No pyro,no party?

So Pyro is back in the news again. It’s not ever not going to be in the news-the club won’t be able to stop it imo, they will have a splurge but that will wane as it will probably cost more to police that any potential fines will cost.

As ever it’s all about the money.

Which brings me to the gnashing of teeth by a section of the support re the pyro. Some are getting quite irate at the Green Brigade and many are using the pyro as an excuse to vent their spleen at the Green Brigade-you know the ones I mean, the ones who have never been young, the ones who have never done anything in their existence that could be remotely deemed as risque, those ones ?

The cry is they will close a section of the ground. They might, but it will be the section where the pyro emanates from.I would have thought going by some of the stuff that I read they would be pleased about that, but it seems not. Bitching about things takes precedence.

It leads me to thinking about if they are so concerned by the fines and the like, why are they not bitching about the corruption withing the game in Scotland, things like Res 12,for example. This has cost the club untold millions-that is real money, not a few token fines from UEFA-real tangible money, money that could have taken us to another level had it been properly invested in the team. You have to remember that back when all these things were hitting the fan, the elite clubs weren’t as elite as they are today, but you hear very little from the pro board, anti Green Brigade mob when it comes to the cheating, the corruption, the cover ups.

Why is that,I wonder? Are they so subservient to their masters they can’t bring themselves to critisise the board’s role in the cheating, the corruption and the cover ups? I can’t see any other reason for their silence on things, they are obviously happy with how things are within the game else they would say so, wouldn’t they?

Where are the rebels that the Celtic support were once famous for? Long gone it seems. Will we ever see the likes of “The Celts for Change” again? I doubt it, the young brigade are happy to beat the huns and the grey brigade don’t want the hassle anymore. They don’t care, as long as the team are winning they don’t care,and that is a sad sad indictment of the Celtic support in 2019.



The day the powers that be in Scotland ban Orange Walks from the streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal.


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,big packy

MORNING ALL tet great post and food for thought, we were all the green brigades age once, would I have thrown fireworks maybe possibly,but as you say our own board love sticking it to the green brigade tory winkers, The day the powers that be in Scotland ban Orange Walks from the streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal,.that last sentence says it all.hh.

Oh dear, my post has driven everyone away………

,big packy

HEY I answered you?

So you did 😉

bada bing1

Whit a shame, ratface McCann papped oot the hoose…

From what hoose and why ?
Found it

Noel Skytrot

The GB’s tifo’s are excellent, but they should sack the pyro, the songs about the Provisionals, and the fascist Sean South.

Noel Skytrot


the police were called to rat man’s house after a disturbance with his wife. Clothes being thrown out of windows leads me to think he’s been playing away.

Thanks Noel, just read that, couldn’t happen to a nicer twat

Cosy Corner Bhoy

TET: Well,I admit it’s a bit of a conundrum,but they are both equally solvable.
The wrongs of the unchallenged deceit of the ‘used to be ‘Rangers and the SFA and presumably the SFL’s,,was, are/were only to be righted by cooperation by Board,Supporters and ALL OTHER CLUBS,see refusal to allow RFCIL to remain in Premier Division.
The repetitive pyrotechnics on the other hand are an in-house call,or even an in-the-room call,a la elephant.
The home games seem to me to present the more difficult solution because of the numbers present and the areas of pyrotechnics involved.Appealing to the ‘leaders’ of the GB,should it in fact be that they are the section involved has proven worse than useless as they lobby for ‘lawful pyrotechnics ‘an oxymoron if ever there were one,and even bigger morons asking for it.
The away games on the other hand appear to me to be easier to solve.Tickets for said games are distributed by the Club.A pre-announced ban of tickets for say three rows around the epicentre to those in that area for future games would IMO crystallise minds !
The away games in Europe’s? Unfortunately all tarred with the same brush.No exceptions.
Maybe it is an age thing,I don’t know,nor I suspect does anyone else,but my two forays abroad were not dependent on flaring albeit I was in the ‘home areas’ only one time,Better results might have or should that be lesser gubbings!
BTW I have been offered a ticket for only one away game vRennes when Henrik broke his leg.Took the ticket but was not at game due to work commitments.The Barca ticket was a result of daughters pleading with JP as it was a birthday present!
I couldn’t get a ticket for Ayr United if we drew them in the Cup and I/we have been on the list longer than a large percentage of the lucky ones have been on God’s Earth.
That’ll be that auld moaning b… at it again.
As I said at the beginning…maybe it’s an age thing?.



