King of Fools?

When Alan Pardew was Crystal Palace manager he had occasion to attend the Christmas night out.
Seated beside one of his squad for the meal he chose one dish and the player another.
When the two meals arrived Pard’s eyed them both up and switched his plate with the players.
When the player asked what you doing he replied,,
” When you’re the King you can do whatever you want ! ”
True story.

But we have our own King up north. Who, like the Cockney, thinks he can do what he wants.
There have been many epithets used to describe him or his actions to date but another phrase just got added to the list,,, Offence of the Utmost Gravity.
It gives Glib and Shameless Liar a run for its money me thinks.
And now the poor governing body looks foolish and thank the good Lord , will convene to discuss the fit and proper issue.
When they were next convening anyway.
Ain’t that big a deal at all to these chaps seemingly. Relax folks the professionals are here eh.

I try not to look close at the Ibrox club as to me they dont make sense.
Plus I dont want to talk much about them , we arent that type of site. However this event throws to the very forefront for all the world to see that Scotlands domestic game is at best murky still and at worst crooked.
The reticence to immediately launch into a strong inquiry allows distractions and obfuscation plenty before the next meeting which is half the battle.
Unless of course there’s more to come,,,

It is the perfect time to sail into the sunset for Dave. He can play the true to the end patriot who won the battle and retreats in dignity card via the laptop loyal and has already laid the groundwork in his response to ” the shouldering”.
Others reported he is a pariah at Ibrox now although we have no way to know if that’s true.
Wouldnt put it past him to use other peoples money and goodwill until the very bitter end and then walk out with head high spouting the manna the media and fans can and will gorge on. Seems his kind of play actually.

After the recent board departure and now this its anyones guess ( as usual ) what goes on over there. The very strange statement about Club1872 recently further muddies the waters that were black anyway.
Many times we have been told going bust etc only for them to not only continue but to then find the cash to actually go out and strengthen blowing away the original prediction.
I stopped paying much heed a long time ago.
However with this trio of events we are seeing some type of large scale boardroom plus probable shareholding percentage reshuffle being forced plus recriminations to deal with.
In essence this Rangers is coming to an end,,,a new board makeup with it’s own decision makers must step forward.
Without Club72 backing plus the big Sports Direct bill to land ,, straight off the bat.
Stevie will want money and the fans will demand signings,,,a period of frugality will go down like a lead balloon.

It’s well known that Dave’s recent litigation issues are about to cost the club big time.
Rumours of major boardroom rifts over this have been flying for weeks.
By all accounts its Rangers that will be named on the bill not Dave himself ofcourse.
Paying up will necessitate a period of downsizing , or personally dipping the hands in pockets , or a bankruptcy. All unfancied.
A corporate loan is pie in the sky.
Faced with the choices above and in order to keep his ” legacy ” intact we shouldn’t rule out walking away. Dignified of course.

The alternative is a push to grab that hallowed Champions league group stage shot via winning the title. The money that brings in would cover the big bill and maybe a bit to spend. Many forces can and would willingly help this push as we all know.
Hell of a gamble and a better squad across the city weren’t good enough to take their chance when offered which should give a lesson to heed.

Whichever path is taken it’s an unenviable position they find themselves in.
While we could cover a big bill this one will hurt hard over there.
And the man who caused it also just made you look like crooks to the entire world.
And makes the Sfa look like their personal protection enforcers.
Let’s hope this episode makes some squirm and shines some spotlights where no prying is preferred.
Just another day in Scottish football.
Bent but never boring.

The above is by Mahe. If you want to help out by writing an article we will gladly publish.

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October 12, 2019 5:04 am

Aye I knew he was the voice of shaggy. A good pub quiz question. He did that top 40 also for ages it seemed. Must be minted.
Hope you’re well Sir. I’m working on a quiz for around Halloween.
Hail Hail

October 12, 2019 5:12 am

SATURDAY NAPS,follow the link please.

October 12, 2019 5:15 am


Seems Pardew’s rep is well earned. Tosser.

October 12, 2019 6:30 am

UBER 1156

Bloody hilarious!

Just realised that I’ve never heard my sister’s new pooch make a sound yet.

Very strange indeed. He’s a wee cracker. Think I’ll teach him to talk when I nip back for a week in January. Swear box at the ready.

Twists n turns
October 12, 2019 6:58 am

As is normal for me in the early hours – which this morning started at 4-20am- I was reflecting on all things and anything.
I was thinking back to my first Celtic match, and the earliest game I can recall being at, was a match v Motherwell in which we scored 6 goals, and Bobby Murdoch scored a goal.

