A credit to the name

I take a lot of pride and a little heart when Celt’s go down south and flourish.
Whether they or even you realised it at the time, leaving us for a bigger league help’s forge the collective imprint of our Club , team and its level upon the next fanbase.
Although it can be tough sometimes as we just found out its also is not without benefits when we see or read of someone who was our’s flourishing on bigger stage’s.
Number one, it shows you’re doing something right. You chose well .
Two, Its now known you can produce players that can cut the mustard and have raised your profile.
Three, its financially rewarding which can be used to help the step to the next level.

The news that Virgil has been shortlisted for the Ballon D’or will surprise no one who has watched closely. I heard one journo say he has had the biggest impact on an entire football operation as an individual as he has ever seen in the game.
The entire club can and do breathe a general sigh of relief when the big man is marshalling and scowling at the heart of defence.
After lifting the big cup , IF they happen to take the title for the first time in donkey’s years then that journo’s word’s will be shown to be patently true.
Walked in , took charge , and they win the two biggest prizes they can. Thats fairytale stuff.
Ask a Scouser and they will just say he’s “ boss “.

Brendan is currently the darling of the English media and sits a high and mighty third in the table.
One of his biggest issues and possible pitfalls were the big personalities in that dressing room who could try to break our ex gaffer if they wished.
Brendan not only got them onside with his vision but Vardy’s form is being described as Phenomenal at present , a big feather in Brendan’s cap and a test passed with an A plus there.
He has helped produce a rough diamond in Maddison who may be a big big money departure ala Maguire , another feather.
And the man himself is now being spoken about as a possible for bigger jobs ( Spurs was the rumour ) which is a sign that he is a man on the up by all accounts .
And at that age and good at his job we would all surely admit why not have suitor’s. Not his fault.

Yesterdays shock Arsenal defeat to “ The Blade’s “ without our ex left back will probably see the last of the incumbent who was given the slot. After his cup exploits for the Gunner’s we have comments like “ However Tierney should be starting for me. Simply better in every aspect “.
He was on the bench last night , look’s about to be given the starting berth ,, and the true and proper beginning of Kieran Tierney’s second club career is about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting . He will blow them away and cement his spot in the leagues top left backs within a couple years max.
And will forever be associated strongly with us.

As mentioned all three ex employees are our export and good’s we are to be judged on by the game as a whole . Some will be judged more our product and some less but some of our name and reputation travel with these men , thats just a fact .
Positive impacts for them brings positive light for us and the reverse may be said also .
There are a couple others in the league that have not disgraced themselves at all infact the opposite ( Victor and Teemu for instance ) but our ex trio above are true talents that can easily take a step up in level and will find many an admirer wishing they had cast the first glance in their direction, and wondering how to find the next one first if they are smart.
Well the common denominator aint that hard to find. I expect a few to notice that fact.
The profile will be raised by Kt slotting in seamlessly and Brendan showing serious managerial talent again. Virgil takes that trophy instead of Messi or Ronaldo theres another hat tip our way.
It might irk some but until such times as the game is a level playing field and we can hang onto our star’s each of us should want them to dazzle upon departure.
Go and shine bright lad’s. Be a credit to the name.

We are seeking guest articles to liven up the place a wee bit . We know theres a load of talented pensmiths out there . Fill the inkwell and let it flow.
Masterpiece’s to sentinelcelts@gmail please.

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Mike in Toronto

Phew! Tories blow the election



That’s a googly you’ve bowled us,if ever there was one. I’ve rarely shown much interest in a former Celt’s later career-once they’ve gone,they’re of little interest to me. There have been occasional exceptions over the years,of course. But very few.

I’ve argued for years that we sell our assets at far too low a price,compared to their true value which we know from watching them over the years. But a player’s value is only what someone will cough up. So in order to prove that value,we have to point to previous examples. I would never-well,rarely!-wish ill on a player who decides to depart but it looks as though for our ‘business model’ to prosper,so too must we hope that our former players do too.