Hmmm,the Away Tickets Scheme? I have no idea of the criteria required to receive one of these Golden Tickets. But I certainly have serious misgivings as to how their so-called waiting list works. But that is for another day,possibly tomorrow or Saturday.

As to the pyro question,I was originally in favour. Their use has been widespread on the continent for years and certainly added colour to any occasion. But their use is illegal and also breaches UEFA regulations. In this case,I agree with the board-it has to be stopped. The best way really is simply to use CCTV to identify the culprits on the spot. Throw them out.

Nevertheless,I would like some consistency from the board. Speak out re pyro? Cool. Mention Res 12? Oh no no no,that will never do.



Shame for McCann,really. Divorces can be very costly things. I wonder if any division of the marital assets will take account of outstanding debts?

You know,something like an overdue tax bill.

Margaret McGill

Great post!
All the hippies, all the punks, all the yuppies, all the pensioners, all the I got mine you get yours, all the fascists, all the Tories, all the brexiteers, all the bigots, all the plastic paddies, all the Hun lovers, all flavored Tims can all GTF.
It’s over. Viscous bigoted hunnery that ate itself out of existence in 2012 is now top of the league while Tims all talk a pile of pure shite
Oh the big bad refs and Lennys tactics and res 12 and Uefa. It’s like the titanics musicians families being billed for their lost uniforms.
I live vicariously these days,

They may well be solvable but from where I am sitting nothing seems to be getting done to solve it, esp the corruption and the cheating.
Lets take the Pyro, uefa love it, they rake in wheans every round of games and as far as I can make out, not a single club have had any part of their ground closed for Pyro, that doesn’t make it right, just saying, stands and grounds are closed for things other than Pyro, virtually every club are fined at virtually game, that is a fact, be it blocking stairways, throwing objects etc, it’s a great little earner for them, they are quite happy to keep fining the clubs, if they shut stands and grounds, no extra income, follow the money.
The corruption ain’t so easy, there is only one way to force them to change, money or the lack of it, as long as the supporters, of all clubs esp ours are weighing in with money nothing will change, it may even get worse.
Dugs to see to, laters.



Where have all the rebs gone indeed? However the one thing that has remained a constant is the Celtic PLC turning it’s ire on it’s own support. Can’t wait to see an image of the GB Tifo from the recent Cluj game framed & printed on canvas being sold In the Celtic shop as a limited edition for an extortionate amount of cash. Couldn’t burn the boards neck’s with a blow torch.

Talking of the Celtic shop. I think they are missing a opportunity by not marketing tubs of limited edition Celtic KY gel.

“Tired of the hurt of being shafted? Well here is the answer, a limited edition emerald green coloured personal lubricant with a picture of our own smiling Peter Lawell on the lid. Transfer window time again! well just reach for the gel and liberally apply to ease the ‘ouch’ cause you just know its gonna hurt”


It may be worth reiterating that the GB make up a very small percentage of the support who sit / stand in the area where the pyros appear. As for the idea of not issuing tickets for that section for European nights – welcome to a moribund paradise.
Perhaps they could ask the Celtic choir to fill the void ? ? ? ?

The Gombeen Man

Talking of statements.

Has anyone seen an apology to the many supporters that were locked out of the Cluj game because their paper tickets didn’t scan at the turnstiles?

Has anyone received an apology or refund?
There were chaotic scenes at the Ticket Office that night?

Hopefully JPT will sort it out.

My son took time off work to pay for his three-game package. Waited patiently. Ticket not recognised and spent the majority of the First Half in a scrum in the Ticket Office.

And this self-righteous shower moan about their inability to deal with supporters with pyro in a very predictable part of the stadium?

