What should we do about the corruption in Scottish football ? Part 2


Completing the trilogy from SFTB. A marvellous contribution to the site,and how appropriate was the timing! There has certainly been some warm debate these last few days,and I think the final part will be no different. But you can decide for yourselves.

“Call me Mr Guilty, Mr Guilty that’s my name
Without a doubt it’s all my fault, I’m the one to blame
You say that you’re unhappy I do believe it’s true
Cause I’m the one, the no good bum
That did it all to you.” (L. Wainwright III)

So, Rangers and the Murray Group get the stiffest sentence. The SFA and Scottish League come next with UEFA and FIFA in close proximity.

How guilty are the other Scottish clubs, including, Celtic?

Before answering that biggie, I want to declare that I find most football fans, including those of the old Rangers, new Rangers, and Celtic & the other Scottish clubs to be in the relatively innocent category. Maybe not guilt free, but they were collateral damage rather than instigators. Fans of Old Rangers did not, and could not, compel Rangers to spend at ridiculous unsustainable levels. Many Celtic fans and fans of other clubs want their club to spend big but I know few who would willingly place their club in danger. It\s a moot point anyway, because the Board and CEO are responsible for budget matters and most clubs manage to steady a course between fan demands and prudence.

Rangers fans may be guilty of wilful ignorance in believing their club could afford all that expenditure. After all, they did not go bust when they were out-bidding English clubs for the likes of Gascoigne, Stevens and the De Boers etc;. They only went bust because the Board chose secret means (tax avoidance & evasion) to maintain a team somewhere near those levels when the bill presenters started to get more demanding. They did not tell the Rangers support that they were doing this so they are not guilty.

The post 2012 Sevco Rangers fan is also fairly guiltless. Yes, they will ignorantly state that they are the same club with the same honours whilst they fail to explain why they started in the 4th tier of senior football. In doing so, they are guilty of Cognitive Dissonance, rationalising to put themselves in a better light, but they are still not responsible for either the liquidation of their club nor are they guilty of having invented the Continuity Myth. They are just guilty of spewing up the message they have been fed by the Football Authorities.
Celtic fans too, whether they hold Rangers/Sevco and the footballing Authorities to count, or let it slide, or are even fairly ignorant of that history, are not too blame either. That just represents how your conscience dealt with the facts of Rangers actions but boycotting Scottish football or continuing to support do not, by themselves, proffer any superior form of grace. Both are legitimate ways of dealing with the event. Neither are responsible for the events themselves nor are they superior to one another in achieving justice. That elusive outcome will have to be chased by other means. A mass boycott, if it had been a popular idea, would have forced the Celtic Board to act more forcefully but we would soon see the Aberdeen fans and Hearts fans etc; change their views when presented with a Celtic that was self-harming financially to the point of becoming competitive with other large Scottish clubs like them.

So, back to the clubs, and especially Celtic.

I will state my belief clearly. I am sure there was political interference to achieve a smudged outcome to the events of 2012. We were heading towards a 2014 Independence Referendum. It suited parties on both sides of the fence to see that Rangers were not allowed to slide into oblivion. It reflected badly on the YES side to see a major Scottish Institution in such a struggle when they were trying to sell us a picture of a vibrant successful proto-nation. It suited the NO side to court the votes of a constituency already heavily in thrall to a continued UK. However, without the explicit encouragement of senior political figures, I doubt the eventual outcome would have been reached. The early statements from the SFA and those trying to work out what to do between May and August 2012, suggested that 2 things were desired:-

1) A need to keep a form of Rangers in Senior football, preferably in the SPL/SPFL, so that a large constituent support would not walk away from the game, and

2) A desire to work out a punishment for disclosed offences that could be implemented at a later date because we could not do justice to this before a new season was due to start.

Unfortunately, several events overtook those reasonable aspirations. Firstly Charlie Green & Co; won a game of bluff with the SFA that allowed them to sell the Clumpany Myth threatening that the Ibrox hordes would walk away if they could not claim to be the same team. Next, Scottish football fans of most other teams pressured their clubs not to accept the sight of Rangers in the Premier division, and so the SPL delivered Rangers’ future into the tender hands of the SPFL where bluenoses like Jim Ballantyne could ensure that all talk of title & trophy stripping could wither away if Rangers went on their journey to enrich lower league clubs with their presence.

