Change it is ( always ) a comin’

I was heartened last week that at least one fellow is standing up for a bit of sense to the games power brokers.

This article explains how the influential Juve chairman would run the players into the ground with far too many games or season, or force bigger squads on the top tier clubs to cope with demand.
I have never heard of the European Leagues group or this Olsson chap either but he is correct in his assertion that the next generation of fans dont need predictability they need feelings of unpredictability and spontaneity which the current big boys say no to.
They want their cake and to eat it .

At least we can see a bit how the landscape is going to fall according to reports.
A new revamped Champions league is to begin 2024 with the plans finalized two years earlier for TV rights bidding.
The UEFA cup will become reduced to 32 teams then also.
A third Euro competition begins also with the next tier clubs.
UEFA is doing a mini renovation and sticking up the rent basically. They are counting on the refurb bringing curious punters ( rights bidders ) in for a butchers.
Those wee sticks and websites already get you a front row seat though so it will be curious to see if they can put together a commercial success.
They are unlikely to put together a sporting success with plans like the above , the same old same old only more group games for the best squad to have a better chance to rise.
The monied teams stand a better chance to escape the groups .
Leads us all to the big five sharing it fullstop.

Now Olsson has got the players welfare in mind yes, but he doesnt have the answers. Note he is only saying what’s wrong with their plan. His three and one qualifying vision for the big 5 leagues used to be the way , but yet under that things weren’t radically different.
You might get one shock in five but usually the bigger teams win those qualifiers so going back ain’t exactly moving forward.

However as much as he doesnt have the answers needed to fix the game, I’ve yet to hear any universally satisfactory solution to the status quo.
With all thousands and thousands of people involved in the professional game can someone not come up with the perfect plan to fix the beautiful game?
The answer is clearly no.

This often mooted Superleague might well see names that wouldnt otherwise pick up silverware but wouldnt it feel a bit odd seeing Aberdeen crowned as champions of the land while it’s biggest club play elsewhere.
Champions of all clubs in this land who entered the competition is a fairer way of looking at it.
Would their fans care? Would we care if they won it in our absence? Can they be called top dogs or just biggest dogs here ?
It throws up a lot of questions taking the biggest out of each league.
It doesnt feel like the ultimate solution to all woe’s even if many would find the concept interesting.

An even spread of TV money hasnt helped,,,just leads to the bigger stadium clubs having an advantage. Considering everyone started out at the bottom then if some get their act together enough to become giants they have every right to a bigger stadium and more fans than most and to say otherwise is wrong.
Trying to curtail clubs that have naturally climbed to the top of the pile is very risky business.

Handing over a chunk of European money to the rest of the league to help improve itself?
Very similar to the above and then look at ourselves should that happen. Handing money over to clubs that hate the sight of you and wish you to go away altogether? Cheats and bigots benefit from our hard work?
Aye right.

So while most admit the Euro money does skew the league in favor of the recipient, no one can see an alternative to this that sits well all around.
I’ll admit I’m stumped and I know there’s many a smart man any woman out there in Timdom , but none of them has put together a feasible option that could be rallied behind.
The bigger clubs can rightly say we all started the same and we earned it as you could have.
The smaller clubs can rightly state all the prizes going to a select group isn’t good for the sport.
And the needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before.
One thing is for sure though,, the more input and voices that are listened to in any reforms the better.
Some smart cookie may well just have the key.

Fancy dazzling us with your eloquence? Nail your colors to the mast ? Blow up on the beautiful game?
Type out your thoughts and send to

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Great comment re the England fans in Dublin a few years ago!



Very good article,with some great points from Olsson. Although I recall pointing out a while ago that if the third and fourth teams in the big leagues were so confident of their value to the tournament,they surely would be confident of getting to it via a qualifying round or two!

The prospect of playing ten group matches instead of six shouldn’t be so frightening,tbh. But it IS just another example of players being put through the wringer bit by bit. The obvious example of this is CalMac. 69 matches for club and country last season with similar amounts for a couple of years before that,and frankly we are now seeing the effects of it as the fella is running on empty.

Think of the number he would have played in if we were any good in Europe!

This isn’t a recent thing,btw. The Liverpool players of the late 70s and 80s would regularly play 60+ games for their clubs,plus internationals. Aberdeen players from the same time weren’t far behind-no surprise then that a lot of the younger players never really achieved their potential due to injuries. Billy McNeill played 58 times for us in our historic season 66/67.

