The Wicked Away Tickets Scam.


Doncha just loathe these international breaks? Come the weekend,we will be heading into our third of the season already. Plays merry hell with the Saturday planning when there isn’t a decent match available for me and my mates to watch and argue over. We tend not to bother if there isn’t a decent game on,and what is available during international breaks isn’t what we class as football.

Of course,the authorities in Scotland are doing their best to wreck my enjoyment in other ways,this time by scheduling The League Cup Final for 3pm on a Sunday. Not much chance of me making my night shift if I watch that,but at least I won’t have to cough up £45 to sit in the least spectator-friendly stadium known to mankind.

If you can get a ticket,that is…

So,The Wicked Away Tickets Scam. You can figure out for yourselves a suitable acronym for it,I couldn’t possibly comment. From what I understand,Celtic run three schemes regarding tickets for domestic matches.

There’s the system used for Season Tickets. Fairly straightforward. If you’ve already got a ticket,you get sent a reminder to cough up for the following season by about the previous Christmas. If you wish to move seats,you let them know and you can take your pick from those available. I’d say that works pretty well for all involved,even if I do think that being forced to be paying for your ticket before you know what you’ll be watching the next season is distinctly iffy.

(I won’t even mention the waiting list for this,btw. That’s a different matter which could also do with a light being shown on it.)

The next one is really a follow-up to that,and that’s The Home Cup Tickets Scheme. If you are a member of the previous scheme,a season ticket holder,you can apply to have a ticket automatically for every home game in domestic cup competitions. Of course,every game means every game-unless you opt out. The disadvantage here is obvious,you have to pay no matter the attractiveness of the opposition. Or if you’re on holiday or otherwise unable to attend. Them’s the breaks cos them’s the rules. The advantage,a somewhat dubious one,is that adherence to the rules of membership of this scheme-did I mention that your benefits are annulled should you choose not to attend,despite having already paid?-entitles you to a ticket at The Showpiece Matches,drum roll!!! Yes,cough up for the Wednesday nights in September or the Saturdays in January and February and you will be eligible for a ticket to the semi-final and final of both cup competitions.

Actually,that’s not too bad a deal when you think about it. After all,the early round matches are usually heavily discounted so getting a ticket for the big games as a result,winner innit? Naw. Eligible doesn’t mean guaranteed. It means that you are eligible for the miserable few thousand tickets available to the support-the SFA/SPFL and their hangers on,sponsors,corporate,these all take precedence over you,the paying customer. You,the paying customer,are eligible by membership of The Home Ticket Scheme to have your name entered in a ballot. Yep,crumbs from the rich man’s table if ever I saw it.

Which brings me to the matter in hand,and it has a measure of topicality,given the latest outbursts in the media against the fans for having the temerity to create a banner ridiculing a fascist dictator. The Wicked Away Tickets Scam.

For years now,our board have had reason-nay,excuses-,to berate the behaviour of our away fans. Think of the Boxing Day occasion at Dundee when our fans got slaughtered by their Security Manager. The defaced and damaged-I really expect comments on this from people with a decent memory!-seats at Motherwell. The constant singing of songs which they know piss off the club and give those who hate us another stick to beat us with,plus of course the ubiquitous pyro party.

So who gets these tickets then? Who is it that I s shaming us in the eyes of those I mentioned above? And week after week,btw. It’s not a one-off. Well,there’s no point in asking me,I’ve not got a clue. By rights,it should be COSYCORNERBHOY and ATHINGOFBEAUTY but it bloody well isnae. By rights,too,it could be other readers of this site,yourself included. Because by rights,it should be everyone who has had their name down on The Wicked Away Tickets Scam for a few years.

Or TWO DECADES in their case,and I’m sure that they’re not alone.

BIGGEORGESFANCLUB and his lad kept us entertained for years-they also kept us entertained in McChuills the other week,and my grateful thanks!-as they drove everywhere we played,chasing tickets all the way. Why not put your name down for The Wicked Away Ticket Scam? Oh,you did and you’ve not been lucky yet? Oh,join the club. Seems it is a rather large one.

