Willy Deville

Since we are experiencing the international break, I thought I would offer something a bit different as an article. Some of you may already be familiar with the content but some may not. Youtube is a wonderful device for discovering new interests. About a year ago I came across a great musical talent, sadly, no longer with us.

William Paul Borsey Jr. was born in August, 1950 and passed away in the August of 2009. He had various stage names throughout his career but is best known as Willy Deville. What music did he play? The answer is not simple. He played and wrote music across several genres. His influences included the Ramones, Lou Reed, the Drifters in his early career, and later Mark Knoffler of Dire Straits fame. Like David Bowie, he developed several on stage personae. These included a “Mr Cool”, an indigenous persona(due to his mother’s ancestors), a Cajun persona, and a blues singer. Throughout all of these impersonations, he was noted for his immaculate dress sense and pompadour hair style.

Listen to the first version of Willy Deville in a song that he wrote, Spanish Stroll. Forgive the Ads!!!

Shades of the Ramones and Lou Reed, anyone?

Willy had a group at this time called Mink Deville and such was his personality that he was frequently referred to as Mink Deville.

From around 1980 until 2000, Willy lived with a heroine addiction, but was still able to hold a career together.

His concern with fashion is reflected in his composition, Italian Shoes

Willy was married three times. Sadly, his second wife committed suicide by hanging. Willy arrived home to find her and cut her down. For a time he lost the will to live and, at the least, drove carelessly resulting in an accident that nearly took his life. He ended up with several broken bones and a hip that needed replaced.

He moved to New Orleans where he dived wholeheartedly into Cajun culture. Whilst Deville did write his own material, he was superb at interpreting the work of others. Here is a song with a “Mex” feel.

I am happy to say I encountered one or two women like that one!

Speaking about re-interpreting standards made famous by others, listen to his version of Hey Joe!

Mariachi, eat that Jimi!

My personal favourite is this one, Just to Walk that Little Girl Home

The power of Willy’s voice, his style, his performance are all illustrated in his version of Stand By Me

Like many great performers, Willy had the smarts to always surround himself with really good musicians.

I hope you enjoy Willy if you have not met him before. ………….RIP Willy, song writer, Mr Cool, drug addict, bankrupt, and great performer.

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I remember Mink DeVille well from around the turn of the 80s. You never knew what you were going to get next from them,they blended all types of musical genres. An American Roxy Music,if you like,with Willy as the ubersmooth lounge lizard Brian Ferry!

Never knew much about the band apart from their music though,so thanks for the article. Very enlightening.

Mario Bertolini

One of my favourite songs Spanish Stroll, was thinking about it for my funeral, brilliant.



I already know which song I want played at mine.

Wish You Were Here-instead of me ya basturts. A Pink Floyd Classic.


And I reckon I know what Carly Simon has in mind…



And in keeping with the funereal tone introduced by Mario-see what you started?!!!-it seems one of the few Celtic fans in the SMSM is leaving.


“Aye,I know who they are,son!” Brilliant.



Thanks for posting that!

Brought a wee tear to my eye too.



For all my protestations that Planet Rock stole my record collection,I have some eclectic-or downright weird-tastes. Carly and her ex-husband,as an example. Sometimes you don’t want to think,don’t want to get all aerated. Sometimes it’s just good to wallow in some smooth stuff.

Usually accompanied by some smooth stuff,admittedly…



Thanks Bobby!

Wee yin doing great thanks! Had her first 121 last week and it went well!

Knee’s a pain but I’ll get there.

We had planned to be abroad this week but scuppered by above!

Real downside is I’ve got the misses at home all week!

Just heading out shopping!


Hope you are good!

(What email?- don’t answer that!)

Margaret McGill

How about Bregret?

Margaret McGill

I would be terrified right now if I was Princess Kate or Meghan. Nothing unites the UK more than the unexpected assas……. death of an attractive royal.



I think you know my thoughts on the UK leaving the EU. Though the term Bregret is new to me-I thought it was another bloody Agathie Christie foreign detective,must stop reading JIMTHETIM53-I got it soon enough.

Brexit will be a disaster for mainland UK,maybe not for NI. A good idea might be to draw the border along Scotland/England,as most haulage goods to NI and Ireland travel from Stranraer. I’m coming round to independence from England because of their screw up,and I never thought I would say that.

I still hold out hope-I still hope to win the lottery!-that we can force a second referendum,at least one on deal or remain. But then,I live in Swindon. A town of 180,000. Brexit has closed Honda,the estimate is 20,000 jobs in the supply line. It may force BMW production of Mini abroad-Swindon produces the body panels,another 4,000.