No wonder Glibby runs rings around them.

Great reading TET.

bada bing1

2 for 1 Still Game tickets for this Sunday on SEC website, matinee and evening show

bada bing1

Ballot for Semi Final tickets, now on sale .


I find it hard to believe that the plc lovers and constant Celtic supporters critics are actually fans of the club.
No doubt they are huge fans of the plc.
Their self righteous pish rings hollow especially with their silence on corruption.
Amazed they can post such drivel when hooked on a ventilator in a hospital bed with eyes watering after being caught in the smoke filled arena.

I agree that the guys using flares have to stop.


For the permanently offended.

Awe Naw


Brilliant post.

I will bet you a pound to a penny that the cap n handers Stockholm Syndrome disciples SVDP brigade are to a man devout Catholics.

A thing of beauty

TET, I was young once and yes I suppose I did things I shouldn’t but once I was told Repeatedly not to do something I like to think i took a telling. My right to do something would not trump my belief that as a Celtic supporter I need to behave in a certain manner. I know all about the food banks and charity drives the GB undertake. I support them with donations but this cannot go on. I think most people agree when you accept a ticket for an event you have to comply with the stated regulations.
Bada bing. Can you help me out. What is the script with the semi final tickets. How do you know if you’ve cone out the ballot. I attended both games, got a text to say the tickets are on sale to eligible STH but do t know if I’m eligible. I’m at work but will check back in later. Thanks


While having been going to Celtic Park for over sixty years I can appreciate supporters enthusiadm
What I cannot take is the hun like attitude that ‘ we don’t care’ about what others think. Grow up and leave the pyro out.

Awe Naw

The pyro problem is specifically a UEFA problem. It is driven by only one thing and it is not health and safety. See Ibrox roof, See Parkhead crush, See Kilmarnock disabled section, etc.


This review highlights a lack of strategic oversight and coordination to ensure a corporate approach to safety certification.

“The review takes the view this gap should be seen as a significant risk to the safety of spectators and be addressed with the utmost priority.”

The report, which was commissioned by Police Scotland following a crush outside Celtic Park last year, also highlighted a need for better stewarding and better engagement with fans.

UEFA want to control and maintain the “spectacle” that is a UEFA game. Pyros, Advertising, Political banners, Obscene chants … it is all about maximising revenue and they dont give a tuppeny fuck about your safety.

Did UEFA do anything after the Russia v England violence game at the last world cup. Yes they did. They got even richer by levying fines.

Qatar has proven that without any shadow of a doubt FIFA are not any different.

I think a few are missing the point I was making, or at least attempting to make.
Nowhere in my post am I advocating for the right to use flares or anything similar, I am not saying that they should be allowed.
I can’t believe the outpouring of unadulterated pish getting spouted and that people are getting their knickers in a twist about over this, yet when we are cheated there is silence, even if you forget about being cheated and taken for mugs, there is no violence, no racism, no sectarian stuff, this is the point I was trying to get across, badly it seems.

Awe Naw
I scoured the uefa site and couldn’t find one instance of a ground or part of a ground being closed for the use of flares or devices similar, not one, it’s a money making scheme, lots of closures for racism and the like.

Mike in Toronto

Tend to agree with TET on this ….

Personally, I like the flares, but I also understand why some may have health reasons for not wanting them.

I dont think the club give a tinker’s damn about fan safety (unless it is something that could cost the club money, then they will look into it) … if they did, they would have addressed kettling issues and attacks on our fans, instead of giving our fan information to the Police.

It does seem like the Club is using the flare issue as a stick to beat the GB with. The want good little consumers who will pay their money, shout hurrah when we score, and then go home.

If Celtic and Rangers can keep each set of fans turned against each other, the money will keep rolling in, and it deflects both sets of fans from questioning their respective Boards.

And, internally, if the Board can turn one group of fans against another, again, it only keeps attention off of the Board.

Awe Naw


same with the violence …. massive fines levied like they did with Russia in 2016

The willful ignorance of Celtic supporters prepared to go to these games and even are prepared to let their children go. I presume that the report commissioned by Police Scotland obviously has too many big words in it for them to understand and need their teacher to read it to them even decades after leaving school hence their rabid reaction anytime UEFA or Celtic PLC blow the dog whistle.


