Hibs 1-1 Celtic Review


Our first outing of the season to the capital had an all too familiar feel about it as once again we failed to take all three points. There were some other things that were all too familiar too,but I’ll get to them later.

First off,to the team sheet. Difficult to argue with the back line in front of Fraser. Bauer,Ajer,Jullien,Boli. Hard to disagree with Edouard up front either-impressed though I was with Bayo’s performance on Wednesday. And so to the midfield.

Lenny was never going to leave Broonie out of this game,Christie and Forrest had been rested in midweek-even McGregor had been given half an hour off!-and Ntcham was outstanding the last time. But playing the five of them had all of us scratching our heads as we watched the match at my sister’s place. Especially as Forrest,Christie and CalMac were playing out of their favoured positions to accommodate this.

Simply put,the midfield was out of balance and out of kilter-and it was out of sync all day too. So much so that Scott Allan ran the bloody show. Shakes head,moves on. Even at all that,we still had the vast majority of chances. But we went a goal down early on when a through ball caught our back line too square. There may have been a suggestion of offside to it but we were never gonna get the benefit of any doubt. Doige tried a cutback to space but unfortunately,Ajer stuck out a leg to intercept. And put it straight past the wrong-footed Forster.

Just one of those things,but nothing really went right for big Kris after that. I’ve noticed that before about him,and I think he could do with a wee bit of advice on how to deal with things when they’re not all hunkydory. Don’t dwell on these things,big fella. It’s done,get on with it.

The rest of the team did just that,even without really stamping our authority on things. We got away with one shortly afterwards when Bauer slipped in the box,then Hibs thought they’d got away with one in midfield when Forrest was hit late and hard. Clancy,on advice from a colleague,gave the free kick. Hibs fannied about,some crap about thinking it was a drop ball and they were going to get it back. Aye,right. Quick free kick,shove it out right,Bauer crosses it in and Christie rose to bullet a header into the net for the equaliser.

Cue bedlam from greetin’-faced Hibs types. Red card for the manager too. And the way Clancy was shortly handing out yellow cards,there was a strong likelihood that it wouldn’t be the last. Clancy hadn’t booked anyone at that stage but he was soon dishing them out like confetti,and mainly in our direction.

(By the way,Hibs claimed that they were caught cold and out of position. Well,that’s tough-but they still had ten men in their box when we scored. We had three!)

Vela and Ntcham were first in the book,for a series of niggles followed by some afters from Ollie. Ajer was next,a few minutes later. Caught too close to the player as he tried to turn,he just went right through him. Just the kind of day it was for him,in truth.

CalMac and Broonie soon followed after the break,and I tell you I was a tad concerned. Lenny then decided to freshen things up by taking off Ntcham before he really stiffened someone,bringing on Jonny Hayes around the hour mark. He didn’t really add much though he tightened the midfield,allowing Christie and CalMac a bit more freedom in their preferred roles. And he did have our last half-chance,kneeing the ball over from about ten yards. Bloody thing was denying gravity and wouldn’t come down for him to hit it right! Bayo soon followed for Edouard,and Sinclair for Forrest with a whole five minutes to go.

Let’s be honest here. Bayo won the ball all night in the air on Wednesday. We had three players out there at the time of the substitution who are adept at swinging the ball in-Boli,Forrest,Bauer. Had he kept Eddie on for a bit,we might have seen him get onto a knockdown from our big Ivorian. But naw. We just kept huffing and puffing,with Hibs in truth adding little to the occasion. Eventually the game just petered out.

So,on the strength of the above,was a draw just about right? Probably,aye. But oops,I seem to have forgotten something. Just because we aren’t our usual scintillating selves doesn’t mean that the ref can make the rules up as he goes along. We had two very strong penalty claims in the second half. Christie was nailed from behind as he was about to cut the ball back across goal,and that was a penalty every day of the week. Except for a Saturday in Leith,of course. Bauer was hammered late on in a similar position,albeit he had got his cross in beforehand. Had that one been given against us,I frankly wouldn’t have complained. So that makes it a penalty in my book too.