That’s a bitch,that one.



Looks like you will have a difficult time over there if Trudeau has to form a coalition. Think his ego can cope?

Twists n turns

Really enjoyed that article. On a ( kinda) similar theme, I was watching Neil Lennon’s interview yesterday in which he named half a dozen talented players sitting just outside the main squad.

We do indeed have a great crop of players waiting in the wings. I also watched big Julienne being interviewed on French tv and he described Karamoko as a “ phenomenon “

It was great to see Frimpong get a game at the weekend. Obviously it was an unfortunate injury to another player that let him get his chance, but I can’t help worry that it’s going to be extremely difficult to give these players match time.

Just how long will Karamoko, Arzani etc wait around? I don’t have the answers but I do wonder if we could get these players ( at least some of them) out on loan to European sides or Championship sides in England for a season?

The Irish league?

Karamoko is gonna be a sensational player. Frimpong looked similarly talented at the weekend. Arzani ( pre injury) was being hailed as an Aussie sensation.

There are a few others. Just how will we get the best of these kids if they can’t get in the side?

I’m truly hoping they don’t all wither and die in the background, or get sold on to other sides before we get the opportunity to see them for a few seasons in the hoops.

We need a plan! I’m just not sure what the plan should be.



I definitely think we need to get Arzani into our plans,or return him to Man City. As for Karamoko,I still think we should have had him on growth hormones for the last few years. He’s a terrific player,but his stature is a concern in the modern game.

I would expect to see some more of the fringe players in the next ten weeks before the break,then again as we head into spring. As for Frimpong,I’m not sure that we can even count him as a fringe player anymore! So,if the like of Luca Connell or Lee O’Connor is looking in-heads up lads,your time is just around the corner!

big packy

MORNING ALL, mahe great article as usual, but once a celtic player leaves paradise I don’t give him a second thought ,now I remember the1977 the cup final, I had moved down to Liverpool a few years before and my hero was Kenny, now I managed to get a ticket for the game hitchhiked up to hampden, remember getting fecking soaked, but andy lynch scored and we won, and I got to see my hero, now a few months later he follows me down to Liverpool, I was heartbroken, now I lived just off anfield road a stones throw from the ground, I could have gone and seen him play anytime, but no chance he left the famous Glasgow celtic so I left him, may sound like sour grapes but it isn’t, any celtic player leaves celtic I forget about them..hh.

Morning all. If we have good players struggling to get game time and half a dozen talents waiting to get into the main squad, it makes me wonder why we keep bringing in loan players.

Twists n turns

Each to their own, and I can understand some people just want to move on, but I couldn’t.

I can’t forget the likes of Bobby Murdoch, Jinky et al.

Bertie with the Hibs – taking a corner but chatting to us at the same time…..

Tooooooo many good memories…. and a few legends were punted and didn’t want to go.

I can’t forget those bhoys amigo….

Big Audio Dynamite

BRB, I had kinda resigned myself to the course of action recommended by the Doc and Physios, but should I have? There is no easy solution here! For you to have done this, says a lot about who you are, my friend(Are there any fans like us).

I have always been terrible at asking for anything, never mind help, but you may have lit the fire under me again. Goes without saying, I would give him my knees if I could, so the least I can do is look into the possibilities again ?

Need to run, but to quote BP …I love you to bits! ☺

Twists n turns


More recently


Ya canny kid a kidder…. you’ve not forgotten those bhoys…..

Twists n turns


Really pleased to hear you’re going into proactive mode. What’s to lose? Nothing…. possibly lots to gain.

BRB has ignited something here that might just bring a Bhoy and his parents hope, and more.

BRB and you ( and yours) will have the support and backing of many on this.

Go gettum bro.

big packy

TWISTY, thanks for pulling me up? no what imeant was I would not be following their career, you could never forget henke lubo Kieran bobby jinky etc, hey ok its sour grapes you win?

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, god bless you and yours. luv ya to bits??

