Livingston 2-0 Celtic Review.


A Beautiful Sunday that was not. From the euphoria of an outstanding and commanding performance to,well,Shitshow Sunday. And I’m truly at a loss to explain it.

We lined up man for man almostexactly the same as we did the other night,the exception being Bauer in for Elhamed at right back. You wouldn’t have guessed it. While it may be harsh to suggest that the team sheet could easily have read Anon from 1-11,I’d say it isn’t too wide of the mark. We had too many players off the boil,too many who simply didn’t turn up. Livingston were the exact opposite.

Ironically,I suggested before the match that Lenny would stick to the same eleven as on Thursday night,simply because we had the benefit of the international fortnight to help with recovery. In actual fact-and with the benefit of hindsight-that probably worked against us. I’ve little doubt that if we had an important run of two matches a week to come that he would have freshened things up a bit. We don’t,he didn’t,and yesterday was the result of it.

Livingston were right up for it from the off. I was hoping we would burst out of the starting stalls and have an early scoring burst. Not so. The opposition harried and pressed at every opportunity and rarely missed the chance to leave a foot in the tackle. Yet it was Livingston who were getting the benefit of the decisions,with a number of free kicks in dangerous areas. One in particular was very well-worked and straight off the training pitch,leaving Forster to make an important stop low to his left. Us? We huffed and puffed and got our just rewards of eff all.

Even with such a poor performance from us it didn’t look likely that we would lose,that it was just another one of those displays that we save for our now too-frequent excursions onto plastic. Until Ryan Christie had an uncharacteristic lapse in midfield. He failed to control the ball and went in rashly on the Livingston player to regain possession. Studs up and straight into his shin and few watching could complain about the resulting red card.

Strangely enough,about ninety seconds earlier,Collum-for it was he-was excellently positioned to see Eddy being the victim of an equally reckless challenge,the Livingston player going straight through him to clean him out. But taking any action would have seen a card issued as well as a free kick to us in a dangerous area.

Just not gonna happen,is it? No card,not even a free kick. Scandalous,but that was how he chose to referee for the entire match. He only handed out the bookings in injury time and even then ensured that we got one each too.

The two Livingston goals were well worth the viewing,if I’m honest. The first one was the result of an outstanding pass-probably the best or only bit of football all day-which left our defence leaden footed. The scorer was the same fella who Christie had earlier fouled,but it would be wrong to wish that he had hit him a bit harder! That came immediately after the restart and it seemed to galvanise us into action as we peppered the Livi goal. The problem is that in doing so we left ourselves open to a break.

Thirty minutes into the half came the almost inevitable second. An aimless long ball over the top,Dykes-who had been fouling all day without comment from the ref-ran onto it,lobbed Fraser and it was welcome to second spot,Celtic.

A pish-poor performance from us,second-best all day to a merely workmanlike and industrial Livingston. I think that is their first ever victory over us,and I can’t deny that they deserved it on the day. But for all that,I’m gonna give my Man of the Match award to

Willie Collum for an impeccable display of snivelling wretchedness.


We now need to ensure that we win every game from now till the winter break. Once again,the huns negotiated a match without a booking despite conceding the same number of free kicks as we did. Two yellows and a red for us,and that is becoming something of a theme. I’ve warned about this before,that we need to be prepared for the inevitable suspensions. Sevco,it seems,have no such worries.


Above article by BMCUWP. As it is international fortnight,we are running with a series detailing some of our greatest comebacks. Go back a few days to read RISING LIKE LAZARUS,a view from 1903 courtesy of JIMMYNOTPAUL. So we want to read your account of a similar comeback. I can think of loads of them! Mail yours to Mahe

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,big packy

UBER, im here, just been having a little rest,don’t take any stick off that twisty fella, he owes me tuppence hapenny, since 1935 and im still waiting, nice to see you posting.hh.


On a plastic pitch our central duo Brown and McGregor’s preference to receive ,hesitate ,look left, look right before sideways pass had the odd’s in Livi’s favour.
That surface requires a pro active stance and that’s what Livi do.
Our away form where goals are scarce is poor in comparison to our free scoring home record.
Celtic park allows a more modern methodical approach but a lot of the smaller away grounds make that difficult so we have to change our posture to a more positive on the front foot style.
I didn’t see yesterdays match but in what i have read it sounds all to familiar.

