The hour approaches

In the build up to ,and possibly after, the AGM scheduled for the 27th of this month we will be running a series of pieces aimed at reminding all of our duties as Celtic fan’s in making sure the club is in good hands and acting appropriately if not , and also the consequences of ignoring the off field activities of those tasked with running clubs from boardrooms.

Regardless of where you sit on the good or bad board debate everyone must recognise that there are some fans very disenchanted with the behaviour of those running the club.
As we sit here today we have a set of custodians that have next to zero trust from those that have dealings with them , and many of the rank and file like ourselves who just observe and listen are soo not impressed with what we see and dont hear from headquarter’s.
Its a massive failure that after almost two decades there is no practically no relationship at all.
That must change , it cant stand , and wont work long term.

Im afraid we have fallen for the old divide and conquer trick , one of the oldest in the book and more than likely each of our clan’s was also victim to it back in the day.
Adept media control via an exploding phenomenon aka the internet was key but has now been sussed and turned 180 degrees to our advantage.
Each and every soundbite that was heralded has been stripped away by time and was replaced by another that seen the same fate. Now its just silence.
Every penny goes back in
More than a Club
Stand alone business model
Out of every window stronger
Yadda yadda yadda,,,,,,,,
All of them have been dismissed.
Last year seen Auldheidgate at the Agm ,, a blatant attempt to swat down the Res12er’s that we thankfully had someone live in the crowd with the conviction to stem the misleading there and then publically ,,, and he’s still no happy by the way !
In many businesses an employee lying to the customer would be removed or at least rebuked,, why not ours?

So while most were falling for on field bling and the occasional scraps from the table such as Generation of Domination or Unknown bid from Unknown Universe , behind the scenes was where the much more important action has been for the last 8 years or so.
And it is in these off field affairs which we have been totally failed by our Custodians.
I hold my hands up in falling for a lot of the hype and fake news that was flying around like confetti , but swear that this website shall attempt to be a force for good and not misinformation in the current battle of will’s with the board and Scottish football.
Its the least we can do.
We have all seen what happens when fans dont hold boards to account at all or heed what is taking place right infront of them . It happened in our very city ffs ,, not a million miles away. If that isnt a sign that eye’s on the off field activities can also be a good thing then I dont know what is !
That should have woke every domestic fan up a bit and had much more scrutiny on boardroom decisions past and present than we have ever seen or heard of but yet the narrative was controlled expertly with a big boy did it and ran away angle , proven bullshit by the courts.
Still the question wasnt and isnt asked by fans of that club well then if not him , who ?

So my friend here we are at this very moment with men in charge of OUR club whos actions and words go against everything a proper Celtic man or woman should aspire to be.
How do I know ? Well just look at our songs for a start.
Michael railed alone yet proud against immoral conditions cruelly forced on him and his kin.
You’ll never walk alone,,,assures us we are all in this together for the common man and cause.
Grace,,that conviction is something we have in spades and wont be matched.
All of them tell us of making a stand ,, we glorify and celebrate those who opt to rise up and fight for justice , those good men and women some of whom have made the ultimate sacrifice for the common good of all fullstop.
Well youre not just gonna sing those songs right ?
Correct , youre gonna take heart and strength from our songs and history and just like in 93 the fans will act again because they must.
Once again WE must act ,, not those above ,, not the people getting paid EPL wages in a backwater ,, not the mega rich who can have their every whim catered to ,, but the rank and file fan must stand once again for their club ,, because we have been failed by those above us and those tasked with holding them to account in the current set up.
I expect each and every readers help in this task because simply , its your duty.

