Celtic vs Lazio preview

Tonight will see the best atmosphere in European football come alive again.
Theres simply no better place to be than in that hallowed park under the floodlights on a European night with exotic names and tanned adonis’ there to be left bewildered and entranced by the passionate and vocal faithful. And ideally beaten by the 11 on the actual park.
It’s the stuff of legends is that atmosphere and the bigger the team , the more the reaction .

The Roman’s ( once again ) will try to pacify and tax Caledonia , and just like last time they will arrive and realise their folly.
We have our own Cesar ( RIP ) thanks.
Boudica had them on the ropes, now it’s up to Broony to finish em once and for all and send em scampering with tail between legs once and for all.
Cheers for the roads . We prefer spuds btw.

Its the hardest test of the season so far. The strongest team on paper that we will face unless progress out of the group comes through , and even then we may not face a team as strong as we do tonight.
However we all know that we can and do raise our game for these events , fans and players.
The famous 12th man may well be the difference between the two teams as has been many a time before and will again no doubt.

We sit in an unexpected though thoroughly deserved top spot in group E and the three points tonight would surely see us go through in one of the two spots. This should be our aim, to win every or at least not lose at home to help create Fortress Parkhead again.
Ideally the other two group combatants draw in France where Cluj are slight favourites at evens.

I asked our resident Venice lurker and my best man Beppe to have a peruse of the local rags there to pick up on what they are saying about us ,, here is what he had to say,,,
“ In Italy they report that Ryan Christie has spoken about the issue of racism ahead of the game vs Lazio and confirmed they had some talks about this within the team. He know’s it is up to Uefa to deal with it but he would walk off if given signal.
Inzaghi said Celtic has shown , even last year , that they are a very tough team to play against in Europe , with a fantastic fanbase capable of carrying them through by giving an edge at home.
The Italian press predicted teams are,,
Celtic,,( 4-2-3-1 ) Forster , Frimpong , Jullien , Ajer , Bolingoli-Mbombo , Brown , McGregor , Forrest , Rogic , Elyounoussi , Edouard.
Lazio,, ( 3-5-2 ) Strakosha , Vavro , Acerbi , Bastos , Lazzari , Milinkovic , Leiva , Parolo , Jony , Caicedo , Immobile. “

The Frimpong and Rogic calls show their naivety and every single Hoops fan worth their salt knows that Ryan will be the very first name on that teamsheet tonight.
Frimps by all accounts had a great game at the weekend though its pretty clear Lenny see’s El Hamed as the stronger more reliable of the trio fighting for the right back berth at the moment. Likewise to start Tam would be a bridge too far in what will be a crowded midfield with them playing five. . Theres no way on God’s green and white earth that he would get anywhere near enough time on the ball to justify a starting berth and should be held in reserve if needs be later in game.
The crowded midfield will more than likely be key to the clash and whoever comes out on top should take the points. We will need all of our middle of the park bhoys to be on fine form if we are to take anything at all and Ryan especially Im expecting to hussle until he drops.

Well the weather for starters is on our side. Rome basks in a lovely 24 degrees tonight while a crisp wee 11 is predicted at Celtic Park (so wrap up). A bit out of the comfort zone for the visitors let’s hope.
However make no mistake , taking anything at all from this game would be one hell of an achievement plus a huge feather in Lennys cap. We are facing some seriously good players and should not expect anything but defeat.
Im of the opinion that as long as we give a good account of ourselves and dont get steamrollered then we can ( I hope so anyway ) say fair enough and walk away a bit wiser and with a bit of much needed continental experience no matter what happens.
We have zero right to expect anything and should all recognize that simple fact.

As is usual in these games not conceding in the first 20 minutes is crucial and a fast strong start to get the crowd awakened and fully vocally behind us is called for .
The educated neutral will more than likely have us losing by a couple goals.
The bleeds green and white locals will probably call it 2-1 Celtic.
Key players will be big Kris who is likely to be targeted by a quality striker in Immobile and our flying winger James who will have a hard job finding space on the right.
He’s a difference maker and it will be rare he’s running at a three man defence. He gets the better of his man and there’s no natural left back to cover they have a huge problem.
Its also essential Odsonne doesnt get isolated up front attempting to control long balls with little support.
The three will fancy their chances against our one ( I assume they come up against a duo more often ) so the support or lack of I Wanna gets may well determine the outcome here.
My own score prediction,, a great night with a couple each to share the spoils.