The various texts of this 5 way agreement had to be maintained in secrecy because you could not expose this switcheroo to the light of public opinion without the magical premise disappearing under the weight of scrutiny. Once an organisation is allowed to administrate in secrecy and be allowed to leave their decisions unexplained and without reference to existing rules, you have the perfect recipe for corruption to thrive. Seven years later and we still cannot be trusted to hear the workings and rulings of our Sport’s governing bodies. Many of our existing rules have had to be changed to become post-compliant with the ridiculous assertions of the 5-way agreement and LNS rulings.

Those of us who follow the game and provide the main income for most clubs have been told that knowledge of this ruling is not to be disclosed. Only member clubs can challenge a ruling made with this Association of clubs. No matter what we think of utterances by John Reid, Turnbull Hutton or , even Peter Lawwell’s tame efforts, not one member club has issued such a challenge in the last 7 years. Not one group of clubs has presented a united front to protest its injustice. All of them are taking the view that we should move on and forget the unjust baubles won by the Ibrox club and forfeited by many others over the period of their cheating.

Celtic, our club, have disappointed us further by seeming to be interested enough in the activities of our Res. 12 proponents, who are addressing one small, but provable, part of the whole corruption to invite them in-house for discussions but, at the end of each of these discussions, they issue a demand for more proof or refuse to believe that a case has been made. Some Celtic fans decided early on that, on principle, the Board were an enemy of this process, others gave them some time before losing faith, some are still holding out for a pubertal ball-drop by Board members, and much of the support has lost what little interest they had in these events to begin with.

I cannot believe that Celtic were wholly complicit in letting the corruption go nor that they were out to waffle, delay and dampen any resistance from the get go. If that had been their mindset, they would not have acted as they did, in issuing the occasional statement querying what the SFA intended to do, merely as an arse-covering exercise to pretend to fans that they were doing something. If that was their motivation, they would have been better served by saying nothing, claiming it was a matter for the SFA only and that our fans should protest there.

The best reading I can make of their actions is that, initially, they did want something done about this gross sporting corruption but they lost all their ardour fairly quickly when two events aligned.

1) They were discouraged by the very broad backing given to the Continuity Myth outcome by the rest of Scotland. Not one single politician and not one single football club has raised an official point since Rangers started back in the 4th tier, and not one football administrator or Media outlet has shown any enthusiasm for keeping the coals burning. The idea that Rangers were adequately punished by the act of grace that saw them allowed entry into 4th tier football, has widespread acceptance and traction. Anyone not buying into this is just an internet bampot. Even in the wake of the Saracens scandal in English rugby, Tom English has the brass neck to taunt fans who see any comparison between the righteous anger of wronged Rugby clubs and what they see as mere tribal rivalries and blindness that leads to intemperate fans failing to see that Scottish football administrators reached a fair and legally settled outcome back then.

2) The success enjoyed by Celtic during the period of absence of an Ibrox club and the financial damage they continue to inflict on themselves in trying to stop us from setting a new Scottish record of consecutive titles has led to a growing satisfaction with where our club is at. There are times when our confidence in continued domestic domination was fragile (the Deila years) but Brendan Rodgers’ Treble Treble helped diminish much of that. There has never been a time where our Support have come anywhere close to open rebellion against the club and what dissatisfaction there is has more to do with aspects of player recruitment and poor European performances that it has to do with what is now seen as historic Scottish football corruption.

So our club administrators are guilty of something close to moral cowardice when held in contrast with Rugby club owners and CEO’s, and I do really detest taking any moral lessons from that apartheid loving Rugby crowd. They, in company with every other Scottish club have failed to represent their fans interests over lost titles and trophies and instead present themselves as pragmatic saying “Look at what you are winning now to make up for that!”

In this scenario, what should fans do?

A few fans made their decision early and left active support of our club, either financially or by attendance, or both. Their affection for the club remains but they cannot countenance any form of active backing of the people at the top who failed to act in their name. They also see a sport as potentially open to corrupt pre-determined winners (the WWE wrestling analogy) even though that has not (yet) proven to be the case.

A larger proportion, recognised that the club had let us down but have been less drastic in their own reaction to it. They have separated out support of the club from support of the Board’s actions or non-actions. They do not want to see our innocent players suffer through any prolonged boycott as they see actions that harm Celtic as being beneficial to the Groups from Ibrox and Hampden who were the prime movers in this corruption. Some of these have made futile gestures like not going to SFA competitions or not going to matches vs the Ibrox mob but most have merely persuaded themselves to support Celtic and not harm them despite their disappointment in the Board, CEO and major shareholders.