Get the knock-on effects,people visiting cinemas and restaurants less often. Buying fewer newspapers. Taxis,buses. It’s a fucking disaster,mate.

But blue-collar Swindon is a Tory town. Has been for the last fifteen years. And plenty of times before that. Marginal,aye,but they pull it out all the time,turkeys voting for Christmas.

55-45 in favour of leave,Mags. The big problem is…

I’ve not heard very many people down here telling me they made a mistake.



Philvis-style Thumbs-up for the wee yin. And there could be worse things than spending time with the missus.

I would call you a lucky basturt,but I think it was earned,old son. And not always easily.



I think Megan and Kate are safe enough. I’d be checking the life insurance if I was wotsisname Duke of somewhere,oh aye,Prince Edward. Shortly to become HRH Most Loved Child.


Article in Irish Times today on Dermot Desmond buying into Shamrock Rovers. Goes over a few examples of Irish investors in footie; some i had forgotten about.

There is a line near the end which might rile most people !



Since we are talking about music of the past,I came across this article yesterday which may be of interest to aficionados of The Rolling Stones. Mainly I clocked it because I thought it might interest FAN-A-TIC.

Story of a photographer for an iconic album. FAN,you missed a trick with Kylie,mate. If you canny kick your own arse,I’ll do it for you!


Over on CQN,a few of us would have discussions about which of the Rolling Stones albums from this one through to Goat’s Head Soup were the best. I always went for Let It Bleed,marginal over this. The rest nowhere. A five year magnificence which has kept their career going for longer than I’ve been alive.

Then not very much.

Same with Stevie Wonder. Took up the gauntlet. Look at 72-80. Music Of My Mind through to Hotter Than July. (I’ll ignore the Plants one,right enough). A man at the top of his craft.

Then…Gave us I Just Called To Say I Love You.

Jumped the shark,Stevie.

Anyway,here’s a review from Rolling Stone-aye!-of not quite the best ever rock album ever.




Doesn’t rile me,really. I think he knows he will never be loved.

Maybe one day,he might wonder why.


There was a documentary made about the recording of Beggars Banquet by a top director, Fellini maybe? I recall a scene where Charlie Watts is almost greetin’ trying to get right the intro to Sympathy for the Devil, and the others shouting encouragement, like; “Fa fucks sake, Charlie.”



Article in Irish Times today on Dermot Desmond buying into Shamrock Rovers.
Feck me even the Irish times are spouting the continuation myth bollocks. “Rangers nearly went bust”, perhaps the Jurno got that info from oul hun lover Desmond himself? I tried to write a response to the B/S in their comments page basically pointing out UK law regarding the liquidation of a PLC business. But you have to be a subscriber in order to post comments! No chance of that.


Fantastic.Thank you for this.

The documentary 20 ft from stardom gives the background to this story.

Mike in Toronto

With all the talk of elections, impeachment, brexit, …



Meanwhile in Norn Iron

Was Arlene meeting with business leaders to discuss Boris’s proposed Brexit deal? Was Arlene meeting concerned farmers, perhaps Arlene was meeting with concerned border communities? No Arlene was meeting with the UVF and UDA.
You really couldn’t make this stuff up.

THE DUP has defended its leader’s decision to meet loyalist paramilitaries to discuss the implications of a mooted Brexit deal that could see a so-called border in the Irish Sea.
Arlene Foster and other senior party figures are reported to have held talks in recent days with high-ranking figures from the UVF and UDA – including south Belfast’s Jackie McDonald.
The meetings follow weekend reports of potential loyalist protests if the Northern Ireland’s status in the UK is “diluted” after the UK leaves the EU.
A spokesman for the DUP said: “The party engages with a range of stakeholders about a range of matters on an ongoing basis in the interests of moving Northern Ireland forward.”



i said it would raise some blood pressure!
This is fairly normal in Dublin, most people keep a fond eye on Celtic but are not supporters and have to be put straight on the liquidation thing by me on a regular basis. EPL is everything here; in fact the word English is never uses on radio or TV, it is THE Premier league (as if it was local). The sports reports on the radio always start with The Premier League , then GAA , then rugby. If Celtic are playing, we get a mention but no other Scottish games (which is fair enough). League of Ireland are lucky that they play on a Friday so get decent coverage ; but only after talking about the upcoming games in The Premier League.Got help them if they played on a Saturday! Maybe Desmond will start a trend in buying into Irish clubs; they have great youth set ups but no money for buying in seasoned pros.


