Hold your nose or move along !

While a warrior from Lurgan is handling the footballing side of the business very competently and is making great strides , the week in Celtic cyberspace has been overshadowed by off field activities lead by four of our own who have been keeping the masses abreast of just what is happening.
You wont need my summary by now and Im well aware that many or even most are 99 percent concerned with what happens on the park and will have shrugged off the Res12 new’s as just more background noise.

No matter what side of the fence you sit on we all must agree that to have the events of 2011 – 2012 still casting a murky cloud over the national sport is a disgrace.
Now its clear this will drag on even longer with the board and resolutioners not seeing eye to eye on which course of action next.
Its possible ,of course, all this dragging along is a deliberate ploy to turn the masses off justice and make many wish it was all over ala Brexit but the simple fact is its far from over ( just like Brexit ).
We also must agree that the fact we have four men on their own resources fighting against the system for years now to have transparency and the rulebook actually enforced speaks volumes about the kind of league and people we are dealing with.

For an expat the Club can and does become a life line to home ,, an easy connection to keep from old world to new world that helps to remember the past and who you are , where you’re from. The new life brings the supporter new challenges though , in that the games are no longer conveniently timed , and the masses are gathering and getting passionate for new and different sports which have peaked your interest and are much more fan plus family friendly. Not to mention run with a high degree of professionalism and cater to many of the masses needs matter of factly.

I recall somewhere around the Tony Mowbray season having a real pain in the ass job and coming home absolutely spent to turn on Ctv for the game.
The old reassuring connection with home on the telly and what should be a nice pleasant event seeing the Hoops on the attack.
I also recall week after week of waking the house up yelling at the tv or being on the verge of smashing the thing after another round of honest mistakes.
And this was my relax time after a stressful day at work !
Watching bent refs and us reduced to a punching bag taking it without hitting back. Blood curdling to a man who believe’s always stand up for yourself.
Again it took an ordinary fan with meager resources ( see Paul Larkins Anyone but Celtic ) to document just how bent the ref’s were then yet nothing has been done to change or tackle that set up as I type.

We all know that there’s no Im switching over to this team now ala Asian football fans following a player not club. Its one and done. We are Celtic fan’s and there’s no other full stop.
However the last few years , since Wgs left us I guess , have just left me fully disillusioned with the entire footballing set up north of the border.
The governing bodies and what passes for media cannot be separated in terms of how far I would trust them , or how little respect I have for either.
Two snake pits that have each others back and spawned the bent ref’s. Integrity took one look and bolted.

And then as you watch from afar your own Club’s actions and inactions send the bat signal up such as 5wa , Gb kettled , Dawn Raids , too long in situ , weak buying while ahead , etc etc.
The Big Lie is my own particular bugbear.
On Res12 we have essentially the board refusing to “ kick it upstairs “ where it will get dealt with properly and leaving it to bent friends. Convenient.
Had the Plc endeavoured to attempt to get to the bottom of the recent malarkey that would have left me saying fair enough at least they tried and then facing up the Big Lie and whether I could possibly stomach it.
But like the ref’s , like the media its nothing. Any comments are very much at odds with the average fans view of things (great history , they cost us 10 million a year ) .
There has never been such a divergence of interests since the Celt’s for Change era imo.

Those seeking a genuine sport to enjoy the thrill of pure competition or indeed a club to champion are simply out of luck. Nothing pure about whats on offer.
The Csc’s are down in numbers attending although technology will have had a huge impact there helping the stay at home fan.
Without a good product though , the buyer will increasingly not recommend and those who stumble upon product are likely to move on.
Such an amateur run setup with mysterious ways will never crack a hard market.
The domestic scene is much easier to crack with a waiting list of 10 k for season books telling you the locals are there to be exploited by the biggest show in town. For the majority the only show in town as far as they are concerned.
Soundbites such as More than a Club and the daily dissecting of the games numerous issues keeps the attention span of the masses occupied and off the bigger issues at hand.

