They recharge the batteries, we review so far

As we enter the International break with roughly one quarter of the season gone it seem’s a good time to sit back and take stock of where we are at right now for the footballing department.
The winter break should see a similar review and so forth.

We currently sit second in the table two points off the summit to a team we have already defeated on their patch .
I think a quick summary of our season so far would say awkward start , finding some good form and a good patch , and a stumble to bring us up to the current point.
Being behind now for a few weeks will ideally focus some minds on the task at hand and hopefully the old saying when the going gets tough the tough get going is actually true.
It was true of Neil as a player and now he really needs to find and show some real leadership if the title is to be successfully defended.

The team itself is still in a state of transition.
It would be hard to pin down a starting 11 at the moment which some see as a blessing and some a curse. Im the former camp in that its the managers job to keep chopping and changing until he hits on the winning formula that matches his vision. Its not switching it up that would concern me more.
However as said we still dont have a clear starting 11.

At the back,,,Frazer has been a vital signing imo that has given the defence a real confidence in the man behind them. Just as bringing Scott Bain into the team at Craig Gordon’s expense was a key decision in retaining the title last season , dropping him for a better keeper was necessary also.
With the great wall somehow not rated that high by his owners I think its fair to say we will try and retain and hopefully between the sticks is covered long term. So keepers fine.
The back four ,, there does seem to be an emerging quartet but its up in the air whether it stays that way.
El Hamed seems to be first choice based on getting the nod in the Euro games , a sign surely.
Julien after a slow start has convinced everyone he is the quality to build around and also offers a much missed goal threat from corners which seems so yesterday for us.
Boli has grabbed the left back slot but there remain questions over his positioning at the back but its his to loose it looks like .
Kris Ajer however is attracting questions over his long term suitability as a central defender with the flaws in his game coming to the fore more often when paired with the quality Julien.
His position is the most likely to be filled by another and with youth on his side he can accept it and try to learn to eradicate those mistakes before attempting to force his way back into side.
Jozo has once and for all as far as Im concerned shown he utterly cant be relied on whatsoever and should be moved on for the good of all.
Bitton and El Hamed can be considered our back up central defenders but Neil hasn’t bit the bullet on one of them as a starter yet.
A new partner for the French colossus at the back in January wouldnt surprise many.
Overall with the second lowest goals against number we aren’t too bad at the back but a settled back 5 of the required quality is absolutely priceless and simply must be Neils priority in order to land this title.

The middle of the park still has issues that need sorted and when it comes to the next starters your guess is as good as mine.
Scott Brown has shown himself to be essential to this team fair play to him but we have yet to find the players and system to put around him that allows us to dominate the centre.
Calmac has not been at his optimum for a long time and considering the amount of games he plays perhaps he should be send for a long beach holiday during breaks like this. Why we dont rotate him more is a mystery.
Ryan can sometimes find himself in the centre trio and most would say his best position is through the middle . Olly and Tom and are both available but aren’t called on much. Nir Bitton is an unused option.
It is this zone which cause the most concern.
As a former midfielder its puzzling as to how Neil does or doesn’t view things like the average fan. Most matchdays we see the comment Scott and Calmac don’t work well together yet they always seem paired. They sit too deep is a very common statement.
Recently we seen Ryan moved inside and Elly starting wide left to give natural width and while its heartening to see the gaffer try and act to find a winning formula this puts more onus on Ryan rather than the duo who often struggle to blend well.
I don’t envy the boss in dealing with this situation but the call of many for a proper defensive midfielder is very valid . It would mean pushing Scott forward which is not something he’s best suited for or dropping the captain so again we have a conundrum.
While the midfield has issues we are vulnerable as champions. We now have an enforced change with Ryan’s red card so these next three games are crying out to try something a bit different and attempt to find that winning system.

