Another week , more cheating

So another week goes by and again we see the blogs stamping their feet because of bias corrupt refereeing decisions, more calls for the club to say something.
I hope nobody is holding their breath waiting cos they will die a death long before the club utter a word, unless there is money in it for the board they are not interested.
Now that in itself is a bit of a conundrum because when the SFA were assisting the huns to get a licence to play in Europe the club have said nothing.
I imagine they see that the money is gone and they have no chance of recouping it, hence their silence on Res 12.

The problem is Scotland is cultural.
The anti-Catholic, anti Irish is ingrained into society, but the likes of the churches, some employers, even some political parties have in the main moved on, or at least attempting to move on, they have had to be pushed in this direction but at least they are attempting to enter the twenty first century.
Unlike the SFA who like the referees they control are still stuck back in the good old days of the 20s, 30s, 40, 50s where the bowling green blazer anti Green establishment has refused to move with the times,, the result of this is an anti Celtic pro rangers bias.

Another problem is the myth perpetrated by the media that we are the Old Firm, and we are two sides of the same coin. Fans of all the other clubs have bought into this argument and they all believe that the bigger clubs get all the decisions.
This strange obsession that society has with Catholic schools, who are seen as the root of all the problems today, when the Orange Order walk the streets of the country on a daily basis with a police escort allowing the vile bigoted sectarian masses to pollute the air with their hatred and bile.

Back to the referees. We even have referees who are members of the OO, referees who are masons, referees who are ex season ticket holders of rangers.
The controlling body who appoints the referees are members of the OO and the masons, yet this is all above board according to the SMSM.
Back when the Dougie-Dougie scandal hit the headlines it was confirmed at the time by the linesman that to get ahead in the refereeing dept you had to be a member of the masons.
Paul Larkin in his superb docu, Anyone but Celtic, also confirms this.

The refereeing bias is a symptom of our ugly past as it is . Most people are trying to move on but the sfa and all they control have never come to terms with the fact that Scotland is attempting to move on,, they are stuck and unless they are taken to task they will stay stuck in the past while the world moves on, now who is going to take them to task ?
The football authorities of UEFA and FIFA have no interest.
The clubs don’t care, all the clubs have had the chance to act to clean up the game many times in the past, especially in the past ten years when things came to a head, but nothing. Our club have especially been negligent with their silence, but as we all know if there is no money in it for them they will say nothing and rake in the cash.

The only people who can change things are the people who pay for the referees.
The SFA don’t pay for them, the clubs are the ones who pay them and it’s the support who pay the clubs, so again everything is down to the support.
We are the ones who fund the cheats and the corrupt officials.
Sadly we also know this and still keep funding them, so if you want the cheating to stop,, if you want an open, honest, transparent game in Scotland,,a game where the footballers are allowed to play football and show their undoubted skills to the world,, a game where we can become a feared nation again,, a game where being of Irish decent,, a game where being a Catholic has no bearing on how you are treated,, you know what the answer is. I really shouldn’t have to tell you, should I !!!
The day the powers that be in Scotland ban Orange Walks from the streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal.

The above is by The Exiled Tim.
We would love more guest contributions so if you fancy helping us out its

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Margaret McGill


In the words of the great parcel of pogues in a nation, bum sodomy and the sash is what many Tims want to pay for. Gives them that self inflicted oh the big bad Huns guff that they love to wallow in. Can’t have the death of the OF in 2012 get in the way of some good old catholic self flagellation

Celtic Champs Elect


Nap Casanova 15.10 Ascot 15/2

God bless NEIL Francis Lennon a true Celt and a very underestimated top class coach and manager

Twists n turns
Twists n turns

Morning all

First things first

Apologies to Jim and BP for my unwarranted outburst last night.

Yesterday wasn’t a good day for various reasons ( I’ll leave it at that) but does not excuse my uncalled for attack on others.

Please accept my sincere apologies.

Twists n turns


One of my biggest,and I felt serious, concerns over Neil was his ability to maintain harmony in the dressing room.

