Celtic 4-0 Livingston Review


Well,this really was more like it. Our performance against Livingston at The Spaghettihad was easily our worst of the season but while Saturday won’t get us back the three points we dropped that day,it does go a long way to wiping out the bitter memory.

Injury concerns over Elhamed and Bolingoli saw them replaced for the start with Jeremie Frimpong and Jonny Hayes,with a midfield of Broonie,Ryan,Jamesie,CalMac and Big Tam. All of them were quite superb,though Hayes only lasted till just after the break,being replaced by Greg Taylor following an injury. Bloody typical of his luck since he joined us-gets on a run of form and goes down again. I hope it’s not too serious,but it probably would be if it was enough to finish our teak-hard Dubliner for the day.

We started the day as we meant it to be all day-on the front foot,allowing Livi no chance to settle. And really,how could they? We had Jeremie and Jamesie ripping up the wings,with Jullien,CalMac,Ryan and Tam spraying the ball about like it was a practice match. And while Eddy is always a handful,I reckon wee Frimpong must have backed himself for first goal-scorer and to score at anytime. He was simply unplayable on the day. Uncatchable too,despite the attempts to hold him back on a few occasions-none of which were punished by Son Of who had his usual lackadaisical day in the middle. Beating his opponents for fun on the inside or outside,firing in the shots,getting the ball across goal. It was all too easy for the young fella who just seems to get better every time he pulls on that famous jersey. But even at that,the first goal wasn’t for coming too quickly,or too easily. But when it did? Oh yes,well worth the wait.

An absolutely wonderful ball from Big Tam in the centre circle through to Eddy on the left saw him clean through. He took a touch towards the goal then dinged it over the onrushing goalkeeper to the far corner. Twenty minutes gone and we could relax and put on a show. And that’s what we did for most of the remainder of the game. How we were only that single goal up at half time is beyond me,but their keeper had a lot to do with it,for sure. Two of the best chances fell to Eddy,both supplied by James Forrest. The first,a sublime first touch from a dropping ball saw the shot saved by the keeper. The next,a reverse pass from him to Eddy’s favourite position on the left of goal saw him try to repeat his earlier finish,but again the keeper was ready for him. Frimpong meanwhile,well,he was having a worldie!

We came out for the second half and simply carried on battering them,but their defence was holding up well,with the keeper in inspired form. Broonie took a hand in proceedings twelve minutes in,hammering a shot through a ruck of players towards goal. To be fair,the keeper had it covered till someone stuck out a dodgy knee. Doesn’t matter to our captain,he’s claiming it! Earlier,Greg Taylor saw his shot hit the post as the action continued to be one way. And the third wasn’t long in the waiting. An excellent pass from midfield to Frimpong in acres of space saw him burst through to fire in a shot which must have bruised the keeper’s hands as he parried it high in to the air. When it came down eventually,Forrest ignored the crowd of defenders and hammered it first time into the net. Not the easiest of takes,and a superbly controlled finish.

Off came Eddy for a wee rest before Thursday night,with the welcome return of Leigh Griffiths putting a smile on the faces of the crowd. He didn’t take long to get involved either,only a late intervention touching his shot on the bar. Jeremie was still trying for his goal,and the easiest chance occurredwhen the impressive Taylor stroked the ball across goal,leaving him a tap in at the far post. Sadly for the wee fella,Ryan Christie thought he could get on the end of it with a stretch,only to put it past the post. I don’t think he was too pleased! Ryan tried to redeem himself with a shot to the postage stamp from the edge of the area but it was brilliantly knocked away by the keeper,then Frimpong put in a stunning cross low across the goal to Griff waiting about five yards out. Unfortunately,a strange bounce to chest height saw him bundle it past the post. And that was it for the day,or so it seemed.

Into injury time and Christie,our own Duracell Bunny,robbed a Livi player in midfield and sent it wide left to Forrest. Still with a lot to do,he burst through,gave the keeper the eyes from the edge of the area and sent him,me and most of the crowd the wrong way! Four nil,honour restored. Livi can count themselves lucky it wasn’t a lot more,but we are scoring freely again and that is a good sign at an important stage of the season.

The Man of the Match award? Usually if it’s a performance as good as this,I have no hesitation in giving it to the entire team. But there were two absolute standout performances by James Forrest in an unfamiliar left sided role,and Jeremie Frimpong. I don’t think anyone will grudge Jeremie Frimpong the bottle of champagne for that display. We most definitely have a find here,folks.


Above article by BMCUWP. Your turn anytime you want to have your thoughts as Article of the Day. Just mail it to Mahe,we will do the rest.