Its your duty because being a Celtic fan comes with certain built in responsibilities.
You might be focused solely on the footballing side of things and not pay much heed to the board’s comings and going which is fine , infact you are the lifeblood of the game and there would be no off field chat if not for good people such as yourself , but make no mistake being a member of the Celtic family is about more than just 90 minutes of sport.
If you dont believe me then look no further than the clubs website which reminds us of the clubs and our own duties ,,
“ The primary business of Celtic is as a football club. It is run on a professional basis with no political agenda. However , the Club has a wider role and the responsibility of being a major Scottish social institution promoting health , well-being , and social integration.
Celtic Football Club is for people who want to support a football club that strives for excellence in Scotland and Europe, is proud of its history , supportive of its local community and seeks to support the following aims ‘ To maximise all opportunities to disassociate the Club from sectarianism and bigotry of any kind. To promote Celtic as a club for all people , regardless of gender , age , religion , race or ability ‘.
Celtic is a club for everyone who believes in football as a medium for healthy pleasure, entertainment and social integration. The Club always has been and always will simply aim to be the team of the people “.

I could spend days showing how our mission statement ( that is to be proud of ) has been cast aside for profit by those at the helm currently ( unfortunately ) but the above shows each and every one of us that we arent dealing with a regular run of the mill football club here but a self proclaimed major institution that has a responsibility to its fan base through the morals and ethics contained within that charter.
The line ‘ To maximise all opportunities to disassociate the Club from sectarianism and bigotry of any kind ‘ rings very hollow right now as we have clearly embraced the dreaded Old Firm partnership these last few years which will never prove deadly to the mega rich but you and me must watch our backs. Thanks.

Now that duty I speak of is about to be called upon and tested. How we got here is of little consequence right now for we are where we are and must deal with it.
We must face up to the simple fact we have men in charge that are not acting in yours and mine or the Clubs best interests ( according to the social mission statement ) as they should , but in their own and the best interests of keeping a bent game afloat because its easy profit.
This is not ‘ a Team of the People ‘ ( the mantle they inherited upon becoming custodians ) because right now and for years the peoples wishes and wants are being ignored .
The people want a fair normal game with impartial ref’s,, we have anything but ,, and thats being embraced not challenged !!!
In asking the shareholders to vote against Res12 they are betraying that beautiful charter and everything it stands for . We must not allow that. Why have a social charter there at all if to be trampled over when convenient?
Its down to us all now to fight for those moral’s and responsibilities to be upheld.
Right now this month ,, not when they have gone and cashed in their shares , but starting at this Agm fullstop.

‘ A Team of the People ‘ is a very very noble aim indeed and we have been that team before.
It was the immortal Tommy who told us that jersey means more than other’s , that you are representing a people and a cause.
Now I dont make demands and I will try only to give and never take from yourselves ,, but if ever there was a time to actually prove Tommy right and start to get back to that togetherness of fans , cause, and team the the time is now ,, right now.
If ever you were needed to step up and fight a bit for a Celtic thats a step closer to the team we signed up for and the cause that Tommy believed in then that time is the present.
We simply cannot let this board make decisions that go against almost everything we have ever stood for ,, and get away with it scot free. Never must we sit idly by and allow that from any board whatsoever.
Money over morals ? Wrong club , wrong fans , just read that charter !
The original money over morals man Judas Iscariot is vilified ,, please tell me any of our own lower themselves to that and we will be doing the exact same.
We will never stand for such decision’s at our beautiful social institution, for thats a betrayal of all we hold dear. By men that should know better . Much much better .
Our highest paid employee ever infact is one who make such calls , a sure sign that things need fixed.

Folk’s we are only on this wee rock for a short while and are but mere speck’s of dust in the cosmos in the grand scheme of things but while we are here , among each other and attached through some way or other to our team in those famous green and white Hoops , we have the chance to leave our own little mark , for better or worse.
Youre a Celtic fan , for better it is then.
Well my friend , this is our time to make that mark . Others like Celts for Change have in the past made theirs and they will never be forgotten and no one , not now or ever , can change the fact those Bhoys did it .
They bloody well did it man !
They seen it wasnt right , knew it wasnt right , heard it wasnt right ,, and said WE must act for whats right.
They are heroes in my book.
Now are you and me going to let those heroes look upon us do nothing while the club isnt right?
Are you and me going to actually stand up like those heroes for whats right?
Are you and me going to fight the battle that we dont want but falls to us just as those bhoys did?
And remember they had no idea whether they would win or lose , but acted anyway.
Are you ?
Are you ?
Are you ?

