The SFA and Total Impartiality

I was thinking about the impartial computer that resides at the SFA-you know the one that picks and chooses the fixtures at random. I honestly wish I had a computer like that, it’s amazing how its impartiality always favours the huns. Just a wee thought to get started.

The gist of my blog this week is the elephant in the room that is VAR. The SFA are just not interested,and we all know why. Forget the can’t afford it excuse,because that’s a lie. Countries like Malta have VAR,and so too have lots of nations that have way less income than the SFA.

At the end of last season,BT offered to trial VAR for the remaining games for free.

They refused and didn’t even respond to BT.

I understand all the arguments that it won’t help as it will be huns appointed to run the VAR. That may well be, but presently we have huns with whistles controlling the games, so, IMO, VAR will only expose them the more they cheat. VAR is the way forward.

As it’s the clubs who will be paying for it at the end of the day we should have a say in things-not that it will make any difference to us as our club will bend over and accept what the SFA say, spineless bastards.

IMO the ones who will force VAR to be introduced to Scotland are the ones who presently cheat us, the referees. Why? Because they will soon be losing out on serious money due to uefa ditching Scottish refs as they are not proficient with the VAR system.

The likes of Madden and Collum stand to lose out on a minimum of £75K + a season, the linos less but still money that most would die for. That’s serious money and I can see a fair few from the refereeing dept getting a tad miffed. As ever it’s all about the money……..Oh the irony ?


We have always known that the smsm have it in for us,but these days it’s worse than ever. Traynor controls the sporting media,and he really must have an amazing amount of dirt on the Scottish journos! They regurgitate verbatim whatever he says. The latest being the Morelos racism squirrel, cos that’s what it is. I remember when Broonie “celebrated” in front on the hun support, the media went into meltdown and Broonie was charged with some trumped up garbage like not in the “interest of association football”,but not a peep about the coke-loving forward celebrating in front of the hearts support. Seriously,it’s amazing how they can turn things around and become the victims,it’s an amazing trait they have

I will be astonished if any action is taken by the police et al. I assume they will call in a lip reading expert and imo he or she will confirm that he didn’t racially abuse the cokehead. I have a little bit of experience when it comes to lipreading. Many years ago I took a course on it, a course that lasted four years as well as learning a version of sign language, Makaton. I still think that I am reasonably proficient with it, and imo he did not call him a dirty black bastard, I believe he called him a dirty orange bastard-his jaw moved twice when he said the word orange, not once as it would have had he said black-but since it’s already been decreed that he was racially abused, that will be that then.

Another thing that has not been mentioned is that the cokehead handled the ball before scoring, he had to to control the ball coming at him at that speed. As blatant as it gets yet skirted over as if it never happened. Would VAR have disallowed the goal? I don’t know, but VAR has to be better that what is on offer presently.

I see that the head of the refereeing dept has died. His successor will be of the same ilk, of that there is nothing surer.

The day the powers that be in Scotland ban Orange Walks from its streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal


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Good article.


Doncaster stated that it was “ unclear” whether there were enough qualified referees in Scotland to make it work. That statement in itself should’ve been enough for him to get punted. How difficult can it be to plan to have enough referees ready for the system to be introduced? Also – it can be retired referees, or, it could be foreign ex referees. What he was thinking of course is that there aren’t enough Lanarkshire qualified referees who are also masons to make the system work.

He also said it could cost £1m per annum. He stated a minimum of £5000 per game. £5000!! That’s peanuts in the great scheme of things. Where’s the foresight and initiative? Get sponsorship.

“VAR – brought to you by EMIRATES – or by THE NATIONAL LOTTERY – or by IRN BRU – or by ………”

Even with no sponsorship. Tell the clubs to put 1% on top of the season tickets to be used for VAR. That amount from Celtic alone would be 50,000 x £5 per fan = £1/4m. From ONE club.

There’s no vision, no strategy, no initiative. Most of all though? As you allude to there’s no appetite.

No appetite for;


“John was a really good port of call and had great leadership qualities as the head of the refereeing department. He set new standards.
“The last time I saw him was August when he briefed us on the new rules and regulations as he always did.
“I’m sure he will have had many nagging phone calls on a Monday morning and he always handled that brilliantly.
“He will be a huge loss to the game and my condolences to his family.
“I knew he was ill, but it’s still a shock when it comes and I think he will be a big miss. I think he is going to take some replacing.”