Twists n turns

I calculated the interest on that tuppence halfpenny. 1935 to 2019 meant it was worth £28.50p. I gave it to Uber to pass on to you? Has he not handed it over?

,big packy

my take on yesterday we were crap, we know the red card did not help, we know mr collum did not help, but don’t blame the plastic pitch, both teams had to play on it the defence was a shambles at both goals and don’t get me started on big fraser for the second.hh.

,big packy

TWISTY, I knew there was something about that uber fella, definitely one to watch.?



Ffs, those fenians where the burn is black…. all talk ?

Made all their wealth by creating absurd compound interest loan rates.

Don’t believe me?? Ask BP. He owes you £2880.50.
Just saying…..

The problem is that teams don’t give their all against thems, they don’t fly into the tackle against them cos they know that the referees won’t allow it, this is where they have a massive advantage, it’s worth many many points a season to them, and this is where the club are failing us, they should be shouting from the rooftops about this, we have a dossier, that was made public knowledge at an AGM but the then chairman, why not use it for the good of the game, the good of the national game, if our footballers were allowed to flourish and play the game without the fear they would improve no end and would be worth so so much more money for the clubs, maybes this is the angle that needs pushed as money is all they actually care about.

Margaret McGill

I knew Brian Rice for about a year. Very nice guy.

Capitalism eats itself out of existence ultimately. It’s the nature of the beast. The repugnant filth in Scotland that is the Old Firm is just a microcosm of the underlying principle that is destroying our socialist infrastructure globally. Tims willingly being fucked up the ass, Trump, Brexit and the upcoming mass exodus. I’m talking about culture societies taxes and nature and their ongoing demise. It is all being systematically destroyed by corporate criminals protected by government criminals on the take just like the football team establishment. Today I saw a mining scar 30 miles long and half a mile deep. It looked like the earth was bleeding. There is no hope. I’m out too.

,big packy

MAGS agree with all of that, the country, the world for that matter stinks, but don’t you leave anywhere mate, your needed here to protect me against the uber tim?


Twists turns BMCUWP
Why would young Dembele want to extend his contract when we have a coach who is reluctant to give youth a chance?
This is why in the present climate when we seem to have a few very talented youngsters the appointment of Neil was baffling.


,big packy

my take on yesterday we were crap, we know the red card did not help, we know mr collum did not help, but don’t blame the plastic pitch, both teams had to play on it the defence was a shambles at both goals and don’t get me started on big fraser for the second.hh.
Having played on all types of surface from black ash on the incorrectly named Glasgow Green pitches to grass at Acton Town I can say without a doubt that I played better on grass although my ability level was the same..

I didn’t blame Glasgow Green for breaching the trades description act, I simply recognised that the game is different on different surfaces, try trapping an India rubber tanner baw on cobbles.

Livi play on that surface a lot more than Celtic do and even if Celtic park were artificial our supporters would want us to play as if it was grass not Livi’s up and at em style..

The surface was a factor and Livi use it just as we use the wide open grasslands of Celtic park.

When a player puts on a Celtic jersey reality doesn’t dance to the tune of the jersey, it watches how the jersey dances to the tune of reality and sometimes I think reality has a smirk on its face watching..


Warning SPFL highlights of yesterdays game. Not for those prone to high blood pressure. The more you watch the Livi goals the more you want to lob your laptop oot the windae – embarrassing doesn’t come close. Their keeper got an assist for the 2nd 🙁



That is the problem, how many clubs are Celtic actually competing against? To win the title we need to take 9 points from 12 v TRFC, preferably 12, to cushion us against our lapses v other clubs.

It is interesting that in the mirror matches they had at home v Hibs and Livi, both teams were reduced to 10 men allowing six points and 10 goals to be secure by TRFC. We play both away and lose 2 points to bad refereeing v Hibs and although the red card was deserved v Livi I dont think we would have lost with 11 on the park.

It was to avoid a return to the seasons of honest mistakes by making SFA accountable that Res12 was born, but to date in spite of all the evidence pointing to favouring the entity from Ibrox, nothing has changed.

A resolution to reinstate Res12 on the 2019 AGM agenda with the added evidence since 2012 has been lodged with Celtic. It should be placed on the agenda and whilst I would rather we had full points in the bag, losing points as a result of different refereeing standards might just anger the support enough to demand effective action against the football authorities by removing the current ineffective judicial process from the SFA sphere.

