To be sure , to be sure , to be sure !

Heading into this season without a starting right back was not good business in anyone’s books but the response from the footballing department on that front deserves a pat on the back article so here we go.

There was a real chance we would have ended up sick of hearing the name Mickael Lustig because if things had went wrong you can bet your bottom dollar he would have been dragged up by all and sundry repeatedly . That we haven’t heard peep of his name means we have successfully moved on.

The department has seemingly recognised the value of the much vaunted right back and decided to completely cover the bases on that one which is heartening its gotta be said.
Two for the here and now and a young diamond in reserve bursting to get through.
Two owned and one out to impress. Pretty sweet position to be in.
Our opponents this week would more than likely prefer the previous right back to be still in situ, for it was easy to plan for.
Now they dont know who will start and he better do good if he’s keeping his spot which as an onlooker makes for great viewing.
All three of the trio will have their backers and detractor’s which is just a way of football life but its genuinely exciting to watch this little hierarchy tussle ,, and with big Kris Ajer looking not too shabby when positioned there also to throw more spice into the mix.
Its a far cry from Mik being a stick on full stop.
We are in a better place, of that there is little doubt.

At the weekend big Moritz got a start and a yellow card which would make me think El Hamed was being saved for this weeks Euro clash. If this is true then Neil see’s him as the more reliable defensively disciplined of the trio I think its fair to say.
Moritz seems a consummate professional of course. He wont throw a hissy fit and should endeavour to win that spot in the team, however like Lenny apparently I also thinking Hamed has more defensive strength to his game.
I also pointed out upon his signing that we are his biggest club and chance yet,,he was gonna grab this opportunity with everything he had anyone with half a brain could work out.
And thats why Im not surprised at all he is well thought of and in the mix.
With others breathing down his neck , he must step up or step aside.

The youngest got a shot in the cup last week and earned rave reviews.
The club signed a clutch of talented youngsters ( hat tip ) the last window to add to the few we have and it seems we have followed the current trend of going young to look ahead. Having a future spine inhouse is fantastic news,,we just need to make sure they come through.
We all know we love a young player breaking through and the club is a good fanbase and support network to do it at , just ask James.
As many managers are leaning these days,,forget the age,,if he can produce get him on the field.
Most big clubs have a young star nowadays ,, theres a chance this bhoy Frimpong could be our emerging diamond real soon.
One injury to either of his seniors and the bench then minutes await. Chances dont come everyday and are there to be grabbed with both hands.
Somehow I think he will grab his and give real selection headaches.

The longer term picture should see a very settled player in situ for next seasons Euro qualifiers with a back up as we have two under contract.
We all know the timing wasnt good at all at the beginning of this campaign so to have that addressed is a weight off our minds and bad news for future opposition.

So as a fellow raised on Jackie Mac charging up that right hand side I think I can honestly say we should sit back and instead of stressing over that famous position we can actually enjoy the tussle for the starting right back berth.
Where there was none there are now three . And thats a nice position to be in.
Well done all involved.

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I am a fan of ice hockey.
It’s the best live sport in the USA in my opinion.
Many years ago as the play offs approached many of the teams signed veterans and traded away talented youth in preparation for the playoffs.
In 2009 the Penguins led by youngsters Crosby who was captain and Malkin won the Stanley cup.
They were 22 and 23 respectively.The year before they had lost to Detroit in final but the experience was valuable.
In 2010 Chicago Blackhawks won it with a 22 year old captain Johnathon Toews and 21 year old Patrick Kane.
This ushered in an era of younger, skillful and faster players being the blueprint for future success.
It changed the game and those effects can be seen today with a faster, cleaner and more skillful game.
It is a win win.
The Penguins and Blackhawks put faith in youth and it paid dividends.
Ajax showed trust in youth last season and were rewarded with a league title and an unbelievable run in Europe that almost had them in the final in the huge financially doped landscape.
Balance was the key.
We should put trust in whoever earns the position on merit and youth should be no barrier.
I still shudder to think we would not have seen KT’s emergence if it wasn’t for injury and suspension to others.
Still rankled about Henderson’s treatment by Neil despite Euan’s impressive stats.
It’s still my biggest fear that being young tends to cloud his judgement on players.

Mike in Toronto


But you do know that you don’t win anything with youth, as another Of Scotland’s footballing geniuses said.



Yer on yer own wi yer debt to Twists,mate. I’d love to help,but he just sent me a photo of him and his Brand New Heavy.

Marvellous Marvin Hagler.

Sorry,mate. Nothing I can do.

,big packy

MAHE great post as always, as you say its good to have competition for the right back slot, used to love watching Jackie mac tearing up that right hand side, also remember a chap called jim craig doing the same.hh. ?

