Pre-planned? Of course it was!

So we went to Rome and beat Lazio? Unexpected if we are honest with ourselves-most would have bitten your hand off for a draw. Many were expecting to lose the game but would have been happy if we competed.

Well,we more than competed! We rode our luck at times but it was a very open game where both teams were going for it.

Some have been saying that under Brendan Rodgers he wouldn’t have gone to Rome and got a result because he didn’t have a plan B. I disagree. BR had faith that his team could go toe to toe against the best. Just like Lenny who has gone toe to toe with a top Italian team and beaten them twice. Aye we got the luck that we deserved-and the luck that IMO we didn’t get under Brendan.

So why am I talking about Brendan? In the week that the club have made public that we got £8.8 million for him and his coaches many again have been trashing him for leaving, calling him a rat etc. I never thought I would hear Celtic supporters speaking like that but there you go, it’s a very different world today and talk like that is the norm.

The one person who should be on his knees thanking the Lord for the luck that has come his way is Peter Lawwell.

Never in a month of Sundays would he have envisaged the start Lenny has made to the season. It’s almost like the Cluj game has been wiped from the memory of most of the support. It’s also as if things were pre planned and they are coming to it’s fruition, things like…

Lenny just happened to not be at Hibs any more, where he didn’t get the sack nor did he leave, he just wasn’t the Hibs manager anymor.

What a stroke of luck,eh Pedro?

Lenny gets appointed the day that Brendan leaves. Now given the time that we take to do anything,what an amazing coincidence that we managed to appoint someone who just happens to be available. And all done within a few short hours.

Lucky that,eh Pedro?

Now, I have been in business both for myself and worked for PLC’s and other companies over the years. I know how PLC’s especially work-people leave for other jobs for a multitude of reasons. Often it’s for more money or better working conditions, but the one overriding thing that years of working at a management level has taught me is that a manager just doesn’t leave and another is appointed the same day-unless that is, things have been worked out behind the scenes and BR had kept the club informed of everything that was happening re him move to Leicester.

Also when you consider who our majority shareholder is, a man who could make life very difficult for someone who took the piss and done the dirty, you really have to think that the £8.8 million the club got was well worked out before the day BR left.

So to summarise, the majority of the Celtic support really didn’t want Lenny appointed, but the majority have supported him because he has the club in his heart and has given his all for the club-even after the club turning their back on him the first time around when he was getting assaulted in the streets, assaulted at football grounds doing his job as our manager, having to move in the middle of the night more than a few times under police escort because of threats to his and his family’s lives, getting letter bombs sent to him, bullets in the mail. Yet nothing publicly from the club in way of support.

There is one man who as I said should be on his knees thanking his God for how things are working out. BR is the bad man-amazing how normally smart and intelligent people fall for the spin and the bullshit that BR walked out and left us in the lurch. The club have pocketed the cost of BR’s tenure. All those silver baubles for free, what a stroke of luck that was. Lenny is so far producing at a fraction of the cost and Lenny now has the support of the vast majority of the support.

Aye Pedro, smelling of roses springs to mind.

What I would appreciate is if the support could stop with all the anti BR crap. He left with the full knowledge and blessings of the board. It really doesn’t take much to see that, all you have to do is look at the facts and the timing. Oh and the money of course.

I was one of those who was skeptical about Lenny,but I am delighted how he has managed to turn a very good team into a team that has the belief and the talent to take top teams on and I am also very happy that the people who said that the football under Lenny would be dull and dour have been proven wrong. It’s anything but. Some of the football we are playing is breathtaking at times,and I’m delighted how things are turning out so far-though probably not as happy as Pedro will be mind you 😉

The day the powers that be ban Orange Walks from its streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal.


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My condolences to you and yours,and to all who knew and loved Mary.




Charity bet placed,odds are 16/5 Villa and 8/5 Liverpool. Returns £54.60



Does that mean that Brendan ranks about fifth on our highest ever transfer fees?

Not a bad return for a free transfer,that!

Twists n turns

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Greatly appreciated.

Twists n turns

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COSYCORNERBHOY and ATHINGOFBEAUTY both posted about the joyous huddle across three generations of my family on Thursday night when we scored the winner.

While I was fast asleep 400 miles away,trying to get some recovery time on the split shift. But how I enjoyed their retelling of events!

Would I rather have been there? Of course I would. Them’s the breaks,its eighteen years next week and I’ve sucked it up long enough. Sometimes of course,distance can’t be measured in miles. Sometimes it’s something less tangible,but much more painful.

And sometimes Celtic bring you back.

I hope ARTOFWAR doesn’t mind me reposting his comment on CQN,but…
Scroll on if not interested.

Asked my dad to come and watch the game in my house. Not crossed my threshold in 2 years since his stroke. Physically fine – for a 90 year old but cursed with aphasia and deafness. All invites refused to date

He said “Yes!”

