Welcome to Celtic,Nick

Yesterday saw our club of choice pick up a free agent who was previously on a short term contract. We didn’t know it was a trial period at the time but Nicky Hammond has passed the test and signed up for the good ship Celtica as the fancy new Head of Football Operations.

I’m all for getting players in on try before you buy deals but we have taken this a step further and are now having a butchers at back of house staff before biting the bullet. Whether thats because this is intended to be a weighty position that absolutely needed that nailed on right man we can only hope and speculate but the fact is after jumping on in the summer he gets the nod and the newly created position.

He was announced on a Wednesday. Hump day is a strange choice and I’m sure most of us have a vision of being unveiled at 5pm on a Friday evening to rapturous applause after a tense week of negotiations but not our new bhoy. No, a wee sneaky announcement on the website around noon and as little fanfair as possible. Fair enough. Pizazz has its occasions and this one wasn’t to be.

Aunty Beeb’s article on the fellows appointment sheds a little light on the club’s processes and thinking that lead to this appointment.


However in typical Celtic fashion the article also throws up some questions when noting some of the phrases used.
“ Pivotal to the clubs transfer dealings this summer “ is stated above which must raise an eyebrow.
Firstly if a brand new chap was pivotal , it begs the question what was going on before him ?
Many signings seemed our typical stereotype from the usual places,,what new was needed ?
And what did he bring to the table if he was really needed to help deliver what many would say was a good ( not great or excellent ) transfer window that could have done with some in sooner tbh. Can’tsay we have stepped a level on the buying front .
A bit of a damning indictment imo and surprised it made the cut.
Then we find “ ready to implement the findings of his review into the club’s recruitment and scouting strategy “ !
So this bhoy had time to be pivotal in the signings and take an in depth analysis of our buying side presenting an impressive document into the later . Impressive enough to get him the job and therefore we can assume his vision is an improvement on our former protocol (or why hire him).
Again I’m surprised this has passed muster as it’s a mild rebuke but a bit of honesty always helps.


How much scope the man will have is the key here and we can only hope that Peter’s “ It’s a hugely important role “ is correct.
It’sa strange job title given that he will be setting up scouting systems and recommending new recruitment standards.
It’s not a Director of Football role by any means given at what was hinted at above but anyone hearing Head of Football Operations would be forgiven if they perceived the titles as having semi similar roles.
Head of Recruitment seems more apt going on the info we know.
The scouting could do with a “ Thank the Lord “ revamp / kickstart that is worthy of the name as any fan worth their salt knows.
This is really overdue and correctly investing the right time and money now into it should pay big dividends some day .
If this chap is able to put together a valid producing scouting network he is everything many of us have been crying out for and will be the best acquisition of the year (sorry Fraser).

However we as fans do have a new name to point at it must be acknowledged.
There has been the what seems eternal debate about who buys the players Peter or Neil and now those waters will get muddied further still with this addition.
We can only wait and see how it plays out. The fact the trio seem happy to work together is of course a bonus and Nicky admits he is moving to Glasgow , not just a rolling stone freelancer on the blower sometimes.
Pressure and strong opinions are part and parcel of the modern day game at the top level and Nick may have to defend himself to the scrutinising masses one day as a big part of the football operation but I like to think we are a bit better than other fans and not super judgemental whether thats wrong or right.
I also like to think he wouldn’t have jumped aboard if that weren’t true.
So a very big welcome,Nick. Welcome to the family. Find us some crackers lad !

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Good stuff,mate. Delighted to see a head of recruitment/director of football/head of football operations role going to a man experienced in those aspects of the game.

Hopefully his role will work like this:

He sits down with Neil and discusses areas where we need to improve,and the players needed to do that. They then discuss the annual budget with PL,and move onto their on-the-pitch requirements.

Players who meet the criteria of being a requirement for the betterment of the team and whose signing will fall within the parameters of the budget are immediately harried for a signature by PL.