For some reason I’d always assumed this was my first ever Celtic game. Looking at the dates though, ( after I found the report on the match in question) it pitches me at 11 years old, yet I’m sure I was at games when I was younger than that, so why this is the earliest I remember, I’m not sure.

Regardless, I’ll need to consider it as being my first recollection of being at Celtic Park. I hadn’t realised that this match was the one immediately after we’d just beaten Leeds in the big cup at Elland road.

Anyhow, thanks to Celtic wiki, here are the facts about that 6-1 game:


Williams, Hay, Craig, Murdoch, McNeill, Brogan, Johnstone (Macari), Connelly, Wallace, Lennox, Hughes.
Scorers Lennox 3 (1, 34, 49), Wallace (20 pen), Johnstone (42), Murdoch (65)

McRae, Wark, Heron, Forsyth, McCallum, Donnelly, Wilson, Muir, Deans, McInally, Murphy Sub McCabe
Scorer Deans (82)

Another oddity is that I note Bobby Lennox got a hat trick, which I didn’t remember, but Bobby Murdoch’s strike stuck in my mind?

I also note the Motherwell consolation goal scorer! Again, couldn’t have told you that.

Some facts from the Celtic Wiki pages.
After the sensational high of the European Cup game in Leeds it was back to the League and with the League already won it might have been expected that Celtic
would take their foot off the gas. Not a bit of it!

For this game, from the European Cup team Tommy Gemmell was out with a leg strain and in came Jim Craig and Bertie Auld also dropped out with John Hughes starting

On the previous night at Fir Park, Celtic Reserves defeated Motherwell Reserves 3-2. The scorers were Hood 2 and Dalglish. The team included Stevie Chalmers playing his first game back after breaking his leg.

Gay Trip won the Grand National on this day.

October 12, 2019 7:10 am


There’s some well-known names in that Motherwell team for people of our vintage. Joe Wark must have just been starting out. Brian Heron,despite his name,was a former Rangers player and with fellow ex-RFC Bobby Watson they were the main part of the defence for centuries!

Forsyth and Dixie need no introduction,but the McInally mentioned-Jackie-was a great player. Inside forward,boy he could hit a ball. His lad played for Bayern Munchen,you know!

October 12, 2019 7:12 am

Btw,I’m pretty sure that my first game was against Aberdeen and we won 2-1. Googled it a few years back,October 67. Sounds about right,I was four at the time. All I remember is the score-we won,Dad!-and the other team played in red.

Margaret McGill
October 12, 2019 7:22 am

Ive been hearing that Rangers have been running an unsustainable business model since Minty took over. Within the realm of Scottish football, fawning institutions and a Celtic PLC throwing the Celtic support under the bigot blue bus I think they’re doing all right

Twists n turns
October 12, 2019 7:28 am

The ones I recognise were Wark , Deans and Forsyth. Your Mcinally comments ring a vague bell somewhere.

I think the old “ football cards” that came in a packet with a few cards plus a strip of chewing gum that tasted of wintergreen, was where I got to learn about other players outside of Celtic.

Don’t know why but Willie Pettigrew’s face on those picture cards is very vivid in my mind!!

I’m also sure I remember Motherwell insuring his legs for a daft amount?

Those picture cards:

Kenny Aird ( why the ff would that stay with me???)

October 12, 2019 7:50 am

I’ve said this to you BMCUW, the memory Fholks have for games, including you, freaks me out to feck.

Only memory I have is my grandad taking me and my cousins to a game, which all my life I believed was a St Mirren match in circa 1977.

My lovely cousin who had been been through years of adoption before being sent to London back to his mum, recently clarified it all for me.

We had been to a Motherwell v Celtic Game, taken there by our Grandad, just before he died, and we did indeed see ourselves on the TV highlights that night.

He was a special mhan. A massive man in the shipbuilders unions. And the real deal. Didnt like societies. Any of them. His brothers kept chasing him to join the Knights, but he refused.

I dont known what’s right or wrong there, just sharing my past.

Even today, it’d be a difficult fucking choice, and if someone is making a difference at shipyard union level back in the fucking 60s, i think it’s fair to say he had a better level of understanding than any of us?? No?

Unless St Stivs has a better level of understanding again, and cares to share it with us Jack and Victors…? After all, my name Uber Tim is obviously ironic. Who would dare be more fucking Uber than that??