Of course you are. Youre the best, youre a Celtic fan .
Get ready to act for whats right my friend.
They gerrymander away Res12 right in front of you at this Agm and thats the final nail in their coffin.
The affront to go against all OUR great club stands for , live and direct , CANNOT be allowed.
We must not and we will not let them stroll away from voting it down and thus sweep corruption under the carpet and charge us for it.
Slowly but surely they are stripping away every facet of the values each and every one of us hold dear , and that they signed up to adhere to upon taking control.
What they are doing simply isnt right !
They sit there at that table and vote away Celtic’s soul to your face , thats their death knell.
Theres no way back, not after this long with no trust . Thats it.

They vote it down and you act .
You stand up now for the soul of the club , OUR club , and let those who ignore our ethos know that we aint sitting quietly this time and that actually we can and will hold you to account.
They try to vote away the last chance at a real meaningful enquiry into the farce that has gripped the domestic game then they are part of the problem, how can it be otherwise ?
They vote it down , we act.

This is your time to stand up while you can and be heard. We all must.
“ A Team of the People “
Lets make it so. Lets make Tommy proud.
The Cause and the People are awakening and coming for them.
Watch these pages.
Back the Resolutioners !!!
They’ll Never Walk Alone !!!

The above is by Mahe. Send your thoughts to and we will publish.

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A cri de coeur,and a call to arms. Stunning article!

Res 12 may die procedurally on 27 Nov,but the board won’t be able to hammer down the lid on its coffin. I’m absolutely sure of that.


Forgot to say,we got a nice wee compliment yesterday,and much appreciated too.

Towards the end of this article,as he lays into most of the Celtic sites.

Margaret McGill

What would happen if res 12 does not die at the AGM?
Good article Mahe
Ultimately it reduces down to fairness in sport. A football team that has more moral dimensions than just on the park, or, is it awe about philistine accountancy counting out the bigot bucks and encouraging the old firm? If the majority of tims want the Huns around and it appears so since 2012, then you’re awe wasting your time. Just need to let it die and run it’s course. Some good things may come out of it you never know. For example I’m hoping Bawless Johnson wins by a mile then we get Brexit, little englander doomed to drum their dirge to death, an independent Scotland, a United ireland. There’s always a silver lining. In America the coalition of evangelical Christians, the southern racists, the new anti civil rights racists in abundance, the anti LBGT crowd, the gun nuts and the anti pinko commie China Germany nato anti everything American pricks will collapse the Republican Party in America and You will see an armed population take to the streets. It’s a race between that nuclear meltdown and the polar one. Isn’t it exciting? I canny wait
All starts with res 12.


If they ever do a movie of the whole Celts for Change thing,I nominate Jim Belushi as Jim Traynor. Of course,if the ever do a movie of the current huns going down the plughole,I nominate he played by a mola mola.



World’s biggest cynic,but you raise some good points.

A Tory win in the UK with them virtually wiped out again in Scotland will almost definitely lead to a second Indyref. Which I think they will win this time. Funnily enough,a Labour victory will probably have the same outcome!

Putting a border between the UK and the entire island of Ireland will see the collapse of the DUP and the rise of even more extreme loyalist groups. I don’t think Ireland will vote to have that lot near them.

The coalition you speak of in the US taking to the streets in armed struggle,I call that natural selection. I think the world will be a better place afterwards. They can share a Darwin Award. Maybe in a tie with all the idiots who voted for Brexit.

Declaring an interest in the latter. Swindon voted 55% leave. Arseholes got their reward when 100% of Honda,the biggest employer with 4,000+ and another 15,000 in the supply chain,also voted to leave.