Shocked, I agreed to pick him up.

Knew he’d not be ready so taped the game (taped for the young uns is recorded).

Radio off in car so as not to pick up news of game. Realised as I was getting him out passenger seat that he had never witnessed a Celtic victory in Europe in my house. The word ‘jinx’ sprang to mind. Nearly took him straight back!

When he came in the house he realised that it had been some time since his last visit. I nearly used the jinx word but refrained.

Seven minutes into the game I was already regretting inviting him lol

As the Jamesie goal went in we screamed the house down, he said, eventually “We can win this!”

In two years I hadn’t seen this fervour/joy in him. It was magical

He couldn’t hear my or the TV commentary during the game due to being deaf as a post, but by God was he drinking in every effort.

Needless to say when Ollie chipped in the winner it was bedlam. Tears and cheers and hi-fives. He was truly happy.

So thank you Celtic for that, I got my dad back for the night. It brought us closer than any therapy known to man

We are Celtic.



Total shambles,the whole McGinn situation. He was clearly pissed off at events too,but equally is happy at how it turned out. And why not,a target for Man Utd? One years wage there these days is a lottery win.

Sadly,the chance of him playing for Celtic is gone now,bar coming back in his 30s. I don’t think that’s likely either.

On the other hand,had he signed,I doubt Ryan Christie would still be with us. So,every cloud…

What you doing up so early anyway? At least I’ve got an excuse-it’s late for me!!!

Twists n turns

I need to go to work. I lost a couple days with my personal situation, so I need to take care of a couple things

I’ve also got a colleague here from the USA . He arrived Tuesday. I’ve been trying to keep him company whilst dealing with other stuff.

I’m taking him back to airport at 2-30pm today.

I was also in bed early last night since I hadn’t got any sleep the day before. I never sleep more than 6 hours so being in bed so early had me awake at daft o’clock.

Funeral arrangements not decided yet either so until that’s organised I’m kinda anxious something is gonna slip.

Fortunately my son who works with me is vg so I’ve got support, but he’s still very much grieving the loss of his beloved grandmother and caring for his 93 year old great uncle too, so I’m trying to give him breathing space. I can see the pain in his face. Trying not to add to his already very heavy burden.

Most importantly is my wife. Obviously she’s suffering the loss of her mum. They were very very close. Need to try and keep her comforted.

It’s all happening Mick!

I’m thinking if I can keep juggling the various balls until Xmas I’ll take off around the 27th December for a week break somewhere.

It’s just unfortunate everything seems to be happening at once.



Chris is clearly a good lad,mate. Don’t take too much on.



Bit rich you knocking the fans ( vast majority of them by the way) for being so damning about BR whilst just as quick you rip PL to bits. The implication is he sold him as it suited the club. You forget he was the man who GOT US BR in the first place. Your argument doesn’t really have a lot of logic to it.

big packy

TWISTY, condolences may she rest in peace,

Twists n turns


Hope all is well.

I saw as I read back the site you’d called a Lazio win.

I thought the same bud. I said to my son I felt we’d probably lose 3-1. I’d based that prediction on seeing Lazio at CP. I thought they looked useful. With it being a kinda do or die fixture for them, and being the home side, I felt they’d turn us over.

I was actually driving on Thursday and turned radio shortbread on. Listened up until 1-0. Turned aff. Assumed the worst.

What a result. What a turnaround. This side has been finding a way to win these close encounters. Very very good result.

Most encouraging. Lenny has surpassed my expectations in this second stint at the helm.

We’ve got to keep this side together. Let them continue to gel as a unit. Couple of quality additions and the bar can be set a bit higher.

Domestically the challenge is still there. Tough season ahead but this team look like they’re up for a challenge.

big packy


Twists n turns

Non runner bud. Choose another please



It is more to do with the timing of Rodgers’ departure than the fact of it. Most fholk are savvy enough to accept that he would leave at some point, even in the near to medium term. It is the manner of the departure that (still) rankles. That is down to him alone, whether or not the Board were aware that he was going to leave.

Big Audio Dynamite

AOW, bet I’m not the only one who read that with tears added. Every time Celtic do things like that, my thoughts immediately turn to those no longer with us. Treasure every moment, pal, and thanks for the memories.

Twists, all the very best to you and yours. I wish you the strength to be a rock for others to lean on ?

Not having the best time myself at the minute but I believe, like most other things, this too shall pass.

To any other Celts who may be struggling, you have a massive support network at your finger tips …use it! All the very best to you.