Why is a conversation here between anything related to potatoes, Guinness or pet dogs suddenly a source of derision??
Or old men??
Bizarre as fuck, but not a surprise when you realise the best blog has been hijacked and ruined by comments such as the ones referenced.

Self-important pish.

Leave the “beery”, “angry” talk to actual Celtic supporters.

Honestly, where else would pish chat like that be acceptable, except amongst pathetic sycphantic board loving twats.

Clydebank to Cork my arse.
How dare he nominate himself as judge and jury. Idiot.

big packy
October 12, 2019 8:22 am

HI TWISTY was at that game as well.hh?

big packy
October 12, 2019 8:24 am

HI UBER, how are you pal, nice to see you posting.hh? you missed my quiz last night, but so did everyone else???

Twists n turns
October 12, 2019 8:45 am

I’m sure you’ll remember more of it than me.

Bobby’s goal – that’s pretty much it. ?

big packy
October 12, 2019 8:54 am

TWISTY, not much more, bobbys hat trick probably.?

big packy
October 12, 2019 8:59 am

lennox I mean

October 12, 2019 9:28 am

TNT, I was a programme seller at Motherwell at that time. Dad worked Saturdays so I got my weekend fitba fix at Fir Park. We were able to go to midweek games at CP, so I was lucky to be there for so many of the memorable nights under lights.
BMCUWP’s recollection of that Motherwell team matches mine. One night they had a crowd of 27,000 see them beat Spurs 3-1, Pat Jennings, Cyril Knowles, Perryman, Peters, Chivers etc all playing. Texaco Cup, I think.
I sold the programmes, a shilling a pop, for 4 seasons between 1969-72. We got free admission to the games, next to the Press Box, and 12.5% commission on sales, payable on the last day of the season. Worked out at about £35 for the season. Saw some great games, and when the Glasgow teams came calling, I was allowed to bring a pal to cope with the extra demand. I was popular in the week before the ‘tic came.
The worst away fans for trouble were Hearts and Killie. Always plenty cops around when Celtic and Rangers* came.

Twists n turns
October 12, 2019 9:39 am

Lovely memories bud. Happy days eh. Thanks for sharing that ???????

October 12, 2019 10:33 am

GER57 Great story. I know I should hate Motherwell but I am friends with some ‘Well supporters and they are good guys.

October 12, 2019 10:51 am

French Toast!

October 12, 2019 11:00 am

A thing of beauty
October 12, 2019 11:33 am

Fed up with all this sevco nonsense. No matter what they do or who takes them to task they always find cash from somewhere. Sickens me that our board do not want to push for proper governance in our game. Spineless jellyfish the lot of them. Imagine allowing that bunch of crooks and amateurs to run rings round you. If I was a CEO who picked up £3m last year I would consider it my fiscal duty to put an end to their shenanigans. Wouldn’t you?
As an aside, I was reading a book recommended by a friend as I had run out of reading material. Skinners Rules by Quintin Jardine. A crime series set in edinburgh. It was pish but I was ploughing on till last night when Detective Inspector Skinner was supposedly listening to a radio Scotland news report. There had been a house fire in which three children had died and the second story “described the aftermath of violence following the defeat of Celtic by St Johnstone.”
That’s enough of your subliminal messages pal, this one is in the bin and I’ll no be buying any of the rest of your shitty books. I should’ve known btw because my friend is a sevco season ticket holder of some 50 years standing. ?

October 12, 2019 11:37 am

Interesting ta, Mahe; as a often cynical and paranoid Celtic man, to me this very quick ‘separation’ campaign to keep dodgy Dave’s dirty deeds away from the The Club smells very, very stinky; almost as if there’s a plan to enable the protection of their corporate entity. If his deeds are criminal then his business interests shouldnt be immune from punishment either; if it’s ill-gotten all the way, the whole shitshow has to pay. How and ever, the scottish football system is like an enabler to an addict; they keep helping out (as ATOB says) no matter the number of sins committed. I hope Livi was more than 3 dropped points, and a clarion call for us to stop fuggin around. This pish international break is torture innit!!

The Gombeen Man
October 12, 2019 11:48 am

The international break is a wee bit softened by the egghasers this morning at 11.45 and ROI v Georgia at 2.

So Glibby adds a cold shoulder to his brass neck and this charade continues. There are certainly some precedents being set and it’s a pity that a previously trusted Blog has taken the soup.