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Twists n turns

Frimpong looks to be heading for superstardom. Pace in abundance. Ability to lift his head and play the killer final ball.

What a find.

Gotta start him at hamdump.



Saw him make his debut against Thistle in the League Cup. It might have been a nothing game,really,but he sure looked the part then too. We’ve gone from no right back in the summer to Elhamed,Bauer,Frimpong and Ajer all looking worthy of their place there.


Great result indeed and great to see Broony among the goals – wasn’t Jamesy’s goal volley technique truly classy!?
While young Jeremie is a natural born thriller, I think our RB preferences must still be Elhamed, Jeremie and Bauer (who’s fast becoming our new Gamboa with such limited game time). Jeremie’s making the likelihood of Bauer signing-on pretty slim.
Elhamed has height and presence as handy for games where we have to defend a bit deeper (such as postXmas euro games).
I really think we should pace Jeremie’s step up as he will face sterner tests that the SPFL and it’d be good to keep a level head about where he’s actually at. While I’m in ratings mode, I still believe our LB preference will actually turn out to be Greg, Boli and Jonny.
Finish with the unsung heroes of our side in the Twin Towers; Jullien is becoming Virgil-esque and Ajer is on a steady progression to greatness too. Hands up who’s missing Dedryck ;))

Twists n turns

…. and what a difference it’s making Bobby.

Glad to see Griff back too. The striker position is a little fragile at present. As has been mentioned a lot, here and elsewhere, an injury to Eddie would leave us struggling up top.

Didn’t see much of the game on Saturday as I had other things to catch up on. I’d a good day on the betting front as you know, but on Sunday I was looking at my settled bets and saw:




Edouard and 7-0 ( 210/1)

I sent it to my son who was at the game and he told me on another day that bet might have pulled. Said we could’ve and should’ve had 7 at least.



You’re not that far away from Livingston. Nip over and give their keeper a slap,bastert cost you over a grand!

Twists n turns

Whilst I kinda get your point on Frimpong, I’d still play him if he’s fit n available. I don’t want that kinda talent on the bench. Even against the huns in the semi, I feel his “ couldn’t give a fff up” and “up and at em style” will cause them horrendous problems.

Can’t believe we’re discussing our best option at LB. Used to be ML or nothing.?



Lenny has a selection problem at RB,for sure-and not the one many of us feared at the start of the season. Elhamed has been excellent for us and has been unlucky with injuries. Bauer hasn’t put a foot wrong when given his chance. Ajer performed well when asked too. But at the moment,the wee fella is the name on everyone’s lips,and deservedly so.

Elhamed,remember,can deputise at CH,as can Nir Biton-time to get his name on a new contract,btw-so it’s not looking good for Bauer,or Jozo Simunovic,come to that. We all like to have cover for positions but the squad is still too big for my liking.

And then there’s the conveyor belt of young talent which is available to us. This is something I’ve been planning to cover in an article but things keep coming up. It’s use them or lose them,and a title race is no time for faffing around too much with experimentation with young players. But,that said,if we aren’t going to play them,we should send them out on loan for the experience. It’s working well with Jack Aitchison,just up the road from me at Forest Green.

Twists n turns


My wife used to be PA to the owner pre her retirement.
Few years back we were at their Xmas do. A Friday night, with a game on the Saturday!

I’m not kidding ya the players were fkn rubber, and were outside smoking as much as me.
I said to a few of them how hard it was gonna be in the morning, hungover with 90 minutes to play. They weren’t giving a shit.

On the Saturday their opposition ( they were in the lower division – but I can’t remember who it was they were playing- were 7/2.

I got launched in. Easiest money I ever made. They got humped.

Also – they were looking for a manager at one time. There were a few names in the frame on the bookies odds for next manager.

Anyhow – I phoned my wife for something one day. She was at work. I mentioned Celtic. She said
“ oh I meant to tell you last night, I was talking to an ex Celtic player during the week”

I asked her who, where and why?

She said
“John Collins. I had a coffee with him. He was being interviewed for the manager job”

“WHAT?? Is he getting it????”

“Yes it’s being announced this morning”

I put the phone down, straight to the betting, odds gone. No market

Looked on BBC Scotland. It had been announced 10 minutes earlier

Rage doesn’t cover my mood ??