So here we stand leaders on the pitch yet off it those entrusted with the well being of our institution embody the opposite of what we historically stand for .
Very soon good honest men’s pleas and hard work towards a fair and transparent game that we all could embrace and enjoy will be stymied by the board , their voting bloc to be gerrymandered by our powerbrokers.
These men now in the top positions have shown no sign that they care for anything but the bottom line. Integrity and transparency are great aspirations but thats all.
Cast by the wayside as another round of obscene bonuses are ratified and another attempt at a better game is gerrymandered into the history books.
Thats what its come to , how far we have been reduced .
Our history and songs betrayed for a bigger slice of the pie. Clubs great name and reputation hawked off.
The regime that was once lauded with words such as “ long game “ plus “playing a blinder “ bandied about is now simply the Judy for the dressed in light blue co-star Punch.
Dont like the stench of corruption ? Its either hold your nose or move along.
Fight it ? No chance its profitable.
For this travesty alone we need new people in charge.

The above is by Mahe. Please consider the occasional article contribution. We are interested in your take on things.

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Dharma Bam

Well put, Mahe.
What happens at and immediately after the agm feels like a tipping point for me just now. Maybe not so much a tipping point so much as a formalisation of the way I’ve been feeling about the plc and how that is diluting my enthusiasm for the club.


Can’t ignore these points mate. No matter the code, from Spain to Oz, and USA to UK, rule bending if not outright corruption is part of the game. PL’s gig is about optimising marketable streams to facilitate rude good financial health for the entity + s/holders. Brands that are monopolies don’t need to do the whole reputation, CSR and total accountability bit; monopoly often = loyalty.
Our job…? Vote with your conscience and your cash – will you, me, all of us give up wur CelticTV subs and shirt buys and no longer be a Tic fan if Res12 gets long-grassed? Celtic almost has a monopoly on my emotions and psyche thats for sure. We all have some serious soul searching to do, and a debt of gratitude to the 12’ers.

Margaret McGill

Fairness and integrity?
Nae money in it.

Margaret McGill

No one in American MSM wants to address the glaringly obvious that Donald Trump laundered Russian criminal syndicate money for over 30 years and that’s why he’s Putin’s bitch. Why is Peter Lawwell the SFA’s bitch?



There’s very little that Celtic can do on the pitch that will dull my enthusiasm. Aye,I might be pissed off during a game,but I’ll be right up for the next one!

Equally there’s very little that the board can do off the pitch that will change my view of them,dilute my contempt. So,whys that?

Experience,I think. I’ve experienced some great joys as a Celtic supporter,as well,as some-usually fleeting-bad days at the office. In over fifty years as a fan,I can only remember Fergus taking on Farry as a moment of pleasure. Well,maybe John Reid and his “We refuse to be treated any differently” statement. For which he was soon huckled. They are what they are,our own wee cabal of tory basturts.



Trump’s a cnut,who is wrecking what’s left of democracy over there. As for draining the swamp? Bring a plumber to the occasion,not a bliddy wrecking ball.

Anyway,seems he’s moving to Florida permanently as soon as he is finished in The White House. Presumably the daft basturt thinks they can grant him Diplomatic Immunity.



That’s a terrific article,mate. Well done.


Seconded !
Very well written bit of work, Mahe.

It reminds me of the absurdity of it all when a certain board member at the AGM told us we should all behave ourselves ?

And we always used to say you couldn’t melt his neck with a blowtorch when talking about huns and SFA reps……

big packy

MORNING ALL mahe what an article hard hitting and straight to the point? at one point there in your article I thought you were gonna say move along timmy nothing to see here, because that’s what it is ,cover up after cover up, I admire atob and jnp, but this shit is starting to wear my patience, get the tory bassas out once and for all.hh.



Smarmy basturt,that yin. As chairman,Lawwell is meant to report to him.


He’s a puppet!

(Where’s Brian Conley when you need him?)



That’ll be “Chairman Lawell” to you and me ?



This might make you smile-and the missus too!


