Celtic 6-0 Ross County


Phew,what a scorcher! I really envy the near capacity crowd at Celtic Park who witnessed that display on Saturday. We ruthlessly tore a decent side to shreds with possibly our best display of the season so far. This was a six goal thrashing which flattered the victims,for once! In fact,Ross County could hardly have complained if we had hit double figures-and that was only by half time. Over twenty attempts at goal in the first half and only some stunning saves and the woodwork kept the score down to a miserly one.

It was a peach of a goal though. Jeremie Frimpong,making his league debut for the club following his impressive display against Partick Thistle in the League Cup,cut inside from the halfway line and played the ball to Eddy. A beautiful touch from him to the returning Tom Rogic took it to Mohammed Elyounoussi on the left. He cut inside and buried it low to the keeper’s left.

Four minutes,one up,looking good! And we looked good for another one anytime soon as we remorselessly threw everything at the away goal. Our entire front line seemed intent on getting on the scoresheet,with Eddy to the fore. That defence will be having nightmares about him for weeks,one particular mazy run and shot deserved so much better than a superb block by the keeper,having earlier seen one cleared off the line and another blocked-possibly by a hand,tough to tell-by a defender. In between,James Forrest had one of his trademark curlers with the outside of the right foot brilliantly saved by the keeper.

Christopher Jullien saw another effort cleared off the line-did I mention that even our corners were impressive?-while CalMac saw his left foot snap shot bounce back off the face of the post. Eddy then had another three or four goes and even Boli tried to show the strikers how it was done. To no avail though as we failed-somehow-to add to our tally before half time.

Different story after the break though. Despite having far fewer attempts at goal,we scored five-with four of them coming in the first ten minutes. I hope nobody was stuck in the queues for the half time pies! First up was I Wanna. A change of luck for him as a rare error from the defence gave him a clear sight of goal,one on one. He was never gonna miss that one as he coolly struck it home. Next,some lovely stuff from Broonie and Forrest saw the ball played by Eddy inside to the onrushing CalMac. No mistake this time from our man as he made it three.

We had barely got our breath back before the fourth one arrived. Frimpong left his marker with twisted blood on the byline as he cut it back to Forrest to lift across goal to the waiting Eddy. The keeper got a touch to it,but neither that nor an attempted clearance by a defender were enough to stop it.

Unbelievably the next chance fell to Ross County! It was a good one too,and needed a fine block from Fraser Forster to preserve the clean sheet. Undeterred,Celtic hit attack mode again,with Frimpong again working his magic,cutting the ball back to Forrest to place into the net. Four goals in ten minutes,everyone a cracker. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

Presumably with Thursday night’s visit from Lazio in mind,Neil Lennon took off Eddy and replaced him with Vakoun Bayo. And he had a huge hand in the sixth,cutting the ball back across goal for Boli to miscue. Unfortunately for County,he miscued it straight to Mo who adjusted his feet to get the shot away first time. And Bayo himself could have got on the scoresheet a few minutes later but his first touch on to a through ball wasn’t the best,the keeper easily blocking his shot following an incredible pass from Big Tam.

Overall,a very good day at the office-can we have more of them,please? An interesting wee stat for you-seven of our finishing eleven weren’t even at the club last season and two of the other four-Nir Bitton and Big Tam-are just back after injury. From someone who has been boring you all rigid with my pleas to Lenny to rotate the squad,you certainly won’t hear any complaints from me. I don’t think there would have been any complaints from the fans on the way home from that match either. Excellent stuff,Celtic.

My Man of the Match award goes to I Wanna. He must be a nightmare to play against when he’s in this type of mood. I’m fairly certain that we have no chance of holding onto him long-term but a wage rise and an extension to his contract seem to be a priority,for me at least. Honourable mentions to everyone else-especially Jeremie Frimpong. On a day when we had no passengers to carry,he showed he has the potential to be a major player for us.

Next up is Lazio. I’ve never seen them play us before so fingers crossed we can carry our form over. Hopefully their keeper won’t be pushing for Man of the match as the County one did on Saturday!


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Big Audio Dynamite

Ended up taking the wee man to the game(His ticket was £9 ?) I can’t seem to follow through with my threat to keep my money in my pocket. When it comes to the Tic, I seem to have a raging addiction! Anyhoo, we were scintillating on Saturday and the Huns were stunned on Sunday…a good weekend.

After looking at the upcoming fixtures, I think the deady bears might struggle to keep pace with us. If we play like we did on Saturday, they will never live with us!