Look on the bright side,mate. Insider dealing is much frowned upon and carries a hefty jail sentence!

big packy

MORNING ALL, did not see the game on Saturday only highlights, but yes Frimpong looks a player, have we found a new danny time will tell, anyway going to see my union rep this morning, about my boss threatening me with a written warning ,and she can stick her Christmas meal. where the sun don’t shine,

big packy

sorry meant to add a smiley to that last post, but deliberately forgot? anyway talking of full backs, as a nipper our full back was jim kennedy, a no nonsense defender, don’t think he ever got the recognition he should have had..hh.

Twists n turns

I’d always assumed Jim Kennedy was a “ half back” not a full back. I’d got that impression from the song

There’s Fallon young and gemmell they’re proud to wear the green, Clark McNeill and Kennedy the best yev ever seen”

Every day is a school day. ?

big packy

TWISTY, my apologies your correct, it was clark mcneil and kennedy, don’t know why I thought he was a full back?

Twists n turns

According to Wiki you’re correct though? Maybe someone can confirm.

big packy

TWISTY, just nipping out, will check when I come back. cheers?



Good luck taking on your boss. She sounds like a right evil cow. Oops,forgot the smiley too. So give her a wee hug from me!

Tet, I’ve lost your email addy. I tried to contact you through your site but I’ve forgot my password. Help!


When I saw Kennedy playing he was half back, Bobby when you are listing your right backs don’t forget the Waterford Bhoy, Lee O’Connor, in any other year he would be pushing strongly for a place in the squad.
Lee is a bloody good right back who will make it , I just hope it’s with Celtic.

Corkcelt, Talking about Waterford, I had a holiday in Tramore when I was a teenager. Our bus went through Waterford.



I know Lee played right back on his debut for Ireland,but I understand his position is central defender. He did well that night though,by all accounts. As I said,I’m gonna do an article on our young players,players who would be the apple of any other club’s eye. Lee is definitely up there,but at 19yo,he will feel he should be pushing for the bench at least.

As will others.



Mail you the EXILEDTIM’s addy in a mo. Of course,if you click on his moniker,it takes you straight to his site.


Just got hit with a £700 council tax bill because the council missed out the first line of my address,stupid buggers. And having phoned them,my address doesn’t exist on their system. So I asked them for a refund for the last fifteen months for an address that doesn’t exist on their system,but that they’ve been charging me for.


Bobby, that’s ridiculous. You would have thought the post code would have alerted them to your full address.

big packy

BOBBY, just dropped her off at the pub for her Christmas meal, so she has withdrawn the verbal warning? but im a bit concerned she is all done up like a model, now I cant help it if my wife is sixty two and looks fifty, and im sixty six and look eighty six, so I might just drive past the pub later to make sure she is with the girls?

Packy, Oh ye of little faith!



Apparently,their system came up with that address. I told them I’d had loads of correspondence previously at the correct address. They also told me that the mail addy they had for me was a Yahoo one. A site I’ve never used.

I suggested they put my postcode into the Royal Mail Postcode Finder site. Oh dear,what a surprise. But yet,according to them,my account is now registered at a new address and I owe them £700. £690,actually.

This might get interesting,but there’s no way they’re getting that from me. They can see me in court for the few seconds it takes for them to be laughed out of it.

big packy

JIM, of course I trust her really?beauty is in the eye of the beholder?



I thought you told us you could pass for a teenager in a bad light?

big packy

BOBBY, it would have to be pitch black???

Bobby, a bit of incompetence there. A ‘Yahoo’ address? Honest to God! A half decent councillor would sort that out. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.


The KT saga should see Celtic be a little more cautious in Frimpong’s development.
Both of a similar age when introduced to the side and overuse and being a victim of brutality has clearly hampered KT’s career.
Unfortunately we play in a referee sanctioned hammer throwers league.
Frimpong will be targeted as was KT.
Some of the attempted leg breaking tackles on KT did not result in cautions.
Frimpong will face the same treatment and though he is fast and elusive the odds on him being caught are high.
I loved Brown’s retribution on Saturday’s thug and would like to see another Bobo type intimidator or a Bertie Auld added to our squad to let these clowns know there will be a price to pay.
Neil should tell our players the first opponent who tries to injure Frimpong should face immediate reprisal
by various players to signal it’s a no no.

I see McInnes had a thing or two to say about refereeing in Scotland yesterday. Of course if Lenny was to say likewise he would be pulled up for it.

So it would be better if our board would say something. What could they do, send Peter to the stands?


The speed of change of political futures sometimes amazes me but it has nothing on how fast events can change in football. Beginning of the season, we have worries at both FB positions and now look at us! We have a wealth of riches for both positions. I feel particularly sorry for Bauer who looked like a good acquisition but he will have difficulty getting a look in this season. His long throw in looked like a useful attribute but our bargain buy, Elhamed looks to have a lock on the RB position with Ping-pong pushing him hard. On the latter he may end up as a winger, rather than an overlapping defender.

