A Morality Tale…


The final part of the trilogy by SFTB will be published tomorrow. Excellent and thought-provoking stuff so far,and the final chapter does not disappoint. Meanwhile there is another,related,matter which requires discussion too.

Below,AULDHEID provides the latest response from the people behind Resolution 12 to the news that,after six years of hard work and considerable expense from them,our board will recommend to the AGM on Nov 27 that the matter is at an end. That they are content to leave Res 12 in the cul-de-sac that is SFA,while rejecting the updated 2019 version. Seems that the man who demanded the silver bullet is now The Man With The “No Smoking” Gun…

Resolution 12 to Celtic AGM 2013 reawakened for 2019 AGM: Where matters now stand..

A new resolution relating to Resolution 12 adjourned at the 2013 AGM was placed on the Agenda for the 2019 Celtic AGM

It made a case for removing the SFA from the investigation process that began in 2017 as result of perseverance with Resolution 12 from the 2013 AGM asking that UEFA examine the circumstances under which a UEFA Licence was granted to and kept by Rangers FC PLC in 2011.

Celtic opposed the new resolution to take the case to UEFA (or the police) and this has been taken by some that the matter is now dead.

However-as the following explains an investigation-though stalled by the SFA,still requires completion and that Celtic have a responsibility,having placed their faith in the SFA Judicial Processes,to see that the matter is dealt with.

1.​Resolution 12 always sought to put the entire matter of the licence grant and the monitoring of the licensing process into the hands of UEFA for investigation and whatever action was then deemed necessary.

2.​Celtic resisted the notion on the basis that they were already in contact with the SFA in connection with the same subject matter. They agreed the merits were worth investigating and that there should be some form of enquiry which provided answers to some fundamental question.

3.​At the same time Peter Lawwell understandably also stressed that Celtic had a duty to Scottish Football and Scottish Clubs which merited giving the SFA,as opposed to UEFA,the chance to investigate and provide answers. He insisted on keeping the investigation domestic and requisitioners reluctantly agreed.

4.​For those reasons the requisitioners went along with the approach to the SFA.

5.​However,at the same time they sought independent legal advice on documentation and information which was coming their way. It was shared that with Celtic who,for legal and political reasons,could not act on that information especially while there were other legal proceedings pending – especially criminal proceedings.

6.​Accordingly, the requisitioners as shareholders and part owners of a member club wrote separately to both UEFA and the SFA in relation to procedures and information which gave them concern.

7.​Both the SFA and UEFA were reluctant to deal with anyone other than the member club but both entered into correspondence to a limited extent with the SFA saying that they would co-operate with and respond to an UEFA instigated enquiry, and UEFA saying that they could only take matters forward on a formal basis if the issues raised were referred to them by the SFA or by a member club. At that stage they invited Celtic to make a formal referral. Celtic,however,felt they could not do so because they had already referred the matter to the SFA who were still working on it.

8.​It should be noted that at no time did Celtic,the SFA or UEFA come back to the requisitioners and said that their information was wrong or that there was nothing to explore or investigate.


9.​Following upon the conclusion of the Big Tax Case in the Supreme Court and the criminal trial of Craig Whyte,some,but not necessarily all,of the information which had been discussed in the previous four years became matters of public record.

10.​At the conclusion of the trial Stewart Reagan commented that it would appear that the SFA had been misled in relation to material aspects of the licensing process as requistioners had originally suspected.

11.​Celtic and the SPFL both called for an open enquiry into the events of 1999 – 2012 – basically the years covered by the big tax case and the wee tax case -and this would have covered football compliance issues including the licensing processes during those years.

12.​The SFA rejected that call and instead chose to instigate their own inquiry into the licensing applications and procedures of 2011/2012 and via the then Compliance Officer Tony McGlennan they wrote to every club in Scotland to explain that such an inquiry was being conducted.

13.​The conclusion of that inquiry was that disciplinary proceedings should be brought against RFC alleging breaches of both UEFA and SFA rules in connection with the 2011/2012 licensing process although it is unclear as result of a statement in the media from The Rangers FC Ltd if the granting stage is part of the scrutiny.

14.​Regardless charges were tabled and ordered to be heard by an independent judicial panel.