Margaret McGill

The reason Livingston, Hamilton and Killie play on plastic pitches in Scotland is that the OF need dross to make up the numbers to form a league. The bigot buck cup doth overflow.

Margaret McGill



Noel Skytrot

Twists and Turns,
I’m that confident that I asked a fella I know who was spouting that the Tribute Act are going to win the league to bet me his months pay against mine. Needless to say he wasn’t keen on doing so and I get paid substantially more than him. That tells me that they’re not that confident. Not even reducing it to £100 for any charity of his choice was accepted. Its all bluster and bollox from many of them. I’m sure due to their footballing inferiority complex they need that hope.

Margaret McGill

They are not the tribute act they are the only act in the country. I bet you a million dollars the OF win the league this season.

Awe Naw

Neil Lennon doesn´t even know his strongest team yet so please spare me the “always play the strongest team mantra”

I think there is a case to be made for having a “main team” and a “lesser team” with the usual proviso. Good performances get rewarded with more of a chance of performing for the “main team” .. poorer performances see you in the “lesser team” or NO team even.

Many players play far too many games. Anyone read KT this week. Calum Mc Gregor next year ?

Honestly having come off against Cluj any player that played well and was dropped against Livi and was told that he done well and that he was being protected. Too many games in a short space of time. Poor weather and conditions I don´t think would be too despondent.

We have a good squad. Use it. The Brian Clough trusted lieutenant days are over with.

On Sunday if we had started say with

Taylor, Jullien, Bitton, Bauer
Morgan Rogic Ntcham Hayes
Bayou Sinclair

Btw pick your own 11 names …. all of above players Livi , Hamilton, Hibs would dieeeeeeeeeeeee for …..

Nobody would/should have batted an eyelid. If they had been told before the Cluj match that they would definitely be starting Sunday. They would be well up for it. Some of them IMHO deserving of more minutes on the pitch than they are currently getting. I think it also send out a message to the “main team” you know what ? when your struggling – or holding something back – against Hamilton or Hibs then we have guys who will seize the chance so take a step back.

Scottish domestic football is more like boxing it is time we started treating it this way.

Awe Naw

who is currently injured apart from Jozo?

Awe Naw

I forgot Frimpong

Awe Naw

Brian Rice was in the year above me at School. He used to cry his heart out when I would never give him a touch of the ball when we payed fitba in the playground.

,big packy

AWE NAW, they got outmuscled by a bunch of cloggers.imho,.there was a brian rice in my class at st augustines in the brig, couldn’t be could it?

Twists n turns

Given your considerable and admirable efforts to do something constructive, something that will make a difference, and the barriers you have to try and overcome, you more than any of us would have every reason to be pulling your hair out, yet it appears on the surface, you remain calm focused diligent and pragmatic.

I truly don’t know how you do it!

I’ll put it down to the story you told me some time ago … the starfish story.

Whatever it is, you deserve better. I hope everything you are striving for, on behalf of us all, and on behalf of fairness , equality, transparency, justice or whatever, bears fruit.

Maybe one day it’ll all work out, and you’ll be given ( along with the other red 12 guys) the freedom of Celtic Park. You’d certainly deserve it. I won’t be alone in thinking that.

Awe Naw

The Brian Rice that couldn´t get the ball off of me for ten years was in the year above me so I dont think so Packy. I never saw him at Celtic Park. At school he was never a fan of Celtic. Highly unusual btw

Yes but maybe if we had a team that had not played their hearts out on Thursday night and gave other more focussed fresher players then it might have been a little bit less of a case of playing into Livis hands

I do think that Neil, John, Damian need´s an assistant an older wiser head


Looking at the highlights Ajer’s defensive naivety is on full view on both goals.
On first he runs forward to no mans land allowing attacker space he vacated.
This will happen often as Brown and McGregor have no positional sense as central defensive mids.
On second he misjudges hopeful punt and Julien makes a vain attempt to cover left side he again vacated.
Wish our coaches would realize he is never a centre half.
He just doesn’t have the game intelligence needed for that position.
ElHamed should partner Julien.
We have Buaer and Frimpong for right back area.

Awe Naw


completely agree .. too much Lawwell influence in team affairs if you ask me.

,big packy

AWE NAW/ FAN-ATIC, the exiled tim has been stating this for years pedro needs to stop meddling.IMHO.hh.