The wings and upfront are two thirds settled.
James has proven himself to be our most important player which has taken me by surprise I must admit but Im delighted for him.
Odsonne is sheer quality and the money men should be learning that the more you pay the bigger the chances of a home run which the big man surely is.
The third slot ( wide left ) has been given to Elly recently , Ryan , and even Sinky had a couple games. I imagine Elly will continue to get his run in the team for a while and its up to him now to grab his chance. He can turn that two thirds settled into a straight settled fullstop.
Bayo everyone agree’s offer’s a more physical direct threat but not everyone is agreed he is of sufficient quality and Lee Griffiths may as well not be here which we must trust the gaffer is the correct decision.
While we seem to be okay attacking wise we are an injury away from a crisis and relying on one player soo much for the goals isn’t wise. Another striker would ease pressure and hopefully offer something different. Neil hasn’t shown any tendency to play two up front but when you’ve only got two strikers thats not surprising at all. Perhaps a third option would see that change.
We sit second in the goals scored chart and if we are gonna win this league then we need to score more goals as we no longer have the tightest defense in the league.
A striker then , is needed to at least give us the option of starting two up top which it would be folly not to have.

The management team,,,again there’s no old head there which I would much prefer. Infact its very young that bench but we must go with the fact Neil is happy with its make up. Its his decision and he must face the consequences of that.
Unfortunately I don’t see him changing it up. I think he picks his men and thats that ,, they stand and fall together. Besides it would probably do little now bringing someone else in backstaff.
From an unpopular start coupled with the Cluj blow he did seem very stressed in the job but a good run brought back the smile and eased the questions, however a late stutter has been a hard blow when coupled with the reality of the Mib assistance forthcoming and a frenzied media attempting to heap the pressure on the management team.
From a good position we have been caught and the feel good factor gained from the Ibrox win and the Cluj revenge has been blown by losing top spot by a couple of points.
Its going to be hard from this point , but that is what he signed up to and is well rewarded for.

As shown above in my humble opinion every department needs a player. The January window is not a good one at all and our chances of seeing all three I claim we need arriving are very slim. When one looks at the players we have not seen emerge yet it impresses upon you that expecting more faces to solve the problem might not be feasible.
Our second string would beat most teams in the league I like to imagine.
The ‘looks a talent’ Shved has yet to get a stint and while Im thinking Ajer is vulnerable we have young Irishman O’Connor just signed to many a lament from some Red Devils in the know.
We read Alofabi was fast tracked into the first team squad after impressing in training and Frimpong looks a steal . Hayes never lets us down , Taylor was called the best left back outside Kt last season etc etc.
Point is our squad is huge and Neil could do well with giving a chance to some we have assembled. Perhaps reinforcements arent arriving but arrived.
Even a blind man could see its a genuine title scrap now the likes of which we have not faced in years . Many a man will curse and moan ,, there will be more points dropped ,, the ref’s will do their thing ,, but May is a long way away.

There are positives to be found such as we do have finance if we chose to go that option , and our manager has actually won several league titles as player and manager so has that edge.
We have huge squad reserves to pick and choose from plus the Europe games have gave heart to all.

Summary,,,in the season that will define Neil he will need everyone to step up to the plate and a slice of luck to negate the Mib’s. This will take all he has got to deliver the title .
Not dropping points in the next three league games would show real intent and must be the immediate aim. A good cup win would then help momentum.
The fighter from Lurgan has the fight of his life on his hands.

The above is by Mahe. If you fancy writing something for the site the email is and we will gladly publish.

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Twists n turns
October 8, 2019 7:34 am

It’s gonna be tough. The Rangers have the strongest pool to choose from that I can recall. We will struggle until we can add similar quality which is unlikely. Looking through who is available to them it’s gonna be nigh on impossible for us to stop the momentum they’re building. We can bury our heads in the sand and pretend it’s gonna be fine but I fear it’s too late.
Looking through who they have available I find 32 registered and available to them. Admittedly there are a dozen or so who have yet to prove themselves and I’ve not seen them in action in the flesh, but they’ll be coming through the same system as the first choice team, so will be primed and ready when called upon.
They won’t fail when needed to step up.

What’s more impressive is that we like to talk up our lions, all born within 30 miles of CP, well I think most of these are born within 15 to 20 miles of Ibrox. All with Rangers running through their blood. Die hards.

An unpopular viewpoint I’m sure but I believe it. Unless we can negate the likes of these guys, I believe the 9 is dead in the water.

Read through this lot and tell me I’m wrong?

How many of these would we want on our side? There’s at least 12 I’d take in a heartbeat.