I can understand bringing in loan players with an option to buy clause. ‘Taste and try before you buy’. Makes sense. But other than that signing someone on loan for a season is just a sticking plaster.

It’s fine for clubs with a limited, or zero, transfer budget. But that’s not us.

Twists n turns

I knew you were only half hearted in your thoughts. Not possible to forget em all….

Tell ye what I find odd:

I’ve an awful fondness for a lot of players who wore the hoops that were “ less fashionable” if I can put it that way. Players who were more or less in the lower bracket of hero worship.

The likes of:

Paul Wilson
Ronnie Glavin
Big Shuggie
Chris Morris
Billy Stark

to name just a few.

No idea why…. just became awfy fond of them….

big packy

JIMTHETIM53, as your a new poster welcome to the blog are you a h–?

Packy, was it so obvious?

Twists n turns

I also loved Alfie Conn…… ?

Maybe cos he jumped the fence? He was actually my hun pals hero…….maybe that’s part of the reason…. he ( my pal) was absolutely gutted when Alfie came to us. ?

big packy

TWISTY, you know what I loved watching paul Wilson, lovely talent, he had a gracefulness about him I cant describe it but you know what I mean.hh.

big packy

JIM, if your a hun, im a freemason? with an orange sash.

Twists n turns

Don’t ask me dates coz I’m shit on them, but I distinctly remember being at CP and we were losing 2-0 v them. Paul Wilson scored to make it 1-2.

I can’t remember how long to go but I said to my brother, that’s it, I’m fkn outta here. We were walking underneath the old Celtic end stand making our way out, and there was the unmistakable roar of a goal. It felt like the whole place was gonna cave in on us. Paul had scored again to make it 2-2.

Could get back into the ground quickly enough.??

big packy

TWISTY, loved Alfie conn as well, wish we had him today, them corners would not be wasted, great in the air.hh.

Twists n turns

Talking about ex players. I see Arsenal got beat by Sheffield United last night. Whilst KT sat on the bench! Hell mend them.



Early 80s,my Mum’s oldest sister had to go up for a checkup at Ballochmyle Hospital. I drove her there,it was a notorious cut and shut place,I couldn’t even sit in the waiting room. Anyway,out she comes-i should point out theat this woman was normally game for anything!and I asked how it went.

Ma f…..g leg’s gotta come aff!

Holy f..k!!! Right,I’ll take you for a drink,I’ll phone my Mum,don’t worry about it,we’ll think of something.

Think of whit? My f…..g leg’s gotta come aff!

It wasn’t a pleasant drink and it wasn’t a pleasant phone call either. My Mum told me to bring her back to our place,and that wasn’t pleasant either. But my Dad and I got our heads together. I was friends with a guy at Uni whose Dad was an oncologist. Could he help? My Dad had friends in white-collar stuff through the union,could they help?

In next to no time,an appointment was made with,I think,a Professor Forrester at Gartnavel. Cut off a toe.

Seriously. Not the leg. A toe.

I can see why you thought your lad was a hopeless case-sorry!-due to the history of his affliction,but there is always someone out there who knows better. It must have been hell for you watching your lad putting in MOTM displays-and in such a coveted position,too-knowing that his dreams wouldn’t last longer than the one he had the other night.

But there’s hope. And there’s medical science. And there’s maybe an equivalent of a Professor Forrester.

We will see him in The Hoooooops yet,old son. And I’ll be crying just as much as you that day.

Byres Road Bhoy

Morning all. BAD Glad to be of assistance. Keep us posted of any developments and don’t be daunted by big financial numbers. This club’s supporters have a historic readiness to dip into pockets for good causes. Hell, we’re currently feeding half of Glasgow. Again! Lol!
A thoughtful piece Mahe. And I concur with its direction. I’ll be taking a closer interest in Arsenal once KT steps up. Already watching and keeping tabs on Leicester although that said, the football I witnessed at Parkhead on Saturday was truly breathtaking. The ball has never been moved around so quickly and accurately. That was matched by players’ movement when they didn’t have it – something we’ve all been squealing about.
Keep it up Lenny.

