Livingston 2-0 Celtic Review.


A Beautiful Sunday that was not. From the euphoria of an outstanding and commanding performance to,well,Shitshow Sunday. And I’m truly at a loss to explain it.

We lined up man for man almostexactly the same as we did the other night,the exception being Bauer in for Elhamed at right back. You wouldn’t have guessed it. While it may be harsh to suggest that the team sheet could easily have read Anon from 1-11,I’d say it isn’t too wide of the mark. We had too many players off the boil,too many who simply didn’t turn up. Livingston were the exact opposite.

Ironically,I suggested before the match that Lenny would stick to the same eleven as on Thursday night,simply because we had the benefit of the international fortnight to help with recovery. In actual fact-and with the benefit of hindsight-that probably worked against us. I’ve little doubt that if we had an important run of two matches a week to come that he would have freshened things up a bit. We don’t,he didn’t,and yesterday was the result of it.

Livingston were right up for it from the off. I was hoping we would burst out of the starting stalls and have an early scoring burst. Not so. The opposition harried and pressed at every opportunity and rarely missed the chance to leave a foot in the tackle. Yet it was Livingston who were getting the benefit of the decisions,with a number of free kicks in dangerous areas. One in particular was very well-worked and straight off the training pitch,leaving Forster to make an important stop low to his left. Us? We huffed and puffed and got our just rewards of eff all.

Even with such a poor performance from us it didn’t look likely that we would lose,that it was just another one of those displays that we save for our now too-frequent excursions onto plastic. Until Ryan Christie had an uncharacteristic lapse in midfield. He failed to control the ball and went in rashly on the Livingston player to regain possession. Studs up and straight into his shin and few watching could complain about the resulting red card.

Strangely enough,about ninety seconds earlier,Collum-for it was he-was excellently positioned to see Eddy being the victim of an equally reckless challenge,the Livingston player going straight through him to clean him out. But taking any action would have seen a card issued as well as a free kick to us in a dangerous area.

Just not gonna happen,is it? No card,not even a free kick. Scandalous,but that was how he chose to referee for the entire match. He only handed out the bookings in injury time and even then ensured that we got one each too.

The two Livingston goals were well worth the viewing,if I’m honest. The first one was the result of an outstanding pass-probably the best or only bit of football all day-which left our defence leaden footed. The scorer was the same fella who Christie had earlier fouled,but it would be wrong to wish that he had hit him a bit harder! That came immediately after the restart and it seemed to galvanise us into action as we peppered the Livi goal. The problem is that in doing so we left ourselves open to a break.

Thirty minutes into the half came the almost inevitable second. An aimless long ball over the top,Dykes-who had been fouling all day without comment from the ref-ran onto it,lobbed Fraser and it was welcome to second spot,Celtic.

A pish-poor performance from us,second-best all day to a merely workmanlike and industrial Livingston. I think that is their first ever victory over us,and I can’t deny that they deserved it on the day. But for all that,I’m gonna give my Man of the Match award to

Willie Collum for an impeccable display of snivelling wretchedness.


We now need to ensure that we win every game from now till the winter break. Once again,the huns negotiated a match without a booking despite conceding the same number of free kicks as we did. Two yellows and a red for us,and that is becoming something of a theme. I’ve warned about this before,that we need to be prepared for the inevitable suspensions. Sevco,it seems,have no such worries.


Above article by BMCUWP. As it is international fortnight,we are running with a series detailing some of our greatest comebacks. Go back a few days to read RISING LIKE LAZARUS,a view from 1903 courtesy of JIMMYNOTPAUL. So we want to read your account of a similar comeback. I can think of loads of them! Mail yours to Mahe

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Re the studs up challenge from Ryan Christie. I very much doubt that metal studs are worn on plastic and I’ve long thought that they are no longer necessary for most modern pitches anyway. Point being that moulded soles are less likely to injure a player from such a tackle.