????????<——–? Incoming




Vitally important that we educate the next generation,mate. Lord knows,we tried with my nephew. Failed miserably-though he still goes down to the pub to watch us on the telly. Which can’t be that easy in the part of Essex he lives in. No Celtic Bars in them parts!

My niece,on the other hand? Turned 21 less than a fortnight ago,never turns down an opportunity. We all went to the Cluj game-me,my sisters,my niece and my Dad. Got someone to take a photo of us in the pub on a phone,all three generations together and the five of us for the first time at a match.

(Actually,I think they just wanted a photo of my “I Wanna Be Edouard t-shirt!”)

My niece had it printed out and framed and it now has pride of place in my living room,fighting it out with my Lisbon Lions mural and my four Concorde prints.

Ah,the joy…

Twists n turns

They’ve ( on paper) got the more favourable fixture this coming weekend but yes, from them on, for the next half dozen, ours look by far more winnable.

Any win on Sunday would be a great result

The selections over the next half a dozen games will be critical to how the table looks at Xmas. ( the referee selections I mean ?)

Frimpong looked absolute quality. Will he keep his place? Far too many right backs at Celtic. ?

Ryan back too. Best midfielder in Scotland.

Thought Tom R was our weakest link on Saturday. Straight swap for Ryan.

A win v Lazio would end a nice week for Lenny and the bhoys.

On a separate matter:

I seen the protest banner v prices. It’s a subject I’ve had my opinion changed on. Some months ago, I recall me commenting the prices weren’t bad. Awe Naw replied and cited some comparison data which surprised me. Having now looked at it in more detail, he was absolutely right. Over priced in Scotland. By some way too.

Twists n turns

Bets at the weekend? Holy ****.

What chance have we got. Dundee Utd???

( horses no better mind ye)

Always next week eh……

Big Audio Dynamite

Aye Twists, the prices in Scotland, for the product on offer, are shocking, mate! Having said that, the price of my wee guy’s ticket was a pleasant surprise.

Twists n turns

Sitting here 2 coffees into the morning and I’ve ran out of milk. ??

I need at least 4 before I can face the day ?

Twists n turns


£9 was decent. Definitely

In my self imposed exile from CP I’ve been going to the junior matches. Whitburn, Bathgate, Fauldhouse… whoever.

£6 to get in!! I thought it would be a couple ££.

….. ah remember when I could get the bus to the pictures and a fish supper zzzzzz……..?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, my attendance at games may never get back to what it once was, but how I thought I was going to live without Celtic in my life, will remain a great mystery. When you love something this much, it’s pretty much impossible to leave it out.


Twists n turns

My ticket is ‘temporarily’ with someone else. I was asked the other day “ what’s happening next season, do you want your ticket back?”

I was decisive in my reply:

“ NO – he can keep it…….. err….. I think….. uhmm…..I’ll tell you for definite later”


Big Audio Dynamite

Twists, me and the wee man miss some games due to his own team playing at the weekend. He’s a left back with a wand of a Left foot. Yesterday he scored 2 rockets from outside the box(One, a direct FK into the top of the onion bag) and set up 3 others! Unfortunately, he was born with high set kneecaps, something his mum also has, which will definitely prevent him becoming a pro. He doesn’t know it, but it totally broke my heart when the doctor told us.

Could have been the next KT ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists, I understand …completely ?

I think, deep down, I was kidding myself I could live without Celtic, I’d have more chance of living without oxygen lol

Twists n turns

I’ve never heard of that condition! Doesn’t sound as though it’s doing him any harm at the minute. I’m assuming it’s gonna affect him as he grows?

That’s a tough break amigo . Especially if he’s got talent which he clearly has.

I hope he’s able to find something in another sport which he can excel in.

Failing that – we could use him taking up refereeing?

Twists n turns

…..and adopting complete neutrality of course ?



No bet placed at the weekend. I thought THEEXILEDTIM was gonna send his selections through,even though I’d asked you to split selections with me as a back up. But confusion reigned over that so no harm done!

I couldn’t believe the results of the games you suggested btw. No wonder I canny get a coupon up!



I cannot understand how people can go cold turkey on withdrawal from Celtic,mate. I appreciate and understand their reasons for doing so,but naw,couldnae.

Best wishes to your lad. Like TWISTSNTURNS I have never heard of this condition he has,hopefully it won’t affect the rest of his life,bar football.



