Time To Move On


Another six days yet till we see the return of some decent fitba’. I’ve said before that international football does nothing for me,that if they were playing out my back door I’d shut the curtains.

Thankfully,being Celtic supporters there is always something to talk about. And thanks to some outstanding articles by AULDHEID and SFTB,that is certainly the case at the moment. The issue of governance in the domestic game-more accurately,how that governance is unevenly applied depending on which team it is-won’t go away. It is,of course,as old as the hills. It certainly pre-dates the Farry/Cadete affair,and even the attempt to ban us from flying the Irish Tricolour in the fifties.

I’ll leave that for people who were around then to give us a few examples while I scour CELTIC WIKI for the details of the ones I vaguely recall. A drunken referee sending off one of our players springs to mind…

So it was with some degree of interest that I read the following post from BYRES ROAD BHOY on Saturday evening. Especially given,that like so many of us at the time,whe wanted to believe in the good faith of the Celtic board re events surrounding the liquidation of Rangers,and the formation of the new club,The Rangers. And our disenchantment since.

” SFTB many thanks for taking the time and trouble to set out in layman’s terms where we stand. It’s a very well written and argued piece. And many thanks to Mahe and Bobby for giving you the platform and space.
All history is open to re-interpretation. Hindsight, as they say, is a wonderful thing. So within that context may I suggest that you are being extremely lenient with our custodians above where you say:

“…The best reading I can make of their actions is that, initially, they did want something done about this gross sporting corruption but they lost all their ardour fairly quickly when two events aligned…”

You then suggest that this was due to them being “…discouraged by the very broad backing given to the Continuity Myth outcome by the rest of Scotland….” together with “…The success enjoyed by Celtic during the period of absence of an Ibrox club and the financial damage they continue to inflict on themselves in trying to stop us from setting a new Scottish record of consecutive titles has led to a growing satisfaction with where our club is at….”

With respect, I’d argue that the second part has little bearing on this loss of ardour depending on what you mean by ‘fairly quickly’. Certainly, our success has bolstered the board in its ‘do nothing’ decisions over the years but it couldn’t have had much impact by the time Resolution 12 was adjourned in 2013.

So that leaves us with the Continuity Myth backing of media, politicians, opinion-formers, etc. But what exactly did Celtic have to fear from speaking the truth? Did they fear the opprobrium of the media? Why? We’ve always been the kicking boys for media opprobrium anyway so what further harm would have been done?

Elsewhere you state; “I cannot believe that Celtic were wholly complicit in letting the corruption go nor that they were out to waffle, delay and dampen any resistance from the get go…” SFTB I have to come clean and admit that that is a view I shared until very recently.

Time to consider another view. What if it was and remains ‘all about the money’?

In this context Peter Lawwell’s ‘we don’t need Rangers’ statement in response to Alex Salmond’s February 2012 assertion that ‘Celtic can’t prosper unless Rangers are there’ becomes merely a ‘don’t panic’ statement of re-assurance to shareholders that all is well and that plans are in place. It certainly wouldn’t be interpreted as ‘we don’t need no stinking Rangers’ as, unfortunately, many of us chose to.


Fast forward to 3 October 2012 and we have our major custodian being interviewed by BBC and with an opportunity to set the record straight about The Rangers being a new club. Instead, he looked forward to Rangers’ return saying:
“Rangers is a great football club, it has a great history and it’s unfortunate that they have been relegated”, later adding “”Rangers is a fantastic football club, it is one of the greatest football clubs in Great Britain, we’ve got to acknowledge that.”


The interview took place before the LNS deliberations and the day after the BBC said this re the issuing of Duff & Phelps’ report to creditors: “…After HMRC rejected proposals for a creditors agreement that would have allowed the old club to continue, Duff and Phelps negotiated a sale of assets to a consortium led by Charles Green for £5.5m.

He has since formed a new club, now playing in the Scottish Football League Third Division….”
So the Continuity Myth hadn’t yet taken hold and they were still talking about a ‘new club’ at that very moment.


So why didn’t he say something like, “It is a great pity that such a historic institution has gone the way of Woolworths and Northern Rock taking all its history with it. But I am sure that in years to come the new club will develop a new proud history and be standing toe-to-toe with Celtic in the Premier League.”

Maybe it was because he was busy using the first suitable opportunity to promulgate Board policy and encourage the return of ‘Strong Rangers’. DD out to safeguard his investment. Follow the money.