Sadly I think Olsson is on a loser with this one. Money talks-loudly!-and expansion plans will eventually happen. The wider game will be the loser as the big clubs get bigger and more difficult to catch. The players too will be losers as I think more of them will simply run out of steam,their bodies and minds no longer able to come up with the goods every game. But the thing is,I think it’s the big clubs who will be the biggest losers.

Football isn’t a franchise. The paying public expect teams to be competing on merit,not some made-up or long forgotten historical value. They will switch off,bored by the prospect of another Big Team v Big Team yawnfest. Success doesn’t breed success,it breeds greed. And that always implodes when you least expect it.

Awe Naw

I’ve got the key, I’ve got the secret
I’ve got the key to another way

Stop giving them your MONEY !!!!



And that,I think,is what will happen. The TV companies and the clubs are already petrified at the growth of illegal streaming-where people decide not to give them the money. Just wait till people get bored and switch off.

ATHINGOFBEAUTY is fitba daft. Couldn’t tell you the last time she watched a TV match which didn’t show Celtic. Me,similar. I doubt we are the only two. Time was,a match on TV was a must to get the troops down the pub. You can forget that now.


I really don’t have a solution to the Europe question though domestically I think a radicle thinking out the box solution is the way forward.
How about a handicap system based on points won the previous season?
The difference in points between the club who win the league and the club who finished last would be the basis of how many points are deducted, with a maximum of 50% of the difference used the following season. So if the previous seasons winners finished with 50 more points than the team finishing in last place they would start season on -25 points. Second placed team would also be deducted 50% of the difference between them and last place and so on.

Just an idea and not really given it much thought but it would sure make for a more interesting season with some of the smaller clubs given a major incentive to go out and play attracting football and win games.



Apart from the obvious fact that the team that finished last would have been relegated! But it would have meant that Killie would almost certainly have won the league last season,as an example.

However,even that system would be open to blatant jiggerypokery. A club would stop trying once they knew they couldn’t win,even with the handicap. We’ve seen that at racecourses,horse and jockey make the effort,chance goes,on with the brakes to get the handicap rating lowered.

Anyway,how’s trix? Not seen you for ages. Was talking to big An Tearmann at the Thistle game the other night. He was sitting down,which was lovely…


Bobby, I did think about how it would abused and tbh just posted to see if anyone else had any out the box ideas. I love winning the league every yr(long may it continue) though a few guys I know who support other teams are now getting bored and actually switching off from our game, which is worrying.
We need to look at how we keep all fans interested because we need the other teams and their fans or the game dies. Imagine we enter a Euro league and become little more than cannon fodder. A must visit venue for the footy tourist, no thanks not for me. Domestic game is our lifeblood and we ignore it at our peril.

I’m fine btw, not working just now but awaiting word on a GF’s position at Hinckley Point, fingers crossed. I was down on the M20 in Kent for a while and left to start a job with a French company who had secured a contract near Hull. Seemed like a good move, only about 4hrs driving to get home on a Friday night. Lasted just over 2 wks when we were informed the company was closing our division due to uncertainty over Brexit. A good few of the guys I’ve worked with over the last 10 yrs are also sitting at home twiddling their thumbs as the civil engineering sector relies on about 30% of it capital from EU so loads of jobs that were planned are now being shelved till we know one way or the other whether we are in or out.

I’m actually enjoying the break, being skint is another story ?, spending more time with the wife than I have done for for over 15 yrs. The civil game can be a bugger for relationships and family life in general so this isn’t all bad. I’m spending most weekends with the grandkids which is brilliant. I’ve also stopped drinking, just wondered what it would be like to go without it for a while and whether I’d crave it or not. Surprisingly I don’t miss it and feel better health wise so I’ve decided to see if I can last till the New Year and then see how things are.

I know I don’t post much but I’ve really enjoyed the site since I stumbled across it, keep up the good work.



Bad news about the work,though fingers crossed for Hinckley Point! Once you get back on the booze,we can meet up for a beer in Bristol. Great place! You can tell me how you did it,though I think I’d have to hide the razor blades. But well done,and no mistake.

Winning the league every season? Love it. So fans of other teams are getting bored,but I’m not. They probably weren’t bored between 89-97 so frankly not losing any sleep over it. But of course I would like things to be more competitive,it would improve our chances in Europe for starters. However,I think those fans of other clubs need to look at those clubs.

I know most are struggling financially but they could do with asking themselves if they are really maximising their potential. I don’t think so. When the likes of Aberdeen are losing their best players because of a better offer from a FIFTH tier English club-and losing their players to fourth tier clubs is a regular occurrence-I’d say that they have their business plan all wrong.

They generally have their players on too short a contract in order to minimise potential signing mistakes. As a result,the huns end up signing them for the square root of sod all at the end of that contract unless we move in first and cough up early.