Twists n turns

Just for clarity, this is what Doncaster stated , and I quote

Cost is only one of several barriers to introducing Video Assistant Referees into Scottish football, according to league boss Neil Doncaster.

The Scottish Professional Football League is to monitor experiments in various European countries this season.

“There’s also the resource issue,” chief executive Doncaster said.

“You need, for every game where you’re running a VAR system, a video assistant referee and a second assistant in the van with him.”

Doncaster said it was unclear whether there would be enough qualified referees to enable a system that, at a minimum of £5000 per game, would cost more than £1m per season to introduce to the Scottish Premiership.

He pointed out that the technology was also in its infancy – and it is not yet clear whether its introduction would enhance the game.


This is the guy entrusted to take our game forward.

Read that last sentence “ and it is not yet clear whether its introduction would enhance the game”

His comment “ …. a second assistant in the van with him”

That’s a problem?? Really? Can you imagine the meeting that took place?

“ We’re here to discuss VAR being introduced. What’s required?”

“ State of the art cameras, check. Multiple monitors, check. System to communicate to the referee, check”

“Looking good brothers. Oh wait – shit – we’re going to need an extra person in the van- oh well, that’s it Donald ducked.”

I honestly find that absolutely incredible. This guy should be nowhere near our game.

If I didn’t know better I would have thought that was a statement from somebody inside Ibrox. Maybe a Jim Traynor puff piece.

Astonishingly it came from Neil Lennon. It went way beyond politeness.

How many posters here and elsewhere have banged the table for our board to stand up to the SFA and call out the cheating referees and the overwhelming coincidence of masonic connections?

What chance have we got with a statement like that?

Difficult to replace?

Are you a mason? Do you support the huns? Any refereeing experience? Yes? You’ve got the job!

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I assume yer too pished to click on a link,ya lucky basturt!

Did you manage to focus on the match on Thursday? I’m jealous,btw. Sounds like we both missed it-me because I was catching some zeds on a cramped Thursday due to work,you quaffing the finest.



I’ve c&p your nap,bud.

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That’s a good call on the VAR levy. I don’t think anyone can object to such a minimal amount. If yon eejit thinks a million is too much to pay,that his organisation can’t afford it,he should perhaps reflect on how the trash talking of the game in 2012 by him and Regan cost us millions in tv revenue.

Every time he opens his mouth,the other end flushes millions of money,Scottish football money,down the pan.

Twists n turns



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Port Vale.

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TWISTY,old son,yer a star-but you knew that anyway.




As is Doncaster.

Not surprised at Newbury being off. It’s about 20 miles from here,and last night was hellish. As has been most of the last three weeks. Cheltenham,about thirty miles in the other direction,is known for draining well,but I expect the going to be somewhat testing.

I know,the Guinness drains well at Cheltenham too…



Wanker would have been better sticking to his day job. RE teachers and Guidance teachers in my day were those whose heads of department knew they were incompetent at their discipline,be it maths,English,chemistry,etc. Keep them out of the way where they can do no harm,the kids will ignore them there.

God,I dread to think of one of my above teachers being given such a responsibility. But then I look at Collum and maybe there is something in this RE after all. Because it seems that they are all reincarnated as fucking incompetent.

big packy

MORNING ALL, the exiled tim, great article as usual, will not go over old ground except this statement you made, The day the powers that be in Scotland ban Orange Walks from its streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal hh.?

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Let’s hope the form teams prevail today and we can get off and running.

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You got me all excited. When you said Doncaster was off I thought someone in authority had read my post re Doncaster being a liability to the Scottish game and had taken swift action ?

Twists n turns

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Blinkin’ flip,how the other half live. I canny even face the weather here to pop into town for a few beers. Good on you,mate. Little old not really wine drinker,me,but looking forward to sampling a rather nice malt or two with SOLKITTS next week.

Each to their own!