15.​TRFC Ltd (the current club) took a preliminary objection to those charges at a hearing of the Independent Judicial Panel and argued that the SFA and any judicial panel did not have the legal jurisdiction or capacity to consider and determine those charges and argued that any such charges should be remitted to the Court of Arbitration for sport.

16.​The Judicial Panel upheld that argument and remitted the case back to the SFA with the recommendation that they rethink the process and remit the matters concerned to CAS. This was June 2018 – some 17 months ago.

17.​Since then, the requistioners have repeatedly asked the current SFA Compliance Officer for clarification as to when these matters will be referred to CAS. Originally, they were assured by Michael Nicholson,Celtic Company Secretary,that the SFA were adamant that the charges were going to CAS. But after months of inactivity the current CEO of the SFA changed that and advised that a decision about WHETHER OR NOT the charges would be sent to CAS would be made to no actual deadline but probably before Christmas 2019. Nothing has emerged to date.

18.​Celtic have advised requistioners/shareholders that no other club in Scotland has any appetite for any of this and that they are simply not interested,nor are UEFA interested-which is eyebrow raising.

19.​However,the Judicial Panel ruling means that,at least in relation to these issues,there is a a situation where there has been a judicial ruling that the SFA are not fit to,and are not legally capable of,conducting proceedings designed to ensure that either SFA or UEFA rules were complied with. In other words the entire SFA compliance function in this process is at an end.

20.​This has been determined without any reference to UEFA who appointed the SFA as the competent Licensing Authority for Scotland only to find that the SFA cannot enforce UEFA rules nor conduct any proceedings in relation to alleged breaches of UEFA rules.

21.​There is a clear reluctance on the part of the SFA to remit this issue to CAS despite the fact that the SFA themselves decided to bring disciplinary charges after enquiry. If the SFA chose to do nothing,then that will be a real slap in the face to UEFA-but it will be a complete abrogation of the function of a football and licensing authority.

22.​At the outset of Resolution 12, Celtic asked everyone else to have faith in the SFA and their processes. That faith has been misguided. At the same time, Celtic,as a member club of UEFA,were previously invited to formally refer the matter to UEFA in 2016 but declined to do so and instead opted to continue to allow the SFA to proceed with its process.

23.​That process has now been deemed to be incompetent with no sign of the SFA following the ruling from the judicial panel.

24.​In the circumstances,Celtic were asked by the new resolution to refer the matter to UEFA in line with the original resolution in order to protect the integrity of the licensing process in Scotland,to protect UEFA and its rules,and to effectively follow through on the judicial process that the club,the SFA and,by tacit consent and open invitation UEFA,said was necessary.

25 However in response Celtic opposed referral to UEFA or Police on the grounds that it was not in the Company interest and instead have placed their trust and bound themselves to a process which they have refused to challenge in spite of having been given every opportunity and reason to do so from July 2018 when the SFA surrendered their judicial process to Court of Arbitration for Sport.

26. Celtic’s passive policy of leaving matters with SFA with no questioning or answers to questions put to them at the 2018 AGM is simply untenable. An investigation must reach a conclusion whether that be by the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal or CAS to a published timetable where the full licensing process in 2011 is examined else incompetency for failing to respond to the questions put at the 2018 AGM looks instead like complicity to cover up what appears to be a fraud starting in March 2011 with Celtic as victims.

27. Celtic’s reasons for not involving UEFA might stand scrutiny although they aren’t known but there can be no excuse at all for not demanding an acceptable timetable for resolution from the SFA and continuing with what is an untenable policy of trusting the SFA.

And there you have it,folks. The latest state of play in a long-running saga. It is now apparent that Celtic did not want this matter raised in the first place and decided to go along with it in the expectation that it would all go away. The Fab Four behind the resolution SIX years ago have proven to be doughty opponents,despite being tolerated,patronised and stonewalled during that time. They have gone to considerable expense and put in a mountain of work satisfying the pedantic efforts of OUR board to frustrate the process.

Now,they have decided that after six years trying to bury it,they will throw it overboard. That is a disgraceful state of affairs. Let’s remember the facts here. The resolution was aimed at proving that the SFA award of a European licence to Rangers for season 2011-12 was based upon fraudulent application of UEFA regulations.

That award greatly benefited a rival at the expense of ourselves.

Yet at the AGM,a Plc will say that it is not in the interests of the company to pursue a case where there is clear evidence supplied to prove that it has been defrauded of millions of pounds of revenue. I can imagine the uproar if Unilever or Vodafone,etc,tried that. Yet I expect that they will carry the day,that they will have won this battle.

