Celtic 5-2 Hibs Review


Great day on Saturday,with time well spent chez SOLKITTS. Grateful thanks as ever for your hospitality,folks! Pity I forgot to pack the Highland Park 12yo that I’d bought for the evening,but it won’t go off. Plus of course,there was a match of some import to deal with first.

This was really a bit of a stroll in the park for most of the evening,though we contrived to make it harder for us than it should have been after we went 4-1 up. The game isn’t won until the final whistle goes,and we might do well to remember that.

Nevertheless,it would be churlish to criticise too much. After all,five goals in a semi-final is good going by any standard. That’s us on 73 for the season already,and we still have a dozen matches to play before the winter break. Including the League Cup Final,our first ever against the south side zombies.

We lined up as follows





We started well enough,with James Forrest really looking like he was in for a good day. Sadly it wasn’t to be for him as his game petered out before being substituted half way through the second half. By then,he had hit the post,come close another couple of times. Oh,and laid on the first with a delightful chip to the back post for Elyounoussi to header into the far corner. A few minutes later,I Wanna put on the afterburners with a mazy run inside the area before sidefooting it across goal for the onrushing CalMac to make it two,with barely twenty minutes on the clock.

Even at this early stage,we looked like running riot against a Hibs side which were offering very little bar hard graft. We peppered their goal relentlessly but to no avail and it was a surprise to us all when the next goal went the way of the opposition. The ball was ricocheting around the edge of our area when Boli got an unfortunate toe on it to send Hallberg one on one with Forster,and suddenly we had a game on our hands! Shocked out of our lethargy,Eddy darted deep into the left of their box and in a near-carbon copy of our second,stroked the ball across goal for CalMac to finish it off virtually on the stroke of half time.

With Jonny Hayes on for the ineffective Boli,we started the second half as we had ended the first. Inside the first dozen minutes,we saw a shot from Elyounoussi bounce back off the post and into the arms of the prone keeper and another effort,this time by Forrest from the edge of the box beat the keeper but not the woodwork.

In the old days of the square Hampden goalposts,there’s little doubt that Elyounoussi would have got his second,but them’s the breaks!

Twelve minutes into the second half saw us finally get the goal that our play deserved,and it came from a corner! Elyounoussi swung one in and the keeper tried to catch it at the same time as Jullien got his head on it. Gravity did the rest,as the ball dropped to Broonie who couldn’t really miss from two yards out. 4-1 and the Hibs fans began to stream out of the ground,yet the next thirty minutes was very much their best spell of the game.

For starters,they kicked off again and had their second of the game within a minute of the restart. Great goal it was,too. A cross whipped in to around the penalty spot and an excellent header into the bottom corner,with Forster rooted. Nothing he could have done about it,just a terrific goal.

They clearly hadn’t given up,even if their cause looked hopeless. Having said that,for all their effort,it was Celtic who were creating the best opportunities,with Eddy and Elyounoussi each seeing a couple of efforts blocked or just off target.

With five minutes to go,Elyounoussi picked up a loose ball in the middle of our half and fed it to Broonie. He ran the length of the pitch,defenders trailing behind him or standing off,before releasing it back to Mo at the edge of the box. His first touch wasn’t the best for once,but he returned it to Broonie who couldn’t really miss from 12 yards out. The keeper saved his first effort,but he still had the energy left to fire the rebound into the net. Finally we could relax,and celebrate our passage through to our tenth successive final.

If you think I’m going to let this review pass without comment on a blatant piece of cheating by Bobby Madden,you’re wrong. With the scores still tied at 0-0,he decided to ignore the most blatant of handballs by a Hibs defender as the ball came in from a corner. This type of officiating is costing us our due reward far too often and it’s time we made an official complaint. Sucking it up never changed anything,Celtic.

In a game where we scored five goals,it may seem strange to give the MOTM award to a striker who failed to register one of our goals. But while Elyounoussi and Broonie pushed him close,I thought I Wanna was at his unplayable best. Laying on two goals and generally scaring defenders to death,he just shades it for me. Now all roads lead to Rome on Thursday. We can only hope that he takes out his frustration-he got into some great positions on Saturday,but didn’t get the ball,and boy was he pissed!-on Lazio as his general play deserves greater reward.


Above article by BMCUWP. Give us your thoughts on anything you like and we will gladly publish as Article of the Day. Mail it to Mahe


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Big Audio Dynamite

Ahh square goalposts …they still got them @Ibrox? And were we not led to believe Scott Brown’s legs had gone? They seem to me to be working fine! Until the final rolls around, the build up is going to be excruciating.



