Celtic 2-0 Motherwell Review


This ended up as a perfunctory victory over a Motherwell side whose recent form has been as good as anyone’s in the league,outside of the top two. But for much of the match,it could have been so much more. Regardless,there were few signs of a reaction to our endeavours on Thursday night.

We started with


Frimpong Jullien Ajer Hayes

Forrest Ntcham Brown McGregor Elyounoussi


This formation gave us a lot of variety up front and on the flanks,even if we could be a little static in the middle. The two full backs overlapped to great effect which allowed the two wingers to come inside in support of Eddy. How we only scored one in the first half is a mystery,but when we got another after only ten minutes of the second half,we simply eased off a little bit. That could have been the signal for Lenny to freshen things up a bit with a couple of substitutions. They eventually happened but they could certainly have been made earlier.

We started off lively enough,Elyounoussi and Hayes working the left were particularly in the mood. CalMac too started brightly,creating the first two major openings. First,a lovely pass from the centre of the pitch found Eddy on the left corner of the box. He took a touch then sent it across the keeper low to his right,but he got down well to tip it away. Next,he won possession deep in our half,burst forward and played a great ball to Mo on his left. He too took a touch,trying to wrongfoot the defender running across him,but he got a touch on it and the chance was gone.

His next intervention though bore fruit. Again,he played it out to Elyounoussi,this time in a wider position. He cut inside and played the ball to Jamesy running across goal. His first touch,with his right foot,was sublime,setting himself for the shot with his left-but again,a defender nicked it. This time it fell to I Wanna,and he made no mistake,a stunning right footer into the top corner!

Twenty minutes in,a goal up,let’s see where we go from here.

It wasn’t all one-way traffic,as Motherwell certainly tried to make a game of it. But their few opportunities were little better than half chances. One nil may be enough to win a match but it is never enough to relax! Ollie was next up in the creative role,playing a peach out wide to the onrushing Forrest. He looked up,saw Eddy free in the middle,but he could only scoop this one over first time when a touch to steady himself-or better,a flick to Mo on his left-might have yielded a better result. Forrest and Jonny Hayes were next in on the act,the former seeing his shot blocked,and Hayes seeing his rocket beaten out by the keeper. The halftime score line of 1-0 certainly didn’t do our play justice,but we settled for it anyway.

The second half began pretty much like the first,just more of the same. About ten minutes in,Eddy took the ball in a deeper position than he is used to and played the ball in behind the defence for Hayes to run onto. A first time daisycutter across the goal to the onrushing Ollie to score in the second successive game was thwarted by the Motherwell centre-half. He would have been better leaving it,because there was only one place he could put it from there,and that was into his own net.

Two nil,sighs of relief all around.

It took us about twenty minutes after that to get another decent chance,though Motherwell,to their credit,were defending well. With Ryan Christie on for James Forrest,he took the opportunity of a shot on the turn from the edge of the box,but didn’t quite catch it right. Jeremie Frimpong showed us another string to his bow when he fairly clattered in a shot on goal. It too was blocked,and a fair shout for handball went unheeded.

Next up,Eddy and Ollie combined,the latter seeming to give the eyes to the keeper before placing it low to the right. Sadly,the keeper wasn’t buying it and kept it out easily enough! Frimpong tried once more to get his goal,tying their defenders in knots before striking it low and hard. Yes,the keeper got to it to beat it out but on another day the rebound would have fallen to one of our nearby players.

It didn’t and that was how it ended. A satisfying result,a satisfactory performance. Nothing really to write home about but it was a job that needed to be done and we did it without too much ado. So we head off once again into an international break with a chance to recharge the batteries for some of our players and for some others to maybe recover from injury. There are five weeks to go after that till the winter break and a lot of football to be played in that time. We will need all hands on deck,that’s for sure.


Above article by BMCUWP. It’s international break time,and you know what that means! Get your articles fired into us,please. Any and all subjects welcome,but Great Comebacks especially. Mail it to Mahe


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DUBAIBHOY from previous article

Always a highly-rated and popular player with the fans,but I didn’t realise he had over 50 caps for DDR by the time he was 23yo. That’s some going,especially when you consider that there wasn’t the same number of international matches then as there is now.