Remember,this battle was to prove wrongdoing by the SFA. It was NOT about Celtic or Rangers. But the next battle may well have to be!

Above article by BMCUWP,with grateful,thanks to AULDHEID for the latest update on proceedings.

Anything to submit the email is sentinelcelts@gmail.com

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Margaret McGill

Interesting list. Obviously Celtic PLC have always assumed that without the Old Firm all of Scottish football dies.
The PLC have also assumed that the pursuant.s of res12 cannot care or understand the financial dependencies of the OF in Scottish football irrespective of the function of the SFA therefore res12 is to be defeated and at best ignored(too late in 2019). However, they cannot be seen by the Celtic support to be following such a paradigm hence the subsequent lies, hypocrisy and silence. Fuck em.



I think it’s fair to say that anyone with the slightest knowledge of Res 12 will conclude that Celtic want this all to go away,that they do not want it further investigated in any way.

Maybe one day they will deign to tell us why. Until then,we can each only draw our own conclusions from the wealth of evidence available.

None of the conclusions that I can think of reflect well on our custodians. They are either complicit-aware all along and possibly even engineering the fix-or thick-having been outmanoeuvred by the hun cabal.

Damning enough,but I’ve called them worse than that over the years.

Twists n turns


This fkn fiasco needs an investigation.
Let me clarify, I don’t attend this season but I know plenty who do and not one of them got a ticket.

If the res 12 situation/ carve up can’t get folks to stop purchasing season tickets, maybe not getting a ticket to see the Tic v huns would ?

Imagine. The 20,000 or so who keep getting fucked over despite being ST holders telling them to shove it.

I’m aware there can be no scheme which will satisfy everyone but the current one is a travesty and insult to tens of thousands.

I’ve had experience of dealing with these fekkers before. I drove 370 miles from Oxford one Monday with steam coming out my ears to confront them. Was asked to leave the ticket office and told them I would, but I was going to straight to Glasgow city centre to consult with a lawyer and would be taking legal action against them.

An hour later I left the ticket office with not one, not two, not 3, but 4 tickets.

Was that right? No, but then these gits aren’t playing with a straight bat.



I think they got off lightly! And they’ll think so too,after ATHINGOFBEAUTY gets a hold of them!

She. Is. Raging.

I had a look at the crowd figures for the matches involved. Strangely enough,Celtic don’t provide them on their website-which I’ve used before for similar reasons-but I found them elsewhere. Our lowest attendance was 25,008,which was against Patrick Thistle. It is highly unlikely that everyone who attended was a member of HCTS-certainly none of the Thistle fans were,nor am I,though I was there-so even giving the benefit of the doubt,that means there were only 24,000 to be balloted. I’m assuming that we got 20,000 tickets,as did the huns,with the rest for the suits and hospitality.

That means that 1 in 6 will be disappointed. But the outcry suggests much more than that. Perhaps the club will be so kind as to inform their paying customers of how many tickets it received and of how many were allocated by that ballot.

Perhaps pigs might fly. Ours would need to take their snouts out of the trough first.

I wrote this only nine days ago,as part of the lead article on The Wicked Away Tickets Scam…
“The next one is really a follow-up to that,and that’s The Home Cup Tickets Scheme. If you are a member of the previous scheme,a season ticket holder,you can apply to have a ticket automatically for every home game in domestic cup competitions. Of course,every game means every game-unless you opt out. The disadvantage here is obvious,you have to pay no matter the attractiveness of the opposition. Or if you’re on holiday or otherwise unable to attend. Them’s the breaks cos them’s the rules. The advantage,a somewhat dubious one,is that adherence to the rules of membership of this scheme-did I mention that your benefits are annulled should you choose not to attend,despite having already paid?-entitles you to a ticket at The Showpiece Matches,drum roll!!! Yes,cough up for the Wednesday nights in September or the Saturdays in January and February and you will be eligible for a ticket to the semi-final and final of both cup competitions.