Awe Naw

Rangers Continue to Defy Global Market Forces

By Gary Ralston 22.Oct2019

Rangers have given thanks to the many elderly volunteers who agreed to man the phones for free over the past week after a deluge of telephone calls from global football clubs interested in obtaining the services of the 20 million pound rated Colombian Alfredo Morelos and Rangers captain James Tavernier. A Rangers spokesperson said, “Thanks to all those who have given their time free of charge and answered the clubs call. Much progress has been made with such a large volume of incoming enquiries for the services of Alfredo and James has been overwhelming”

One very elderly lady volunteer Crystal Methven (67) said “When I was asked I said no bother at all. I got two minutes training and then I was thrown in straight into the deep end.”

When pressed to expand on some of the content of the calls that she was engaged in Crystal stated “To be honest with you none of us were quite sure. They could have been Spanish or Italian clubs as they were speaking with a kind of funny ‘allo ‘allo accent, none of us could make out a word of it but it was nice of them phoning ken and we’ve got to keep it confidential like”

Tim Burr 72 who has supported Rangers his entire life was keen to stress that he actually did not want the players to leave “Rangers is all about dignity and class, when we heard that the club secretary was having to deal with over four hundred calls in one day we stepped in without thinking. The club secretary assured us that they would not be selling James or Alfredo and that we really just wanted to answer the enquiries politely. Now that’s dignified class”

The Rangers spokesperson stated “No matter how many tens of millions we are offered for James and Alfredo they will not be leaving the club. We have no need or desire to sell them both for 30,40 even 50 million. The clubs is in a good place financially we have just spent 12 million on Kent and Holander”

Rangers will not welcome any bids for their star men in the January transfer window with Steven Gerrard seeing Morelos and Tavernier as being pivotal to Rangers’ treble challenge and the club will not be held ransom to derisory bids. Rangers will leave the profiteering and wheeling and dealing to other SPFL clubs while they concentrate on building a team that could possibly next year with Gerrard still at the helm do well in the Champions league possibly dropping out at the later stages to secure the Europa league having clinched the SPFL Title.

It has been rumoured that Morelos and Tavernier have recently signed 5 year lucrative contracts with a sell on clause of 80m pounds inserted that should warn any suitors off no matter what funny language they speak

Byres Road Bhoy

Awe Naw. Brilliant! Just Brilliant! Crystal Methven (67)… Lol! Lol! etc…
Bobby an enlightening tale. Shows the value of a second opinion!



Eh,I loved all of them-especially the goalscoring machine of Ronnie Glavin and the cult hero,big Shuggie.

A couple of years ago,I was talking to a bloke whose family came from Barnsley. I was in a pub in London,heading over to Wimbledon Irish Centre for the game. He said that his Dad adored Ronnie,an absolute Legend for them. I was kinda preening myself,though still livid at him for the brutal kick on Wee Jinky in THAT game.

Anyway,guy next to us said-Celtic fan? Oh,canny thank you enough for giving us Jackie. What a player. F…..g legend.

Got me thinking about who was a legend at two clubs,including ours. Delaney,I think. Bobby Collins and Bobby Evans. Bobby Murdoch,obviously. And Dalglish.

Not many,really. You could stretch a point with Henrik at Barca for winning them the European Cup,maybe Brian McClair at Man Utd,first player to score twenty league goals since Best. But maybe some others were legends at minor clubs,as I’ve mentioned. In that case-there must be a fair few!

Now that I come to think of it,John McNamee? Wasn’t he the captain when Newcastle won their last trophy? Might have been John Moncur,mind…

bada bing1
Awe Naw

What happened to memorial walls did they forget ?

bada bing1

Semi-final tickets on sale now first-come first-served to STH yet to purchase. Opt-out of SMS txt CELTICSTOP to 60777.


