For all Hoops past and present

Last week I was explaining why it is imperative that the fans come together and act now before the soul of our beautiful institution gets hawked off by suits for more money they dont actually need.
Why we must all get fully behind the Resolutioners in their quest for a cleaner better game that would help set the national sport on a path to progress, not mediocrity .
Continuing on that theme we will begin to look closely at the reasons why you should and will act when the time is right to stand up tall together.

Each and every one of us will have a slightly different relationship with the club, which will no doubt be stronger at some times than others . But that word ‘ relationship ‘ is the key word here.
A relationship, as anyone that is or has been attached or married knows, isnt always plain sailing.
Theres times relationships can just trundle along on its own steam sure, but at some stage every relationship will need some work put into it.
At some stage you must and will go above and beyond for that special someone and its those little touches and that extra work that help cement the special bond between each party.
They arent always easy, and thats just a plain and simple fact of life.

It seems to me we are simply littered with moments that the team has became more than a sum of its parts and they have went and made the dream reality.
Whether its the Big Cup or the Centenary season, 10 men won the league, last week against Lazio, beating Barca, the Invincibles, Revie’s Leed’s getting pumped, the Famous Coronation Cup win, the historic 7-1, etc etc etc.
Time after time after time they give us everything and more. Its actually expected of them now they do it that regular. These men who do not personally know 99 percent of the people in the crowd are continually going above and beyond for the jersey and yourselves, the beautiful faithful.

Now spare a thought for some of those fine men individually who have gave more, far more in some cases, to this club and its fans than they were ever asked to give or probably ever expected to.
We have character after character to extol their virtues, and take inspiration from their selfless acts all in the name of the club.
There was no McGrory of Arsenal because of YOU ! He stayed at his and his families expense to play in front of the faithful and be adored in his own home city . Above and beyond? Absolutely !
He currently still holds the British record of 550 in 547 matches,, and such a prolific striker and great man gave his entire career on and off field to us !
Just think back and recall some who have stepped up more than they ever needed to for that jersey and its cause,,
The big man ,, nuff said
Danny was world class and went no where,,,
Paul ditto,,,
Johnny Doyle who gave everything when he crossed that line,,,
Sean Fallon gave what must feel like his entire life to our club,,,
Charlie Tully left his home town giant where he was adored unlike Mr Mc Grory,,,
Henke stayed because ‘ weve got something special here ‘,,,
Tommy might as well be called Mr Celtic,,,
The big shot scored in 2 European Cup finals man !
Billy is our own Captain Fantastic who’s story reads like a Hollywood fairytale,,,
Jackie had watched his da in the hoops , and then he was here , there , and everywhere , a nightmare to play against,,,
Shoonski came to a backwater, fell in love then gave us the prime of his career and goals we will never forget or see the like of again,,,
Insert your own here , and there are countless greats to choose from. All of them deserve recognition in their own way.

It seems to me that in searching for inspiration and motivation to act for a better club , we need only look to ourselves.
The men in the sacred Hoops.
The men who walked out on that pitch and represented you me and everyone of the estimated 9 million fans out there.
Men who routinely and without reservation , stepped up for us all going above and beyond time after time.

How many times have you sat there with your heart bursting with pride because of those players ?
How many times have they delivered against the odd’s ?
How many times have they dug in and dug deep, refused to be second best?
That star that adorns our famous shirt is the epitome of that nature !
Are they not setting the example ?

In this relationship its OUR time to put some work in , just as they have done time and time against , generation after generation.
Its time all those legends who have done their part sit back and watch us do ours now.
Its time that me , you , everyone of us , goes above and beyond right now for a Celtic that every name mentioned and not mentioned can be proud of.
They’ve gave us soo much ,,its time to give back bhoys.
Its time for us to make their hearts burst with pride this time.

The above is by Mahe. We would like more guest contributions and any size article is more than welcome. Your voice needs heard . Submit to

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Good Luck and Best Wishes to TWISTSNTURNS and family today.


big packy

TWISTY, our thoughts are with you and your family today?


Sure, and it’s the way you tell them, Mahe.
Another great article which, together with the fine series in the last week or so, have been highly enjoyable, illuminating and thought provoking. More power to your pen(s).
I back Res 12.

big packy

MAHE great post, now that is what I call a rallying cry for each and every one of us in the worldwide celtic support, unfortunately too many just love the 4 sevco games every season and that is what they look forward too.hh.

Margaret McGill

An away boycott would get attention but we’ve been down this road


Thinking of you and yours today especially.