Actually,that’s not too bad a deal when you think about it. After all,the early round matches are usually heavily discounted so getting a ticket for the big games as a result,winner innit? Naw. Eligible doesn’t mean guaranteed. It means that you are eligible for the miserable few thousand tickets available to the support-the SFA/SPFL and their hangers on,sponsors,corporate,these all take precedence over you,the paying customer. You,the paying customer,are eligible by membership of The Home Ticket Scheme to have your name entered in a ballot. Yep,crumbs from the rich man’s table if ever I saw it.”
It’s a disgrace,but we will never find out the answers that these supporters deserve-and why is that? Because the board CGAF,that’s why.



The replies make good reading too. Reminding us that the penalty for going to the wall is not,actually,to go to the wall anymore. She’d the debt,carry on as before. Not even demoted.


Another thing re the ballot. The match is being played at the same stadium as the semi v Hibs. They asked for 50% allocation-and got it-but returned some tickets. These were reallocated by us to members of HCTS who had previously lost out.

Maybe we should refuse to take more than a 50% allocation for any such game in future to avoid a similar situation. Added bonus of pissing off the SPL/SFA due to loss of revenue.

big packy

MORNING ALL, bobby/auldheid thanks for the article, chap across the road from me was a mason used to see him every other Friday coming out his house dinner suit on briefcase in hand going to the ludge, then we found out his business was going to the wall he owned a small engineering company, then one night a big flashy car pulls up outside his,house. you know the one us mortals would have to take a mortgage out to own, a couple of weeks later we learn his business has been saved. the moral of the story is masons help masons, and our board and the sevco board and not forgetting the sfa, are up to their necks in this, our forefathers will be turning in their graves.hh.

The saddest thing in all this imo is that when the huns were down the divisions football in scotland was on the up, attendances were rising, the lower league teams made a few bob, everyone was kinda relaxed about things,
I just wish they would die properly this time.

Twists n turns

( superb article btw)


Much debate on here for a long time about the best way to bring about change.

Awe Naw always puts his opinion on it with as much clarity and common sense as is possible. He’s fighting a losing battle and he probably knows it. His clear head may not be out thought by weak hearts and sentimental attachment, but he’s certainly outnumbered.

Many , including you and I, and I know ATOB, couldn’t / wouldn’t/ let go. I did this year with a very heavy heart.

I’ll tell you something though:

This fkn ticket carve up:

How long before ATOB ( as an example) after missing say 6 finals whereby she couldn’t go, tells them where to go? Keep pandering to the chosen few and it might start to happen.

I’m not saying there’s an easy answer, but there’s definitely got to be a better way.

Every away game – none of my kids (who are ST holders, never miss a CL match, SC matches etc) get a ticket from CFC

They can get one though. Where? Fkn Twitter. Tynecastle, Easter Road wherever:

“ you going to the game?”


“ who gave you the ticket?”

I got one on Twitter.

So how many on the chosen few list don’t go, sell on Twitter, but keep their entitlement?

Put their name on the ticket and make them take ID
if necessary.




If ATHINGOFBEAUTY finds out who is doing that,it’ll be more than a twitter they make-after she’s booted them a right good one in the hawmaws.

Superb article btw, well laid out so even thickos like me can understand things.



Canny fault AULDHEID. He laid it out beautifully.

I see the edit facility has disappeared



It was there earlier,mate. I’ve not been near the settings and Mahe will be fast akip. Seems to be a bit temperamental! No doubt it will be back before long.

Ironically it’s available on the post where I said it’s gone, on my other posts it’s not there 😉

Big Audio Dynamite

Without ever taking an ounce of responsibility for the violence meated out by the Huns around football, the Scottish press, again, whip the mob into an emotional frenzy.

Keep telling the peepholes they are the victims here, and some poor bugger will pay with his blood.


On the tickets.

i failed the ballot this time, despite fulfilling all criteria. The father and son beside me got 1 ticket(the son). All 3 of us got both semis and finals last year so not complaining. the odds feel right.

There are , however, people who always get a ticket through clubs/buses. The individual customers are at a disadvantage there but some of this can be paranoia – i know people who travel on buses who don’t always get a away tickets; just most of the time.

I have been out of the West of Scotland for 25 years and i really don’t miss the ‘clubby, blazer, committee’ culture which was endemic (especially in my work life and home town)

It wouldn’t surprise me if the Supporters Associations, Trusts, PFJ, JPF etc get first dibs at tickets but that would be an unfounded allegation so i won’t say it.

I was in two minds to travel for the final anyway , so not getting a ticket made my mind up.

