Celtic 2-1 Lazio


It might be the beginning of winter,but it feels like a warm spring morning in Celticland,and that after a belter of a night in Paradise. The clocks go back on Saturday night/Sunday morning,but our bhoys turned the clocks back to the good old days of Celtic Park as a European Fortress,a place that the very best viewed with trepidation rather than as a day trip to the seaside that it had become of late.

“Did you bring me anything back from Scotland,Daddy?”

“Yes,darling. I brought you back three points and some photos of some marvellous tifos. Those Scottish fans certainly know how to celebrate,I wonder what they’d be like if their team actually won a game.”

Well,the Lazio players certainly know now. The stadium was rocking and rolling,the players gave their all in response to the backing they were receiving. I’ve been at some marvellous European nights at Celtic Park-I’ve been at some bummers too,btw!-and maybe the best of them was a 2-2 draw against Ajax,long before their fans ramped up the hatred. I don’t know where last night ranked in the pantheons of people like COSYCORNERBHOY who has been watching us play in Europe since I was only a year old nipper in 1964 and I don’t care either. I was at the Cluj game a few weeks ago,and it was magnificent. Last night made me wish I’d booked my holidays for a few weeks later.

The best thing about last night,of course,was that we won,and won after going behind from a rather shabby goal from our point of view. Except that it wasn’t,it was ramming it right up their obnoxious fascist scum support,earlier seen goosestepping in the streets as they made their Nazi salutes. Scotland,being the enlightened wee country that it is,employs police officers who clearly don’t have a problem with this. They stood idly by,as they did when the scum attempted to get the game called off due to flooding by pissing against a nearby wall. And I don’t mean one or two of them,either.

You and me? Huckled,no doubt about it. Fans of any and every club playing Celtic? Good luck tonight,lads. Hope you win.

To the game then. The return of Ryan Christie saw Tom Rogic drop to the bench,and Hatem Elhamed returned in place of the ineligible Jeremie Frimpong. So we started with a familiar shape and a familiar line-up.





The Italians didn’t have such a luxury as a familiar line-up. One or two of their more experienced players were benched,presumably there in case the game needed rescuing. Typical Italians,keeping their Generals and big guns in reserve. (Apologies to all for that one,but I couldn’t resist it!)

The early part of the game owed more to perspiration than inspiration as both teams struggled to have any meaningful spells of possession or pressure,and neither could force an opening as too many balls went astray. In one phase,typical of the period,the ball bobbled about from player to player around the Lazio area,no-one able to get it under control. When it came to Ryan Christie,he didn’t bother with any of that nonsense.

He just leathered it!

Twentytwo yards out,off the post with the keeper beaten. Unlucky,son. In less than a year you have proven to be a most unexpected gift!

Sadly it was a little bit of indecision from Ryan in a similar position which led to their goal. Unable to decide whether to go left or right and being closed down,he went for the shot. With too many of our team caught up the pitch,the Italians broke with speed and the ball was in the net before Christie could even say oops.

The second half started a bit like the first. Scrappy and tight,but no lack of effort. And it was the Italians who had the best chance in the earlier part. A through ball left I Wanna with only the keeper to beat,bar the one defender sliding in on him. Oh,fair dues-he timed it to perfection and the Italians broke once again at lightning pace,this time the woodwork coming to our rescue.

It was starting to look like one of those nights until Eddy finally managed to get some space at the edge of the box. Looking up,he saw Christie available and a perfect pass allowed him to scoop the ball wide of the keeper.

Well,you know how we celebrate these things-and we did! You wouldn’t have thought it possible that the crowd could turn up,the volume anymore,but they did as we cheered our bhoys on to score another,to get those vital three points. But again the best chance went the other way and again on a break. Fraser faced a low snap shot to his left and fended it off with his usual casual aplomb.

Grandmama,what strong arms you have! Seriously,that would only have hit most keepers on the way in. Stunning stuff. Relieved at the let off,we stormed back. We weren’t for giving up,but were the Italians going to hold on? It looked likely as we threw everything at them,even Broonie had a shot on target,though it was deflected well wide for a corner.

A minute remains,a corner. Well,remember I said on Monday how good our corners were at the weekend? Aye,me too. This one was better! Driven in with pace by Ryan,about eight yards out and just about the right height. Certainly the right height for Christopher Jullien-he Rose majestically to place a firm header low to the keeper’s right!

It was enough,just enough. A perfect way to round off a supreme team performance. One where we didn’t excel by any means,but where we played for that jersey and that support. And one which preserved our unbeaten Europa League campaign so far,and a point clear of the second-placed team in our group.