The biggest majority of all are those who never paid much attention to this in the first place and have quickly forgotten all about it and lost whatever little desire they had in the first place. I recall a semi-final league cup game at Hampden whilst Sevco were still in the lower divisions and two young men in the Hampden bogs, openly expressed the view, to a general murmur of agreement, that “We cannot wait for Rangers to be back so we can beat them! (sic)”.

That is my reading of the current reality and I think it is an accurate take. It is not wishful thinking because it, in no way, reflects what I would wish to be the case. But it is the current settled view of the general support.

It is, however, a fragile settled view. All it would take is a break in our levels of dominance for some anger to return at our failure to act during g the “Great Scottish Period of Forgetting”(currently 2012-2019 and running). A lost league Cup, even if Sevco win it , will not break the barriers of forgotten resentment nor would the loss of both cups, though being losing finalists in both cases would lead to some football repercussions.

The main fragility will be if we do not get our reward for contributing to this act of forgetting, this sin of omission, and that is not getting the 9iar and the 10iar celebration. We could maybe survive a defeat in our quest for 11 or 12 but any loss of league in 2020 or 2021 will have catastrophic effects on our support and their attitude to our custodians’ moral cowardice.

The question we must all ask ourselves now is “Is that a price worth paying in order to bring the anger and focus back that we had in 2011, 12 and 13 over these events or would we rather have the record title run?

Over to you guys for the answers.

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Margaret McGill

Rubbish. When Rangers bought Tore Andre Flo for £12m in 2000 the SFA should have started an investigation there and then. End of fucking discussion.



Thanks,T. An excellent conclusion to a brilliant series. You are a major loss to The Diplomatic Corps-you have somehow broken down the Celtic support and their views on how the club has dealt with post-2012 and explained how all those different opinions that we hold are correct!

Now,that’s not me ripping the piss. Opinions have ranged from livid that we didn’t apply the hose to “who cares,we’ll beat them anyway. Makes up for the 90s”

Actions-as you point out-have ranged from non-attendance to boycotts of merchandise or domestic Cup games through to excitement at the opportunity to take five off them again.

And yet we are all correct!

And the thing is,we are. Because each of us has rationalised our knowledge of events in 2012 and what we would have liked to have happened then and since,with the fact that this is 2019. We have each got on with supporting Celtic-or not!-in our own way. Some through gritted teeth,some with anger and resignation at events,some CGAF as long as Celtic are winning.

It’s where the board have us by the shorts. They know that the vast majority will turn up. Buy the shirts. No matter what they feel about the board,the fans will be there. The only mistake they made,if I’m honest,is when they cut expenditure to the bone in the years while the huns were in the lower divisions. They got away with it though,just about.

Just like the SFA/SPFL have got away with it. Like Sandy Bryson got away with it. The appetite to keep a strong Rangers was greater than the appetite for truth and justice. As was a desire to keep a lid on the civil unrest which was promised-the authorities ran up the white flag,ironically hollering “Surrender!”

It’s a shitshow,mate. And you just laid it all out plainly,for all to see.

big packy

SFTB, thanks for setting that out in a way that even a thicko like me can understand, the problem as I see it is the support is fractured, some want to boycott, some are boycotting ,and the rest just want us to beat the team from govan and that is their be all and end all, just a thought maybe if we had a board of real celtic men instead of tories, things might have been different,hh.

SFTB, Those were 3 great articles! I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Plenty to think about.


My take on it is pretty much the same as yours , although for me ragers never started back anywhere let alone the 4th tier .
IMO the whole debacle was concocted with the knowledge and help of the other clubs ,they took the decision that ragers 1872 could not be allowed to die and if that meant lying ,ignoring of endorsing the lies then that was a price worth paying to keep the Scottish game .

As you say ,that’s all well and good whilst sevco 2012 are not winning cups and titles but when they do win a title then more supporters will find their voice .The thing is the peepul running our game don.t just want a ragers in the top division ,no they want a STRONG ragers ,we know this because so many of them have openly told us so.