I have a new CSC just up the road in Kildare, so i think i’ll watch it there (cue ‘why are we paying for sky if you go off to the pub’). Looks young and studenty so they might keep a good seat for the auld man by the fire!



Been thinking the same,mate. That old video clip,”Explaining Debt to a Hun”,springs to mind.

JohnJamesSite does its best this morning to do just that-I think the introduction in blue is a lift from The Sin-and then puts some more meat on the bones in the article which follows.


Now,for a company to go into administration,that is (simplistically) a path chosen by the directors. For them to enter into a CVA,where debt is shed in return for pennies in the pound to the creditors,the creditors must agree by,I think,a 75% majority by value.

(This might actually be better dealt with in an article,where I have time to do the research rather than write it off the top of my head. However…)

Now,we have seen Trifco manipulate their finances to circumvent what passes for FFP by converting loans to equity. That means that the huge amount of money put into the club over the past seven years by directors,Club 1872,etc no longer counts as debt.

But they have several outstanding loans and some serious hits about to take place via the courts. Plus further potential litigation from Hummel and Elite Sports,amongst others.

Had that debt from directors et al NOT been converted into equity-so no longer a debt-they could easily have achieved the 75% threshold to pre-pack an administration event,shed the debt and carry on.

But playing the wise ass and playing fast and loose with the rules to circumvent them has screwed up their chances of doing that. Because neither Close Brothers nor Mike Ashley sound like the type to smile at losing a tenner and finding two bob.

What a tangled web we weave…



No ticket for you either? Basterts have got it in for us Ayrshire Tims! Have you found a new home for the Rennes ticket yet?



No home for the ticket yet. If someone did want it; can they mention it on here and you or Mahe can pass on email address? Otherwise , its a bit hit and miss whether i’ll see the post

Like I say; i did very well on cup tickets last year and kept quiet which people raged about not getting one(felt a bit sheepish due to only 1 year on HTCS).
Did i do the right thing and pass on my Cup Final tickets? Nope, so i can’t take any moral high ground



Do you have an addy for VFR? He lives locally and takes a keen interest in the community around him-to say the least! I’m sure he could find a deserving and appreciative home for it.

If you don’t,I’ll contact him and see what he thinks-if you are ok with that,of course.


Worth the admission fee on its own…

“an unnamed source from an unnamed place..though one does suspect this source is somewhat portly and likes to be in control…”
The article can be read here.


Suffice to say that the level of ridicule that Magnus Llewellin-whose ancestors clearly had trouble spelling their own name-is receiving may make him think twice about a night on the town with The Fat Controller. Or even his career as a journalist.

Perhaps his employers might make that decision for him. Imagine the shame felt by the august journal,The Times,when their front page scoop was “owned” by a hack from The Sin and universally ridiculed-even by the normally humourless Hector.


I am sorry that Res12 has reached this point, assuming that the AGM evolves as many predict. The Monday morning quarterback is always correct, but the task facing the petitioners became impossible when the issue was not pursued by a phalanx of other clubs who were affected by the licence event. Without that support, the whole thing could easily be tarred as purely a Celtic issue. In fact, other clubs now see this issue as a “Celtic” thing, despite the heart of it being about good governance for all.

Newco assumed that they would start in the top tier but that was not acceptable to other clubs, hence it did not happen, irrespective of the views of those in governance.




Scottish football is now clearly a racket. A protection racket for the huns.

Never heard them squealing before about penalties,they’ve had bloody loads of them in their time.


Just to keep the pot boiling,another wee article,five months ago,from AULDHEID.

Once again,deflection by the SMSM,a familiar pattern.



Hector sets a few delusional Scottish Jurnos straight.


As widely reported today and to clarify: HMRC won against Rangers’ tax avoidance in the Supreme Court, and did not miscalculate anything
3:13 pm – 14 Nov 2019

‘Gawd bless ‘er majesty’s HMRC’


My heart drops on realisation that – domestically anyways – the gemme is patently rigged; two cheeks of the same arse obviously. Surely this article needs pitched to some ‘ethical journo’ – Thomson or Greenslade are always lauded by Philmac – it’s such a clear narrative…prob is, it’d actually now hurt Celtic more than it’d result in justice against The the ragers. Mibby CFC ‘the corporation’ senses that as well. Wish every reader of every blog could cut n paste and send to the Liaison Officer to show our disgust. Wish other club blogs shared the sense of injustice.