It’s quite clear that in matches v Rangers and Cluj in particular that the players are giving everything for him.

Long may it continue.

Thursday was a night that every player gave at least a 7.5 out of 10 performance, with a few 8’s and a couple of 9.’s as well.

If we maintain that level – even the cheating refs will need to work overtime to stop us hitting 9IAR.

Celtic Champs Elect


We are some team / squad and we will only improve NFL has the buy in from all the players and he has been backed to the hilt by Peter and the board

I have not read back TaT so I am unsure about what you have said the the two sweetie wife’s :-)))

Twists n turns

Great article.

The level of sectarianism in the Middle East is receding faster than it is in Scotland!

It’s the entrenched sectarianism within the Scottish Football Association that took us to where we are, and remains as strong today as it ever was.

That’s our biggest barrier to the 9 and 10.

Twists n turns

The level of backing from the board? To the hilt you say?

Not sure I’d go that far. Well I am sure actually.

Add the KT dough to the bank balance and it’ll be circa £60m now.

If Neil has been backed to “ the hilt” it’d be sitting at 1/4 of that.

I can’t ignore the fact we should’ve been in the CL. With the correct level of backing, we probably would’ve been.

So whilst we are doing well in the EL, I think we are punching below our weight. What I think we have got going for us this season, is a squad that won’t need too much tampering with in the summer

Get into the CL qualifiers, get the summer business done early, maybe another quality CH and midfielder, and go into the matches better prepared than we have been for many a year.

What we CANNOT do:

Flog Eddie, Ryan and or one or two others and not have players of equal ability brought in.

However- lets not get too far ahead of ourselves for now. Big game tomorrow!


Apologies,folks. I forgot to post this week’s CHARITY BET.

Guest punter this week is TWISTSNTURNS and he is going for a four-team acca,£5 win on


Port Vale


East Fife

Returns approx 7/1 so good luck!!!



Took them over two months. I wonder why.


I loved that article, so true.
Freemasonary is rife in the SFA.and Scotland.
Tom Minogue who used to post on CQN has written some stonking articles on the subject, only Scotland and N.Ireland has a religious aspect to freemasonary, according to Tom, also Scotland has more freemasons per percentage of population than anywhere else.
I hope you have a better day today, I’m delighted to see your flounce was very short. Be kucky.



Assessing CCTV , carefully identifying as many of the individuals involved in order to prevent very expensive mistakes.
Then releasing to the Press .
If that takes time , then take time and make sure you get it right.

My point.
Twenty individuals is many more than I would have expected if tokenism were involved.
Is there a precedent for that many being identified ? Maybe there is.
Nevertheless , I welcome it .

Twists n turns

I hope they’re on solid ground. Despite the fact they’re Rangers supporters, releasing their pictures has seriously damaging potential for those involved.

I assume the footage they’ve collected contains strong evidence that they’ve a case to answer. If any of the guys in those mugshots are innocent…..

Big Audio Dynamite

Take the long way home. The days when a 10 min walk, became a multiple hours adventure.

Growing up, a Tic fan, in Brigton was ..erm, interesting! Apart from all the fights I had(Especially at school) my biggest problem was getting home when we played them. I’m not even remotely religious, went to a non-dom school and wasn’t allowed Celtic tops(For obvious reasons) though that never stopped some knuckle dragging numbnut from calling me a fenian b@stard. Celtic has always been about football, nothing more nothing less. Even in my teens, I still never sang about things that weren’t part of me, or my life, things like religion and politics. Not sure what I’m trying to say, other than I hate the fact they make me hate …It’s not really how I am, but I seem to make an exception for them. My abiding memory of playing them, will always be the shit I had to go through just to get back to the house safe. I’ve hid my scarf in my jacket and walked beside them down London rd, I’ve scrambled over railway embankments to try to avoid them, but, mostly, I just took the long way home. Sorry for the rabbling. ?