Byres Road Bhoy

TnT My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your wife’s mother. It was undoubtedly comforting that you were all there at the end.
TET Congratulations on a fine piece saying something that needed to be said. I was among the 13,000 folk who turned up to welcome BR to Parkhead on what was an unprecedented day. And in my view he didn’t disappoint. Two trebles and arguably a third??? Filling the top tier again! How much money did that bring in?
It is a pity that he left in such acrimonious circumstances but I’m convinced that last September’s ‘knocking heads together’ meeting was merely BR formally confirming that he’d be leaving whenever the first good offer came in. It followed two disappointing transfer windows despite the money that had poured in from two successful Champions League qualifications and the realisation that the board’s ambitions did not match his own in terms of continued CL qualification and advancement.
As you point out, it was strange that Neil was conveniently ‘available’ when BR left early as he chose to do when Leicester came calling.
At his Leicester signing press conference BR was insistent that the club had wanted him in place immediately (and in the light of their start to the season, a wise move).
“Ask Peter,” he said. “He’ll confirm it.”
Aye. Right, son.
One thing we have learned is that PL is remarkably adept at covering his fat arse.
So be it. Wee Neil is doing a remarkable job in his second coming. He knows the territory. He has the support of everyone in the Celtic family. But we at SC will be keeping an eye out to ensure he retains the complete support of this board.
Which reminds me. Has anyone seen that ‘great fan’ Davie Moyes at any of our recent Europa games?

Neverbeten @ November 9, 2019 7:14 am
Bit rich you knocking the fans ( vast majority of them by the way) for being so damning about BR whilst just as quick you rip PL to bits. The implication is he sold him as it suited the club. You forget he was the man who GOT US BR in the first place. Your argument doesn’t really have a lot of logic to it.
I said I would appreciate if the support would stop with all the hun like stuff that they are saying about Brendan, in the world I live in is not having a go at the fans, for swallowing the bullshit and the spin, granted that is having a go at them, maybes they shouldn’t act so hun like then and look at the facts.
I was not implying anything, I said what I believe and again in the world I live in that is saying it straight and not an implication.
As for Pedro being the man that got BR i the first place, with respect, if you believe that you really need to get out a bit more, it was Desmond who Got him, Pedro did all the donkey work in tying up the deal.
It’s not an argument, it’s an opinion, as for logic, it’s what I believe so in that respect it’s perfectly logical, maybes you could give the blog a counter argument or opinion instead of a post that says little apart from attempting to get a wee dig in.
You didn’t say much for your first post but there seems to be a lot of anger and bitterness in it, just an observation, welcome btw.
For sure, I reckon that the majority of the support was expecting him to leave at the end of the season, like the rest I was miffed at the timing, I doubt anyone would have been happy with things, my argument all along has been that the club knew and were prepared for it, hence all the little coincidences falling into place.
The spin was that BR left us in the lurch, that is not what happened imo and the support who pride themselves in not being taken in by the media and PR crap have fallen for the bullshit hook line and sinker, as ever yer man at the top is controlling the narrative, got to hand it to him he is a master at it.



As I recall,PL was so pleased to announce Brendan as the new manager of Celtic.

He had a face on him like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle.

The transfer windows which followed the first summer of love tell you all you need to know.

big packy

TET, sorry had to go out early this morning so just read your post, what a load of garbage that nrverbeaten chap is right ??? only joking, agree with everything, there but I would ? count me as one of lennys doubters, boy has he proved me wrong.hh.

Twists n turns

Thanks for all the kind messages folks. I’ll refrain from naming you all individually as I’m sure to miss someone out , but rest assured I read them all and was moved by your kindness.
Onwards and upwards.

Keep reminding those you love how special they are. One day you’ll be pleased you did.


The Exiled Tim
Good article that obviously annoyed.??
As someone who had serious doubts about Brendan from halfway through his second season i find the rancor and bitterness toward’s him unseemly.
We were a PLC with a probable iron clad contract till the end of the season.
Who accepted the compensation to release him.
If Lennon had not miraculously been available our stance would have probably been different.
The PLC as a modern corporation obviously understand the value of controlling the narrative and on BR’s departure they were very successful.
With the success that Neil has achieved they no longer need to do so and it’s more likely lots of the haters are probably individuals looking to secure the much coveted Best Tim Ever badges to bolster their Teachers Pet chances.
It is very strange behavior for adults.

The strange thing is re all this is that the PL groupies obviously think that the PLC would have let Brendan walk away when he pleased, it’s the only thing that can account for their bitterness, yet in the same breath they think that he wouldn’t have, as you say, a cast iron contract, this is the man that they idolise so of course he would have everything sewn up so the PLC were 100% covered, hence the £8.8 mill compo, the poor wee lambs are being led to the slaughter again and when they realise that they have been done up like kippers for believing the bullshit, they stamp their little feet, squeal and lash out at anyone who has a different viewpoint 😉
Aye Lenny has surprised the majority, I pray that he can keep it going, but he will need backed, it’s not an easy task to take on the establishment when they are hell bent on stopping you.

