When You Lie Down With Dogs…


I didn’t get the chance to watch the “highlights” of the Livingston v Rangers game the other night as I was too busy revelling in the pleasures of an enjoyable evening at Celtic Park. To be honest,I still haven’t bothered my backside with it,unless these three minutes from BT were really the best they could serve up.

Spoiler alert-save yourself some pain and tap on it around 1’14”.

Now,if you watch the incident you will see what everyone else can. And that includes the co-commentators,Craigan and Sutton.

That there is no touch on the ball by the Rangers defender Helander.

That he clearly brings down the Livingston striker Dykes as he is about to burst through on goal. From behind.

That he is clearly the last man.

That it is a red card all day long. To quote Craigan.

Of course that wasn’t how Don Robertson of the Scottish Masonic Refereeing Cabal saw it-at the time,more later. He simply waved play on.

Job done,get the beers in. Just to add insult to injury,he later apologised to Livingston for his latest honest mistake. Presumably via a sign language interpreter,as it is rather difficult to talk while you have a smirk as wide as the River Clyde. He knows he won’t face any sanctions. He knows his stock will,in fact,have risen as a result of his bravery.

But then,we know what the referees are like. We had one of his brethren the other night,one who takes the same perverse delight in undermining his credibility when refereeing a game involving Celtic or Rangers. His own Roll of Honour needs no introduction from me,and nor does that of any of his follow-fellow travellers.

In any decent society,people like this are held to account by The Press. In fact,in any decent society,The Press would be holding their feet to the fire and demanding a confession,their resignation,the sacking of those found to be responsible for them even being in such positions of authority in the first place.

Sadly in Scotland,that is not the case. Now,I can’t access every news site due to paywalls on some of them,but I have not read one single report from the SMSM which said even a fraction of what the BT co-commentators said last night. And I find that strange indeed. Surely-this is football,after all!-there must be someone who saw it,someone with a different opinion from the prevailing view?

I mean,how often have you heard someone discuss an incident-or read about it in the paper-and said-fuxake,you must have been watching a different game from me? And yet we are led to believe that everyone in the press box saw that incident and arrived independently at the same conclusion-that the Rangers defender made a blinding last gasp tackle,which wasn’t from behind in any way,oh no,and deftly nicked the ball away from the onrushing attacker? Oh,and it barely rates a mention anyway.

What a shame then that the referee removed any lingering doubt that it was you,me,the BT crew and all the viewers who were wrong and that our beloved independent media were right. They must have been spluttering into their double brandies when they read about the Robertson Mea Culpa. Any other country-and I apologise for repeating that-would see each and every one of them up in front of the boss to explain themselves.

Except that there is no need for an explanation,is there? It’s a case of toeing the party line or GTF. The press in this country have so alienated the rest of us with their sycophancy and downright lies over the years that they are actually inured to our disdain and contempt. Indeed,they have turned it against us. It is THEY who now treat US with disdain and contempt.

But that has come about over the years by their own actions,actions such as Wednesday night and their reporting of it. They have sickened the vast majority of us so much that we no longer pay into their masterplan. So they can say what they like without having to worry about us withdrawing our support. Because that ship has sailed a long time ago.

What they simply cannot do is lose the support of the southside simpletons who still need their daily fix of supremacy. We have the referees we have because no-one in The Press will hold them to account. And we have The Press we have because no-one with half a brain cell pays for their crap. Who pays the piper calls the tune,but when you lie down with dogs,you get fleas.

And collective myopia.


Above article by BMCUWP. If you fancy a rant,we will publish it for you as Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe


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Tremendous piece.

Nothing surprising of course, in fact we could confidently predict there would be some assistance for the huns.

We weren’t disappointed.

Will ANYONE ever challenge this blatant hunnery?

As I said a few days ago, it’s time for their club affiliations to be recorded and taken into account when fixtures are allocated. Like in England. Likewise their masonic associations should be made public like the judiciary in England. Imagine the embarrassment! Which is why it will never happen. Our SNP government won’t want it either. Just think, England showing the lead in something!

Greatest wee country in the world.



Cheers,mate! Had enough of the “seenoevil” reporting up here.


Due to my unfortunate failure to worry the payout desk last week,COSYCORNERBHOY will be doing the charity bet this week,and hopefully for the next fortnight. He has a well-deserved rep as a spawny git,so fingers crossed!

Btw,you’re on standby if he falls at the first or second flight.



I’m not sure that even that would work. They can’t all start out as huns,but they sure end up that way!