Letter of the law,yesterday was a red card-but the law is there to protect players from serious injury. With moulded soles there was never much chance of serious injury and the Livi player was up and about in no time. In fact,their keeper was down longer with cramp-that must be a first for a keeper,eh?

Twists n turns

Morning Bobby

Simple math:

Shit surface ( + ) bang average performance by everyone in a Celtic strip (+ ) referee with an agenda = minus 3.


Morning BMCUW,

Ta for a good read as always !

Re Ryan’s tackle, it was a dangerous one I think, no argument. The fella was powering into a kick and it could have been a leg breaker.

Granted, it’s an acceptable challenge when you wear the Sevvy Blue though.

As usual, all the normal factors contributed to the loss of the three points, but also, to be fair, like you say, the scored two pretty good goals.

Like MON, Lenny’s not a fan of squad rotation I think. Neither was I. But after today, there’s a strong argument for it now, and like I said on my post before you rudely created a new thread as usual ( ? ) , it seems to be the way for modern clubs now, whether they want to compete or not.

Lazio come to visit us soon. They looked mince in the highlights against Rennes this week, but still got the result due to a couple of their best players.

Will be an intereting tie. One think I’m still positive about, is Lenny’s determination to win in both Europe and the SPL.

I suspect he’ll start using more of the squad for these post UEFA games. Plenty in our locker yet, that the huns don’t have.

Of course, the Masons in Black can still make a big difference, as they already have, and we have a lot of work to do this season.

I genuinely don’t see many managers doing a better job than the Lurgan Tim. He gets it, knows what we know, and knows how to deliver.

Always has faith in him.

What I don’t have faith in, is the penny chasing board who may well sell our best players out from under us between now and the summer.

Pl bought a few years of time from the support, with some last minute signings that were as usual, too late,but are proving to be good signings despite a drop of 5 points.

Interesting season ahead. For me, this is make or break for Disco Pete, Bankier and the rest of them who contribute the mysterious sum of feck all.

It’s no coincidence we have a BT exec on the Celtic Board. They are specialists at capitalising on a monopoly and not giving a flying fk about the “customers “. The evidence is there in abundance, not just in the pissing about with player transfers. Everything.

Truly awful.

But who better for self-rewarding capitalists to have at their side while they exploit the unquestioning loyalty of the massive Celtic support, than some tory prick that learned how to exploit the population using the gift of privatised BT and its retained monopoly. Socialism for the rich.



Morning. For once I trust your maths ??

Twists n turns

Uber Uber Uber

I’m getting concerned. I hadn’t realised you were so advanced in your years. I’m beginning to fear there’s trouble around the corner. At your age, will you still be around to see the debt reach £9?

You see I’m not looking forward to turning up at your funeral laying claim to half your estate, but if needs must…..

Sorry if that seems heartless but that’s the way I roll. AlwAys have done. Why , I recall a beggar in the street one day asking me for a £ for a cup of tea. I stubbed out my cigar, stared straight through him and said “ listen you, my mum is penniless and living in absolute poverty, my kids are going to school with no shoes and my wife is working off a food budget for 6 from only £5 a week”

He apologised saying he was ever so sorry….

I continued….” so if I’m not going to give them any money why should I help you…?”

Anyway, I digress.

You need a plan Uber. I’m sure you can gather up the money. I’m not writing the plan for you . Time is money. Think outside the box. Ok – I’ll not write the plan, but here’s an example of the type of thinking you need to apply.

6 miles west of where I grew up, was Harthill. Hun infested. 99% hun. When I was young I used to go there wearing my Celtic top and crucifix. I’d sit on the kerb with my begging bowl.
Sat next to me with a begging bowl was a fella in a hun top wearing a red hand of Ulster pendant.

His bowl used to fill pretty quickly. My bowl was always empty .