Margaret McGill

That Lawwell
Interferes too much
Dressed like thatcher must be living in s different world

Awe Naw

Q) Is December 1st the first time that Celtic have played before Rangers this season ?
A) yes
Q2) Why ?
A) Back of the bus

,big packy

MAGS, great vid, that’s me right at the back of course I had hair then?

Margaret McGill

Awe Naw
I thought it was like that every season?
Maybe I s just more noticeable this season? ?

Awe Naw


No. Before the high heid yins lied about Res 12 they used to be in a position to complain. Not any more. This ground was traversed in 2003 but that was B.PL


Looking at the highlights Ajer’s defensive naivety is on full view on both goals.
On first he runs forward to no mans land allowing attacker space he vacated.
This will happen often as Brown and McGregor have no positional sense as central defensive mids
Also agree on Calmac not being suited to a def mid position. If you watch the 1st Livi goal he is as culpable as Ajer. Both dawdle allowing the Livi player time to pick his pass. McGregor, who was a only a couple of meters away, should have been supporting the defence and been in harassing the Livi player. Doesn’t excuse big Kris apparently getting his feet stuck in concrete and not moving.

,big packy

AWE NAW/ MAGS, to be honest im feckin fed up to my back teeth, if I had any?of being told to go to the back of the bus, nothing to see hear timmy, I watched the game yesterday on a dodgy stream and on the comments section it should have been closed down, talking about bjk the deceased lions, bobby sands, utter fucking scum, why are they allowed on a celtic stream, but this is Scotland in 2019, it will never change till the bowler hat brigade get to feck.hh.

Awe Naw


we don’t have any defensive midfielders. In the last two years Celtic have chosen one defensive midfielder 11 times. Yes Bitton has played 11 times in the last two years. They must be expensive. I wonder how much Big Roy would be worth today in his prime


I agree with Awe Naw that we do not have defensive mids.
Kouassi was signed and is even further out the picture than Sinclair.
Neither Brown or McGregor has the discipline to play a defensive mid role.
Brown can at least win a tackle though.

Have read elsewhere that Shved’s lack of effort in training is reason he is not picked.
On his last appearance he scored a great goal yet that seems to have earned him no credit.
Is Neil to predisposed to certain players to make sound judgement on players on the periphery?


Awe Naw
I wonder how much Big Roy would be worth today in his prime
More to the point how much is Big Victor worth today? Hopefully ‘Totingham’ will not bin Pochettino before Jan and we get a chance to have a look at bringing Vic67 back to paradise. – Yeah right no chance there me thinks. As wee Fergus McC said to Van Hooijdonk’s agent when he asked for a huge increase in wages ” come back when you are sober”

Awe Naw


never go back.

Whenever I have seen Big Vic playing for Spurs recently my reaction after a few minutes is always take him off – sticks out like a sore thumb. pedestrian, half hearted, disinterested unfocussed. Not for me and at 3.5million a year thankfully not for Peter Lawwell either .


Awe Naw

Re Victor. I’d happily have him back initially on loan with a buy option. We’d be able to asses if he is worth investing a wad of the stashed cash in him. But as you say PL unlikely to agree to anything approaching the money both Spurs and Vic would be looking for. If we are still trailing Das Hun mk2 come Jan I expect to see a ‘marque’ type loan signing just to try and placate the money paying plebs.

This maybes will come across as crazy, but what’s to say the huns won’t drop points in the league to anyone apart from us, they are spanking teams and if they are in danger they will get helped, they have already had a few points this season awarded to them by the cheats with the whistles, their squad is miles better that everyone else’s bar ours and we are dropping points, they are not, all the pish about they have a harder month in December, dearie me, that’s desperation stuff, what will be will be, but I honestly don’t have a good feeling about it, I am never normally this glass half empty, just something at the back of the head is telling me it won’t happen for us.
The points we are dropping so far have been a referee failing to apply the rules and a manager failing to freshen up the squad combined with a referee not applying the rules, ie they are allowed to kick the crap out of us with no punishment, if you have the chance to see the game again from yesterday look at the astonishment on the faces of Boli and Bauer when they were denied stone wall fouls, this mi amigos is what we are up against, and Oglach, I wouldn’t be so confident of that marquee signing.

