Kris , Brendan , Benk’s

The Ajer to Leicester or Palace stories have me rolling my eyes and if there is another level of poor journalism for the rags north of the border then its a race to see who gets there first these
Ignoring FFP breaches now inventing crap ( as usual ).
First of all just remember that no matter what , they have space and pages to fill , and it must be instantly grabbing and gripping , even the most mundane stuff like scout in stands.
They can never say its a slow news day folks theres nothing happening just chat among yerselves please and check tomorrow for any activity. Even on the slowest of Sundays in the off season they must have big “ news “ .
Soo,, they invent it of course. When reading anything but a sports writers opinion column you will continually notice their reported actually spoken words dont match the headline when pieced together .

The Leicester Mercury ,who reportedly have good links with their hometown club, told us back in August we answered the Foxes enquiry that the price is over 15 million.

Theres nothing official anywhere , as expected , but it would have been very hard to accept Kris being sold , and crashing out to Cluj , with Jozo injured also ,, allied with the no right back situation.
Lenny himself sanction such a move? Yeah right , its simply pie in the sky stuff.
We were in the market for one not selling a central defender.
So even if there was any serious interest in August , it was going absolutely nowhere.
Their scout in the stands at the Lazio game may well have been there to have a butchers at someone else and Calmac would more than not be most fans guess. Then again Brendan gets in that top four as he’s on target to dont count out its Odsonne.

Has the situation drastically changed since then ?
No . Jozo is just not to be relied upon at all , and must be moved on . With the three plastic pitches also his bane , its a no brainer.
That leaves us two central defenders obviously. Couple possible draftee’s floating around and a rated prospect but two only that we can and do count heavily in the here and now.
Selling one would be nuts ! The Plc may want the money but its not happening and they would make more money with him onboard long term with a defence that gets us into the top table Champions League or next level down every season.

The Leicester link is such a lazy go-to for the hacks up north now.
Brendan hasnt mentioned Kris , and wont just come out and say look I dont want him so youre lying and they know it . Although the Foxes scout was in attendance against Lazio , he is unlikely to be telling the faithful around him who exactly was he eyeballing .
The hacks cant just say a scout was in attendance though , they must pretend they found out (somehow ) or were in the know already ( its the talk in football circles ahem ) to show the reader they are professionals that have insider knowledge and sources. No matter the league ie China bids and no in on a top Epl side’s transfer activity.
Truth is they arent allowed to say we dont know who he’s watching.
Then it becomes pick a name with a bit of logic to it.
Brendan had a defender talking to Man United then ,, theres your angle and Bob’s you uncle its written as gospel .
And as I point out above , its bullshit.
We arent selling , so how stupid are the scribes to select the one area of the team we abso-bloodly-lutely are not gonna weaken. Any serious sports writer would realise that.
Going for 9 then the fabled 10 and sell one half of your starting defence with no recognised cover when you dont need the money and he’s improving plus on a long term contract and your new long term manager who is over achieving likes him?
Thats some peoples dream come true , but thats all it is , a dream.

Brendan himself and the possibility that he is targeting Kris ?
Well he sold his Captain for 80 million smackers , and has his replacement bedded in and earning rave reviews. Evans is in the tail end of his career yes , but thats another year or two yet. As a partnerships its blossomed , and will not be getting split up. Look where they are with it.
So Brendan is looking for backups only at this stage. Even our old buddy Benkovic cant get a look in and it being talked about out on loan again.
He went from first choice with us , then back up , then unhappy , look to go on loan.
Lesson there to be learned.
So lets say Brendan wants a back up,, would Kris fit the criteria ?
I dont think so . We know Brendan aint planning for the long term future of the club , he doesnt do that and wont see Leicester as the height of his ambitions.
So Kris age goes against him in that why buy a 21 year old who still has flaws at the lower end of the market rather than a 27 year old with much more under the belt ?
Doesnt make sense for a here and now man with a lot more money to spend than 15 or 20 million.