Greg Aitken
Euan Anderson
Graham Beaton
John Beaton
Craig Charleston
Kevin Clancy
William Collum
Barry Cook
Andrew Dallas
Gavin Duncan
Stephen Finnie
Kevin Graham
Grant Irvine
Steven Kirkland
David Lowe
Bobby Madden
John McKendrick
Steven McLean
Scott Millar
Ryan Milne
Alan Muir
David Munro
Craig Napier
Alan Newlands
Mat Northcroft
Steven Reid
Don Robertson
Mike Roncone
Gavin Ross
Colin Steven
Craig Thomson
Nick Walsh


Twists n turns
October 8, 2019 8:15 am

Better move. Funeral this morning. Horrible weather. Gonna get drenched.


October 8, 2019 8:42 am


Not a very pleasant day ahead for you,mate. But at least your post put a smile on my chops!

Noel Skytrot
October 8, 2019 8:47 am

I was having a discussion with a colleague last night and he asked me do I think that Turnbull could be purchased once he’s over his op. I wouldn’t rule it out, but what do you think guys?

The Exiled Tim
October 8, 2019 8:48 am

It may have put a smile on your face M, but it’s done the total opposite to mine.

October 8, 2019 9:01 am


I see your point!

It made me smile because I didn’t properly read the list at first-I was too busy fuming about the surrender-monkey thought of twelve of their players being good enough for us. Hence the smile when I did read the list.

October 8, 2019 9:12 am

Massive squad, but who does Neil really trust in it? I’da rotated with Craig Gordon, Greg T, Bitton, Olly and Sinclair all in.
We’re good-to-okay at the back and mid. Not as convinced/enamoured by our forwards as some are. Eddy has awesome touches but is too often dominated in games by journeymen cluggers. To me, Moussa created more probs and Eddy needs to develop his appetite for fight. La Gran Muralla was wall-like encountering the Livi lob. Everyone needs a rest and, equally, kept on their toes.

The Exiled Tim
October 8, 2019 9:54 am

How sad that in 2019 we are still having to hope for that bit of lick to help us negate the referees, imo the worst thing that Mr Stein ever said was that if we put the ball in the net more times than the oppo the referees are taken out of the equation, I paraphrase.
You would have thought that in the intervening 50 odd years from then that someone at the club would have said something, alas nobody has and we are still treated like shite and laughed at by all n sundrie, we sure do bring it on ourselves.
Good summary btw.
We may well buy him as he will be an asset if he develops at the rate he should, that will be the only reason we do, we are in desperate need of other positions being filled tho and I can’t see a spend come January, Lenny will have to go with what he has.
Ajer has shown everyone that he is NOT a CB, we need to find a pairing for that position, I would try El Hammed and Jullien and we also need a proper no nonsense def mid, we have needed one of them since Vic left, europe is full of them yet we can’t seem to scout or bring one in.

October 8, 2019 10:12 am


Welcome aboard!

I’ve been banging on about rotation all season-it’s always been a weak point for NL-but I was quite happy for him to go with much the same team on Sunday as it was prior to an international break. Clearly I know eff all,but that was never a secret anyway.

I don’t think rotation would have made a difference on Sunday though. There were too many things went wrong from the off. Everything,really. We started badly and got worse,apart from the twenty-odd minutes between their two goals.

I’m in the Don’t Panic camp for now. But I’m having serious concerns about the spine of our team,despite that. Broonie can’t play every game,its bloody stupid to suggest that he can. Playing CalMac beside him doesn’t work,neither for the team nor the players. Put CalMac back into his preferred role,play him deeper only when Broonie is rested.

Boli still needs to stop the rush-of-blood and caught-up-the-pitch stuff. Tell him to watch how to get back in position IMMEDIATELY by watching old videos of Tommy Gemmell or Tosh McKinlay to name but two. Even KT. But our main defensive problem is the lack of a left foot in the centre. I think it is that which is exposing Ajer more than anything else. Jullien has more experience,ask him to play on the left of the two.

Up front? Eddy is only 21. There is too much being asked of him at this stage. When he’s on fire,boy don’t you know it. When he’s breathing through his arse,the same.