Appls BMCUW,
From previous thread.
Don’t like the implications of the wee British grenade from “dubaibhoy”, so for a change, copying my reply from previous thread :


Loved Andy Thom, absolutely loved him.

Real shame what his family must have experienced in east Germany after the west divied them up. That you won’t read about in any BBC link you choose to share.

I know folk who travelled to east Germany to help them with rations when the west deprived them. I also know of friends who have been prominent union members fighting the Tory establishment who visited there and saw first hand the effects of US control over imports and exports, and the imposition of poverty.

I also know a close personal friend who was 14, and strip searched on her way through a checkpoint after being taken off of a tourist bus on its way to East Berlin, by W.German soldiers. There were no females in attendance while she was strip searched. It was just her and the W German guards, under the control of Britain, US and NATO, in their little office in 1986. Ironically, they failed to find the medical and food supplies hidden in the compartment lockers of the coach convoy they stopped….they were more interested in her.

I can empathise with Andy Thom’s experiences, and everyone else in post war Germany, as well as all of those who suffered before at the hands of the British Empire. And all the rest of them. Can you? Or are you only impassioned by anything that doesnt involve criticism of the British Empire and the horrific British puppet state your name celebrates?

When I see fuckers like you trying to defend this, by sharing a BBC edited interview with Andy Thom, on the 9th of November, it makes my skin really fucking crawl, I have to say.

Am I being unreasonable?



Sexy Cardigan Starsky CSC.

the Celtic Starsky Cardigan. ?

Nae luck Lazio, ya fascist clowns CSC.
(The Celtic Starsky Cardigan) ….



His highlight of his time at Celtic? That pile-driver in a 3-3 Old Firm thriller in November 1995, of course. “I didn’t know that I can shoot so hard!” he laughs.

Says he is now a coach at Hertha Berlin.

I played football in Berlin around 92-94 when the mullett and stonewash jeans were still in fashion…


You’re mentally deranged, but don’t let that get in the way of your opinions ;-)…



Possibly ??

Roon ye.

Unless you actually are one of my favourite 90s players, Andy. ?



Possibly-it was certainly a piledriver!


Replied to you on previous article. Didn’t realise you’d put it on this one too.



Johnny Hayes.

I recall arrogantly telling the lovely EddieInCarmichael that Johnny Hayes is no left back, back in the CL qualifier fallout.

I take back what I said. ( I can do that sometimes).

Johnny H is proving to be a rising star under the leadership of NL.

We have an outstanding attacking team, but now we are strengthening at the back, not just with some very good signings (credit where it’s due), but also with the impact of NL.

Very interesting team we have. Love it.

Will it still be there after the New Year is my new fear. Never trust a tory. Even less so when they can add to their millions so easily using a vehicle like CFC.



Thank you, got your reply, and take it on board.

I’d rather read a direct translation from someone I know though, not a BBC controlled version.

The main thing is we keep discussing these things though !

PS, MIT seems to think he’s more handsome than all of us. Personally I know there is no competition !
I win ! ??

Twists n turns

You’re a wickedly funny and clearly a very intelligent guy, so I don’t know why you considered a link by Dubaibhoy to Andy Thom to be defending the West German position? There’s an edit button available which you might choose to use in the interests of fairness?

Thanks for your good wishes re my recent loss. Indeed thanks to all whom recently posted that I’d missed.

Andy Thom:

My middle names – Joseph Thom Hughes .

Why Thom? Simple. It’s my adorable mums maiden name. Hughes? My grans maiden name. ( also my wife’s maiden name through fate)


Yogi Hughes of course ( who also shares my Christian name – no, not yogi – John ?) had donned the famous hoops. As had many named John.

Joseph’s? Yeah – check. Miller for one.

What were the chances of a “ Thom” ever appearing in the hoops? Slim to none? Enter Andy.