So here’s a plan. Celtic obviously know who they issue the tickets to. Mostly to registered supporters clubs but also to individuals. Make an effort to identify the people that you think are bringing the club into disrepute and withdraw their privileges. It’s the same people every week-btw,when I was going to the Away games in the 70s and 80s it was the same people too,plus ca change-so it should be an easy task. And there’s a bonus-it will free up away tickets for people who have been desperate for them for years!

When you think about it,there shouldn’t be anyone on The Wicked Away Tickets Scam who is less than twenty years old. I’m sure COSYCORNERBHOY and ATHINGOFBEAUTY can’t have been on it the longest-if so,I expect them to hit paydirt soon!-but given they’ve been on it for two decades now,that surely means that even if some Dad registered his lad on TWATS on the way back from the registry office,the youngest recipient of a TWATS would be a stranger to his teens? I think that’s a fair point,but it clearly isn’t the case in reality.

Monday 30 September. ATHINGOFBEAUTY and I called into the ticket shack at Celtic Park. Ticket for Cluj please,there’s my season ticket. Yes,an additional one. Thank you. We were on the way to Hamilton Races,and we planned on having an excellent time. Which we did. Ticket? Icing on the cake. All smiles as we walked out.

Until we heard the conversation from two young teens at the desk we had just left.

“Just up for our two tickets for Aberdeen away,doll. Aye,got wur season tickets and ID.”

ATHINGOFBEAUTY nearly handbagged them! She was raging,and that in itself has always been ATHINGOFBEAUTY btw!!! And she was right. These guys were off school for the holiday,came up for their tickets. Tickets in their name,obviously. Not via an affiliated supporters club. She reckons they were about twelve-told you she was raging!-but probably 15yo,I reckon. No harm to them,we both hope they had a great time at the game and saw a famous result and an outstanding performance.


There are people on that TWAT Scam longer than those two lads have been alive!

That is clearly not right. And however and whoever allocates the new Golden Ticket needs a good talking to on how a waiting list works.

Or a handbagging from ATHINGOFBEAUTY!!!


Above article by BMCUWP. I do like a rant,and I’ve got a few building up. Save the site the inignomy and send us an article to publish instead. We always publish! Mail it to Mahe

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Congratulations to PADDYMACOZ on your release from hospital. Had us worried for a bit there,old son.

I know you’ll miss the nurses but you can console yourself with a Guinness or ten. I’ll raise a glass of the black stuff to your continuing good health at the weekend.

Wearing my Mornington CSC top,of course!


big packy

BOBBY. first things first congrats to paddy macoz, Melbourne mick will be delighted, special wishes to big yin milan also, now ffs calm doon, don’t let the bassas get you down? haven’t been to hampden since the 70s, where if it was a hot day and we scored you would be full of dust from the terracing, and if it was wet we would be the ones to get soaked, coz guess who had the covered end.hh.



They even had the covered end at Celtic Park! Having said that,with the prevailing westerlies in our part of the world,they still got soaked.

Lovely sense of humour,the Big Man Upstairs…

big packy




I agree that the away ticket allocation should be more transparent, same people getting tickets, same people being the hero who gets someone a spare.

In terms of rewarding people prepared to go to away games, it works. It just doesn’t work fairly for all those wanting to go.
Friends I know who get away tickets regularly(inc Europe) are up for going all the time so are certainly worthy of a ticket but I haven’t a hope in hell due to lack of attendance; fair enough

I don’t go to away games as I am not ‘in country’, however, I never seem to get any notification that I can attend an away game.
I got my ST at the start of the 2010/11 season. The rules were that you were automatically on the away ballot. I got offered away tickets about 3 times that year, inc the Killie away game during the run in. Took it and my auld boy went(in with the GB; he was mortified!)

In the last few years I have had no emails to say I can get a ticket.

I joined the HCTS at the start of last season (would have earlier but I renew online and you can’t do it online- weird). This suits me as I always take my Euro tickets and Celtic emails are incredibly unreliable. Also in with a chance of cup semis and finals. Sent my season card to my mate for the early Cup rounds.
I got a ticket to both semis and finals last year even though a rookie in HCTS.