Everyone lives happily ever after…


As usual,the papers can’t wait to sell our players. No mention of a fee though-I’ll come to that!


Meanwhile,in the same paper a few days ago,The Evil Genius stated that even at £50m,Edouard should be going nowhere this season. That he is vital to continuing our title run. On that,I agree. And hopefully,should we win it,he will want to be part of the potentially legendary team of the following season. At which time,as I said the other day,he will still only be 23yo.

Stick around,son. Stay where you are appreciated. You never know,if Nick Hammond can loosen the purse strings that wee bit earlier-or find out the combination to the biscuit tin-we might even give you a CL stage to show your worth to the world next year.


Morning ladies and gents. And Twists.

Interesting thoughts Mahe. Not that I’m saying this isn’t usually the case ?

Generally, it feels like a gaping vacancy now that needed to be filled.

But like you, I find myself fairly sceptical about this arrangement. I think we are fully entitled to be so, given what we know of this current board. Is this a role Lee Majors made famous in the 1980s? Given the importance of this and next year’s league titles to many supporters, it Is safe to assume Disco Pete would consider £100,000 per annum (est.) as cash well spent on someone to take the blows on his behalf when he takes in record cash for French Eddie, knowing full well that he’s not only juggling with the risks of failed CL qualification yet again, but this time, the most important league titles to date for many Celtic supporters.

I can already picture happy clappers getting all angry and red and puffy faced at the ability of some of us to find negatives in anything, but those who have been paying attention the past 10 years know full well that board is not to be trusted.

So to them, I say, happy clap away, enjoy your fish, and we can all hope in unison that your mate Big Pedro successfully hits the jackpot yet again with his flook or ingenious signings.

If he fell out a window backwards he’d land on his feet so he would. If he fell into the Clyde, he’d come out with a fish in his pocket. If he got a lumber at Clatty Pat’s when blind drunk, he’d wake up in the morning with…..well, not Herpes, you get the picture.



Another interesting point.

Where’s the marketing prowess at???

Investment in CL qualification is simple advertising. Pay to give these players a showcase, so that their full value is realised.

A point surely the spreadsheet fans should see.

Makes the failures to qualify due to failure to invest properly in the squad in previous years, all the more glaring and bizarre.


I guess only time will tell if Hammonds appointment is a positive move for Celtic. We are being told he played a pivotal role in Celtic’s transfer dealings during the summer. Being one of life’s uber sceptics I can’t really see what we did differently during the summer than in the past albeit we spent, in Celtic FC terms, a lot of money on a decent CB. Apart from that it was the usual influx of relatively unknown and relatively cheap players, a signing from the SPFL plus a myriad of projects and loan deals. All mostly signed towards the end of the window as usual hence, or so we are told, our big money signing and the other defenders bought to replace the outgoing defensive players were not ready / acclimatised / fit to play in one of the most important games of the season – Cluj!
I’m sure that we would all like a wee peek at Nicky’s review into the club’s recruitment and scouting strategy. Perhaps he might oblige and leave a copy of this in a bin at lennoxtown.
Only a couple of months before we discover if anything has changed for the better. Fingers crossed it does and that Nicky’s involvement will bring us a couple of VVD and Henke type players.


BMCUWP @5:59 am
He sits down with Neil and discusses areas where we need to improve, and the players needed to do that. They then discuss the annual budget with PL
I see a little problem already 🙂

Well we didn’t get the Director of Football a lot of us wanted. But. Awe Naw posted a link yesterday to a Wiki article about DOFs etc. It was very interesting. DOFs are not without controversy and are often unwelcome! Good in theory but my goodness it would need to be someone of the highest regard with a strong back to survive the post.



JNP, thought you might like this.


