Celtic vs Ross County preview

Today we see an almost nostalgic Saturday 3pm kickoff at home for the Champions and an even rarer co manager team in the opposition dugout an all !
In our quarter season review I opined that these next three games where crucial points to pick up if we have genuine aspirations of retaining our title.
The table leaders have a harder three game run which helps make it imperative we are right there to capitalise on any slips , that will be occurring at some stage undoubtedly.

I watched yesterdays press conference to prepare for this piece and as usual analysed the still image of Lenny who was non plus to me. One thing noticeable was the number of views, about 6k which might be a little under average.
However the next video automatically queued for anyone watching that is Stevie G’s sermon ,, which had at the same point attracted over 30k hits.
A glance at the larger than ours obviously comment section also showed quite a few Scouser’s just dropping in to gauge how he was looking facing the hacks’s and their microphone’s. A cheeky wee butchers to see how the face would fit.
The difference in viewing figures tells me the light blue fans are far far more hyped and hopeful than us.
They are grabbing every piece of media going thinking this is “ The “ season and devouring everything available .
We are just going about our business. Fans arent panicking one bit and trust in the gaffer.
The hacks gave Stevie a much easier ride btw and even asked him why Liverpool would beat United , no kidding.
For the manager of month with the player of the month who hit the top of the league he could have been more excitable , but fair play mentioned trying to keep his charges grounded while he himself remained aloof.
Lenny didnt fall for any of the traps the media set for him , wise to the game and how its played.

On the team front we have the obvious suspension in Ryan and Olly sounded 50/50 after rolling his ankle in training on Thursday. El Hamed also isnt 100 percent after a virus forced him to miss the first of an International double header.
Apart from that we are hunky dory to go out and put on a show.
Theres a big gap in the middle should Olly not pass muster and we could well see Big Tam come in with an appearance to cap off that wedding date .
Apart from that the question is whether to keep with the natural left winger in Elly and we are expecting a yes especially at home when we could really do with these points .
Bauer at right back is probable after El Hamed’s news , cant see why the gaffer would have brought it up if there wasnt going to be a swithc of sorts and all was fine.
So expect the usual Frazer with Jules and Kris in front of him to yell at.
Boli and Bauer is the most likely combo at wing back.
Scott and Calmac and James are the three cert’s in the middle.
We would expect Ellynousi going wide left with Tam at the tip of the midfield diamond supporting Eduoard who else.
If we didnt just have a break and need these points it would be perfect for Bayo to garner minutes that may be vital later.

The Staggie’s ( love the nickname ) are the surprise package so far and will be delighted with their 5th place spot going into this clash. However with Livi and Killie only a point behind they may just finish in eighth position. As mentioned a double manager duo which peaks the curiosity and one wonders how the dynamic will work tomorrow at the biggest stadium in the land.
Lets face it though , we should spank RC fullstop. Now and always especially at home.
Despite the mason in black we should be aiming to go out and blow them away putting down a marker that we fight hard for what is ours.
A proper victory is called for and sorry Ross County but youre in the way.

Prediction,,, A statement making 4 goals and clean sheet performance to show the world we aint going nowhere but back to the summit.

Come On You Bhoys In Green !!!

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MIT @ 1.34am,

Is that right, Winston? ???

I can’t get over this. Am I indeed insane??

Do none of you fuckers see this?????


I’m going to take a time travel tourism trip back to the 16th century and ask to be decapitated by a fucking Tudor, only to have this question asked 5 centuries later…… who is this weirdo, all knowing hero, that Hans Holbein keeps airbrushing out of his paintings???

And I’ll say, “I’m Jack Stevens, Sir; the man who no one had ever heard of until asked to describe Sir David Bowie on a Sky televised obituary. Respect my knowledge and authority, just because Sky have put me here.”

Then I’ll piss off home and drink over-priced wine while laughing at the increasing value of my personal art collection, my signed albums, and live tour DVDS, and say to my Saturday night party pals, let’s put on the red shoes and dance. I’ll be back.


Apols – respect to article … ?

4-0 win at home should be expected, but I feel a narrower win will make us more competitive on Thursday. Ooh,.let’s not open that door…. ??

Mike in Toronto


I hadn’t heard of this guy before you guys mentioned it tonight.
That guy certainly does look like Bowie in disguise.
Is the theory that Bowie filmed it before he died, or that he isn’t really dead?



I’ve seen it before,when you posted it. The fella is very much like Bowie,no doubt about it. And as a live show,I don’t think putting on a pre-recorded spoof could be kept secret for too long. Too many people involved.