Twists n turns

I was in my last year before retirement ( which of course turned out not to be retirement as I returned as The Twisty) looking after a large international company, I had to take 120 temps on to cope with the growing order books. From the 120, 85 got permanent contracts.
From the 120 I’d estimate 90% plus were non UK. The agencies couldn’t find British workers.

I had 15 sales staff in the office


Following the vote to leave, I went into the plant the next day. The sales staff were despondent. Concerned.

I went on to the shop floor. The English staff were in great spirits. On questioning them, they were so happy due to the result.
They told me the main reason for voting leave was:

“There are too many foreigners in here now. Taking our jobs. Taking benefits”

I told them in no uncertain terms my feelings on those comments. Wasted my breath though. No amount of fact based comments could get them to understand the implications of their decision

I retired in the June.

I was back in there visiting a few old friends and colleagues 2 months ago

There are 14 workers in that factory now. 14!

I remember saying at the time through sheer frustration and anger that I believed you should need to pass an IQ test to be given a vote. It was tongue in cheek at the time. Now?



You’re kidding?! Lost 90% of the workforce? Bloody hell.

The thing about Brexit,and especially the people-that I know-who voted for it and it’s a similar experience to yours,is that the great unwashed voted for everything that was harmful for them because they didn’t like a minor %age of what they had. And now they will only be left with a minor %age of what they had.

Or to put it another way,they voted Brexit because they’re a bunch of racist basturts who were given the opportunity to prove it,and they grabbed it with both hands. Which is fine. I’ve had plenty of disagreements with racists over the years. But the worst that ever happened was a sore lip. They’ll have to deal with more than a sore lip this time-and so will we all.

I could bloody weep,and worse is having an opposition leader who agrees with them. Glad I use an electric razor,I can tell you.

Awe Naw


Brexit is a rigid belief system based on hope and faith. All logic has been removed

I find it all very eerie that is has gone this far without it having any credibility whatsoever and an independent Scotland will lead to the same scenes we are witnessing in Catalonia

The EU better get its arse in gear with regards European regions that are seeking sovereignty. If they think appeasing the big players is the way to go then I fear that will kill off the EU project more than Brexit will.

Awe Naw


Fabulous article … one of SC best yet

big packy

MORNIN ALL, we have 5 members of staff, all young girls early to late twentys, every one of them voted for Brexit, in their words to stop the foreigners coming here and get the ones that are here out.

big packy

MAHE, one word fantastic.HH.



That depresses the bejaysus outa me. I’m used to it down here,right enough-but usually from older people.

big packy

BOBBY, sad thing is they no nothing about politics, if you asked them anything about Brexit, they would not have a clue, doubt if they even know the names of the party leaders.hh.


Truly magnificent, outstanding, tour de force.
Absolutely nailed it there.
I’m on the case.

p.s. it was Auldheid himself who stood up at the AGM last year to take issue with the Board. He was spot on then, and now.



Spot on.

Superb stuff Mahe


Just been reading back on last night’s posts.


Missed this,as I left for work just after 10 pm. You’ve got a dog that weighs 55kg? That’s nearly nine stone,ffs. What do you feed it on-trespassers? That’s a fearsome beast. I think my kid sis,ATHINGOFBEAUTY,has the right idea. Cute wee wire-haired Dachshund. I can take it for a walk to the pub,put it in my back pocket while I get a move on.

A couple of years ago,I saw a teenager taking his monster mutt for a walk. The dog was about three times the size of him. The young fella was on a skateboard. Now,that’s good thinking!



I agree with all that you say,which is why they are better out of it,IMO. It’s divisive and reflects badly on all concerned,including the sites. Continued this morning too,I noticed.


the scandal is not that rangers cheated. rangers/sevco have always cheated.
the scandal isn’t that the football authorities in this country helped them cheat. the SFA exist to aid and abet rangers in their cheating.
the scandal is that the board of our club have done nothing to right this wrong.


