The highest form of flattery

Once again we shall look at the terrible moral dilemma that many Hoops face in being caught between love of the team and disgust at the board.
Many many fans have been in this situation before , ourselves included , and have united to try and stop others treating their club poorly as they see it, riding roughshod over the fanbase and the clubs reputation.
You all know we consider the 93 Celts for Change campaign to be a huge success and a pivotal moment in our history.
Well theres good news for a start ,, we tried and did play a huge role in the direction of our club before.
Make no mistake we can again. And will .

Then in 93 the club itself was in peril and results were very poor. Its the opposite of that right now which I admit makes things difficult but we must keep pointing out that it can be essential to have eyes on the off field activities also , and not fall for spin about that equally important department.
We must also keep pointing out that while the club itself may have been a victim in the downfall of Rangers , the subsequent tangled mess that Scottish football has become hasnt been tackled anywhere near seriously enough ( maybe at all ) by our custodians and they intend to show publicly they have not the desire to do so. They have deemed it not in their best interests.
Its clear to me that they, our board of directors,have become part of the problem.

Im firmly of the opinion we get our own house in order before looking to get others out there in shape as a divided house will not stand.
As the leagues biggest club I truly believe that if club and fans were united in a goal to force change in the domestic set up we could , but only if united in that cause.
And that unity starts at the top with the correct attitude and mentality from those fortunate enough to represent you , the beautiful faithful.

Perceived harming their own club will be a bridge too far to many Tims out there but then the simple truth is sometimes you must take one step backwards to take two forwards.
This time we must forget the usual targets,,
The SFA and its spawn the SPFL that we know desire nothing but our money and subservience, and certainly dont view us as equals. Prehistoric or what ?
Its show up and pay up as far as they are concerned.
And also forget the eternal enemy for a while ,, the team in light blue that plays out of Ibrox that got awarded the history of the last team in light blue that plays out of Ibrox. There are too many fixated with that club and its ails, and while they were giggling at them our own board has managed to maneuver itself into the position to sell us out morally. Right under our noses with very little opposition.

So whats a Tim to do ?
Go and support the team he loves?
Or listen to these people saying act now please and help us ?

Well the easiest thing in the world would be to do nothing.


You are needed now , right now to stand up tall once and for all for a cause that is most noble , a cause that is very very close to your heart , a cause that will die under your watch should you ignore all these warnings.
Seriously , no joke.

The off the field going on’s are soo bad that some have already decided to walk away saying that club no longer represents me.
All those truths and morals that you hold dear are being flogged off for profit , the club becoming the complete opposite of the very name and essence of Walfrids institution.
The institution an estimated 9 million claim affinity to seeing its soul torn out by the men in suits tasked with running it smoothly , on and off the pitch , and tasked with upholding our moral charter which they conveniently trample on when suits.

My friend ask yourself this please.
As a Celtic fan , in years or decades from now, when you look back at what you did or didnt do when you had the chance ,,
do you really really deep down want to play the fixed, bent , sectarian Old Firm Are We monopoly game where they win a few we win a few?
Exciting for the moment yet tinged with regret as you dwell on those who first of all lost their lives, the bystanders, and the faithful who have turned their backs and walked with a broken bitter heart yet still proud and unbowed?

Or would you rather recount these days to young grandchildren with pride in your heart and voice?
Would you not rather tell stories of the acts of gentlemen who fought tooth and nail for that club and all they believed it stood for?
Chest bursting with pride for the people who selflessly acted with only because they were moved by sheer love of the club?
Men that wouldn’t back down.
Men of calibre.
You know the answer.

This next year will be 27 years since brave men last felt forced to stand up for our club.
What team would you be supporting today if they hadnt?
” The Celtic ” ?
Not the same one anyway for she woulda died.
Now, we’ve had just over a quarter century or a generation to admire and bask in the glory of what they achieved back then.
We all salute them surely?
Seems to me this is our generations battle.
Well as the old saying goes, ,
Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

The above is by Mahe. We want to hear your voice and articles are always published.
Back the Res12 bhoys.

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Twists n turns
Twists n turns

Gordon 64

Free bet today – post it on the naps thread please.
£20. Any bet you wish from PP

Nags Footy whatever

Gl bud


For the first time in my life, I have reached November and not attended a Celtic match. I do not like this situation but I am following my conscience. I know that my one man boycott will not change anything, but I know my father would be proud of me. This PLC that run Celtic are everything that I despise. I want to return to Celtic Park, but under the present regime, I will not. The Glasgow Gaels GAA playing out of my hometown of Clydebank are about to gain my physical support. Your Scottish GAA shirt present for me, has had more effect than you realise. Thank you again S.