SFTB, I feel sure that you, like me, and many Celtic onlookers took the view that he was merely ‘mouthing platitudes’ in order to avoid controversy. Many of us, myself included, continued to think of it that way for many years.
Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I now view this interview as a watershed moment.

But at least Sentinel Celts’ own Mike in Toronto and Awe Naw are among those who saw it for what it was a long time ago. It’s a position I now share and am kicking myself that I allowed large quantities of wool to obscure my vision. I think it’s worth re-stating MiT’s post from November 14:

“Some of my clients are guys like DD. These guys never make comments out of turn. And they know not to go off the cuff.and they certainly don’t do it on the record.
In my opinion there was zero chance that DD was doing anything other than floating a balloon. If a shit storm ensued, the club could claim he was misquoted, or was speaking in his personal capacity, or some other BS. But when Celtic fans did SFA, the game was up, as the Board then knew then that the fans would Go along with the scam.”

That’s it in a nutshell. All downhill morally from there.


He then goes on to add,in a follow-up post…

Purely as a litmus test of whether or not the board is prepared to move its position re the Continuity Myth does anyone think there is value in the following. At AGM under ‘any other business’ might it be worth requesting that henceforth the full official name of the team from Ibrox be used in press releases, match advertising etc? I see ‘Celtic v Rangers’ on the club website advertising the Dec 29 home match. It should, of course, read ‘Celtic v The Rangers’. As ‘The Rangers’ uses the same number of characters as ‘Ross County’ space can’t be a prohibitor. And who could possibly have an objection to correctness…?”


This all raises some nasty questions about governance nearer to home. Namely that when we were being assured by all and sundry that the club was keeping its powder dry,it never had any intention of using it in the first place-except possibly on those pesky malcontents who are never done with asking questions. We have gone from the dry powder scenario almost seamlessly into one where we are told that the board are powerless to effect change due to being,after all,only one club with one vote. When did that transaction occur,and why? Was it because they never at any time intended doing anything anyway,that they were happy with events and happy with Rangers old and new ignoring every regulation in the football and business rulebook?

I think we can now draw our own conclusions from that,aided by the timely refusal to support the updated Resolution 12 at the imminent AGM. In the absence of an explanation or indeed any attempt at transparency from our board,the only conclusion to be drawn is that they see our club as one half of the old firm. And if that is the case,they are not fit to represent the interests of our club. They are in position,they are in power,but they do not hold a mandate any more for either.

It is indeed,time to move on. It is time they all went.


Above article by BMCUWP,with considerable assistance from BYRES ROAD BHOY. If you want to have your say as Article of the Day,send us your thoughts and we will publish them. Mail Mahe at


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I put this post on Celtic noise the other day. Sadly I think BYRES ROAD BHOY is right and we don’t need to wait until the AGM to find out as I suggested below:

I read a headline today; didn’t click on it as referenced a trumpet! The gist was that Ibrahimović would struggle at Celtic. A former denizen of the ‘big hoose’ was apparently giving his view on whether the big Swede would be a success at Scotland’s top club.

Despite what anyone may think of Zlatan’s personality no one can say he doesn’t succeed wherever he goes. The man is a top footballer; and top footballers are not the specialist subject of anyone from, or who follows, the zombie club. They are too busy hating.

My point being that this guy and so many others of his ilk are irrelevant and add nothing of any value to any debate, football or otherwise. I happen to believe that our main opponents in Scotland should be an irrelevance also but we don’t seem to be able to switch off from them. That’s understandable if you believe, as I do, that they are a symptom of a sickness in Scottish Society. An abomination born from hatred; an all too saleable commodity in this world. This scab has been allowed to grow from dead cells, cultured in the mad scientist’s castle that is Hampden Park. The Frankenstein monster of football.

Yet I don’t think I hate them, I want that club dead for sure, but I want this so it and the kind of people that follow them become irrelevant. For me the curing of that symptom would represent the start of a real cure for the illness that is still prevalent in Scotland.

I know that the above would suggest a bit of nastiness on my part, especially as like me many of you will know and have friends who follow them. Perhaps like I have thought in the past, you will think ‘I know some decent ones’. If that’s true then ask yourself what is decent about following an organisation that cannot bring itself to condemn racism outright? That pays only lip service to promoting inclusion for all? Or only reacts if they are called out or punished?