Mahe may be right that Lenny doesn’t yet know his best team. The problem is that he is persevering with an eleven which either runs like a well-oiled machine,every part doing its bit-or comes to a grinding halt. We don’t seem able to overcome one or two players being not quite on it on the day.

Additionally,we are gonna face a lot of suspensions this season-another dastardly MIB plan-and the replacements won’t be up to speed due to lack of game time.

Oh hell,maybe it is time to panic after all!

The Gombeen Man
October 8, 2019 10:14 am

The problems for me go back to a lack of meaningful investment in successive transfer windows and the necessity of integrating so many players so quickly. This is an executive failure and is symptomatic of the arrogance of the PLC.
NFL will cop the blame. His tenure will be marked by the occasional high and bitter lows. It will lack the consistency required to churn out the number of difficult, uninspiring wins to deliver 9.

The root of the problem lies in the prevailing attitude that describes any note of critique as a ‘panty wetter’ or ‘not a real Celtic man.’

A real Celtic man wouldn’t turn a blind eye to systemic cheating. A real Celtic man wouldn’t let his ego get in the way of the most successful manager we’ve had since Jock. A real Celtic man wouldn’t shoehorn a manager into a post without considering other candidates. A real Celtic man wouldn’t lose Jock McGinn over personal spat with Hibs.

It goes on and on.

Sevco have been making progress for a couple of seasons while we have regressed.

The conduct of Celtic PLC has been shameful. They have allowed the pursuit of profit to undermine what was different about Celtic.

They are the’ new Huns ‘

October 8, 2019 11:04 am


There’s little doubt that our transfer planning/strategy has been based on the wrong parameters over the last fifteen years or so. In fact,you have to go back to the arrival of MON to see a significant spend and shake up of the team.

Now that was obviously necessary as the Barnes/Dalglish legacy was a litany of failures. I’m not sure that they signed one single player who was a success for us,though I’m happy to be proved wrong. As an aside,the much-maligned Dr Jo-who really should have been kept on,IMO-gave us Lubo,Mjallby,Riseth and Viduka. You could be a harsh judge on the last two,but Riseth never let us down despite never being a star and Viduka on song was f…..g amazing.

Fat lazy basturt,mind-but we got our money back for Riseth and we got The Evil Genius for the price of a spoiled child. Good business,I’d say.

We aren’t building the squad organically,haven’t been for years. We are too often signing replacements for the here and now-think the Lustig and KT fiasco,in fact,the entire defence in the summer. Oh,we sign projects,players who are miles away from the quality needed. Players who might,in say two years,be ready for a run,but we need players who are ready to push for a place either right away or in a few months.

Signing a whole new defence,I can’t remember ANY successful team anywhere needing to do that. That is a definite failure,and we know where to lay the blame. BR had been demanding players there since he arrived. Remember how Boyata got the gig after being initially discarded by RD and BR? BR was back at Lennoxtown after a scouting trip one night and discovered Dedryck doing some serious work in the gym. On his own. At midnight. He put him in the team on the strength of it because his current centre backs weren’t showing that amount of desire. Why? Because they had no competition for places.

The whole situation is a bloody shambles. £60m+ in a bank earning a cool 0% interest-some f…..g accountant,Peter-when it could be doubling its value every year on the pitch? Not that I’m suggesting we spend it in one hit,btw. Because it didn’t build up on one hit. We should have been investing it as it came in.

Since I’m never likely to be invited to “get the blog onside with PL in return for clickbait”,I have little hesitation in saying that he has been a disaster for Celtic FC. Though I’m quite sure that Celtic Plc and his pals on The Remuneration Committee-is having personal and professional friends on such allowed?-are well chuffed.

October 8, 2019 11:18 am


You got me hook, line and sinker. ????

October 8, 2019 12:03 pm


Me anaw till I read the list!

The Gombeen Man
October 8, 2019 12:21 pm


The seeds of Livingston, Hibs, the narrow victory at Hamilton and another CL exit were sown long ago.

The same entitled mindset dealt with all things Sevco and had the audacity to infer that it was too complicated for the average supporter to understand.

If you aren’t going to do anything about the evidence of cheating then it takes proper planning, strategy and investment to keep ahead.