Let me put it another way. I can think of a certain club not too far away who would have got them. Every day of the week including a Saturday in Leith. So how come we never get them unless we happen to be about three up at the time?

I’m willing to bet that there isn’t a title-winning team anywhere on the planet who get as few penalties as we do. Season after season too. It is nearly nine years since Dr John Reid,in his position as chairman of the club,stated that while we were not demanding special treatment,we were no longer going to accept being treated unfairly. I think he made that statement after the AGM that year. It was his last,and I wonder why?

2010 that was,and his words came after the infamous Season of Honest Mistakes.

Well,it’s been a long time in the making but it looks as though the sequel is well under way. We should be demanding that Celtic do something about it,go vocal on our concerns. But we don’t do vocal in our board,not when it comes to complaints against the authorities. Too busy tugging the forelock and pocketing the bonuses to speak out on our behalf.

You’ve been warned,folks.


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Twists n turns

Fiona Bruce?



My mates wife Gillian Lafferty is fundraising for Celtic FC Foundation. Donate to Gillian’s JustGiving page. A great opportunity to show your support for the great work done on our behalf by the Club. ??? thanks.



Sorry, I should have clarified, better.
The person who produces it and organises the plants in the audience and, of course, the questions asked, is the UKIP person.
Alison Fuller Pedley job title ‘Audience Producer at BBC Question Time’, and member of the British Patriotic Front Facebook group. She also promotes ‘Britain First’ online. The role of the Audience Producer is to select the people who will form the audience, as this ‘Behind the Scenes’ article confirms:

Although, Fiona Bruce is more Tory than a Tory.

I’m with you, in that I don’t trust any of them.
I now spoil my ballot paper.
None of the above.



I can’t spoil my ballot paper,I’m afraid. Both Swindon seats are Tory marginals. Aye,in a blue-collar town. Beats me.

So Labour it is,the only way to get them out.


The weather looks fine and dandy for Hamilton.
I think this is their first meeting of the year, where it’s not been torrential rain or abandoned.
Be lucky.

Twists n turns

Ah sorry – no need for you to apologise – my bad.

I can’t remember who said – the very fact anyone wants to be a politician should preclude them from ever being one – or words to that effect- but I’m beginning to see their point.

Twists n turns

Andrea Atzini at Hamilton today? I don’t recall him ever being there before.

Johnston has 3 in the one race with a vg jockey on all of them. Conundrum.

Bobby- gl today. I’m hoping to be there myself but I’m still in Musselburgh from yesterday’s racing – and need to get to Falkirk at some point – so I’m pushed for time.

I’ve got em all picked out though ?

,big packy

MORNING ALL, still feeling ai bit rough with this flu bug, thanks joan? bobby, if your going to Hamilton today, go thru Coatbridge and stop at christies bakery, no relation by the way? and get yersel the best mince pie and bridie in the world.hh


I know it’s short,but Autumn Flight in the last.
Ran over 6 at last meeting, back to 5 today.
Was 12 lengths clear ( source Racing Post )beat a short head.
Runs off the same mark today.
As close to a winner without a penalty, as you will get.
Right, Costa time.

,big packy

UBER TIM, just spotted your post from earlier,hope you are well, get back on here. and that goes for WEEFRA as well.hh.



You’ve got my mobile number,mate. Ends 998. Gimme a call if you make it,but no problem if time is against you.


The winner of that race is running in the 325 too. Decent form guide.

Twists n turns


It came up to Hamilton last year in September and won over 5f making all

It was off a mark of 73 back then so it’s effectively thrown in off 66 today. Half a stone to the good. Only a 3 year old too

I priced that race up last night and had it at 1/2 or 4/9.

11/10 great value.

Twists n turns

I doubled it up on a separate bet with Oakenshield in the penultimate race. Nice 5/1 double.