Scottish football,apart from us,has an income problem. Gate receipts,sponsorship,TV money are very low. European income is virtually nil. Even though player values tend not to be on the books,the only way most clubs can balance those books is by player development and sales.

You won’t do that by giving them two year contracts. They are cutting their own throats through fear of failure.


First series-though that’s open to debate-of a classic comedy for anyone who fancies a laugh.

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads


Awe Naw.
I’ve just read, that although the official attendance i gave you for the Scotland v San Marino game was correct, the SFA gave away many tickets to school children.
The official attendance obviously inflated by a good few thousand.

bada bing1

The Bulgarian manager should be sacked, said he didn’t hear any abuse, and was smirking at the ITV interviewer with the interpreter, when asked about it.If guys in his position don’t make a stand,these idiots will never change. At least the Bulgarian captain tried to do something.



I agree. Apparently he was questioning why the game was stopped last night. He can’t be deaf,otherwise he wouldn’t be asking questions. In which case,he is condoning it.

Utterly disgraceful stuff. But I refer you back to a very pertinent point from CALTONTONGUES towards the end of the previous article. I’m quite surprised that no journalists have mentioned that particular occasion. Although to be fair,I recall they were pretty scathing at the time.


Blatant lift from CQN,and I’ll make no apology for it. It’s about a footballer who remembers where he came from.

I wonder how Sadio`s fellow millionaires will respond to this?

Sadio Mané speaks:

“Why would I want ten Ferraris, twenty diamond watches, or two planes? What will these objects do for me and for the world? I was hungry, and I had to work in the field; I survived hard times, played football barefooted, I did not have an education and many other things, but today with what I win thanks to football, I can help my people. I built schools, a stadium, we provide clothes, shoes, food for people who are in extreme poverty. In addition, I give 70 euros per month to all people in a very poor region of Senegal which contributes to their family economy. I do not need to display luxury cars, luxury homes, trips and even planes. I prefer that mine receive a little of what life has given me”.

Awe Naw

I think to be fair to the English FA guy he wholeheartedly accepted that English football has a racism problem. From top to bottom. Our FA is the embodiment of Irish racism. What´s new ? UEFA accept it. Sterling gets more racist abuse from the English press than any other entity

I see the Bulgarian Prime minister and their sports minister has asked for the head of Bulgarian football to quit. I wonder if we will ever get a First Minister to do the same with the likes of Petrie and Maxwell? Well there was no chance with Alex Salmond and unlikely under N. Sturgeon. Maybe the next one? Or maybe the SFA will do something about sectarian and racist singing in Scotland. Why, maybe the clubs might get annoyed with it too! Or maybe not.

Awe Naw

A great read here

Having just skim read this report I cannot see how King can chair their AGM this year and hope that the accounts will be signed off. I cannot see how any business people can rub shoulders with him at a public AGM.
I would imagine that any accountancy firm will be unable to sign off accounts without flagrantly contravening the FCA.

This all might change if Sevco AND THE SFA do something about it.

Going to be really interesting

bada bing1

Watching football racism debate in Parliament, Douglas Red Card Ross been sitting on his hands so far…

bada bing1

Stephen Kerr MP ,just raised the sectarian problem in Scotland….


“maybe the SFA will do something about sectarian and racist singing in Scotland”
Yes they will but under their broadened definition of ‘Sectarian’. As you know the singing of Irish Republican songs are now deemed as sectarian in Scotland. That is despite a previous Scottish court ruling that singing songs that are deemed to support the IRA could not be deemed as a hate crime or sectarian as the IRA are / were not a racist /sectarian organisation. Can’t recall the actual case but Prof Devine gave evidence supporting the argument that singing Irish Republican songs should not be deemed racist / sectarian.
Subsequently the SNP rushed through the offensive behaviour at football act – even up the score as an SNP minister alluded to, you know blessing yourself in an offensive manner etc etc !!!!. The SFA acting on sectarianism will undoubtedly mean Celtic FC and the Celtic support bearing the brunt of their ‘ so called’ offensive against sectarianism.



Oh,that could get interesting…


Awe Naw
I was once told by a Scottish hun that it isnae racist as the Irish are white anaw.
Claimed it was because Scotland would have been wealthy through oil but the Irish immigrants scrounging off the welfare system used up all the money.
What a fool believes!



I suspect that ship has sailed,mate. Most people can see things for what they are. Yes,we will still get dragged into things,but at last the courts are on our side. Of course this won’t change tomorrow. But the battle has been won. The spoils need to wait a while.