Bobby, I think I know one you might be talking about. Was a ST holder at Parkhead, now the expert linesman in Scotland. Never refs. Best pals with Dallas jnr. Was the guilty linesman at the ICT game.

Aye Bobby, it was always thus, I am more upset at our and the rest of the clubs allowing it to happen if the truth be told, the sfa and the referees are huns and it’s what huns do, they have no shame, all they care about is beating Timmy and they care not how they achieve it, cheating is in their DNA.
Just to add insult to injury, if our game had pyro devices where a kid and a woman had to be treated and a policeman was hit by a coin it would have been front page news, top billing on the tv and radio news, yet not a peep from the smsm about the events at Livi on Wednesday evening
Thanks Jim
You have given me a dilemma, I think the lens for the iphone is the way to go, far cheaper and they seem to be good, thanks for the list but none of them ship to Spain, could I ask you what is my best buy from this lot who do ship here, it’s really the Macro that I need, any of the kits would be fine as they have a tripod as well, the one I have is for my camera and no use for the phone, but which one 😉
Sorry for the hassle and thanks.
I have singled out this one, is it worth buying ?



Ffs,I’m best pals wi a fair few huns. I could never be one though.

TET, very glad FAN knows what you are talking about re. cameras. When you first posted about it I had my doubts anyone would be able to help. Just goes to show!

Mike in Toronto

As expected, Celtic get the Saturday semi, so 48 hours after playing Cluj in Europe. The zombies play Sinday, so get an extra day to rest

Mike in Toronto


You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it would you? So, I think the only way for you to know which camera to buy, is you will have to go with Fan next time he is doing a shoot with lots of gorgeous models, and try out various cameras!?


Nail on head.
The cheating refs and SFA are facilitated by the best wee countries biased media.
Remember the press outrage when Naka scored against Killie from a free kick that was rightly awarded?
Weeks of gnashing teeth and calls for referee’s being unfit for purpose in the mssm.
When Davie Provan said to Daryl in a heated exchange you sound more like a supporter than a journalist he could have been talking about the entire press core of the best wee country.


Mike in Toronto,

We play St Mirren at home on Wednesday 30th October then Hibs in the semi final on Saturday 2nd November according to BEEB.

Then it’s Lazio away on Thursday 7th November.


Mike in Toronto


Oops! Thanks. should know better than to post early in the morning. I make even less sense than usual.


The Exiled Tim
The Apexel one looks good and the price is great.

Awe Naw

Friday 27 September 2019 by Chris Ballard

Man dies in car after spending three months looking for space in hospital car park

A man who drove to the hospital for life-saving surgery missed his appointment because he couldn’t find a parking space and subsequently died behind the wheel.

In September 2018 sixty-five-year-old Simon Williams was diagnosed with a 90% block in his coronary artery. Because this was such a serious and potentially life-threatening condition he was fast-tracked and offered an appointment for a coronary bypass in June 2019.

“He knew there’d be parking difficulties – that’s why he left a good six weeks early,” sobbed Simon’s wife Karen who doesn’t drive due to her arthritis.

“I told him to get a taxi but he was adamant about retaining his independence. ‘I’m still a young man,’ he’d say. ‘Sixty-five is nothing these days’.”

CCTV footage shows Simon driving into Pembury hospital car park at 11:37 on 14th June. Little did he know that he’d be spending the remaining months of his life there.

“Simon was never one to break the rules,” said Karen. “He used the drop-off area to pop to the toilet or get a bite to eat but he always fully respected the 15-minute limit.”

On the 22nd August Simon finally snapped and parked up on a double yellow line near the entrance to car park C. However, a traffic warden immediately appeared from nowhere and Simon was forced to drive on.

He perished on the 14th September. He had spent the last three days of his life in his stationary vehicle staring at a silver Ford Focus, having decided to choose a specific space and simply wait for it to become available. It never did.

“If it’s any consolation Simon would have died anyway,” said a hospital spokesman. “His surgeon is actually still driving around trying to find a space in the staff car park.”

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, ffs whats the weather like up there, ive just had to hire a rowing boat to get me home, only thing missing is the fecking oars, how ami I supposed to use it with no oars, any suggestions would be appreciated.??

Packy, hire a couple of Ibrox players. They’re good with their elbows.

Awe Naw

A fisherman is sitting on a river bank. Suddenly, he hears somebody shout ‘F*ck off!’ in the distance.
Ten minutes later he hears the same shout ‘F*ck off!!!!!’, but a bit closer. The fisherman shrugs his shoulders having no idea of what’s going on.
Another ten minutes later when he has already forgotten about the strange shout, he sees a boat with a man rowing up the river… with spoons. So the fisherman asked:
– Hey! Why are you rowing with spoons? Take the oars!
– F*ck off!!!!!!!!!!

big packy

AWE NAW and JIM.??