We are certainly in a good place there-one more win should do it,with any luck. And though I hesitate to say it,I think we are in a good place too with regards to the team. It is looking strong and focused. But although I don’t want to remove any gloss from a great night,we need to transfer some of that to our away performances domestically.

Starting on Sunday in Aberdeen.

But let’s not be churlish here. A simple thank you will suffice,and for last night,Celtic,I say…

Thank you!


Above article by BMCUWP. If any of you fancy a shot at this writing lark,show us what you’ve got and we will make it Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe


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Big Audio Dynamite

Loved the game against Johan and his crew in 82, Bobby, but my first memory is still v Madrid 2 years earlier, when my dad had to put me on his shoulders as I couldn’t see a thing ☺

Was so happy for Lenny last night. Are we seeing him mature into a very streetwise boss? Something inside so strong!

Been up since 5, buzzing like a teenager.

Big Audio Dynamite

Thanks Bobby ..great start to the day, buddy ?

Equalize in the 67th min and win it at the death, it’s the Celtic way. Buzzing like a teenager this morning!

Big Audio Dynamite

Win at Aberdeen now, and it will have been an epic week. As Lenny says, there is more to come from this team.



I was at the Real Madrid game too. I was sixteen at the time,and though I’d been to plenty of European games by then,this was probably the biggest Euro night so far for me.

Wasn’t allowed to go to European games when I was a kid,school nights,and this was the furthest we had gone since I was in Primary Six!

God,the ground was stowed that night. I had to watch it in The Celtic End,which was quite a common thing for me when it was packed.

What a night. I’ll bet your Dad didn’t even know you were there on his shoulders,he could have carried a Clydesdale horse that night and not noticed the extra weight!



I expect the Sentinel Celts Charity Bet to be back up and running this weekend. As you know,a fiver is thrown in the direction of some poor fool to make of it what he can over the next three weekends. The money is donated by the site and the winnings go to our nominated charity.

Good system,huh?

Except we keep cocking it up. I made it to week two with only £2.20 and blew it. The rest fell at the first!

Anyway,we are always looking for volunteers so if you fancy a go,mail us at

In order to stretch out the betting capital,it makes sense to place it with a company which offers a ‘Welcome Bonus’ so I decided to lodge £30 with a company called BETWAY as they offered to match it. Having worked our way through the capital,I expected the bonus amount to show up.

It didn’t.

So I contacted their chat line. I was variously told that my VPN is in Ireland,my IP is in Ireland,I was credited it but didn’t use it. All of this is bollocks. I’ve checked VPN and IP. Both UK,both matching my exact location. Bonus fund account always showed zero. I’ve contacted The Guardian about it on a point of principle-first mail I’ve ever sent to a newspaper,btw.

I don’t expect our £30 back,but I hope they look into it and trash the robbing bastards.

So I’ll be opening a new account today. Meanwhile,here is my own personal advice to you all.

Well,if you can’t figure it out from reading the above…




Is that the Lazio fans you refer to,or their hun hangers-on and cheerleaders? Or maybe the cops,standing idly by?

Big Audio Dynamite


What I remember more is, he carried me on his shoulders almost all the way home! The funny thing about my dad was, he wasn’t a Celtic fan growing up, he was a Clyde fan ( Back when Clyde had Scottish internationals) and I was brought up on stories about guys like Harry Haddock, Archie Robertson and Tommy Ring. With my dad not here now, I never got round to asking him why he took me to Paradise and not Shawfield… Jeez, I could see Shawfield from my bedroom window.

Anyway, I’ll be eternally grateful he did.

big packy

MORNING ALL, yes bobby what a result was a bit worried when they scored but knew we would get at least one back, reminded me of a game in 67, when my uncle packy and I were right at the top of the rangers end, about to go down the steps, when celtic got a corner, Charlie Gallagher floated it in and big billy rose majestically and buried it in the net, my feckin ribs are still sore to this day with my uncle packy hugging me, cant remember what game that was, any ideas?



Good for yer Dad,mate. I know I’m very grateful for mine!



A small price to pay,old son! Great nights both-and so many inbetween.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ePP9AHrncjQ Bella Ciao – Italian Socialist priest Don Andrea Gallo sings the anti fascist resistance anthem Bella Ciao ✊

Twists n turns

That was probably the Vodjavidina 2-1 game

Twists n turns


Byres Road Bhoy

Morning all, BP I think the match you are thinking of was the home game against Vojvodina in quarterfinals. We’d lost the away game 1-0, were winning at home 1-0 until big Billy’s napper put us through as you described. Was lucky enough to be at the match last night. Fantastic atmosphere. The whole stadium was literally on its feet for the last five minutes after big Jullien’s goal.