I’ve asked some of their supporters that I know and it is not a comfortable discussion. I guess I’m old enough now not to worry greatly about offending someone, albeit I don’t go out of my way to offend people. What I’ve come to believe, rightly or wrongly, is that those who are steeped in this centuries old outdated culture of hate and those that carry their inverted superiority complex so proudly, hate the very existence of people like me. They don’t hate Celtic fans, we are just the most obvious incarnation of what they hate. They hate anyone who is not the same as them!

Many will tell you we are just the same, two sides of the same coin, two cheeks of the same…well you get the picture. But that can’t be true as that would be the same as saying the Jews were just as bad as the Nazis!

You’ll notice that I won’t refer to them by name, for me that is imbuing the monster with more relevance and a level of validity that has not been earned. I’ll go to any lengths to avoid using their name in written or spoken word, I even used the Swedish for new club, ‘ny klubb’, once before.

If I feel like this then why go to the effort of putting it down in writing, surely I’m giving them greater credence through the time I spent? Maybe so, but I do have a point, I want my club to stand up and be counted on this front. The resolution 12 requsitioners require our club to do this. Celtic are the top club in Scotland and as such can be a force in ensuring our game is not further dragged in to the mire by the inaction of the governing bodies (of which there are too many, but that’s another discussion) and the continued tolerance of the Ibrox infestation.

For the avoidance of doubt I love the fact that as a team we are dominant in Scottish football and are even showing some signs that we can compete at a better level in Europe. This has been achieved through good governance; even if I am unsure whether it was intended or not.

The reason for my doubt is the apparent unwillingness of Celtic to pursue the intent of resolution 12. I can’t fathom the acceptance of a seemingly obvious fraud and I can’t accept that our club has let this fester to the point that a new incarnation is being allowed to carry on without any real oversight. Our media’s complete u-turn from funeral wreaths to rosy gardens is a level of cognitive dissonance that is just bizarre, completely and utterly weird! And now they ignore probably the biggest disconnect between Celtic and a large portion of our supporter base in my memory. That is a story, unless of course it’s only a few of us that feel this passionately about it. My feeling is that time will erode those of us who feel this way and those in boardroom will carry on regardless. I hope we’re not stupid as mud for believing we are more than a club.

The next AGM will tell us I guess.



Grateful thanks to AULDHEID for pointing me in the direction of this.




Great post,mate. Thanks for that!

Sadly,I think that the AGM is like the Politburo,all results carved out in advance. Lions led by self-serving conniving basterts.

They are clearly basing their policy on not enough of us caring enough to do anything that can affect the business plan. That is likely to be the case,as record attendances will back up. But they are stoking up a lot of resentment and ill-feeling towards themselves. It is never wise to alienate your customers,nor to take them for fools. As the likes of Gerald Ratner can testify.

Now,I have no idea when or if they will do a Ratner,one that will mobilise the majority of our support against them. IMO,they’ve already done a few,but they got away with it every time. Telling us to behave ourselves,accusing us of racism,as just two examples. But if they continue to treat us with contempt,their guard will slip. The Ratner moment will arrive.

They are playing with fire but are too smug and secure to realise it.


Absolutely Bobby. The future on field performance may not be enough to keep the customer base happy in the long term and perhaps only then will they have an impact on the board’s behaviours. It may be too late by then but the fans / customers will vote with their feet and their cash if the club do start to get caught by the zombies. The lack of action by SFA and Celtic has led directly to the govanites believing they have been hard done by, no better example of this than the reaction in some quarters to the times story. I must admit I was starting to lose a bit of faith in the board, and awaiting outcomes of AGM with interest but the timeline and context highlighted by BRB has just driven home the distance between many of us and the current custodians of the club. Not sure we can still call it ours anymore 🙁

Big Audio Dynamite

Haha Gerrard Ratner, a 42 carat diamond geezer who was comedy gold.

Said this many times. Does anyone really believe that The Rangers only started to cheat during the years we are aware of? I’d bet they have always cheated in some form. When you realise that the chief Executive of the SFA has to run his emails past liebrox for their approval, it doesn’t take a genius to work out who’s really in charge.