Im not usually a one for the sob stories,but I really wanted to nap Donjuan Triumphant. Eventually talked myself out of betting in that race. Shoot me now…

Twists n turns

I was told on Saturday morning, straight from the horses mouth if you like, that a horse was strongly expected to go in. Nearing the off I got a call to say it had travelled to the races fine ( it can get a bit fractious) and everything was going to plan
I’d already went in fairly heavily but though I’d increase my bet.

Stalls opened, missed the break. Being drawn 1, ( which should’ve been ideal) that was it all over. Was stuck behind a wall of horses and had no chance from the point the gates opened.

It’ll drop 3 lbs at least I’d expect based on that run so I’ll console myself with the thought that I’ll catch it next time.

Always gravy tomorrow eh.

As for the football- ffs. Dundee Utd !!

Big Audio Dynamite

Twists &Bobby, his condition is called patella alta and I only knew about it because his mum has it. One thing he has in his favour, is the fact he is built like KT… big, strong and athletic. We made a deal, a long time ago, that his games would always take priority, hence why we miss so many games now. I get a massive amount of pleasure watching him. You don’t get many kids who dominate games from left back.

Ach, life does throw you some curve balls!

Twists n turns

….. and that tale of woe and financial misery is the reason I’m not putting information on horses up on the blog.
Yer left looking like a fekkin eejit and worse than that, some poor bastards are left counting the cost!

Great when they win…. not so when it goes awry

Big Audio Dynamite

Btw, I have already lost count of the number of penalties we should have had this season.

And anyone notice this new trend of converting Celtic strikers goals to OG’s? Now, I wonder why that is happening, eh?




£6? Try £25 for Hamilton Races. Money well spent as it turned out,for various reasons but still the most I’ve paid apart from Cheltenham. And that includes the like of Newbury to see Frankel win The Lockinge as well as various meetings at Sandown,Newbury again,Ascot,York,Newcastle,oh loads. Including Hexham,btw-hence my mail the other day.

Closest I came to that price was a Friday night meeting at Bath a few years ago. Went there with my rabid hun pal,Jimmy. Few beers in town first and a bus to the track-which is bloody miles from the city. £20 to get in. He asked why it was £20 and got told it was because The Wurzels were playing live after the meeting had finished.

I don’t want to see the f…..g wurzels,how much is it to get in without staying to watch them?

£50 said the girl at the gate,clearly he wasn’t the first person to ask a silly question that night.

Great night,that. Didn’t stay for the wurzels,mind. We had both decided on £200 for the night over six races. I’d spent most of the day finding just one winner,cos I intended £100 on the nap,£20 on the other five races. I only lifted my head from The Racing Post long enough to get the beers in or say-thanks,Jimmy-when it was his round. About 5pm,just before we needed to catch the bus I hit paydirt. But it was in the first race. Kinda screws your night if that goes badly!

It didn’t. 7-2. Beauty. So Jimmy is desperate for my selections for the rest of the meeting-but I’d been concentrating on finding one horse,and he couldn’t get his head round that. Both of our selections got well beaten in the next two races,and it was my turn for the beer. And hallelujah.

Bumped into a wee former jockey of my acquaintance from Manton,near Marlborough. And his equally petite wife. How you doing,etc. Keeping my powder dry,I explained. Nap was in the first,pin money now.

He reckoned I was £300 up,put a ton on the 7-4 favourite in the next and hammer the Michael Stoute favourite in the last. No matter the price. Put the other £200 in your pocket.

What a lovely wee fella. He worked in a filling station and I brought him in a rather pleasant little malt next time I was passing. Only fair.



Golden Boot. Anything to push up the value of Morelos.



That’s always been the problem with tips. Do you tell your pals so that they can share in your good luck,or do you keep quiet because they’re usually mingers-especially if you blab?

Caveat emptor…

Big Audio Dynamite

Eddy has hit 9 goals in 4 games for the French u21s ? And something like 11 in the last 2 weeks! On yesterday’s performance, he is simply unplayable.

I wanna be …

big packy

MORNING ALL, we run riot on Saturday and I miss the game, also had a racing certainty lined up for my nap and had to miss both.?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, I was gobsmacked Hearts ended the game with 11 men on the pitch, and that the Tavstar didn’t get his obligatory free shot at goal. I can’t watch them, but I’ll assume Kevin Clancy done everything bar those things to help out his brothers in scams.

HH ?

Twists n turns

That’s my kinda story?. Love to see the enemy get thumped!

Here’s a thing I bet ya didn’t know.