Just on to say yir a fekin jinx.
After our conversation the other day about losing power and generators when i told you i had bought one after being out of power for days following Hurricane Sandy in 2012.
Mentioned i had never lost power since i bought the damn thing.
Last night there was a nor’easter and the winds were gusting around 60 miles an hour.
At 1am the wife wakes me to say something fell on the house and of course i never felt or heard a thing.
Got dressed and went outside to see house untouched though power was out.
Went onto street and its totally blocked with a 70 ft hickory tree that’s fallen down from neighbors yard.
Took out the streets power lines.
Wind snapped it like a twig.
On the positive side though power might be down for a day or two the generator works a treat despite lying dormant for 7 years.

Mike in Toronto


Since you called Mahe and told him that you hadn’t had a problem with the power, and then it happened … could you please call Mahe and tell him that Hearts have never skelped Sevco 8-0. .. and also tell him that Sevco have never gone into administration.

and if those work, I have a few more requests for you…



Oul ‘No Surrender’ flute playing Gazza cleared of sexual assault.

His QC stating the former player had no sexual intention. “In his own naive way, he thought he was making a larger woman have more body confidence” , It’s a clumsy way to go about building someone’s confidence, but it was not sexual.”

In Gazza’s own words “I kissed a fat lass”

– errrm I wonder if Katy Perry could write a hit song using those words 🙂

This was never the way I planned
Not my intention
I got so brave, drink in hand
Lost my discretion

I kissed a fat lass and I liked it


Meanwhile on Planet WTF

The Vatican is hoping to pull in tech-savvy youngsters with the launch of an “eRosary” bracelet.
The gadget, which costs $109 (£85), can be worn as a bracelet and is activated by making the sign of a cross.
It is connected to the “Click to Pray eRosary” app, which is designed to help Catholic users pray for world peace and contemplate the gospel.
The app tracks a user’s progress, and contains visual and audio explanations of the rosary.

Can’t see it catching on in Scotland.
Had to confirm it wasn’t 1st of April.


Technology and religion?
Why not?
If the younger generations are seen to love technology and the church want to communicate with them its inevitable.
Recently i was in Kochi and Chennai in India and noticed the proliferation of flashy neon lights at Hindu temples.
Was like being in Vegas.
Even the drumming, music and dancing in the temples were accompanied by a flashy light show.
Wonder if they consulted with Pistol Pete?


On Gazza they are only facilitating future crimes by the jolly prankster with this crazy decision.
He has had numerous crimes and zero punishment .
Guess it will have to be really serious before justice is served?


Hey Jim. 2.15.
Thanks for puting link up.
An enjoyable read.


Technology and religion?
I can just imagine the scenario. Parent to child ” would you like me to buy you an “eRosary it will help you contemplate the gospel, bracelet costs £85 or would you prefer if I bought you a copy of Call of duty for your Xbox at £45?” I think we all know what the answer would be

Mike in Toronto


The Jesuits were sometimes referred to as God’s marines, perhaps some combination of the two may work …



Hi guys and gal’s from an overcast and cooled down slightly west coast.

Fan,,you brought it on yourself blowing your trumpet like that 😉
The recent blackout was an eye opener and Ive realised its the first time power has gone while not winter and thus you can just fill a couple ice chests and leave sitting at door and everything’s hunky dory as far as food is concerned.
We obviously didnt have that and it was such an inconvenience. However Im not sure we need to get a generator for just food . We have a wood stove , and small scale solar to charge cell phones etc so in the main we are fine. Camping stove with propane and dried/canned foods can suffice as can top of wood stove for certain things.
How much gas do you keep on hand? It does need used within a time frame without stabilizing agents also. Need a real secure spot etc . Pain in the arse. Man up ! 😉 We do !

Hail Hail

bada bing1

Celtic fined £10,400 by UEFA after fans set off flares ahead of Cluj clash

big packy

EVENING ALL, correct me if im wrong, if arllene foster does not like the deal she can walk out with her eleven MPs, and bring the government down, or is that what boris wants?


Monti if youre looking in.

I caught your latest podcast and thought as usual it was a great chat. They are a wee bit of home for me and I enjoy the chat , accents , and banter that podcasts can bring a lot.
Anyway you made a couple of points that I would love to respond to.