,big packy

THE EXILED TIM im so fecking frustrated, we are being shit on from a great height, you know it I know it the dogs in the street no it pardon the pun, why does pedro and desmondo not know it, I might emigrate to spain heard the weather is nice and there is no huns here.hh.?

Noel Skytrot

hahaaaa, love yer cynicism.

A thing of beauty

Busy day as ever so late to the party again, though it’s hardly a party just now. Anyone who is not worried about the Huns needs a good talking to. As has been said by others they will not drop 5 points out of six at any point this season. That was a shit show from us yesterday and on the back of a poor performance at hibs it’s not good enough. Ajer is going backwards, mcgregor is running on empty and edouard is not performing enough in the so called shite games. That’s just three obvious ones. We have a big squad and we need to use it. Callum should’ve been rested yesterday, declared unfit for Scotland and rested against Ross county and that’s nearly 3 weeks off missing only games against livi and Ross county. I know he would have to turn up for international duty but I don’t see Steve Clarke falling out with Lennon and calmac for two meaningless games. This boy is going the way of KT and I can’t understand it. Ntcham is fit, rogic is fit, bitton is fit. Ffs Neil, use one of them.
As regards refereeing. I don’t agree with bmcuwp that wullie Collum cost us. We know what we’re up against, we know we need to be miles better and this squad has developed a bad habit in the last 2-3 years of going through the motions. Well it’s time to stop that because they are better, we are worse – factor in the refs and we are in the shit. We know all this. In fact it was cited by some as a reason to appoint Neil Lennon. He would understand what was required. Well he might understand but there’s not much evidence his players do.
Finally, if any player, manager, coach or boardroom parasite happened to tune into reporting Scotland tonight they should have all the ammunition they need to fire them for the rest of the season. We don’t usually get a sport report, haven’t seen one for months and remarked as much a few times as to why they don’t show the goals from the weekend as they have the rights for doing so. Not tonight though. Oh no. A full report on how the balance of power is shifting and the are now in a a great position to win the league. Of course they couldn’t show gerrard commenting on any of this because he doesn’t speak to them but we did have Neil Lennon getting asked questions about the psychological damage that Celtic are suffering.
They then went to peter lawwell and asked for his views but he wouldn’t speak either, just showed a bank statement with £60m in the current account and laughed in their face.
I made the last bit up but it might as well be true.

Mike in Toronto

Has anyone heard from Delaney’s Dunky today?

reason I am asking is that he was on the other site last night (as an aside, I notice that people infrequently refer to it by name… is it like a macbeth thing?), and suggested that the league was fixed, and our Board were happy with that. when he was asked if NFL was in on the fix, he responded “Neil is the stooge. sadly.”

I happen to agree with most of that … our Board have colluded with the enemy, and NFL is in the job because the knows not to rock the boot too much…. however, that is not the point….

I haven’t seen a post from DD since … and am wondering if some of the Celtic zelanti may have gone rogue and poor DD has been kidnapped and is being ‘re-educated’ somewhere in the bowels of Celtic Park … or worse ….

should we send out a search party for him?



He has been tied to a chair in a small room at Lennoxtown and is systematically being beaten to a pulp by a rather large balance sheet.
So far his resistance is strong but they are threatening stage 2 which is a long lecture by Bankier on how not to be an ungrateful Tim.

Fairhill Bhoy

MIT/Fan -and if that doesn’t work,he will be made listen to a best of Billy Joel album ?


Even for our custodians that would be a step too far.
Though there are a few bloggers who have no limits.


I had a look at the Bologna vs Lazio game last Sunday. Based on this one game, I think we can take points from them, especially at Parkhead. Bologna are no great shakes but they managed a 2-2 draw. Their first goal was a header with the Lazio CB rooted to the spot. Lazio played with 3 at the back. The second Bologna goal came from a rebound off the post that fell to an unmarked player who should have been covered by the CB. So, perhaps weaknesses in central defence that Edouard can exploit. The vast majority of dangerous attacks come down Lazio’s LHS with Immobile scoring both goals from acute angles after cutting in from the left. By the way, Immobile is a CF but likes to play in from the left. It is important that the right side of our defence closes him down in the box, else he will pop a daisy cutter into the net.

Judging by the value of their players their top performers should be Immobile, Savic(central mid), Lazzari(right mid), and Alberto(attacking mid). So we shall need a big performance from our midfield.