The above is by Mahe. Please consider an article contribution from time to time.

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Big Audio Dynamite

The big question is, what the hell do we do if Eddie receives a bad injury? Could Bayo fill that hole? I don’t know, and really don’t want the theory tested! If Griff is not gonna contribute this year, it is hard to see us compete on all 4 fronts. We are placing a hefty weight on such young shoulders.

Will miss the game tonight due to the wee man’s football training, but I’ll go 3-1 to the Bhoys, with Eddie getting on the scoresheet …again.


big packy

MORNING MAHE great article as usual, I have been lucky enough to have seen us beat some good teams under those famous floodlights, Benfica dukla prague Vojvodina nantes, that’s going way back, but some good Italian teams as well, nothing in my opinion compares to that atmosphere, and yes I have been to anfield a few times on European nights, no comparison, on tonights game, big Kris needs to watch immobile if he plays, cos he likes a dive.hh,


For first time, I’ve not read back on the ole SC posts….too many, and too clever for me.

I’m going retro.

This is Celtic v Lazio.

It’s another 3 points for us if don’t adopt the pussy approach that some seem to he suggesting.

Feck that – we are Celtic.

Thank feck Lenny gets that, while board loving ingrates tell us all to accept ridicule in Europe.

I feckin hate that.

This is a big game, and we will outlplay this Lazio team, as long as we have fair refereeing.

It will also serve as a reminder to all those who questioned this Celtic hero, of what he went through, and achieved, the last time, only to have everything ripped out from under him by their big pal Pete.

2-0 Celtic, less penalties given to the Italians for fuck all.



Tonight for me is about supporting Neil Lennon as much as Celtic. Shoot me.


big packy

UBER, lets all stick by lenny I know I am hh.


How much must he have wanted to banjo one of those fannies going back into that tunnel?

big packy

UBER ,yes neil has had some terrible treatment at the hands of all them bassas.hh.


BP, Howdy, good mhan.

His treatment by the Celtic media was fucking horrendous, due to a loss to Cluj.

Love the fella. Cones back fighting no matter what is thrown at him.

I wish folk could see this. He’s a winner. If we ever could win in Europe, it’s under Neil Lennon. Bloody simple.

Watch tonight- no lying down. Fight for the points. I can’t wait.

big packy




Tired of being told we should accept 10th best.

We’re a Euro winning team, and always have been.

Those telling us to accept we should be also rans make my skin crawl.

That’s an attitude being sold and seeped into the support, for the benefit of board members who know we are the easiest cash cow in the world.

Thankfully, unlike BR, who I still respect btw, Neil Lennon feels like me, and will have us competing against whoever’s we meet.

That’s Celtic – not fucking saying, ooh, let’s rest our feeble squad for a fucking Aberdeen game. Ffs.

No ad hominem offense personally to anyone putting forward such an argument btw, I just hate the actual argument with a passion. I really really do !!! ???




Bayo is clearly a player, but has been fecked by stupid bookings. Griff, I’ve always said, put him on, he scores.
We’re absolutely fine up front, and for goals.
For now.
I fear that we are being convinced by the geniuses on CQN to prepare for the loss of one our best players, so that we are conditioned to accept it when he is sold in the New Year, and that whoever is signed, well, his success is down to luck.

I give you, the politics of the Tory Celtic Board.

Sorry…. let me congratulate them on their excellent spreadsheet management in the run up to next season’s CL qualifiers.


Some of the footage here shows how Neil Lennon coached into the players to approach blatant mibbery with upturned hands, in turn.

What else could he do, without the support of the club in calling out blatant cheating to protect the huns in their death throes.

An absolutely under-rated manager for Celtic.

Watch tonight, and see the battle we put up to win against a typical Italian team. We will win if refereed fairly.