Kris himself ?
He is getting the best thing possible for his career right now , games and experience.
What he is going through is priceless for him. Lenny was gushing with praise about him recently and mentioned he is another they will attempt to give a bumper long term contract to like James Forrest even though Kris signed a new one last year.
At 21 he will know time is one his side. Everyone will be telling him that , stay and play.
He’s going nowhere and I get the feeling is loving every minute of playing for the Champions.

The fans of course are a different matter in that many a match day the phrases ‘going to ground‘ and ‘positionally unaware’ quite common on here. He isnt the paciest and doesnt score much from corners with his height but that hasnt been our forte for a long time.
His recent trend of taking the ball out from the back into the middle of the park drawing a midfielder is lovely to watch , and Lenny has came onto a trick there.
He tries that in Rome though,,,
I dont think I could say he’s very popular , although hes certainly not unliked , so the day he does actually leave it wont be to tears , but more a recognition that he came of age with us and the young man took his chance with both hands. A good solid pro will probably be the most common thought.

Could Benkovic come into play here ?
Well many if not most would make a Benkovic Ajer trade no problem at all thanks Brendan.
I really rated Benk’s , and him and big Jules could be a partnership that could make us a European force again imo if kept together. If given that choice and Kris actually wanted to make the move then that would be one fine sweetener to the deal.
However even if a trade of some type was an option his wages alone would be massive stumbling block to any permanent move, which is what we should be aiming for and Neil will not need telling that twice. Its very unlikely we could get him to sign for what we offer and even though there are creative ways to find a few extra Euro for the wage packet theres practically zero chance so no hopes getting built up here .
I feel Frazer is a bit different in that he could settle long term and emotional attachment may come into play when deciding if he could possibly be happy with the wage structure on offer.

I must point out that I am seemingly the minority here in my thoughts above.
The following site of sage’s tells us Brendan ‘ must ‘ get him because ‘ its a no brainer ‘ and Kris is “ defensively a fantastic reader of the game to make interceptions and tackles “ which goes a bit against the grain on here.

Between the sages and the hacks and myself , the truth is out there somewhere. Lets see who is right.

The above is by Mahe. Please think about submitting your own piece sometimes for all to read and dissect. The more writers the merrier as far as we are concerned.

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Twists n turns

Interesting article.

I concur with you on the Ajer stuff.

Strikes me that if Brendan was interested in Ajer, CalMac or whoever, he wouldn’t need to have his scouting team despatched to run the rule over them.

I think Brendan knows enough about their respective abilities to make a judgement on it!

However as you say, column inches need filled.


On that topic – the back pages will soon be reverting to advertising.

Advertising The Rangers FC sell off.

I’ve been up all night so took the time to re read the accounts of TRFC in more detail.

Now I know there’s always been speculation re them being in trouble again, and yet they still continue to breathe, but those accounts are incredibly bad.

It’s quite clear they are using the directors loan mechanism to stay within the FFP. ( actually there is a limit to the amount of loans from directors that can be deemed acceptable , but I’m not sure what the amount / % is. I’m going to write and ask the question)

That aside, the dilution of shares value renders those shares almost worthless now.

They are trading day to day. Flying by their teeth.

They have 2 options now .

1. Sell sell sell
2. More directors’ ‘ loans’

I believe every loan to date has been converted to shares.

You have to assume those putting the money in have more money than sense.

You also have to assume the well will run dry. Businessmen with that kind of wealth don’t usually throw good money after bad for too long, and you’d think they’re probably at the bottom of their pockets now.

They have clearly spent every penny available to them already and if the investors do pull the plug, they simply have to sell, and sell big.

They’ll need a couple £m per month to keep the lights on.

The qualifying to the latter stages of the EL would bring in what? 50,000 x £35 on average?

That’ll cover 1 month.

I’m certain Morelos is moving into his last 2 months as a hun.

If he doesn’t go – about 4 others will need to.

As I said earlier – time for the media to do their bidding. Never has it been more necessary – imo



Beat me to the c&p!

Great offer from TWISTSNTURNS,and I’m sure it will be gratefully lapped up by the lucky winner! Hat tipped,old son.




