And that’s not counting the fouls they got away with!

Bobby, never saw the game but would love to have seen the bit you are talking about when Broonie came on and dealt with Palmer!

Just checked up on Cammy Palmer the Ibrox player on loan to PT. Born in York but raised in TORONTO !!!

I blame Mike.


Celtic V Partick Thistle – Fan recorded highlights. (2nd goal missing – probably still getting his Bovril and pie)

11mins 20 secs in great view of Ollie’s Exocet. Link below


Such a shame that Celtic block UK / Irish streams (including the dodgy ones) A waste of a big money making opportunity. Why can’t they have a deal with the broadcaster / rights owner similar to Now TV / SKY deal where you can pay to watch the game even if you aren’t a SKY subscriber – pay £8.00 for a days access to all SKY sports channels. Paradise was half empty yesterday (Thistle fans referring to it as a library). Now a few thousand extra paying subscribers wouldn’t go amiss. Celtic have previous on shutting down dodgy streams – who can forget the Taxi driver who used to stream the games and add his own hilarious commentary ” Shoot Naka” If only the PLC would expend as much energy chasing institutions that have cost the club millions of pounds rather than individuals who stream Celtic games for no financial reward.

PS lots of sweary words in the link so if you are an easily offended snowflake — “NO CLICKY THE LINKY”


Afternoon All,
Re Hun Refs, watched the beginning of their game last night then switched over occasionally.
Before their goal a Livi player knocked the ball out for a shy off a hun, shy to huns??? A couple of touches later deflection and one nil. This was the third such incident.

Caught the incident with the Livi player accidentally catching Aribo, looked bad on replay but, the Ref played on, no foul and he was very close to the incident. He should have gave a foul against Morelos as he barged into the Livi player just before he made the challenge. When Aribo was getting treatment the hun players were making out it was a deliberate elbow. The Livi player was then booked even though the ref hadn’t seen anything wrong (Video Evidence?).

As for the Livi penalty claim, no contact, he dived.

The last man challenge, straight red card but, from the ref’s view it would have looked like a good tackle as the ball stuck between the players and the hun came away with it. If it had gone clear then a question would have to be asked, then again!

They’re rank rotten but getting away with it.



Good very early morning troops from the sunshine state.
Sounds like it was a cracker and there’s actually signs Bayo might be a good player I read !!
Well, I gotta admit I thought it was another punt gone awry but will delighted to be proved wrong.
Its took quite a while to get him to the stage of showcasing whatever talents he has which wont have helped many fans view of him. Myself included hands up.
Ideally we would have seen Shved and O’Connor also but cant have everything.

Cant believe Misser still playing,,surely this season is it for the ” wily veteran ” ?

Oglach the club lag way behind many in terms of technology offered. Ctv still isn’t very professional after all these years.
This has always pissed me off. Innovation is needed in that sector of the club,,an app,,,offering games within UK and Eire for non attenders,,, superstore offer of the day tweet or email ,, fans vote what to ask players,,,etc.
The elder gents running the club dont strike me as being tech savvy and lack the understanding of how the next generation prefer to communicate.

Happy Thors day. Hail Hail


(The elder gents running the club dont strike me as being tech savvy and lack the understanding of how the next generation prefer to communicate.)
Unless we all become proficient in semaphore there is zero chance of those in the ivory tower communicating with us plebs.
Would they even be willing to pay for the cost of the flags?

Awe Naw

Rangers fan who ran on Ibrox pitch to celebrate Scott Arfield goal against Celtic begins trial at Rangers
Craig Gaskin ran from his seat to join the players’ celebrations after Rangers went 2-0 against Celtic in May.

ByConnor Gordon
18:34, 25 SEP 2019

A thrilled Arfield ran to the crowd and saluted them before celebrating with his team-mates beside the supporters. However, some jubilant Rangers supporters spilled onto the pitch to join their heroes.

Gaskin was found guilty of breach of the peace on Wednesday at Glasgow Sheriff Court after being identified as one of those who ran onto the pitch but was subsequently pardoned when Sherrif Bonnar was presented with a letter from Rangers Football club inviting Gaskin for a trial at Ibrox.