We should play our strongest team in games that really matter, ie the next two games, some home games against lets say lesser lights we can rotate and imo esp the league cup, I am not one of those who gives a ef about trebles, we have a massive squad and trying to keep them all happy is no mean feat, rotation when we can and go for the jugular when needed.



I get that. We’ve enough now to rotate.

I get we can’t just play the same first 11 as we did 20 years ago due to the amount of games being played.

Rest some players are different times. Fair enough.

I just hate reading elsewhere, where for.me the implication is explicit, that we should expect to lose in Europe if we want our 9 or 10 in a row.
Who does that argument suit? As long as we have a wee spell in Europe to showcase Edouard et al, then we should all be happy when we crash out yet the cash rolls in…..?…… I know where that attitude comes from, and it’s not from us.

That is the directive from the board and it’s getting gleefully spread around and some-most of the support are lapping it up.
The nine and ten only furthers the myth that the OF is alive and kicking, well it is in reality but it justifies the huns existence, this is coming from a support who………well you know what I mean.
And we call them gullible.
Things to do, airport run soon enough.

bada bing1

Frimpong is not in the Europa League Squad for the Group Stage

Awe Naw


Are you saying that Alan Hutton is a fucking moron ?


Bit of a delay on the iron bird out of Dublin. A good few Bhoys debating another ?

Margaret McGill

If we don’t concede first half I think we are in for a chance. Of course if we don’t concede period ….

Margaret McGill

Ivan Bebek, the referee who halted England’s fixture against Bulgaria due to deplorable racist chanting, will take charge of Celtic’s Europa League clash with Lazio on Thursday.

The hugely experienced Croatian official stopped play on two occasions during last week’s Euro 2020 qualifier in Sofia amid abhorrent behaviour, which included Nazi salutes and monkey noises.


On European nights i often feel we nullify our strengths trying to match our opponents.
Maybe we are not suited to being a European sideways and backwards outfit?
The thunder will come from the fans and i hope the team tries to replicate on the field.
Last season we saw both English teams reach the Champions league final after being outplayed in first leg when trying to play opponents game.
Liverpool recovered a huge goal deficit by bypassing the midfield and getting ball forward early and overpowering a physically lacking Barcelona.
Tottenham were actually outplayed in first leg and first half in second leg when trying to match a skillful Ajax.
When that failed Pochettino abandoned his footballing principles and brought on an additional big striker and went route one.Ajax had probably never faced such a route one approach and capitulated.
We should try to keep opponents on the back foot using the momentum of the crowd.
Our defense has to push a little higher to compact the space so FF should be ready to play sweeper role.
When we stretch the field and leave huge gaps European teams are likely to punish us.

Margaret McGill

Remember all the Tim Tube Tits who after AEK alluded to Tottenhams lack of investment?
Ok so they could gub our 3rd world counterparts but my how they are struggling

Margaret McGill

Big Eddio Dynamite

Margaret McGill

Tim Tube Tits tip Tottenham

Margaret McGill

39 of their compatriots suffocate in agony and Chinese embassy officials are on there way to the crime site in Essex to confirm that their country really is a fuckin shit hole and that a hard Irish border may be needed after all

Awe Naw

UEFA announce 24 club world cup to take place in China.

What is it with football, suits and scum ?

Margaret McGill

Awe naw
No hun or pun intended but Chinese like UEFA love closed doors spectacles.
I once knew a guy who called his Doberman Goebbels. Our future is not to ask why.


Seems the new competition will run in what is supposed to be traditionally free summers.
So of you are a player at a huge club and an international you are now facing one summer in four free I believe.
And to think these people are actually in charge of the athletes well being !
Theres the clear sign its profit over people.
Expect certain stars to just skip it altogether and the subsequent court cases and finger pointing will be great for the press and much needed within the game.
Clubs and players will be forced to prioritize competitions and the new kid on the block is often the easiest target.
UEFA were threatened with a breakaway if they forced crap on clubs.
Then when UEFA informed this to their boss Fifa they were told shut up , and then they threatened to go rogue.
Now Fifa play their hand in this power play showdown.
I must admit I love the idea of all the globes top teams clashing instead of just same old Euro teams but you can only ask soo much if players before they burn out.
Im very curious as to how this goes down, what the feeling on the ground is.
Clubs happy , players pissed?
UEFA pissed , Fifa happy?
Champions league pissed , clubs dont care?
TV and bars delighted , away fans not ?
Fake shirt vendors ecstatic, Chinese ministry of visa’s not very?