Oh, and they are still cheating …right now!

big packy

BOBBY and TTQtKK, great posts, don’t think I can add to any of that, but that quote from mr desmond, bobby I mentioned that last week, he could have blown the myth away, but chose not too I wonder why?

big packy

BIG AUDIO DYNAMITE sadly that is the case, when will the cheating stop, when the orange order and the masonic lodge pull out of hampden,, I wont hold my breath.hh,



Oh,it’s still our club,mate. It will ALWAYS be our club. We’ve had charlatans and chancers in charge before. Well,forever actually. With one or two honourable exceptions,of course.

They come,they go,we clear up the wreckage. They always always forget that THEY are dependent on US,not the other way round. That hubris thang always gets them. Somehow or other,we have to wrest control from the money men,put the club back in the hands of the people who REALLY own it. Short of a benevolent Tim billionaire I’m really struggling to see how we can achieve that. It frustrates the life outa me,if I’m honest. But not knowing how to achieve something is never a reason to stop trying to achieve something.



As referenced towards the start of the article,they have always cheated,or had someone prepared to do the cheating for them. That’s why they’re the establishment club,with that air of Protestant superiority about them. Just ask Walter Smith,it was him who apparently made the comment.

Remember the season of honest mistakes? Of course you do. I watched the game where McCurry-job done then thrown to the wolves,always wondered why!-booked NINE Celtic players before finally booking a couple of huns in the last two minutes. I was in Swindon with my Dad and an uberhun friend of mine,along with maybe forty other fans,mainly Rangers fans. Hun mate Russell was going ballistic at the cheating,I’m not kidding he was even worse than me.

Game over,he apologised. That everything I’d said for the years that I’d known him was right. And that he hoped the other stuff I’d been telling him about their finances wasn’t right too. It didn’t and hasn’t stopped him supporting his team but he knows. And it isn’t much fun celebrating a victory when you know,apparently.



We will never clear that scourge,mate.

Big Audio Dynamite

Bobby, Oh there’s a few questions I’d like to ask the silvery fox! Like, did you ever get round to paying back your 80 grand ‘loan’? it was almost impossible watching Celtic compete with that mob when you THOUGHT there was something not quite right, but 10 times harder now we Know. If I didn’t have a 12yo fanatic(A mirror image of me at 12) to consider, I would not contribute one more penny to this WWE type charade. As long as there’s Rangers to beat, the stadium will always be crammed full ..Our board know this! How sad is that?


Big Audio Dynamite – 100% still the cheating barstewards the ever were but they don’t even kid their own mob on now; just keep fleecng them.

Packy Unfortunately we probably never will get it cleared as Bobby says though no reason to give up trying.

Bobby you may be right but only way I can see is for us to have fan ownership model and hopefully prevent the mess instead of having to clear it up! Otherwise our club and the wider game here will continue to get further away from the fans assisted by fan apathy.

The articles on fans without scarves site are right on the money. 😛

Big Audio Dynamite

The object of Scottish football is to fleece as many of us fans as possible… the colour of the scarf you may be wearing is totally irrelevant. Dave King is only here to fleece gullible Rangers fans, while Dermot and Peter are here to….??? ???


BAD, I don’t agree that the stands will always be full if there’s a version of the huns around. When it was obvious that the new club would get promoted to the SPFL, our season ticket renewals remained sluggish and it was only the appointment of Rodgers that prompted existing ST holders to renew and others to return. The holy grail of TIAR is a much bigger factor in relatively high levels of support than playing the new huns four times a season though I do accept that is a factor for some fans.

If Celtic fails to achieve TIAR or even a second NIAR, I predict there will be a massive decline in tickets sales and the stand of shame will return. Even if we do get TIAR, ticket sales will drop the season after basically because Scottish football is boring and the standard is piss poor for the prices being charged.

I think the board is taking a massive gamble in thinking that playing the huns every season is the be all and end all for all supporters. I reckon there’s about 25-30k who will buy ST regardless. Beyond that, the other 20-25k. need to be convinced that the club are more serious about producing a quality team on the park that wins trophies and entertains than having a cash mountain in the bank.

I used to be a ST holder but gave it up as I became disillusioned by the way the club was being run. I then chose my matches, game by game. Now I don’t even do that and only one member of my extended family goes to matches on a regular basis. I now fully expect the AGM on 27 November to bring the curtain down once and for all in the remnants of my interest in the corrupt cesspit that is Scottish football.