Thanks for the memories, TET!

Twists n turns

Big AD

I recall Tommy Burns talking about going through similar problems. Detours to get home from school safely. Tommy was a fast runner though ?


Twists n turns

Dead right.

Unsubstantiated allegations currently litter the ground in every sphere of life , particularly political .
Rumour is fact.
1984 has arrived.

Viz. Carl Beech .

Big Audio Dynamite

Funny you should say that Twists, as I was always known for the speed I could run, but running wasn’t an option getting home from school, where was I gonna run to? No, I just learned to fight ( I know, but whatcha gonna do) until even a halfwit can work out he’s gonna have to get dirty. Took a while, as I had to change to Dalmarnock school for 2 years(That was a good laugh ..not!) But eventually I was ok, and all my best mates now are Bears ..and probably always have been. Would have been great to have had a Tim best mate growing up, but the Bears I’ve associated with, have been\are the salt of the Earth types.




You’ll be fine,bud.




I would love to see BIGNAN posting on here. I recall him saying once that he’d only met two lawyers in his life that he could trust. One of them has the same name as a certain legal eagle on here!

Coincidence? Hmmmm…



My big pal who used to post on CQN as BILLYBHOY05-we agree to disagree on politics!-was also brought up as a Protestant in Brigton. Fun,I’m sure…

Big Audio Dynamite

See how the game works?

Kevin Clancy punished for his performance @Easter road.

And this helps us how? “As Kevin was a leetle too obvious, we best make it look like we are dealing with it”. Better get used to it, it’s only gonna get worse …until ….?!?!

Impossible not to think we invited this with our silence. Think how you will feel, the first time they win a title! I read on another Tic site how Celtic were going to win the league for evermore. Kevin and his mates didn’t get that memo.

I really think the end of 9 or 10, will be the end of me. Cheating is now at the absolutely blatant, we don’t give a f@ck stage. Does anyone think they will put in all this effort to stop us, only to fail to halt our March to the 10? If we get to 10, I’ll be utterly gobsmacked.



Morning choob for BIGAUDIODYNAMITE,with suitable apologies!

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, unsurprisingly, that tune has been running round my head all morning. At some point, I’ll try to figure out how to post music using this tablet. Me and technology, now there’s a laugh!

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists 8.02am





I use an iPad. To c&p,tap the URL at the top of the page. It will turn blue. If it offers the option to “Copy”,click on that. If not,click the URL again till you get the option “Select All” Click on that,then on “Copy”

Then go to where you want to post and tap it. You will see the option “Paste”. Do so,and you will get the link.

Sounds like a lot of effort,but it isn’t really-once you get used to it!


That’s me off on the big choochoo train to London then Swindon. Had a great three weeks,so thanks to my family for putting up with me,the attendees at the hoot for similar and everyone else who had their routine upended.

Been a blast,canny wait for the next time!!!


Twists n turns

Don’t be daft. ( from previous thread)

As I said earlier, yesterday ( indeed it was the entire week) I wasn’t great and frustration boiled over. My problem not yours /Jim’s.

Keep on posting ??


As PMG stated in a recent article “One could argue that enmity towards the Irish Catholic community has been a key organising principle of Scottish society since the Victorian era”

True it is not as flagrant as in the past and one could argue it has become more insidious in nature. Remember an MSP recently being shouted down by other MSPs in the Scots parliament for having the temerity to raise the subject of anti Irish race hatred. Do you believe that if an MSP had raised anti Islamic or anti Jewish hatred in Scotland they would have been shouted down? Lenny raised the subject not so long ago and called it racism. MO’N raised the subject during a pre UEFA match press call. Remember the hatred directed at Aiden McGeady from the terraces and back pages of the gutter press because he chose to play for the Rep of Ireland? Any other country little if anything would have been said. We have had leading sports journalists in Scotland shrugging off the racist ” Famine song” as being nothing more than a bit of harmless banter, a perception still widely held in Scotland. It took members of the Irish Parliament raising the issue to shame our own board and the authorities in Scotland to take action. The song being finally proscribed under law. But yet we still hear it being sung at games and it has become a favourite tune of Orange flute bands. Scotland the country where an overtly sectarian group can overturn the rule of law with the Police stating that if Orange parades are banned that there is a distinct possibility of serious trouble occurring. Imagine if it were an Irish Republican group wishing to march – would the Police or authorities have allowed it to proceed despite the risk of riot? I don’t believe they would.