Playing Odsonne and Bayo up front together. You are very much for that but I see it as a huge risk. All anyone has to do is crock one striker and we are up shitts creek.
So far Bayo has not been given much minutes however Eddy shouldnt be asked to do a Callum McGregor 68 game season and should be rested here and there,especially on plastic.
There is an argument that we should use Eduoard as much as possible because signs point towards an exit next summer of course but I think that would rely on hm to much withour blooding the backup just incase.
Perhaps Bayo could play the plastic pitches and cups to relieve and bit of burden plus get minutes under the belt ?
I just think together is too much of a risk.
Also I believe the main reason we play our system is because its not going to change for Europe and therefore we can attempt to perfect it constantly instead of chopping and changing.
We will be playing one up front in Europe so its always one up front to get to grips with that and not be stepping out of the comfort zone for huge games,,which isnt conducive to great performances.
So with the bigger picture in mind one up front helps in Europe plus it also gives us that extra man in midfield which up north is where the battle needs won primarily.

Right now we dont have a number 3 striker and we dont have a similar player to replace Eduoard on the books , which of course is understandable. However his replacement needs to be found scouted analysed asap if theres only 8 months to deliver.
The man mentioned in todays article may well play a big part in that unenviable job of sourcing our next striker.
Hopefully both Eduoards performances and stats plus Nick himself can impress upon the man with the purse strings the higher success rate when you shop in the better end of the market with some of that surely Scottish transfer record transfer fee. ( should we shop before the world hears we are flush or does the world know we are flush already ? )
Follow the Odsonne model again and again. Spend on quality ,, take a look first with a loan to buy if possible but no matter what happens we need the right man as,,,
We will be going for 10 with no main striker probably ,,,
We lose a league and see our star striker disappear,,only a cracker might suffice to calm people and is needed anyway on the pitch to show some fight in regaining title which will get punters in the stands after such a bitter blow yadda yadda.

Also on the International football thing a man from the north is the last person to ask.
Its more a source of irritation than pride many times. Know exactly how you feel.
But thanks for the banter and you lad’s keep up the good work.
Look forward to the next podcast.
Take care and Hail Hail

For anyone that wants to check out Monti and the lads talking the Tic

bada bing1


Huns covered up Neely case..


https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50090070 Uefa impose £10,400 fine for fans setting off flares


Eff me that cover up story.
Real bad week to be a Hun.
Expect everyone has moved on and the word historic to be used a lot . New regime not responsible for old regime crimes etc.
Wont say that club died in public but may well to these guys solicitors to get off hook.
Wouldnt put that past them.
God Bless those abused.
Hail Hail


Mike in Toronto
The Jesuits were sometimes referred to as God’s marines, perhaps some combination of the two may work
LOL just see that. Level up – Upgrade your armour, add an attachment to your M4 or chose a Jesuit outfit!



Sevco have already told the victim that his solicitors would have to contact the liquidators of RFC 1872 as being a new entity any claim has heehaw to do with them. So much for the continuation myth – or was it just the football team that miraculously survived liquidation?


My wife calls me a Doomsday prepper as i have thermal blankets, lights, camping stove and barbecue at the ready, even carry some survival crap in my car.
Legacy of when son played icehockey in places like Maine,Montreal,Buffalo etc and driving in blizzards.
This generator is pretty useful and will use about 2 to 3 gallons a day at the most .
Gas station less than half a mile away so don’t keep gas long term.
Neighbor who is in the know reckons could be a week so glad i have it.
If the weather gets cold i could always cuddle up to the missus but there’s a danger of her being suspicious of my motives.

Mike in Toronto


I dont like using the sex abuse claims to score points against them ..that is not something that should ever be so used, by them or by us to wind up opposing fans….