Oh what a night! You can’t take that away from Lenny it’s seldom boring! What a difference from the style in BR’s 2nd and 3rd seasons.

The pass from French Eddy to Christie for the goal was sublime. Well taken.
As for Jullien’s – I had almost given up hope of seeing a goal like that again. A powerful header from a corner! Usually by a defender. Wonderful.

I will remember that save at the end for a long time. Great to have FF back.

Those Lazio fans need to get a grip, it’s a football match not a political demonstration. Do any of their ultras even like football?

big packy

BRB/TWISTY, was only winding bobby up?? never forget that Vojvodina game happy memories.hh.

big packy

MORNING JIM, where have you been, uber has been asking about you.

Awe Naw


Yes Fraser Forster had a wee fumble early on but was absolutely outstanding. Our Man of the match. If he had let Christies goal go past him he´d have been slaughtered.


Wee request from my good pal Norrie,who sits near to our “family seats.” From CQN
My daughter at the game tonight has lost my season ticket inside the stadium

So if anyone knows of anyone who finds this, drop a note on here and I will arrange to get it back

Norman McCabe – 107 CC seat 1

Hope he gets it back. One of life’s good guys,is Norrie. My sister was down for a meeting recently-in Gloucester,trust me it’s not all glamour!-and found herself in the same hotel restaurant as him. Anyone who can put a smile on the face of a sister of mine deserves a good turn!!!!



I think the keeper may have been expecting a curler to his right,not his left. The obvious place to put it,really.

Morning Packy, yes I enjoyed reading back Uber’s comments. He’s a man after my own heart, admits he’s not totally up there with tactics Same as myself. I blame not playing the game much as a kid. Was too busy with my music. When I watch a game I simply follow the ball. Even when I attend. That’s why I love posters like Fan a Tic who do have the insight and explains it well.

big packy

yes jim. fan-a-tic knows his onions.hh. dug walking catch u later.hh.


Morning Fholks.

Just saw that footage of them “marching ” down Buchanan Street.

Is it just me, or is the goosestep getting faster every year?

They didn’t look too supremacist to me…. more, quick, let’s get this over with asap before we get a doin ???

It was the Benny Hill of marching ffs ?

Stupid dicks.

I remember before SC Fan a Tic was one of my favourite posters on CQN. One of his pet hates under BR was purposeless possession. He used to get pelters if he said anything critical of Celtic’s play. Even although he gave reasons. There were little counter arguments.

Morning mi amigos, a grand sunny day in the mountain valley.
I see some blogs are getting their knickers in a twist over the GB’s banner last night, it’s like they just have to be offended at something.

Awe Naw

9 mins 48

Wullie gien the Protestants a wee hand again

Sol Kitts

Awe Naw
Just saw Collum giving that penalty on BT Sport’s roundup. Unbelievable. The ball hit Smalling square in the face, his hands weren’t up, and Collum was looking straight at it. Absolutely shocking decision, everything we’ve come to expect from him.



Scandalous decision from Collum. But he had long lost control of the game anyway. I heard he went looking to see Il Papa while he was over,told his secretary that he was an RE teacher in Scotland and over to ref the game in the city.

Secretary told him-Il Papa has heard of you,ya selloot wee basturt. He says to f..k off. Go with your own God.

So I got telt anyway. Sounds about right.



Not holidaying in Cornwall these days,old son? You’ll miss it,admit it!

Dallas,Jr must look at Collum and ask his Dad-how bad was I that I had to resign from FIFA/UEFA grade and he still gets a gig?

Awe Naw


Last year all my Eintracht mates started giving me jip over Collums performance. The thinking being him being Scottish etc. I reacted so violently to that assertion that it´s now considered an easy button to push to irritate me. It works

Noel Skytrot

Fantastic result against Lazio that puts us in a really strong position in the group. I didn’t think we played that well but that might be down to a step up in the quality of the opposition who are a good team.

I can be quite critical of the GB but last night’s tifo’s were superb. The banner of IL Duce hanging was brilliant, say no to racism and fascism. FTLazio


Back to the charity bet thing. After my explanation of current events earlier-pish tipping and scalping bookies who welch on a promised bonus!-we are going with a Plan B today.