I was in the weighing room last week. (It was a race day)

There was a guy putting small devices in every saddle bag pre race.

“ what’s that yer doing?”

He explained it was a system being trialled. GPS tracking. Soon ( assuming it works) he tells me I’ll be able to analyse the sectional times for every horse in every race.

That’s all we need eh! More information to confuse us.?. Actually it’ll be a useful tool as I’m sure you’ll appreciate.

Anyhow- left there and went into the stewards room. Chief steward was in there with his multi view tv screen.

He explained the full remit of his job which of course we already know, ( pretty much) but on the subject of “ ensuring every jockey rides his horse to gain the best possible finish” let’s just say we disagree on that one. Absolute tosh.

Shortly after – met Gordon Brown from Racing TV. As we chatted, a jockey went past and said to me “ don’t believe a word he tells you”

They passed a few comments to each other and the jockey says his horse won’t only win today, it’ll go on to vg things this year”

They were still standing chatting and I was already on my phone betting the horse.

It won going away – sorted. Can’t lose for the day now.


Swings n roundabout? You better believe it.

Gordon tells us that Jim Goldie and him had a chat earlier. The favourite won’t win the stayers race. What will? His own horse or he says, or perhaps this other one, but most likely his own. 9/2 and 12/1.
I already had it in my mind I was betting the Gerry Mcgladderry owned horse in that race, however, armed with this info, I’m all over the Goldie one with a saver on the other he named.

You can guess the rest. Mcgladdery horse wins in a canter with the Goldie horse and the saver well beaten

What chance have you got!!



You still had a great result at the weekend,mate. Delighted for you both.


Big Audio Dynamite

Second half of the Celtic game, there were 5 goals and 6 substitutions.

Don Robertson(?) Added 1min of extra time! This league title will be the sweetest thing, a real get it up you to every ref who has tried to cheat us this year …so that’s all of them!



Oh,ouch. Big lad,Jim Goldie. I’m pretty sure I knew a number of his family back on the 80s,farmers from around the Irvine/Stewarton area. Best let PF sort him out,mate(!)

A real bummer though when a bloody trainer gets it wrong.



Standard procedure at Celtic games,sadly. If we are winning,they don’t want us to ramp up the goals. If we are losing,they don’t want to give us a chance of getting it back.

Big Audio Dynamite

I think it’s Porto, Reincarnation fc play next? I really hope Fredo thinks he can bully Pepe lol, that should be fun.

big packy

just been out to the car, feckin steel bolt thru the tyre, so cant be repaired, been quoted 125 quid, or the cheap one, feckin cheap one 85 quid.

Awe Naw

Great result and performance at the weekend. Will undoubtedly not help but hinder us for Thursday don´t forget.

My hun bullshit gene is seriously twitching after the weekend.

Gerrard admitting in the press that he has to lose 8 players without replacing them this January. I mean how naive and self indulgent is this ? It betrays a mindset that he is being indulged at Ibrox that the situation has not been candidly expressed to him. He has effectively stated “I have 8 players that I want rid of come get them you can have them for free”. Now it may make sense to pull the wool over Gerrards eyes to maintain the Stevie G band wagon for the Ibrox hordes but it comes at a cost. What make that interesting is how stupid is Gerrard ? He now must know after 1.5 years what he is dealing with ? Is he being fooled or is he surreptitiously hitting back ? letting the hordes know that in January he will only have an 18 man squad and forget any possible new signings ? I find it difficult to believe that he hasn’t strayed from the comforting lies mantra.

I also found it strange that he never faced the camera´s yesterday. Why not ? They drew. Away from home having been a goal down and are still top. Was he just pissed off and didn’t fancy it ? Why he’s had bigger more embarrassing humiliations and faced the cameras ? He either didn’t want to face questioning about certain things .. couldn’t have been the game he was concerned about as it was a pretty straight forward run of the mill SPFL game or the performance as that was a pretty run of the mill sevco performance. NO something has changed and I am sure the Liverpool fan who single handedly brought him to Ibrox with the help of Kenny Dalglish and Gary McAllister and now being persona non gratis with British industry has informed Gerrard made him fully aware of the situation and ihe s pissed off about it. The indulgence has ended. The phoney media transfer indulging stories has also come to an end following Gerrards squad cutting revelations.

So big fat Jim is fire fighting just now. And not just him.