Is it Bowie? Well,only if he’d pigged out while in the States for so long,definitely not a Thin White Duke in that clip. I’ll settle for a coincidence,even if an unsettling one which still leaves a smidgin of doubt!


NAPS entries here,please-follow the link.

UBER-your best hope of salvation,keeping your house and limbs intact,is a wee run of winners at say 2 or 3-1. Mine too!




No one else has mentioned it ever, only me.

Until now. That’s not some claim to fame for me. It freaks me out.

That is David Bowie ! Ffs!

As a friend said, he is hamming it up.

Fair enough.

The problem is that everyone refuses to see it – even when he appears on national TV.

Whether it was a trick of recording, or just blatant on the day stuff, the whole point stands.

That is David Bowie, yet you still have the majority not seeing it, or saying, no, it’s not.

It’s fucking mental.

My next question: should we respect him for exposing this, or is he just laughing at our stupidity? Surely the former?


Gorra love UBER. Just thinking of him in his red shoes,down at the dancing,gorra laugh. I was gonna post a link to the title track of Kate Bush’s 1993 album as a tribute. But I won’t-I’ll post this instead,from the same album. Now,everyone knows I adore Kate Bush,but…

The first time I heard this-and every time since-everything else in the world just stopped for me. As the lady herself once said-WOW!




I dunno the answer to that one,but I’ll ask him later. He’s meeting me for a few pints at lunchtime while the missus hits the outlet centre. Best person to ask might be BADABING,btw. I’ll let him explain.




I’ll let your cheeky basturdness go on this occasion ?

You know it’s him. Just admit it, then the Sentinels will see it too, and I can then take my new religion project to the next level !!!

We are all Jack Steven.

Or are we?? ?


I’m tired of talking to you lunatics. Where’s Twists?? The only sane one that gets me?!?!…
….and BP and Jim….. ?



Click on the link to the video from the one and only Kate. Your madness will disappear like magic,to be replaced by a serenity you will treasure. Trust me,I know these things.


Right, I’m off.

Fucking important things to do!! ( ?? – dobt judge me, sleep is something we ALL need ffs!)

MIT/ BMCUW – that was Bowie, ffs. BMCUW, you reference weight as an excuse for your denial – look carefully – where does he look overweight? Was it the side shot of him leaning over with a loose top to make him loon round shouldered while his stupid wig added to the illusion?

Honestly, how can you fellas claim to be Sentinel Tims if you can’t see blatant pish ripping like this?? You’re starting to sound like SFTB from 2016 !! ?….. who I love and respect… I do SFTB….but I know you’ll only over analyse this discovery of mines and annoy the fuck out of me…. ?


BMCUW, Used to love Kate, until she revealed she’s a tory Brexit eejit.
Now, all that loony dancing is more mental than sexy ?

Into the Bono bin, Kate.



Re SFTB,I honestly don’t think he’s a board lover,mate. He just doesn’t despise them as much as we do. But he’s coming round. Think back to say ten years ago on CQN. Hardly a word of criticism of them,bar The Willo Window. Now,loads of them.

Fight the long fight,oul’ son. It’s the only thing we know.

Twists n turns

Morning ladies n gents …. and Uber.

Thank goodness it’s Saturday. Thank goodness the fitba is back.

Uber – Jack Stevens. Don’t be downhearted at the scepticism. Didn’t Pythagoras try to convince people the earth was round ? They doubted him Uber, and they laughed at him . Thought he was ….. a lad insane….

On to more important matters:

This 10/1 shot? Can I confidently expect you to be in the black today? I need that money….


BMCUW @ 06.56,

I know sir.

Total respect for the main mhan.

But the good fhella’s clinical approach makes him ripe for the picking.

I still find it astonishing to put forward a rumour about Lee Congerton after spending years pulling everyone else up for using rumours as arguments.
I think ole Canamlar nailed it though- the posts on CQN appeared hours later, and if I’d been able to see them, I wouldn’t have said anything.

SFTB belongs here – deep down, he knows it . If not, the numerous posts I’ve made in support of the annoyingly pedantic bollocks deserve to be dissolved in the Celtic Ether.

I’ll let him explain that if he can be bothered when not defending British hegemony over Scottish freedom.

Oh, I’m sorry….did I open another can of worms ??



? oh, you’ll all be owing me after today.
You’ll see. You’ll ALL see !!!
[Look, leave my wee dug out of this, she knows nothing, okay?!?]



I suspect SFTB’s opposition to independence is waning on the vine-much like mine-in the face of Brexit.


PS, just so you all know, the Earth is round but not like a circle, more like a ball shape.