On a different note i see Scotland are playing Russia in Euro qualifier.
The squad looks relatively short of quality.
Made me think about Steve Clarke who has not really made any difference since being appointed.
Did he shine in the SPL due to being a little better than most of the crap?
i personally think he did well against us by using his knowledge of the refereeing tolerances’ a crap surface and our own coaches rigid playing style to full effect.
Having negated the only decent coach in the league as BR was competiing with the other substandard daddies was a dawdle.
At the international level he is finding having a limited squad is more difficult as most of the coaches he has to compete with are at a level equal to his own.
I hope the guy has at least got a huge financial reward for taking a job he should have avoided.
Wont be surprised if he ends up at Hibs or Aberdeen next season.



IMO your point was clear – the inherent hypocrisy of our custodians, the slavish devotion to them, and obvious dislike that some of our support have for the GB.

I have yet to read one post or article that condones the use of pyrotechnics in close proximity to a large crowd of people. There is a suggestion however that the ‘pyros’ used before the Cluj game were in effect large sparklers rather than distress / warning type flares. No idea as to the veracity of the claim and again it does not excuse them being used.

Awe Naw


I think a few are missing the point I was making,

deliberately so me thinks as the alternative is actually using the grey matter and having to do something about it.

bada bing1

ATOB- Log in to the website tickets area,will tell you if you’re eligible HH

Margaret McGill

Football is full of it
FIFA bequeath Qatar the World Cup based on bribes and the racist Arabs proceed to manslaughter 5000+ south Asian construction workers. Meanwhile UEFA are prepared to throw the book at someone or another who can pay a fine for shouting “nigger” at the England team.
Bulgaria I think or was it Hungaria? Who cares
Follow the money


Great post.
I thought at first the “flares” were some sort of strobe lighting, such was the effect! Giant sparklers would fit the bill.
It’ll be interesting to see how the latest edition of Res 12 fills out.
I’m certain Old Firm Pete would like it buried!

Awe Naw

Having just read the reaction on Phils comments section, Here and CQN (long time no see) to the flare dog whistle I was reminded of the letters page in Viz and was left with disdain that a hard Brexit is definitely happening. I don’t agree with those that say that Brexiters are thick and racists.
They are retarded cowards.

Can we not get Auldheid somehow to provision a Resolution 12 flare.

A bit like this

or a sparker that will automatically write the words “What about Resolution 12 you lying cunts ? embedded somehow with a Palestinian flag” We need the flag so that its not swept under the carpet

BTW I am no longer buying the line that most Celtic fans are unaware of Resolution 12 … that they can´t read too well or/and have a fairy fixation – yes definitely

It´s a difficult one to swallow swallow but they are just as bigoted as their hun counterparts and secretly love the Rangers sorry “Rangers” – their bosses and masters for ever and ever amen .. praise be to Jesus


May I suggest a resolution to the current ‘flare-gate’ impasse. A smoke free reusable electronic distress flare. Now my suggestion is that the club buy these (yeah right) and issue them to the Pesky GB types, to be collected pre match and returned at the end of the game. 🙂
Apparently as bright as a Pyro flare, max setting not shown on clip for fear of blinding the salesman, with options such as strobe etc.

In fact they look like a lot of fun and i’ll be adding one to my ‘would like’ list of Xmas pressies

I give you the ME EDF1 electronic distress flare

PS. Celtic also to install non toxic smoke / dry ice machines in the roof to replicate smoke produced from Pyros. You see technology always provides an alternative. 😉

Havin’ a laugh CSC

Awe Naw


a distress flare … you kidding. When one of those flares goes off the whole SDVP on steroids brigade get so distressed its palpable in Germany

We should get TET to go on a European night but with his flares and dead animal jacket on .. they will tar and feather him and then burn him at the stake

Cosy Corner Bhoy

In case anyone is under the impression that I have an agenda against the GB ,nothing could be further from the truth.The ONLY thing I have against them is the use of pyrotechnics.It’s against the rules and if you don’t like the rules you don’t join/play.
As a personal example.I used to live in Ardrossan and was a keen snooker and player.The best tables were in the Conservative and Unionist club.I didn’t join as I had to say I was a supporter.Only say mark you.
I threatened my best pal with a punch in the heid if he said once more I was 3rd on the waiting list!!
It was my cousin btw,the one joining not my pal?
If you don’t like the rules don’t go.
As for some of the comments re anti pyro subscribers… juvenile and that’s being generous.