Coneybhoy @ 1:15 pm
Doesn’t excuse the fact that blatant lies were being printed as fact. A Jurno working for the Irish times should be held to account for printing such B/S. I can understand why it happens in Scotland but in the Free state?
Can’t say I know too much about footballing allegiances in the Republic out with that soccer is the third most popular sport behind GAA games. Growing up in Nationalist North Belfast in the 70s & early 80s if you were a football supporter it was Celtic then Cliftonville then an English team in that order. GAA wasn’t much in evidence back then albeit interest and participation in our indigenous games has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades in the occupied 6 counties.


Oglach the strides the Gaa has made in the local communities is very impressive.
Fair play to them for investing in the youth and at least trying. Love watching either sport and some of the clubhouses are beautiful plus the cheaper pints and good locals make the entire endeavour a winner in my eyes.
Even Scotland has a team I recently found . When they visit I’m not sure if the match or the bar later would be better craic.
They are based in Clydebank according to Garry.
Wee girl on my plane way there had a San Francisco Gaa team shirt on. You’ll recall that SF club got in a lot of trouble few years ago for a dirty blow from behind from a Yank left a Gael in a coma for quite a while which caused a bit of ruckus in the local community.

Thank f#$k its Friday.
Hope all are well.
Hail Hail

bada bing1
bada bing1

Bulgarian manager mutually consented, total clown…


Bulgarian manager wont know he has been consented as in his world he only see’s what he wants to see.
Will probably become a right wing poster boy.

Mike in Toronto


Trashcan sinatras (who do a good cover of Spanish Stroll) are in town next week (Wednesday). I have a few tickets. you are welcome to one if you would like it.

But at the moment, I need something a bit more UP … need to get going this morning …. so, how about Wrecking Force by Voxtrot:…. guaranteed to make your head bob, if not get you right out your chair jumping around playing air guitar…

john martin

Sad to hear of Willie,s downfall-Mink De Ville were the first band i ever saw live-in 1977 supporting Dr Feelgood-Spanish Stroll still sounds immense to this day…

The Gombeen Man

Great read Rebus. Thanks.

On another note why would any parent raising kids in the RoI want to introduce their children to the rabid sectarianism of the bigotbuck?

After 800 years of exploitation most folk steer clear of Lawwell and King’s exploitive ‘Old Firm’.

EBT’s, cheating refs/officials, sectarian/racist chanting, complicit suits? That’s hardly an attractive narrative.

Most folk have no interest in the mess that is Scotland’s Shame.

Can’t say I blame them.

On a further note;

Did Rangers go bust?

If so,

How can a new club have 54 Titles?

Answers on a postcard to Peter Lawwell/Dermot Desmond.


Rebus ,,
This young one had never heard of the man in the article which wont surprise you.
But many thanks and I am now a bit more educated .
Willie seems a character and a man to have a pint with indeed.
Cheers again and educate us anytime on any topic !

I see what you’re doing 😉
I will bite. He is being disingenuous or economical with the truth.

Where to start. Lets take Harry Maguire. Jose wanted a new defender or defenders. He came to Harry Maguire whether first choice or not. We know Jose wanted him. He didn’t get him. We know Ole wanted him and did get him.
Either Woodward or the Glazers and it doesn’t seem like the Yanks are involved in the operation so it boils down to Ed saying no.
I hope many now see the job Jose done in bringing that squad to second, one hell of an under rated achievement.

And then the words used ,,
“ We’ve expanded our recruitment department in recent years and we believe this now runs in an efficient and productive way “
Coming from a club that is short on players in certain positions and are going through an injury crisis not helped by not replacing outgoing players that seems very hollow .

“ Player recommendations and decisions are worked on by this department and by the first-team manager and his staff, not by senior management “
So lets say its true that all football decisions are taken by football people.
This was part of their big problem in the first place as when Fergie walked basically the entire football operation which was in his head left also.
Leaving footie men to run the footie means like above when they walk you have nothing.
Hence the Director of Football roles in providing continuity.
In effect what he is saying above is that Ole runs the entire footballing operation,,is in charge of the now more scouting reports , wholly responsible for selecting , viewing and then refining target lists,
All while attempting to resurrect the fallen giant that is having an identity and injury crisis but yet produced spectacular financial results , and yet they are still short of players in key areas and scrambling for a team tomorrow in a battle that may well seal his fate in hearts and minds .
What a joke ! Flung under bus !
Wheres the DOF ? Why isnt Ole being taken aside and told forget everything else just focus on these next three games son ? This article is the last thing he needs.
A pat on the back piece saying dont worry and hold it together as we are about to bring in DOF or Technical director to help things would make more sense . If hes staying that is.
How smart is it to let a very young manager have every major footie decision come down to him? Not very imo especially after the Fergie lesson.