Well worth a watch if you haven’t seen it before.

Paul Larkin’s ‘Anyone but Celtic’


Paranoid – are we?

The amount of times I have read posters complain about Celtic TV is massive. No picture or no sound or both. And yet the techy folk at Celtic TV seem to be the most effective on the planet at blocking streams. Maybe a slight problem with priorities there!

Or maybe the two issues are connected? In their eagerness to block streams, they mess up the broadcasts.


We’re not paranoid enough!
The behavior of Scottish society is so contrary to the Jolly Jock myth.
Country is too insignificant for anyone else to care especially our English rulers.
Celtic fc and sevco are just the focal point for their underlying hatred of Catholics and the Irish.

big packy

FAN, and they dont like black people or dogs either.hh.


I had Celtic tv since it’s inception until this season when i decided not to renew .
It’s incredible how adept they have become at blocking streams.
I wonder if it’s in response to many like me who cancelled.
Not surprised they have the capability with a guy like Bankier onboard who is a executive of a telecommunications company who stream live sporting events.
So the expertise is there.
Sums up the disdain the board have for their captive Celtic supporting audience when years of crap service and customer complaints were completely ignored.


The amount of times I have read posters complain about Celtic TV is massive. No picture or no sound or both. And yet the techy folk at Celtic TV seem to be the most effective on the planet at blocking streams. Maybe a slight problem with priorities there!
Agree, Celtic PLC seem to expend an inordinate amount of energy and resources clamping down on copyright infringements – so called illegal streams, unlicensed merchandise being sold at the Barras etc. but yet when it comes to an ex Football club abetted
by Scottish footballing authorities conspiring to ‘rob’ Celtic of millions of pounds in revenue they basically do nothing even when they are presented with ‘smoking gun evidence’ by Celtic shareholders.

Read a news article about a mother who battered her baby girl. Fractured skull, ribs and ankle. Brain damaged. The judge decided not to jail her because she was depressed at the time! 300 hours community service. I felt sick when I read it. She should have got 10 years. She has impaired that child’s life chances. If mental issues are involved she should have been sent to the State Hospital at Carstairs for 10 years.

Cheers, have just bought it, so we’ll see 😉
I don’t understand how they can block transmission to the UK and allow it outwith the UK, but I’m sure some tecky person will enlighten me, there has been no streams outwith the UK either, the game tomorrow will be on all the usual sites tho.
Believe it or not the last two cars I bought I didn’t drive them first, they were bought under the assumption that they did what they said on the tin, I flew back to the UK to buy a BMW, second hand of course, no as rich as you lawyers to afford new ones, it did so I didn’t block the transfer, having owned a few in the past I knew what they did and had to do, but your idea about trying one out on a shoot sure does appeal to me 😉

A few years back I was in contact with the club about selling leather belts and dog collars through the Celtic shops, everything was going Ok till they told me that I would have to pay them over £3600 yearly for the privilege, then they were going to take their whack on top, I said thanks but no thanks, then I got a couple of e mails telling me that I wasn’t allowed to use the word Celtic, I told them to go forth and copulate themselves, after a few more e mails back and forth when they couldn’t furnish me with the patent for the word Celtic they stopped telling me that I couldn’t use it, arseholes.


Re dodgy streams. There was a law passed in the UK in July of this year that requires that all UK ISP’s block ‘illegal’ live streams of football games.
“Part of the order sought contained confidential information which would only be known to the court and the parties involved because if it was disclosed it would enable circumvention of the order”

Big brother is watching you CSC

That doesn’t stop people from outwith the UK from streaming the games, most are streamed from the US where Celtic TV is readily available.


The Exiled Tim

That doesn’t stop people from outwith the UK from streaming the games, most are streamed from the US where Celtic TV is readily available.
I am guessing that they have the technology that allows them to identify the source of the stream albeit it is usually streamed via a third party. As a lot of these streaming services are based in the US / Europe and are subject to the same type of copy right protection laws that exist in the UK, I believe in the US the fines for copyright infringement are punitive. A simple cease and desist or else letter will invariably do the trick. Now streams from out with Europe / North America may be more difficult to stop. All imho of course.


PS. Moral of the story – Invest in a good VPN.