Big Audio Dynamite

Totally agree on Eddie, Bobby, I thought he was the best player on the park. He seems to have added the other facets to his game that make a top class striker. I also think he is the one player we might struggle without, as he is integral to everything good that we do. If he was to get injured then …?



Don’t even think of such a thing! We definitely need to find another striker to take some of the responsibility off him. His likely replacements keep getting injured,but hopefully we should have a full complement to choose from soon enough.

I really felt for him on Saturday,all those times in the clear and waiting for a pass that never came. I’m pretty sure that he could have strangled James Forrest on one particular occasion!

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, I’ve seen Johnny Russell’s name mentioned as a possible Jan addition… Wouldn’t cost a lot, is a mad Tim, and while not ever being prolific, I feel he’d be a great addition. Having said that, I have everything crossed that Leigh is now back and will be adding to his own goal tally soon ?



IMO,if Johnny Russell is the answer,we are asking the wrong question. I’m with you on Leigh though.

Big Audio Dynamite

Aye Bobby, the best scenario is Leigh getting back to where he was. Amazing to think we actually left out a 40 goal a season striker …and it worked! Can’t think of another time that has happened.



Didn’t work too well for Leigh though. Might have pushed him over the edge,sadly.

The Gombeen Man

A fine piece of writing BMCUWs.

The soup will taste great in the Boardroom today with the unpalatable prospect of an ‘Old Firm’ final to distract the masses.

Maybe a contract extension and a few rumours about the January Window will help Pedro ‘kill’ any further flak?

Anywaythe big story for me was Glasgow Gaels Gaelic Football Club reaching their first All Britain Gaelic Football Final at the weekend.

A huge achievement given the size of the Irish diaspora in the big English cities.

Glasgow’s green and white.

I know where I’d be taking my kids if I was in Glasgow and it wouldn’t be Pedro’s pantomime.

Shamrock Rovers also won the FAI Cup yesterday, the Aviva looked the part. Dublin would be a great spot for a big team.


Awe Naw

Hi my name is Awe Naw and whenever huns get beat I turn into a raging alcoholic – at least I am at work this morning well it certainly does appear that way .. so I think I am still alive… and still in work unlike Nico Kovac



I turn into a raging alcoholic when the basturts win.

Bit harsh on Kovac. Won the double last year,bulleted after ten games this year. I’d be looking at their forward planning,tbh. They lost some top players at the end of last season,they clearly haven’t been adequately replaced.

Awe Naw

A bit quick maybe he comes back to Eintracht … he’ll walk into a position



Good to hear from you,old son-and thanks for the compliment! Well done,The Glasgow Gaels!!!

I don’t think Lawwell will even bother trying to deflect the flak. It’s “What flak?” Like he gives a f..k. Why should he,he’s untouchable. Time has shown that to be the case.

At the moment,from my interpretation of things,he is either protecting himself or someone very close to him over failures around the time of the liquidation of the huns. But he has enough backing from the influential people required-be it major shareholders,bloggers,media,fans-that he is sure that he can ride out the storm.

Time will tell. But history is littered with examples of where the cover up was punished far more severely than the original crime. Btw,are you a member of a supporters club in Ireland? If so,please mail me. Got a suggestion for you

Awe Naw



Missed this one. This is definitely one that Celtic support should keep a serious eye on.

The only real question here is under whose orders was James Wolffe QC acting upon or was it his own volition. I reckon JAmes Wolfe being the person that he is will finger Alex Salmond from the get go

Awe Naw

The Holy Vespa …. Brigate Verdi nowhere to be seen

Awe Naw


A tad pedantic but it was Elyounoussi not Calmac who scored the third.
Awe Naw
Those polis look out of shape and their ponchos make them look cute and cuddly.
No wonder them ultra’s don’t give a!

Awe Naw


in the last 30 years I have taken in maybe 20 Serie A games. Always the same … threat of violence hanging in the air. Now I am sure plenty of RC devotees thought this would be a lovely wee trip. Which it will be if you are not wearing green and white


And i am sure the Italian police like the Dutch will have been briefed by their Scottish counterparts of how violent and dangerous the Celtic fans are.
It will be a perilous place for our fans with ultra’s and police itching to attack.

Awe Naw


just like in Valencia


Great result over Hibs, some excellent goals and our overall play was absolutely superb.
A little concerned at the amount of chances we conceded in the second half though with our attacking strength it mattered little in the end. Roll on 8th Dec when we can lift the cup, which will be overflowing with Hun tears.