Club 1872’s legal foundation looked distinctly dodgy to this scribe when I looked at it a couple of years ago and the name Blair that featured in the litigation involving Sports Direct features prominently.

S.O.S. appears to be the mantra.

Sharing of the Spoils.

Celtic PLC has set their sights on splitting the bigotbuck with Sevco and that means title 55 for Glibby and Co.

Celtic will establish themselves as a Europa League club with the occasional foray into the CL and the requisite bonus bonanza for the suits. We’ll share the spoils, allow our team and support to be cheated.

All washed down with noxious soup of course.

Now to the eggchasers.


October 12, 2019 12:28 pm

I don’t actually remember my first ever Celtic game. My first real memory is of the Jack Charlton testimonial at Elland Road Leeds.
We were living in Bradford at the time and my dad got tickets for the whole family in the Leeds end. I remember a Leeds fan whipping my scarf from my neck on the way through the crowd into the ground, I was inconsolable as it had been a Christmas present the yr before.
I don’t really remember much about the game apart from the noise coming from the Celtic fans in the away end.
Remember that scarf? Well at half time my dad took us to the toilet and guess who was taking a piss, you guessed it the arsehole who stole my scarf. The look on his face when he turned round with my dad standing right in front of him saying something about giving me my scarf back or he’d shove it so far up his ar@e he’d pull it out his throat lol.
I have so many memories of my dad but I think that one is my most memorable. We all like to think of our dads as heroes and that night he didn’t disappoint.
At the end of the game both teams did a lap of honour and dad asked if we wanted autographs, which obviously we did, so off he went running towards what he thought was the Celtic team, he was so drunk by this stage he hadn’t noticed most of the players had swapped jerseys and came back with Billy Bremners and I think Jack Charltons autographs on the back of a 10 Woodbine packet.
When I think of my dad I always remember that night and how proud I was of him for getting my scarf back. He took us to so many games when we younger but none stuck out like that one.

October 12, 2019 12:33 pm

Great story.

Well written article that deserved more than apathy and a shrug of the shoulders.
There is no horizon in sight on this flat earth.

October 12, 2019 12:41 pm

Eddie, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at that story!

The Exiled Tim
October 12, 2019 12:41 pm

Aye, what can you say other than it’s scotland any they write the rules.
Great memories

Twists n turns
October 12, 2019 12:45 pm

Enjoyed that story ….. sounds like a character yer ol’ da ???????????

October 12, 2019 1:26 pm

The Gombeen Man
The rugby world cup has reaffirmed my belief that real men do still play sports.
No mamby pamby triple somersaults or rolling around like an empty beer barrel at the slightest gust of wind.
Haven’t once heard a commentator say there was contact to justify a diving fannies cheating.
The officials have been very clear and decisive which is always a surprise though in Scotland they can be in giving dishonest awards to their sevco favorites and any opponent of Celtic.
Sport as a sport without some greedy money grabbing cabal trying to engineer games to maximize profit.
Well done rugby for retaining the principles of a sporting contest.

big packy
October 12, 2019 2:15 pm

AFTERNOON ALL, some great stories there will tell you about my first game later. now how about this for embarrassment, out with the four dogs this morning now I always carry poo bags, now ive just crossed the road the dogs are behind me, suddenly a police car pulls up along side me and a policewoman gets out and abruptly says, I hope you are going to clean up that mess your dog has just made, so I turned back and yes there was mess but im100% percent sure it was not done by any of my dogs, but I just said sorry ill clean it up which I did ,but can you imagine the situation in the local paper, owner of dog grooming salon gets fined for not picking up his dogs mess, she would throw me out.? the mrs that is hh.

October 12, 2019 2:24 pm

Meanwhile on planet Sevco the glib and shameless one is being lauded as a hero. The saviour of The Rangers FC. A boardroom coup aimed at ousting Glibby may not be appreciated by the rank and file Hun.

October 12, 2019 2:44 pm

Morning folks.
Eddie that’s a lovely tale Sir. My da was a hero to me indeed. A great man I sorely miss.

First game cant remember much except the stadium was fantastic, the fans raucous, the chip van outside sold half black or white pudding in batter which we dont have the privilege of in our chip Van’s ” for some reason ” and a fella ate one while I was there to witness in about 30 seconds,,
And Laudrup seemed to get the ball about midfield and simply waltz past all of our defense to slot the ball in the corner sealing a single goal victory over I think Barnes at the time.