However, his lawyer Robert Reid told a sheriff that it was “Arfield’s actions” which prompted the invasion.

He said: “Arfield and Rangers players ran into the crowd and he was booked.

“What caused people to run on to the pitch was Scott Arfield’s actions.

“Had he not done that, then this incident wouldn’t have come to the court’s attention.”

“But as you are well aware your honour Rangers players are singularly not punished for this action.”

CCTV footage of Gaskin in a blue jacket celebrating on the pitch with the Rangers players was shown in court.

Gaskin ran back into the seating area after being chased by stewards but was brought back out and handed over to police who charged him with breach of the peace but not before they brought Gaskin to Gerrard’s office who was “extremely impressed by the agility quickness and nimbleness of Gaskin”

Sheriff Gerard Bonnar deferred sentence on Gaskin until next month stating “I think it is only right that we wait and see if young Craig can impress the Rangers manager and get himself a contract. This will undoubtedly help with his rehabilitation”

Gaskin originally had his Rangers season ticket confiscated by the club but Sheriff Bonnar has now rescinded that decision stating that it was needed as part of his rehabilitation to be able to attend matches”

Sheriff Bonnar said: “It will now be a technical requirement for Craig to attend matches even if Stevie hasn´t picked him for first team squad duties”

“If he attends wearing the club suit and tie then he will be setting an example to all.”

“Case is dismissed until next month where we hope that he passes this trial at Rangers or he will be having another less interesting trial”

Gaskin, from Motherwell, was bailed on tick until the next hearing.

Well that’s it. I’m away to the pub! I’ve not been out since last Saturday. I deserve it.


(for now)

Mike in Toronto


Are Celtic and its fans gulity of bringing the game into disrepute, as they let them get away with it too?

Awe Naw

The blending of the real article into the fiction was so well done there… you, sir, are a true artist.

Mike in Toronto

Spanish Football Association has found Barcelona guilty of negotiating with Griezemann without Atletico’s permission. Barca was fined the princely sum of 300 pounds.

I need to look into this further, as this doesnt seem right.

Atltico had alleged that Griezman and Barca conspired to hold off on finalizing his transfer until after the date when his contractual release clause was decreased. I dont know ifthis was adjudicated on. If so, the penalty seems unduly lenient.

big packy

so I come home early to have a blether with my best mate jim, and he slopes off to the pub, wish I could afford to go to the pub on a Thursday afternoon,.only kidding jim, if I was up there all your drinks would be on me,.enjoy.hh.

Mike in Toronto


Hope you and Joan and the pack have recovered from the shock of the break in.


Having Bayo adds another dimension to our football.
He also seems to have a decent touch for a big man.
Raw around the edges but that description could have been used about Drogba when he first got noticed at Le Mans.
Having an assortment of different strikers makes it more difficult for opposition coaches to have a game plan to negate us.
Don’t know much about Afolabi but hopefully he will add pace to our options.

big packy

MIKE, yes we have thanks, it was traumatic,but it could have been worse,as jim pointed out it could have been our house and not the shop, anyway how are you and seamus .luv ya to bits.hh.

big packy

FAN-A TIC, hope you are right about bayo, im still thinking of amido balde.??


Big Packy
That pass to Rogic for the second was either sublime or the luckiest miss-hit in history.
And his header for the goal would have been a clearance for Thistle if Balde attempted that.

big packy

FAN, we might have a gem on our hands here,.hh.



Deftest of touches from Bayo for the second goal. Also from Ollie just beforehand.




Seems that Barca have indeed been fined €300 for tapping up Griezeman. That’s the kind of fine that you might expect in Scotland.

big packy

BOBBY, amido had some nice touches to.??



New song for the huns then…


Mike in Toronto


I need to read the complaint and the decision. As I recall, AG had a release clause of a set fee (say, $200 million) if signed before a certain date (say, June 30), with a lower fee ($120 million) if signed after that date.