So the dilemma continues! Can NL get the best out of a large, quality squad? Was the game against Hibs just a stutter or was it a tactical shambles?

These questions would have gone away if we had won as we should have but such a result would just have papered over the issues. The squad is bulging with wide players even if some are played inside. Playing Christie as a wide player is nonsense when he is one of the few that can be effective in the middle. The acquisition of Elyounoussi is a mystery. He is just another wide player who has lost his way and an addition to the headache of trying to fit too many players into a consistent first team structure. One is left with the feeling that there is the makings of a very fine team here but nobody knows how to fit the pieces together.

On Saturday, Hibs plan was to bottle up the midfield with a pressing game and a series of fouls. The ref allowed them to get away with this by strangely keeping his cards in his pocket for the early part of the game. With Christie, inexplicably, selected to play wide, this left Edouard to carry the striking position unaided. He was rarely in the game at this point. This forced us to play wide and cross into the box. Bolingoli’s crosses tended to be overhit during open play and only became threatening at set pieces when the CBs came up.

Despite these flaws we dominated the first half. In the second half, Part 1, the game degenerated into a stramash with the ref losing the plot. He failed to give two penalties to us and also produced a new interpretation of the advantage rule. At one point after a clear foul on a Celtic player, he allowed two further moves that led nowhere until we tried a long distance shot over the bar. He had two chances to call the ball back for the foul but chose to ignore them! He is either bad at his job, or, frankly, biased. Add this to the denied penalties and the opinion switches towards the latter.

Second half, Part 2, Bayo added something different when he came on but he was nearly as isolated as Edouard who he replaced up front. Why not play them both? The other subs…Hayes and Sinclair…both wide players threatened but not as part of a cohesive unit, but due to their individual efforts.

A bad day at the office or a tactical cluster flub? You decide.



Excellent post on CQN @ 9.07 by Setting Free the Bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox ??

A thing of beauty

Thanks for the tips for the racing boys. I am complete garbage at gambling so shall be sure to take your advice.
Rebus I think it was a combination of too many players not 100% at it and too many played out of position. I get so frustrated with Christie playing wide, almost as frustrated as I do with his set pieces. Forrest has never played wide left side successfully in my memory. Seems strange. I appreciate both players are playing wrong side to cut in and allow the full backs to over lap but it wasn’t right and Neil took too long to change it. We created very little and that worries me.
I totally agree with bmcuwp and we discussed this yesterday. There was a stat on cqn which stated that in the last three games the Huns have committed 31 fouls and got no bookings. Their opponents committed 37 fouls and got 6 yellows and a red. In the same period we committed 33 fouls and got 6 yellows. Our opponents committed 40 fouls and got 6 yellows. Those figures, if true, beggar belief and somebody at our club better grasp the nettle pretty damn quick or we will have another season of honest mistakes that cost us dearly. And that does not even take into account the penalties we don’t get and the ones they do. Or the apologies to opposing managers when they should have sent off the Sevco player. Time to put down a marker Celtic. Remind me again how many games wee wullie has reffed for them since they cast aspersions on his honesty. As John Reid said, we don’t want any more than anyone else but we’re not accepting any less.



I’m getting increasingly miffed at the refereeing this season already,and the stat that ATHINGOFBEAUTY pointed out-thanks,JINKYREDSTAR of CQN!-is a perfect example of it.

I pointed out about a fortnight ago that we should be rotating players if for no other reason than to have them up to speed for covering suspensions. They are inevitable in football. Like death and taxes.

Yet it seems that the huns can avoid all three…


BP, Jim,

Thank you fellas. Hope you are both well. Wait to you hear this though….

BMCUW – this Twists fella seems to think I owe him 7 quid. Never in my life ffs. Can you pay him, then we can go to court to get our money back? I’d pay it myself, but I’ve got a stupid dug to look after, plus a semi-serious drinking habit.

I’m sorry it came to this, but this geezer keeps increasing the debt 100% every week.
Even the loan sharks of 1980s Ruchill never had the balls to go that far ?