Poor Twisty, I can imagine what he and his family have went through recently. My mother’s anniversary is this Saturday. Year 2000. The week before she passed away she was mostly asleep, up to the eye balls with morphine. My family were there night and day, one of my sister in laws is a nurse and she took time off her work to look after her. A MacMillan nurse did a couple of night shifts and gave us some time off.

One night, about 11pm my mother suddenly awoke and looked around. She said to an auntie “Bridget, I’ve got great news. I’m expecting a baby!” (It wasn’t Bridget, but no matter). We all looked at each other and burst out laughing. Tears as well.

it was a strange time. like being in another world.

A couple of days later I was in the living room watching Star Trek. My youngest brother came in “She’s gone” Thankfully he was with her holding her hand.

It was a strange feeling. Intense sadness mixed with relief.

God bless you Twisty.


Great article Mahe, I’m heading down to Parkhead with my pike upon my shoulder. Hail x2



I’ll be thinking of you and yours on Saturday,mate.




I’d back that every day of the week,which is easy to say as none of my family get away tickets anyway!

Seriously though,you’re right. But the other clubs and the press will hammer us for hitting the wee teams while turning up against the huns,and all the while doing nothing about the corruption.

Like I care what they think-but they have a point about doing nothing about the corruption.



Fuxake,battering them about the head with a dead fish will get you nowhere. These guys will be trained in defence against that-and other things too.

Bobby, That was a fantastic post by Henrik1967 over on CQN. Maybe you should phone him and ask him to write an article for us?

ps. Where is ATOB? She has not posted for a few days. Is everything OK?

Please don’t take that as under appreciating the current crop of article writers. You are all brilliant too.

Just a case of the more the merrier. 🙂



ATHINGOFBEAUTY usually lies low during internationals. Just been having a textfest with her. No doubt,she will be back shortly with her blend of acerbic wit and constructive criticism.



Is it the one about Saracens? I think AULDHEID highlighted it here yesterday. HENRIK67 clearly has his heart in the right place-he has been quite vitriolic recently on CQN,and required reading-but people like him and Canamalar are clearly happy in their own place.

Plus,every site needs its dissenters. Including this one. Canny have a debate if we all agree! They’re doing a good job over there,IMO. As are a few others.

Aye you’re right Bobby, I miss CCE and Fairhillbhoy coming on for a wee joust. I sat with FB at the hoot, smashing guy.


A few of our media outlets-you know the ones,the ones that exist to promote the health and wellbeing of Scottish football while reporting back to their readers-are still trying to sell off the best player in Scotland to increasingly unlikely diddy clubs.

The latest one is Crystal Palace. I actually have a lot of respect for Palce,and especially for their manager. But fuxake,come on. Eddy knows how highly he is rated. I mean,one of the rags said the other day that clubs in Italy have said that they can’t afford him. I doubt he’ll be getting his head turned by the bright lights of Croydon,somehow. I only lived five miles away from it for years,and the only reason I went near the place was Beano’s record shop.

And it shut down a long time ago…

Time these hacks upped their game,earned their corn. How about Morelos being linked with a move to Brentford,or Gijon? Or a rehabilitation unit. I’m sure it would be closer to the truth. Eddy and Crystal Palace? There’s more chance of me turning up at Caeser’s Palace.

As the star turn.



I had high hopes for CELTICCHAMPSELECT when he arrived,still do. Another viewpoint,as you say the more the merrier. I thought he let himself down somewhat with his posts a few weeks ago,but maybe that’s understandable,the euphoria works its wicked ways sometimes. Done it myself,for all to see.

He’s welcome anytime,of course. There’s only one person been barred from the site so far,regardless of content.

As for FAIRHILLBHOY,he was always a good guy. Doesn’t always agree with me,so that proves it. And just to rub it in,best buds wi MARSPAPA?!!! I’ll take MP’s judgement any day,mate.


Thoughts go out to Twists n Turns and Weered on this days. May they find the strength needed.
You’ll never walk alone.
Hail Hail

Mike in Toronto


Thoughts are with you and your family today.

Mike in Toronto

A couple of things….

I see Barcelona have issued a new Commemorative Catalan Strip, like the Calalan flag, which will be worn this year. This after Barca FC had commented publicly on the conviction of the leaders of the Catalan independence movement. Maybe THEY, actually, are more than a club.

But, even if they are just a big soulless company… at least they know who their audience is. Mind you, the Catalan people seem willing to fight for their rights, so the club may just be responding to what the fans want.

So, why do Celtic not do something? Is it because, unlike the Catalans, most Celtic fans dont really want change? .