Byres Road Bhoy

Morning all,
Bobby that Fans Without Scarves piece is dynamite. Good to see the whole saga being exposed to a wider audience in a highly readable format. Well done them! Re my own post, I omitted to point out that DD’s comments came in the wake of the 5 way agreement. A handy time to endorse the new line about same Rangers. Celtic were in on it all from the get go including a certain amount of ‘two-faced’ deception to appease the fan base. It’s notable that in his latest Resolution 12 putdown, Lawwell refers to it not being in the best interests of ‘the Company’. All about the money.


Byres Road Bhoy

Their montage ‘sfa failure’ fair drives the point home too.



Morning all

Busy day ahead for me so won’t be on much after midday. Hopefully free all evening. ? Wall to wall sunshine here but -3 with a very heavy frost.


Oops forgot. HH

Big Audio Dynamite

I’d be willing to bet our board don’t give a sheet how many turn up to fill seats already paid for. Empty stands aren’t great looking but if the seats are paid for, and folk are just not attending, do our board lose any sleep? I’d imagine, to them, the only number that counts is the number of SB’s sold.

M6, as far as how we feel about all this we are on the exact same page ? As someone said the other day …”our board’s actions are akin to finding out the love of your life is cheating on you”. I think it would encompass a lot of the same feelings

When I was growing up I thought it was us against the world, (it was a big part of why I loved Celtic so much) but it appears that wasn’t the whole story. I now believe, as far as our board are concerned, I am just a customer and it is only my money that matters. If I didn’t have my wee boy, mate, my decisions would be a lot easier to make (Just realised I’m probably using that as an excuse to keep attending )?

Not saying I’m correct, just saying how I feel. HH

Big Audio Dynamite

And I can’t see SB sales dropping significantly any time soon.

Twists n turns


A pub with the best beer in the world. Tens of thousands can’t wait for their pint.

Shame the major shareholder and his barmen need a good slapping.

I think attendances are guaranteed to be sound whilst ten in a row is achievable. When and if that is achieved, or even worse is not achieved, then things might become more challenging. I strongly suspect Desmond and Lawwell will disappear at the end of this season or next season.

What will they be remembered for?

Well it wont be for on field success. The trophies won will be attributed to the Managers and players.

No, they will be remembered for one thing and one thing only. For being moral cowards who sold their souls. People for decades to come will not speak of them fondly. I suspect they will not give a shit in their millionaire lifestyle.

ps, good morning Weefra. HH.

Byres Road Bhoy

TTQtKK @ 6:31
Super post. An honest declaration of what many of us have thought over the years and where we now find ourselves. Alas I now think that there’ll always be a ‘Rangers’. To all intents and purpose they’ve already survived liquidation. Even if the current version implodes, Rangers 3 will be ushered back ASAP. And this time directly into the SPL. Because politicians, the media, the chattering classes, and above all Celtic, want it that way. It’s the business model.
Celtic’s revised principles:
1) Gie’s yer money.
2( Whit ur the huns dae’n
(Copyright. Margaret McGill)



Afternoon Jim, just noticed your post. Just leaving the hoose. Talk later buddy. HH

Byres Road Bhoy

HI all,
Bobby, this latest from ‘Fans Without Scarves’ is even better. It sets out all the machinations around the Five Way Agreement in an easily readable format. Well worth taking the time to read and digest:


Morning troops and happy day of the moon.
Some great reading and writing already.
Unfortunately, I’ve set aside this morning for leaves and housework.
Can’t add until later.
I’ll be back.
Hail Hail

Twists n turns, Hope everything goes as well as it can tomorrow for you and your family. Thoughts and prayers.


Terrific comment on the absence of integrity in Scottish football and why not pursuing Res 12 to a proper conclusion is unacceptable.

Allowing what took place from 2000 to 2012 to go uncorrected, with visible signs of the consequences reappearing, is an act of disrespect to the integrity of the Celtic support that will not allow moving on no matter the commercial and sporting sucess arguments for doing so.


big packy

HI ALL, just logged on, seen the post from jim, I presume its twistys mother in laws funeral tomorrow, forgive me if ive got it wrong, twisty, thoughts and prayers.hh.