Interesting excerpt from The Independent on e-Tims.

BR getting a kicking for,erm,not being a terribly nice or genuine chap.



I think they would point out the problem and tell the organisers that if they went ahead with the march they would not receive any protection.

Btw,there’s an article on a similar subject in the Guardian today. Peaceful demo outside Downing Street,supporting remain. Bunch of neo-Nazi counter-demonstrators turn up,various laws being broken to intimidate and threaten. Police advise the original demonstrators to go home,but in groups as they could not or would not guarantee their safety.

In both cases,one side is blatantly flouting the law. In both cases,the law is facilitating it.


Yep Bobby
Have a look at the Nazi scum here.


Nightmare stuff for Spurs goalie Hugo Lloris at Brighton. Makes an absolute howler for Brighton goal and looks like he might have broke his arm in the process.


Must say,I love travelling by train. Much my preference. But if I have to listen to some electronic voice saying “See it,say it,sorted” every f…..g five minutes,well,there may be trouble ahead

It’s just a bloody stupid line and it’s unlikely to get the desired response

I was going to post but I see that the right wing racist bigot is now posting on the blog, eff you Macjay, don’t bring your right wing shite on here.
Fuck it, I’m gone, I can’t share my space with scum like him, I too don’t need this kinda shite in my life, some may welcome his contributions, not me.


The Exiled Tim @ 1:34 pm
My sentiments exactly. One of the reasons I decided to stop posting on another Celtic blog was that right wing / racist / anti Irish nationalist rhetoric was tolerated yet write a swear word and you are red carded.
Now I appreciate SC is open to all opinions but surely as a Celtic minded site right wing ideology has no place here or indeed within the general Celtic support, it being an anathema to most Celtic minded fans .The ‘Alt right’ stuff should be left as the preserve of the elitists running our club.

” The disparity of beliefs, influences and experiences among the Celtic support defies conventional understanding of what a cultural group should be, and is contrary to the fact that we are a cultural group at all.
The Celtic identity can more easily be defined by our diversity and by what we are not, than it can be by pointing to specific common beliefs and histories. We are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Jew, Hindu, atheist and agnostic. We are of many nations and ethnic backgrounds.
Some identify with their nations of birth and some do not. Though our politics are varied and a matter of personal conscience, we have traditionally rejected the politics of exclusion; Fascism, Nazism, Ultranationalism, Supremacism, and all other sub-divisions of right wing politics. The Celtic support have historically opposed colonialism, authoritarianism, totalitarianism and all forms of political persecution and tyranny.
While the supporters of certain other clubs across Scotland, England and Europe have flirted with, and often embraced, the politics of the far right and bigotry, Celtic supporters have fought tirelessly against all forms of discrimination and social inequality.
Strange then that even though we are diametrically opposed to the values of certain other club’s supporters, we are consistently portrayed as sharing the same malevolent spirit without a shred of evidence to back this contention.
Celtic Park is a sanctuary for the disaffected and the estranged. Those who are alienated from church and state, and outsiders in general, easily identify with a club that has never been made welcome within the Scottish establishment. The Irish immigrants and ancestors of those immigrants who made up, and continue to make up, the majority of the Celtic support, have faced 150 years of prejudice and inequality at the hands of a Scottish established order, not known for its advocacy of multiculturalism”


Oglach 1.42pm
Bravo Sir, top post.

bada bing1

Taxi for Poccetino


Oglach Well said amigo ??? Hh?


Morning troops and happy Saturn day.