Twists n turns

Awe Naw
I’ve said before, you should publish a comic book. Full of yer own characters. It’d sell well.

Actually – I’ve been searching my memory, but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it?

What was it?

There was many years ago, I’m almost certain , a comic type magazine on sale outside CP.

Someone put me out of my misery. What was it called? ?


The success of ex Celtic players in the EPL in comparison to those of other Scottish teams is commendable.
But since they were the beneficiaries of the SPL tolerances it should come as no surprise.
The players had the benefit of playing in a skewered landscape where they had to be 30% better than opponents.
Defenders had to learn how to win a tackle using timing and technique rather than just ploughing into the back of opponent.
Midfielders had to have a quicker eye for a pass before a dirty bassa tried to break their leg without caution and also having to win tackles when the chances of winning ball are 30/60 in opponents favour due to guy with whistle.
Our forwards had to find space for a shot with a guy clinging to their back and raking their achilles.Working with less space and time sharpened their instincts.
It is not coincidental that our players are ready for the EPL.


Just because there’s 2 days to next Celtic game.


Twists n Turns
The Celtic View?
It was pretty comical.

Twists n turns

Ach I’m sure there was a ‘ Viz’ type mag on sale outside CP at one time? Maybe I’m totally wrong .

Bloody annoying me though …. niggling away at me…was there… wasn’t there….

Awe Naw

John James challenges rival Phil Mac Giollabhain to a FIGHT after Celtic Blogger pulls out of James Forrest boxing match.

John James said he would fight Phil Mac Giollabhain, after Celtic Blogger pulled out of a charity boxing match against James Forrest.

ByPaul Brennan Senior Online Showbiz Reporter and part time Boxing Promoter

Phil Mac Giollabhain (69) has pulled out of his charity boxing match with James Forrest (65) (Image: ITV)
The charity event, Talking Shoite about Celtic, hosted by Resolution 12 star Auldheid, will see a number of Celtic bloggers fight with one another in the spirit of Brother Walfrid to raise money for a good cause. Friday nights beer kitty.

While Big Packy will slap about Big Bad Jimmy for free as part of pre match entertainment package, it was planned that Loose Lips Mac Giollabhain would take on Celtic Blogger star James Forrest, 65.

But the Isle of Man blogger has pulled out of the event while in the midst of a difficult period down the word mines claiming he can no longer spell or punctuate properly due to British oppression

John James 73 and Phil Mac Giollabhain have a long-running feud (Image: Getty)

John James challenged Phil Mac Giollabhain to a fight (Image: John James/Twitter)
After announcing his divorce from Keira Jackson, Phil revealed he had suffered a lapse of concentration while writing a Celtic blog and made a spelling mistake and could not face spelling expert James Forrest or himself.

So after pulling out of the upcoming charity match, Phil, 69, responded to a promotional tweet about the event, confirming: “I’m on the poster but I am NOT fighting anyone I pulled out because I made a grammatical error”

John James, 73, then gave himself 10 pence via paypal and then shared the tweet on his own profile, writing: “I’ll fight ya Phil for money stick it on my paypal [sic].”

Phil Mac Giollabhain pulled out of his boxing match against James Forrest (Image: Twitter)
Full body tattooed model John has always been vocal about his dislike of Phil.

Following his stint on Blogger of The Year Nineteen O Oatcake, John added literal fuel to the fire by setting alight an old photo of himself snogging Phil.

Sharing a clip on Instagram, the Celebrity Celtic Blogger chanted, “burn it” as he held a lighter in front of Phil’s face in the picture on his blog.