,big packy

BOBBY, thanks for your reply will do.hh.


Moyes on Brendan

No idea how reliable this view is.



Good article!

I like to see youngsters getting a game.

Far too many have disappeared into the sunset without having a proper run of games.

Give them a chance I say and mibbe save ourselves a few bob in transfer fees.


I posted yesterday that my misses and me are doing “Sober October”.

I didn’t realise it would be this difficult…………………..and I’ve only been up for an hour!

,big packy

PHILBHOY, im doing it too but only because ive got a cold at the moment??

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SFTB @ 8-33 thanks for posting that.hh.



I think Celtic fans have always held youngsters in a special regard. Maybe in an-“I coulda been a contender!”-sort of way,that our new hero could just as likely have been one of us,standing there on the terraces.

The Lisbon Lions had an average outfield age of only 24,and Jock wasn’t slow to bring youngsters through when he felt that they were ready. Admittedly not many got a regular berth while still in their teens,but he would give us a wee clue to their development on occasion.

Most of our managers since have been the same but not every youngster has been a success. Few however have simply been discarded after a game or two,as so often seems to happen elsewhere. Jeremie Frimpong was a revelation last week,and although he could do with adding a few inches to his frame,I’d say we have a potential star there.

Hopefully Neil will view his appearance as a success and look to bring in others from a similar age group. If they’re good enough,they’re old enough!



Good luck with it. Only another 735 hours to go.



Cheer me up mate!

Enjoy the rest of your hol!


Oh dear.

Stunning stuff on e-Tims.

So let me get this straight, Willie Haughey owns Celtic Park and he paid the princely sum of £1000 for the title.
Good leader btw Mahe.



That appears to be the crux of the article,though I’m sure that there is more to it. Problem is,like so many other things to do with money at Celtic Plc,there is the usual lack of transparency.

Twists n turns

Bobby ?

Marvin n the boys are trying to locate Uber as we speak.

On a serious note:

Marvin may be getting on a bit – but when he clenches those fists you can see why you still wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end!!



Re the etims article.
The comments section explains it, I think:-)




Cheers,old bean. That comment wasn’t up when I posted. Everything is too opaque with the club though,so it’s no surprise we get suspicious about things.

Bad enough being paranoid about the opposition without having the same thing to worry about on the inside.


Morning troops.
Fan,,I have been to a hockey game and I loved it. Think basketball is also a good live sport. Didn’t know that about the Hawks and kids so thanks.

Most teams actually do have a kid,,,the 16 year old at Barca,,Felix of Athletico,,Trent etc.
I know Real recently got one of Barcas kids and there was a ruckus. If you see his clips you can see why.
Unfortunately for him ZZ and Jose will need results I’m the here and now so he has little chance and a loan is probably best now.
Heard he likes a square and roll, why not try.

And then as a manager playing youth should in theory gain you more support and sympathy from the entire club and fan base,,I’m amazed more aren’t going down that road,,especially those not at the top but not in relegation troubles either. For me that’s the perfect testing ground,,,bring through kids and garner some respect and more time in situ .
Could also be profitable.

We do seem to have a great spine of youth,,that is encouraging indeed. I wanna see Shved and O Connor soon.
Odegard who was once linked with us is being linked with Norwich I believe showing that just like Freddy Adu most dont hit the predicted heights.
These kids need a good family first and foremost. Try to keep em grounded.

Hail Hail

,big packy

AFTERNOON ALL, has anybody had any experience of this, its happened a few times now, if I put my indicator on to turn right and its mostly guys by the way, they feckin beep me or stare, obviously because they have had to slow down, what is wrong with this world now, things like that never happened when I first started driving, or if they did I cant remember it, in fact the only guy that spoke to me when taking my test, was the bloke with the red flag walking in front of me.?



Thanks for an interesting read. I agree with the key point of your article that we have good prospects on hand. I am keen to see Afolabi get a chance as I feel we are short in the striking department. Dembele, Johnston are sure to be given a chance if we generate a gap in the league. The two midfielders, one from Bolton and the other from MU have a tougher task to get chances, but at least, we have them. Frimpong, as you say, has the best chance of them all. Not based on his ability alone, but because competition is a bit less at RB. Both El Hamed and Bauer are way ahead of him but the former may be called into the CB mix as Simo is in rehab and Hendry is Hendry. Bauer is a loan and, IMHO, the best RB we have, but we may not buy him, especially since Frimpong is the cheaper option.