That completed the front set.

Only the surname to go to complete the lot. Pretty unlikely…..Until ……you know who. Well some of you do What were the chances? ??

Twists n turns

Ach sorry Uber
You’d already responded to on the matter as I was typing. ???

Cosy Corner Bhoy

Re Berlin Wall from previous article,I ‘visited’ East Berlin in September 1964 and still have a few photos kicking about!
I was in the Met Office,civilian!, in Gutersloh and a visit to E.Berlin was encouraged to show the Russians that the Potsdam Treaty still stood.
On reaching the Russian/E.German border the train was boarded by Stasi and blinds drawn and corridors patrolled to prevent ‘keeking’!
East Berlin was the dreichest place I have ever seen.Karl Marx Platz had 2 cars,Trabants,and 5 people in an area bigger than Celtic Park and the coffee was shit though the beer was okay?
Visits to the one man prison were also encouraged and that part was routinely guarded by all 4 signatories to Potsdam..forget name of prisoner and jail and don’t do google so you need to look it up yourself!
Anyway Andreas Thom was some player!!



I presume that was Hess? Spandau prison?



Jonny has never played badly for us,but without doing anything worthy of commanding a place. I think that has changed this season. It might be to do with the fact that he now feels more sure of being in the team in the first place that has given him the confidence to play as he is now.

The wing-back role is his,I think. For starters,he seems to be able to defend better than Boli,as we saw a few times on Thursday.

Cosy corner bhoy

That’s the ones?
Not just deaf but daft!

Awe Naw

Twists, Auldheid,

you have mail



Daft? One thing yer not! Besides,it was 55 years ago. You were trying to remember 55 years ago,I only had to remember from when I read about it. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t reading at 14 months old.

You golfing today?



Was Dennis Wheatley insane? ?




I’ll bite. What has DUBAIBHOY got to do with Denis Wheatley?

Awe Naw


they are one in the same person AKA Bible Kev



I’m completely lost now! Is there a warp in the space-time continuum and this is really about midnight on a Saturday and everyone’s blootert,or is it something to do with the full moon?

Awe Naw


If you are lost bud remember what the green cross code says about following headlights in the fog !



As an experienced night driver,it’s not headlights one follows in the fog but tail lights. The assumption being,of course,that the driver in front knows the road and so knows where he is going. The problem with that theory is when he doesn’t and you join him in a field wondering how the f..k you got there!

Awe Naw


.. I meant tail lights you profi

I think we are in that field together mate



I nearly did that once on the A71 between Stonehouse and Darvel,as I headed for Kilwinning. Straight off the M74,and a road I knew like the back of my hand.

About ten years previously!

Admittedly,I was straight off a nightshift before I drove up,but no excuse. Pulled over for a cigarette and took my time for the last thirty or so miles. Reckoned an extra ten minutes wouldn’t kill me-but the heavy right foot might.

Awe Naw


was once caught in a snowdrift with my Da just off the A71 at Shotts the B717 to be precise. I thought it was great fun. Tractor pulled us out. Years later my Da told me he was shitting it that night.



Andy Thom was a blessing for us in entertainment and goals.

Never to be forgotten, and another example of how we were robbed throughout the 90s despite discovering talent like that, while we had banks standing on our throats, and vultures waiting to take over……

Anyway, more importantly, hope you’re okay sir.



Interesting experiences ffs !!! Worth an article imo, but I fear I’m directing us down a left wing socialist cave by asking for this.
We must always keep alive the ideas of capitalism, it seems…..


why does everyone have this issue with Boli?? Dont get it. He’s rampant up and down the left side. Fast thinking, pacey, and never gives up.
Johnny has similar traits, but Boli is 1st choice surely?

Re biting, and Dennis… ?

I connected dubaibhoy’s post to a defence of the west versus the rest of the world. Maybe incorrectly, that hasn’t been confirmed by him. But I recall right wing wing posts from a dubhaibhoy in the past across the water on ole spreadsheet quick news. I could be wrong, and apologise if I am. ?‍♂️

So my connections to Dennis Wheatley goes through this: his acquaintance with Crowley, who was familiar with Haig, and who all have connections with General Pike. Then we have Manly P Hall, and connections with today’s creep in the hall, Kissinger.