TeT,, very well said.
I’m starting to think that’s why the TV rights arent flogged to some countries with expats for at least some pittance. Like Nz or Oz. Perhaps it’s because it would bring questions that are best kept inside Alba.
And then this refs not declaring allegiance thing,,its just clearly a sign that those above are happy with the malarkey.
It would drive you off the game.
The club we were told played the long term game and tried to push the bigots out of power slowly by swaying some reasonable voices but they were outflanked and have gotten nowhere.
It’s the same as when they took over if not worse.
Only the Sfa can fix the refs,,and only ourselves can fix the Sfa. Yet there doesnt seem anywhere like the vigour or impetus necessary.
The Agm may or may not prove instrumental with our friend Aulheid re entering the fray.
We can but hope he gets a result of sorts.
I mean even with videos like Paul’s they still blatantly cheat. That says it all. Keep it in house and we protect you basically.
The video of those fans is interesting. One would imagine like has been mentioned they were doing something blatant and caught on camera.
Big call and like Twists says it better be correct.

Hail Hail


Liverpool v Leicester City on Hesgoal. Unfortunately Walker co commentator ?


Gordon have they called it the Brendan Rodgers derby 100 times yet ?


Just arrived in London,lost my internet connection on the train. Fiver a pint of Guinness,I can get two for that in Swindon!


Re the hun photos,even if innocent they don’t have recourse. They aren’t being accused of anything. The police are asking for them to be identified in order to help them with their enquiries. Now,we all know what that means but by law the police are in the clear.

Of course,if they have nothing to hide,etc,but that’s a load of pish and always has been. Anyway,at least they’re doing something about it. Makes the Level 5 press releases-which ALL media in Scotland reported verbatim,those poor Rangers fans-look just a tad iffy. If a serious newspaper had been hoodwinked like that,they would be looking to take a body or two out by way of retribution.

Dream on…


Watching the yawn fest that is Liverpool v Leicester. Interesting that an article published today about Brendan Rodgers claims that he told confidants that he was already contemplating his ‘next’ move within weeks of arriving at Celtic!!!

Liverpool just scored 1-0


MACJAY. 1210.

Shocking. What’s it got to do with the UK,or my point to which that was a reply? Need to up your game when you’re defending the indefensible.

Cosy corner bhoy

TET: I’ve just read your post re Macjay1,having been privileged to have foresight of your lead article due to BMCUWP being ‘chez moi’ at the time and I am astounded if forehead at your response.
For the benefit of readers I had the pleasure of TET’s company in Barcelona at our 6-1 humping(halved due Virgil Imo and this is not a sit at the back of the bus Tim.This is a ‘.Aye that’ll be right pal’ Tim.
Cmon K get into his rib cage !!!
He never has facts!!
I’ve told him at least 4 times that the UK is a parliamentary democracy and despite the highest court in England and Scotland verifying that he still pontificates about democracy.
A different animal
I blame the Jesuits at that fee -paying school in Glasgow! The nuns in Irvine were obviously not so capable of brainwashing .



I don’t think many have defended BR more than I have,even though I was raging at his timing. It’s easy to say that the article is hearsay-it is largely based on an “Off the Record” briefing,then ‘he said,I heard’ type stuff. But…

I think there is a pattern,and that is the smooth-talking dude with an eye for the main chance.

It doesn’t alter my opinion of his achievements with us,nor lessen my wish that he was still with us as a happy contented guy. But it diminishes my respect for him. In spades.


Blinkin’ flip. Nap doon. Doon like a Saturday coupon,as the old saying goes. But TWISTSNTURNS has some serious work to do on the table. Some decent winners.

Including ATHINGOFBEAUTY,told you she was serious. She posted it twice!


Aye, hopefully ‘the truth will out’ one day. Brendan despite his qualities as one of the best managers we ever had his reputation and standing amongst the the support has been irreparably damaged. Some even rank him alongside La petite merde in terms of infamy — la deuxième petite merde!

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