Pre-planned? Of course it was!

So we went to Rome and beat Lazio? Unexpected if we are honest with ourselves-most would have bitten your hand off for a draw. Many were expecting to lose the game but would have been happy if we competed.

Well,we more than competed! We rode our luck at times but it was a very open game where both teams were going for it.

Some have been saying that under Brendan Rodgers he wouldn’t have gone to Rome and got a result because he didn’t have a plan B. I disagree. BR had faith that his team could go toe to toe against the best. Just like Lenny who has gone toe to toe with a top Italian team and beaten them twice. Aye we got the luck that we deserved-and the luck that IMO we didn’t get under Brendan.

So why am I talking about Brendan? In the week that the club have made public that we got £8.8 million for him and his coaches many again have been trashing him for leaving, calling him a rat etc. I never thought I would hear Celtic supporters speaking like that but there you go, it’s a very different world today and talk like that is the norm.

The one person who should be on his knees thanking the Lord for the luck that has come his way is Peter Lawwell.

Never in a month of Sundays would he have envisaged the start Lenny has made to the season. It’s almost like the Cluj game has been wiped from the memory of most of the support. It’s also as if things were pre planned and they are coming to it’s fruition, things like…

Lenny just happened to not be at Hibs any more, where he didn’t get the sack nor did he leave, he just wasn’t the Hibs manager anymor.

What a stroke of luck,eh Pedro?

Lenny gets appointed the day that Brendan leaves. Now given the time that we take to do anything,what an amazing coincidence that we managed to appoint someone who just happens to be available. And all done within a few short hours.

Lucky that,eh Pedro?

Now, I have been in business both for myself and worked for PLC’s and other companies over the years. I know how PLC’s especially work-people leave for other jobs for a multitude of reasons. Often it’s for more money or better working conditions, but the one overriding thing that years of working at a management level has taught me is that a manager just doesn’t leave and another is appointed the same day-unless that is, things have been worked out behind the scenes and BR had kept the club informed of everything that was happening re him move to Leicester.

Also when you consider who our majority shareholder is, a man who could make life very difficult for someone who took the piss and done the dirty, you really have to think that the £8.8 million the club got was well worked out before the day BR left.

So to summarise, the majority of the Celtic support really didn’t want Lenny appointed, but the majority have supported him because he has the club in his heart and has given his all for the club-even after the club turning their back on him the first time around when he was getting assaulted in the streets, assaulted at football grounds doing his job as our manager, having to move in the middle of the night more than a few times under police escort because of threats to his and his family’s lives, getting letter bombs sent to him, bullets in the mail. Yet nothing publicly from the club in way of support.

There is one man who as I said should be on his knees thanking his God for how things are working out. BR is the bad man-amazing how normally smart and intelligent people fall for the spin and the bullshit that BR walked out and left us in the lurch. The club have pocketed the cost of BR’s tenure. All those silver baubles for free, what a stroke of luck that was. Lenny is so far producing at a fraction of the cost and Lenny now has the support of the vast majority of the support.

Aye Pedro, smelling of roses springs to mind.

What I would appreciate is if the support could stop with all the anti BR crap. He left with the full knowledge and blessings of the board. It really doesn’t take much to see that, all you have to do is look at the facts and the timing. Oh and the money of course.

I was one of those who was skeptical about Lenny,but I am delighted how he has managed to turn a very good team into a team that has the belief and the talent to take top teams on and I am also very happy that the people who said that the football under Lenny would be dull and dour have been proven wrong. It’s anything but. Some of the football we are playing is breathtaking at times,and I’m delighted how things are turning out so far-though probably not as happy as Pedro will be mind you 😉

The day the powers that be ban Orange Walks from its streets will be the day that Scotland starts to heal.


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I think the best laugh about that programme is Starsky’s habit of wearing cardigans that seem to have been fashioned from a deep pile carpet.



Loved Andy Thom, absolutely loved him.

Real shame what his family must have experienced in east Germany after the west divied them up. That you won’t read about in any BBC link you choose to share.

I know folk who travelled to east Germany to help them with rations when the west deprived them. I also know of friends who have been prominent union members fighting the Tory establishment who visited there and saw first hand the effects of US control over imports and exports, and the imposition of poverty.

I also know a close personal friend who was 14, and strip searched on her way through a checkpoint after being taken off of a tourist bus on its way to East Berlin, by W.German soldiers. There were no females in attendance while she was strip searched. It was just her and the W German guards, under the control of Britain, US and NATO, in their little office in 1986. Ironically, they failed to find the medical and food supplies hidden in the compartment lockers of the coach convoy they stopped….they were more interested in her.

I can empathise with Andy Thom’s experiences, and everyone else in post war Germany, as well as all of those who suffered before at the hands of the British Empire. And all the rest of them. Can you? Or are you only impassioned by anything that doesnt involve criticism of the British Empire and the horrific British puppet state your name celebrates?

When I see fuckers like you trying to defend this, by sharing a BBC edited interview with Andy Thom, on the 9th of November, it makes my skin really fucking crawl, I have to say.

Am I being unreasonable?



In this case,yes I think you are being unreasonable. DUBAIBHOY simply shared a link to an interview with a player we all hold in high esteem,and at the time of the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Also,I don’t think it’s fair to say that Germany was divvied up by the West. I think Stalin had more to do with the partition than any of the Western allies.

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