New poster on this site but long time spectator.
It is a fact that generally,you get what you deserve in this life so if we,the fans and lifeblood of our club allow the “Suits” to get away with the “Moral Suicide” of our club without a fight then I am afraid we will have got our just desserts and we won’t be “A Club Like No Other” but simply one like all the rest in Scotland.
As Mahe has issued the call to arms,it is our duty as Celtic supporters to do everything and anything in our power to change the thought processes of those who sit at the top table at our club,to let them know that even if (as expected) they are successful in voting down Resolution 12 at the AGM that they are the ones who fired the first shot in a war with the Celtic Support that they simply cannot be allowed to win.
Since 2012,if not before,we have been royally entertained at the comedy show emanating from The Stade de Bigot and marvelled at the rank stupidity of “The Peepul” and with good reason to do so but we,as a support will be,and should be,held up to the same,if not more ridicule,should we allow Resolution 12 to die.
We must NEVER allow those who would have us “sit at the back of the bus” to win and it will be to our eternal shame should we allow our club to be destroyed from within.
# Persistence beats Resistance.

Twists n turns


Fine sentiment, eloquently expressed.



Welcome, and well said.


Thank you,Twists n turns,I was beginning to think I had broken the site as it took so long for the next comment (yours) to be posted,Hail Hail


Cheers,Friesdorfer,Hail Hail

Problem we have is complacency, the support don’t care, a few years back I contacted hundreds of supporters clubs re coordinating things, only a handful bothered to reply, this is what we are up against, it will only change when they start winning leagues, the support know we were and are being cheated yet they fund this corruption, that’s the bit that I just can’t comprehend, till then…

See my reply to Irishboy, it’s a problem so it is.

I got an email yesterday from someone who told me that the blog on Saturday upset a few people and the truth sometimes hurts, didn’t think anything of it, I notice that the boards blog is pushing the big bad Brendan agenda again, aye, maybes the mail was true then 😉

Awe Naw


devout Catholics screaming for Barabas

big packy

AFTERNOON ALL irishboy welcome, tet nothing wrong with that post on Saturday, I just scrolled past it but there was nothing wrong with it ??

Awe Naw
You won’t be far off the mark with that 😉
Laters, getting dragged oot shopping, not my favourite pastime




Big Packy,thank you.
The Exiled Tim,thank you.It seems we are of similar mindsets in the belief that our own support couldn’t care less as long as we are winning.
If this is the case (most probably) then whoever in our support who feels the same way as ourselves must do all that they possibly can to make the Celtic support at large aware of the fact that Resolution 12 has not been addressed and has certainly not gone away.
if needs be,we must be prepared to play the long game because as sure as sugar as soon as the cheats in blue start winning trophies the enablers in our support will slowly but surely turn their guns on our board for allowing the situation to escalate to such a point.
As long as there is even one dissenting voice,and believe me,Auldheid and the requisitioners will never be alone,our board and the people they sold out to will always have a case to answer.
#persistence Beats Resistance.


fan-a-tic,thank you,Hail Hail.


MAGS @6-24AM
As a poster who sometimes baffles me that was as clear as day.

Awe Naw

I see JJ is getting his knickers in a twist over Moreles international clearance and player permit. I am kind of surprised that the plethora of shitey players that Lawwell has signed over the years are more compliant than Morelos. I find that one difficult to believe.


Morning troops.
Thanks for the compliments. Just calling it straight from the heart.

Irishbhoy,, big big welcome. There’s a few of us from the Emerald Isle on here. Usually does take an Irishman to sort things out I’ve learned.
Look forward to reading more of your views.
Hail Hail


It’s been a while

Haven’t followed Sentinel Celts, but remain acutely aware of absentee posters from CQN, which sadly continues to be remote, especially in debate or posts of substance, regardless of Celtic views. It’s a bad day when a whatsapp group though more user friendly, can out Quick News, its generic home?