. I’m not suggesting for a moment that is what you are doing … just saying that I dont want anyone to misinterpret my point … as I have said, I got into an argument with one of them recently, and, of course, he pulled out the old ‘Celtic – paedophile’ thing… but, I bit my tongue and didn’t go down this path …

there were two Rangers coaches who were accused… in addition to Mr. Neely, there was also harry Dunn, who was charged with abusing several boys, but died before he stood trial….

In the case of Mr. Neely, at least one victim reported the matter to Sevco, and sought compensation, but were told, as you suspected, that it was a different company, and to deal with Rangers’ liquidator.


None of this is new. What seems to be new is evidence that Rangers were not truthful when they said this was reported to the police when the abuse by Neely was uncovered. There is now evidence that that was not the case, and that Rangers said he was leaving to pursue other business interests and wished him well.

I haven’t looked into the relevant bankruptcy provisions in Scotland, but I do know that here, and in some other jurisdictions, a claim based on sexual assault is not discharged by a bankruptcy.


Strong rumours that MPs will use Saturday to pass an amendment demanding a second referendum. Could be fun.

Mike in Toronto


sadly, I have had some limited dealings with these types of claims, but I should be clear … I am not certain if the rules about discharges and bankruptcy would apply where the bankrupt party is not the actual person who committed the abuse, but is someone who might be vicariously liable, for example, a company who failed to supervise or report ….

normally, I am happy to dig up what I can find along as it relates to football and the law, and pass it along on the blog…. but this is one area, where I just dont have the heart to do it ….


Hard hitting stuff by Mark Daly on Reporting Scotland.

Mike in Toronto

On a different note, I see the Classico is causing problems…. the league is considering moving the game from Barcelona to Madrid, or postpoining it, due to political tensions in Catalonia at the moment after the leaders of the Catalan independence movement were handed down very sever prison sentences this week, which has prompted all sorts of protests …

interestingly, Barca FC put out a statement objecting to the prison sentences ….

wish our club and our fans had 1/millionth of the spirit that Barca and its fans have shown….

it was not that long ago that the Spanish state was a fascist one, and even today, they have shown how seriously they are prepared to come down on those who advocate for Catalan indpendence…. but, that hasn’t stopped the club from speaking out, or the fans from standing up for what is right ….

this shows just how pitiful was the (non) reaction of Celtic and its fans to the events of the last seven years …

Margaret McGill

Anyone suspicious that a DOF (something that’s been discussed for years) is appointed as Rangers go top or us it just cynical me?

Mike in Toronto


When/how did you become so cynical?

You should be more trusting, like me



Aye, I thought that myself.
If we blow 9/10 then Peter has himself a patsy.


Hammond better have got himself a good contract lawyer before signing on.
If he ends up being a fall guy for others he should at least be financially compensated.

bada bing1

MIT- Agree,but case here is the huns lying yet again, and thinking the SMSM would cover their arse again, they said Neely was sacked, and reported to the police, neither happened, the SFA need to investigate, as they rightly done,when Celtic were involved. HH


Would have taken a simple 5 minute check for the press to know the huns were lying.
That they either didn’t or did then ignored the fact says everything about the best wee country’s media.i

Noel Skytrot

Dearie fuckin me, the huns have went into a catatonic state. Let’s hope this ends the vile chants coming from their ‘supporters’ and that there is a full, open and transparent enquiry into the whole lot.


Noel Skytrot
Dearie fuckin me, the huns have went into a catatonic state. Let’s hope this ends the vile chants coming from their ‘supporters’ and that there is a full, open and transparent enquiry into the whole lot.
No chance…


After reading your post I think I will not address the subject again just incase we be accused of point scoring.
Guest contributors,,please no articles on this topic. It’s for the best all around I think.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


I dont disagree that there should be an investigation …. this sort of thing transcends football rivalries.

The problem is, by ignoring the rules, and going along with the cheating, for so long, Celtic are so compromised, it makes it very hard, if not impossible, for Celtic to now insist that some laws should be followed.