Man City have posted annual revenue of almost 600 million pounds for last year, and, with new sponsorship contracts, that amount is only expected to increase this season. Crazy numbers.


MIT, without having seen MC details. I suspect it is all about AD govt slushing funds around to beat any FFP requirements.

big packy

EVENING ALL, was thinking I might watch my country of birth tonight just to see our players in action?


French Eddie and Crystal Palace ?
I think they might have been on the Crystal Meth !

Ah……..Beano’s in Surrey Street,what a goldmine of sounds that place was.

Twists and Turns:
I hope today went as well as it could have,my respects to you and yours HH

bada bing1

Same team as Saturday, 4 Bhoys start..?


How far back in the history of the Scottish game does anyone think we have to go to truly be watching a honest sporting game .
In my time watching the Scottish game ,I have been wary of bias and cheating from outside but alas I now have to battle with collusion from within



You have to go forward , not back. I think it is the fairest on the pitch I have ever seen. Go back and watch the 83/84 LC final or 86/87. Johnny Doyle sent off (78?) for hitting the ref with a cross.

Collins/Lennon/Maloney getting chopped in the box; Moore getting a free clean out of Henrik early in every game vs us.

Last 10 years or so have been much better. The LC final will be the acid test for me

bada bing1

Pochettino sacked

Mike in Toronto


I am not sure if the reffing has gotten better or worse …. it has never been very good.

The big difference is that we now have a much better sense of how far those in power in the game (including, it appears, those that run Celtic) will go to ensure the desired outcomes …. Personally, I think the level of cheating since the EBT days, and the attempts at covering it up, take the cheating to a level never seen before.

4 Celts in the starting 11 for Scotland. Would be a laugh if they each got a goal.

Apparently Hampdump is deserted.


I don,t see any part for honesty in the future for the Scottish game .IMO the corruption and collusion is now running through the whole game in this country and I now wonder as to what lengths all those involved will go to in order to achieve their vision of what,s good for the Scottish game .
Let,s face it, if a club can cheat lie and discard £140m of debt and be deemed not to have died ,whilst a new club starting in the 4th tier can begin life with 104 DIShonours ,well there can be no limit as to what we will be forced to accept in the future

Twists n turns

Evening everyone
Emotional day but one which saw Mary get a wonderful send off. Sitting having a few drinks now with my family.

The messages of support and good wishes were very much appreciated. I showed every single one to my wife who was genuinely moved at the levels of kindness.

Thank you all from the bottom of both our hearts.

You never walk alone indeed.

Tom English reckons there’s less than 10k in attendance. Good on the SFA.


with you on the examples of cheating you refer to
Anyone but celtic by paul larkin gives a good insight to the MIB

“Scotland seeing more of the ball now but they aren’t really going anywhere. Sideways, sideways, sideways.”

What does that remind you of?

1-0 to Kazakhstan

James Forrest injured!!!

“A spot of magic spray on his ankle and James Forrest is back on, albeit walking rather gingerly.”

Get him subbed!


Part of the problem with Celtic players representing Scotland is they can only learn bad habits.
Defeatism comes with the jersey.
And if there is a tactical plan it’s very hard to discern from that first half.
Taylor looks like a good honest trier who is ok for SPL but not much more.
Forrest can beat his man but with Naismith the focal point of attack Jamsie would have to understand headless chicken to find him.
McGregor is neat and tidy but is so deep he offers nothing positive.
Christie looks Scotlands best player but the non movement of teammates leaves him having to do it all by himself.
The difference between their neat interplay and Scotland’s is night and day.
Have yet to see any style or tactical play start to emerge under Clarke’s tutelage?


Twists n Turns
Sounds like Mary is getting the send off her life deserved.

Can’t see the game but it sounds dreadful. Kazakhstan are ranked 121 in the world!


Then we must be far lower than that.
They look far more tactically astute and technical than Scotland.

1-1 John McGinn, deflection?

Just realised, James Forrest is still on! Get him off for Gods sakes. Better to be safe than sorry.


It’s Scotland when the F did they care about a Celtic player’s welfare?
JF will probably play the full match.
Scotland’s play reminds me of the Clash song Should i go or should i stay as they always get caught unaware.

Apparently they are playing better in the second half. Wouldn’t be hard!

2-1 now. Naismith believe it or not.


2-1 Scotland Naismith.
Lucky as McGinn clearly impeded the goalie but foul not given.
Naismith couldn’t miss as he was 2 feet from line with clear header after goalie knocked down.

Sol Kitts

Apologies for my tardiness, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family today.

Margaret McGill

Thinking of you back home