There can only be a strong sevco if they are winning things. So how far will these peepul go if sevco can’t quite do it by themselves .I think we all know the answer to that ,after witnessing their actions regards the OLD DEAD CLUB



For me,the fact that they were allowed back in without having to play their way through the Seniors leagues for at least three years,and without three years of audited accounts,and at the expense of more deserving-read:played by the rules!-clubs like Whitehill Welfare or Spartans,stunk the place out.

It was only four years after Gretna were banished despite reforming,after all. The precedent was there,and the rules hadn’t changed.

As for the fix being in this season or next for them to win a trophy at least and preferably the league? The fix is ALWAYS in with that lot. As THE EXILED TIM has said for years,sort the refs,sort the problem. My friends in England couldn’t believe the refereeing the first time they watched us play the huns live on telly. That was over 25 years ago. I naively assumed that being live on tv,in front of millions of neutrals,would shame them into doing their job properly.

I’m in a different part of England these days,exact same scenario. And they are shameless about it,and shamelessly backed up by an enthusiastically pro-Rangers media.

Normal rules do not apply to them,whether those be the rules that the rest of football lives by or those that the rest of society lives by. And for enabling the charade to continue,Scottish football has only itself to blame. And that especially applies to Celtic.

NB-the article was by SFTB,or SETTING FREE THE BEARS as you probably know him better.


Who remembers WHEN SATURDAY COMES? Anyone ever bought it?

I bought it a few times,not very often. Usually a decent read with a wide range of articles. And a fraction of the price of FOUR FOUR TWO,which I subscribed to till their pro-hun Scottish coverage forced me to cancel.

Anyway,seems it’s on life support but is trying a new way to bring in income to stay afloat. It stopped taking advertising for gambling sites,even though those made up the main part of its income. Highly principled,yes. Suicidal? I hope not.


Football needs independent voices. They don’t come more independent than WSC.


Thanks for the heads up re SFTB
I am with you regards the cheats with the whistles ,has ever been thus .The seasons we had no sevco in our division were some of the best for me going to the game ,I know some supporters thought it boring but not me .

I was more than happy to watch games were there was no point in the refs making bias decisions at every turn as it would be pointless as we were so far ahead of the rest .

IMO we have to be well in front of sevco for the MIBs to be out the equation ,although sometimes their bias and cheating works against them .

Anyone remember the infamous 5 mins added at ibrokes against killie in the season we stopped 10 IAR .auld bobby tait ,I bet that haunts him to this day .
KARMA certainly is a bitch



We normally reference the author at the bottom of the posts,but the ones sent through by SFTB and AULDHEID-yesterday-had to be reformatted for our site. Don’t ask this Luddite why?!!! And once I’d c&p that into an article,it wouldn’t let me add to it at the bottom,it just kept clicking back to the top!

It’s at times like this I wish I had a 5yo grandchild to help me out with the techie stuff,but all I could do was put the author info into an introduction. Either way,we’ve had four days of excellence on here,the main reason why we decided at the start to actively solicit articles from our readers.

But it’s back to me,probably,on Monday…

Re being well ahead of them,I agree. Look at the titles they’ve ‘won’ recently. Not a lot in it,to say the least-although they weren’t taking any chances in The Season of Honest Mistakes. MON,I believe,said as much too. No fool,Martin. As for Tait,it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bloke. Though some have pushed him hard over the years.


So we should just accept a dishonest and corrupt sport in the best wee country?
Fans only care about winning?
Owners only care about money?
All sounds perfect.

bada bing1

Taylor, McGregor, Forrest, Christie start..?


And Jim Farry got away with it.
His beloved huns won,Celtic got put in their rightful place.
Fergus got some compensation.
No changes to a proven corrupt organization happened.
And Farry rode into the sunset with a lucrative pension in the full knowledge the revisionist journalists would sing his praise.


SFTB Trilogy ????? – As for what we should do now ? For me each Celtic supporter must act according to their own conscience. But at the very least it’s the responsibility of every Celtic supporter who was cheated during the EBT years and who bore witness to what actually happened in 2012 to continue to testify to the truth and not allow the narrative that has subsequently developed in the ‘Great Scottish period of Forgetting’ to become fact. Hh ?


bada bing 1
Rightfully so.
The people and media of the best wee country should always have some choices in which fenian to blame for failure.

bada bing1

Fan a tic- Neil should have told Clarke, 45 minutes over the 2 games, for any Celtic player, far too many important games coming up,guys should be resting rather than playing for this mob.