In summary, I think Celtic run a ‘new customer’ bias (like Sky etc) to make your extra outlay look a good deal; and then you slip back a bit.
I think there is also a ‘rolling maul’ in terms of odds of a ticket; the more times you get lucky, the luckier you get(away tickets, HCTS). If you get a semi ticket, you fulfill another criteria for the final.

There may be some ‘preferred’ supporters buses scam out there but I have no proof for that

I got my semi ticket recently (someone else used it cos I was at Gerry Cinnemon in Dublin- like the Pogues in the Barras?), so the ballot for the final will test my theory



Thanks for that,mate. You met COSYCORNERBHOY in 2016 of course,a most pleasant man. But the fact that neither he nor his daughter can get the tickets,even after 20 years on the list really riles them.

And,yes,I am being polite there.

I’ve told them to just go,they’ll get a ticket. Just like BGFC and his lad. But why should they? If there was any sense of legitimacy in the distribution,the tickets would be theirs by right.

But yet-they almost always get the tickets for the local match at Kilmarnock. Now,that’s strange. Only ever been offered tickets for the local match,never for elsewhere. Maybe the club don’t realise that they have cars or summat. I dunno.

My sisters love going to see Celtic with my Dad. And me when I can make it. And vice versa. When I was going regularly,there was nothing better than a trip to an away match,my mates with my Dad and his mates. My sisters and now my niece are being denied this pleasure by an arbitrary system which redefines the term waiting list.

It’s wrong,and it needs sorted.


BTW,talking about games against Kilmarnock.

I’d just arrived back home after my exile in London while we still had The Three Amigos playing plus Andreas Thom.

So my Dad asked a bloke that he knew if he could get us tickets. He worked for Kilmarnock in a senior capacity,but I don’t want to identify him!

Got us tickets in the main stand,and after we had taken our places…

Along comes this woman,about 50yo,immaculately dressed and coiffed-and sat down beside us! She had been in hospitality-they do a lovely scone!-as her son was playing. Me,I knew my day had taken a turn for the worse. It was like sitting beside my Mum,and you canny swear in front of your Mum,can you?

And if you canny swear when Gordon Marshall throws the ball into his own net…

Hammered them in the second half though. 3-1. Thankfully I missed Round Two later on the season,as we lost that.

We also lost very game against the huns. A 24-point turnaround. Lost the league by about seven points. One win and a draw would have done.

PS-her son was playing for Kilmarnock,but she was a Celtic fan!


Just got a text telling me that CalMac has signed an extension for five years!

That’s an hour from the last post. If you don’t come on and post some interesting stuff I will be annoyed!

I have an episode of Poirot to catch up on.




We seemed to have learned from previous seasons in signing players for longer times before their contract is down to final year.
Experienced guys like Forrest and McGregor are vital in helping young talent assimilate into first team through their personal journeys.
I often moan about our reactionary stance but praise due for forward planning.

Mike in Toronto


Has been quiet. Took a look at CQN which only had 100 posts yesterday – two days before a big EL game in Rome, where they haven’t been for 50 years. A few years ago, you could have expected 2000 posts in similar circumstances….

So, I looked at Celtic Star. I’m a computer numpty, so couldnt see an easy way to track how many posts/posters …. but even that seemed a bit slower than I have seen it.

Compared it to the zombie sites… which, and this is just an eyeball sort of thing, dont seem as busy as they once were, but seem a bit more active than Celtic sites.

Not sure what it all means, but it is interesting…..


Zombie sites always get a little busier on either hope or when things like a dismal set of figures give rise to them lauding the results and blaming a timmy conspiracy for the numbers.


Lately I have been thinking about how we fail to kill games off when we dominate. Creating chances is not the issue, finishing them off is.

Essentially, we play with one striker, Edouard, supported from behind by Christie, or the flanks by Mo and Forrest. Mo is an exception but the other two tend to arrive at the party a bit late, which is the element of surprise to our attack.

I would like to see us try a 442 formation with, initially, Christie playing as the second striker. The midfield would be:

Forrest, Brown, Calmac, Mo

Defence would be:

Elhamed, Jullien, Ajer, Taylor

Typical problems with the 442 is that the two strikers do not develop an understanding, and that the two wide players in the midfield stay too wide allowing the midfield to be swamped. Both Edouard and Christie are more than goal scorers……they create chances. So, I can see them gelling as a striking partnership. Both Forrest and Mo like to move inside and are no longer straight wingers, so 442 suits their style.