Where I take some issue with you is in your use of the term “spine”. To me, the “spine of a team is straight up the middle……keeper, CB, Striker. To my knowledge we do not have strong prospects in those areas. None of the young keepers is pushing for a first team place at the moment. The best one can hope for is #3. We lost our best CB prospect, Liam Morrison to Bayern Munich in August of this year. Contenders for the striking position are Aicheson, Oko-Flex, and Afolabi. With the exception of Afolabi, who is untested, opinions are divided on the other two. One is out on loan and the other has yet to make a first team appearance. So, we do not have strong prospects in the “spine” of the team, elsewhere “Yes” but not in these key positions.

Our track record in bringing youngsters through is very mixed. On the positive side we have Tierney, Forrest, Christie, Ajer(?). However, we throw many away…..Liam Henderson(Verona, Series A), Euan Henderson(loan), Hickey(LB Hearts), Robertson(Liverpool). Add to that O’Donnell of Killie who, if he had stayed, would have inherited Lustig’s position, since the club could have avoided paying out on El Hamed and Bauer.

The next two seasons, depending on success in the league this season, will not be conducive to bringing many young players through. Couple that with the ad hoc nature of finding games for Celtic development squads and it is hard to see how young players will develop far less reach the first team.



In Scotland Celtic supporters know they are being cheated.
We are a casualty of a bigoted wee country.
In Spain it’s pretty well known that Real have often been helped by the establishment.
Uefa hands out draconian sentences to clubs from smaller nations while merely slapping the wrists of teams from the bigger nations for far greater offenses .
It’s not just football and with the outrageous sums to me made in sport is it any wonder a blind eye is turned to cheating if it imperils profit?

Did authorities turn a blind eye to Salazar because of Nike’s financial power?

It brought back memories of the Spanish doping case and the government sealing records as it was rumoured that a World cup and Champions league titles would be imperiled.

Mike in Toronto

BMCUWP @ 1:08

If the fans had been more wary of the people that run our club, things like the 5WA, LNS, may not have happened, or at least, would have been dealt with in a reasonable manner.

Just because the zombies and the league are the enemy doesn’t mean that our Board are our allies. If anything, the evidence suggests that our Board are working with the league (not challenging the cheating*) and against Celtic fans (giving out fan information to the police).

there is a saying that ‘one fake friend can do more damage than 10 real enemies’.

At the outset, we gave them the benefit of the doubt, but, the Board’s approach to Res. 12 should have every Celtic fan demanding their removal, and doing everything possible to ensuring that they stop killing our club from within.

And I know some will say that we are in a period of unprecedented success…. but I say what was the price for that? turning a blind eye to the cheating, if not being involved in the cheating. Too high a price, for my tastes..

At the risk of usurping Petec, I’ll quote Mark 8:36…What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? ..

* At one point, I would have thought that all Celtic fans wanted the cheating challenged, but over time, I have come to question this view. It seems that some want to play the zombies so badly, that they are (like our Board) prepared to overlook the cheating, so long as it means we keep playing the zombies. For some, this will continue as long as we are winning, but when the zombies win, ithere will be wailing, and gnashing of teeth. Other Celtic fans seem to have been conditioned to think that their lot in life is to be cheated, so, when the zombies win again, it will be seen as inevitable.

I cringe every time I hear something along the lines of what Jock Stein said, that as long as we score more goals it doesn’t matter what the refs. do.

Wrong. It might be a matter of fact, but cheating is cheating. The referees need calling out regardless even if we win 5-0. We might get some perverse satisfaction that despite the refs……..we won. But it is still wrong.

It should never be acceptable nor seen to be inevitable. We should never think that’s the way things are, always has been.

Our Board should be taking the lead. But that’s about as likely as snow in hell.

Bring back John Reid to head up an enquiry. And publish it under the name of Celtic FC. The media couldn’t ignore it.

Of course our Board could make a start by bringing the issues contained in Res. 12 to the Court of Arbitration in Sport.

it’s not like we couldn’t afford a good QC.


Our board will have a list of priorities.
Cheating us will be tolerated in the pursuit of profit so low on the list.
They can always hide behind the caveat that they don’t want to bring the might of UEFA’S wrath down on Scottish football by going down the legal route frowned upon by this corrupt organization.
They would have to put right before personal profit.
I guess we know the answer to that.

Twists n turns

I’m in full agreement with your very well put post re the cheating.

I used to get irked at the point being used by many, to back up the point about us playing in another league.
“ we should move to get away from the cheating”

Fuck that.

I don’t want Celtic to play in the EPL, the championship, an Atlantic league or any other league.

We are Scottish and belong in the Scottish league. If we were a better run club, we are ideally positioned to achieve CL football on a regular basis. We’d be up against and competing with the best in Europe.

If our custodians had stood up to the cheating we would have been richer through many years of being in the CL but they allowed the cheating to go unpunished and still refuse to address it albeit retrospective redress.