On the other side, Taylor looks impressive in an attacking role, better than Hayes. His main drawback may be height, but, like Hayes, he is fast.

All of this brings me to Hayes. Every team needs a player like him. His arrival at Celtic is the crest of his career. This is it for him……no thoughts of using us as a stepping stone. We need players like this in the team. Irrespective of your assessment of Hayes, he always gives his all and he has earned his place in the squad. To be honest, I did not feel this when he was signed. My initial thoughts were another Willo Flood signing…..a cheap sop to fans’ hunger for new signings. As I grow older, I have more awareness of how wrong I can be in this game! Hayes has more than a little ability but above that he has heart. The kind of heart that causes him to out jump taller players knowing he is going to land awkwardly as a result. The kind of heart that allows him to compete in an unfamiliar position(he is a winger not a FB); the kind of heart that has him play on with a painful shoulder injury even though he could not raise one of his arms above shoulder height.

Live the dream, Jonny! You have more than earned it! Here’s hoping you pop another one in against Sevco next month.


big packy

just seen on the other channel, amb sports and entertainment, have taken over Aberdeen, be afraid,be very afraid ?



A great match report! You are correct, it was a good team performance, both physically and ability wise.

Initially Livi tried to frustrate us by delaying every action in order to slow the game down. Dykes tried to provoke retaliation by his manner and following through as he harried the Celtic defence and Brown, in particular. It worked for the first 15 minutes when the game had no flow. Dallas is a poor ref because he has no speed of thought…..so he misses a lot. By the time he has assessed what happened, the game has moved on. No wonder he resigned from European games where he would not be tolerated. He was the perfect foil for Livi’s tactics.

Edouard took his goal well but he looked offside to me. Anyone agree? Yes, Rogic’s pass was brilliant but I thought he was the weak link in the team…..frequently caught in possession and anonymous for much of the game. I prefer players who may not have the ball skills of a Rogic but they are involved more often.

I think Lenny has created a good atmosphere in the dressing room and the squad play as a team. I suspect that he nurtures Griff because he understands the nature of his problem. Griff’s health will improve if he gets highs from his performances on the field. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. We have a striker problem but I hope that Leigh is not being rushed back too soon….scoring against Stenhousemuir’s reserves is one thing, but performing in the Europa and the SPL is a different matter. It is a fine judgement that the manager must make and one that I am glad Is not mine to make. I fear for Griff when the football is done.



I agree with you on Rogic.
At his best with that brilliant pass to Ed.
But he constantly gives the ball away, offers nothing defensively and his good moments are far to rare to justify a starting spot.
I thought Christie showed far more after Rogic’s departure when he had the freedom to roam due to Ntcham’s arrival.
Playing Christie out of position to accommodate Rogic is folly.

bada bing1
big packy

it makes me think if Aberdeen can get these big money investors from America, why cant we, surely a massive club like celtic can draw in wealhy ex pats and Irishmen, faithful to the cause,.any thoughts.hh.


Howdy troops and hope all are well.
Good to see the team won, and great to hear young Frimpers is destined for greatness , hopefully with us.

Anyway had an eventful Sunday morning.
Was up visiting the mate who is the live on site manager of a caravan park ( rv park here ).
It has a general store/shop and couple fuel pumps that accept credit cards. You can pay cash in the shop obviously.
Theres an extra building beside the shop that we have turned into a man cave band room but no matter what people approach you as if you work there seeing as you came out of a building attached to one of the official buildings.

So my car is sitting in the forecourt pretty iced over at 6am Sunday when Im getting ready to leave , not that hungover at all as I had fell asleep pretty early.
A white suv pulls up the petrol pumps and just sits there. Half an hour later the car hadn’t got any petrol and was still just sitting there. I was ready to get in my car and go.
I figure I cant wait any longer ,, and step outside towards my car ,, the door of the white suv opens and surprise surprise the guy associates me with the business.
Him,,Excuse me ,, I need to pay cash for petrol and the general store is closed.
Me,,I dont work here.
Him,,Yeah its not opening for hours and I only have cash.
Me , yeah thats right. But I dont work here.
Him , well look buddy , what do you think I should do ? I hate to ask and the only reason I do is because I have 6 kids in the car and its below freezing outside .
I look and true enough , car of kids, he is in a tshirt shivering. Totally unprepared like an idiot.
Me,,okay buddy I will help you. What I will do is stick it my card and give me the cash because you’ve got kids there. How much you want ? 20 or 40 bucks ?
Him with a rye smile,,,hey man I got like 9 bucks total cash on me.
I stuck 25 quid of petrol in his Suv, said keep your money and God Bless and walked away disgusted.