I must admit,The Great Scottish Period of Forgetting is a marvellous turn of phrase. One of those “I wish I’d said that” moments.

And he’s right. The narrative has been so widely distributed that it has become an undeniable truth,one that only bigots with an agenda or a real hatred could spout.

Which won’t stop me,of course. I’ve been called worse often. Never made me any less right.



The whole Farry saga still sticks in my craw. At the very least,Gross Industrial Misconduct. Should have been shown the door without recompense.

Sadly,once Fergus won his case,he had no input to how the SFA handled his departure. He was never heard from publicly again and died a bitter man. As he had lived. No loss,no crocodile tears from me.


Bmcuwp Orwell couldn’t have used a more apt phrase to describe Scotland in the post Liquidation era. HH ?


Good afternoon all, I hope everyone is in fine fettle today. HH


Fergus won and took the money.
He choose that over bringing attention and forcing real change on a corrupt and bias organization.
On Farry of course he died a bitter man as he was one.
But before he died there were quite a few revisionist articles focusing on him being a great administrator where he had his say.


Afternoon Wee Fra.
Hope all well Sir. Good to see you on.

Just up. Will read article after coffee.

Hiya Weefra. Listening to the Scotland game, watching the snooker and keeping an eye on the blog. Who says men aren’t multi skilled? 🙂

4 Celtic players in Scotland starting 11 so it gives me an interest. Ryan Christie just scored!!!


Fantastic goal by Ryan Christie 1-0 Scotland ?

It’s your lucky day Gordon!

bada bing1

McKenna is a fkn carthorse


She won!
At 5/2 but she ain’t a donkey as usual. Great start to the weekend.


JTT I see my geegee won ?

Mahe & Gordon well done but I think TET is winning the big prize so far. Mind you my donkey is still to run at 3pm.


Bada Did you see McKenna getting turned inside out and back again when the Cyprus goal wasn’t given ?

Thank goodness wee didn’t come up with the asking price for McKenna.


I thought the Great Scottish Period of Forgetting began shortly after 1560.



All well here buddy. Nice to be posting again. HH



Any score in the game yet? I presume it’s NI snooker open you’re watching? HH

bada bing1

G64- I did,we dodged a big bullet there

Weefra, Trump v Higgins 2 frames each. Higgins in front in the 5th frame. Nothing much between them. I’m duty bound to support JH. But I like Trump too. (the snooker player not the US president!)



lol I don’t know anyone who likes Trump the US president. HH


JTT What’s this trumped up accusation against John Higgins by a Belfast taxi driver all about ? ??

Haven’t heard anything about that Gordon.


JTT No worries. In my experience if it involves a taxi driver it’s probably a load of old bollox anyway (no offence to all the hard working Travis Bickles out there) ?

Aw naw, another non runner for Big Packy. No luck son.


Cyprus score a stunning equalizer for anyone whose remotely interested ?


Forrest and Taylor combine well to set up McGinn to score 2-1 ?

bada bing1

Christie a move ahead of everyone on the pitch

bada bing1

That was a red card ffs


Belfast taxi drivers are not my favourite people. Nor of COSYCORNERBHOY FRIESDORFER and DELANEYSDUNKY. About 18 months ago,a weekend hoot in Belfast.

The latter two had just got off the plane and met the rest of the crowd in St Matthews,Short Strand. We were all going onto Divis flats to start a guided tour,ending in Felons,but they needed to check into the hotel first and freshen up.

Same hotel as my Dad and me,so we decided to nip back,freshen up,quick change. Four effing taxis I approached-Divis flats. Yes,no problem. Gimme a minute to get the lads,please. Turned round and the taxi had effed off.

Hadn’t realised that our hotel was in Sandy Row,as was the pub we were drinking in. I should have done,I’d stayed in The Holiday Inn the year before. I wouldn’t say it ruined the weekend,but it took the gloss off it. My point? I wouldn’t take the word of a Belfast taxi driver as gospel,certainly not enough to publish his potentially libellous tale all over my print and social media outlets.


Bada The Ref should apply for a job in the SPFL where he would like right at home ?



A hun sent me that last night, reckon they’re scraping the barrel as they realise how Thursdays pish has been defunct by HMRC. CFC.
Looking forward to tonights fundraiser for An Gorta Mor tonight. ??



Welcome back,old son. Speak Tuesday for sure.

bada bing1

Jamesie subbed, no injury

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