On topic 2…there’s something whiffy about The Times thing. Not necessarily a portent of doom for them. More like an advertisement that the onerous and complex nature of their legacy is being whittled down to a more palatable size – to entice buyers?? Dunno, they’re like some kind of zombie herpes; that entity.



Engineering judicial processes whether by SFA or SPL to arrive at desired outcomes is a house speciality in Scottish football. See the JPP on CW that did not charge him with falling to pay the WTC bill and open up that can of worms in 2012. Then LNS, a sham from beginning to end, again only enabled by excluding the WTC correspondence that demonstrated dishonesty from SPL lawyers, who later dismissed such evidence in 2014 but forwarded to SFA/SPFL where it was parked until SFA refused SPFL request to investigate in 2017!

Indeed I wouldn’t be surprised if the Res12 2013 case parked at Hampden since Compliance Officer made charges in May 2018 wasnt subject to the same engineering.

I mean how could the period at end of March 2011 where the evidence points to fraud, that triggered the judicial (hah) process be removed from JPDT scrutiny without any explanation, other than from TRFC saying accusations were groundless and brought by those wishing to harm Scotish Fooball?

Did the evidence turning up after May 2018 scupper that idea? Readers can check what happened in June 2018 at https://www.res12.uk

Had SFA continued or been able to investigate the monitoring period only if the exclusion is true, they would have found Craig Whyte guilty and as before dumped the blame on him.

Significantly any breaches in a monitoring period are not sanctioned until the following season and that removed the locus for shareholders claiming Celtic would have replaced RFC in 2011.

That would have produced a satisfactory result n’est pas?

I think they are all at it and in it and we will never get an answer from within.


It’s difficult on occasion to recognize that we are on a football blog.
Especially during these crappy international breaks.
I wish they they would end!
So we could just talk about cheating refs, hammer throwers, outstanding saves, great goals, mince defenders ,miraculous skill and guys who couldnae tackle a fish supper.
And of course poor/good tactics and coaching.
Not to mention Res12,Dugs,politics,Brexit and education with a fair smattering of Scottish food nostalgia.


BMCUWP and Fan-a-tic

someone has taken my spare Rennes ticket ?

An ex girlfriend has taken it for her son. Her family were all rangers fans so happy to help him towards the light!

Chris McGachy

Fully support this investigation into a corrupt and biased governing.body. As a shareholder how do I contact Res 12 guys. No info on their website. Happy to offer attendance card as not in Scotland.


Good news and a chance for a youngster to see proper football.


They should study the huns as they live permanently in a parallel universe.

big packy

CHRIS MCGACHY,welcome to the blog, any relation to john from glenboig?

Chris McGachy
Welcome, Auldheid will be on soon enough and give you the email addy

big packy

TET, its in their dna.?

Aye, I really shouldn’t call them morons, it’s an insult to morons

big packy

TET, forgot to tell you, the police raided that gypsy campsite, and found 5 stolen dogs,now back with their relieved owners,?

big packy

when is Scotland playing ghuys I haven’t a scoobie, remember as a kid sitting down with my rangers supporting mate billy no he was not a bigot ffs he used to come to parkhead with me, anyway we loved sitting down and watching Scotland, wonder how he is doing now, he emigrated to Australia in 1975, last I heard of him he was restoring morris minors, he loved tinkering with cars.

That’s great news.

big packy

TET, im overjoyed for the owners, they kept putting it out on facebook and twitter, they never gave up hope..hh.

I might not be around tomorrow morning, kinda busy, so my Nap is……….
Punchestown – 1.25 – Notebook


Good evening all

Not been on for a while, I hope everyone on here is well. HH

big packy

WEEFRA, nice to see you posting, jim will be well pleased .hh.


BIG PACKY, good to be back posting. I much prefer this site to your nemesis over by. I watched with disgust the abuse you were getting. Looking forward to continuing the chatting with yourself and JIMTHETIM. HH


Chris McGaghy

Did you get AGM announcement by e mail?

It gives you a link to Compuserve site and a link to a page to let you vote for Res12 and name the Chairman as proxy. Just make sure to put an x in the For box to have your vote placed in that category.


If you got AGM announcement in the post look for reference to that link and vote on line or use above.

The e mail or letter will provide the details you need to log in.