Hail Hail

October 12, 2019 2:49 pm

Watching Ireland v Georgia and the Georgians had a quick breakaway that ended with them firing wide.
Struck me that the biggest difference between top class sides and the others is often vision and anticipation..
Ireland had time to get back and cover due to two of the passes on the breakaway being played slightly behind intended target.
I’m sure passer meant to play straight to feet but lacked accuracy and vision.
Still a mystery why players don’t play into teammates stride rather than break momentum with ball intended for feet that often ends up behind the recipient.

October 12, 2019 2:52 pm

If Laudrup didn’t waltz past them he would have been the recipient of a dubious foul or penalty award.
A fkn cheat elevated by corrupt refereeing.
Was no surprise he flopped in England.
His brother was a player.

big packy
October 12, 2019 2:54 pm

don’t think many on here will remember my first game, maybe ATOB might it was early sixties only joking atob? celtic against airdrie my late uncle packy took me and we sat in the old stand, even then it looked old to me, we won 9-0 and something unusual happened, anyone know?

October 12, 2019 3:03 pm

He was good in fairness it just seemed none was man enough to take him properly,,a strong tackle. They backed off and were weak going in. I think Riseth wasnt the hairy chest and Martin quickly seen it. Stubbsy was slow , Dolph was just in, Boyd was done for the last two years of his career great servant and all.
Barnes should a built from the back, he went with Eyal the mercenary. Thinking back it was ridiculous how we got him. Announce we want him to the world , and pay over odds for a temperate if talented dressing room trouble maker.
Iran Wright ffs.
Anyway have a good weekend pal.

Big Packy,,fair play to you. I carry the bags and pick up after Hamish . I did notice the meeting between Leo and Boris was in Cheshire. Coulda put that poop to better use 😉
Say hi to our Scouse lurker Joan. Take care pal
Hail Hail
Mountain of work around the house to do today.

big packy
October 12, 2019 3:29 pm

MAHE, cheers pal joan says thanks, have a good weekend.hh.

October 12, 2019 3:37 pm


Always enjoy your posts. But re Laurdrup, can’t take away from him, was gifted player.

I do hear you though- put on a Rangers IL top, or a Sevvy top, and such players will shine, and see their value increase, due to discriminatory protection. Follow the money indeed.

But the boy was a player imo.

The question we should be asking imo is how did a £1m average business owner go to signing players like that for a Joe average club, while also running up £1000 Million worth of debt without question for nearly 20 years, only for it to be written off while he sold it all off to a fall guy, our hero Craigy White, for £1.

£1000 Million.

No small amount to even the biggest of clubs today.

That’s a billion pounds.

All from the Bank of Scotland I believe.

The only laugh out of all this for us, apart from them being killed off in liquidation, is that they achieved the sum of feck all despite the steroid cash injections. 9 in a row, eh ? stupid huns.

Sorry, my point was, before rambling on, a decent player ffs, come on?
Would you swap him for ole Paulo? ?

October 12, 2019 3:38 pm

Stand by what i said he was protected by cheats with whistles so no-one was allowed to tackle him.
He flopped every time he lost the ball.
His failure at Chelsea was in complete contrast and when i lived in London people would say but wasn’t he brilliant for Rangers?I often replied he was elevated by corrupt refs.
He wasn’t one tenth of the player his brother was
Most overrated player to ever play in Scotland.
Gascoine was also a spent force when he joined them and was afforded refs leniency to allow for his diminished talent.
His disciplinary record in Scotland compared to Europe is in stark contrast.

October 12, 2019 3:40 pm


We missed a penalty! Nothing unusual in that,except it was our keeper who took it.

October 12, 2019 3:45 pm


Agreed. Laudrup was a good enough player,but nowhere near the great that he ‘somehow’ became in Scotland. At the start of his final season,Minty announced to the world that he had received a £5m offer for him from Chelsea. But that he was going nowhere as Ten In a Row was more important than money.