Suggested by TWISTSNTURNS,it is two picks each from the good man-who is putting up the stake money this time in a bid to break the feng shui!-and myself.

Picks are-get the piggy banks raided,folks…

Port Vale




TWISTY has decided to up the ante-always a dangerous thing,bud-to £6.84 in order to give us a seed fund of approx £50.

I should also add that he thinks putting it on himself using his own funds will help break the hoodoo. Me,I’m willing to try anything to get this up and running!!!!

Thanks,mate. You’re a star!



Oops,minor error. The two picks each from us was not suggested by TWISTSNTURNS. His suggestion was that he cough up the cash this week to break the cycle.



Glad to know that TBO is back with you. You’ll be pleased as punch,you’ll have missed her.

Has she got the dishes and the hoovering done yet?

Sol Kitts

No Cornwall this week. Working from home today while I wait for British Gas to service my boiler. Will be holidaying soon enough – off to Florida 6 days after your visit. Mrs Kitts has got her shopping mall visits all planned already.



Great stuff,mate. Have you told her your whisky stash will need replenished?

No not yet, she is still catching up with all the sleep she missed 😉

A thing of beauty

Fantastic night last night at paradise. It was back to the old days where we punched above our weight and got a result. Like sky trot I didn’t think we were at our best but great things happen in our home at times and last night was one. Well done to the players and the fans. We should not over look our deficiencies though and a left sided centre half is essential in the window. It’s not fair to play ajer out there. He is a fish out of water. At the goal he had no idea how to defend the attack. He made it so easy for the player on the ball to slide in the scorer and that is because he is not a natural defender and is not left footed. It has done and will continue to cost us.

A thing of beauty

Should also add that without question Fraser Forster’s save at the end is the best I have seen in the flesh. I heard it smack off his big paw. Amazing

Sol Kitts

Check your email


Highlights of yesterdays game courtesy of BT

Fantastic result last night

Big Frasers save at the end was unbelievable – or ‘WOW’ as Broonie said to him. A game where FF proved why he is our number 1.
Thought we were a bit naïve at Lazio’s goal by having nearly the whole team camped just outside the Lazio pen area and susceptible to a counter which happened. But even when we had everyone in position the Italians still were able to cut thorough us creating 3 clear goal scoring opportunities, the post saved us once, big Fraser saved another (out with his miracle save at the end) and the Italian leagues top goal scorer sclaffed a shot when through on goal when it was easier to score. We certainly rode our luck which you sometimes require in football and perhaps we didn’t play as well as we could have but again in football the game is won by scoring the most goals and not chances created and we certainly scored the most goals 🙂

Still believe we require a natural quality defensive middy


One funny moment toward the end of the highlight – a fan falls over the railing when shouting at the camera



I am glad to see the SMSM are staying on script. On a day when the ‘alleged’ Jurnos should be celebrating a Scottish team beating a very good Italian team in a European competition what do they chose to print.

Yup negative stories.

“Celtic FC could be in trouble with UEFA ‘again’ over Fans banners”
“Celtic fans banners possible links to terrorism”

Byres Road Bhoy

ATOB @ 11:27 I was there too and agree fantastic night fantastic atmosphere. Alas the Italian goal happened right below me in 202 but we could see that big Julie was beaten for pace (it’s his only weakness) and that Kris was defending against two speedy attackers. Had he gone to Lassandro earlier, big Jules couldn’t have caught their No 20 who’d have been clean through.
It wasn’t till I got home buzzing and watched my recording of the match that I spotted something that Rebus touched on last night.
The moment Christie’s shot rebounds and their counter begins, Boli is standing beside Lassandro who starts running immediately. Unfortunately Boli doesn’t spot the danger until he’s twenty yards behind. Too late to track the runner.
I can’t be overly critical of the lad as much of our first half attacking threat came via his marauding runs. But if he wants to be the complete modern fullback he needs to get back into position ASAP whenever attacks break down. He’s got the engine. Maybe just lacks the urgency at the moment. Several of their other attacks also came via the space he had vacated. This needs to be addressed either by Boli himself or by someone being assigned to cover for his forward runs.
Re THAT SAVE. From my seat at the opposite end all I could see through an avenue of players was that Lazio shot arrowing irresistibly towards a vacant top corner. Suddenly a giant purple blob appeared and the danger was gone, deflected, past. A miraculous glorious moment!!!! COYBIG!



That was funny as f – easy missed, but classic ??
Could happen to any of us, that was the biggest goal for us in years. The brief shot ends with the lads feet in the air ??