Just saying…..everything is all so confusing these days…?‍♂️



Yer wee dug? Don’t tell me that GLASGOWGIRL is YOUR dug?

Ffs,I put a tenner on that. Mustard up the arse next time,mate. And don’t feed it on pies.



The blanket is lifting.

You know I used to share your insane opinions on independence. Doesn’t help, does it? ??



Fortunately I don’t have a vote. Actually,I should never be allowed one as I’ve never voted for a winning candidate. True,that.



Glasgow Girl was a fine lass, but the discriminatory powers that be, ruled her out.

If she had been named, Whitburn Girl, I genuinely believe that I’d be top of this corrupt racing game that is being twisted and turned by Twists n Turns.

Look. I’m not one to stir things.

But can we ever trust anyone who names themselves after the Deidco Spreadsheet??

I propose a transfer of all funds and debts to me, at craigybank.org .

I’ll make sure your cash is properly invested. That’s the kind of guy I am.


I’ve genuinely got a hun friend who needs my help to learn how to use his banking app to pay his rent – he’s been stalking me for days, so I’ve tried the tough love approach, but need to balance it with the possibility that I might well need to move all my shit in with him when the economy collapses completely.

Serious point- when it comes to hunnery, he’s right in there – but still someone I know I can trust with my life.

In the (not impossible, but severely unlikely) scenario of Scottish fascism, would he be one of the ones to build tunnels to save us? Absolutely.
My point? We are actually a good tolerant society across the board, despite all the pish we all know exists towards us as Celtic Supporters…..
Get out of the toxic UK, identify and put an end to their divisionist pish, and we’ll be fine. Better than fine. We can start to prosper.
And BMCUW, ….come home…
Here Endeth the lesson



As you know,all of my mates back in Kilwinning are Rangers fans. Fantastic lads that I would trust with my life. They were huns when I met them,but we Tims treat Kilwinning as missionary work!

On a more serious note,I have said for years that unification of Ireland is inevitable due to demographics. IMO,it’s why Sinn Fein went into (Southern) Irish elections,plan being to call for it when they had a power base on both sides of the border. I think it’s a certainty that the planned Brexit deal brings that day closer,as the ruling Conservative and Unionist Party have ripped up the latter part of their name-the former part having gone a long time ago.

So,a United Ireland? Magic,a dream come true for us all,yes? I’m not at all sure,tbh. I’m sure it will be a difficult birth. How do you think the loyalists will react to being-in their eyes-disenfranchised? It will be by violence,that’s for sure. And that isn’t good. But the worst? Also inevitable.

The worst of them will emigrate,as the Irish have always done. They will go to a place where they may feel more of a welcome than in their homeland.

That worries me.


Look. I’ll be honest. I need to sleep.

But would you sleep, knowing that Twists is chasing you for £8.
A wee warning to the youngsters…. this insurmountable debt came because he tempted me into a small £1 bet 79 years ago.
Look at where we are now.
Lesson – avoid west Lothian bookies – their mullets cost money………


BMCUW @ 8.01am,

Yeah. It’s a serious issue, I know.

So here’s the several buts that come to mind me auld pal:
1. How it affects us is not their problem.
2. It’s way overdue, that we, the Brits leave these people alone.
3. If we I scotland suffer repercussions, then we need to accept and deal with that, or else forever suffer karma for our role in it.

When in Cork a few years ago, with a close friend from Mayo, who for me is a massive presence here, I felt shame, at the kindness shown to us, despite the not feckin small role Scots played in the oppression and genocide of Ireland….it really was getting to me.. I was too embarrassed to speak.

He calmly and honestly told me that we were loved because we’re Celtic (hard C).

I still don’t get that. I’m horrified by our role in what we did to Ireland. But that’s maybe an eye opener into how forgiving the beautiful people of Ireland are, and how much more evolved they are than us in the UK.

That same night, I was out of my face, and lost I in Cork….I was rescued by some youngsters who took a jakey pisshead into their car, and dropped me off at my hotel.

Do they deserve to have their future and the future of their children affected by the self serving tories?

It’s time that was brought into the “discussion”, instead of the pish we hear….including from the left argument for Brexit, which is equally shallow, aggressive and infuriating.

Feckin politics – free Scotland so we can reboot ??‍♂️


CQN @ 1.51am

Disturbing pish. Something really is wrong there. Sorry BMCUW and Mahe, but I can’t pretend it isn’t happening.

I remember Can saying he’d had serious problems even before the Res 12.

That’s another cunt added to the watch list – creepy bastards – yet no one on the sainted blog bats an eyelid. What the flying f is going on there???