Its funny yesterday listening to On The Continent they stated that Allegri has had multiple contacts and is prepared to cut short his sabbatical to take up the reigns as,,,
Smart to take over a club when in a rough patch and struggling so you look better,,
They will raise his profile being a giant,,
They have lots of money.

They also opined its not tomorrows game but the two league games after that the board are looking at as they are lower should beat teams ( Bournemouth and Norwich ) and any stumbling there will probably see an announcement made of a parting of ways with the Italian incoming.
Then you see todays article and smile,,the groundwork being laid it looks like.
Ed washing his hands saying wasnt me he run the football.
Its also not lost on me that theres only a couple of people that could know the truth and refute this,,Glazers who dont get involved and OLe being another who needs his backing and if spoke up about the internal workings would probably be out the door and sued plus unemployable to many eyes.
Theres no counterpoint out there. No one who can confirm or deny at this moment. Very convenient. .

Hope you’re well Sir. Hail Hail


John Martin , welcome to the blog.

TGM,, well said.

Willy DeVille
Forgot how good he really was, thanks for the reminder Rebus.

Mike in Toronto

This one is for Ms. Grogan … but the rest of you ruffians can still enjoy the music

bada bing1

Additional SF tickets available on the website

Mike in Toronto

if we are doing the funeral songs, here are a few I’d want played at mine…I’d make sure that my executor invites all the women that I have ever been with … and, hopefully, they all show up, and then there would be a huge brawl as they all argue over whether they were the one I was referring to in the songs… that is how I would like to go out.

Keepers by Del Amitri

Barry White – You’re My First, My Last

Snow Patrol – you could be happy.


great article.had heard of mink deville but thats the first time i have listened to them, like his music..


I love my music, so thanks for todays article.
Great stuff.
I’m going to change your moniker to Dr Death.????


If anyone’s interested.
I’ve stolen this from Celtic Soccer Show.
Most goals scored for Celtic since 2000.
Who are the top 9 players?
Number 1on list scored 173
and number 9 on list scored. 73
The rest are somewhere in between.


A wee bit of Yankee ‘punk n roll’

The Mopes ‘ Baby Doll ‘


When questioned about racist and abusive language from Bulgaria, Boris Johnstone replied, ” He was never one of my favourite Wombles anyway” ???

Wimbledon common CSC

bada bing1

Arlene Foster is touring the countryside in her Chauffeur driven car.
Suddenly a cow jumps out into the road. They hit it full on and the car comes to a stop.
Arlene in her usual charming manner, says to the chauffeur…….
“You get out and check – you were driving.”
The chauffeur gets out, checks and reports that the animal is dead. “You were driving; go and tell the farmer,” says Arlene
Five hours later the chauffeur returns totally plastered, his hair ruffled and with a big grin on his face.
“My God, what happened to you?” asks Arlene .
The chauffeur replies: “When I got there, the farmer opened his best bottle of malt whisky, the wife gave me a slap-up meal and the daughter made love to me.”
“What on earth did you say?” asks Arlene
“I knocked on the door and when it was answered, I said to them….
“I’m Arlene Foster’s chauffeur and I’ve just killed the cow.”

Margaret McGill

Convince anyone of what?


MIT @ 5:21 pm
I’d make sure that my executor invites all the women that I have ever been with … and, hopefully, they all show up, and then there would be a huge brawl as they all argue over whether they were the one I was referring to
That got me thinking what would I want to be played. Errrmm

Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) and Claudia Brucken (Propaganda)
When your heart runs out of time

The Verve

Everything But The Girl
I Don`t Want To Talk About It



Thanks for the reply.

My tongue was genuinely in my cheek.

I don’t believe there is interference in player selection matters from the Board (Man U or Celtic)- that bland line can be defended plausibly.

I do believe there is, quite understandably, interference from the Board at Man U and Celtic on the interface between player recruitment and player costs. I have never believed that PL picks the first team squad or insists on influence in team selection.

We are long past the days when Brian Clough or Harry Redknapp signed cheques with no regard to budgets balancing or even being feasible. Does not matter how good these guys were at spotting players and, for a time, they were. If they cannot sell their bad buys, they don’t get to go again and just buy another and another till one comes good.

I believe that PL is involved in discussions with our coaches, scouts and recruiters to provide financial input. In that regard, he has more than a fair bit of influence. All coaches need to have their natural instincts to add players, kept in check. If done creatively, it will be a creative tension; a ying to the yang. If done badly, we get John McGinn situations.

P.S. Did you see the article which cast doubt on the Castagne debacle and suggested Lee Congerton had brought a player to our negotiating table with no idea of the wage and bonus demands he had? May have been PR and score-settling but there are often 2 sides to every success and failure.

Packy, Time for your report please.

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