One day there was a priest driving through town and seeing this, he stopped. He came over and said “ my son, you’re going about this all wrong. Look at your bowl and compare it to this guy in the Rangers top bowl? They’re actually putting money in his bowl just to spite you!”

I said “ Father, with due respect, there’s nothing you can teach me and my brother here about marketing “

You get the idea Uber? Go get a plan. ?






I think your post was about three hours before the new article. The confusion may have arisen due to the time taken to read said post and then to stop laughing.


Twists/ BMCUW,


You guys ……?


I’ll get a nap next weekend at 20-1.

You’ll see.

You’ll ALL see.

Speaking of which – anyone got a loan of a fiver? ???????

Twists n turns

Trying to maintain a sense of humour after days like yesterday isn’t easy, but what can you do?

I nearly made the mistake of launching into everything that’s still wrong in our club, but was mindful of Lenny and the bhoys ramming by words down my throat at Ibrox.

So… I remain hopeful that Sunday will prove to be no more than a blip in the quest for 9.

Truth be told though.. I’m worried. We have the best squad, the biggest budget, and shouldn’t be putting on abject performances like yesterday. Surface and cheating ref aside, we should have enough quality to beat Livingston.
Well actually, we do have enough quality so what stopped us showing it?
The rotten mob, ably assisted by the cheating establishment are not going to drop many points outside games v us. I fear though that even beating them 4 times may not suffice.
We were cheated out 2 points last week, and gifted 3 out yesterday due to laxity and naivety, with the usual does of mibbery.




The huns are doing not bad to be fair.
I’ve total confidence in Lenny and the squad we have though.
But the mibbery is a genuine concern. It will absolutely be a big factor. It’s already proving to be.
There is a lot to be concerned about for those of us chasing the 10. The AGM is not likely to help if you catch my drift.

On the other hand, everything looked beyond despair after Cluj Mk 1.
It’s a good squad we have.

I’ll tell you what makes it feckin tragic to me – that we cant enjoy a fair competition with rivals that aren’t bigots, cheats and tax dodgers.

That’s what upsets us all the most imo.

It would be a refreshing change to see a trophy won here in merit and semi-efficient refereeing ?

Watching the highlights of the Aberdeen Hibs game, bearing in minding Brother BBC edited it, Brother McInnes seems to have come out of that one very favourably ?

Hibs fans must be sick with it. Because they see us as another side of the hun coin, and are oblivious to the subtleties of these feckers and how the ultimate goal is keep Timmy down while perpetuating the myth of successful hunnery.

But another thing we should be worried about is that Gerrard is actually building an attacking Hun side, which the Hamilton manager made a rather dramatic point about….

When I say attacking, i mean in football terms like he did. This is no Sir Walter pish or Super Sally leg breakers

We’re still far better, but like folk have said, the SFA can swing this and dictate how it goes.

You’re right to be concerned, and I agree 100%.

Personally, I thing it’s a given. We wont be allowed to win it.

Many saw this coming. Hope I’m wrong, obviously.



As MON said,for us to win we have to be miles better than them. For them to win,they just have to be near enough.

The reality of that is in the subtleties of the refereeing-amongst other things. Like giving us free kicks in midfield areas which break down our play,booking our players for the first offence while the opposition are let away with murder,etc etc and you get the drift.

They can’t even be bothered to be subtle about it. I remember one of the first games v them to be broadcast on Sky,I was living in London at the time. I took a bunch of my local mates to the pub to watch it,about 1992 or summat. Amazingly-given the times!-I think we won,and the troops were enthusiastic about everything Celtic,quality of play,support etc. Not so much the refereeing which was,as always,abysmal.

Oh,it’s always been like that,I told them. But now that they’re on live tv they’ll have to up their game. They’ll know they can’t get away with it anymore.

Ah,the naivety of youth. I miss it in these dark,age-hardened cynical times…

Twists n turns

Hamilton manager?