We have none of those.

It didn’t take long for the mantra of a ‘generation of domination’ to change to ‘suck it up.’

October 8, 2019 12:26 pm


Barnes/Dalglish legacy was a litany of failures. I’m not sure that they signed one single player who was a success for us,though I’m happy to be proved wrong.
Sorry a chara but they brought us Stan Petrov for , by Celtic’s standards even now, a massive fee of £3 mill way back in 1999. What a player Stan was and we could certainly do with a similar type box to box middy now

October 8, 2019 12:45 pm

But Barnes and Dalglish did bring us Olivier Tebily,Stephane Bonnes, Dmitri Kharine, Ian Wright, Eyal Berkovic and last but not least Rafael Scheidt. Berkovic and Scheidt between them cost the club over £10 million.
And if I can recall King Kenny indulged in a bit of finger pointing putting all the blame for signing so many ‘Scheidt’ players on John Barnes. ” Feck all to do with me, I was playing golf” Kenny is alleged to have told the chairman.

Martin O’Neill to Rafael “I like footballers who are not like you” 🙂

October 8, 2019 1:10 pm

BMCUWP – glad to check in.
others said same about international break situ. But rotating positions lets hungry guys fight for a slot, keeps ‘first names’ on alert. I have FF reservations; not sure what CG did so wrong (apart from not being a ball-playing sweeper). Agree – way too many guys running on fumes. Our ‘seconds’ cost way more than any other teams firsts – if they cant step in…but I think Nir, Greg, Olli could.
i’m not flapping – but rather play deputies when we dont have to as opposed to when, as you mention bookings, suspensions etc, we absolutely have to blood them. Wonder how a Jullien/bitton pairing would perform to rest big KA.

October 8, 2019 1:10 pm

Slavish devotion to certain players?
Square pegs in round holes?
Tactical limitations?
Refusal to accept original gameplay wrong?
Like for like subs because of above?
Not open to new/untried personnel?
All of the above in my opinion.

October 8, 2019 1:24 pm

In the news today

Juve president Andrea Agnelli wants to implement a radical change on how teams qualify for the CL.
Agnelli favours a pyramid model that comprises a greater number of group stage matches and also allows a certain number of clubs to qualify for the following season’s Champions League based on continental performance, rather than via the traditional domestic route. ” “It’s right that if you perform in the international system, you stay in the international system”
“It would be great for clubs like Ajax, Celtic & Legia Warsaw knowing they can stay in Europe and not have to qualify via domestic system.” His proposal has obviously not been well received by the domestic leagues.

Rumours of tension between Lenny and Broonie resurface with Alan Brazil being the latest Jurno to hint all is not well between the manager and the Celtic club captain

Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain have allegedly expressed an interest in signing Celtic prodigy Karamoko Dembele. Arsenal have also been credited with showing more than a passing interest in the youngster. If true Celtic may have a fight on their hands to retain his services.

October 8, 2019 1:24 pm


Oh,how could I forget Stan? What a player he was for us. I’ll try a get out of jail card and say that he wasn’t a right back,where those two arseholes played him-despite Stoichkov stating that he was probably the best player to come out of Bulgaria,bar himself of course.

Standing in a corner with a dunce’s cap,ATHINGOFBEAUTY will hammer me for that omission.

October 8, 2019 1:30 pm


I think that Karamoko was heavily touted down South a few years ago when we would have got zilch for him. The money potential was awesome for a previously destitute Somali family-with the greatest of respect,that has to be an issue for them.

Apparently the wee fella said that if he couldn’t play for Celtic,he wasn’t interested in playing anywhere else. Now I dunno the truth of that but the fact that he is still here adds some credence. Maybe seen how Islam Feruz turned out and doesn’t see that as his future.

I’ve little doubt that he will leave us if he realises his potential,but I like to think he knows the benefits of a good few years with us. Fingers crossed anyway.

October 8, 2019 1:33 pm


I suppose we need to point out those issues you raise to the only man who matters. The manager. That might be fun.

He’s not known for listening,even to big Mjallby. Much as I love him,that might be his undoing.