So, initially, the team would look like:

Elhamed, Jullien, Ajer, Taylor
Forrest, Brown, Calmac, Mo
Christie, Edouard

Ultimately, I can see Ajer taking Brown’s place in such a formation with Elhamed replacing him. Frimpong would take the RB spot.

Traditionally, in the 442, the striking combo is a big guy paired with a smaller striker who feeds off the play of the former, but other combos can work. Plus Christie has tge engine to drop back to help tge midfield when pressed.

Wishful thinking?



MIT 2.19.
I’m a bit like you, in that I find these types of things interesting too.
One of the main reasons, in my opinion, in the downturn in post numbers, is Twitter.
A lot used to read football blogs for information, in my own experience, I very rarely see information on blogs, that hasn’t already been on Twitter.
Another is like-minded people on sites, leads to less debate.
Winning Captains left CQN and helped set up Cetic Star Magazine, the guys here set up this site, folks with similar opinions follow, then sites have less dissenters and less debate.
I realise that’s not an exact science, but I think it’s relevant.
I’ve seen myself being on here for a hour or so, then realised I haven’t posted and it’s mainly because I’m in agreement with what’s already been written.

A thing of beauty

As regards the away ticket scheme it annoys the life out of me that I have been registered for longer than most of the recipients of away tickets have been born yet I’ve never refused to take a ticket. Something is not right there. The same faces in the same places at away grounds is a familiar sight.
As for CalMac, great news. He is a very good player who could be even better if we used him more sparingly!!

Mike in Toronto

JNP @ 2:31

I dont really know how to use twitter …. so, sorry, SC might be stuck with me.

As Fan suggests, does success have something to do with it? When Celtic was the victim (being cheated), please seemed to be more exercised about things? But, now that all is good (we dont mention little things like a rigged league), do Celtic fans not care as much? Conversely, with the zombies not winning (but thinking they have a chance), they seem to be more active..

big packy

ILL be on later, be afraid be very afraid???

Mike in Toronto


I think using RC as a pure striker may negate one of his key strenghts, his ability to time and make runs.

Got me thinking … the problem may not be the formation, but location.

Right now, Celtic still have a tendency to break forward, adn then camp around the 18 yard box, and pass around and around until something clicks… (although, admittedly, not as often as under BR, whose strategy seemed to be one of attrition)

Is it possible to play about with the ball at 35 yards out instead of 18 yards out? If you are camped out around the 18 yard box, you cant easily beat a player as there little room to run into, but more importantly, there is little speed (one of our strengths) and so little momentum to our attacks..

Would holding the ball a bit deeper out, force defences to come out a bit? Maybe, maybe not.

But, what frustrates me is seeing wingers make a break, only to have to stop because our play is too slow. Once they have stopped, and they are marked, then we pass to them, so they now have to beat their man (or two) from a standing start. It is perhaps more difficult to receive a pass when moving forward, but if we do it, the chances of beating the defender (and either getting a cross in, orfmaking room for a shot) increases exponentially.

I know it sounds blindingly obvious, but that doesnt mean it wouldn’t work … just think of the switch from 4-3-3 to 4-2-31 … and you go… yeah, why didn’t someone try that before?

Yes things are quiet. I notice CQN have only 12 posts since the new article went up nearly 3 hours ago! I wouldn’t have believed that even a year ago. Maybe lots of people are on their way to Rome.

I spoke to a pal yesterday who was flying out this morning. I said to him ‘stay safe’. I then asked if he was going to take the advice not to show colours on the streets. ‘No chance’ I will be wearing the hoops and my scarf.

God bless him! 🙂

Mike in Toronto


If I had another life to live, there is a lot of interesting work that could be done (sociology, psychology, political science, comparative religions) to study the scottish football experience…. given my background, the one that interests me is whether the Catholic influence (which, historically has been conservative, and based on a fairly hierarchical structure) lead Celtic fans to be more inclined not to challenge authority? Interesting questions arise about the connection to Irish republicanism, and also whether there are differences in this respect between Celtic’s scottish fans versus their irish fans. and have both changed over time, and if so, how.