Anyway, as usual, I’m talking too much.

I’m off to bet on a certain nap tipped by our resident tipster ….

Meantime, Twists, this is how our BMCUW reacts to your tips now ?

Bit harsh imo. ?

You can take my legs, but you’ll never take my freedom ……



Early kick off today at a capacity House of Commons- Get into them ! ?

A thing of beauty

Just setting off to the game. Very hopeful of the three points today and I’ll be looking for full points leading up to the next international break. We are struggling to create much of late and the goals of the first few games have dried up. Something needs to change and Neil needs to figure this out. I appreciate we were down to 10 against livi but we were rank, same against hibs and Hamilton. Elyonoussi needs a solid run of 6 games, no in and out. James Forrest needs a rest and I’d give him that today. I’d also rest calmac. I appreciate that means dropping three experienced first teamers when you take into account that Christie is suspended but these players are shattered. Of the games coming up this is probably the best one to mix things up in. If players cannot come in and perform at home, against Ross county they shouldn’t be at Celtic park in the first place.
To other matters. Just watched England thrash Australia at the rugby. I remember the days that was a rarity. Not now. Australia is suffering in all sports now from the PlayStation generation. It just took them 20 years to catch up, which let’s be honest is the norm for Australia.
I am also watching the debate in parliament. That we are in a position where a prime minister can stand in the house and lie and lie and lie for his own ends is a sad day. I appreciate it’s probably not the first time but this shitty man is not even trying to hide it. Turn oot the lights.



So,a United Ireland? Magic,a dream come true for us all,yes? I’m not at all sure,tbh. I’m sure it will be a difficult birth. How do you think the loyalists will react to being-in their eyes-disenfranchised? It will be by violence,that’s for sure. And that isn’t good. But the worst? Also inevitable.
The worst of them will emigrate,as the Irish have always done. They will go to a place where they may feel more of a welcome than in their homeland.

The hard core of ‘The blood of our blood and bone of our bone’ (copyright Alex Salmond) will in the main return to their ancestral birth place – Scotland. I mentioned the other day that the ‘Ulster Scots’ do not consider themselves as being Irish, they believe their ethnic and cultural identity differentiates them from the native Irish Gaels, and they have every right to believe this.



Yep. Hence my concern. It’s what happens when you back rats into a corner.



I remember when treason was a hanging offence. Nowadays you get to move into No 10 wi yer cheap slut. Not like me to be nostalgic,but…


Ireland v The All blacks about to KO at the Rugby world cup. Hope Ireland have been practicing their O’Haka ?


The Fields of Athenry v The Haka-Great atmosphere in Tokyo ?

Twists n turns

That’s enough….. can’t watch any more of this Brexit debate.

Democracy? Freedom of speech?

How can I believe in those principles yet I’m sitting here watching the list of people I want to punch in the face grow in considerable numbers?

Gonna watch the rugby.

All junior games in the Superleague South postponed today.



Blinkin flip. I’m late on parade!

Thanks for the reminder,old son. At least I’ll catch the second half.



Brexit? This sums up my feelings without the swear words I usually use.



Bmcuwp I wouldn’t worry mate-at this rate The All Blacks will be out of sight by HT ?


Little point in turning up if you are in the NZ half of the draw.

Cosy corner bhoy

Can sone techy genius post my nap on CQN please?
Btw in Creighton b4 game
Sitting with 3 women!!!
Never happened when I was 20??

CCB you already have a nap posted

Sorry just noticed you were talking about CQN. Can’t help sorry!




Hope you are well!


Watching Everton v West Ham but waiting for Bundesliga game between Leipzig v Wolfsburg to fill in the half hour before the real football begins at Celtic park.
I am digressing a little but had to blow off steam as i’ve spent most of the morning cleaning up after a pup who eats everything like a goat and now has the skitters.
Have resembled Usain Bolt on more than one occasion as i have spotted her agitation and rushed her out the back door into the garden.
Still this game is keeping my mind on shit.
Is the EPL the most overrated product in the world?
Everton are winning to save Silva’s job but if this is the best he can produce he should be sacked on the spot and spend his time developing a sleep app.
Has me hoping the pup lying at my feet will start to stir again.


Good man! Bliddy adverts



No problem mate!

Taking the ghirls over to the station. Going into Edinburgh for a 60th birthday lunch.
Pick them up about 11.

Lunch my bahookie!

Sober October is working for somebody right enough!


ATHINGOFBEAUTY has the most adorable wee pup. Seems these things come without a plug up their arse though.

Still,shit happens…


That’ll give you time to mow the lawn,mate. They’re always thinking of you.

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