The Leicester Mercury should have done a bit of homework,I reckon. Their main central defender had just been sold,and his planned replacement,Soyoncu,had only just turned 23 at the time. Benkovic,the back-up,is only 22. At the time,they had played only a handful of games between them for the club.

Johnny Evans is in his thirties and won’t last forever,and so if Leicester are in the market for a centre-half,it is likely to be an experienced one,around 27yo. Not someone just out of his teens.

That might be planning for the future,but you also have to plan for the present.



I reckon the shares can’t be worth more than tuppence each at the moment. There are 250m of them currently in issue,an eye-watering amount. Tuppence each values that club at around the same price that Charles Green paid for his basket of assets.

The shares were first issued at 70p,btw. Around 85m of them,IIRC. So IMO investors at that stage will have lost 97% of their shirt. Ironically,this leaves them holding onto buttons…

big packy

MAHE, good article as always, but as I don’t follow English football cant comment.hh.

big packy

TWISTY,sorry pal don’t care how their balance sheet looks,the bassas will find money from somewhere.hh.

big packy

my first celtic strip was bought for me when I was six, so thats sixty feckin years of cheating ive gone thru,,.feckin scunnered by the whole chabang.hh.

Awe Naw

I´m not posting this to wind up or annoy TET .. well I am actually 🙂

It cannot be long before Phil becomes acutely interested with “making payroll” again

When a company is as distressed as Sevco is then nobody plays fair anymore.

Nobody pays top dollar at a fire sale.

Even if Morelos was in the 25m quid category according to the EBT fraternity they would be lucky to get a half of that due to their well self published financial situation. For any of their players. So lets say he is worth 5m then they will be lucky to see 4m. From that 4m. They will see less than 3m. So I will predict that Sevco will buy and SELL nobody. Selling here will in fact be cost cutting. I can see Defoe and Davis going the same way as Miller and the old jamboes left back whose name I can’t remember

When does the EL participation money come in ? Very IMPORTANT !!!

big packy

AWE NAW,do you seriously think the Scottish freemasonry will let them go bust?

Scouts in the stands. I would doubt there aren’t a good number of scouts in the stands at every game Celtic play.

So sad all the worries being expressed about our visit to Rome of all places! I thoroughly enjoyed my holiday to Rome and never felt endangered any more than in Edinburgh, London, Amsterdam, Brussels or Paris.

Awe Naw


yes they have done so before.


The highly censored positive spin on their accounts that has just come out and they are absolutely atrocious. So what is the real picture like ? Don’t forget these accounts don’t show the cost or wages of Kent , Holander and Barker I would suggest that as of today that’s an extra 5m that is not reflected in the accounts. The SD damages and Memorial Wall damages also not intimated. Conservative estimates say 6m for SD alone. I wonder how much Allen received in way of pay off ?

The non binding agreement from the directors is the showstopper. I basically think that King is unable to move money even when it is absolutely necessary. King has the cold shoulder and my take from their accounts is that he is the ONLY director that has given unbinding assertions that he will pony up with the money when needs be. So from their own accounts you can deduce that there is no more loan money forthcoming from any other director. So no more new outside investment from anyone else but King. Even if King were to produce another fresh investment then it will start to fuck with their FFP eligibility

The lord Advocate getting fingered for the Whitehouse and Clark trial again is not good news. Less likely that favours can be called in. Not that they will not but performing them carrying them out more of a threat

big packy

AWE NAW, cheers for the reply, hope you are right?

Awe Naw

Could the reason for Res 12 being dropped is that the exact same fraud needs to be performed again this March ?



Lord Advocate situation will see an out of court settlement. Hardly anyone is aware of the situation and everyone will want it to stay that way.

As for King’s cold shoulder,it seems not to have stopped Barclays from taking over the hun account from Metro-ironically entering a death spiral due to financial difficulties.


Twist n Turns

I was writing about FFP in 2010/11, indeed bringing it about as part of SFA reform was a driver for Res12.

The article that can be found via
was sent to Celtic at time of publishing where it was noted.