If anyone wants to move leagues, to England or Ireland or even the Faroe isles, fine. Don’t put forward the reason though that it’s to escape the cheating.

Stop the cheating. That’s the answer.


Rebus ,,
Hope all is well Sir.

Your response had me thinking am I incorrect in my supposition ?
So I had a peak there and have came up with our young spine in situ.


Frimpong O Connor Miller Taylor

Dembele Connell Henderson Shved

Bayo Alofabi

In reserves Mikey Johnson , Okoflex .

I think we look good in future terms and the announcement last season that we would see a major upgrade of training facilities with indoor full size pitches and a spectator stand of sorts was greeted as smart planning.
I loved the announcement at the time, still do.
Nothing like a few young face Hoops growing into players right before your eyes.
Kids are fearless as we know. Lets hope Lenny has the gallus to use em more.
The feelgood factor that can be generated cant be bought.

The journos down south have bought into the myth that Stevie is doing a fantastic job hook line and sinker btw listening to some podcasts yesterday.
They have him going to Anfield post Jurgen,,,big big shoes to fill.
Just shows that even those in the game can fall for hype and bs.

Hail Hail


with the stadium and infrastructure in place already it would be folly to physically leave the current home base BUT there is easily enough room for another branch or two in a different league I would say.
Just as Real and Barca are allowed colts teams that are recognized as under the umbrella but not the actual famous name team perhaps we could and should explore an option or two somewhere.
Im sure the appropriate host supporters clubs would just love such a boost.
I would have a reserve team and youth team feeder somewhere if pulling the strings.
Could be profitable is done correctly.
Eire and England spring immediately to mind.
Hail Hail



I cringe every time I hear something along the lines of what Jock Stein said, that as long as we score more goals it doesn’t matter what the refs. do.
Bring back John Reid to head up an enquiry. And publish it under the name of Celtic FC. The media couldn’t ignore iT.
And I really cringe when people actually say they want someone like John Reid back at Celtic. Isn’t it bad enough having a bunch of real Tories on the board let alone an individual like Baron Reid of Cardowan.

,big packy

SO IT MUST BE ME THEN @ 2-18? listen bhoys, we can argue all day and night about the cheating im 66 ive had it basically all my life watching celtic, nothing will change until the orange order and the masons get booted out of town, I can see mahes point maybe a reserve team in another league, but as twisty says we are Scottish, with our income we should be the top in Scotland and doing better in Europe.hh.



A helluva lot of drivers have this problem nowadays,and I’ll tell you why. Because so many cars nowadays have their orange indicator lights set in amongst their red lights at the rear of the vehicle.

So others simply can’t see the thing,they don’t know that you’re intending to turn right because they couldn’t see your indicator.

Drives me nuts,btw. It should be an automatic MOT failure if the indicators aren’t apparent to other road users. If that means a manufacturer recall for a redesigned rear cluster,so be it. They are a danger to other road users.


Glad you had a blast at the races.



What is the problem with John Reid? Brian Wilson? Ian Livingston? I can understand the latter two as they were/are useless yes-men,but at least Reid fought our corner. Till he was ousted.

,big packy

BOBBY, cheers thought it was just me,??



Great day,mate. Thanks.

Great company anaw.



You have to say that about the company or you’ll get a doing.
Whilst you were having fun, I sent an article to Sentinels mail box.
Help give you a day off during the international break.

,big packy

JIMMYNOTPAUL awenaw not another international break.ffs were hopeless?


I agree, international breaks are murder.
I spend my time, checking to see, if any of our players are injured.
No fun, at all.

,big packy


,big packy

OGLACH /BOBBY / my opinion, bankier is definately the real tory among that lot.hh.



Ah,cheers! I can’t access the mail addy at the moment but hopefully Mahe will post it for tomorrow.

Oglach, I’m not a fan of ‘titles’ myself so on that we are agreed. But given his background, John Reid would be the most difficult man for the amateurs at the SFA to face down. Besides, the principle of an enquiry is still valid. Suggest your own candidate. I might agree!

Packy, the name Bankier just sounds so Tory, doesn’t it?

,big packy

JIM, sorry to say YES.and a hundred times yes ,how are you today.

,big packy

by the way jim, what would brother walfrid make of tories in our boardroom.

Who knows Packy. The Catholic church has been aligned to right wing politics many times and in many places. That’s why there sprung up Liberation Theology in South America to oppose that.. I think, although not sure, Pope Francis was sympathetic with that movement.

Mike in Toronto will know better than I.

,big packy

JIM I remember when I was growing up, the number of protestant clergy in latin America were few and far between, look at it now,


UEFA corruption in clear view as Real awarded goal by VAR when it was offside