I got sent it by a Scouse mate,he reckons they missed out the best one-she’s so posh,she gets outa the bath to pee.

big packy

BOBBY very funny, the best word was b for bevvy, id never heard that word till I moved down here.?

big packy

BOBBY you have mail


When Res12 is binned on 27 Nov, I will choose to move along. Frankly, I’ve had enough of holding my nose to keep out the stench of the rotten and decaying corpse that is the professional game in Scotland. It was bad enough when the origin of the bad smell could be found inside Ibrox and Hampden. However, it’s ten times worse to find that the same stink can also be traced to the boardroom at Celtic Park.

big packy

M6 bhoy, know how you feel?

big packy

BOBBY, got your reply cheers?.

Big Audio Dynamite

More than a club? Empty rhetoric. I, for one, don’t believe for a minute Rangers only started cheating when Murray arrived.

Even though I really want to see us take on Hibs in any cup semi-final, I just can’t bring myself to buy 2 tickets and see my money go into the SFA coffers.

Tune in next week, when I will still be wrestling with the same moral dilemma.

Big Audio Dynamite

The redevelopment of Ibrox in 1981 cost over £10m. David Holmes brought Souness to Ibrox in 1986, and Murray bought Rangers 2 years later.

£10m to Scottish clubs in 1981 was a gargantuan sum …Mmmm!

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, know where you are coming from, terrible state of affairs?

Big Audio Dynamite


Remember when we thought our enemies were everywhere except at Parkhead? Life seemed simpler then, eh? The thought that our custodians are just a mirror image of those who want to harm us, makes me want to vomit, mate!

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE, you never said a truer word.?

Big Audio Dynamite

Just noticed the other day I share my birthday with the Celtic captain and manager! That has to be a first for me ?


Barbed little comment at the end of a post from HENRIK1967 over on CQN.

“I’m starting to think the ones that aren’t criticising our directors are the ones that are getting wee snippets of info here and there.”

Wouldn’t it be sad if prominent bloggers were invited into the inner sanctum and offered incentives to come onside? Wee snippets of information,clickbait as I believe it is known.

Kinda destroys your faith,that very idea. Of course,we know that would never happen.



My Dad’s favouritest ever player is Charlie Tully.

Now,for years he had been known to moan about me being born on 11 July,too bloody close,that. Especially since another ten minutes I’d have been damned to hell!

Then he found out-only a couple of years ago-that my birthday is also Charlie’s birthday. Seems I’m back in the will,so all’s well.

Big Audio Dynamite


Had a picture of your dad in the Labour room pleading with your mum to get a move on, as he nervously eyed the clock ?

11.50pm on the 11th of July? Too close, mate ?



Apparently,he looked at his watch and started pulling!

Big Audio Dynamite

“Ryan Jack isn’t available at any price” ?

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby ?


One of the key points with regards to whether a UEFA Licence was awarded correctly in 2011 lost over time is that neither Celtic (nor the SFA ) have ever once voiced an opinion themselves in public in spite of opportunities to do so at every AGM since 2013 as to whether an overdue payable existed or not at 31 March 2011.

It has always been about the process of uncovering, never any opinion aired on the strength of the case and the prima facie conclusion.

The argument for silence before charges were made over 2 years ago in May 2018 was that of not wanting to prejudice proceedings and one that had to be accepted for fear of doing just that.

However after 2 years of supposed investigation is it not time Celtic aired an opinion rather than hide behind a process that has been demonstrated carries no authority to investigate of itself hence the stall in proceedings?

The Res12 Archive at https://www.res12.uk carries some interesting information, one such, possibly overlooked as it refers to the 2012 Licensing Cycle and the application for a UEFA Licence by RFC just weeks before entering administration is in a letter dated 1st February 2012 from the SFA to Rangers.

It addresses the still unpaid wee tax bill from 2011 and it can be read at


The relevant part comes under Article 50 about the overdue tax disclosed at 31 December 2011 (which was the £2.8M owed from March 21st in 2011) where it says such tax had now to be paid by 31st March 2012 or be viewed as an overdue payable if there was no agreement to postpone or was in dispute.