Surely red card Ross is waving a Union Jack with gusto and chanting off, off,off?



More likely,having a wank thinking about his day in the sun. He might need a day job soon,that thought cheers me up no end.

Oglach, I suspect you are probably right. The SFA are as much at fault as the ‘choir’ at Ibrox.


BMCUWP @ 1:15 pm

I do not believe ‘the ship has sailed’. It is still safely harboured. How often do we read / hear the media mention that the Celtic support were singing sectarian songs. It is only recently that they have broadened their definition of sectarian to include a group showing support of a political organisation “in a way that can cause problems with other group” – IE some Celtic supporters singing TBOTOB or ROH. Despite the offensive behaviour at football act being repealed I have little doubt we will see something just as sinister being introduced should, as expected, the SNP win the next election with a clear majority. The ‘brass neck’ of some of the MSPs who voted to retain the insidious OBAF act still astounds me to this day. In 2016 they are seen happily celebrating the centenary of the Easter rising in Dublin with members of Dail Eireann yet they vociferously defend the OBAF which attempted to criminalise individuals for singing Irish songs of Rebellion.

bada bing1

Fan a tic- unless the prk spoke at the start of the debate? If he did,would be trying to justify his absences for his part time job.

bada bing1

Bulgarian FA chief resigns…

How dare the Irish or people of Irish descent sing songs of historical rebellion against the British?

Perhaps the establishment here in Scotland need to have a word in the ears of the Americans!

“The Star-Spangled Banner” is the national anthem of the United States. The lyrics come from the Defence of Fort M’Henry,[2] a poem written on September 14, 1814, by the then 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet Francis Scott Key after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by British ships of the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812. Key was inspired by the large U.S. flag, with 15 stars and 15 stripes, known as the Star-Spangled Banner, flying triumphantly above the fort during the U.S. victory.”


Only for those with an interest. Found the following regarding the case Prof Devine was involved with and IMO why the OBAF act was rushed through and why they, The SFA, SMSM, are now including political support of a group causing problems falling within the definition of Sectarian .

One of Scotland’s foremost historians has entered the debate over sectarian singing, saying a sheriff had “no alternative” but to dismiss a charge of “religiously aggravated” breach of the peace against a man accused of singing songs referencing the IRA.
Professor Tom Devine said the case had “significant legal implications” for how prosecutors and police responded to the behaviour of fans at Old Firm matches, and said “those who sing songs of hate against another religious group are, prima facie, committing an offence”.
Prof Devine, the Sir William Fraser professor of Scottish history and palaeography at Edinburgh University, said the sheriff in the case, where he was called as an expert witness, ruled that the IRA was a “republican military organisation” that was “not sectarian in intent”.
He added that those who showed support for the organisation were found not to be “showing ‘malice or ill-will towards members of a religious group'”, as defined under Section 74 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003.

Prof Devine told The Scotsman yesterday that “the sheriff had no alternative but to come to the conclusion which he did in light of the religious focus” of section 74.


It seems there is a fine line between racism and political expediency. The Spanish courts have blurred that distinction even further with the harsh sentences on many Catalans that advocated more autonomy for their region. These sentences will further inflame an already volatile situation in Catalonia. The greater tragedy is that it threw away a chance to heal the rift between Madrid and Barcelona.

I love Spain. I love Andalusia and I love Catalonia. I love both cultures, but I especially love the people who ate usually both friendly and passionate. For the last four years we holidayed in Malaga and twice in Barcelona. Last year in Malaga, I ordered my favourite dessert, Crema Catalana, only to be told that the restaurant no longer sold that item. Unbelievable that feelings could run so deep that even politically incorrect desserts could be dropped.

Well, goodbye Malaga, you shall not see me again, nor any of my boys. Not until these sentences are either suspended or quashed.

The Spanish government’s attempts to heal old wounds by moving Franco’s grave out of its facist resting place just flew out the window if they let these sentences stand.

Nicola, are you watching carefully?



I should have added that the public statement by Barcelona fc only increases my admiration for that organisation. Whether you agree with the statement or not, it shows that the club stands up for its community.

For those of an Irish persuasion on here, you should read up on Ireland’s involvement in the Spanish civil war……both the good(international brigade) and the bad(blueshirts).



Frank Ryan “viva la quinta brigada”

PS. O’Duffy and the Irish Catholic churches inspired Fascist Blue Shirts were deemed useless by the Spanish Fascist military. They were, in the main, confined to barracks where they drank and fought amoungst themselves.