Hail Hail


Morning also Sir.
I didn’t realise you were at the Vojvodina game,,I’m officially jealous here.
A treasured memory I’m sure.
You have a good day and say hi to the wife from us.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Football needs something like Bayern Munich (Awe Naw stop laughing) to lead the moral high ground. Something. The alternative is as inevitable as global warming.


Mags if Bayern can send the second string and take the moolah they will jump at the idea.
The biggest issue is contracts demanding the full strength squad must go. That’s when issues arise.
Zero time off as a player for three years?
I know they are minted but eff me.
Cake and eat it springs to mind.
Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Franco reburied today
After Brexit maybe we can rebury thatcher
I suggest northern Ayrshire somewhere
Beith sounds nice


Be no French toast after Brexit.

big packy

EVENING ALL, cautiously optimistic, if our defence can play at the top of their game, im confident we will score, eddy and ryan if he is playing.hh.


Just seen the video of the Lazio fans on the March last night in city centre with far right chanting
Then Ryan confirms squad have discussed action in the face of abuse.
I hope its only football we discuss tomorrow. And dogs and Brexit and food. Trump also of course.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


Thatcher should have been cremated….if only to prepare her for how she will be spending eternity.

Mike in Toronto


I expect to see a shift in player contracts… perhaps limiting the number of games that a club can demand per season, and giving the players opt out rights. I can see another Bosman type case in the not too distant future.


Mike in Toronto

You touting for business?


Mike in Toronto

I’ll be long retired by the time that one gets resolved… maybe my grandkids will be involved in the case!


Watching Porto vHuns on Spanish channel.
Barisic finding it hard to believe he got a card for diving in and then grabbing guy when he got skinned.
The look on the huns faces when the ref gives fouls against them that are never given in Scotland.
And when they don’t get given fouls when they fall over after losing the ball.
Porto are no great shakes but look better than them.


Mike in Toronto
You’re being optimistic with that timeline.
I was involved in a torte’s case against US government when their employee burnt down a building i owned.
Took about 8 months before they gave me permission to sue them.
My lawyers first 60 page draft was rejected by them on the grounds of spelling and punctuation errors in one paragraph.
They used every trick available to them to extend the timeline and cost to us as they were judge and jury.
At end of 5 year timeline they made a derisory offer that wouldn’t cover my legal cost’s.
I refused to accept.
The next course of action was a federal court in DC where they again are judge and jury and they wanted a $250,000 bond as surety.
In the end with the laws of diminishing returns i abandoned the claim and suffered heavy losses.
Despite being married to a lawyer and having a daughter who is one in the White House i have zero faith in the justice system.
Them wheels barely turn at all.


Nine fouls,two cards already for the huns. Doesn’t bode well for them,that. Especially if the referee gets pissed off with them shortly. I wonder if he fancies the top job in his profession in Scotland?

Come to that,I wonder if SOLKITTS does? That would be a laugh. And a shock for the establishment.

Margaret McGill

All justice systems are to promote the judiciaries and not justice
Porto are Huns too ….. remember?
Tims paying to get fucked yo the arse
Beggars belief

Margaret McGill




To be fair,Porto were only cheating basturts for 120 minutes-for which I’ve never forgiven them,of course.

The huns have been huns all of their (two) lives. Chalk and cheese.

Margaret McGill

The king of kings cried his eyes out at mourinho’s cheating and Deco got carted off on a stretcher 4 times to ensure Bobos red.hold a grudge? Me? Nope. I just hope everyone ever associated with Porto die in agony from cancer on their deathbed screaming for their mummies
Huns too


Huns a goal down. Off to my cot for a couple of hours wi a rare smile on my chops.



Aye,I know. And I’ll never forgive them for it either. Not comparable to the huns though IMO,that’s all I was saying.

Mike in Toronto

Morelos has a header off the post, and then scores a cracker …

but dont anyone tell BMCUWP … dont want to ruin his sleep.


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