Anyway…. ?…. back to the football….

Stop blaming Lenny when 2 denied penalties would have given you feck all to complain about if they’d been given.

He’s, yet again, on his own versus a board of tory wankers, a national association of hun wankers, and a media of non-denominational toadish wankers all out to get him. If he wants to play Callum at left back again, I’ll feckin respect him for it ? the man knows a wee bit more about it than I do, you see ?

There will be a downturn…. let’s not encourage it and make it worse than it needs to be when it happens.
The time to riot about the wankers in control has been and gone yet again….and again.

They’ve fluked another few years out of it.
Big Pete will be celebrating with his CQN pals about what a great guy he is soon enough at 9 maybe even 10 in a row.. And they will congratulate themselves as well.

While some of us imagjne, just what, what should have happened if they hadn’t ripped Lenny’s team out from under him in 2013..
.or what could have happened if BR had been allowed that little bit of investment in his team to take us further in Europe.
That investment thing. Makes no sense it does, for some reason, when you’re running Celtic. ?


A must win game for Scotland v Samoa at the Rugby world cup due to kick off ?

Uber, I owe Twisty £7 too! Don’t worry his bark is worse than his bite. I’d rather owe twisty £7 than Peter Lawwell. It would probably be £70 by now.


September 30, 2019 10:09 am .A bad day at the office or a tactical cluster flub? You decide.
A bit of both I believe. And before anyone gets on their high horse and accuses me of having an unwarranted sense of entitlement (copyright Rangers 1872- 2012 deceased) I fully expect us to drop points and lose games this season and I have no real issues if we are outplayed and out thought tactically by a better team- that is football, BUT I do reserve the right to have a wee moan when I watch a piss poor performance against a very poor Hibs team or performances as we witnessed against Cluj in the CL qualifiers. I also reserve the right to praise the players / management when we play well.

Not being awarded pens, dodgy calls against us etc by Scottish officials is nothing new. Our custodians have, in the main, refused to comment or take action. But to paraphrase Mr Stein, the only way to negate the influence of incompetent / biased officials is to ensure that you play the game in a manner that doesn’t afford them an opportunity to influence the result. On Saturday we played in a manner which allowed the ref to have a big influence on the result.


Re: Dodgy refs and quotes from Celtic managers.

Probably one of the best was from Martin O’Neill

“During the five years we played everyone to be perfectly honest and many a time we played referees an’ all.”


Cluj will be an interesting barometer of our ability to learn and improve.

We need a reaction to the Cluj defeat once again.

Ironically against Cluj!!!


Scotland best Samoa 34-0 with a much better performance @ Rugby world cup. Special mention to the French referee who was excellent. If only our officials were half as good.

,big packy

GORDON64 spot on??

,big packy

FAN and JIM, if cluj beat us again ill walk down byres road naked????


Big Packy
At this time of year with the nights fair drawing in that could create a small problem.


Referee has no agenda in rugby so he simply follows the remit of his job.
Scotland is a bitter wee country and the referee’s follow the will of the people.
Anything else would be career suicide.

Packy, you might want to give ByresRoad Bhoy a bit of notice for that so he might stay in the house!

,big packy

FAN, as always your right ill wear my celtic top?

,big packy

JIM, yes ill e-mail him and tell him what time ill be there.?

Only in Scotland.

I have a £5 off when you spend £20 voucher for Iceland. The T&Cs state that in Scotland (only) alcohol purchases will not count in the £20.

The minimum prices introduced by the SNP which sent the prices upwards, has resulted in a reduction of alcohol consumption of the equivalent of half a pint per week. HALF A PINT PER WEEK! Meanwhile the producers, retailers and the government are coining it in. The SNP have hailed it a wonderful success.

They reckon the worst hit are the homeless.

Only in Scotland.


The Scots are a very tough people. They have drive-by headbuttings. In Glasgow a sweatband is considered a silencer.