As that Suv is pulling away with me shaking my head, a white car speeds in , parks up ,, the driver door opens and I kid you not the driver fell out straight onto the ground , clutching her side screaming in pain ,, see’s me and starts asking “ ambulance ,, get me an ambulance”.
I have to phone them , diagnose here over the phone , reassure her , stay with her until the paramedics arrive.
And then clean up her puke she left as a reminder.
All before 7 am on a Sunday morning.

Its actually got to the stage where if you stay in the mates place you have to be careful when you open the mancave door and step outside as the public just automatically looks to you to fix their problems. I would hate to be a gas station attendant,,even though I unwittingly got branded one and all the responsibilities that entails yesterday. For free of course 😉
Hope all are well. Hail Hail

Mahe, you need to come home.

Good summation BobbyM, we were way way better that the scoreline suggests.
Had a strange kinda day masel, been in town and the Spanish are a very different breed, they don’t give an eff about much, they can’t drive and when you point it out to them they shout and scream at you, I just laugh at them now, that pisses them off big time.
Was in a car accessories shop buying oil and one of the assistants recognised the top, chuffed to bits I was 😉


Jim the States is home now since I had a wee one. Will be buried here , as it would be unfair to start a new branch and eff off 😉
Just contacting the Glasgow Mission there, oldest in the world apparently.
Wanna buy $188.80 of food from a local restaurant or takeout place to get delivered to the mission some night , feed them all hopefully .
But I want the food place to at least give some extras as its for a great cause.
Work in progress. We can but try.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE, glad your ok, take care pal,.HH.


BP ,
Course Im ok.
You missed your Christmas dinner ? Scandalous. Bit early for it though but better early than never.
Storm due to hit tomorrow so getting to Thanksgiving on Thursday is hit and miss. Power could well go out here.
Wood stove and instant noodles time.
Hail Hail

big packy

MAHE take care luv ya to bits, ?

bada bing1

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BT Sport
Partial Rail Seating closure following safety issues
Partial Rail Seating closure following safety issues
By: Newsroom Staff on 25 Nov, 2019 19:32
Celtic has ultimate responsibility for the safety of all our supporters and it is a responsibility which we take very seriously.

We need to tackle any behaviour which can compromise the safety of our supporters including the use of pyrotechnics, overcrowding and offensive chanting or banners.

Following the latest UEFA disciplinary decision we can confirm that there will be a partial closure of the rail seating section at Celtic Park for the forthcoming match against Rennes.

All those supporters affected will be notified and will receive a refund.

This decision follows similar significant sanctions being imposed against the Club already this season for the use of pyrotechnics during the matches against CFR Cluj and AIK Stockholm.

The Club also faces another UEFA charge for the use of pyrotechnics during the match in Rome recently and this will be heard on 12th December 2019.

Regrettably, these charges and sanctions continue to damage the Club’s reputation and this behaviour continues to threaten supporter safety.

UEFA’s rules and the Club’s long-established ground regulations are very clear. Indeed, the Club engages in regular dialogue with all supporters groups to ensure these are well known and understood.

We have considered this matter very carefully. It is disappointing that behaviour which is unsafe and which we all know will breach UEFA and Club regulations has continued.

N.B. supporters in rows A-M will be affected.

Margaret McGill

Your only fueling yourself. 🙂


Looks like there are some cyber issues, longish post from me not appearing. You didn’t miss anything?


Mags youre a gas ! he was a tweaker me thinks.


3 days notice your seat is closed ? I take it thats the GB section ?
So let me get this straight ,,,
The PLC decide to close seats,,no UEFA decision.
They do this so we wont get fined ?
Right before AGM ?
With tons of fine money in bank ?
And they say its for your safety ? WAS GETTING KETTLED SAFE ? WHAT DID YOU DO THEN ?
If safety is a primary concern why were Ajax and Lazio fans gave an allocation ?
Did I come up the Clyde in a bubble ?

” We have considered this matter very carefully. It is disappointing that behaviour which is unsafe and which we all know will breach UEFA and Club regulations has continued. ”

I would prefer the much bigger issue addressed personally with something like
” We have considered this matter very carefully. It is disappointing that this league which is bent and which we all know will breach UEFA and Club regulations has continued.”

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