So why resistance to Res12 subsequently that should have produced the necessary leverage for reform?

It makes no sense whatsoever to allow Scottish football to be part of what is a massive punt unless of course those allowing it benefit in some way.

I doubt very much the existing approach to governance would survive external scrutiny, hence the resistance.

Awe Naw


FOI Request ?



I think FOI has already been tried over this and was refused. As chief law officer in Scotland,he seems to be above the law. Rules are like taxes,only for the little people.



A wise gambler knows not to chase his losses. Of course,if the fix is in…

That could be from a horse being nobbled or the jockey agreeing to throw the race. Suitable analogy,perhaps.


Speaking of gambling,some race last night in Melbourne. Turned a two-miler into a sprint!

Second being disqualified and placed fourth cost connections £400k with Dettori copping a ban. Seems harsh to me. 12th place paid nearly £90k,btw!

bada bing1

CELTIC ace Olivier Ntcham has switched nationalities from France to Cameroon after being called up for their Africa Cup of Nations qualifying matches against Cape Verde and Rwanda.



If he had got his finger outa his arse anytime over the last 18 months,he would have been a first pick for France. In serious danger of wrecking his career.

Sorry for the DR link but this one is worth it. Look at the Holy Father’s joy at being presented with a Celtic top!

Awe Naw

Kante, Pogba, Fekir, Matudidi, Payet, Tolisso, Lemar, Coman, Nzonzi all before Ntcham

Ntcham needs to concentrate on getting games and then making sure he is on the pitch from k.o until final whistle

Packy, Co-op Rich Tea biscuits are less than half the price of McVitie’s and are every bit as good. I remember reading years ago Tories would never shop in the Co-op because of their links with the Labour Party. The Co-op was the first retailer to guarantee their products were not adulterated with ‘fillers’ like sawdust etc. The big Tory food manufacturers were adulterers. The Co-op was the first retailer to stop selling sprays with harmful gasses to the environment. The Co-op was first to start selling products like ‘Fairtrade’ giving third world country employees better conditions. The Co-op was a closed shop for employees – had to be in a trade union.

The Co-op Bank is Celtic’s bankers, much to the annoyance of the huns because we get preferential rates.

During the General strike – and longer for the miners – our local Co-op Society opened up Soup Kitchens to feed the miners and their families. They donated all the food. Interest free credit was provided to members via the ‘Co Book’ with a much softer touch than normal.

bada bing1

Arsenal say KT not available for Scotland, why are we not doing the same with our Bhoys, given the schedule until New Year


Aw Naw

From an intro to UEFA FFP.

The rules are detailed in full in the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations, but are built around two main areas: an obligation for clubs, over a period of time, to balance their books (first assessed in the 2013/14 season) and an obligation for clubs to meet all their transfer and employee payment commitments at all times (first assessed in the summer of 2011)..

There may be trouble ahead because UEFA know they verbally accepted the June 2011 monitoring submission under Article 66 of FFP rules at the time. It’s on the Res12 Archive 19 Sept 2011 or close.

The same event that the SFA Compliance Officer has charged TRFCs successor with breaching. (It should be RFC but hey it’s the same club).

If UEFA arent all over the SFA in next licensing cycle before a licence is granted then corruption goes up the governance ladder.

Good stuff Mahe.
Personally I would let Ajer go for the money being talked about, imo he isn’t gonna stop the mistakes and he should have learned from them by now, he hasn’t.
For the money we could get a couple of quality CBs and a proper eat his granny def mid, sell Oli and Pedro can have orgasms looking at the bank balance 😉

Awe Naw

Article 52 – Future financial information

1 The licence applicant must prepare and submit future financial information in
order to demonstrate to the licensor its ability to continue as a going concern
until the end of the licence season if it has breached any of the indicators
defined in paragraph 2 below.