October 8, 2019 1:43 pm

Karomoko’s loyalty may be tested as we have a coach who is averse to using youth by his own admission.
His advisors are probably looking at this season as a barometer if he stays or goes.
The club will also be aware and if realistic they should insist on coach giving him gametime.
If he does not look ready then we have sown the seeds of doubt and the bigger clubs will be reticent to dangle large sums to lure him.
If on the other hand he excels and benefits the team we may get him for a few more seasons or at least a huge increase in the fee for his parting.

October 8, 2019 1:52 pm

Karamoko is 16 years of age and stands at 5’3″. Is height an issue? not in any decent league where the rules of the game are fully implemented however despite the fact he is an extremley talanted young player with the potential to go far i fear for his career if he stays in Scotland and playing in the SPFL. If he were to break into our 1st team how long would he remain uninjured playing against the likes of Livi or Hearts with their not so subtle agricultural tactics? As we know he will not be afforded protection by match officials and our gutless custodians would remain silent while watching him being kicked off the park every game. However given an opportunity to develop in a playing environment where talent and skill is protected he may well flourish IE the backbone of the brilliant Barca team of a few seasons back – most of their numerous flair players were slight built 5’6″ – 5’8″ players but they were allowed to play football free of the constant threat that they will be kicked off the park each and every game.
If I were Karamoko’s advisor it would be go where your obvious talent will be allowed to flourish – if you are good enough you will make it.

A thing of beauty
October 8, 2019 1:53 pm

So Alan Brazil and Andy walker are in the press talking down Celtic. One apparently saying the Huns will win the league, the other saying broonie and Neil have had a fall out. Usual pish from the usual suspects. A bit like the Uber Celtic suppprter who calls out another Tim for not attending Celtic park or even knowing what colour the team play in. This’ll be the same Uber tim who accepted the offer of a free ticket to Celtic park but couldn’t manage to get the bus along duke street from the pub he was drinking in. Chump

October 8, 2019 1:55 pm


I know,mate. His reluctance is a problem. He brought in Forrest right away and he has been a mainstay since. I’m genuinely struggling to think of another.

IMO,if they’re good enough,they’re old enough. Many of the Lisbon Lions had barely turned 20yo when Jock arrived. Shrugs shoulders knowing there’s eff all I can say on here that’s gonna change him.

October 8, 2019 1:57 pm


He also accepted a season ticket from someone unable to use it due to working abroad. Watched most of the games,erm,not at Celtic Park. (Don’t want to shop the pub for showing them)

October 8, 2019 2:37 pm

Sorry meant to add. You are correct that young Dembele’s advisors may look at the example of Islam Feruz as someone not to emulate however they could also use former Sevco player Billy Gilmour’s rise at Chelsea as something to emulate. Already having played in their 1st team squad at 18 years old. Gilmour is also a giant of a player at 5’6″ (apparently). Of course one could argue that Gilmour’s opportunity has arisen due to Chelsea’s transfer ban however he has grasped this opportunity and made the 1st team squad.

Byres Road Bhoy
October 8, 2019 4:30 pm

Bobby, Oglach re young Dembele. On the other hand the media speculation could all be arising from clickbait bollox as James Forrest asserts in The Celtic Blog 7 Oct @ 16:29 (sorry, unable to post a link)

Bada Bing
October 8, 2019 5:29 pm

Another UEFA charge for fireworks at Cluj game, sick of these pricks

,big packy
October 8, 2019 5:41 pm

BOBBY, got your message thanks,.a thing of beauty.?

,big packy
October 8, 2019 6:22 pm

JIMTHETIM53, if your lurking hope you are ok, ive got guys on the other channel calling me fit to burn and I vary rarely post on there,.ffs life is too short, anyway you are missed on here, even the uber tim misses you only because you owe him a half crown from 1969.? jim take care and god bless you.

Cosy Corner Bhoy
October 8, 2019 6:27 pm

Re Billy Gilmour of Chelsea…..I nearly missed the train,au BMCUWP, to the golf last when I saw photo of three Ardrossan worthies including an old friend of mine!It turned out to be about BG and his many trips back to Ardrossan and visiting old primary school ,boys’ team(prior to joining Sevco team) and training with Ardrossan Winton Rovers wearing his old AWR kit and not his Chelsea one.It was the president of AWR whom I recognised.
BG seemed to be a lovely young man and distributed ‘largess’ when visiting.
Left Sevco for Chelsea as he thought he might not get a chance at Ibrox.
Some self confidence he has!!!