Mike, There could be some truth in that. I think there did exist in Scotland’s Catholic community an attitude of ‘keep your head down and get on with it’. After a history of persecution post the reformation. So it gives me pride in the relatively large amount of Catholics who got involved in trade unionism, local councils and as MPs.

But there is no question that the Irish were more up for the fight. So I don’t think Catholicism comes into it.

With regards to the corruption in Scottish football I think a degree of resignation has set in. I have a big soft spot for The Scottish Football Monitor, they have a narrower agenda than most blogs in that it is mainly concerned with the cheating years surrounding Ibrox and Hampden and subsequent football governance. Their posts have dropped dramatically in the past year. They have discussed everything to the nth degree. There is nothing new left to say. Nothing ever seems to be done. Internet bampots have little power other than to inform and expose.

The only hope I have left is Res. 12. Even if it fails at Celtic PLC level I hope the resolutioners take it forward.

Btw, regarding Comparative Religion, I spoke to an old priest years ago who was in The Divine Word Missionaries. That was his expertise. He said when he started off studying the subject he was advised to read the books with one hand and have his Rosary in the other. Some guys lost the faith in studying it!


Celtic Football Club
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? 29/01/20
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⌚ 7:45pm

Mike in Toronto


Technically, I am an ethics specialist, but in grad school you have to study all different aspects of religion (sociology of… philosophy of.. ), plus you have to study various traditions (I spent a year studying the hare Krishnas … loved it … at the time it was the best vegetarian food in the city) .. in the case, my prof. – boston Irish catholic family as I recall – went the other way, and became a quasi devotee of the Krishnas…

But I can see how studying the history of religions could, for some, lead to a loss of faith … it does strip away some of mystery when you learn, for example, that the nice vestments that priests wear today are a holdover from the early days of Christianity, when religion was persecuted by the Romans, and so Christians worshipped in secret, often holding services in the sewers …. and the vestments that priests now wear are a reminder of the ‘pancho’s’ the early christians used to wear in the sewers to keep the shit off of them!


Mario Bertolini

O/T, is anyone aware breaking wage structure of £7m in RU in England. Saracens one of the biggest in the league having won trophies over past few years. They have been fined £5m+ and are looking at 35 point deduction . Exeter chief states that the should be relegated. This has been reported on bbc news online and Guardian newspaper. or we Mr englist has even chucked in his tuppence worth advising strip titles. Aye right ya wee boke. English governance, no favourites. Wonder if that will catch on up here. Surely retrospective strip titles for a certain team in wonderful Scozia. Are you seeing this Mr Lawwell or are you complicit.

Mario Bertolini

Also they loaded their team with internationals and helped a couple of players with businesses outside rugby.

bada bing1

Celtic Football Club
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? @spfl
? 29/01/20
? McDiarmid Park
⌚ 7:45pm


Hi guys.
I also contemplate the viewing numbers and posts etc. Hard not to but I’m not gonna get my knickers in a twist over them, at least no one is making a living.
Fwiw, we reckn there’s about 20k Hoops who log on daily to get some internet news on the team. This number is shared around ie check four or five sites to see what’s being discussed.
Only a small percentage engage on websites.
Many are twitter and large WhatsApp groups which are very quick and snacky ( not large articles, paragraph at most usually) and instant with ease of adding images a huge bonus.
I wouldn’t like have a financial link or the club news is my job like some do. Imagine out with the wife for night and a story breaks,, if that’s your job you let the wife down and drop everything? What if youre incapable of typing?
This four articles a day lark isn’t for me either.
A hobby with no money involved keeps things stress free as far as I’m converned.
I do understand though that if that’s your niche and maybe best way to make an honest buck then fair enough I ain’t dissing you.
Competition is healthy after all 😉

Rebus, I think Neil plays 4 5 1 because that’s how we will perform best in Europe and absolutely win the league. He doesn’t want to be switching up formations for different competition is sticks with one.
We would need another two strikers to start playing 4 4 2 I believe.
Hope all well.

Hail Hail

big packy

MARIO, you do realise this is a religious site.???