A thing of beauty

Bada, thanks for the info. All sorted


Looks like a sensible alternative but i’m sure if fans decided to use there would be an inordinate amount of blog posters claiming to have photo sensitive epilepsy.
Even if the official light show had never bothered them.



Your point about lack of support for good governance by officially recognised supporter groups is well made.

They have been kept in the loop and hopefully, like Celtic, will recognise silence is not really in their best interests.
Cosy Corner Bhoy

TET: Well, I admit it’s a bit of a conundrum, but they are both equally solvable.
The wrongs of the unchallenged deceit of the ‘used to be ‘Rangers and the SFA and presumably the SFL’s,,was, are/were only to be righted by cooperation by Board,Supporters and ALL OTHER CLUBS,see refusal to allow RFCIL to remain in Premier Division.
I just want to clarify: Res12 does not involve other clubs, it does not require their support. Celtic are not answerable to other clubs, they are answerable to shareholders.

Perhaps on LNS they do not have the same locus but even there, if titles were won by an unlawful means not available to other clubs like Celtic, then the club whose share value was most affected is Celtic and its not as if they didn’t have as much reason in evidence terms in 2014 to pursue the correctness of the LNS Decision as they also have on Res12.

Whilst correcting what was wrong might be difficult and rightful compensation might kill the game, Celtic should at least recognise that wrong did take place rather than hide behind judicial processes rigged to produce what other clubs wanted.

Celtic supporters who moan about the SFA will never get a greater opportunity that Res12 presents to bring about change and give themselves a meaningful voice in club affairs that by its very existence stops pyros by removing what separates and divides the support and The Board., the lack of trust, the lack of dialogue, the lack of mechanisms to bring about unity amongst disparate groups with individual agendas.

I have often wondered why the trust and the supporters association say nothing, not even on the referees, It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, unless there is a reason for their silence, but, always the but, I don’t know so can’t-won’t speculate, I can think of many reasons for their silence, no evidence so I won’t 😉
Unlike some blogs, plural, where they are reveling in trashing fellow Celtic supporters, astonishing that they see themselves above others, must be the green hun entitlement superiority gene that they have absorbed.
Thanks folks BTW….even you MiT 😉

,big packy

EVENING ALL, surprised nobody commented on the last line of TETs post ,so I will, the only time we cetic supporters will ever get a fair crack of the whip, is when the orange order and everything that runs along side get disbanded ,and catholics living in this bonnie wee country, are treated like proper folk, and not second class citizens.rant over.hh.



Similar happened to me a few years back at an end of season game-and I was using a card! Couldn’t get in,was told to go the ticket office where it turned out they had loads of replacements ready. Figure that one out-they knew in advance there was a problem! Basturts…

Anyway,seems it was due to being the last match of the season,computer glitch,blah blah. Try explaining that to my sisters who thought I’d just dived over to the Oak for a quick pint.

Quick pint,my arse. Missed the first twenty minutes. I’d have had more than one in that time.

No Forrest or Christie in the team tonight, CalMac as ever tho, I assume the duracell batteries are charged up

,big packy

TET, if Scotland was not a bigoted hellhole, id show interest until then.?

Kinda the same for me, I feel for the players tho, they are pros and want to play and better themselves, it’s no their fault that the country they play for would see them gone.

,big packy

TET, yes as you say its not the players fault, hope the celtic players come thru unscathed.hh.


Alcohol was banned at games in Scotland in 1980 after the pitch was inundated with flares.

Still can’t believe that; all my mates had drainpipes or stapress back then

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