If AG and Barca had an agreement in priniciple before the June 30 deadline, but conspired to hold off on signing the deal until after July 1, they both could be liable to AM for the difference.

Not always easy to prove, but it does seem to be the case here.



Personally,I think Celtic have been hogtied on it all,and I’d love to know why. I certainly have my suspicions-and it wasn’t born from an original intention of the new club narrative,etc.

I’d also like to know why John Reid was unceremoniously ushered out of the door tout de suite after his famous statement.

I wonder if perhaps they are related…



Conspiracy to defraud?


Anyone who has viewed my posting history knows what i think of Ntcham.
The best midfielder we have by a mile.
This guy was an easy scapegoat for BR’s failing’s at Ibrox and his subsequent treatment of being played sparsely and out of position was the result of an egotist refusing to take personal responsibility.
Every chance he has been given this season he has outshone his fellow midfielders and i just can’t fathom why he hasn’t started more?

big packy

FAN, agree one hundred percent, ntcham is a player.hh.



Aye,preaching to the converted,mate. He had a great first season,but he was howling for most of last season.

This season,it looks like he might be back to his best.

I certainly hope so. He has EVERYTHING in his locker. But the fact is that the top clubs aren’t banging on the door for him.

Only he can change that.

big packy

anybody heard how the exiled tim is doing .hh. weefra and the uber tim, how are you both doing, this is hard work talking to myself.??

Packy, stop worrying.

big packy

MIKE, if your lurking where is wattaga beach in Ontario.hh.

Mike in Toronto


re: Ntcham

If you tie Affirmed to a plough, he aint going to look like a Triple Crown winner.

big packy

so you have returned from the pub, thanks for asking me.??

Mike in Toronto


No WaTTaga Beach… but we do have a WaSaga beach which is only a few hours drive north of Toronto. Sort of a beach town where kids go for fun in the summer. I believe it is the longest freshwater beach in the world.

There is not a person I would love to have a drink with.

Mike in Toronto

Looks like there is contoversy over Messi’s recent FIFA player of the year award … the voting resuls have been released, but several national representatives, who were reported as having voted for Messi, have come forward to say that, in fact, they did not vote for him….

and others were not listed on the results….

Like Celtic…. I cant decide if they are more corrupt or incompetent…. equal mixture of both, I suspect.

Packy, you know what I’m like. 8pm. VERA.

big packy

MIKE, sorry wrong spelling, just seen it on you tube looks nice.hh.

Mike in Toronto

okay… that’s not true … I dont believe Celtic are incompetent…..

big packy

there you go again, leaving me on my own, good job I luv ya to bits??


Don’t agree with him being howling most of last season.
Was MOM when we beat the huns at Celtic park.
Was instrumental when our form picked up with the 6-0 humping of St Johnstone alongside McG with Brown out injured.
Scored in the next game a 4-2 triumph over Hibs.
Played in 2-0 away loss to Leipzig and was taken off injured against Hearts on 28th Oct and did not return till Nov 24th in 3-0 win against Hamilton.
In the next nine games before the Ibrox debacle he was only given three starts.
After ibrox his minutes dwindled further.
His subsequent poor rest of season was understandable given the willingness of our coaches ego in refusing to look himself in the mirror and being happy to have found a scapegoat to take the flak.

Will be back again ay 10pm Packy.

big packy

ok last time, has anyone heard how the exiled tim is doing.hh.

Fairhill Bhoy

I’m playing mar hall on Saturday,anyone played it?️

The Exiled Tim is fine 😉
Had a nice wee physical rest but the stress levels were off the scale, only masel to blame, spent hours taking sludge out of the pool in near 40 deg heat getting reflected off the white tiles, didn’t even stop for a cup of T, thinking back a total bellend, but it was fine at the time, lessons learned, not, this it the second time I have done something like this, hopefully there won’t be a third time.
Thanks for the kind thoughts mi amigos

Mike in Toronto


Glad to hear you are on the mend.

The place was too quiet without you the past few days.