Significantly it says the Licensing Committee would need sight of any relevant correspondence to be satisfied the amount is a genuine legal dispute.( presumably meaning subject to one)

The significance is that in the 2011 process the Lic Committee were not told it was a payable at 31 Dec 2010 but a potential liability where there were ongoing discussions giving impression of dispute( the actual words used to satisfy the Lic Comm in a letter from Grant Thornton RFC Auditors were repeated in more or less the same form in the Interim Accounts) .

However did the 2011 Lic Comm ask for relevant correspondence that did exist to substantiate the proof RFC offered the SFA to obtain a licence? They did in 2012 so was the difference that RFC disclosed there was a payable in 2012 but not in 2011.(RFC could hardly do otherwise after Sherriff Officers turned up at Ibrox in August 2011)

That is the detail but as this information is in SFA records where comparisons can be made and conclusions drawn then it cannot be that after 2 years there is no case to answer but it is the fear of facing the consequences that is the reason to stall and stall.

Seven years have passed, there is still a club playing football at Ibrox and the events in question precedes the liquidation of the club who committed the offence.

So why not admit what is now clear to the world and THEN explain why its not in Celtic’s interests to push the SFA as well as not going to UEFA and let the SFA then explain themselves?

Stop treating shareholders/ supporters like idiots.


Cars are sold on the promise of lifestyles that will never be realized
Perfume and aftershave are sold on the faint promise of sex.
Bread was sold by nostalgia and a young lad trekking through cobbled streets in early morning light.
Celtic football club is sold on the defiance of a community that overcame injustice and great odds.
Having worked many years in advertising the More than a club nonsense from the plc to part more suckers from their hard earned cash is the most disingenuous .
More than a club certainly does not apply to the plc unless corporate spivs and liars is what they mean.
More than a club does apply to the Celtic support who have been frequently preyed upon, sold out, used and vilified by the plc spivs.
More than a club applies to the fans who have fought for the causes of poverty and oppression and whose charitable work is world renowned.
Our forefathers who fought so hard for equality would weep at the plc’s collusion with those who tried to kill off our club for the sake of excess profit.


Howfy folks,
Hope all are well. God bless all those less fortunate than ourselves. Let’s hope November doesn’t spawn a monster ( who sang it? )

Auldheid, ,
I will not hold the club and entity itself guilty for the sins of its so called custodians.
M6bhoy says he walking full stop but imo that’s wrong. The club is an innocent victim here. The minute this shower leave it should be as you were as far as upset fans and Glasgow Celtic go.
However even if we get a decent board I myself am still faced with the big lie.
That’s having blatant cheating stating you in the face every time you look at the table.
That is as important as anything here imo and if not challenged the domestic game will never move on and possibly slowly die.

The club could have said officially or to McGowan our fav hack to print. the old firm is dead. At least how can dead club have titles?
This is the stench.
This is my rubicon.
But I blame the men not the club.

It’s up to us all to make sure they don’t have a lauded legacy and for the rest of our days challenge any who type they were good custodians.
Their legacy is tainted and that must be hammered home and made commonly accepted.
A small victory hopefully.
And let’s find out where they holiday and have a Hoot there, maybe tell some home truths.
Hail Hail

Ps can we make you an offer for your memoirs? 😉

Mario Bertolini

FIFA has written to all associations re: 3 point action against sectarianism and racism. are our SFA going to action said recommendations, stop match, take players off pitch cancel game. They have started that they are looking into various things. absolutely BS. It looks as if they are going to make there own interpretation on it. AYE right.


The scandal here isn’t that rangers cheated. They always cheat. They cheat with the help and support of the football authorities in this country.
The scandal is that the directors of our club have choosen to do and say nothing.

Res. 12 is massively important. I hesitate to use the phrase ‘token gesture’ because it sounds disrespectful, but it is only one issue in the world of corruption in Scottish football. There is much more. The continuity myth, the 5 WA, irregular registrations & side letters, Nimmo Smith, EBTs, refereeing etc. etc.