It could even be argued that Gerrard is not adhering to the level 5 spin and was therefore told to avoid the cameras after the match. I fully believe that the Morelos racially abused headlines is a Level 5 squirrel designed to distract from what has just happened and what Gerrard has said is coming down the pipeline. The upholding of a complaint against Tom English by the BBC about the pre match crush at Kilmarnock on very flimsy grounds demonstrates that Fat Jim has been hard at it.

There is definitely a rupture now at Ibrox. Gerrard is entering a Mark Warburton press conference supervised by Jim Traynor territory …of course it is just not been reported.

big packy

AWE NAW, spot on with that post

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
Food for thought.

They’ve a penchant at Ibrox for spending the gullibles season ticket money in the summer with no thought for the rest of the year. If we are to assume the money men have, ( as has been suggested by Phil, JJ etc,) told the glib and shameless liar “ no more”, then the exodus of the 8 makes sense.
Is Gerard making a point when he says “ who could we bring in that’s better than Morelos?”

Is he saying “ ok you can get rid of 8 but you’re not selling Morelos?”

It could be an interesting January window.

Packy, next Celtic game is this Thursday 8pm. We are at home to Lazio. Kate Bush’s birthday is 30 July before you ask.

happy to help 🙂

big packy

hey jim can you fix tyres.?


Best OG scorer in Scottish footballing memory = Virgil Van Dyke.


The ole huns will claim that their hero, gay bawsack rugby trained middle class bell end Richard Gough was a funawmaynil centre back…but anyone who played football for more than 10 minutes knows better.

That’s why Sally McMoist loved him so much.

Hah. The giggles those boys had in the showers. So wrong…..but soooooo good.

Geez a poppy, it’s hun dignity time.

Hopeless with cars Packy. I’ve got tyres to buy before my next MOT. Bliddy cars!

Awe Naw


I see that he did in fact face the BT camera’s afterwards … just very late … a tet la tet over what questions can and cannot be asked. I watched the second half yesterday and Davis was atrocious as was Tavernier. Nobody will take them on at their current wage.


BP/ Jim

Can’t even put a bit of air in the tyres… extortionate …blamed on……inflation……

Asda George Air is cheaper…can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in quality mind you. This is the free market after all.
I just blow into my tyres and invoice the government. F$ck em.

big packy

UBER, nice to see you on hh.

big packy

right the tyre man has just arrived, will catch u later.hh.

Uber, sometimes inflation around tyres is blown out of all proportion!

A lot of hot air.

Byres Road Bhoy

BAD @ 7:37 So sorry to hear about your boy’s condition. It will be heartbreaking if and when you have to break the news to him that his footballing future will end before it begins.
Please don’t take what I am about to say the wrong way because I know you’ve been living with this knowledge for some time and are more familiar with Patella Alta and how it applies to your bhoy but have you considered getting a second opinion?
According to what I’ve read so far on several medical sites, the condition can be rectified by surgery.
Now if it were to require private surgery, I am sure the Celtic family would be happy and supportive in a Crowdfunding appeal.
The chance to fund the possibility of another KT? A no-brainer. My open wallet awaits.
Besides, maybe your doctor’s asticky bun…

Awe Naw

The former Manchester City man cited family reasons for his departure with Gers moving for Southampton’s Ross Wilson to replace him.

And Gerrard says Allen was ‘a rock’ for him as he praised the club for replacing him so quickly.

He said: “I am pleased that the club have acted quickly to replace Mark Allen because there was a void there. Mark did a fantastic job.

“The weeks that he has been missing I have certainly felt a void.

“Mark was a rock for me who I bounced off every single day so I have to give the club credit for acting quickly and finding a replacement.

“I am really looking forward to working alongside Ross. He has done a fantastic job at Southampton.

“It has given me time to find out more about him, how he works and have some really detailed conversations so we can’t wait to start the relationship.

“It is only around the corner so that is fantastic news for the club.”

Above has not been Awe Nawed

But these are not the words of a man who threw Mark Allen under a bus as John James would have you believe. Definitely the words of a man who is still on script. The question is does he believe the words or does he know it’s a script



Oh,he knows it’s a script. Penny dropped,last job ever. Play it out and hope for the best.



Tyres for an MOT? Put the dodgy ones on the front,they will fail. But you get a free re-test. Swap the front and rear tyres. Worked for me a couple of times. Don’t tell anyone I told you though…



Pisses me off having to pay 50p to inflate my tyres,mate. Sainsbury is free,but their machine doesn’t always operate. Overwork would be my guess-obviously I’m not the only cheapskate in town!