October 8, 2019 6:37 pm

Packy, I have just dealt with the idiot of the other site.

October 8, 2019 6:44 pm

Big Packy…

Jimthetim has just post on CQN, reckon you will like what he said… Spot on he was. ??

,big packy
October 8, 2019 6:44 pm

JIM ive just read it, luv ya to bits, joan luvs ya to bits, the dogs luv ya to bits, keep posting you have been missed, but watch out for a retort from the other channel, when he reads your post.hh.

The Exiled Tim
October 8, 2019 6:44 pm

He took someone’s season book and watched the games in the pub, wow, what a winker.

,big packy
October 8, 2019 6:45 pm

SIPS, thanks just seen his post??

October 8, 2019 6:46 pm

I’m sure Jim will deal with his like… A keyboard gangster.

October 8, 2019 6:49 pm

I couldn’t care less what an idiot replies to me. I only post on CQN now to pass on condolences or best wishes. My on lines pals are mostly on here. Although there are still many good folks on CQN.

,big packy
October 8, 2019 6:50 pm

SIPS, think he is more of a keyboard hardman or thinks he is, he drove away gene from port vale last week. someone who has been posting on cqn since it started.hh.

A thing of beauty
October 8, 2019 7:14 pm

Bada bing 529
I agree. How many times is this going to go on. These are the rules of the competition we are playing in. If you don’t like the rules, don’t take the tickets. It also gives More credence to the two cheeks of the same arse brigade. But I’m quite sure nothing will be done though until uefa shut part of the stand. It’s a weird way to support your club, doing stuff that gets us punished.

October 8, 2019 7:21 pm

The Green Brigade. They are a dilemma at times. Sometimes I love them, other times not. The flares thing is the easiest one to deal with. Just stop it! It brings nothing to the game for me! Good Tifos on the other hand can be brilliant. I don’t understand why they are obsessed with flares.

,big packy
October 8, 2019 7:33 pm

ATOB/JIM/BADA, agree brings nothing to our game, only punishment by UEFA.hh.

October 8, 2019 8:15 pm

International weeks are a nightmare for us Celtic supporters and particularly those like myself who have no interest in the national side.
Once we run out of Celtic related topics the blogs tend to end up with lots of disagreements.
It’s the Scottish/Irish way i suppose.
We can of course participate but i prefer a ringside seat especially when lacking the knowledge of the subject to participate.
On here discourse is generally cordial but on other blogs it can sometimes become personal and nasty.
Maybe we should have a list of debatable topics for international week?
My main interest for this break will be walking the dog.

Fairhill Bhoy
October 8, 2019 8:24 pm

Fan-woof woof?

October 8, 2019 8:25 pm

Since flares/flairs and punishment is relevant i want to give my take.
When i was a young lad in the 70’s flairs were rather stylish.
I bought myself a pair of purple cord flairs and teamed them with a tight fitting cheesecloth shirt and a blue and silver platform shoes.
I walk into the house feeling the bee’s knees and my dad has a huge grin on his face and says looking good there.
He then follows it with of course when i was young you needed polio to get a pair of shoes like that and those trousers where only seen on sailboats.
Outfit never had the same cachet or coolness again.

October 8, 2019 8:27 pm

Fairhill Bhoy
Wife just said I’m a miserable sod.
Guess I’m in the doghouse now.

Fairhill Bhoy
October 8, 2019 8:34 pm

FAN-A-TIC- ha ha,you should hear what my wife calls me?

The Exiled Tim
October 8, 2019 8:52 pm

Flares, we used to cut our trousers to the knees and insert different coloured material, the wider the better, the Mrs found a pic a while back, dearie me, what an ejit I looked, but at the time, another time I recall getting lifted by the polis in Edinburgh for looking like a twat, I had an old fur coat on, it was full of holes, wide flares and a multi coloured T shirt also full of holes, and to top things off a deerstalker hat and a walking stick, I’m surprised the polis didn’t just dump me in the Leith 😉