Gone, are the SC days of the ‘predicted £4M budget spend’ in the summer window? all the downsizing pi*h, and the downright Neil Lennon defamation by infrequent visitors on CQN, but ‘the Rainjurz are still coming’ and Peter Lawwell still hasn’t done enough to prevent it, in the eyes of many.

There is one possibly two Celtic directors I don’t particularly like, but the obscenely, like most overpaid CEO’s isn’t one of them the Rainjurz should have been here a long time ago, but fortunately despite the real enemies of Celtic and their descriptions of them, being ‘on top level on points’ as if by a miracle, they are strictly still second best.

December is the defining month and I so look forward to pumping them twice.

Hail Hail 

Mike in Toronto

Awe Naw

“Brexit is a rigid belief system based on hope and faith.”

not often I will disagree with you my friend, but I would say that Brexit is a rigid belief system based on a lack of hope and faith.


TET @ ages ago

You and I, will be reading about ‘Big Bad Brendan’ until the last page of both our internets.

That’s not Celtic fans fault, but Brendan Rodgers’ and the manner in which he Brexited.

No matter how wonderful anyone thinks he was, he dumped our club.

Hail Hail

Margaret McGill

Burnt Soup Precipice

I think any marriage can be annulled anytime if one of the couple proves fraud. If the fraudster is handsomely rewarded in the divorce and tells the miffed one where to shove his indignation then I dont see why any onlookers should try and protect the sanctity of marriage. I think BR knew PL was a fraud from the getgo but swung as much of his 5 year contract as he could stomach.



“I think BR knew PL was a fraud from the getgo but swung as much of his 5 year contract as he could stomach.”

And didn’t give a flying fuck about Celtic or our uniqueness, any time soon

Hail Hail

big packy

BOURNESOUPRECIPE, welcome to the best blog in cybserspace?

Margaret McGill

Celtic are a PLC like everyone else. Isnt that the mantra?
I suspect BR believes less in the uniqueness of the Old Firm than PL ever did.


big packy

Thank you, for that

It wouldn’t be difficult




Oh yes, despite PLC’s etc, etc, etc we’re still unique, alright.

We’re the only club in the world that’s top of its league, but Rainjurz are also TOP according to SMSM

That’s fucking unique CSC

p.s. love the swearing that’s allowed on SC.

big packy

BOURNESOUPRECIPE, just don’t tell mahe or bobby???hh.

Just in from spending a fortune at teh shops, the road into town is open again, albeit a temp bit till it’s fixed properly, so saves going a mega detour or over the campo, so grateful.
The reason many, myself included don’t post there anymore is because of the attack dogs who go after posters who are dissenting to their mindset, it destroyed the debate and CQN was by a country mile the best site for airing your views without the bullshit, but it was hijacked and it’s gone downhill ever since, such a shame, I really meant that, yesterday and today are perfect examples of attacking a poster when simply scrolling by would have been easier, it’s stuff like that that has brought CQN to where it is, imo of course.
As for Brendan, like 99% of the support I was miffed the way he left, but I have said all along that it was planned and I stick by that for a multitude of reasons and coincidences that are too coincidental to be untrue, the fans are the ones who lose out as they always are, the PLC did Ok out of it, they got a top manager who transformed the club, brought a bit of kudos back to the club and lots of silver baubles for free, now as it’s turned out it may well have been for the best, it’s got a while to go but it’s looking good so far, if most are honest they will say that Lenny has surpassed their expectations, he certainly has mine so.
As for the board, in many ways I don’t blame them cos they are working for the PLC, the football club is a distant secondary in their mind, money is their God, honesty, integrity, transparency are not in their vocabulary, sadly.

So what do you suggest we do, as I said I contacted hundreds of supporters clubs and less than a handful replied, they just don’t care, it really looks like we are going to have to wait till they win the league.

big packy

TET, it could very well happen god forbid.hh.

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