Celtic Champs Elect

So to summarise, the majority of the Celtic support really didn’t want Lenny appointed,


I have to take you to task on the above

Not one of my my Celtic supporting mates did not want Lenny as our manager we were all desperate for him to get the job as was the majority of the support

If you had said a small number of fans did not want Lenny that would suffice


I live in USA so can’t say with any certainty what percentage wanted Neil to get the job?
But on here it was not high and i include myself in that for avoidance of doubt.
Back in Scotland i have about 16 members in my immediate family who are season ticket holders and not one wanted Neil to be appointed.

I can only go by what I read on the blogs, twitter and what I heard on the radio talk shows and to a man the majority didn’t want Lenny.
Twitter was especially rabid against him.
You yourself have come on here giving out to the blog for all being against Lenny so 😉

Most people I know were more than happy for Lenny to step in and manage us to the end of the season. We naively thought there would be an impressive list of applicants considered for the job. Lenny amongst them. I think the board wanted Neil on a permanent basis but kept quiet in case he failed miserably. He didn’t of course.

I think that is why there was discontent on the appointment. No one else was considered. Regardless, I think everyone accepted , perhaps reluctantly, the situation and wished him all the best.

It would be foolish not to admit he has surpassed all expectations and I for one am glad he got the job. Hindsight eh?



I think he has given the players the freedom to express themselves. It will be a problem when we need the discipline required against a team that won’t let us do that.

big packy

neil the hunskelper is celtic to the core, and yes as ive admitted he was not my first choice, I was gutted when Brendan left, thought he would have been here for another few years, and yes I called Brendan, fraudgers, till the exiled tim put me right? does anybody here think we would have beaten Lazio home and away and top the group under Brendan no me neither.hh.


Years ago,VIZ gave us UP THE ARSE CORNER. Today,the DR gives us UP HIS OWN ARSE CORNER

F…k off ,Gregor. You did the dirty on your colleagues in the show years ago. Gently,my arse. Yer time has gone.

Even though the scripts might be up to scratch,old son,naw.


Twists very sorry for your loss.
You’ll never walk alone.

Never beaten, welcome.
I was listening to a Celtic underground podcast about the cup final day and they said they walked into a bar in the Gallowgate to silence after winning a cup final.
The announcement sucked the life outta the faithful.
We slaughtered them for the timing, not the appointment.
Feel free to check
Hail Hail


I must attract donkeys or sumthin.
Another nag that can’t run ffs.


Der Klassiker Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund on BT Sports ?

big packy

by the way, just noticed some posters on the other channel, saying Kieran will be back after Christmas, because he is on the bench again, to be honest have not thought about him since he left, would he have made any difference to the team on Thursday no,hh.


Tet many thanks for today’s article and we are in agreement.
Aye he’s great at covering thoul arse,, too good at it in fact.
Can’t fool everyone all the time though.
Back Res12 everyone,,let’s start fixing this mess.
Hail Hail

KT is being managed as far as I can make out, he played the full game in Portugal on thursday, I am not sure that three at the back suits him, but a club don’t spend 25 mill on a player when he is injured them send him back, once he establishes himself he will be a mainstay in the Arsenal team.

Aye yer man is one of the best, he manages to control things to suit.
I had another second place again today, that’s a few now 🙁

big packy

TET, good for Kieran, loved the bhoy when he played for us, hope he makes it in the premiership, but he plays for arsenal now so hence my point, don’t even think about him now.hh.

bada bing1

CELTIC star Hatem Abd Elhamed sparked fears of a long injury lay-off after revealing he’d had “bad news” following a scan.

Gordon64, well done son. 🙂

Packy, who do you fancy on Strictly tonight?

big packy

oh, so you are talking to me now, jim was going to tell you a Lanarkshire story last night and you ignored me?

Go on Packy let’s hear it pal.

You are posting about him, strange for someone who doesn’t think about him 😉

I don’t know why Chris Sutton gets involved with them 2 clowns on B T Sport’s, Ince and Savage,they never say anything good about Celtic,I always thought that Ince had a chip on his shoulder,he was just a average player at Man U, as for Savage,he thought he was good,and he himself thought that,Dross the pair of them.

big packy

ok jim its the 1964 general election, our mp was james Dempsey the father of brian Dempsey, im 11 years old walking along the street with my mother, she is carrying my grandfathers washing in a bag, he lived on his own so she done his washing, suddenly this big flashy car pulls up its got vote conservative all over it ,the guy says to my mum are you voting for us, of course says my mum, right ill drive you to the polling station, which incidentally was our school, so in she goes comes out big thumbs up to the guy in the car, he drops us off right outside my grandas house, wishes us well, who did my mum vote for yes james Dempsey. nice car though?.

big packy

TET, trust you?

Packy good story. Guess who I am voting for? For all their faults. The best of a bad lot. LABOUR!!!

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