Wheatley is the only one who has talked openly about them (Crowley and other contemporaries) and how he knows them, and what he thinks of them.

When the same fuckers that come up with the poppy to fool the “profane” are exposed by even one person that knows them personally, it’s worth listening to.

I didn’t connect dubaibhoy directly to any of this – when he claimed I was insane, i felt that referencing Wheatley to the poppy argument was relevant, based on my connections above…..which, true as they are, do indeed sound….insane ??

I felt that his post of a BBC article dated 9/11/2019 about an East German Celtic player, with edited interview by the BBC, on a day when poppy discussions are at the fore, had some meaning that no one else seems to see.

His response was that I’m insane.

Could be true ??

Anyway…. that’s where I was with it all.

Ps, no idea what the f Awe Naw is on about …nothing new there. ?

Ffs, need to go back and edit for errors now ?

You folks should listen to this while I do that.


Edit : no mistakes needing editing at all that I can see. Don’t hate me for my grammatical perfection please, just my general pain in the arseness ??



I don’t blame him,it’s never pleasant driving in snow. Earlier this year,I had two nights of driving in it. First night as it was falling,so still fresh on the roads-all eight or nine inches of it-and the next night after it had been churned up,turned into slush,compacted and then froze as the night temperatures dropped.

Only the main roads were remotely clear-my routes are mainly NOT main roads. But no problem,bit hairy at times,had worse when I put my van in a ditch when I hit floodwater a few years earlier.

So off I trotted in the morning to catch a bus into town,train to London to meet my nephew. Yep,feet went from under me,cracked my head on the pavement,concussion,weekend ruined.

Some day I’ll look back on that and laugh…

Awe Naw

I noticed that all the men dressed up as poppies yesterday .. head to foot … were not actually wearing a poppy. !!!



Not like you to miss the significance of a date. 9th November,and an interview with a former DDR international with over 50 caps?



I used to proudly don a poppy on Remembrance Sunday. Then,I started to not wear it,but still donate. Now,even that is beyond me. Politicisation of this sad occasion must be costing veterans charities a small fortune.


Bmcuw @ 11.52 (should have been at 9.11am)….

Ooft. ? I’ll take that one on the chin. Still not convinced that was the reason for the post though. Hasn’t been explained. I’ve just been told that I’m insane, in good old CQN style., with no explanation…. which I likely am ??…. but still…..



TBH,I only knew the exact date because of a couple of documentaries on BBC World Service. I’m reduced to listening to that overnight sometimes due to the dearth of decent music when I’m driving about.

Planet Rock,the station which stole my record collection,is terrific at the best of times but can get a tad repetitive,and Radio 2 hasn’t been the same overnight since they got rid of Janice Long.

Though the repeat of Johnnie Walker’s 70s show at 3am on Tuesday mornings is a must.

Awe Naw


I just saw your reply to Dubaibhoy on the other thread.

What a load of fucking shite. You are making an arse of yourself

Whisky perhaps ?

bada bing1


Lazio unique angle, this is brilliant




I’m not too keen on those angles usually as they give you no perspective of the pitch,no idea of what’s happening.

Bar the finishes! By ‘eck,they give you a great shot of the finishes!!!


Farage bottles election campaign,withdrawing his party from EVERY seat that the Tories won in 2017. I wonder how much he got for that,and who coughed up.


Janis Long has always been a God send to us all driving at night. Great music, and a pleasure to listen to.

Awe Naw,


Lovely. Double please. If you can afford a bit of comprehensible discussion with that, all the merrier.

What have I said that’s made you react like that?

Awe Naw


Dinny act the big daftie ye ken fine well

Whisky ?