December 8th is the Feast of The Immaculate Conception. A day of celebration throughout the world. People process, let off fireworks, get dressed in cultural clothing and dance and sing. Sound like Hampden?

(They also have feasts but I don’t think a pie and a Bovril counts!)_


In Scotland we have St.Andrew. Who is the patron saint of the USA?

Awe Naw


Elvis Presley

bada bing1

Lazio Marketing director Marco Canigia: “For the game on Thursday we’ve sold over 14,000 tickets but the majority of that number has gone to Celtic..There will be around 9,000 fans from Scotland in the away end.”

Awe Naw, close but not quite. It’s The BVM of The Immaculate Conception! I was surprised at that I have to admit. I wonder if Mahe knew? And do the Southern Baptists know?

Mike in Toronto


That is why in America there are so many churches named after the Immaculate Conception. And the Basiclia of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC, is the largest church in North America, and one of the largest in the world.

I like the patron saint of Chile. St. James the Greater. Or as I call him Jim the Greater53.

Awe Naw


possible answers to the question … my top 10 in no particular order

1) Errm in hushed tones Paul Mc Bride

2) Me Rod and Campbell go back a long way

3) We would like to contest with them every week

4) Because I.B., has solemnly and voluntarily declared, that he will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty the King; and that I will to the utmost of my power support and maintain the laws and constitution of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, as established by William the Third of glorious memory, and the succession to the throne in his Majesty’s illustrious House, being Protestant.

‘I do declare that I am not, nor ever was, a Roman-Catholic or Papist; that I was not, am not, or ever will be, a member of the society called “United Irishmen” , nor any other society or body of men, who are enemies to his Majesty, or the glorious constitution of these realms; and that I never took the oath to that or any other treasonable society.

‘I declare that I will, as far as in my power lies; assist the magistrates and civil authorities of these kingdoms in the lawful execution of their official duties, when called upon. That I will be true and faithful to every brother Orangeman in all just actions; that I will not wrong, or know him to be wronged or injured, without giving due notice thereof, if in my power. And I solemnly declare that I will always conceal, and never will reveal either part or parts of what is now to privately communicated to me, unless to a brother Orangeman, knowing him to be so by strict trial and due examination; or from the word of a brother Orangeman, or until I shall be authorized so to do by the proper authorities of the Orange Institution. That I will not write it, indite it, cut carve, stain, stamp, or engrave it, or cause it to be done, lest any part thereof might be known. And lastly, I do declare that I have not, to my knowledge or belief, been proposed or rejected in, or expelled from any other Orange Lodge.

5) $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

6) Mazen Houssami works for DD

7) It´s it about time all you well balanced unselfish intelligent caring customers that have attached yourselves to Celtic without invitation left us your pin number and fucked off ?

8) We wurnae ready Mrs.

9) Keep the faith

10) Eat sleep eat treble

Mike in Toronto


Pretty sure there is no St. Packy. so, your pal is out of luck.

Awe Naw

I read point 4 and thought you had been given an advanced copy of a new resolution 13 for the Celtic AGM.

Awe Naw


A new religion that’ll bring you to your knees

Black velvet if you please

Awe Naw


I did and it was … 1997 AGM mind you a bit late

Awe Naw

I love giving up alcohol. I am so good at it.

Mike in Toronto

Awe Naw

Funny… Celtic is almost driving me to drink!

So the League Cup Final is confirmed as Sunday 8 Dec. 3pm.

A Glasgow derby at 3pm? Police Scotland must be asleep at the wheel!

bada bing1

Heckinbottom bagged

Not to worry, Hibs have got Leeann Dempster in charge to recruit a new manager. What with her days as a season ticket holder at Ibrox she is well qualified on all things football and governance.


Hope the Pope has the Swiss Guard on standby if we need hauners on Thursday

Aye, and at least the Swiss are always neutral!

bada bing1

After liaising with all the relevant authorities, we strongly advise that supporters making the trip to Rome read the guidance below before embarking upon their journey.


– No alcohol on sale in the city centre from 6pm on Wednesday, 6 November, until 7am on Friday, 8 November.

– Be aware that drinking alcohol on the streets will be prohibited and will incur an on the spot €100 fine.


The Res12 Archive has been updated to cover Celtic’s response to the most recent Resolution to bring Res12 of 2013 AGM to a conclusion. If you are not a shareholder it explains what was proposed & why and what Celtic actually oppose. All at 25th October date.