I remember a unique cask bottle which ACGR sent me a few years ago,btw. Rekindled my dormant enjoyment of the craitur. I phoned him up,told him it tasted of stuff I didn’t think whisky was meant to taste of,the same way I used to laugh at Jilly Goolding rhapsodising about wine. Ffs,wine tastes of wine,whisky tastes of whisky.

Naw. It disnae. So thanks to ACGR for that,one of life’s good guys. His brother is a belter anaw.

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Wtf…. losing it
I’m in Gullane ?

Old age CSC

Awe Naw.

It’s the SPFL that has dominion over the computer fixture contract that is performed by a Canadian company and not the SFA.

If we are referencing the Heart s goal that Morelos scored he never handled it. Nowhere near it. That Sevco had to release a story about buying the 16 year old who would be marking him two days before the game is the real story here as Levein touched upon pre match.

No chance of more helicopter Sunday’s without the Canadian computer
…which is a lie anyway … VAR will not help there either ….nor will Celtic PLC see Resolution 12 …WWF products don’t come without a script writer

Obviously too much money to be made from gullible Old Firm fans.

big packy

TWISTY, you sure your in gullane?

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Widnae wash ma socks in it?

Never liked the stuff. Tried all types. Cheap and not so. Red n white. From everywhere from Bordeaux to Buckfast Abbey. Buckfast was the only one I could stomach. Tells ye all ye need to know about me.

Champagne too. Heartburn city.

Folks love being at functions with me where there’s wine on the table. Can be assured they’ll get extra.

I was taken to Goodwood races. Posh end. My round. Previous rounds had been 2 bottles wine and a plate of salmon sandwiches.

“ Same again?”

Yes please.

Same again please barman

Standing with 2 x £20 notes in my hand.

“That’ll be £85 sir”


That’s 3 x £20 doubles and a £20 treble plus a burger n chips gone.

Gimme PF Ayr n big John anytime. ?

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Definitely ?

Sitting parked outside a place called “ the bonnie badger” waiting on barber opening. No idea why I said Troon ☹️

So it’s been confirmed that the PLC board will scuttle Res 12, I honestly hope it goes to court now,

Mario Bertolini

O/T I know that there are some clever people who are able to see the bigger picture. can someone see where Res12 is going to take us, what with boards stance on this are they awaiting poss Champions League qualification. The Mr Desmond, Mr Lawwell et al sell up to corporate business?????



I don’t know the status of Res 12 at the moment wrt the AGM,but I do know the veracity of it. It was very cleverly crafted,it avoided any criticism of a benefiting club in order to go after the facilitators.

Res 12 accused the SFA of not doing their job. By lying to the SFA,Rangers were possibly doing their own job-duty to shareholders,etc,got to stay in business. Res 12 was never about the conduct of Rangers during that period,as much as it was about the SFA.

It was about how their conduct was facilitated by the SFA that was the core. And The Four Musketeers have got them bang to rights.

I don’t know the grounds on which the board might plan to dismiss Res 12,but I do know which side of the argument I trust. I trust a man with no axe to grind but who has an absolute belief in justice being done and in being seen to be done. A man who might prove the maxim of a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine.

And I trust too the three people who have stood beside him,and the many shareholders who backed them then and now.

There is a concept in business of jumping the shark,that all-consuming superiority that you are so much in control,a Master of the Universe,that you can do no wrong.

I call now for a Fonzy Moment. That at every game,in the 12th minute,we turn our back. Not that difficult,it’s just like a huddle.


Awe Naw.

The only thing that’s obvious from a Celtic PLC perspective is burying Res 12 before Sevco wins something and the Rory Bremner quip officially no longer holds sway when it’s added to Rangers 1872 haul without quibble.

Tims replaced by customers.

Craig 76

BP your horse is a non runner

Mario Bertolini

BMCUWP, thanks for yous insight, forza the 3 musketeers.



The corporate nature of the game has seen fans replaced by customers. And those customers-that’s fans,btw!-treated as cannon fodder for the nearest till. PL must be raging that we can’t get the Japmese tourists that Man Utd get-and we actually win now and again.

If a corporate vote goes against Res 12 I predict a riot. For about a month and long lingering hatred of the board afterwards.

Like lighting the blue touchpaper.