I think you have had enough already naw ? I hope it’s Whisky

.. I will leave it to one of Dubaibhoy’s German sons or his East German wife to put you right. And I´m no kidding 🙁

personal friend of mine whom I have known for years. Both in Scotland and Germany



Daft buggers got rid of Janice and Alex Lester at the same time and replaced them with shite. Barely listened since,Johnnie Walker apart.

Killed the nightshift. Still,on the bright side,Planet Rock doesn’t dare put on Coldplay…


Alright,lads. Enough,don’t want it getting personal.


Yes,I can believe that you know DUBAIBHOY,without expanding on it here. That wouldn’t be fair.


I think you entirely missed the reason why DUBAIBHOY posted that link. I’d seen it last night before I went out to work and was going to post it myself when I got back. We can all read too much into things,it happens.

Awe Naw

DUBAIBHOY, BMCUWP, OnlyÜberTimtoBeOutnawedAndRenameD

I have no problem with anybody I am only putting OnlyÜberTimtoBeOutnawedAndRenameD right. I’m sure he is appreciative

for the record I know that Thom is one of his favourite players as we spoke about it many times



Philvis-style Thumbs-up!!!


BMCUP; you said M’well defended well. I thought so too.
Made me think; if we let Jozo go to pastures less demanding on his knees for a transfer fee, I think Declan Gallacher has enough football in him to be re-coached into a pretty handy backup CH.

When Jonny Hayes Start’s at left back,to me he seems a bit nervous,gives the ball away , seems to get caught ball.watching, and that’s when I get a bit critical about him,But I must be honest as the game gets going,he seems to settle down a bit better,and goes on to have a good game,So is he good enough to make that position his.


I posted that Gallacher was a good old fashioned no nonsense centre half.
Problem is in a Celtic jersey the refs would interpetrate that as a dirty bassa.
They were given plenty leeway in playing through the back of man.
The robust approach Livi used to good effect in defeating us was noticeably absent yesterday.
Strange that?


The huns second goal was clearly offside yesterday not marginally as the press described.
Linesman had an easy call to make and he made it.
I post frequently about the extra half yard that the huns forwards get due to opponents knowing the refs tendencies.
Yesterday the Livi players who were so close to us they could have been inside our boots stood a yard off the entire game..
These thing make a huge difference to a teams performance.

Awe Naw


the scheduling of Sevco matches gives the game away also. There can be no debate it is statistically impossible for it not to be anything other than concerted cheating


11.11.1918 WW1 ends

The Farm ‘All Together now’

‘Remember boy that your forefathers died
Lost in millions for a country’s pride
But they never mention the trenches of Belgium
When they stopped fighting and they were one’

Wilfred Owen (KIA 1918)

Dulce et decorum est

Bent double, like old beggars under sacks,
Knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge,
Till on the haunting flares we turned our backs,
And towards our distant rest began to trudge.
Men marched asleep. Many had lost their boots,
But limped on, blood-shod. All went lame; all blind;
Drunk with fatigue; deaf even to the hoots
Of gas-shells dropping softly behind.

Gas! GAS! Quick, boys!—An ecstasy of fumbling
Fitting the clumsy helmets just in time,
But someone still was yelling out and stumbling
And flound’ring like a man in fire or lime.—
Dim through the misty panes and thick green light,
As under a green sea, I saw him drowning.

In all my dreams before my helpless sight,
He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning.

If in some smothering dreams, you too could pace
Behind the wagon that we flung him in,
And watch the white eyes writhing in his face,
His hanging face, like a devil’s sick of sin;
If you could hear, at every jolt, the blood
Come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs,
Obscene as cancer, bitter as the cud
Of vile, incurable sores on innocent tongues,—
My friend, you would not tell with such high zest
To children ardent for some desperate glory,
The old Lie: Dulce et decorum est
Pro patriamori.

For all you Poppy fascists and those that glorify the slaughter of young men to further political agendas – GIRFUY

Peace out

Awe Naw

Come all you young rebels and list while I sing

big packy

EVENING ALL, anything happening, awe naw I used to sing rebel songs, so yes im one?

1 2 3