Awe Naw

Dave King, the major benefactor of Rangers, is currently losing upwards of £10 million a year to watch Celtic win every trophy, and no matter how big a fan of the club he claims to be, that is completely unsustainable. Now, he must find another £10 million to keep the club solvent until the end of the season.

Should Rangers not win the league this year, or next year, Dave King would be well within his rights to question the point of it all. Without him, there is nobody else.

,The club also spent an estimated £9 million on legal fees, largely on battling Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct for the control of their own merchandising rights. Without going into the incredibly complex details of the case, Rangers lost and now must stump up. That is unusual for most clubs, and Rangers will hope that the worst is now behind them.

but there is a legitimate threat that the club might not make it to the end of the season without someone departing for cash.
. Currently—and despite investment similar to Celtic’s—Rangers lack anyone who might represent any significant sell-on value to the club. Alfredo Morelos, their most obvious cash generator, is seen as toxic due to his horrendous disciplinary record, while Ryan Kent, the club’s record signing, has barely featured since joining three months ago. James Tavernier, club captain, is touted as an asset, but has been found out consistently at a higher level than the Scottish Premiership and a significant portion of the Rangers support would question his place in their team, let alone an English Premier League club’s. Throw in that all three are older than Odsonne Edouard and Kristoffer Ajer, Celtic’s most sellable assets, and the outlook becomes yet bleaker.

Twists n turns

Afternoon all
Sincere apologies for the delayed naps update

Rather tied up at present between work and, and, sadly my mother in law whose been ill for some time is really struggling today.

On high levels of morphine.

Time not my friend at the moment.

No need for any messages of support. I know you’ll all be busy enough and will be wishing us all well. ??

If I get time tomorrow I’ll get the update done.

I think there were 3 winners .

Laters amigos …

No rush whatsoever TnT. Thoughts with your MIL and you & the family.

big packy

TWISTY, thoughts and prayers.

Sad news Twisty.


From Bella Caledonia website

On Dave King and Karl Marx
I’m not sure how familiar the Ibrox faithful are with the works of Karl Marx, but it was himself who wrote “History repeats itself, the first as tragedy, then as farce” in his essay The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon published in 1852.

The quote jangled out at me as I read this account in the American finance magazine, Forbes. It details the perilous state of one of Scotland’s biggest football clubs in some detail.

The writer points out: “Tucked away in the second to last paragraph of the report, it reads that: “The Board acknowledge that the uncertainty over the level of additional funds that will be required and a lack of a binding debt facility indicate that a material uncertainty exists which may cast doubt over the Group’s ability to continue as a going concern and therefore its ability to realise its assets and discharge its liabilities in the normal course of business.”

You wouldn’t have thought that such a state could be allowed to happen (again) nor would you be aware of the reality given the studied silence of the Scottish press corps. BBC Scotland published this upbeat (unattributed) assessment on the 1 November, faithfully quoting Dave King saying, “The financial year under review was again a positive one.”

They quote King adding:

“It has been the board’s responsibility to provide financial support to the manager and that is what we have done. We have also invested significantly in the infrastructure at Ibrox stadium and the training centre.”

“Much of this work, although it is costly, goes unseen. There is a continual funding requirement to maintain our facilities if they are to remain among the very best in the world.”

This is a substantially different spin than the Forbes account.

The sports journalist, Mike Meahall Wood explains:

“The simple reality of the matter, however, is that the funding gap to Celtic is essentially insurmountable within the time required to stop the ten unless someone is willing to consciously and deliberately lose tens of millions of pounds to do so. Dave King, the major benefactor of Rangers, is currently losing upwards of £10 million a year to watch Celtic win every trophy, and no matter how big a fan of the club he claims to be, that is completely unsustainable. Now, he must find another £10 million to keep the club solvent until the end of the season.”

Rangers, he points out, have spent £9 million on legal fees alone on the Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct battle, which they lost.

With a finite amount of ticket sales at Ibrox, and a limit to broadcasting revenue, Rangers are extremely vulnerable. They have no bank credit facilities, and their only way of making money is by winning the league and entering Europe, or selling players. These two things are in opposition to each other.

Wood again:

“Rangers cannot realistically generate much more revenue from sponsorship, TV broadcasting, match day revenue or merchandising. The only route open to the club—well, the only one other than a wealthy benefactor losing money hand over fist—is to make up the shortfall via player sales, which cannot be squared with their stated goal of winning the Scottish Premiership. Titles are not won by selling your best players halfway through the season, but there is a legitimate threat that the club might not make it to the end of the season without someone departing for cash.”