If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery-I wish I’d said that!

But you’re right. There is a cancer at the heart of Scottish football,and it infects us too. It’s called Rangers. We had the chance to cut out that cancer,it wasn’t taken. So we live with it.

That wasn’t my choice,and I doubt that in 2012 it was the choice of any Celtic supporter. Or those from teams like Aberdeen,Hibs,Dundee Utd. I venture that even the likes of Hearts or Kilmarnock,knowing the cheating that had taken place,would have been glad to see the back of them then. I think I can throw in Ayr Utd,a team that many of my Dad’s side of the family-on his mother’s side-have followed through thick and thin. Even taking in a lemonade crate to stand on because his cousin,Margaret,was knee-high to a grasshopper.

We all missed the boat,mate. But the SFA/SPFL moved the goalposts. And as soon as other clubs saw that Celtic were okay with that,job done.

Celtic Plc are responsible for everything since 2012. Because Celtic could have stopped it. Don’t be fooled by the one vote garbage. We could have put them in the senior leagues,no bother.

We chose not to. And now we choose to respectfully request that the SFA investigate their own wrongdoing in 2011. Magic,innit?



Philvis-style Thumbs-up,young fella. Grand natter,btw.



Just realised that we were on the phone to each other for over 2 hours there. You definitely have the gift of the gab. Much appreciate the fact that you do, and you consider me a friend. The feeling of love and friendship is reciprocated. This is the hardest period of my life, having lost both of my parents and now my fitba team, I have felt a bit lost. I want my Celtic back, but fear it may not happen. God bless you Mick.



Any time,mate. You know that. There’s a lot of us clicked,just wow great guy,through the CQN hoots. We all owe a lot to that site,and to the friendships it has forged.


Agree. Without CQN, I would never have met you, your dad, and your lovely sisters and niece. That is five beautiful human beings I would have been deprived of knowing, before I pop my clogs. Just wish Paul67 cared more for his creation. C’est la vie.

Fairhill Bhoy

Mahe-well that was some call to arms.If only more supporters could read it.
Garry-dont blame yourself mate I can be a prick sometimes.Glad to have finally met you.keep strong pal



We should all have a prick monitor!

How’s Barcelona? Photies are magic.

Twists n turns

Bloody Hell!

A more passionate post I’ve yet to see. I hope it reaches a wide audience and bears some fruit in respect of support for change.

“Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, I’d like to wish you the very best. You can be very proud of the stance you have taken. I really feel the time is fast approaching that I will take the same stance. I can totally relate to how gutted you feel over events.

Also, it felt like the end of the world when I lost my dad, I can tell you that even that heals a little over time. I now just remember the good stuff,and
… like him taking me to CP

I really hope, somehow, we can meet back at Paradise one day, supporting a club we are both proud of again.

All the very best to you and yours, mate ?



We all owe a gratitude to CQN,and the gatherings that came out of it.

The hoots are incidental-though important in their own way,as people got to put faces to names. Think of the what that site and its members achieved over the years,the charity drives

Bring Kano home,PABLOPHANQUE ,Wee Oscar,Vanessa and a large etc.

Those are the big ones,think of CELTICROLLERCOASTER and his lastmanstanding for a grand or so a time. We are all happy to pay into that,why wouldn’t we be?

But we needed to be in one place to do it. CQN was that place and a lot of people who would never otherwise have met each other are pretty much grateful for it.

I know I am.

Fairhill Bhoy

BMCUWP-Its been great so far,going to the sagrada familia today.Last time it was to busy to get into.
The prick monitor would make life boring ?

Twists n turns

You’re clearly going through the mill bud. I hope you can dig deep and find the strength and the path to peace and happiness.

Losing that which we love tests us to the max for sure.

I’m sure you’ll be in a much more positive place soon. Keep on keeping on bud.

There’s definitely light at the end of every tunnel.


Now I can trust my mate Gordybhoy as a good judge of character. Enjoyed your company J. Hard to judge folk till you meet them. Having met you, I really like you and would like to spend time in your company anytime in future. Peace and Love. Valencia is better city than Barcelona btw. ??