Emo Philips

,big packy

JIM, talking of Iceland, I bought a packet of supposedly lorne sausage, a couple of months ago from there, its still in the freezer minus one, tasted like cardboard, 5 percent beef.hh,


Fan-a-tic. 2. 08.

Cracker mate… Keep the posts on the stats on the fix coming. ???


Jim. 1.59.
I’m with you.
More and more, young folk don’t drink alcohol.
The culture of finishing on a Friday and straight to the pub, with the wages, has mainly gone.
Monthly salaries, cars, 5over 7 shifts and other shifts have blown it out the water.
Loads now play computer games, in the home or interactivity, with their friends.
Drugs of their choice are readily available too, some are choosing healthier lifestyles, using the information out there.
I would say all of the above has had more of an effect, in the reduction of alcohol intake, than minimum alcohol pricing



The misses and me are doing “sober October” so our local Tesco’s will definitely feel the pinch!


Great stuff.
Are you doing it does charity?
Or for the hell of it.

JNP, there are other ways to deal with alcohol addiction than to drive poor people further into poverty and crime. Meanwhile the establishment get richer on the back of price increases.


Just in case, anyone read it.
The horse I mentioned and Twists, readily agreed with, this morning, won.
Not a great price, but still double your dough.


I couldn’t agree, more.


Howdy Folks

I cant comment on the tactics that many are irked at but I do get the feeling that Lenny has earned some breathing space with a fine string of results behind him,,results that we would be praising a foreign manager to the hilt for possibly.

The recent Friday interview seen a relaxed joking Neil as opposed to the stressed out snappy defensive character of 6 weeks ago. A very good sign.
Just before commencement of the season quite a few had the club as evens or second favs ( I never wrote such ) but yet here we are top of the pile with clearly the best squad in the land with a good chance at getting out of our European group.

The games in France and at Ibrox showed some tactical nous ,, motivation will only take you soo far as Martin and Keegan’s career dives show.
The big calls such as Frazer straight in as first choice and Julien being quality to build around have paid off which simply must earn him credit in the bank.
If Neil successfully gains revenge on Cluj this week it would be another sign that he’s more than just an ugly face. Infact coupled with France it should gain him a lot of respect I would hope.
Lets face it,,if he wasnt making some tactical or line up errors he would be a top bracket manager. He’s young but has shown good signs and we simply must accept he will have flaws in his game. Its not recognising and addressing them that would bring pressures upon his position. I think hes smart enough to know when to act on something.

Another huge call is keeping a always goes to ground Kris in the first team but now we find out Jozo is injured and needs operating on. This guy seems just plain unable to put together a couple months of playing full stop. We cant rely on him and that has been proven time and time again so its no wonder Kris gets the nod as at least he will more than likely be good to start games. Its better the devil you know seemingly.
Bitton and Hamed must come into the equation if Kris costs us again with that tendency he has,,which a blind man can see and must be coached out him now if he is to have a good career especially with us at centre back.

Really looking forward to the game and we will club the Cluj. Revenge is sweet .

Happy Moon day from a nippy overcast summer is gone central California.



I’ve had a knee injury for the last couple of months and my fitness has gone down as quick as my weight has gone up!

So health reasons really.

I hope Bobby & ATOB put on my tip I gave them yesterday. CONGA won at 9/2 today at Hamilton. Wish I had put it on myself!


Not so good about the knee injury.
Hopefully October flies in and you both are successful.

Great selection.
Only 6 races, at Hamilton, today, that’s 2 winners we’ve given them, yours a much bigger price, though.
Hopefully they listened and are quids in.


They thought the Res12 campaign was over , they were wrong.


The blog by James Forrest is pretty much on the button.

I read that early this morning Auldheid, was wondering what your opinion on it would be. Totally understandable.

Mahe, you and the family settled back into normality now? The first couple of days are the worst. Especially with a big time difference.

Big Packy gets jet lag travelling from Liverpool.

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