Laudrup barely even pretended to try that season,worried that an injury could wreck his imminent big contract. I guess the huns thought more of Laudrup than he did of them…

October 12, 2019 4:03 pm

Scottish refs tolerances can have a huge impact on forward players performances.
Check out the difference in Kenny Millers goalscoring prowess with huns in comparison to his time at Celtic.
At Celtic he had 7 goals in 33 appearances.
Sold to Derby where he scored 4 goals in 30 appearances.
Returned to huns and miraculously scores 49 in 81 appearances.
Did he suddenly develop extra pace or previously unseen shooting accuracy?
Of course not.
But what he did acquire was extra space as defenders sit off hun players in the knowledge that they will be penalized for even the slightest piece of contact.
If you watch SPL highlights it’s interesting to see the big defender who was glued to the Celtic players jersey and has no problems being extremely physical one week turn into a guy playing a yard off hun forward and be reluctant to use any physicality.
Players know the unwritten rules of Scottish football.

big packy
October 12, 2019 4:05 pm

BOBBY, and there was me thinking you were only 55? yes frank haffey took it and missed ,he was a good singer tho??

big packy
October 12, 2019 4:14 pm

FAN, I felt so sorry for tommy burns he had that team playing good football, but was hampered by them cheating bassas, with their big money signings, and the smug look on that bassa walter smiths face at the end of the game, saying to tommy right your on the bell, horrible cheating scum.hh.

big packy
October 12, 2019 4:26 pm

JIM, are you lurking?

October 12, 2019 4:47 pm


All very fair comment.

I always look at a player’s immediate technique on the ball, the footwork. I get where you come from, about overall ability and team contribution.

And I do get where you and BMCUW are coming from, re protection, less cluggery, more mibbery, and praise from the meeja to increase sales value, ;

whereas in a Celtic top, said player would need protection from the tough guy midfielder we all go on about on Celtic sites, because we know we need this to form our own protection against MIB vision impairment.

I also recall fanny bawz Jim not so Bright and his “why are you so good?” ??

Still think the boy was a gifted player though. Very good on the ball indeed. But if he had weaknesses in ball recovery and fear of challenges, then he was well suited in a 90s Deidco kit. But I still feel that’s unfair. He wasn’t bad in the air either, which suggests he’s not the weak hide behind the mibbery kind of player we might think. For me a very talented player, probably the best the huns have ever seen at Ibrox, and will ever see, and one who they should never have been able to pay for without some significant financial disparity.

The Exiled Tim
October 12, 2019 4:51 pm

I always felt that Tommy’s teams were mugged by the cardigans, time after time we played them off the park, they sat back soaked up the pressure and hit us on the break, the feeling of utter devastation that they stole the game-s from us, I remember one game some hun was gloating and giving it laldy, Mrs TET just had had enough, she poured his beer all over him, it shut him up if nothing else 😉

October 12, 2019 4:52 pm

You make good points as always. Aye he was hyped as usual but I think he had more than the average bear in his feet and head.
On Kenny that is some stat swing. He has had quite a career in fairness.

I recall when we signed him.
Now I admit Gordon has probably forgotten more about the game than I will ever know BUT I just couldnt work out the whole move.
He had Kenny on the shoulder and bursting for the through ball.
I recall watching the game he got sent through 7 times and failed each time which made Strach hurl the clipboard down in disgust.
What I cant work out is why we had no other players to play this way and when Kenny wasnt playing our attacking game plan changed completely. A pacey player with a better finishing level seems the obvious number two option to keep one on his toes and keep the same gameplan with fresh legs.
Was it not Jan and Scott then also. Possibly Craig Beattie. We went to crosses and knock downs when no Miller in the team ?
He just didnt go all in on that system at all and was soon with two up front again right?
The little and large show delivered in the main much to Gordons credit.
Ah the good ol days.
Hail Hail

The Gombeen Man
October 12, 2019 4:58 pm


That’s my television viewing over and the football was underwhelming but for the late addition of young Connolly.
He looks to have a bright future and there is much excitement here about the youngsters coming through.
Two massive games coming up for Ireland.

It really would be good to see them qualify.

The FAI aren’t short of their controversy too but the difference is it’s free of sectarian/racist bigotry. Scotland appears to be living in a neanderthal age where nobody has the cajones to take on the corrupt cabal, apart from the Res12 guys.

The rugby was good and it highlighted the difference that a world-class player like Johnny Sexton can make.

The use of technology is years ahead and although it can be intrusive it makes bent refereeing very difficult.

Rugby isn’t free from administrative failure too with the fallout from the weather in Japan but at least on the pitch at least it appears to refereed in a fair manner.

For the life of me, I can’t understand why Celtic supporters allow themselves to be walked over the way they do.

Maybe it’s our conditioning and that back of the bus mentality and accepting second class treatment from anyone remotely in authority?

big packy
October 12, 2019 5:04 pm

UBER, for goodness sake keep posting???

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