John James set alight a photo of him with Phil Mac Giollabhain (Image: John James/Instagram)
His shocking move came after he took to social media site to tell fans he wasn’t happy with Phil always stealing his exclusives and passwords and if they want to know more like how really pissed off he is then they have to step up to the plate donate and donate heavily via paypal

He told his followers after removing his bottom lip from his forehead: “I just want to make one thing clear. I don’t do this for nothing. The paypal logo is on the top left hand side of my blog .. just click on it and give

“When Phil Mac Giollabhain says, ‘Oh, John’s waving at me…’ I wasn’t waving at you, b***h! I was giving the finger to freeloaders”

John and Phil have had a long-running feud for the past 65 years, after initially falling out during primary four where they attended the same school. None of the two will comment who actually had the biggest willy

Awe Naw


Thank you my dear man.

‘Not The View’ ?

Twists n turns


Not the view?

I think yer right amigo…. could well be what I was thinking about ???

Twists n turns

Awe Naw


That’s funny ….

The references to JJ and his donations had me in stitches.

Many’s a true word…….

You do realise you’ll end up in court one day … ?

Mike in Toronto


I was dreading a Tory win (even a minority). Too many countries are swinging right, and its is not a principled right… it seems to be a vote based on fear, and in many cases, hatred of ‘the other’. And that was not the Canada I have known. But we are seeing it happening in a lot of countries. So, I was actually heartened that Canada did not fall victim to that.

And while I was a fan of Pierre Trudeau (an arrogant SOB, but, he had a vision for the country, and dreamed about something other than lining the pockets of himself and his cronies), I am not a great fan of his son (he seems like a modern media created politician … pretty but no substance).

I am hoping that, since he only has a minority, he will have to reach out to others to actually try to govern and to do something positive.

Of course, the risk with minorities, is that, if he cant build bridges, we could end up in another election in 18 months or so.

But, after last night, I am somewhat more positive about Canada this morning…


Mike in Toronto
Not easy to find a politician with any substance in this age.
Social media soundbites and corporate control have rendered it nigh on impossible for a politician with a social conscience or ideals.
Here in the USA we have Sanders who is realistic and honest.
He is not what the corporations want so i expect to see their full might and scaremongering against his ideology hit full throttle to stop him getting the nomination.
The corporate Democrats are as big an enemy to the people as Trump’s republican crooks are.


By preaching the doctrine that nothing is to be admired except the steel and concrete, one merely makes it a little surer that human beings will have no outlet for their surplus energy except in hatred and leader worship.
George Orwell

Awe Naw


I´m back home mid November for a fortnight. Their lawyers will be waiting for me at the airport.

Fancy a meet up ? I cordially invite you and whomever you want to bring for a wee swally somewhere or if you are driving maybe a meal or something. If you are remote and need collected I can do that also – nae bother

Think about it..

Mike in Toronto


I get the whole ‘horse shit, butl shit, it all smells the same’ sentiment, and I agree that the Democrats are too beholden to big business, but I still think they are not as bad as the Republicans (who themselves , I agree, are also beholden to big business, but are increasingly clearly willing to pander to what we used to call the extreme right, but, sadly, are now just the right wing of their party).

But, I think I have offered Mahe a couch to sleep on if he ever needs to escape California’s widlfires… I would also extend the offer to you if you ever need a break from Trump!

And bring the pup, Canada is dog friendly.



Boaby, a two club hero of mine – wee Ownie – only because of that goal he scored against the huns.

If ever you talk to somebody from Barnsley and you tell them your a Celtic fan, they’ll talk to death about wee Owen.

Twists n turns

Awe Naw
I’m sure I’ll squeeze a drink in.

Where are you staying when you visit? You still got that Highland retreat next to Balmoral? I remember the Queen’s ‘ people’ were trying to persuade you to sell to them . What did they say again? Your parties were “disrupting the peaceful atmosphere”

That’s coz Mags kept visiting . Did you sell or you still got that place?

Regardless if it’s there or somewhere near the old haunts I’m pretty sure I can sort something.

(Also, no offence, but please don’t invite Gough and McCoist this time. Don’t mean to be offensive to your friends but McCoist is ok in small doses. Gough does my nut in…..so if they’re going… count me out.)

At the time of writing I’m not aware of anything on my calendar for November.

Jist let me know nearer kick off ??

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