I think the stage managed approach of previous AGM’s will not be so smooth this time.
A brief glance at history tells us that Empires failed due to a misguided superiority complex and subsequent arrogance that goes with such.
I believe it will not be a tsunami of defectors but a ripple over a prolonged period that will bring on decline
Taking your customers(that’s what we are to them) for granted and treating them with disdain is corporate suicide.
I have been a supporter for all of my life.
When i moved to London i often drove the long distance to see my team.
When McCann ousted the leeches i bought shares.I gave them to my sisters when i moved to the US.
I never bought them with a view to making profit.
When i moved to the USA i spent a fortune in long distance calls to my brother and sisters for any Celtic news.
After a few years i was lucky to find the NYC Celtic supporters club where i could watch my team with fellow fans.
Once Celtic tv came along i watched from the comfort of home when the poor product actually worked.
Recent years have made following Celtic a more difficult ask due to the corruption and our own custodians collusion in such.
This season i felt i could no longer turn a blind eye to events surrounding Celtic plc and their acceptance of the corruption in Scottish football.
I felt the plc no longer represented the Celtic support that i recognize so cancelled my tv subscription.
I will also no longer buy merchandise from the club online or when i visit family.
It is hard to countenance that the actions of our custodians have taken a lifelong supporter like me and created distance between myself and the club i love but they have succeeded.
If it can happen to me i imagine others have the same feelings.
The next few months will be a watershed for our club’s future.

big packy

FAN, great post, straight from the heart?

big packy

don’t know what to say anymore, all good celtic supporters being thrown further and further away from our club,, heartbraking stuff.

“I think the stage managed approach of previous AGM’s will not be so smooth this time.”


Just imagine we had a ‘stage managed’ AGM by the Green Brigade?

‘Resolution 12’ All over the place. A spectacular display. The press couldn’t ignore it.

Resolution 12 would need to be explained in even simple terms.


jimthetim and Big Packy

Hi ghuys, back on from a busy day. I know I said retirement is the best job I ever had, but honestly, I don’t know where I got the time to work. Lol. HH

Twists n turns

Hi Jim / BP
Yes tomorrow at 1pm.

Thanks very much for your kind wishes.


big packy

HI WEEFRA, my admiration for you farmers knows no bounds .hh.

big packy

TWISTY, will be thinking of you, as all on here will as well.hh.


Big Packy

Please remember, I am not a farmer and never have been. I am lucky to live on a farm with a back and side field which the farmer was generous to include in our lease. That’s why we can have hens and a pet ram. I’m a retired LGV driving instructor and SVQ assessor on transport. HH

Big Packy, Weefra, I watch a lot of those programmes on the BBC about farming around Britain. It’s another world. Which is why millions love watching it. The total dedication 24/7/365. We sometimes hear about millionaire Big farmers but also moderate farmers struggling.

Where would we be without farmers? Thank God for them.

That’s OK Weefra, you are a ‘cousin’ farmer. Still loads of respect. What’s with the Ram?

big packy

WEEFRA, your still a great ghuy, farmer or no farmer? and you have still got to feed the hens and the pet ram.hh.


jimthetim53 and Big Packy

I think most farmers wealth is in their property and their equipment. Some of these tractors are now over £100,000 and the combines can retail at upwards of £200,000. These are prices I would need to win the friggin lottery to afford. Lol. HH

big packy

WEEFRA, a retired lgv driving instructor, can you instruct bobby how to get from Swindon to Marlborough, he gets lost every time???

Weefra, I buy a lot of eggs. One a day. They are always Scottish. Sometimes they are identified from South Lanarkshire, might they be yours?

big packy

hey, I object, whats wrong with north Lanarkshire eggs?


Big Packy and jimthetim53

The ram came about because the mrs and I used to do lambing for a friend who hired a barn on the farm. A particular ewe had twins and rejected the second one. We tried to get another ewe to adopt him to no avail. The farmer said, just leave him and he’ll be dead in the morning. The mrs said, no way, we’ll feed him through the night to give him a chance. Meant to say, this was at midnight in February. We went down to the cottage and the mrs said, bugger this, I not going up there every 3 hours, Go up and bring him down and I’ll build a pen for him in the kitchen. After 5 years the only looking after he needs is a neep every day. Facebook named him Yoda and he has his own Facebook page. Talk about being spoiled rotten.lol. HH


Big Packy

Nae chance, I couldn’t teach bobby how to catch a train on time. Lol HH



Absolutely no chance. Our hens are pets. HH

big packy

WEEFRA, fair play to you and your mrs you saved that ram god bless, here we go another animal story, remember Jorge the westie we adopted when his owner died of brain cancer last year, well he licked my face for the first time today, nearly 12 months to the day we brought him home,I was nearly in tears, but don’t tell the blog they will think im a big softy?

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