Lives in Whitburn. I know him very vaguely. He used to spend a lot of time in Ladbrokes! I suspect Awe Naw or Mags will know him fairly well.

My knowledge of him was of a decent enough lad. Vg player too.

Since he took the manager job, he’s went out his way a few times to compliment the huns. Just being honest or peer pressure? No idea.

Noel Skytrot

This time last season the Edinburgh huns were on their unbeaten then we got beat at Ibrox, we were behind and guess what? we still won a treble. As NL says no need to get emotional.
I noticed we’ve played 5 out of 8 away, whereas the huns have played 5 out of 8 at home. Things will change.

Twists n turns

Hopefully you’re bang on bud.

Yes: the fixture list

That’s another thing that stinks to high heaven. Of course, it’s … ahem… computer generated so it must be fair eh ?



Good point re the live TV.

Has it helped expose the cheating?

Not really. Millions still cry conspiracy theory when we can all see absurd decisions in massive games.

Before the TV really took hold, I remember being given a ticket from a friend for the semi final at Hampden, us v huns, under Alec Mcleish.

I was fuming at the refereeing, but was told that I was being paranoid, by everyone. This was before the days of CQN obviously.

I went back and reported this to my (former) girlfriend’s dad…who by the way, scared the fuck out of me, and played on that to insist i give him my ticket ??…. I resisted….so to this day he blames me !!….

Now this was the man, who had a pint glass and can of stella sitting in the freezer waiting for me when I got back just in time for every Seville UEFA games.

I think Karma is telling me, i should have given him the ticket ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Well Mr Desmond, it appears you are about to get your wish ..a strong *Rangers.

Ya fuckin snake-eyed, leeching parasite!





Are you familiar with any of the weans’ football where you are?

I’m friendly with someone whose young boy has the stature of La Gran Muralla, not even in his teens, but attracting attention.

It’s my aim to get him to a home game this season, as his club are all Sevvies and swaying him. Dont want to say too much, but the force is strong in this one.



Well said. ?‍♂️

Big Audio Dynamite

“The fixtures are randomly generated by computer”

Aye, of course they are!



Same old huns-always cheating!

Same old refs-always cheating!

Same old SFA-always cheating!

Same old Celtic-always facilitating the above.

Their silence makes them complicit. It’s that simple.


Fuxake,real problems with this site-at my end,anyway. Took me an hour to get into admin this morning to post the article-I’d forgotten half the stuff I wanted to say by then!-and took me five attempts plus having to log off and on again to post my last comment.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, I swear to god, it’s not the establishment or Rangers i’m angry at now. These c@nts have sickened me, to the absolute pit of my stomach.

“Rangers are a great club, with a fantastic history”

Dirty weasel b@stard



Never had a problem here.

Must be something you’re doing wrong ?

Have you tried rebooting your system??




Oh,you don’t need to tell me. In a previous incarnation on another site I was somewhat known for my anti-board stance. Ten years later I’d rather have been wrong. Sadly I’m not.



Rebooting my system? Back of 4am I was nearly in that highlights compilation you posted about guys just having had enough wi computers.

If I’d been posting from work,it would be toast.



I loves ya. ?

The only fella that can avoid taxi fares using age old travel techniques. ?

Now dont be giving these Sevvies any ideas on how to run their unwanted players to the airport…….

Eco-friendly ^^^



I’m led to believe that DD is about to buy 25% of Shamrock Rovers,subject to approval by an EGM there. Might see the back of him yet,but the problem is any eventual buyer of his large/controlling stake in us.

Pretty sure that wasn’t the plan we were advised of by Fergus.



Sod that. Must be easier just to put their foot out the side like we used to do when we were kids.

Big Audio Dynamite

I asked the other day.

Think how you will feel when this Frankenstein creation start winning things again.


All done while you and I both know they are just cheating In a different way now.

They then qualify for the CL a couple of times, and all advantage we might have had is gone. Then you really do have your Old Firm back again, with all it entails.