It is not too far fetched to think that, if Celtic has an issue with anything Sevco or the league does, King just says ‘hey Peter, what do you think your fans would do if we accidentally let it slip that you were, in fact, aware of the 5WA?’ … and Pistol Pete slinks away, and consoles himself by counting his bonus….

Think Watergate… it wasn’t the crime that brought Nixon down, it was the coverup….


Mike in Toronto at 6:50

this shows just how pitiful was the (non) reaction of Celtic and its fans to the events of the last seven years

This include you?

What about the Res 12 ghuys and all the supporters who backed them?

Noel Skytrot

Yer moniker reminds me of the nickname I gave my ma years ago due to her frequenting the Vogue bingo in Possil. Lol


Who is our bet of the week going to?
Hail Hail



I mentioned that last week when I explained why there wasn’t one that week-the international break. It goes to THEEXILEDTIM as an apology for giving him first go-on an international week! Very unfair,with hindsight.

I’d best mail him to remind him.

Night Night Packy.

Mike in Toronto


I’m not trying to tell you (or anyone else) what they can or cant discuss…I hope it didn’t come across that way …you know me, I’ll normally discuss most things…… but that one troubles me….. but. that is just my view on that particular issue…. people are obviously free to agree or disagree with it …..


maybe I have been doing my job too long, and I no longer have patience for clients who come in and want the sun and the moon, but wont do a thing to bring it about ….. to gain something in this fight was always going to take some effort and some sacrifice…. (actually, as it turned out, I believe even the threat of not renewing season tickets would have forced our Board’s hand ) …

I get that, at the beginning, people believed that our club would do the right thing… even after, and in spite of, DD’s statement, I, too, wanted to believe that Celtic actually stood for something, and so, suspended my disbelief… so, yes, I am as gulity as the rest on that score…..but, at some point, people have to be honest with themselves….. nothing was being done, and we were being scammed …. and with each slight that was not challenged, it lookied more and more like our Club was up to their necks in it …..

for me, it got to the point that there was no point in supporting something that I believed was a sham … so, I stopped supporting, and haven’t put a penny in since… but, if people are going to continue to pay to be cheated… they get what they are paying for … but then why complain that you are being cheated …….

I think people need to start being honest with themselves…. most Cetic fans wanted to beat Rangers…. and were prepared to turn a blind eye to the cheating, so long as we were on top …so, that is what the Board game us … but if you want to play with cheats, know you are being cheated, and dont do anything about it …..then dont complain if you end up being cheated ….

except,as you point out, for the Res 12 guys…. I would never criticize the guys for trying …. at the beginning, they (like me) believed (or wanted to believe) in the good faith of our Board, and, based on that belief, the Res 12 approach was a reasonable one (even if not the route I might have chosen) …. unfortunately, I think the faith that the Res. 12 guys had in our Board has proven to be misplaced …. I think even Auldheid (who has the patience of a saint) would agree that Celtic have done them dirty….

Imagine you were in a position of power and influence. Like no other CEO in Scottish Football. And you sat back at the hatred and motivations against your club whilst being paid a fortune. Would you sleep at night? Welcome to the world of Peter Lawwell and Dermot Desmond. They lie easy. Disgusting pair.


I have been painting the hallway so to relieve the boredom I listened to BBC 5 Live. The DOF of Norwich was being interviewed. Some interesting insights emerged. In his case he has a philosophy of how the team should play. He recruits a manager that shares that vision and he has an idea of who his replacement will be, if things go wrong. He knows the type of players in each position that will make this vision work. In coop with the manager he goes out to recruit them. In a club like Norwich, winning is not everything. The team must entertain. His job includes meeting with the reserve and youth team directors regularly. Meeting with the scouts. Checking stats on players. Watching players. Assessing the manager. Identifying targets. Negotiating transfers in and out. He spoke highly of the guy who went to Sevco.

He also said there was a lot of variation in the position across clubs…..more or less responsibilities.