Awe Naw

Most streams are hijacked from TV feeds being “broadcast” from known satellites. Astra, Eutelsat, Copernicus etc. Therefore if it is not being broadcast using this method then it is more difficult to hijack the stream. So basically if it is just Celtic TV and Celtic TV is not being broadcast via a satellite then it becomes more difficult. If it is only being broadcast outwith the UK and only over the internet then international agreements between pirates break down.

There is nothing at all smart going on within the boardroom of Celtic FC. To think that would be stupidity

It´s accountant think. Do not broadcast it in the UK so that more will turn up at the gate. Nothing more nothing less.

That not even one of the pirates are buying one Celtic TV subscription I find very reassuring

Awe Naw

3 million spondoolies a year accountant think

THE family business of former Rangers owner Sir David Murray fell into the red in its most recent financial year, with accounts hit by an exceptional charge of £1.2 million for a tax liability it had previously challenged.
Edinburgh-based Murray Capital Group made a loss of £1.75m before tax for the year ended December 31, which saw the firm continue to invest in its property development business. It made a profit of £360,000 the year before.
Accounts newly filed at Companies House show the turnover climbed to £78.7m from £73.4m, driven by an increase in revenues generated by Murray Metals, the group’s metal stockholding and processing business. Murray Metals, which supplies the construction, manufacturing and oil and gas sectors, mostly in England, is the group’s largest trading asset.
The accounts show the group made a £1.5m gain on the sale of investments. However it booked an exceptional item of £1.209m, relating to the tax treatment of payments made under a share-based payment scheme run by a portfolio company. The charge accounted for the bulk of Murray’s pre-tax losses for the year.

(From The Herald, today)

Murray still trying to cheat the tax man!

Knighthood still not stripped.

Oglach-Awe Naw
Makes sense esp the Celtic TV bit, I imagine the transmission never goes near a satellite.


Todays news

Jozo could be out for an extended period Lenny has told the press.

“We’re probably looking at three to four months,” he said. “It was a clean-up.
“He knows what he has to do for his rehab and we’re discussing if he can maybe go away for a few weeks and do some rehab at home.

Griff also ruled out of tomorrows game. Lenny stating “as well as a thigh strain he now has “a bit of a virus”

Awe Naw


Come on even the queen is stealing money from herself, hence her lack of influence over the ERG Government . I think she´s quite prepared to let the peasants believe that the poor wee thing that she is has been lied too and that she has no influence over big bad Boris. Anyway she got what she wanted a hard Brexit. Which tells me she considers the contents of her offshore bank accounts is more important than the union. As she knows that she can at anytime like a torrent rush, Rebellious Scots to crush. God save the Queen.


I guess with streams gone i will watch more Bundesliga .
A lot of good positive teams, atmosphere and youngsters given the chance to shine.

Awe Naw


occasionally it does. Saudi TV, Somalia TV , Canadian Channels etc.

Awe Naw


if the game is being broadcast live on TV it will be a cinch.

If it is not then it will be more difficult. It makes it more difficult for the pirate and as I say one pirate would need to be prepared to pay a Celtic TV subscription. Obviously the 50 quid is not worth it.

I have to say apart from the Euro qualifiers. I do not miss any of the shitey midweek domestic games.

Byres Road Bhoy

BMCUWP Today’s leader – your best work to date in my humble opinion. I hadn’t watched any of the Livingston v The Rangers so your clip was an eye opener. WTF! Not a mention anywhere else. James Forrest in The Celtic Blog gets tore intae the SMSM from time to time but you don’t miss the mark this time either.
I stopped buying newspapers back in 2011 when I realised they deliberately weren’t looking at the Rangers Tax Case blogger. Anything I need I pick up from News Now. But things seem to have worsened. Not only are they still ignoring any doubtful matters Ibrox, it’s become ‘anything to disparage Celtic’.
The latest example came the other day when the Daily Record faithfully reproduced the findings of a body calling itself ‘Totally Money’s Transfer Index’
I think TET may have touched on this but it’s worth highlighting again just to display the DR’s incompetence or deliberate bias.
Long story short: it purports to show that KT’s recent departure is NOT the most expensive in Scottish football history if inflation is taken into account.
According to them, KT is in tenth place behind a list which includes Allan Hutton, Barry Ferguson and is topped by Duncan Ferguson’s 1994 £5,490,000 transfer from Rangers which they maintain is worth £78m plus in current coinage.
Now I’m no economist but I’d be very doubtful that the pound has lost 15 times its value in just 25 years!
So I googled ‘inflation calculator’. That offered an easy to use model from the Bank of England which goes up to 2018.
‘Well they should know’, I thought as I entered the amount and year…
The answer? £10,726,986.81!!!
I think I’m safe in assuming the pound hasn’t depreciated nearly 8 times in the last year so I ask the Daily Record this question – ‘Was your inability to take three minutes to check the veracity of this information down to simple incompetence or anti-Celtic bias?’
Meanwhile back at the ranch…TET glad to see you back unscathed. FFS keep away from that pool. Time to give up the DIY for GSI (get someone in!) ?
Big Packy, hope you and Joan are getting over your recent break-in.
It happened to me forty years ago and I’ve never forgotten it.