Talking of tactics last night, it got me thinking. I didn’t have a dad in the house to take me to games or watch one with me, or give me advice.

Things are different now, but when I wur a Lad, I had to walk 2 to 3 miles to the posh scheme for the club football.
Me and some pals aged 7 found out that a club was doing trials, so took a walk up one saturday morning, an hours walk away.

It was a trial game lined up against Scotland Boys, under 7s.
We’re in changing room, given full kit to wear which was brand new, provided by suited sponsors and we were all in awe, looking at each other, thinking we’d hit the big time.

The only thing my maw ever said to me about going to play football was that I was never to sign anything without her consent ???
Anyway, one of the coaches goes round the dressing room, asking what positions we all played.
Came to me, and I just shrugged. No idea. He says, “right, you play centre forward”.
So at kick off, opposition get the kick off, and everyone’s getting into position. I had no idea where to be, so went and stood beside our left winger at the halfway line. He asked me, confused, what position I was, and i said, how the f should i know ?‍♂️
Anyway, we beat them 7-1, and I scored the first goal. Now, let me be clear. This was a fluke of grand proportions.
We got a.corner and my first touch of the ball, it bounces off me into the net. I don’t think I even saw it coming….
So now I’m a hero.
Subbed at half time as it’s a trial game mind, but all of a sudden I’m a hero.
After the game, they’re giving us all the forms to sign in the changing rooms, but of course, I refuse…”been told not to sign anything mister”.
Now they’re annoyed but also thinking, shit, this boy might indeed be a player, and cajoled me into signing anyway.
Took another month or two before they realised I was absolutely pish and couldn’t kick a ball ??
Thankfully, I got better with age and practice, but that’s all a bit telling about the coaching in the 70s and 80s. Only actual coaching advice I remember over 12 years or so was “keep your eye on the ball, son” along with a lot of angry expletives from the sidelines. Wasn’t until I was 17 that I finally got told, “good game, son”, once.
Ended up playing in defence. Never won a game in 12 years ??
Don’t get me wrong – clearly I had talent….. was just mismanaged ?‍♂️?


As i have often stated Ajer is never a centre half due to poor judgement and a terrible habit of going to ground.
But last night on the goal i thought he played it as well as could be expected given the circumstances.
He had the awareness to turn his body to the left to give him the chance of covering the ball carrier and the eventual goalscorer.
They played it to the letter and scored a good goal.
Julien was in the centre but if Ajer had went early to cover goalscorer the guy running with ball would have had acres of space on both sides of him to attack.
Guy running with speed from midfield area is a nightmare for a centre back and with no support either side they have to square up making it difficult to win tackle plus if they are beaten it’s a two step recovery
which is normally futile as shot has gone.
The real issue is our chosen central midfield partnership’s lack of compatibility and understanding of role.
When Christie’s shot was blocked in final third why was the first player they encountered on a breakaway a centre back?
Surely at least one of Brown or McGregor should have been in the space between the Italian breaking out and our defense?
This happens to frequently but we have been saved by lesser opponents not having the skill to exploit.
A proper defensive mid should be our priority.

A thing of beauty

Fan and BRB
I can see your point and ajer was stuck between a rock and a hard place but I think he committed too soon to the player with the ball. He made the decision for the attacker. It was a good counter attack though and I may be being harsh. Boli was far too slow getting back but it’s right about the counter attacks first engagement being with the centre half. A Lennon type defensive mid doesn’t allow that to happen. So, agree it’s a def mid but also a left sided centre half in the window.

Mike in Toronto


Agree on The Big Wall. Neither Bain or Gordon are bad keepers. I would say Bain is slightly above average, and Gordon is a bit better still (but could have been very good, but for the injuries he has suffered. He is still a good shot stopper, but isn’t brave enough coming out any longer, so doesnt command his box, which I put down to fear of getting reinjured). However, as goo0d as Gordon is, Forster is another step or two above. That shot at the end of the game was world-class (beautiful shot, with trermendous technique), but Forster’s stop was even better.

But, for me, the reason he might be our player of the season is not just because of how good he is, but because he makes the rest of his teammates better; for some reason, when he is in net, the team seem to play more confidently, and as a result, they defend better than they do with any other keeper. A better defence gives the midfielders and forwards more confidence and freedom to attack. But, it all starts at the back with Forster, and the confidence he seems to give the whole team..

A thing of beauty

Also forgot to add that we lost a similar goal to cluj in the qualifier. That time Callum took a shit and 30 seconds later it’s in our net. That needs addressed

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