The club are heavily reliant on Dave King, their chairman, who is currently censured by the Takeover Panel for financial misconduct.

The Takeover Panel found that he had committed an offence of “utmost gravity” by working with a group called the Three Bears to seize control of the top flight team. He will be “cold-shouldered” for four years – a rarely used sanction that blackballs him from the financial community, barring him from working with others on further takeovers. The Takeover Panel said a public censure “would not be a sufficient sanction”. It is only the fourth time such a punishment has been handed out during the regulator’s 50-year history.

Now these accounts show a loss of £11.3m making a total of £25m in 2 years. We should also consider that Mike Ashley’s bill for “millions” is still outstanding and Kent’s £7m fee isn’t in these figures.

The silence in the Scottish media about this situation is deafening.

Having resurrected themselves the club is now facing the possibility of repeating the disastrous unsustainable management that brought it to its knees in 2012. The rules of Financial Fair Play don’t seem to work in Scotland.

Why does any of this matter?

It matters because the SPFL and the SFA are culpable in ignoring all of this, as is the public broadcaster who are locked out of coverage or interviews with Rangers yet faithfully broadcast their games without question.

It matters because other clubs are attempting to run themselves in a manner that is financially prudent and legal.

It matters because the list of corrupt rich men who come and go into football clubs, fleecing fans before disappearing leaving wreckage in their path is a long and weary one.

Financial Fair Play – UEFAs attempt to stop ‘financial doping’ and to protect clubs from going bust – operates in English divisions but is strangely absent from Scottish football.

A Hampden spokesman has previously stated: “All Premiership clubs in Scotland undergo a Uefa Licence assessment.”

“The interim accounts need to be reviewed by an auditor, but a full audit is not a requirement. FFP is not relevant for a Uefa Licence decision as such.

“Clubs competing in Uefa competition are subject to FFP assessment and if found in breach can face various potential sanctions.”

By comparison Championship clubs are allowed a maximum loss of £61 million (or £15 million if no equity is injected.)

If this Rangers entity collapses, the same confused people will look around as if none of it could have been predicted, declare it to be a calamity it is for Scottish football and ‘just how could this have happened?’, when in fact its staring us in the face. For a club so obsessed with history, they seem poor students of it.

As an aside, in the preface to the second edition of The Eighteenth Brumaire, Marx stated that the purpose of this essay was to “demonstrate how the struggle in France created circumstances and relationships that made it possible for a grotesque mediocrity to play a hero’s part.”

Awe Naw

Whatever the huns strategy is you can be rest assured it will depend on where they are in relation to us.

UEFA money and 10-15 m quid at least comes through the door in 6 months time. It may well be in our long term interests for the SPFL to be a close run thing this season and for them to fall away at the end. That will be incentive enough to prevent hun cuts. Hell they will probably spend more if they are as close this January.

However …. their retail deal is killing them ……. and I can´t help but speculate that if SD wins a large award. The huns made 3m from retail last year so SD will be arguing for a lot more lets say 6m,. This will seemingly be settled by the end of January. I fully expect the can to be kicked down the road but if it´s not and SD reasonably demand that the award is ring fenced then King has to come up with 16 m before the seasons end. There is a reason that the debt guarantees from King are not binding. He´s skint remember and its specifically defined to prevent an Administration event … so if the award were to happen and my ball park figure could well be more then I would expect an administration event to occur before the Season Ticket money comes in. That would get rid of SD much to Kings delight – That might be incentive enough just there ? , Memorial walls and prospective litigation from Hummel Sport Elite or Puma. It will also be a chance to cosmetically remove Dave King from the front line

Would it drastically reduce what Close Bros receive ? or would the loss of the Albion car park be no biggie ? Is Murray Park also secured ?

so admin in Feb or May … all football debts will be honoured 25m over 4 years – no biggie .. we have been here before who owns the title deeds 🙂

It also prepares the excuses for next season as they will start -5 points. And gives them the chance to prune the current squad, Gerrard will also be relatively untainted.

if not then Sevco is being used to clean a lot of money .. if that is true then it will explain why Celtic are keeping quiet about it all — a lot of suits in Nyon would be pissed off

I remember the past couple of years when their books were made public, the same talk that they will be bust by the end of the year etc etc, it won’t happen, I love reading about their demise tho 😉