Would love to meet you in Paradise with Mick Jones providing the half time entertainment on guitar and vocals. ????

Fairhill Bhoy

TGM-wow your daughter Roisin has a lovely voice,outstanding ?


My mammy used to play Lena Martell on our record player. One Day at a Time Sweet Jesus. Thats what I am doing. Thanks for your kind support

Fairhill Bhoy

Garry-same here mate,anytime ?
I agree about Valencia as well ?


From yesterday, beautiful voice and song. Thank you Roisin.

Fairhill Bhoy

Should also point out that Gordybhoy is a great guy,I will never forget the few days and beers we had at the pool with his stag party,fantastic laugh ???


Aye Gordy is no bad for a Bookie ?

Mahe, agree with what you say. I would just like to say to folk who have decided to rest their support of the club at the moment, they can still feel involved with supporting the Celtic Foundation. Although they have connections to the club they are not ruled by the PLC. And they still represent the best of Celtic in many ways.

Big Audio Dynamite

Garry, now that’s my kinda day out! Fingers crossed we all get a club we can be proud of.

You take care of yourself, mate ?

Fairhill Bhoy


Big Audio Dynamite

Fairhill Bhoy

Enjoy the Sagrada familia, it’s certainly the most amazing building I have ever seen with my own eyes.

Love Barca …even in the pissing rain.


My new favourite band, from the same neck of the woods as my childhood mate Colin SydneyTim and MacJay from Sydney Australia.
Both good West End Tims. DMA’s

Fairhill Bhoy

BAD-looking forward to it cheers ?
You should’ve seen the rain last night,had to stay in the hotel bar till it went off ?That was a bummer ?

Fairhill Bhoy

Garry-listening to them,very good sounds of the verve on the in the air track ??


When I heard the DMA’s album, I thought they were fae Manchester. Verve, Stone Roses and Oasis influences. Crackin Aussie band. Due for stardom I think.

Twisty, ‘acey milan’ !!! Ha Ha

Packy rest easy your horse is running today, I checked for you 🙂

It’s my mother’s anniversary today. She worked in the BNE in Carfin during the war. I think they were making munitions at the time.


What was Gaudi on when he designed Sagrada Familia. Saw it 10 years ago then 3 years ago. They were still building it. It will never be completely built. An Irishman in Barcelona told me that the day it is completed will be the day of the Second Coming of Christ. Hopefully in my lifetime.

Fairhill Bhoy

Garry-the last time we got a taxi up to it ,jumped out the taxi and the que was right round the block so bought a fridge magnet and jumped back in a taxi ?
Looks like it’s a no go this time either,€30 each?


Michael Collins Irish Pub is beside Sagrada Familia. They show Celtic games.

Twists n turns

“ It’s my mother’s anniversary today. She worked in the BNE in Carfin during the war. I think they were making munitions at the time.”

Ain’t that something. We had it easy really when you think about it.
There’s a war memorial in my village, and considering the village population at wartime would’ve been under 1000, there’s an awful lot of names on it. Very sad and a reminder of the sacrifices so many made.

My granny married twice. Her first husband’s name is on the memorial

I traced his grave which is in France. Then I got the war records on him. That lead me to his brother who also got killed.

Thing is, his parents got 4 messages :

First one said:
He was missing in action

Second one:

He’d been killed in action

Third one :

He’s found alive and well

Last one?

The third was sent in error. He has in fact been killed in action.

Can you imagine the torment?

Twisty, that’s a tragic story about those messages.

Someone mentioned Vera Lynn earlier and it got me thinking about the war. My mother and father loved her. But don’t mention Gracie Fields!

Twists n turns

Off to a flyer.

The banner king rebel obliges.

Well done ??

You dancer!

Think I’ll go down to the bookies and put that £5 double on. 🙂

Wonder if any of the Green Brigade had The Banner King Rebel on?

Twists n turns

Save yer legs

I’ll stick it online for ya, gl ?

You can buy me a bottle from the winnings ?

Twists n turns

Yer on

And how about this?

The odds?

67/1 !!!!

£340 if it wins. GL


All the best pal, take care. On the one road to Paradise along with JJHS on the Arbroath Emerald Express. Hope to see you there in the not too distant future. Disgusted with the Board.
Backing Res 12-2013, as you know.

Twisty, you’re a star ! 🙂

Twists n turns

Gordon’s first In his treble obliges too. ??

Well done Gordon!

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