But think of a pack of cards. Prove this one. Expose the men handling all of this and the rest falls into place.

Why are the Celtic board silent? Why the media? Why some bloggers?

Follow the money?

A thing of beauty

It is established that the behaviour of our board over resolution 12 is unworthy of their office. The problem I have is what happens next. I have long said that I would not like to be the man who drops the ten. At the moment that sits squarely with peter lawwell. Should he deliver I think he’ll leave. Should he not deliver he will have dropped the ten, vilified forever as a man who took 15 plus million out the club and couldn’t deliver. Should the fall out over resolution 12 result in his resignation and the ten is not delivered who then will be to blame? Not him. He’ll claim everything was on track till Those pesky agitators started their nonsense. I think we have to be very careful here. I would not like anyone else but the man responsible to carry the burden of dropping the ten. I know this is bigger than 10
League titles but the majorIt’s of the support don’t see it that way and I worry their ire will be directed at the wrong target.

Mike in Toronto

Serious question…not a dig at anyone, but, given what we now KNOW, (not suspect, KNOW) increasingly I am struggling to understand why/how people can say ‘sure, my club seems to be supporting those that hate everything I stand for… but I still support the club’…

I think most of us would have said that Rangers and the League were anti-Catholic and anti-Irish…

If our club is now in league with them, is Celtic PLC also anti-Catholic and anti-Irish?

Really, if Celtic accepts anti-Catholic and anti-Irish bigotry, and goes along with the cheating, how are they any different from the zombies?

Muhamad Ali was asked why he wouldn’t go to VIetnam… his answer ‘any no Viet Cong ever called me n****’.

Sometimes you have to fight the enemy close to home before you can fight the ones far away.

I had a client recently, who had known and been friends with his bookkeeper for 30 years, but it turned out the bookkeeper had been embezzling a lot of money form the client (and others). Should my client just ignore it and say, but he’s a good guy, and he’s always been my bookkeeper, and he did good work for the first 25 years before he started stealing?

big packy

WESTCRAIGS, nail on head they knew about the cheating and said not a dickie bird, the bigot pound is too much to lose.?


Mahe, I am not wrong to walk away for good if/when Res.12 is killed on 27 Nov. It is right thing for me just as it is right for others to hang on in there in the rapidly diminishing hope that things will change.I have supported the team since the mid-sixties so know that cheating and corruption is ingrained in the game in Scotland.

So why walk away now if, as you say the club is a victim? Easy, it is now clear (to me at least) that our club is not a victim but is now an integral part of a rigged game whose sole purpose is to get as many supporters/customers to regularly empty their wallets/purses into the bank balances of Tory fat-cats inside the Celtic Park boardroom. Winning trophies helps but it is no longer the club’s primary objective.

The real victims are the mugs who regularly support the team financially without realising or perhaps caring that they are being taken for a ride by the very people who are supposed to be on their side. I’ve waited patiently since the 2013 AGM for the club to stand up to the cheats and have nothing but admiration for the guys behind Res.12 but this will be the end of the road for me. I used to sing, “We don’t care if we win, lose or draw…”. Now, I am past caring.

big packy

HI JIM, I keep going back to the comment mr desmond made, rangers are one of the great football clubs that tells me everything.?

Packy it was a disgraceful thing to say for any Celtic supporter, but for the club’s largest shareholder to say those things was unbelievable. With him at the helm it is no surprise that the board are silent on corruption and fraud.


There has to be a reason for the Board stance, or non-stance on Res12. For me, that is the key issue here. Several of the SFA involved have gone, Rangers are dead…it is all history now, sadly.

The meat is in understanding “why” the Board has acted as it has. There seem to be three possibilities that may explain this. Firstly, the petitioners could simply be mistaken, not deliberately, but humans make mistakes, even if only through missing something vital in explaining what went on. I think this is unlikely and if it were the case the club could quickly point out the flaw and the case would be closed.

Secondly, the Board may feel that it is not worth pursuing the issue, in that, the costs outweigh any benefits, monetary or otherwise. I can see this being a possibility as action would essentially be against the establishment.