A very good movie regarding the Spanish Civil war is Ken Loach’s ‘Land and Freedoom’. One of the characters in the movie being loosley based on Frank Ryan

PPS. Fine Gael are the political party formed from Irelands brief flirtation with fascisim.


Most Mexicans instantly say ” Los San Patricios” to me upon hearing I’m from Ireland.
They haven’t forgotten and I dont think ever will.

I also find the Catalonia scenes very disturbing. Reminds me of the occupied counties and their quest for equality and rights the rest seem to enjoy. Dialogue is the key here to finding middle ground.
Fair play to Barca indeed.
I think some see this as a domino effect ,give one group their own area/region to control and soon many groups clamor for their own autonomous region also. (The north etc)
Perhaps I’m wrong in that I admit but seems most govs would prefer the status quo of today.
Giving up territory is just not the done thing by the ruling classes.
How you’re well Sir and not too cold.

Fair play to Sadio Mane,,a real man of the people. That’s a politician in waiting when he hangs up the boots.

Hope all are well today. God bless those in need of help and with health issues.
Hail Hail


Too early for a wee song?

Christy Moore – Viva la Quinta Brigada. Live at Barrowland Glasgow

How many Tims in this crowd? 🙂

Viva la quinta brigada!! Viva la Republica!! Viva Irlanda!!

Mike in Toronto


Never too early for good music.

Just grabbed tickets for the TFC playoff game this weekend. A boys night out with LiaminToronto. Should be fun.

Dont know of any other SC’ers from Toronto, but if there are, say hello.



It was that song that raised my awareness of the Irish involvement in Spain. What happened to Ryan’s boys after they returned home was dreadful.


Change is a coming, aye, just the the pub with the signs outside advertising free beer tomorrow, it’s always coming.
As for the problems here, as ever it’s all about the money, take Andalucia, known as the arsehole of Spain by those who don’t live here, for example, if they wanted their independence tomorrow there would be very little fight to hold on to it, reason being it costs the government money and there is nothing here, virtually no industry, Catalonia on the other hand, where the Spanish industry is mostly situated is a wee bit like Scotland is to the UK with it’s oil, it financially bails out their counterparts that are in control, just follow the money.

bada bing1

Bulgarian polis raid their FA HQ…..


Eff me. Please don’t use this shower unless totally needed.
Hail Hail

Mahe, that was disgraceful by EasyJet. It should be easy to investigate, CCTV everywhere. I hope it costs EasyJet plenty.

Packy, give me a shout when your back. I have an important question about your dogs.

bada bing1

A very limited number of single match tickets available for home match v. Lazio. online only.


Rebus67 @ 2:26 pm
SNP delegates have rejected a ‘plan B’ for Scots independence so there will not be any so called ‘illegal’ indy referendums as in Catalonia. The SNP will pursue a legal course only which basically means that the Westminster government must give approval for a second Scots indy referendum.

Good luck with that Nicola.


How will the SFA and Scottish society react to the racism furor?
If the differing treatments towards Mark Walters and Paul Elliot are a barometer we will be the losers.
Those Celtic fans were rightly condemned for the monkey suits and bananas thrown at Walters by the entire country and their fellow supporters also.
I think it gave our club a head start in tackling the issue along with the Bhoys against bigotry campaign launched by Fergus.
There was no such outcry or moral outrage at the racist treatment of Paul Elliot at most SPL grounds until Wallace Mercer highlighted the Hearts fans behavior and called out the double standards of the mssm’s lack of reporting of such.
The silence of the nation to that point suggested tacit approval.
The Tonev incident when a proven liars word was used as proof in judgement was not about on field racism but a chance for the SFA to use their own anti Catholic/Irish racism to punish Celtic as an extension of such.

big packy

EVENING ALL, jim im back, apologies to mahe, was out early this morning so have not had a proper look at his leader, just skimmed thru a few comments, put me in the same camp as the exiled tim, get rid of the orange order in Scotland and I might even come hame? now what was I doing, ive had this car for a month now and still cant find the choke, looked at the manual back to front does not mention the choke, good mind to take it back and get a refund.? anyway jim fire away.hh.

Packy, are cars not automatic chokes nowadays?

Anyhow. I just wanted to know do your dogs support Liverpool or are they Tims?

Oh Dear, his hoards belt out anti-Irish racist chants week in week out, not a peep, pot kettle and black spring to mind, the hypocrisy of these huns defies belief.comment image

big packy

HI JIM was only having a laugh there? all four dogs tims to a man, I keep telling her we were the first to win it with all local boys she shuts up then.? what have you been up to.

bada bing1

You can bet the Lapdogs don’t ask Neil about Sofia,at this week’s presser….