Good morning and a big happy Friday no matter where in the globe you are reading this from.

Cracking article Bobby,,a great read.
You correctly point out the system backed bias against all except men in light blue aided and abetted by a sycophantic media who know this is their last supper.

Theres times I sitting thinkin thats a path to self destruction as many will be drove away from the game by the malarkey but yet if its been going on seemingly forever and the stands are still full then the evidence isnt there to say its self destructing.
Its probably that fact that props up and encourages those in such positions of power to continue full steam ahead.
The only solace I do take on this front is that the print media are on their death bed and the new electronic media has such variety that any peddling crap can and do easily see their influence wane through lack of interest due to other more upfront and agenda free sites that have no fear of calling it for what it is,,, Racism and Sectarianism within society manifesting itself on the field of play.
Will this generation step up on this issue ? No.
The issue is left ( as usual ) to those employed by our club to deal with despite the fact said issue has worsened imo under their now over stretched custodianship .
Its quite simply just accepted and thats that .
Only under new leadership and direction could we see successful action on this front.
We hope and dream people of integrity arrive who would feel compelled to act.

The media set the agenda,,and they in turn have their agenda set by Jabba as we all know.
It would be nice if ( now and again for a start ) sometimes we set the agenda.
There are various ways that may be done , but I feel that the idiginity they would feel by being “gazumped” would be soo very sweet. He would gun for the perpetrator of course , via the poodles , but when dealing with those far far away who arent in the public eye ,,, well just like Di Canio’s agent that time “ We have a little issue “.
Expect a stooge to take the hit then unfortunately.

Now I see that one team had to be disadvantaged by playing on the Saturday.
Dear goodness. They take the proverbial biscuit this bunch.
Two cities is the obvious answer but oh no,,,the national stadium would lose revenue and the polis are probably much more comfortable with this decision overall. Nice wee overtime weekend for the Burgh coppers.
Its no wonder some overseas countries with expats arent snapping up the viewing rights and sticking the league up on telly.
It might just be seen for what it really is then. Questions might just be asked in public that are best avoided.
So any fan looking an honest league must look elsewhere for now.
Thats the real tragedy here.

Anyway hope all and sundry have a wonderful weekend lined up.
The West Coast is bathed in sunshine as usual.
God Bless all those in ill health and less fortunate than ourselves.
Hail Hail

big packy

BYRES ROAD BHOY @ 3-43 cheers pal ?

big packy

gonna do a quiz shortly, to be honest if your under 55 you probably wont know any of the answers, so that means jimthetim and the exiled tim wont be able to participate?


Sevco have announced a two year partnership with Indian Champions Bengaluru FC (founded in 2013) making the Glasgow club the senior team by a year, although Bengaluru fc have won more trophies ?

big packy

Q1. what was roger moores character name in the saint
Q2.who played the part of Ivanhoe in the 60s tv series
Q3.who played the part of dan tempest in the 60s tv series the buccaneers, clue he was also in jaws
Q4.who played the part of robin hood in the 60s tv series.
Q5.in the sixties tv series hawkeye and the last of the mohicans who played chingascook. clue, his father was a famous actor as well
Q6.who played the part of dr finlay in dr finlays case book, ok good luck, no googling now. and a cyber pint to the winner.

Q1. what was roger moores character name in the saint
Q2.who played the part of Ivanhoe in the 60s tv series
Q3.who played the part of dan tempest in the 60s tv series the buccaneers, clue he was also in jaws
Q4.who played the part of robin hood in the 60s tv series.
Q5.in the sixties tv series hawkeye and the last of the mohicans who played chingascook. clue, his father was a famous actor as well
Q6.who played the part of dr finlay in dr finlays case book, ok good luck, no googling now. and a cyber pint to the winner.

Simon Templar
Roger Moore
Robert Shaw
Richard Green
Don’t know
Bill Simpson


BP 1 Simon Templar 2 Roger Moore 3 Robert Shaw 4 ? 5 Philip Madoc 6 Bill Simpson ?

big packy

GORDON64 and THE EXILED TIM, very good ,lets see if any others are participating.hh.

1 2 3