Mario that episode is gonna show the Sfa up bigtime. They will pull an ostrich of course.
So will the journos. I wonder will any brave soul bring up the similarities?
Yeah right.
Bent but never boring, and its the later that gets you.
Bassa’s 😉
Hail Hail

Mario Bertolini

BP course it’s religious, whit is wrong with the Saracens. There is a drinking hole in Glasgow the sarky heid have no frequented?. religion is all encompassing. Apart from those that choose to bang their big drum.?????


Aye the old tickets malarkey has many a skeleton in the closet.
The entire thing not just away fans need looked at. The Csa especially imo are too involved with that side of the business. They could do with focusing more on supporter club relationship which is what I thought they specialised in.
Anyhow, I recall the biggest Csc in my oul city had a split between the number 1 and 2 guys over allegations number one was lining the pockets at fans expense by charging a blanket amount and pocketing all the freebies etc.
So number two starts his own Csc based on this split.
What happens? That Csc ended up having money malarkey that again ended in some rank and file fan saying aye see you later. Joke and shows money brings problems full stop.
And tickets equal money.

In fairness to the NI Fa they made fans come to the ground before match day with not only ID but a bill to your address to prove you live there and then printed name and dob on ticket. This was checked on match night of course.
All this was supposed to stamp out the sectarianism and it helped a lot but I believe even now there are some GSTQ watchers who will make sure everyone is on the feet and not turning their back etc.
Still some issues to iron out.
Hail Hail

big packy

JIM and MIKE only joking? little story here please scroll past if not interested, my boss before I retired stuart wont say his second name but it rhymes with cot, anyway big Manchester utd fan and season ticket holder, but guess what he comes from Rochdale, where a certain singer from the 40s and 50s also came from, anyway I said to stuart on many occasions, stuart why don’t you go and support your home town team, no chance he says I want to be entertained not bored to death, so there you have it your typical man u fan.?

big packy



Big Packy, ,
Last night I seen Chelsea fans booing their own fans!!!
They went 4 to 1 goals down and there was a stream of fans left. When they heard it was 4 each they ran backed, and got booed by their own fellow fans for leaving 😉
I was chuckling and must say I agree with the boo boys for once.
Hi to Joan
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, she just said hi back? yes those pesky EPL fans, to be honest they are all scared of celtic, and what we would bring to the table..imho, any thoughts, where is jim and mike and fan and tet when you need them.

Hiya Packy, i’m a bit under the weather today. All talked out. Would rather listen to you and others. 🙂

Been a stressful day, really don’t like city driving, esp when they can’t drive, they are brutal drivers, I thought that the Irish were bad but this lot take the biscuit, I have driven in Egypt and this lot are far worse IMO, anyways, I know nothing of the ticket scheme so can’t comment, suffice to say what BobbyM is saying is just no right that some get tickets and others who are more deserving don’t.
Watched the second half of Arsenal there and I thot that KT played well enough, he seemed to be well aware of what was happening around him more so than a few of his team mates did.

big packy

OK jim no problem, but I will leave you with this fascinating story,Hollywood actress becomes prioress of a monastery, and 2 well known actors, whom she knew became roman catholics.hh.

big packy

TET, your opinion on my post @5-28 hh,.regarding the epl being scared of celtic?

Who was that Packy?

big packy

HI JIM, thought that would get you interested, actress called dolores hart ,very interesting from a catholic perspective, jim just google her, you will not be disappointed, the 2 actors who embraced Catholicism were gary cooper and patricia neal.hh.

I have no idea what the brits think as I haven’t spoken to any, the Irish brits are epl mad and think that the scottish league is a pub league, even when we beat two of their teams on the road to Seville they still dismissed us, when Henke used to tell them that the scottish league was far better that they gave us credit for, they didn’t believe him, he was nothing when he played for us but when he went to manure he suddenly became a quality footballer, strange that, listen, don’t bother what they say, they are arrogant numpties 😉

Awe Naw
That’s made up pish, sadly 😉

big packy


Awe Naw


I reckoned so too based on James Doleman’s response

Did you think that also or do you know more ? I know you know better but that´s not the question

Awe Naw
I’m not quite sure what you mean by do I know more !

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