Mario Bertoloni

A good question and one The Board can answer when they explain why it is not in the interests of The Company to do as The Res to reinstate Res12 asks ie take the issue away from SFA to UEFA or the police.

One of the outcomes of shareholders having the reinstatement Res tabled is that what was placed on the agenda along with Celtic’s response, is now out there for all Celtic supporters, not just shareholders to see and discuss.

Indeed The Celtic Star have begun that process and via the links here you can read the Res in full and the response.

What Res12 hoped to achieve indeed was encouraged to achieve by Celtics CEO was SFA reform.

That that aim has instead been lost in the passage of time, because info provided has not been used to that end, apparently because it is not in the Companies interest to take the issue away from the SFA, begs the question when did pursuing it stop being in Celtic’ s interests?

The AGM will give Celtic the opportunity to explain that and answer your question.



Philvis-style Thumbs-up!

Big Audio Dynamite

The clamour we’ve seen for tickets tells our board that they don’t have to bother with Res12, it will just die after enough time has passed.

I keep getting a picture of our board, all sitting with dupers delight written all over their faces. We are getting the Old Firm rammed down our throats now, wether we like\want it or not.

This is like playing high stakes poker with someone you know is cheating, only to be told you will need to accept it if you want to continue to play.

What an absolute charade!

Mario Bertolini

Auldheid ta, went for a wee wander back on res12 site, how you and the others collated all that info, is beyond amazing. We are all grateful. looking back to 2016 on cqn there were great comments from posters re: Res12. great days with fantastic posts, seems a lot of them have disappeared. get them back on here to see there comments nowadays.

I’ve had a gut feeling for the past year or two that Res 12 was going to end up with police involvement. It has been increasingly obvious that our Board, the SFA & UEFA want to wash their hands of it. I had hoped it would go to the CAS but that would need co-operation by some of the above 3. So the police it is. Shouldn’t be difficult, the whole thing stinks of fraud. It’s understandable the resolutioners wont want to use such terminology but to bystanders like me it seems obvious.

Auldheid, if crowdfunding is required, you know where to come.

A thing of beauty

Great article, thanks for that. I am undecided about VAR. I think it has got to pernickity and being offside by a fingernail takes too much of the spontaneity out the game. It was brought in for clear and obvious mistakes, not that. What I will say is that the bias of our refereeing makes it a necessary evil so to speak. I agree that the elite refs in Scotland will want it or they will be left behind. Contrasting reports on our refs in Europe this week with madden being generally praised and wee wullie pilloried. That to me is in keeping with my thinking. Madden is a good ref when he is not trying to help his brethren. Collum is inept, full stop. I also agree that the scrutiny of VAR will negate the bias from those reviewing. You cannot continually make mistakes when reviewing as you don’t have the excuse of only getting one look, the staple of every hun b that has robbed us over the years.
As for Morelos. I have not seen footage but if he did get racially abused then that person should be banned from football. As for him celebrating in front of them. They do what they want and we know that. What are our board doing. Oh that’s right, burying resolution 12. Shame on everyone of them. It wouldn’t have been buried had Fergus still been in charge. He would have taken them on again, won again and cleaned them out. Our board are a disgrace.


Sevco do irony and cynicism so well. I didn’t know they did this type of thing at the crumble dome until I read an article about it yesterday. I wonder if it made any difference (?) I’m also curious as to why they did it. UEFA having a wee look at them again perhaps ?? ?

‘Ya couldn’t make it up’
RANGERS are proudly supporting Show Racism the Red Card Fortnight of Action.
We urge fans to continue to support the anti-racism message; it is the responsibility of us all to ensure that it is carried out beyond the Fortnight of Action and beyond the terraces.

big packy

hi ghuys craig 76 cheers for that?

big packy

my horse is not running do I pick another or what.

Margaret McGill

Res12 is perceived by the Tory PLC as uppity Tims upsetting the gravy train and that just will not stand.


Man City fans chant ‘Vaffanculo VAR’ ! (or words to that effect) ?

Big Audio Dynamite

What’s the reason for us kicking off nearly 3hrs earlier than cheat fc?

Packy, I would just pick another one. If it’s not allowed Twisty will ignore it. He’s a reasonable man.


Big Audio Dynamite
Do you really have to ask?

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