2 If a licence applicant exhibits any of the conditions described by indicator 1 or 2,
it is considered in breach of the indicator:

a) Indicator 1: Going concern
The auditor’s report in respect of the annual or interim financial statements
submitted in accordance with Articles 47 and 48 includes an emphasis of
matter or a qualified opinion/conclusion in respect of going concern.

b) Indicator 2: Negative equity
The annual financial statements (including, where required, the
supplementary information) submitted in accordance with Article 47 disclose
a net liabilities position that has deteriorated relative to the comparative
figure contained in the previous year’s annual financial statements, or the
interim financial statements submitted in accordance with Article 48
(including, where required, the supplementary information) disclose a net
liabilities position that has deteriorated relative to the comparative figure at
the preceding statutory closing date.


Morning folks.
Hope all are well.

I see rugby at least has no qualms about dealing with its issues including ffp no matter if the team is champions or not.

Auldheid if the board won’t push for proper governance then its simply our duty to remove them and install people that will act.
Consider a public vote of no confidence open letter?
Why not call for a late entry to the final, 12 minutes in?
Would seem the ideal time.
Hail Hail

Nothing but nothing is gonna happen till we lose the league to them, till then it’s the OF bandwagon all the way.


At least you’re still talking to me 😉
Guys Fawkes night must be busy there, , , can’t stand that penny for the guy crap myself.
He woulda been a Hoops fan though, no doubt.

You may be right and we shall see.
I think 10 is the price of the 5wa, they sell after hitting it and shares are at all time high with the 10 merch we should break the 100 again that year.
They will be praised in some quarters forever and I will spend my days challenging that probably.

In other news the Shinners have surprised me with their actions,, very pleasantly surprised I nust admit. Fair play to them.
But the rugby issue just shows the sfa up,,basically same as huns did yet the egg chasers act with force no matter how big the club.

The game needs a reset up north,, needs the ten and then fresh blood in our boardroom or them dying again to initiate change hopefully.
But the big change is the sfa, that’s the root of the issue.
I bet no one would even think of calling a boycott for this upcoming final, ,, it should have agreed from day one no one goes.
Hail Hail

big packy

JIM,I took the mrs to Costco this morning ,and you will never guess what she came out with for me, go on guess.

big packy

Catholics suffered severe repression across the country, and were barred from voting, holding public office, and owning land. sound familiar, an extract from the gunpowder plot.hh.

big packy

TET, I put a point to awe naw this morning asking if he thought the Scottish freemasons would let them go bust, what is your opinion.hh.

They were liquidated a few years back and it didn’t seem to bother them too much did it, managed to dump £150 mill of debt and start again cos it wisny their fault, some billionaire charlatan done it and ran away, same again, probably, who are gonna be the big losers in all this? it sure ain’t gonna be thems.
Laws don’t mean much in scotland then the hun are involved.

big packy

TET. thanks for your reply,kinda knew what it would be? hope you and yours are ok.hh.

Cheers, I am predictable if nothing else 😉
Take care of your brood

big packy


big packy

ok jim is watching Dixon of dock green or crossroads or just avoiding me? anyway jim she bought me a 5 pound slab of lorne sausage proper skwerr ive already had 4 rolls an sausage greedy bassa that I am.hh.

Just in from the pub Packy. Guy Fawkes might be thought of as a terrorist in these isles of ours by some. But elsewhere he is seen as a freedom fighter. I prefer to think of the fireworks as a salute to the works and sacrifice of a person with the balls against a Stuart monarch who started the ‘Troubles’ in Ireland. A bastard of the first degree. To think he was a child of Mary Queen of Scots! Unbelievable. May he roast in hell. Except Our Lord is so forgiving.

big packy

JIM, yes could not agree more ,did you see my post about the lorne sausage.hh.

big packy

got to be honest, these fireworks are much louder than when I was a kid, the bangers or squibs as we called them, pale into insignifigance against this lot, my dogs are petrified and wont go near the back door.hh.

Packy, I would happily do away with fireworks. for dog’s sake.

big packy

JIM, if you seen them here petrified, ive got to agree with you.?

Thursday night Packy? Away from home. Celtic 3 Lazio 1. The huns game will be an embarrasment

Never seen fireworks for sale here, they use them at fiestas and the like but that’s it.

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