For the sake of my sanity, I’m out!


Why the f would he want to buy into SR?? ?

Is this not interesting??



Don’t give up, plenty of us share your feelings.

Stay here, good company.


Hopefully yesterday was just ‘another’ bad day at the office albeit that is the 2nd bad day in the league in quick succession. Livi were well drilled and combative, but we knew they would be so no surprises, they also deserved to win the game. But i felt that both the Livi goals were avoidable and caused in no small part by poor defensive play with the 1st being caused by both of our central defenders ball watching not closing down the player in possession and allowing him to play a cute ball into heaps of space for an unmarked player to run onto and subsequently score from. The second livi goal was schoolboy stuff – a long ball straight up the park which our central defence again failed to deal with but brilliantly finished by Dykes. IMO Dykes had both Ajer and Julien in his pocket yesterday, aided of course by the Ref giving him license to commit niggly wee fouls all game. Julien naively became involved in a feud with Dykes all game.
Concerned that we have no plan B other than bring on Bayo, push Julien up front and start lobbing hopeful punts into the box , Lenny admitted as much. Problem is we aren’t very good at it.
I can’t see where the optimism that Sevco will drop points against the likes of Livi also is coming from. They may drop a point or 2 along the way out with the games against us but can’t see them dropping 5 points in back to back league games and throwing away a decent goal difference. Honestly think that the league is too close to call this season and that we can not afford to have another ‘bad day at the office’ and in doing so gift match officials opportunities to influence the result.
I don’t think Gollum was blatantly cheating yesterday just a normal inconsistent performance with the usual questionable slightly dodgy decisions from him. Ryan was correctly sent off as should have been the Livi player for the tackle on Hayes late into stoppage time – inconsistent decisions – not that it would have made any difference at that point.
We also have to come up with a plan to play ‘our game’ on artificial surfaces. No excuses.



Don’t let the basturts grind you down,as my old Latin teacher used to say. Though not to me,as I wouldn’t have understood him. Anyway…

There will always be a Celtic. There won’t always be a PL or DD.



Fancy writing the reviews? That was much better than mine-though not as good as the one I had planned,of course(!)

Pity I’d forgotten it by the time I finally got into admin…

Twists n turns

My grandson plays for Fauldhouse so I get to some kids’ matches but I suspect it’s at a lower age group than the one you refer to. Under 14.

Twists n turns

Ah Uber

Sorry – I see you stAted “ not in his teens”. Must be under 13 or thereabouts. I probably will know the team

Twists n turns

One thing is clear:

It’s gonna be tight.

No. Two things are clear:

It’s gonna be tight AND the huns will get the key decisions

Another thing that’s clear ( so that’ll be 3 things)

We are sitting on a mountain of cash.

What’s unclear?

Will we dig deep in January to add the quality needed to get over the line? To give Neil the leg up he might need?

Or will we wait till the fat lady sings, blame Neil, fire him and start all over again?

Anyone in that boardroom should be able to see where this is heading. They can see that we will end 2019 either level pegging, slightly ahead or slightly behind.

They will be planning now, right?

They’ll be working on a deal for big Vic and another defender right?

I’m worrying needlessly right?

Twists n turns

Arsenal apparently sniffing around young Karamoko.

Hopefully we get that lad tied up long term.

Twists n turns


“Long term” deals at CP are a synonym for “ big transfer fee”



No surprise,it’s no big secret how good he is. Hopefully he will see the benefit of learning his trade with us,the money can wait.

Twists n turns

“ the money can wait”

I’ll crack the jokes Bobby ?



I’m serious. How much do you think KT would be on now if he’d moved to Arsenal at 16? I doubt it would be £4m a year. He earned that contract by staying with us and becoming the player he is. Karamoko should do the same.

Twists n turns

Oh I agree 100%. Was being flippant.

I think Karamoko , should he fulfil his potential, will be worth an awful lot of money.