Thirdly, some on the Board may have colluded in the events around 2011-12, maybe even for reasons that they felt were justified, or for grasping reasons. Pursuing Res12 might bring unpleasant stuff to the surface. Did this happen? I have no clue but it is possible.

Whether the second or third explanations cover the truth will not matter as far as the fate of Res12 is concerned. Every effort will be made to have it go away…..both by the club and by the SFA. I suspect they will succeed. What each fan has to decide is if they are prepared to walk away or not. At first that may seem like an easy moral decision, but it is not. If the club is weakened, who do you think willbe the dominant force in Scottish football? Staying or going……each has a cost, at least to yours truly.


Mike in Toronto


You also have his lapdog, PL, who said, ” “I do not accept that Irish republicanism is anywhere in Celtic history.”

This is a club for whom Davitt laid the turf, and that flew a Tricoulour given to them by DeValera ….etc…

You dont have to be irish, or catholic, or even a republican to support Celtic … but to deny that this is a huge part of our DNA, and why we have been hated in Scotland, is to perform historical negationism that would make Stalin proud….

Mike in Toronto


BMCUWP said you were having some family troubles. I wont pry, but trust that you know that we are all sending our best wishes, and are here if you need anything.

big packy

MIKE, I can honestly say, I would not trust them as far as I could throw them.hh.

big packy

REBUS, can I just echo what mike just said, best wishes to you and yours.hh.

Res. 12 will not die when it is voted down at the AGM. With the block vote it is to be expected. But Auldheid et al. have a plan B in place I’m quite sure.

They have merely given Celtic the chance to take ownership but it was declined.


M6bhoy and MIT,,

I think Ive been misunderstood or at least let me clarify.

Yes at this moment we are right to walk away from what we see BUT to permanently disown the club ( the actual entity ie the bricks and mortar plus history ) is wong imo.
Thats entity did nothing wrong but get picked up by the wrong fella as far as I can see .
Its the board thats done wrong not the club and we must separate the two.
Bad crowd starts drinking in local bar its hardly the actual establishments fault they chose there if you catch my drift.

If Scottish football in general drives people away thats another thing but it aint all over because of bad custodians . Jeez countless clubs have had boards and owners they hate but its their club and they didnt walk as they didnt blame the club itself.

We get decent people next roll of the dice all bets are off , well they should be.
We should back them. They have done nothing wrong plus the club is just an entity changing hands again and at the new guys whim as usual.
However as I say its the big lie which gets me. Even if Auldheid and co get a result Im still faced with a dead club that have 54 ffs.

Seems to me unless an outside organisation with serious sway and power undertakes a full investigation the big scam won and they dumped their debt and lived,,which was the end game here.

Hail Hail


MIT et al,

My brother has various cancers and is looking at palliative care in the future. I went back to Scotland to say goodbye….not easy.

I am in a bistro on Great Western Rd, Glasgow called 1051 GWR. It used to be the gatehouse for the old Gartnavel Hospital. I recommend it.

This year has been hard as cancer has visited both my wife and my brother. The former is OK now.

I’d say I would rather be ill in Canada than here. The people are the same tho’…..salt of the earth.

Saw Neil Lennon in Simply M and S on wednesday…..I was a tongue tied teenager again……could not even say hello!


Mike in Toronto


I get your point, and I have some sympathies for it …. but it does feel a bit like ‘having your cake and eating it too’

We laughed when the zombies tried that sort of separation .. it was the Board that cheated, why should the club/the fans be punished? but their club cheated, and the club had to face the consequences (well, it would have , if this wasn’t Scotland, and Celtic PLC wasn’t an obseuqious bootlicking quizling)….

I didn’t buy the ‘it wasn’t the club, it was a few bad directors’ when they tried it, and I aint buying it from our club; they cheated and their fans knew they cheated, and they were okay with it, as long as they were winning …

and now, our fans know about the cheating, and go along with it, because, at the moment, we are winning….

I say, hell mend them both.

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