Talking of players in the mould of him, and a number of others in our squad who are seeing little to no match time, I was thinking:

Should we put him and a few others out on loan in the January window to the likes of Aberdeen, Hibs?

Strengthen those sides, ( can’t play against us obviously), get them match time and SPL experience, and at the same time they just might increase the chances of those teams v the rotten mob?

Win win??



It’s got to be under 12s. They seem to take it very seriously and the proud mothers pay a lot towards them. But there is a definite link to progression…..this is a BB club, not a WB one.

Twists n turns

No idea about BB under 12 but I can tell you their under 13 side is very good!

They tend to wallop sides by quite a few. So they seem well organised and well coached if you base it on results.

I was watching my grandson’s team last season. I commented a few times that there was room for improvement in the way they were organised.

Anyhow, one lad in the side, looked a bit better, quite a bit better actually, than his team mates. I got talking to his dad one day and said to him that I thought his lad was vg, but the way the team was set out meant his son wasn’t getting enough minutes on the ball.

He explained his lad had been at Celtic but the structure had changed at Celtic, and for whatever reason he felt his son would be better playing locally for a couple of seasons.

Anyhow I hadn’t seen the team for a few weeks as my grandson was on holiday for couple weeks, but more recently I took in a game. When I got there, the lad I was talking about was MOTM by a distance in a match they win by a barrowload. Turns out his dad now coaches the side and I’m not kidding it’s night and day re the improvement. This guy has clearly added quite a bit of knowledge and experience to the coaching side of things.

I know a lot of these coaches give up their time and put a helluva lot into the game at youth level, but I think the story I’ve just told emphasises the importance of the coach to the development of the youngsters.

That’s in no way a criticism of those who are doing their best at grass roots level. Just an opinion


I would explain our lack of football performance by Livi’s “up and at em” style.

The cleared ball was invariably Up and when it came down their players were inevitably at us.

Its football but not as we know it.

However as long as Livi at home and Hibs at home play with same method and attitude against TRFC as they did us, and the referee is as consistent to home team as WC was yesterday I”ll have no complaints.

As I recall against both teams at home TRFC played against 10 men for a crucial period in the two games.

Just saying like…



Hence my MOTM award…



Doesn’t sound like what I’m hearing.

A trip to Ayrshire and a hun fest, all paid for by the mothers of the weans.


BP and Jim,

Where are you two fellas hiding at??

We need you here to help me lower the average age against Twists and BMCUW.

I might be youthful compared to these two wise old sages, but at 93, I need some support.

I can’t even remember who any of us are, ffs.

Twists n turns

Ah well, that side of it I wouldn’t know! Wouldn’t surprise me though. There are a number of Tims in that place though like most places around here they’ll be well outnumbered.
I used to drink in BB off and on when I was 17 to maybe 24 ish. Never got much hassle but then the local mentalists in that town were very much Celtic minded Catholics so as I say, I’d had no real issues.


I got into a bit of a scrape with the cousins of those nutters. I’d had a run in with a couple of them on a Friday night ( I wasn’t aware of who they were) and on the Saturday found out to my dismay exactly who they were! I was warned they were gonna be paying me a visit. A few weeks later on a Sunday afternoon they piled into the club I was drinking in. Guarded the back and front doors to make sure I’d no way out. It was actually the mother of the nutter family that saw I eventually escaped unscathed, but for a while it looked as though I was gonna be in for an awfy hammering.

I’d resigned myself to the fact that when I left this club I’d be heading straight to the hospital. This woman in question approached and said to me “ are you not a ********. ( used my surname)

I told her I was and she said to me “ I know all your aunts and uncles. All good Celtic men and woman, you shouldn’t be fighting with my lads. She brought one of them over to meet me – one of the ones I’d had the ruck with- we had a chat and shook hands and I walked off unharmed.
Fekkin lucky though. I’d have got annihilated.